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Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 05:16:01 UTC

There are numerous massage parlors in the Toronto area. They are
listed in the telephone book. Mind you,there are legit massage shops
listed as well.

If you take in a massage and don't look like a cop, you get a
conversation going with your massage person to find what extras are
available. By the way, massages can come in any flavor that you
like. M/M, M/F, F/F, you give the massage, etc....  Its been a while
since I been, as it can cost $30-$40 for a basic massage, and up to an
other $150, depending what your desires are.

For any one that comes to town, Have fun and enjoy....

PS. Lap dancing is now illegal in Toronto. All of the strip bars
in and around Toronto have full nude dancers, as well as table
dances and private (in closed off area) table dancing.

Subject: life and sex in....toronto, ontario Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 12:33:46 UTC Just thought I'd let you know... Local politicians are looking to cast their services and bi-laws over the downtown sex trade by legalizing street solicitation within certains boundries, near the waterfront. Idea did not go over well the first time, the city would have a hard time legalizing the illegal, but the issue may return as problems arise. Current hot issue. Lap dancing. Metro and some surrounding municipalities wish to ban close contact "dirty dancing " in strip clubs between clients and the dancers. The club owners have taken the ban to court so lap dancing continues, this should be a long fight.
Subject: Prostitution in Toronto Date: Sun, 24 Dec 1995 16:22:26 UTC Another publication is the Buy & Sell "Bargain Hunter". The center of the second section contains a section called companion & escorts with prices and services. Apparently the oriental beauty Rose is particluarly hot but you need to make sure she has your attention. Her service is great but she sometimes answers the phone while working.
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 1996 09:05:39 UTC Although each municipality is currently arguing over the 'sanitary' issues regarding lap dancing in the areas surrounding the greater metro toronto area, one spot stands out as the most outrageous. The place is called 'Fantasia' and is located in the north end of Toronto. I have been once and it was quite an experience. For $20 (CDN) per song, the girl will place a towel on your lap (also known as a towel dance) completely nude, and let you touch, lick, suck as you like. Many of the girls also (fortunately) feel obliged to reach beneath the towel to see if they can make the towel rise. Careful attention must be paid to the song transitions at $20 bucks a pop - this can ad up pretty quick as a buddy of mine discovered $100 dollars into ecstasy - and his little general still tucked snugly in his jeans. Other upscale strip clubs, sans lap dancing :-( include RUNWAY 66 (5 star) in the west end (401 and Dixie). Brampton has the most clubs by far. Sorry I cannot offer more information about the prostitution scene in T.O. but I must admit I have lead a fairly sheltered life (aside from the lap dancing, etc.). Regards,
Subject: Prostitutes in Toronto Canada Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 08:26:21 UTC Street Prostitues Fairly classy girls can be found on Church Street and Jarvis Street between Wellesley and Dundas. They are about $60 - $80 CDN for oral sex and $80 - $150 for intercourse. Hotel room is an extra $50 - $100. Cheaper girls can be found on Sherburne between Carlton and Queen, Gerrard between Jarvis and River, Dundas between Jarvis and Parliment, and on the various cross streets. The girls range from ones trying to make money to crack whores. Oral Sex can be had for $30 - $50 and intercourse from $50 and up. The farther East you go the more dangerous the neigbourhood and rip offs are common. Although with judicious searching you can find a good time for less money. Escorts A better class of prostitute can be found in Eye and Now magazine which can be found in most downtown convienience stores. These girls tend to be professional with In and Out calls ranging from $90- $200. Much safer and cleaner. There is no need to call an escort service from the yellow pages as these types of girls tend to be cheaper in the independent ads in Eye and Now. Transvestites and Transexuals can be found on Homewood avenue between Carlton and Wellesley, as well as in the publications mentioned above.
Date: Thu, 6 Jun 1996 07:02:22 UTC Also Brunswick popular.
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 18:12:11 -0500 TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA ------------------------ Addenum to the Toronto report. There's several coffee shops where ladies (some of them nice looking too!) hang out during working hours. Most notably the Country Style(?) at the corner of Wellsley & Sherbourne (which is the one I am familiar with) althought there are some other ones too in the area. Nice thing about this is that they are sitting there having coffee w/ their collegues so you aren't hassled for company and you can look around in the lighting to get a real impression of how good they are - however don't go before 10 PM or after 2AM.
