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Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 15:05:52 UTC

If you want to something more than a handjob in Chicago,
or if you don't always want to be with a Korean woman,
you will have to venture past the massage parlor scene.

I am not interested in being robbed/murdered/busted,
so I avoid the street scene. I also don't want
anyone in my home, so I avoid outcall-only services.

Use the Reader or the NewCity free papers. They have
gobs and gobs of ads from escort services and "sole
proprieters" working out of their own home or apartment.
I only answer the ads that specifically say "incall
services are offered".

These services tend to be in the $100-$150 range for
massage, including handjob (this is usually all I want-
full escort seems to be $150-$200).
Using the papers, I have seen both Black and White women,
none of whom were obviously drug-addicted. All have
been clean, reasonably attractive, pleasant,
and lived in quiet, safe, residential areas.

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 01:46:56 UTC Here is some info I found on Paige. She is in Chicago. Lookout for this one.She will tell you that she is 30's when you open the door WOW are you surprise how about 45. I was with her about a month ago, this women ( don't know what else to call her) was in her time of the month and did say a word about it until I saw all the blood. Because of her age she is now trying to do a straight job also and want you to give her info about who you work for so she can sell them something. Watch yourself with her, she also does drugs.
Subject: Chicago Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 09:42:45 UTC Great service from an outcall place called Models Inc. Found them in the Yellow pages. Girl, Alexis, was prompt, cheerful and very attractive. 24, blonde, busty. As described by service. Session very unhurried. Spent the full hour. Came dressed in jeans but changed into very sexy lingerie. Highly reccomended. Very expensive at $400 but worth it.
Subject: Chicago Massage Report *** Date: 17 Jun 1996 16:03:49 -0400 Just got back from the windy city and figured I'd let you in on a great hotel massage service. I actually found this out of the yellow pages. Very curteous - got exactly what I wanted, no hassles and amazingly prompt. They come right to your hotel room. Here's the deal - $100 for a 45 minute massage (doesn't last 45 minutes - lasts as long as you do) no extras discussed over the phone. Made an appointment for 3:00 and the youing woman shows up only 10 minutes late. She was a very beaultiful black woman - couldn't have been much over 22 and had the best damn body. Long legs, great ass and nive firm tits. Here's the extras list - hand job - 30$, topless $50, blow job $60. I didn't ask for straight or bent sex. It could quickly add up. I had $180 to play with and figured I'd try and get the best for my money - endded up getting a totally nude blow job (plus the massage). I guess I'm kind of lucky since I was this girls last customer of the afternoon and she told me she is usually real horny by the time she finishes her shift and often times goes homes and masturbates. I offered to return the favor, not expecting her to say yes, but low and behold she said okay. She didn't want me to eat her out, which was fine by me since I'm not sure how many guys she had had in her that day, so I fingered her for a while. She eventually took over and jerked herself for me for about 10 minutes - enough time for me to get hard again and blow my load all over her. Not bad!!! Here's the number for anybody looking -312-464-0710 (Affordable Massage)
Subject: Chicago Review Date: 1996/10/12 I was genuinely surprised to see actual useful information on the dismal Chicago scene in this group. >Raven- She is in her mid twenties, blond, blued eyed a little more full >figured than my normal types, 36DD Breasts, very attractive, has some >serious fuck me eyes. I've used her many times, and she is a pleasure >to be with. She stopped advertising because she built up such a client >base, I'll give her number anyway b/c she is worth it if you can get >in. By the way she does incall only. She is great all around, and >once again will usually go more than the hour, and let you cum as much >as you can. Last time I saw her it was $225/hr and she is worth a tip. >VM [censored] I called "Raven", and she must have sold her business, as the girl who answered the door was a brown-eyed brunette. However, she was truly great- it was more like a "real" date than a trick. She works hard to retain a repeat clientele. Two and quarter is a bit pricey for me, ( I travel to NYC often and $175 buys to-die-for babes) but for you married guys, it's great because she's one of the few quality girls that do incall.
Subject: REVIEW: Models, Inc. Escort in Chicago IL Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:02:43 GMT Models, Inc. Escort Yellow Pages Chicago IL Basically, you get a choice $300 for average, $400 for knockout. You describe what you're looking for, and seem to get a prompt callback from your choice and arrange the details. All of this was very freindly, and I explained that I was looking for more than a social escort and was assured that they are full service without question. I went for the $400 deal and got a model who had been in Vogue, who explained right upfront that she did this because she liked the sex. This set things off to a good start, and a very satisfying time was had by all. She was pleasant to talk to, and quite good at what she did. She evidently did enjoy the sex part. I'd leave the lovely woman's name, but she said she was only doing this for a month or so... I highly recommend these folks. The whole experience was very pleasant. No 50 minute phone call. I haven't tried the $300.00 deal yet though.
