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Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 19:37:34 -0800

Hi Atta!

My name is Michael and I have some information about twelve girls
working in apartements in VIENNA. Some information about me, because it
surely has an influence on the girls behaviour: I am 25, very tall and
thin, sporty and don't look good.

And here about the girls:

SAMANTHA (April 1994), Lederergasse 27b, 408 48 44
A very good looking blond in her higher 20s. One hour, twice
oral and intercouse, cost ATS 2500,- (1 US$ approx. 10..11 ATS).
She was very nice, cuddled without my suggestion. I can recommend

DORIS (July 1994), Hellgasse 2, 485 41 51
Good looking and pretty young (about 20). I got french and
intercourse for ATS 1000. The service was ok, but she isn't my type.

CONNY (September 1994), now Schuettelstrasse
She is medium looking and gave me a very hasty service. I will
never visit her again.

SONJA (Septemer 1994), Oberlaaer Strasse 319, 616 82 79
Medium looking and between 25 and 30. For ATS 3000 I got one full
hour with the possibility of giving her french (what I didn't).
The service was ok, but nothing special.

MANUELA (March 1995), Schlachthausgasse 18a, 715 67 13
She is one of the best looking prostitutes you will find in Vienna.
She is about 25, 170 tall, excellent shaped and has blond hair.
I paid ATS 3000 for one hour and got two times blow job and inter-
course in half an hour. Also disturbing was her tomcat, who hasn't
had something to eat for at least one day, so he was a little bit
"nervous". Except these two points her service was very good and
I can recommend her.

DENISE (June, Sept. 1995), 982 50 55
She is my absolute favorite. Blond, tall, excellent figure and
maybe 22. Very nice looking. For ATS 2500 I got a very personal
and exciting hour. She claims to run a business besides and really
seems to enjoy this kind of work. French kissing is allowed! She
insists that you take a shower before. I think I will visit her next

NINA (March 1996), Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz 2A, 489 35 05
She is good looking, has dark hair and is approx. 33. I wanted
to try SM with intercourse for one hour, what cost me ATS 2500. All
I got was getting a little bit whipped and a very bad fuck in half
an hour. I was very disappointed.

TERRY (April 1996), Kreuzgasse 30A, 407 45 42
She might be 20, has short dark hair, is small but beautiful and
very sweet looking. For ATS 1800 I got a nice service including
french and intercourse (twice costs 2500). Recommended.

JASMIN (May 1996), Beatrixgasse 12A, 712 05 00
Approx. 25, long dark hair, good shaped but a little bit over-
weight. A complete hour cost me ATS 3000 including french, tit-fuck,
twice intercourse. The service was ok, but she is not my type.

VICKY (June 1996), Gablenzgasse 21, 982 24 76
She claims to be 19 (that's possible), has very short blond colored
hair, and a good figure. She also claims to have a tight pussy, what
is really true, it is wonderful. She opens naked and an hour costs
ATS 2500. Fucking and talking with her is very nice. Recommended.

EVI (August 1996), Schmelzgasse 9A, 216 94 94, 0663 356 35 49
She might be 23, has long dark brown hair and is overall very good
looking. Her program contains SM but I took a normal hour for
ATS 2500 and I got a pretty good service with french and intercourse

MONIKA (September 1996), Breitenfeldergasse 8, 408 6 408
It is just what is written in "Remarks to Vienna_faq.txt" from
Sun, 26 May 1996 08:18:32 UTC. Giver her a try, it's worth it.

And here is my overall rating:

	1. Denise
	2. Monike
	3. Vicky
	4. Samantha
	7. Manuela
	8. Jasmin
	9. Doris
       10. Sonja

And forget Conny and Nina.

