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Date: Fri,  8 Mar 1996 06:04:27 UTC

If you're in Toronto, Ontario and looking for some action try the
yellow pages under Escort Services.  This is the "safest" way to get
adult satisfaction because there prostitution is legal as long as you do
not discuss it in "a public area".  If you like to take a bit more of a
chance you can find some glamour girls downtown on Church street or
Jargis.  The girls usually start coming out around 11 pm in the summer
and stay out till 3 am.
	You will have to get or have a hotel room first.  This will cost
you around $50 unless you have one already.  But, if you stay in the
"richy" hotels they will not permit to consenting ADULTS to have sex in
their establishments or even for two adults of the opposite sex to be in
the room together to talk if they dont like the way the female is
	The WEST side of town also has some action that is a bit
cheaper. Some of the girls here tend to be younger. But, the
neighborhoods are not quite as safe!

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 15:39:08 UTC I'm surprised there aren't more reports from Toronto because it truly seems to be a model of enlightenment. While prostitution is technically illegal, the authorities don't seem to be spending undue time harassing the working women or their customers as long as they are discreet. Escort services are thriving, and they are very easy to do business with. I simply picked one out of the Yellow Pages, and I was very satisfied with the experience. Unlike many escort services in the U.S., they are very open and honest about what you can expect. The girls are on call, and the service has them call you back and describe themselves. I tried two, and found them to be pretty much as I pictured from talking to them on the phone. Also, there is not much haggling about price or attempts to rip you off in any manner. Since Toronto is a very international city, there are a lot of very pretty working women who conduct themselves in the European fashion, which is much more polite than the brazen bimbos in the U.S. These are sophisticated bimbos. OK, so let's get to the bottom line. I paid about $200 to $250 for a full hour of variety and TLC. I'm not much of a negotiator, so I guess one could probably knock 25% off that. More if you could avoid a middleman. I now have two good numbers to call on my next visit, but I can't give them out now that I've specifically described what they do. Also, I have to note that these women are extremely careful about disease. There was absolutely no fluid exchange. Once I wet my finger for a little digital play, and she stopped me right away..."no saliva, please." Another good thing, when I was five minutes away from my hour, she reminded me, rather than trying to work me for more money. All-in-all, it was one of the most straight-forward, no BS experiences I've had. And they were gorgeous.
Date: April 1996 When in Toronto, I can recommend a good escort at 461-8110. Ask for Michelle, a raven-haired French delight about 22-years-old. No BS. Clean and fresh. Friendly. Natural 34B and slim. Double your fun and ask her to bring along her friend Gabrielle. Expect to pay about $200 for Michelle's company. I don't know what the two-some costs, but I'm going to try it on my next trip! Toronto escort services are no hassle.
Subject: Toronto Experience Date: 1996/10/06 Well gang, I guess I could throw in a few tidbits about Toronto. I was there twice in September, both times for two days. I didn't bother looking for the street action, just picked up a copy of the local paper, the Sun. In the want ads are outcall ads. Quite open and interesting. Most of the ads will lead you to believe they are individuals, but I found they all lead to agencies. The going rate is around $175-200 Canadian for a girl. They range from oral to full service. The girls are friendly and attractive. There are several ladies of european descent, some of whom will perform anal for $200. Stay away from the modeling studios, all you get is a show.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ Toronto Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 18:31:44 -0500 Try Select Escorts...I've used them several times and have been extremely pleased! They have a website at Lissa, the woman who runs the service, will give you a very accurate description of the girls. Tell her what you're looking for and she'll take care of you.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ Toronto Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:36:57 -0800 1. 416 630 XXX9 Marilyn - small tits, picky about coffee, nice lay. 2. 416 630 XXX3 Janet - Lgr tits, pretty; Hunter, taller slimmer, also pretty.
Subject: [ASP] Review: Toronto Outcall Date: 18 Feb 1997 02:41:29 GMT Sent east to Toronto last week for what turned out to be an eight day trip (planned at two) and at the end had a chance to sample the local talent. Yes, it's time for another lengthy review from - The Ryan Man! I have long been a fan of the Access Toronto site ( which features ads from what appear to be two different agencies (although it is structured to give the appearance more than that, there are really only two phone numbers represented - I think). The first, called "Seduction", actually shows full or partial pictures of many of its girls, several are listed as independents. Many of these photos are of downright gorgeous women and seemed to me to be too good to be true. I have been bit with "bait and switch" before. I called a couple of times to inquire as to availability, etc. and was not terribly impressed by the folks answering the phone. Calls were not returned, phone descriptions did not match the web site descriptions and they were somewhat evasive overall. Based on this, I opted for the second choice on the "Access" site called Select Company. With the notable exception of pictures the Select pages are exactly what most internet guys are looking for. A nice layout with girl's detailed descriptions, a page for pricing and a section on each girl's schedule for that week. One of the most impressive things is that the site is updated daily so it's usually current. The folks at Select could not have been nicer, they answered my questions quite openly and seemed genuinely concerned with making me a happy customer. I booked an outcall appointment for the next day and was told that the price would be a bit higher than standard because I was staying quite a 'ways north of the city, I agreed to $200 (CAN). About an hour before the appointment received a call saying that my scheduled girl took off early and wasn't going to be able to make it. All the agency's other girls were off or busy for the rest of the night. The guy on the phone (an owner I believe) seemed sincerely apologetic and offered to try to set something else up for me, I gave him my preferences and waited. About a half hour later he called back with an appointment from a girl who he apparently knew from a previous association. The description sounded good so I accepted. I won't go into detail about the girl (forgot to ask permission) but will say that she was very friendly, accommodating