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Nevada Prices

: I'm interested in the going rate in Nevada Brothels.  I have paid $250
: and $400.

Chris, you got took.... you can get *something* for as little as $50.00 and
laid for about $100.00.  They all ask for big bucks up front, but quickly
back down if you say you don't have that kind of money and act like you are
going to leave.<<grin>>  It doesn't matter how much you pay, most of those
places treat you like a piece of meat.

Subject: Re: vegas brothel report - 3/29 Date: 6 Apr 1996 01:57:29 GMT >she proposed $300 for half-and-half and I accepted. To me it seems like you're paying too much. I was at the Cherry Patch II in Amargosa Valley (outside LV) about 4 years ago. Had 2 beautiful women to choose from. Picked Chelsea (Oriental), fucked her furiously doggie style for $150. (Of course, she first tried to get me to pay $500 for "2 girls in a hot tub"). Considering inflation, the price shouldn't be more than $200 for the same service now. Just 9 months ago, I visited the Mustang Ranch and Mustang II in Mustang (outside Reno.) Had 5 girls to choose from at each place. Had half-and-half with Taffy for $150 at the Mustang II, had a blowjob for $80 (could've had straight sex for $100) with Vanessa at the Mustang. They were both very good looking. (You paid $100 for a hand job??!!) Chelsea at the Cherry Patch made me pay $2 extra for the rubber (!!!!), the other girls didn't charge for the rubber. Vanessa at the Mustang told me that each girl sets her own prices. Considering that a girl may lounge around for several hours without a customer, I think you can get them down to around $100 for any basic service. I know they only get half... but street hookers are readily available for $20 to $50. I always was dressed casually when I went to these places. Perhaps you looked like someone who had a lot of money... causing the girls to expect higher payment than average? I'd like to know how the outcall services in Las Vegas are, if you ever use one. Those grubby looking characters on the strip sure hand out a lot of those flyers.
Subject: Prostitution in Nevada Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 10:53:36 -0700 I just finished reading your FAQ on brothels around Las Vegas. I was really surprised by the reviews of the Cherry Patch Ranch. I have visited this establishment once a year for five years and have only had one disappointing (still not bad) visit. I have paid more than the other reviewers intimated (although a couple only said what they offered not what they actually paid) and that might have something to do with the better experience. I have paid from $400 to $1000 and twice I had to tell the lady that I had to leave or no telling how long I could have stayed. The dissapointing experience was when I allowed myself to be talked into a japanese bath. It's like being in a car wash and not very erotic. I agree that it is not always best to pick the best looking girl, typically they will know how pretty they are and will have an attitude. I tend to disbelieve the person who talked of penetration with fingers because every girl I have talked to says that this is a strict no-no. I have been turned down when offering to perform oral sex only once (the trip with the japanese bath) and the girl did offer to get someone who would allow it (I should have taken her up on it).
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 20:30:11 -0500 (EST) Subject: Nevada Prices In October 1996 I made a trip to Nevada to explore the brothels of Reno and Carson City. There seems to be a scarcity of cost information on the internet. So, one of my goals was to collect cost figures from several of the ladies. My hope is that you would consider posting the following information on your Nevada page, under "Bits and Pieces - Prices in the brothels." For each visit to a brothel, I chose who I thought was the most attractive lady. Then she and I would go to her room to discuss prices. I ended up having a session with three of the ladies. The others I thanked and told I wanted to think about it for awhile. Where I list costs for two or more ladies at the same brothel, I returned during a different shift or on a different day. In each instance, I indicated interest in sharing a massage and then receiving a half/half (blow job and sex). The following are some of the responses I received: Mustang I: Fallon $300 Roxanne $300 Yasmine $250 Mustang II: C.J. $300 Gina $300 Old Bridge Ranch: Amy $300 Destiny $200 Sagebrush I: Katherine $1100 (This is not a typo. Her charge was $1100) Sagebrush II: Sky $400
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 21:45:49 -0500 (EST) Subject: Re: Nevada Prices Hello Atta, Thanks for your interest in prices. The prices I sent you were the first price the lady mentioned. I purposely did not haggle in order to collect what I thought would be more uniform information. The prices I forwarded to you should be available to anyone regardless of their "haggle" ability.
