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Los Angeles Bondage

Date: 3 Jun 1995 14:09:40 -0400

I'd always had a passing interest in bondage, so the last time I was in
L.A., I decided to try one of the professional Dom houses.  (This was
about two years ago, so some info may no longer be accurate.)

I found a few ads in the L.A. Express, and decided to call Club Chateau,
having heard good things about it through the grapevine.  The woman who
answered the phone was very friendly, and helpful, and, actually, was the
reason I decided to pay them a visit.  She described what they offered,
(fantasy S/M;D/S;B/D sessions and stressed: 1) they were legally licensed
to do this (good, I wouldn't have to worry about being busted) and 2)
there was no sex involved.  Oh, well; still might be a fun experience.  I
also chose Club Chateau, over a "free-lancer" because this way, I could be
assured of not being "ripped off" while in a "vulnerable" position.

She gave me directions and said I could make an appointment if I knew of a
specific girl.  I decided to be just a "walk-in" since I didn't know

The next day I showed up at the given address and was greeted by an older
gentleman sitting at a desk just inside the door.
He: "What can I do for you?"
Me: "I'd like to arrange a session."
He: "Dominant or submissive?"
Since I was new at this, I decided:
Me: "Submissive."

He punched the intercom, and summoned Mistress Laura.  She was about 6'2",
Blonde, Pretty.  I would like to have been offered a choice of Dominatrix,
(and perhaps could have, if I'd asked) but decided to just go with the
flow, this time.

She was very friendly and took me to one of the Dungeons and we chatted
for a while about what specifically interested me and she listened
carefully and asked me several questions.  She quoted me these prices: 30
minutes for $70; 45 minutes for $91; and an hour for $110. (Again, this
was a few years ago, so prices may have gone up.)

She also pointed out that tipping was allowed but not required, even
though, "some girls might tell you it is required."  This was a nice way
of letting me know I could tip her, with her outright asking for one.

I opted for an hour, and she told me to get undressed and she'd come right
back.  I undressed and looked around the dungeon.  It was lit with soft,
red neon.  There was a rack, various ropes and riding crops on the wall, a
torture chair and even a saddle.
One wall had a full-length mirror.

She came back with an armload of towels and asked if the temperature was
okay.  I said I was comfortable.  She then gave me a "safe word" to say in
case we "got into something too heavy."  She would stop whatever she was
doing if I said the word.

She had me lie on a table which she proceeded to tie me to.  She also
blindfolded me and applied some kind of cock and ball torture (I couldn't
actually see it.)  I had stressed that I wasn't too into pain, so she took
it easy with me; tickling me, teasing me with her long fingernails.

Next she put my hands in leather cuffs and tied them to the rack, so I was
standing up, with my hands tied over my head.  She took the blindfold off,
so I could see myself standing in front of the mirror.  She started to
paddle me with increasing intensity.  After a while, it got to be too
much, so I said the saferword and she stopped.  She chided me playfully,
"Oooh, and that was *light* too."

Next she had me lie down and tied my legs at one end, and my hands over my
head at the other.  She reapplied the blindfold and added a gag, too.  The
sensory deprivation really was an incredible experience.  She continued to
tease me.  It really was very delicious foreplay.

(One complaint: at some point here, I think she snuck a smoke on a
cigarette.  I don't know for sure because I was blindfolded and she was at
least considerate enough to keep the smoke away from me.)

Finally, she had me kneel (still blindfolded and gagged.)  She kept one
hand tied behind my back and handcuffed my right hand to my (still hard)
cock and balls.  I discovered she had put some kind of lubricant on my
cock and she instructed me to rub it.  "Oh," I thought, "this is how they
let the clients get off."  (I understand at some NYC houses, the
Dominatrix actually uses a vibrator to get you off, since that's still
legally just shy of "sexual contact."

She said I should keep doing this, but that I couldn't come until she
"gave permission."  This was tough, since I'd been hard for nearly an hour
now, but she didn't make me wait too long.  I had a VERY powerful orgasm.

She took the blindfold off and I was that I'd come on one of the towels
she had spread out in front of me.

She released me and let me get dressed as she packed up her "toys."  I
paid at the desk out front and gave her a $20 tip.  (Since I had budgeted
to spend much more than they were asking.)

I'd be interested to here any other experiences with any other houses or
indie Dominatrixes.

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