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 02:09:09 -0500 (EST) Subject: prostitution page are the best. Congratulation on this nice site that you guys have created.Is very helpfull.. Here is my story Recently I was in Toronto (Beginning of March 97). Got horny and asked a friend an address where to get lucky. Hyanes drive in Missisagua (near Toronto) It is 3:00 PM on a Sunday afternoon. The place is almost impossible to find since there is no indication from the outside of the building, anyway with little bit of luck I got it. Inside, nice atmosphere, dark room with six or seven girls. At the desk a girl (not pretty and rude) ask me what I want. I said I am looking to have good time. She show me a sign: full reverse massage 70.00 Can $ Full massage no reverse 50.00 Can $.... there was another one but dont recall. Anyway thinking of been nice..i decide for the reverse (70.00 $) I get to choose one of the girl and she is in fact very nice (must be a strip girl!!) She get me inside a room where there is a nice bed, a shower and a mirror. I must say EVERYTHING VERY CLEAN. She ask me to take a shower which I did. Now I am naked on the bed and she start rubbing my back..and my legs...and she stimulate my little hole..nice job. She tell me to get down cauze is her turn to get massaged...which I do... Nice firm body..can massage every place excet pentration......oh well the best will come soon...... this goes on for approx 15 she ask me to go back on the this time since we got little friends.......I ask her what she can do to please me more....and surprise surprise...nothing . YES nothing except she says...she can do a DISCHARGE...for another 50.00 Can $. I ask what a discharge is...and she reply ...Masturbation Honey!! At that point I had no choice...hard like stone....I could only accept and having her.....jerking me off!! Oh well...I spent 120.00 for gettting jerked-off......nice place...clean..very clean.... girl not too friendly.....definetly too expensive to get masturbated.......I could have done it for free by myself......oh well it is all part of experience!! On a different matter...I discovered (later) that there is a magazine."NOW " which lists all this type of services where you really get lucky!! next time grab a copy of this publication....
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 13:55:41 -0400 (EDT) Subject: World Sex Guide: contribution For Toronto, Canada Greetings. A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a great place, in the Spadina and Richmond area, in the garment district of downtown Toronto. Advertised as a massage parlour ("Lovely Russian Girls") in NOW, it was I must say not very clean, but the girls were... they were most pleasant and accomodating (though to varying degrees). Anyway, I was able to go there a few times (I live out of town), and would have to say it was a 9.5/10 experience, especially once I became known as a repeat customer. Very reasonable as well: about $200 for one hour, a nice (real) massage with either oral or intercourse (depending on the girl). Lots of caresses and a somewhat more relaxed attitude than the norm in North America, similar to that indicated in some of the postings on the Eastern European scene.... BUT, apparently the police closed them down the Tuesday after the Labour Day holiday. So much for the "enlightened" Toronto scene I read about... though I suppose with municipal elections on the horizon for the fall, well.... Their number remained connected for a couple of weeks, but has since been pulled. I would encourage anyone in Toronto to scan NOW for their ad, should it reappear, and post the info here. I have had numerous call girl and massage experiences while in Toronto, and this was way above the norm.