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 20:35:28 -0400 (EDT) Subject: ASP Navada About a year and a half ago I went to the Cherry Patch Ranch north of Las Vegas and went through the standard line up and picked a very pretty girl to spent some quality time with. As we were walking to her room she asked if I was ever at a house in Nevada before. Not wanting to sound inexperienced I said yes that I had been to the Cotton Tail some months back.. I really hadn't but I drove by it and remembered the name. She said that they were a lot more expensive then the Cotton Tail. When we arrived at her room she said a really nice party would cost $2,000.00. After I was able to speak again and recovered from the shock I told her that was a lot more then I cared to spent. She said well I could get a shorter party for a mere $1,000.00. Now I don't know about you guys but that really sounds ridicules to me. Maybe some millionaire high roller can afford this expensive entertainment but I can't. The most I ever spent was $500.00 to a 3 day weekend with a semi-pro. Anyway back to the main story. She informed me they had girls all the way down to $100.00. I told her that's more what I had in mind. She said she would send one to talk to me. A few minutes later in comes this not so pretty girl. She's also very weird. But lets face it, I'm not here for a relationship, so against my better instincts I make a deal. She tells me her minimum is $100.00 but we could have a very nice party for $150.00 which would include half and half. So I went for it at the $150.00. It sounded like such a bargain after the $2,000.00 amount. She told me to get undressed while she took the money to record it.. When she came back she got undressed and said she needed to wash me off. As she was doing that I put my hand on her shoulder. She told me that I wasn't allowed to touch her. I asked how this would work if I couldn't touch her. She told me she would do the touching. I asked if I could touch her breast. That was definitely a no no.. I remembered thinking this really sounds like fun. What am I doing here. I laid down, she put a rubber on me, sucked on it for about 20 seconds ( I can't believe I got semi-hard but I did). She laid down and put me in. By this time I was so turned off I just wanted to leave. I fake an orgasm in about another 20 seconds ( I'm not sure why I need to fake anything, but I did. She must of realized it when she removed the rubber.) We got dressed and I left. A very poor experience. There are 2 other houses in the area but I understand they are owned by the same guy. So I figured there run the same way. (I'll pass, thank you) These are the closes to Las Vegas. On my way back to Las Vegas I was thinking about what the first girl had told me when I said I'd been to the Cotton Tail . "They were much cheaper". I thought maybe you could get a decent party for less then $1,000.00. I was leaving Vegas that evening so I wouldn't be able to check it out until next time I came back. Well as it turned out the next couple of times I came back I brought a girl friend and consequently was unable to check out the other houses further up the road until this last trip in June. This time I drove past the turn off for the Cherry Patch and Past the Cherry Patch II and went on to Frans Star Ranch a little closer then the Cotton Tail. It turns out that Fran has retired and sold the place to a couple who changed the name to Angles. Angle and her husband are the new owners. When you walk in you are nicely greeted and offered a seat and told the girls would be out shortly. On the coffee table is an album of Angel in various positions of coitus and . She appears to be in her mid 30s and attractive. I'm not sure if Angle does parties as I forgot to ask and she wasn't there that day. One girl came in to the room who appeared to be in her late 30s. She told me she was the only one on the floor at that time and we sat an chatted for a few minutes. While we were chatting I notice a sort of information sheet on the coffee table explaining that the girls were private contractors and price negotiations would be with the individual girl but the minimum charge was $60.00. I asked my hostess about prices and she said she couldn't discuss them there but would have to go to here room to do that. So we went to her room and she said they were pretty laid back there and pricing was flexible. She asked what did I want and what was I willing to spend. We finally agreed to a half and half for $100.00. She did say that she usually got $150.00 to $200.00 but a hundred was ok. As she said they were pretty laid back there. I asked how much time we would have. She said she didn't have a clock in her room and anything reasonable was ok with her. She took the money and asked if I could wait a few minutes as she had just drove in from Las Vegas and would like to take a shower before we proceeded. I