and fairly attractive. On the down side she was at least five years older and 15-20 pounds heavier than described. It wasn't an ideal experience but I knew that it was a last minute thing so I wasn't upset or anything - I still had a good time. The next day decided to try again, called Select again, same great service. They were even nice enough ask a girl to come on early to suit my schedule, etc. Ended up booking time with the girl I was supposed to have seen the previous night. Turns out that "Tracy" was retiring from active service that weekend. This means that she will still be servicing her regulars but will no longer be listed on the web site. She arrived right on time. Again very nice, personable, accommodating. However, again five years older and heavier than described (this time I asked, about age at least). Both the girls I saw were very eager to please. They were both concerned that I was getting what I wanted and very willing to pack as much activity into the hour as I liked. Truly they both rated a 9-10 on attitude - this is more important to some of us than others. However, significant discrepancies in description vs. actual appearance two times in a row really bothered me. I <suppose> that I could be somewhat at fault here as well, perhaps I need to be more specific about the type that I'm looking for. In general I like small (size) girls. I am very clear about this when I talk to someone at a service. Tracy was not what I would call "petite" and told me that she was probably the smallest girl at the agency. This worries me a bit, according to the info published on the site there are several girls who are advertised as being quite a bit lighter/shorter/younger than dear Tracy. I would probably give Select one more try simply because the first girl didn't really work there and the second could have just been bad luck. Their service is that good. I'd be very interested to hear publicly or privately from anyone who's tried any of the supposedly centerfold-quality girls from "Seduction" - Natasha, Andrea and especially Michelle! Also, any additional opinions on Select would be welcome.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Toronto Escorts Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 11:02:31 -0800 > Anyone have some good recommendations on some Toronto Escorts?? > > Or Private Independants?? Yes; there are some wonderful Toronto escorts out there; but some real losers. Karen, in Now magazine post an ad about being 42 but thinking 18; she is pretty, adventuourous and sucks cock like a master; and swallows. Jennifer and Jasmine; also in NOw magazine are great for a two some. They charge as low as $250; all inclusive. Now; people stop paying so much; you are driving the rates up. It used to be you got everything in Toronto for $80 at her place; now the rates are going up. There is an escort service for Toronto on the ne; be curiuos to hear more about it.
Subject: Toronto Escorts: Karen is horrible Date: 2 Mar 1997 19:58:34 GMT > Yes; there are some wonderful Toronto escorts out there; but >some real losers. Karen, in Now magazine post an ad about being 42 but >thinking 18; she is pretty, adventuourous and sucks cock like a master; >and swallows. I told a friend about her and he made an appointment to see her. In fact, she is much much older than 42, is ugly with very thin arms and legs but a pot belly. He did admit that she was quite good at oral but she used a condom. His conclusion: avoid her unless you're into geriatric sex.
Subject: [ASP] Toronto Escorts Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 01:34:39 GMT Here's an update from the web site escort service for Toronto. I was always curious as to what I'd get if I tried it. I decided to try the ad for the bi-girls never having had two girls at the same time. The phone call was pleasant and a date was set at their incall location - a spot north of downtown Toronto. Price was $350 (I tipped but there wasn't any pressure). I booked Nicole and Michelle. I was met by Nicole at the door of the condo and she looked nothing like the internet ad (in fact neither girl did). Nicole had set the entire thing up on the phone and she was very pleasant. She wanted to know whether I'd done this before and assured me as to how much fun it was going to be and not to be nervous. Also she was happy because both girls got along well (I guess they match off with other girls who aren't so much fun). Nicole was heavier than I like, probably in her late 20's with large breasts. Just like on the phone she was really nice and articulate. She was a 6 or 7 but made up for it in personality. Michelle came into the bedroom and she was a knockout. Just the way I like them - slim and blonde with a bit of a dirty look about her. The session was terrific. Duo BJ without a condom and just about anything I wanted except for anal. Both girls were really enthusiastic and obviously had fun with each other too. All in a good experience. I'd do it again with them when I can afford it, but I'd definitely see Michelle again as a single.
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 13:29:48 -0600 (CST) Subject: Dallas and Toronto I also wanted to tell you about my experience in Toronto. I used an out call service there and it was nice. I'm not sure I'd use this girl again, but I'd diffenately go through the same methode I found her. There is a telephone service in Toronto called the "Hot Line". It is a telephone add service that is free to call. I listened to all the different adds, and there are a lot of them, and chose one. They are very open about what they offer and you'll get quoted a complete price on the phone. I made the mistake of letting a service talk me into another girl than the one I wanted, because she waas out on a call, and was turned off by the size of her breasts..... I like them smaller...... but she was good at what she does and I'm sure she has many happy repeat customers. She came to my room in about 30 minutes and as soon as we both agreed to go through with it and I paid her she checked in with her service. She spent the whole hour fucking my brains out, and never said anything about time, but when the phone rang, indicating the hour was up, she got dressed as we talked and left. I'd use this service again. Oh, the cost for the hour was about $185USD, If you exchange the money into Canadian, it costs about $150USD, I'd recomend doing this and saving yourself some money. Keep up the good work with the Sex Guide and I look forward to it's next update! The Night Explorer. P.S. I forgot to give you the number of the Hot Line in Toronto.... it's: 416-630-6969
Subject: [ASP] Reviw of Holly Hooters in Toronto (416/905) Date: 9 Mar 97 12:57:31 UTC Watch out for this one. Her ad says she is 44DD-28-36. She is more like 44DD-48-44. In other words, she is just plain fat. SOme people may like this however. The real warning is that she is a rip off. She charges $150 per hour, and her idea of an hour session is 5 minutes of oral, 5 minutes fucking, and then you can jerk yourself off over her tits. Avoid her at all costs. She advertised in both Eye and Now under the name Holly Hooters.