Date: 9 Jan 1997 23:42:47 GMT I have appreciated posts from Caligula (a fellow Chicago'n) and Dick O', who seems to travel to similiar locales. While I do no seem to have the breadth of experience, I can at least confimr some of their observations. Chicago: Everything said in Caligula's posts about Tori is correct. I was luck to see her once, and she is a delighful and fun person. She is hard to get ahold of.. She does occasionally advertise in the Reader, usually as "petite student, long hair, etc." There is a small agency, no name, that places ads in the reader that are always different, sound like an individual girl, and are classy and gentle..not hardcore. It is run my a man and a women, they are very friendly, careful, discreet and honest. They select thier staff with great care. If you find them, you will know it. With their staff you are safe, your possesions are safe, and you will get 100% value. Outcall only. Veronica's: So true, stay away. Foxy Lady: Some good experiences. "Mylena" is very wild, very worth it.
Subject: [ASP] Chicago Action Date: 18 Jan 1997 14:41:12 -0500 Tori -- A lot has recently been written about a Chicago girl named Tori. Well, after all the publicity, this girl is getting "too big for her britches". Myself and others have had some poor experiences attempting to reach this girl. First, she may take several days to answer her voicemail. She claims that since she has been posted on the Internet, she receives a few hundred calls a day. Second, if she does call you back, it may all be a "tease". One person I know finally was able to talk to her on the phone, and even made a date! Guess what -- Tori never showed-up, or even called the guy back! In my opinion, that's not the way to run a railroad! It looks like if you were a regular of hers BEFORE her internet attention, you'll be o.k., but if not, you might as well write this one off! Just like the great restaurant that gets ruined by a great review!!! Now, something really great? Try a cute girl named Aja. She is a cute 5'2", 110 lbs., toned, tanned, Puerto Rican beauty, with fabulous tits, and the cutest little ass. She has long black hair past her shoulders, and she really knows how to lick a guy off! She's an ex-penthouse model, who has also appeared in pornos (She is featured under the name Vanessa Fortunato in "Dirty Debutantes #4", where she also graces the box cover). She charges between $350 and $400, and her ads in New City and the Reader usually start off with "1992 Penthouse. . ." She will give you a REALLY hot sexual encounter which will drive you crazy! Definitely worth a try. And yes, I too have had the pleasure of being with Lori from Sterling. The girl is a totally awesome blond, with the greatest personality. Sex with her is very hot too. Sterling charges $300/ hour -- flat fee. This agency does not normally use the 3-tiered system (ie $300 -- standard, $400 -- coed, $500 -- model/centerfold) type of system as others. Be warned guys -- you normally get the same girl regardless of the price!!!!!!! But this DOES NOT HAPPEN with Sterling! Does anybody have any information about a Brazilian girl named Calai? I've wondered whether-or-not she offers a good session or not. Good Luck on your quests!
Subject: [ASP] Chicago Report Date: 27 Mar 1997 02:08:52 GMT Some bits and pieces... All the advertisng I will mention is in the Chicago Reader, a weekly alternative paper, found only in the city at music stores, groceries etc.(and well written). In spite of my on-line name, I HAVE NO CONNECTION to them. Also, all services I mention really focus on local residents, although some might do hotels. I do not have time to give detailed attributes or reviews. But, all mentioned are full service, are well worth it (unless indicated) and very safe. Tori. Yes, the famous Tori, hard to find, but worth it. Check out Chicago reports in the WSG for reviews. Enthustiastic, very oral, very friendly. Someone posted she was not as attractive as thought. Well, she is not a "model", but she is still attractive. 773-235-XXX1 Taylor: Advertises as "International flight Attendant". She is. Red hair, 5ft 5, nice figure, in shape, firm, implants. Great to be with, enthustiastic, NO rush. Incall only. A bit ditzy in a fun way, and can carry a good coversation. Really is a pzart time independent, so works occassionally, will not start a session after nine pm. Will return all calls, but if on the road, will take some time. Will talk to you on the phone for some time before she aggrees to seeyou. Arrives well and tastefully dressed. Incall only. No hotels. 312-290-XXX6 Mileena: Works at Foxy lady, ads always say foxy something. Listed as 25, more like 30. Well tanned, brunette, 5 ft 4, not a skinny thing, but works out and in shape...not full figured either. A true athlete in bed, and very enthustiastic. Check you pacemaker. sorry, don't have number right here. Check the Reader. All above have reasonable fees, but not cheap. Stat away from: If you see an ad "A pleasurable experience in my own home..." DO NOT call. UGGGGH. I would change my sexual orientation rather than go back. Take my word. Your info appreciated. I travel extensively. Keep this group useful!