thought that was great that she wanted to be clean. She left and in a little while came back in just a towel wrapped around her. She was still damp and her hair wet and she had a clean sexy smell. She told me to get undressed and she needed to wash me. When that ritual was done she removed her towel. Her breast were smaller but nicely shaped. She had children and her stomach was a little flabby, but the rest of her was very nice and overall well worth her fee ( If you want 19 yr. old Barbie this probably isn't the place). I touched her breast and just about ever other part of her body and that was no problem. There was no rush and she stated to do some oral to me. For awhile we also did a few minutes of 69. We finished with the standard missionary position but with her legs pulled up so I could get deep penetration. I didn't come right away, but it didn't take very long either. All in all we spent about 25 or 30 minutes doing the wild thing. As we where getting dressed there was a knock on the door ( a signal that the time was up). So much to the "I don't have a clock in my room" business . But in spite of that it was a very nice party for a $100.00. It was not rushed and very pleasant. Mark Twain was a connoisseur of the Nevada brothel and he was quoted as saying "not to hurry and to linger a while afterwards". It appears the other Navada brothel I was at didn't read Mark Twain as I was immediately escorted to the door. At Angels after we came out of the room I was offered a cup of coffee or a soft drink which I accepted. (They are in the process of getting a liquor license) I sat with my hostess of that evening and chatted awhile. After a few minutes I told her that I was going to put a message at the World Sex Guide on the net. She wasn't aware of the World Sex Guide but was quite curious and asked me some questions about it. She told Mac who is one of the owners (Angles husband). I spoke with him for awhile and he was not aware of the guide either. As I said earlier if you are looking for Barbie this probable isn't the place. But if you want a much better value and are willing to accept less then a Barbie doll I highly recommend Angels. They are about 100 miles north of Las Vegas on Hwy 95 (2 mi. no. of Beatty) They have a toll free number #1-800-270-3793. Give em a try I highly recommend them. Next time I go to Navada I'll go to the Cotton Tail. I'll post a report after (It's a mean rotten job but someone's got to do it.) Remember what Mark Twain said regarding brothels "linger awhile"
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 14:56:03 -0700 I can't believe that guys are paying $400+ to get laid in Nevada. At places like the Cherry Patch just put aside the "Menu" and offer the girl $150 and settle for $200 for a half and half, most all of them will give you a good if rather uncaring time for that much. My favorite place in Nevada is Fran's Star Ranch near Beatty. It is about 120 miles from Las Vegas on Hwy 95. You pass fairly close to Area 51. Hmmmmm maybe that explains the strange little gray guy with big eyes that I saw the last time I was at Fran's. Directions: Take Hwy 95 about 120 miles from Las Vegas. At Beatty's only traffic light, turn right and go 2.5 miles. On the left you will see a sign that says "Fran's Star Ranch" and an old AT11 twin engine airplane that crashed there years ago. Turn left and go about 1\3 mile on a very rough road to the building, knock on the door and enjoy. There are usually 4-5 girls there and the prices are much better. Expect to pay about $75 to $150 for full service. This is a nice relaxed place and Fran is a great gal. They will even serve you free coffee.
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 22:15:15 EST Subject: Brothels in Nevada. It has been my experience that the closer to Las Vegas you are the more they expect you to pay. I about fell over when they brought out a menu's at the three closest houses. From $500-2000 was the non-VIP menu and I almost fell off the bed, needless to say I quickly excused myself. You can get alot better in Las Vegas and alot cheaper. I cannot believe men pay that much money that close to Vegas, of course, if you go it and want to give it away, more power to ya. Houses in Elko and north are lot cheaper, I guess because of the less than afluent cowboy influence. but it's all good, $100-$150 full service, have seen some real dolls in Elko. Carson City is great but alittle more expensive, I spent $250 and was with one of the most beautiful light skinned black women I've ever seen and this was not rushed. Start lower of course, but, if you have the money and enjoyed here company give her alittle extra. But for my money, I'll still take San Francisco massage parlors over all Brothels, for the time and money you just can't beat them, besides, you get a massage in addition to a good lay.

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