Subject: French without in Vienna, Austria Date: Tue, 14 Jan 97 21:29:45 GMT This is a report about the girls who offer oral sex without condom ("french without", FWO) in Vienna, Austria. I tried to get a complete list, which is not difficult because there are only a few girls who offer this kind of service. Some girls offer their services in the papers and disappear after a short time. I did not take these in the list. It is a pity that Melissa of Juchgasse 11, who was the best, stopped her services by October 1996. MICHI, Juchgasse 11/4/11, 714 06 43: Visited in December 1996. FWO costs ATS 1500,- Quite nice girl, undresses completely for that money (this is not granted, as you will see later on). Gave me a good blow job, not too fast, but also not too enthusiastic. You can ejaculate into her mouth. All in all, a good, honest experience which is worth the money in my opinion. Will visit her again. Rating 7/10. BIANCA, Juchgasse 11/7/19, 712 14 16 Visited in October 1996. ATS 1500,- for FWO, ATS 2000,- if you want to come into her mouth. Pretty girl with pierced nose, she asked me what dress she should put on. Good service. Rating 7/10. DENISE, 982 50 55 Visited in September 1996. ATS 2500,- for one hour including FWO. Read the other articles about her. Very sexy body, very enthusiastic action. On the phone, she makes an appointment with you and then leads you to an apartment. After some talking and drinking, action begins. When I visited her, she kneeled in front of me and started licking my dick. After a while, she laid me on her bed and gave me a very hot blow job. There is a mirror on the ceiling, so that watching gives you an additional kick. She does not allow you come into her mouth, but you can kneel over her and spot your juice all over her body. Rating 9/10. Denise is sometimes difficult to reach. GERTI, 893 24 87 Visited in March 1996. No apartment. She visits you at home or in the hotel or in the office (in my case). FWO costs 1000,- plus taxi, all in all about 1400,- She is a middle-aged woman, not as pretty as the girls mentioned before. No ejaculating into her mouth, but undresses completely. She puts a reasonable amount of baby oil on your dick before she starts action (she says she likes that taste better) so that is is absolutely necessary to take a shower afterwards. Although, she gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had. All in all, rating 7/10. EVI, NATALIE, Kaiserebersdorferstrasse 46A, 769 53 41 Visited Evi in autumn 1996. ATS 2000,- for FWO. She did NOT undress and gave me the job in a great hurry. Forget it. 0/10. JASMIN, Hildebrandgasse 28A, 402 40 36 Visited in autumn 1995. She charged ATS 2000,- for FWO, but we did not even come to action, because she did not undress and she was stinking! It was really digusting. 0/10 or less. GLORIA, Juchgasse 11/6/18, 713 74 23 Not yet visited personally. ATS 1500,- for FWO, you can come into her mouth (she says). She also offers deep throat and swallowing, perhaps this costs more. Could be good. NORA, Juchgasse 11/5/13, 714 96 44 Not yet visited. ATS 1500,- for FWO, you can come into her mouth (she says). Will try her some time. LIANE, Juchgasse 11/5/14, 712 52 54 Not yet visited. Some time ago she worked together with Bianca, so I think the services and prices should be quite equal. PETITE FLEUR, Hetzendorferstrasse 150, 804 18 88, 804 92 57, 804 07 72 Not yet visited. They offer FWO there for ATS 2500,- Quite expensive, but I heard only good things so far. Schwendergasse 33 FWO for ATS 1000,- but the woman is over 60 years old. Who wants to try? NICKY, Zippererstrasse 11, 74 99 793 Not yet visited. Young hungarian girl. Some time ago she worked in Kaiserebersdorferstrasse 46A. FWO for ATS 2000,- Due to my experiences in this area of Vienna I would be surprised if she offered good service. TANJA, ALEXANDRA, Angeligasse 30, 606 45 33 FWO for ATS 2000,- In former days Tanja worked in Zippererstrasse 11, where I visited her about two years ago. There it was quite dirty and the service was in a hurry. Also Supermax posted his disappointment about this address. So be careful. HANNI, 0663-024 423 Due to the photos in her advertisements not very young. She is an "I do everything"-girl. I will definitely not visit her. JAQUELINE, YVONNE, Sechshauser Strasse 14/1, 545 52 48 FWO for ATS 1000,- not allowing you to come into her mouth. (telephone research, no more informations) NADJA, Jaegerstrasse 22A, 330 55 54 SENA, MANUELA, GINA, Wilhelmstrasse 1A, 815 86 97 BABSI, Stuwerstrasse 7, 72 94 587 Triester Strasse 39 All these offer FWO. Sorry, no more informations about them.
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 10:53:05 -0700 Subject: Important information about Vienna, Austria Dear Sir, I read and thoroughly enjoy and use your web site...It is most helpful and accurate, this is why I am making the following contribution. When in Vienna, Austria, men might come across a rather well known working girl under the business name of (Denise Lester) she advertises aggressively over the internet, newspapers and other periodicals. She is to be avoided at all costs. She is dishonest and cheats the customers. She promises the world and delivers very little. There are plenty of working girls available in Vienna, under Hostessin in the classifieds. Also Kennedy Escort service has one of the highest calibre women not only in Austria but anywhere. Avoid Denise and others who have made the mistake of falling for her promises have lived to regret it. good luck and keep up the good work.

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