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 01:01:18 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Toronto, CANADA Hey Atta! I Just finished a two year stint in Toronto as a venture capitalist, and here are some bits of info I picked up about Toronto: Massage:There are tons of there places, and can be found in Eye Magazine, Now Magazine or in the Classified section of the Toronto Sun. Basically, you get what you pay for, in terms of class. I used to go to one on Finch near Dufferin, a really classy place. The deal there was $50 Canadian just to get a massage, then 20 bucks for topless, 40 bucks for nude and 60 bucks for 'reverse' which means you can massage the girl, but no penetration is allowed. The girls there are from all over, which means you can get someone from Toronto (I like that) someone from Russia, Sweden or Poland. Alot of them say they are French-Polish, which is bullshit, because they dont speak a word of French (I do!) but that is neither here nor there! This place, called Romantica, is strictly massage and a jerk off. I've tried, cajoled, offered exhorbitant sums of money, but to no avail. These gals like their job, are making alot of money, and dont want to get arrested or thrown out. If you dont want to spend the bucks, there are places for you too- however, these places are nearly always Oriental (not my thing) and the ambience stinks. However, these girls are usually willing, for a price, to go farther sexually. I visited a place on Dufferin (somewhere in the 2500's, near a pool hall) and while the girl was willing to do oral, the place was small, hot, dark, and right next to the 'lobby', so the atmosphere was lost to a bunch of cackling Oriental women! The phone rang, you get the picture. Another place I like is right near Honest Ed's (I saw the ad in the Sun) near Bathurst and Bloor. The cost is $35 Canadian for a half hour, then negotiate with the girl for 'extras'. I usually see a black woman, I forget her name. She charges an extra 50 bucks for nude and oral, and she is fabulous. Doesnt use a condom, you can cum in her mouth....Great stuff. Another decent place is on Yonge near Eglington, 30 bucks to get in and an extra 30 for all nude. Here is one place I have found that has pretty low rates and white girls. However, it has been my experience that this place is straight as an arrow, nothign more than massage and a jerk off. Strip Joints: Toronto passed its infamous no lap dancing rule a few years ago, but it lap dancing still thrives. Usually the cost is about 20-30 bucks extra. I go to Brass Rail, where the models are generally 7's or higher. Other good places are "Hot Tub Girls" on Finch just west of Dufferin, and Charlie T's, which is on the next block. Both have suprisingly pretty women for suburbia strip clubs, and the dj's are fun. There are always contests and such, and Charlie T's has whip cream and jellow wrestling on weekends. My advice to everyone visiting Toronto is to just smile. Most of the girls work hard and see s.o.b.'s like me all day, and appreciate some warmth. Open up to them! Lie, if it makes you feel better, but talk about yourself. Remember, for half hour you are in fantasy world- she is playing her part, you should too! Enjoy, and keep reporting!
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 21:08:08 +0100 (MET) Subject: Review: Toronto, Fantasia ~~~~ bawdyhouse Please note that the currency mentioned in this article is Canadian dollars. The exchange rate is US$1.00 = CN$1.30 I was in Toronto on a business trip last week. Decided to pay this place a visit since I heard so much about it from the colleagues in Toronto. The trip from downtown to Fantasia (in Richmond Hill) cost me $36 one way. I arrived at Fantasia around 10pm. There is a cover charge of $5. This place is crowded and I can't even find a seat. Order a beer ($5.50) and I was standing there for approximately half an hour before I can find an empty seat. The dancers here are gorgeous. There are at least 40 lovely ladies working that night plus a few average looking ladies. A dancer came over to my table and introduced herself as Caitlin and immediately was sitting on my lap. We started to chat and my hand started to stroke on her body. She did not complained. After a while she asked whether I am interested in lap dancing. Price was $20 per song and in order to get into another room for more privacy I have to fork out another $20. The dance was perfect, touching or sucking OK except no fingering. Lovely tits and ass, no complain there. In less than half an hour I already had 5 dances, time really flies here. Paid Caitlin $100 and she told me she has to go on stage soon. Anyhow she told me not to leave cos' she will be back after dancing three songs on stage. I figure when I paid her the money she noticed that I have a few more hundred dollars bill in my wallet. At this time I already had 5 beers and I was quite high. After appearing on stage she came back and sits on my lap again. During the conversation she inquire whether I would like to have extra fun. I said why not!! She took me upstairs and before entering the room I have to fork out another $60. This money is to rent a tiny room for half an hour. On top of that I will have to pay Caitlin $90 for half an hour of fun. She undressed me slowly while I was kissing every inch of her naked body. When I was fully hard, she began to stroke me faster and faster. She placed one of my hands on her breasts to play with her erect nipples and I moved my other hand from her ass to between her legs. Her pussy was quite wet and I began to stroke her erect little clit with my thumb. This made her squirm and her nipples got immediately harder. After about 10 minutes of jacking me off, she asked if I was going to come soon. I told her that I need more stimulation. She said that for an extra $30, she would give me a blow job. I agreed but told her that I had no condom. She said no problem and took one out from her purse. After the rubber was on, she began to lick the head and run her tongue from top of my penis to my ass, where she swirled her tongue around my asshole. After about 5 minutes of this licking foreplay I knew I was ready to cum. She began going faster and faster, occasionally stuffing my entire shaft down her throat to the balls. When I came, it was in torrents. A few minutes later a guy was knocking on the door mentioning time is up. My only regret it that I did not have intercourse with her and I should not have wasted $100 on the lap dancing. When I mentioned this to the colleagues in Toronto they said that I should have bargain with Caitlin. Well, anyway I was intoxicated that night. Not a bad way to spend the night. I would definitely recommend Caitlin at Fantasia. In fact, I'm going back soon!!