Subject: {ASP} Toronto Escorts:Phreaks Reviews Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 14:01:03 -0400 Hello fellow Poonhounds, it is I the Phreak, back again with another review to aid you all in your search for vaginal conquests! Today I will be reviewing a woman named Ivy. She resides in the Younge and Davisville area in the city of Toronto. I got her ad from now magazine, her ad simply states "Swallows" and then gives her phone number. I called her up last friday afternoon, I asked her how much she wanted and she asked me what I thought was fair. I said $100 for the hour, she said that was fine and I proceeded over to her place. When I entered her small apartment the first thing I saw were whips and chains all over the place. Obviously she was into bondage and that sort of thing, she asked me if I was into it and I quickly said no. After we established payment, she asked me what I was into. I said oral and she asked me to lay down on the bed and take my pants off. After I got naked and ready, she got down on the bed and started to give me head like a vacuum cleaner, this broad could really suck! She was pretty good looking too, her face wasn't that great, it was kinda wrinkled, this women looked like she was in her late thirties, but her body was excellent! Her ass was nice and she had nice firm tits as well. After she gave me head the first time, we made small talk in bed while I played with her pussy. After awhile she got down and sucked me off again, both times I shot in her mouth. When it was over she opened up her closet and showed me her collection of whips and porno movies. She was selling them for sixty dollars each which is a rip off when you can buy the same movies at an adult video store for 20 dollars less. I didn't buy anything of course, but after that I got dressed and left. My overall score for this woman is 7 out of 10. She loses points for her face and trying to rip me off with those crappy porn movies. Well, thats another review from the Phreak.
Subject: {ASP}Toronto Escorts:Phreaks Reviews Date: Mon, 02 Jun 1997 12:37:28 -0400 Hello everyone, it's me again, back with another review to aid my fellow poonhounds in the ongoing quest for a bigger and better orgasm, or the BBO as I like to call it! Today I will be reviewing a new massage parlour that just opened up about a month ago called "Le Mirage Spa" located at 153 Bridgeland ave. unit #6. The first thing I have to say about this place is I HIT THE JACKPOT!!!!! The women who work in this place are by far the best looking women I have ever seen that were not the stars of baywatch! These women look like actual pornstars! The women that greeted me at the door looked like Chasey Lane with jet black shoulder length hair and a smaller nose. I wanted to get a massage from her but she had a lineup of people waiting for her and said it would be a 30 minute wait before I got my turn. After 15 minutes of waiting a short GORGEOUS dirty blonde in beautiful bare feet came out and asked me if I wanted a massage with her, of course she didn't have to ask me twice! I entered the massage room and told me that for an extra $60 I could get a nude reversal, which is when they take off their clothes, get on top of you and start rubbing their body all over you. Of course with my luck I was short on cash and I could only afford the basic massage which was $50 for the usual massage and hand job. She did a fantastic job, she rubbed me everywhere, even in the crack of my ass! After she massaged me for awhile, she started on the hand job, she didn't start jerking right away like most girls do, she took her time slowly and softley carresing my balls and dick. It drove me wild! After teasing me for awhile she started jerking faster till I finally came! She was very polite and friendly throughout the whole thing and the next time I am definately bringing that extra $60 with me! I give this place a rating of 9 out 10. It loses one point for the massage time being so short, it's only about thirty minutes or so as opposed to 45 minutes almost everywhere else. Well, thats my review, I hope you all decide to take my advice and check this place out because I guarantee you won't regret it! If you have any questions, you know what to do!