Subject: [ASP] Report: Chicago--UPTENTR Date: 27 Mar 1997 18:20:44 GMT You may have noticed a post for a service called UPTENTR detailing its web site at If you check it out, someone by the name of Cindy (allegedly) advertises their business, with a rate structure. My experience in calling them: Called, phone ansered by Voice Mail. Surly male voice says leave message. Did so, left name and number. Received call back from same voice in half hour. Person was not pleasant, actually hostile. he "What did you want" me "Saw your web page, would like more info." he "Like what" me "Well, what is behind the different rates" he "One and a half, hour, half hour." me "What services are provided?" he "What do you mean?" me "Escort?" he"I do not know what you mean." me "That is standard local terminology." he "We provide companionship." me "As in?" he " We can't help you" CLICK At no time was he pleasant, he even acted like I was a suspect. If he was worried I was a sting, he shuld not have number is listed, you know he checked it out before calling. Even if he was paranoid, he started the initial converstaion in a curt and hostile way. I only wanted to be a customer. Maybe it was a bad night. Yea.
Subject: (ASP) Chicago Report Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 21:34:47 -0600 Have been lurking in this NG for several months and have finally decided to submit my first post regarding Chicago! Must thank those individuals for posting information regarding Chicago - have sampled some recommendations and all lived up to expectations. Latest excursion was with the famous Tori of Chicago (everybody has read all of the reports on her so no need to expand) and will add a few points. Saw her for the second time last Tuesday. First, her BJs are first rate - none have compared to hers, and her second visit was about 2 hours and her bjs were better than her first. Secondly, she is average looking; aobut 5'4" and 120lbs, but makes up in personality and performance. Very difficult to get a hold of, left about 7 messages before she returned my call and then and to wait 5 days before I could see her the second time! - But all in all very worth it. Second report is on Models Inc./Playmates. The new yellow pages does not have their full page visual add, just a text line that says Playmates. Saw several ladies from there and appears that overall quality has gone down. I am very picky about looks, but appears that peformance fo the girls has been lacking. Natascha, about 5'9" and tan - pretty good looking, would give her an 7.5/10 but had a bit of a belly and was not as busty as described, was about a B cup at most. Was very, very loose, hardly felt any pressure at all - disappointing. Peformed oral on her and she got very wet and came. Her bjs were average. All in all an average performance. Other girl was Camille - one of the better looking "hotter" girls I have seen. Very flaky and ditsy type of personality, but very sexy. Gave me an oil massage that I have never had before and had her hands in places that make me shivver as I write this. She was all blonde and had a 9 body and would give her an 8 performance. Saw her for the third time last October - but unfortunately she is no longer around at Models Inc. Saw two other girls from there and can't remember their names, but not very good - just plain inexperienced. The new phone girl at Models Inc. is sort of pushy and will describe one girl and will immediately suggest that the girl call you and set up an appt. - I prefer to think about it and "shop around". Well, have been disappointed with new girls as of late - don't know if I have bad luck or if the quality of girls there has gone done. Any body else with similiar experiences? Saw my (or anybody's)dream escort from this firm last July, think her name was Sara or something, but was incredible and just disappeared after I saw her the second time - got her phone number and called and was disconnected two weeks later. This girl was about 25 -30, have hard time with ages, and gorgeous body and face, the next bes naked head next to Tori. Still pains me to think she is in another city. Have also used Sterling but have not used their services for about 2 months now. Have tried dozens of times to set up an appointment with Lori, but always seem to miss her. The phone girl recognizes by voice and sort of laughs nd gives me the bad news - don't know if she is still around. Have been lying low as of late trying to find that "special" lady. Only experience with independents is Tori - others in the Reader appear to be shady.
Subject: [asp] Sterling in Chicago Date: 5 May 1997 17:52:51 GMT I had a bad experience with Sterling Friday night. They discribed the perfect woman and then sent me someone else claiming that the original girl was sick. There was no incident when I sent the other girl away, however, I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar inciednt.