Subject: [asp] Review Toronto Oriental Massage Date: 1998/01/18 There is an Oriental massage place where the majority of the attendants provide intercourse. The location is in Markham, approx. 45 mins drive from downtown Toronto. The establishment name is Kai Lai, check the ad. in I was at this place a few days ago. It is in a commercial building on the first floor. The thing that bothered me the most was the room are extremely tiny and having sex on the massage table was very uncomfortable. When I walked in there were four ladies at the reception. I selected a lady which I come to understand is from Thailand and she doesn't speak English at all. Although communications was a major problem, I finally managed to get her to understand my intention. We agreed on $140 full service for 45 minutes. Her name is XXX, 23-25 yrs old, 5'2", slim, petite and shoulder length hair. I told her to skip the massage and I got down to business immediately. Being the romantic type I gave her a deep sensuous kiss which she responded to by sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. She then started to stroke my unit while licking my entire body. Then we got into a 69 position, and she took my rubberless unit into her mouth while I ate her. She was quite responsive to her pussy being eaten. She then put a rubber on me, we fucked for a long time in several positions ( which she knew ) and my unit fired a salvo. Looks: 7 Attitude: 8 Service: 9
Subject: [ASP] Toronto - Fantasia Review Date: 1998/01/23 I had arrived with a little over $300 and was planning a night of some real fun. At midnight, it was still fairly crowded and the energy level was still high. I noticed that the selection of girls was EXCELLENT. After surveying the talent, I found a five-foot, size-three brunette with a great smile. She was wearing snug jeans and a bikini-style top. The look was pure high school and it suited her well. Her name was Raven. She wanted to know if I wanted to go upstairs for $200 ... I said how about $150 -- she agreed and we went upstairs. I had her dance a little in front of me while my hands roamed. She made a few lame attempts at BJ in various positions, but ended up being a great screw in all positions. Really know how to move it. Afterwards, we cuddled for five minutes. Definitely an above average session. She then dressed very quickly without cleaning herself at all. This bothered me, as I figured she hadn't washed herself after the other guys she'd been with earlier in the evening.
Subject: Re: ASP Toronto Blowjobs Date: 1998/02/01 > Anyone know where to get cheap blowjobs in Toronto? Try the Parkdale area (Dufferin and Queen) or the intersection of Gerrard and Sherbourne. Further north you can try the intersection of Jane and Finch. Cost between thirty to fourty dollars.
Subject: [asp] Review Toronto massage downtown Date: 1998/02/10 This massage place at 313 1\2 Yonge (upstairs),just north of Dundas offers 15 minutes in a hot tub with a naked attendant followed by a 30 min massage for $65.00 I have been twice. Each time friendly pleasant service, competent massage with standard release, some tipping can be negotiated (reverse massage). Worth a try on a cold day. The tub is relaxing. No BJ was offered or requested (you will have to check that out for yourself but my guess is that it is not on the menu). I saw the receptionist, name unknown, shapely, pretty, strong massage and also 'Cathy', a Peruvian girl, smaller breasted but friendly. I think they have 2 or 3 girls working at a time though things may have changed recently. Give them a call and ask about the current situation. Phone number is (416) 979-XXX7.
Subject: [ASP] Info on Toronto, Ontario, Canada Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 21:11:05 -0500 Atta: Great site! This is definitely the best place for information. I would like to add my experiences to your collective knowledge. First things first, the lingerie modeling places. Don't go there, I've found them to be nothing more than watch and masturbate and pay an arm and a leg just to see nudity. Next, massage parlors seem to be a hit or miss thing. I've been to quite a few, and I've found some ladies that are out of this world, and others so cold they could freeze hell. The unfortunate thing is, once you find a place and a lady you like, she usually moves on within a few months, or the business goes under. Massage places are fairly relaxed, though, as long as you don't look like a cop. Prices are about $30 -45Cdn for full body "complete", and with "nude full reverse" can bring that over $100. Generally, it's the smaller places that offer friendly service that makes you feel like more than a dollar bill. (or dollar coin, now) Anyway, now that my favorite massage ladies are no longer with their companies, I've decided to find more about what's out there, and have tried a few escort services. Mostly, the price you're quoted is the only price you'll have to pay, I haven't run into many rip off yet, the lone exception being a place called Sweet Escorts. RIP OFF. (fyi, called and asked for a lady, who turned out to be very good looking, but then proceeded to turn down every request I made. Now I should point out that I am not a pushy person, quite the opposite. But I did ask, and she did refuse. I also tried an incall place, at the girl's apartment (turned out to be an group of girls sharing a place), and for $200, it was a very nice experience. (Now, if only I could remember her number....) These places are advertised In the Toronto Sun, EYE magazine, and NOW magazine (the last two being free local left-wing rags).