Subject: [ASP] review: Toronto Unforgettable Escorts- Brandy Date: 8 Jul 1997 14:00:03 -0700 Well, last night I got back to my hotel early and decided to try one of the many escorts in the Toronto area. I used the hotline and found one that interested me named Joie. (Hotline's number is 416-630-6969) I called and unfortunately she wasn't available. I asked who they did have available and picked Brandy, who was described as 19 year old brown haired sweetheart with green eyes. With measurements of 34C-24-34 and firm. I thought that she sounded pretty good and asked them to send her over. I was told she'd be to my hotel in about 30 minutes. It was less than 15 before she knocked on my door. What a doll! Wavy brown hair with beautiful eyes. The rate was $175 canadian, $130 US, not too bad. And it was all inclusive, not tip for full service. I was also told on the phone that they guarantee that the girl would be to my liking or they would send another one right away with no charge for the first one. I figured what did I have to loose. This is the second time I've used the hotline and I'd have to say it works very well here. After the business end was taken care of with Brandy, I got undressed and asked if I could undress her? She said I could, but then undressed herself anyways. :( She asked if I wanted a back rub, which I accepted, and she proceeded with that.... nothing special. So, I turned over and started rubbing her legs. She then said ok, enough of the massage and opened a condom and put it on me with her mouth, nice touch. She gave an ok bj and then lubed be up and mounted me.... She has a beautiful hard body and I started caressing her breasts. Very firm and real!! I tried fingering her and she said easy.... so I rubbed very gently and that was still too hard, I don't think she wanted to be fingered at all and that was her way of not. We then moved to a missionary position and I kissed and fondled her. She was pretty good in her acting, but didn't really touch me with her hands.... I'd have liked to have been caressed too. I asked her about doing oral on her, and she said she'd do it for an extra charge, but she didn't sound too willing so I passed. I also asked her to kneel for doggie style and she said that would be an extra charge too. So, I finished up in missionary position, taking my time. All in all it was a nice time. After we were getting dressed we got to talking about the internet and she said that they had a web site with all the girls pictures on it. the address is: I checked it out and I think there are a couple of other girls there I'd like to try. Brandy said she has worked for a number of agencies and this one is by far the best. I think I believe her. looks: 8.5 to 9 attitude: 6 Mr. Midnight
Subject: [ASP] Review: Toronto independent Date: 17 Jul 1997 13:25:02 GMT OK, I feel terribly guilty for lurking for the past couple of months without contributing so here goes. A quick note about the Toronto scene first. The much more liberal legal situation in Canada allows for straightforward advertising (so straightforward that it surprises people not used to it) and greater competition, which means much lower prices and higher quality than what is typically available in America. OK, now it's time to talk turkey. She advertised as East Indian in the weekly altervative newspaper called "Now." The price was $80 Canadian (about $56 U.S., see what I mean about lower prices my American friends). It was full service, no ifs ands or buts. She is north of the city in a middle class high rise and a nicely kept apartment. It was an enthusiastic half and half session and very close to the holy grail of "girlfriend sex." I can't honestly complain about any part of the service. And, she was very friendly and pleasant. I would rate her a strong 7. If she were a little younger than what I estimate to be about 40 or 42, I would give her an 8. She has a little sag in her breasts, which are big and real. She has next to no flab and a nice ass. I considered the whole experience to be very high value and I expect to return. On the negative side, it's not very convenient to downtown. You really need to be up north, but if you have time to spare you won't be disappointed. E-mail or post questions to the group. I won't be posting location details unless I get permission, and I still might not but contact me and I would probably trade.
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 18:57:11 +0100 (MET) Subject: Review Toronto, Canada Escorts Booked #7 for 2 hours from Unforgettable Escorts during my last visit to Toronto. #7 is blonde, petite, 5'2", shoulder length hairdo, hazel eyes, not skinny but not really chubby either. Average looking in the mid twenties. Great legs and ass, but tits sagged a little. Allowed me to fondle and suck every part of her body. Her oral-release (with condom) technique is one of the best I have ever encountered, as she spend 20 minutes slowly teasing my unit to full erection. Not only was she good with her mouth, but she also knew what to do with her hands, namely fondling my balls and caressing my ass. I finger her as she was performing oral and she seemed to appreciate it. As I was about to orgasm she shove her fingers up my ass and in a few minutes I shot my load. I thought I was in heaven. Afterwards we embraced and lay down on the bed for about 10 minutes. 15 minutes later she began by gently sucking on my unit again till it was hard, then she mounted me (with condom) and proceeded to slide down on my shaft. Soon, all of me was inside her. Next minute, she started slowly bobbing up and down on me, with a sweet smile on her face. Well, you can imagine just how long it took to bring me off! As she sensed my quickening pace, she placed her feet flat on the bed on either side of my hips, squatted over me, and began to plunge away. BINGO....that was all it took to pull me over the edge! After letting me deflate inside her, she led me to the tub and we cleaned each other up. She then gave me a light massage, which was lousy. However she did say that massage is not her specialty. I agree with her. After 10 minutes I requested for another oral session, she was skeptical as to my ability to cum for the 3rd time in 2 hours...she obliged anyway. I was surprised that she did not install the condom on me and I guess is because she did a proper clean-up on my unit at the tub. To get myself excited I motioned her to get into the 69 position. She was shaven nicely and she tasted neutral(?) She was also quite responsive to her pussy being eaten, oohs and ahhs!! This time her tongue was swirling around my hole. She was trying hard to do her best but somehow my unit would not fully erect. I was hoping to cum in her mouth this time. Wonder what will be her reaction? After about 15 minutes of fellatio .... she said that she don't think I can cum again so soon. I had to agree with her as I was feeling tired. I told #7 that I would try doggy style for a change. I slipped in and out of her pussy (with condom), while using her sexy hips for handholds. I throughly enjoyed slapping my balls up against her butt, and watching her tits swaying back and forth. Man, it was great. She enjoyed it, and I pretty much had the best view in town. She caressed my balls from beneath and moaned a little. After about 15 minutes I stopped because I was exhausted ... and I knew I wasn't going to cum. When my unit came out, wow ..... was she wet - and she hadn't used any lubrication or anything. For the remaining time she massaged my legs and chatted with me. She then showered, got dressed and I gave her a fifty dollars