Subject: [ASP] CHICAGO Report - Mardi Gras Escorts Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 16:37:25 -0500 In my continuing quest to seek out and sample the best Chicago has to offer, I partook of the services of Mardi Gras escorts as advertised in the Gentlemen's Pages - great ad with (according to the phone girl) actual pictures of working girls. I spoke I believe to the owner/manager Amanda who was ncie over the phone and gave pretty detailed descriptions about the girls along with color about their personalities and experience levels. She described 4 girls to me Evana described as a pretty hot latino, Sasha and tall mixed breed sexy girl, and two other women of color. I decided to see Sasha as was recommended by Amanda. The description Amanda provided was very accurate, Sasha showed up exactly on time - Sasha was a tall sexy Lebanese/Italian mix of sorts (tan all over) with big C boobs and about 5'9" - legs that don't quit - she had the best blow job lookin lips I've seen, not awesome in the face (about 7.5) but would give her body an 8.5. She defintely had a model type body but face and performance was lacking. Very cute and fun personality and seemed open to anything - was hoping for naked head but turned out she only proceeded sans condom for about 30 seconds before the hat went on - maybe should have asked if she did oral without the hat? She stayed the full hour and then an additional fifteen minutes having a glass of wine with me- very rare. She was pretty good looking but lacked in the experience department - really sexy thing she did was this amazing toungue action she had. I was also described a girl by the name of Evana who is latino and pretty sexy also - she was more 'experienced and mature' - 26 years old but she was not available that night. Live long and would greatly appreciate hearing other peoples experiences in Chicago.
Subject: Re: [ASP} REQ Chicago Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 06:51:48 -0600 > I will be in the vincinity of the John Hancock building > around 9:00p.m. on Monday night June 2nd. I am interested > in information on street action in that area and areas to the > north. This will hopefully be my first experience so any info > will be appreciated. Can't help on the street action. But for outcall I have a high recommendation. In the yellow pages under the Name Belmont. Ask for Beth. Price is high but, especially in O'Hare area. She's significantly cheaper downtown, she lives downtown. But she's well worth it.
Subject: Review of Chicago Escort Service Sterling Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 23:22:02 -0600 Hi all, I recently called Sterling for an escort. The girl on the phone was polite and friendly and asked me what type of girl I wanted. I told her I wanted someone who was tall and had a nice body and she then recomended Jennifer. About an hour later she showed up and I was a bit dissapointed at first. She was definately tall about 5' 11' but was a little chunky in the ass. But once we got to it my dissapointment passed. She fucked like a race horce even sucked my dick without a rubber. She gives a very good blowjob and let me finish by coming in her mouth and even swallows. Cost $300 Please E-mail witht any other information anyone else has either agencies or independants.
Subject: Re: [asp] REQ: chicago for 6/18 to 6/20 Date: 28 Jun 1997 03:08:18 GMT IMHO, if you don't know where to go or who to see, Sterling is your best bet. They are a escort service and are listed in the various Chicago yellow pages. If you are extremely blessed Lori will be available, but I've never been dissappointed.
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 12:38:08 -0500 Subject: Dear WSG, Dear WSG, Just took a trip to Chicago and sampled some of the local talent. 1. Sterling was fabulous. Can't remember the girls name but it was like Jasmine or something like that. 5'5"25yo...gorgeous, friendly and a bit sleepy but very nice and very good at her job. Was knocked out by her body!!! 2. Playmates....Got ripped off by a two girl team who were supposed to be bi-sexual. Cost $600.00 big ones and got nothing but fake demo. When I called Playmate, the girls ran out of the room with my money. Dispatcher eventually said they would send money to me but it's been a while. I was explicit in my wants and promised the goods....nada, never happened so watch out for this service.
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 23:45:06 -0600 Subject: Chicago escorts Chardonnay Companions I recently contacted Chardonnay Companions which advertises in the Gentlemen's Pages. I asked for Megan who is pictured in the ad. I specificallly asked if the Megan they were sending was the one in the ad. She wasn't. I wasn't necessarily disappointed with the performance of the Megan I received, but she was not nearly as attractive as the Megan in the ad (who is spectacular and is allegedly a Dirty Deb's adult actress). The Megan I received had an attractive face but an average (yet thin) body. I am not discouraging the use of this service, but suggesting caution. The "bait and switch" seems to be accepted policy there. Metropolis I contacted this service late at night. I asked for tall and thin. They described Bridget as 5' 9" tall and 115lbs. She height was accurately described, but she was definitely heavier. However, her weight was evenly apportioned. I prefer women who are nearly waif thin, so she was not for me. However, I have seen my friends (who prefer women who are "full figured") drool over a woman like this. Very, very busty, all real. Young. Naturally pretty face. Very nice. Not a knockout but attractive. Her attribute is her performance. BJ without rubber. Good too. Easily orgasmic. Seemed willing to do anything, although I did not ask for anything unusual. Seemed to enjoy what she was doing, which she did well. Moral: not bad stuff, but be wary of the description.

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