Subject: (ASP) Oriental Massage Toronto Date: 1998/03/28 This place is near Dundas & Bathurst on the second floor. $45 (45 mins) gets you a massage and HJ. Topless is extra $20 and nude is another $30. I requested for a BJ, she said no. The attendants were young and pretty, unfortunately the one I had (Jenny) was in a real hurry to get me off and get me out.
Subject: Re: (ASP) Oriental Massage Toronto Date: 1998/03/28 That's pretty much the standard price (+/- $10-20) and service for the Toronto area. I have been to many establishments and have found the best so far is Isabella at Healing Hands (Suite 14, 505 Hood Road, 905-479-XXX3). Very pretty and great service. Mention to her that you heard about her on the net, Also had good luck at Romano Health on Steeles/Pine Valley, although the choice in attendants varies significantly. Hope this helps. Good luck
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 13:27:43 EDT Subject: Toronto Massage Scene I recently visited a massage parlor advertised in Eye Weekly Magazine. I have been to a few before, and needed a nice rub, but did not have all that much money. The place listed its address in the Bloor Bathurst area (its on Bloor about two blocks west of Bathurst, if i remember right) on the second floor of a small building. The fact that it is in the beginning of Chinatown did not really appeal to me, but I live nearby so I thought what the hell. When I got there, a pretty white female was sitting behind the desk, with two washed up older black and white women sitting on the couch. The girl behind the desk looked like a quality woman, the other two looked and were dressed like whores. The two older women stood up when I came in, but my eyes fell on the girl behind the desk and I asked if she would be so kind as to give me a massage. She agreed, and pointed out the rate, which was 30 bucks Canadian for a half hour, which amounts to about $25 in American funds. We went to a room in the back, clean and nice, but a bit cold. At that point I was not sure what I could ask of the girl, since she *looked* so middle class, like someone I would see at my office! She told me to get ready, and she would be back in five minutes, which I understand is standard. After about two minutes she was back, and I was lying nude on the table. She was wearing a short black skirt, with black stockings and a nice knit sweater. As she started massaging me, we chatted about this and that, and she told me her name was Shira. She was sweet and easy going, so I thought it couldnt hurt to ask, and asked what sort of *extras* she offered. She only hesitated a bit, and when I assured her that I was not police she told me she would do pretty much anything but actual intercourse. We chatted a bit more, and agreed on a nude massage with her giving me a blow job for 50 bucks, about 40 in US dollars. As she undressed she reminded me of just about every girl I slept with in college- perfect body, rounded firm breasts with pert cherry nipples, no tummy to speak of and great legs. She had sweet smelling brown hair and her pussy was trimmed, with a line of pubic hair running along her pussy crack. She was, in a word, glorious. She started the oral, her full lush red lips encircling my swelling penis, when I asked her to please give me that massage first! She was a bit surprised, saying most guys just wanted to get it done with, but I luxuriated in having this sweet girl giving me a nice nude massage. She didnt object when I felt her breasts and pussy throughout the twenty minute massage, and I really enjoyed myself. With ten minutes left, she asked me if I wanted to get started- and by then, boy did I ever! Once again her red ruby lips found my penis and she sucked me slowly at first, then quickly, then slowly-- then she concentrated only on my balls, then only on the top of my penis throughout the whole time I fingered the outside of her pussy, occasionally slipping my little finger in, which casued her to giggle- and after five minutes I told her she was doing wonders for me, but politely I said I was about to cum, and if she didnt want to swallow that was perfectly fine with me. She smiled and said thanks, but she went right ahead and swallowed! This was a great experience, I recommend her wholeheartedly- please post other Toronto experiences!

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