tip as a token of appreciation. She really gave the impression that she was enjoying herself, and enjoying giving pleasure. The only setback of the evening was she did not allow french kissing. Without a doubt it was one of the best encounter I ever had in North America. Her tongue was spec..ta..cular. ** I did not mention her name in this article because I did not get her permission ** Sorry guys. Three days later I phoned the agency for a session with #7 again. Unfortunately I was told that she is off for a week. Anyway the operator recommended me another lady who I was told is only 18 and a part-time student. C who had been described over the phone was tall, sweet, long brown hair and sexy arrived at my room exactly as described. Her total look was like those perfect high school seniors you see bouncing around your local high school. I undressed her and was greeted with the most amazing tits: firm, round and natural, with long and stiff nipples. Her skin was smooth, her ass was solid and her pubic hair was totally shaved. Kind of passive, not aggressive like the one I mentioned earlier. She acted more like an innocent high school girl! She showed no initiative at all. While she let me kiss her arms, legs, sides, shoulders and neck, she drew the line at her face and would moved her face away. I played with her tits and finger her for a couple of minutes. I started to move down for some oral but she said no. This kind of turned me off. I asked her how about me then. She took my unit into her mouth (with condom) for a few minutes, but I could tell that this was not her forte. The problem was that there was no sucking involved. She just sort of moved her mouth around on the head of my unit. While it was certainly enough to get me erected it wasn't great. I did not push her further and I told myself it's my turn to take charge. C was unfamiliar with any positions other than missionary and doggie-style, unwilling to try other styles. However, her pussy was reasonable tight and her tits were fresh and firm. She did a nice job up on top of me but didn't even try to pretend that she was enjoying it. The sight of her riding me was quite exciting. After a while, we rolled over to the missionary position and later doggie-style where I shot my load after 20 minutes. Later I held her and caressed her body for quite a while. She didn't seem to mind this cuddling, but she didn't really return it. I decided to book her for one hour only since her technique was basically to lie there and wait for me to finish. When the time was up she dressed very quickly without washing herself at all. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and reminded me to book her again. C was certainly a bit strange. She seemed very friendly and cuddly both before and after the act, but quite cold during it. Don't know why?? Anyway, I won't be looking for her again. Totally disappointed with C service and attitude although both the ladies came from the same agency. Her only assets are her looks. My fondest memories of paid encounters are with average looking girls who were fun to be with, rather than with the goddesses who act like blow-up dolls. Just can't wait for my employer to send me to Toronto again. You bet I will be requesting for #7 again!! BTW the cost of a two hours session with #7 is three hundred thirty five canadian dollars which is equivalent to two hundred sixty american. IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY.
Subject: [ASP] Report on Toronto 416 Date: Fri, Nov 7, 1997 7:29 PM Here's some Toronto info for all you horny, naughty people. Sweet Escorts 416-259-3940 Roxanne - picture matches. Very cute. Not too experienced, which is ok if you like to take charge. No oral. Appearance: 9 Attitude: 8 Service: 7 (what? no oral) Unforgettable Escorts 416-398-5337 Gizelle - picture matches. Attractive. Outgoing and very fun to talk with. I'd do her again if I got the chance. Intelligent. A good girl. Appearance: 8 Attitude: 9 Service: 8 Samantha - no picture, but kinda cute. Long straight, silky blonde streaked hair. Real 36D's. Goes pretty damn deep with the oral - with condom. Better than average oral skills. Appearance: 7 Attitude: 8 Service: 9 Select 416-929-0229 Katrina - has that classy/elegant/aloof look about her. I prefer the cute/smiley/friendly types. Appearance: 7 Attitude: 7 Service: 7 Nicole - outgoing - talkative, pretty. Nicely pointed tits. Sometimes hard to understand that Russian accent. Appearance: 8 Attitude: 8 Service: 8 Independent/ Eye or Now weekly newspaper Sierra or Sierra Nevada, lost number - sorry Ad says something like, Toronto's hottest blonde, 38-24-35 clean shaven, 3-time sunshine girl, 5'8". $200 / 30 mins. She is as good looking and hot as she claims! Perfectly shaped C-cups - firm with that slightly pointed upwards effect - yes, they're real. Only does incalls - in greek town (no pun intended). She is exceptionally cute, with straight, silky blonde hair. She's in excellent shape with nice smooth soft skin. Great attitude - makes you feel relaxed and unrushed. Not 100% clean shaven, she's got a very skinny, short haired mohawk. Positive and professional. A must try. Appearance: 10 Attitude: 10 Service: 10. Tracy, 416-928-3236 Ad says something about a blonde. $50 oral, $100 full. Apartment building near Dundas/Jarvis area. ** AVOID HER ** I should have walked away when she opened the door. She looked like she'd been having a rough day or something. 36A-28-36, light brown hair past shoulders, cute, a little chubby. The MOST RUSHED experience I've had ever - so remember to get yourself really hard and right to the edge on the elevator ride up to her place to avoid disappointment. One of those - don't talk, don't touch, just stick it in and cum in 2 seconds or you're out of here people. Appearance: 8 Attitude: 0 Service: 3
Date 29 Nov 1997 16:27:05 GMT Report from a recent visit to Toronto: Based on review of websites, and info from ASPers (Thanks!), I tried four services - Unforgettable, Sweet, Select Company, and Sweet Dreams. Like other posts have said, since prostitution is legal in Canada full service is the rule. First, a general note: several of the services make references to backgrounds, nationalities, etc., for the girls. These are for marketing purposes only, in every case I ran into. For the agencies without pictures, this can help a little bit with selection. For the agencies with pictures, this is really unnecessary, since you get a look at each girl. For a guy like me who loves girls with certain accents, this was a little disappointing each time. It would probably be more informative to say that a girl was born in a certain country, rather than from "a ________ background." If you want an accent, make sure you ask. Unforgettable Escorts - Sandra: Listed as 5-9, 128, actually 5-10, maybe even taller. A very young 19, and acts it, but lots of fun. Excellent oral technique, and a good session. Sweet Escorts - Aryan (now listed as Susie): Listed as cute, petite. A little funky, with a new parrot tattoo (very large) on her upper arm. Good technique, but had to tell her everything to do. Sweet Dreams - Dawna: Probably older than advertised, and heavier, too. Very passive. Select Company - Nikki: 5-6. 125, 36D-26-36 (reasonably accurate), 28 years old. Closest thing to girlfriend experience of the whole weekend. A little methodical, but good overall. In general, I would probably use Unforgettable and Sweet again. The pictures at least give you some idea of what you're getting. However, I will probably also try one of the independents (i.e., Patty or Alex) next time, too.
Subject: [ASP] Re Toronto incalls Date: 1997/12/14 was in toronto two weeks ago, got this tip from a buddy in internet. operate as a freelance from a downtown apartment. tall, slim, blonde in the early twenties. phoned her and was told that she is available at 10 pm, other times were already taken. took the half hour session (sixty bucks) which is nude, oral and massage. massage was horrible but oral technique was above average. nice firm tits, allowed you to suck but not for a long time. rubber required, no fingering, no french kissing otherwise you can basically do what you want. on the way out she told me she do full service for one hundred bucks (forty five minutes). overall i would rate this encounter as "value for your money" type. in most other establishments what you get for sixty bucks is topless, massage and hj for 45 minutes. look 8, service 8, attitude 7. her ad is in ! * massage i'm nude, oral you can touch $60 *
Subject: [ASP] Toronto escorts, a review and a request Date: 1997/12/14 First, I'll mention my own experience in Toronto; I've only been to the city once, and so have only one experience, but it should help corroborate others' reports. I went with Select, largely because of its reasonably favorable reviews on WSG. I got Lauren, who was, as she had been described over the phone, tall, blonde, slender, and reasonably pretty. There were no hidden charges, and for the quoted rate I got her for the full three hours that I paid for. I can't say the experience was wonderful, as Lauren was a good deal too passive for my tastes (I had to ask for everything; she showed no initiative), but I can hardly claim to have been scammed in any way (I can't say she had a bad attitude; she was cooperative when I did ask for something. I just don't like constantly having to ask). I'd be inclined to go with Select again, and specifically ask for someone more enthusiastic. The other reports on them, after all, have generally said that you get what you ask for, and I'm apparently not the first to be less than totally satisfied because I wasn't specific enough. I admit that I'm relating this for a selfish reason; I should have posted this long ago in the interests of enlightening the ASP community. But I didn't. Now, I am likely to be in Toronto in the reasonably near future, so I'm curious to hear reports from others, to find out if there might be a service better than Select. Unforgettable got one good review on WSG; given that, and the plausibility of the photographs on their web page (they're of women who look pretty but generally not model-like, normally posed to partly conceal their faces to prevent identification), I am inclined to believe the photos are genuine, and think they might be a company to trust. If so, some of the women looked worth checking out. Still, I don't want to put too much faith in one review. Madame Sabrina's Escorts are also advertised on the web, complete with pictures. The pictures look like they came from an upper end porn magazine; I can't believe that they're genuine. If they were, I'd think the prices would be much higher. On the other hand if the pictures are not of the escorts, the prices are on the high side. Does anybody know anything more about Unforgettable, Madame Sabrina, or any other agency in Toronto for that matter?
Subject: [ASP] Toronto: Sweet Dreams is a Rip-off Date: 1998/03/20 Julia, the owner of Sweet Escorts, is desperate to get business for her rip-off agency. She is spamming the ASP and Escort message boards with anonymous reviews that are very positive but empty of content. The reviews make no mention of anything sexual going on (and keep in mind that prostitution for outcall escorts in Toronto is perfectly legal and expected!), so when the escort sits there sipping wine until the hour is up, don't be surprised and don't complain. She makes sure that you have nothing concrete to justify expecting sex, so that if you try anything, the escorts can cry rape! On the Toronto message board of the Decadent City ( there are many messages posted by Julia threatening clients who give bad reviews that she will find their names and challenge them publicly, and even posting the name of someone (an idiot) who forced himself on one of her rip-off artists (opening himself up to rape charges) and threatening to call his wife and three kids if he does not apologize (I assume she wanted the apology in the form of cash). Lyla of Lyla's list may be in cahoots with Julia, who is the only Toronto agency advertizing there. Some posters have said that she deletes any negative comments about Sweet Dreams from her message board and at the same time any positive reviews about other Toronto agencies. Now Julia is spending a lot of time on the ASP spamming for her agency and also lying about a major Toronto agency, Unforgettable (which Lyla does not even include in her "complete" list). There are several reviews about Unforgettable on the ASP (search with Deja News) and on the World Sex Guide, some very good, some not, but all seem to be written by actual clients. None says the price does not include full service, like a recent post that makes such a claim and at the same time advertizes Sweet Dreams. Julia is a lying b**ch. Providing satisfactory service to a client is a totally foreign concept to her!
Subject: World Sex Guide submission Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 03:45:31 GMT Hi, Atta... great work on the World Sex Guide... Another submission for Toronto Recently was in Toronto so checked out Sweet Dreams Escorts or (416)778-7340. THey don't advertise in the Yellow Pages or weekly papers, but do on the Internet and a "classy" Toronto magazine called Toronto Life. E-mailed the company, which was replied by Julia. Turns out she owns and operates. All I can say is, Julia runs a first class business from the way she replied to my e-mail inquires. Where most other agencies simply replied to my e-mail with "Call us for info", Julia freely offered suggestions and rates (in a very discreet and businesslike manner). I wanted some major R&R, and requested a lady for 6 hours. Normally, 1-hour full service ladies in Toronto run you from CAN$160-$200. Rate I negotiated was $750, but I think it was because I respected her as a business-person, and she respected me as a serious client. Simply put, we got along. Readers, treat escorts and agencies with respect and you'll get the breaks. Be an ass, and expect to treated as one. Anyways, I chose Cassandra, who was described on the web-page as: "21 years old, 5'1", 100 lbs. 38C-24-34, Cassandra is a natural beauty with long sandy blonde hair past her shoulders and blue eyes, etc." The cute beauty who showed up was close... just under 5', and all other descriptions were close enough. But what a sexy lady she was! Very outgoing, easy and comfortable to be with, and very sassy. Has a rich vocbulary of expletives which was so cute. Physically, she is in top shape, everything well-toned and with firm buttocks and breasts. After going out for a bite to eat (lots of guys in the hotel diner oogled her longingly, heh heh!), retired to the room for a nice strip and jumped into the bath for a long soak. Then, it was back to bed, and spent the rest of the evening alternating between humping and cuddling up to watch TV and chat. Just a tad weak on the oral side, but covered herself by having a very delectable pussy for 69'ing. Was very sorry to see her go. Another nice move for her and Sweet Dreams: she left a business card. Again, these little things are good for repeat business. Rules: She doesn't Greek and no lip kissing, but everything else was game, including cunnilingus. Condom goes on for anything that involved poking... Ratings: Body 9, Personality 8, Ability 8, ROI: Worth every penny. Agency Rating: 10. Treat Julia well, and you can't go wrong. I'll be using Sweet Dreams for all my Toronto visits. da canuck
Subject: (ASP) Toronto Review Date: 1998/04/22 I'd like to share an experience I had recently in Toronto. I spent quite some time walking around Yonge St. and the street action areas and got hornier and hornier as the evening went on. Most of the street walkers were very hot - but there were plenty of police around, too. I finally returned to my hotel on the other side of town and decided to go for an outcall service. I picked up a copy of NOW magazine (highly recommended) and decided to give Sweet Escorts (check a call. It was nearly 2am by now, but the girl answering the phone was extremely friendly and helpful. I told her my preferences (busty and long-legged) and she described two girls to me who sounded like they would fit the bill. With hindsight, these two were probably the only girls available that late at night, and the descriptions were not entirely accurate. I decided to go for one of the girls, but the girl on the phone advised me to go for Justine, whose personality I would appreciate more. I decided to follow her advice and asked for Justine to come to my hotel. I was told she would arrive within 30 minutes and we agreed a rate of CAD160 for the hour. Justine took her time to arrive at my hotel - at least 45 minutes. But, again, I am reluctant to blame her or the agency for it as it was so late. When Justine finally arrived she looked stunning, about 25 years old, and was dressed in chunky boots with v. high heels, (laddered :( ) tights, mini skirt, blouse, and an overcoat. Her overall appearance was a bit trashy, but personally I find that a great turn on. She was very friendly and tactile, chatting away to me as she was making her call to the agency to say everything was ok. She said she'd been sleeping and it showed a little. She then dimmed the lights, disappeared into the bathroom, and told me to get comfortable. I stripped naked, and laid down on the bed waiting for her. She came back naked and laid down on the bed next to me. She wasn't busty by any stretch of imagination, but at this point I didn't mind. She had incredibly smooth and silky skin and I just stroked her for a while pressing her warm body against mine. She began stroking my dick, asked me what I wanted to do and suggested a blowjob. She expertly eased a condom onto my dick and proceeded to give me an excellent deep-throat blowjob. Her technique was just superb, although I've had more passionate bj's. While she concentrated all of her attention on my cock, I fondled her (rather small) titties and rubbed her nipples. She soon had me groaning and then asked me what I wanted to do next. I asked her to get on top of me, but she argued that I would probably kill her with my cock, and suggested doggy-style, which is usually my favourite anyway, instead. She got on all fours and jiggled her beautiful tight ass at me. I knelt down behind her and rubbed my cock at the entrance to her pussy for a while before finally beginning to fuck her. Her pussy was nice and tight, and as soon as I was inside her she started talking dirty to me about how much she loved my big cock, etc. Again, a definite turn on for me. I fucked her in a slow and steady rhythm for some time, during which she rubbed her clit with one hand, supporting herself with the other. While fucking, I really enjoyed touching her incredible skin with my hands, caressing her back and her ass. By now, I knew couldn't hold back much longer and really began to fuck her hard and fast. She grunted with each of my strokes, but did not complain (unlike other girls I've been with). I finally came so strong I couldn't believe it. Afterwards, we engaged in some small talk where she also told me that she had enjoyed herself and that that was a bonus in her job. Yeah, right! Anyway, she was very pleasant and great company, and we chatted for quite a while. I could see that she was very tired now, and so was I so that I didn't push for a repeat. All in all, I really enjoyed myself and think that I spent my money well. I can definitely recommend the agency, and would also go with Justine again, except that I'd like to enjoy a girl with a bigger bust next time.
Subject: [ASP] Toronto Review: Unforgetable Escort Date: 1998/05/11 For some unknown reason, even after my last experience with this agency, I called them again. First, they advertise that they have 35 girls. I don't think so. The girls with the best pics are never available, and they do not allow advance bookings. This leads me to beleive that they leave a girls pic up on thier web site even after the girls move on. Anyway, my fourth choice was Sandra. At the prices they offer, I asked for her for a couple of hours. The web site describes her as: Age: 19 Height: 5'9" Weight: 128 lbs Measurements: 36C 26 36 This British bombshell has blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She is an ex model and loves to have a good time. Call her once and you will be calling again! and again! She is fun to be with and has a sparkling personality. For an unforgettable experience give her a call!!! The description is so-so. British she is not. May have blue blood somewhere in her past (as do most Canadians), but she told me she was born and raised in eastern Canada. She is about 5'11", weight is accurate. Good body, but ex- model is pushing it a bit. We talked for a while before getting down to business. Fine attitude and enthusiatic in bed. Overall, recommend. But this agency is definately hit and miss. Looks: 8 Attitude: 9 Service: 8 Always Play Safe!!!
Date: 6 Jun 1998 15:18:10 -0000 Next stop, four December nights in Toronto. Monday night, I walked along Jarvis and Church as suggested in the WSG around 11pm on a Saturday night. I didn't see any good looking street walkers at all. There were only 2 or 3 hanging out just south of the hockey arena and they were all 3's or 4's at best. The streets don't look very safe so I decided to call for outcalls rather than cruising the streets. One of the local paper, the SUN, has about two full pages of adult entertainment ads near the back. I called an independent: Lisa? (not sure about the name), description on the paper said 22 yrs, petite blond, private entertainment... She called back within 15 minutes and asked for $220 for an hour full service; I agreed to the $200. Not a lot of checking was done, probably because I was staying in a suite of a first class hotel. She arrived at the hotel about 25 minutes late (I hate that). She was short, 5'2, blond and mediocre looking. Definitely older than 22, may be as high as 32. She gave me a so so bj (4) and a so so lay (3). Definitely not recommended. After complaining about Lisa? to a local co-worker, he arranged for his regular escort to call me, he said he is not allowed to give out her number. Her name is Melinda, she is independent and suppose to be excellent. She only see regulars and referrals. When she called, she was booked for about 14 nights straight (yikes) including a four day trip to Vegas with a regular. She was only available on a Saturday but I will be gone by then. She was really nice and told me that because one of her best regular sent me, she will send me a good replacement at a discount. The call was short and we never talked about prices on the phone (it was strange but I was comfortable because my friend knows her well). Teresa showed up at my hotel room, right on time at 10:00pm, almost to the second. She was tall, waist length straight blond hair wearing a business suit with a very short skirt, she can walk into my office during the day dressed like that and everyone would think she is a young lawyer or accountant. She came in, poured herself a drink and we started chatting. She said she is a graduate student with one of the local universities (she actually showed me her student id which indicates she is 23). She said she is one of two part time girls (both university students) who work with Melinda (who was an university student herself until she became an escort full time) whenever she gets too busy or if she needs a partner. Melinda is a friend, not a Madame, so if Teresa works instead of Melinda, she keeps all the money and Melinda keeps her clients happy. Teresa is only working until she finishes university. At that time, she will leave the city, enter the business world and hope to never see an old client... We chatted for 45 minutes without talking about prices (she was very friendly and pleasant to talk to). I finally broke down and asked her how much and she said, Melinda's usual rate is $800 to $1,200 for an evening and her rate is $800 regularly, $600 that night because my friend had made special arrangement with Melinda (I think he was just sucking up because I am his boss, I bet he paid the extra $200 himself). The base rates are not negotiable. She will stay till morning if I want her to and I can come as many times as I want. Tipping is encouraged but only if I consider it appropriate. Melinda's rate varies because she provide some "special services". Teresa doesn't know exactly what they are because she personally doesn't do specials. These girls do not take hourly clients. Teresa figures that she did about 40-50 sessions herself this year and she figures that Melinda is usually booked 15-20 nights a month (yikes, that seems a lot). We chatted some more and then she got undressed. She has an awesome body, 35C-22-34 (my best guess) with the best pair of legs I have seen in years. She modeled in front of me for a few seconds and asked me whether I want her to wear lingerie and I said no. I started to take my clothes off but she stopped me. She undressed me and began to give me a gentle bj. She looked up and asked if I wanted a condom for the bj and I said no. She was excellent. 9 for looks, 10 for oral skills (she knows how to deep throat and she knows how to suck on your balls), 9 for the lay (I bet she can squeeze cum out of a rock)... I came three times that night, twice in her mouth. Each time, she slowed down as soon as I started to cum and she sucked until I signaled her to stop. Then she would smile and go to the bathroom to rinse her mouth. Once on her boobs. Condom is required for intercourse but she will allow cum on her belly and boobs. No anal. She left around 3:00 am after a shower with me. Considered that $600 Canadian is only about $450 US, it is money well spent for the entire night. I gave her $700 Canadian and she gave me her pager number (yes, she didn't ask for money up front). As expected, I made a date with her next month ($800 this time) when I return... On the next day, someone dropped off a receipt at the hotel from a "catering" company for $700, it said "services provided at local business function...". A nice touch, the receipt looks official enough that I can use for my expense report if I want to... As I had promised Teresa, I will not give out the number for Melinda or Teresa. As Teresa puts it, if a stranger calls, she won't take the call and she doesn't want referrals. If I have a referral for Melinda, get my friend to call her, give her details on the individual and she will decide whether to take the client or not. Melinda does not want hourly clients and she wants "stable, high-income clientele" who would pay $1,000 per night no question asked and in turn, the individual will always leave with a smile. So, if you are in the city and you want to spend the money, perhaps a friend can refer you Melinda. Compare to what you have to pay in some cities for high quality escorts, these girls are worth the money (at least Teresa anyway). I bet that there are girls like Melinda and Teresa in every city. They are not listed anywhere and you need to know someone to hire them. If someone know of girls like these in other cities, please post to the NG, Teresa was by far the best escort I have ever used.

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