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Subject: Canadian Law
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 1996 20:33:19 GMT

        Thank you for asking for  information about the Coalition to
Reform the Bawdy House Act. We hope that once you are aware of the
facts you will support this effort.

        The problem is that an outdated morality law is being used to
make criminals of people with both mainstream and alternative

        This law - the section of the Criminal Code referred to as the
Bawdy House Laws - has been dusted off and is now being used
arbitrarily by police and Crown Attorneys, even though the
Government's own Fraser Report recommended scrapping this archaic law
more than a decade ago.

        Decent people are now seeing their homes invaded by police.
The private homes of professional Dominants are being raided and
destroyed, and personal property is being confiscated - even when no
complaints have been made. Law abiding, tax-paying Canadians are being
forced to choose to either parade their sexual lifestyles in open
court or to quietly plead guilty to victimless crimes.

        In these days of cutbacks, do you think police should be
laying Bawdy House charges when they could be chasing the real
criminals who threaten our lives and property?


        The law defines a bawdy house as any place used for
prostitution or acts of indecency. Not only is it a crime to operate a
bawdy house, it is also a crime to simply be found in a bawdy house.

        The problem is that "acts of indecency" are not defined in the
Criminal Code, leaving the police and Crown Attorneys free to impose
their own definition of morality - even when no sex is involved and no
money is exchanged.  That makes everyone with an alternative lifestyle
a potential criminal in the eyes of the law.


        The coalition so far is composed of The National Leather
Association: Toronto Chapter, Fetish Night Hostess Madam X, Mr.
Leatherman Toronto Duncan MacLachlan, Cara Gillies from Maggie's, and
Boudoir Noir Magazine. We have asked members of the leather and gay
communities to write to their MP's and Minister of Justice Allen Rock
asking them to revisit the recommendations of their own Fraser Report.

        Specifically, the Fraser Report recommended A) relaxing
Section 1 defining a bawdy house as a place used for acts of
prostitution, and allowing one or two sex workers to work in their
homes rather than on the streets (alleviating the problem of street
prostitution); and B) eliminating Section 2 defining a bawdy house as
a place used for acts of indecency (eliminating the threat to people
for simply having alternative lifestyles).

        Alternative lifestylers of all gender preferences in Toronto
are fearful. Right now, private parties and "Fetish Nights" in Canada
qualify as "bawdy houses," according to the interpretation used by law
enforcement agencies. No one is safe.

        The public and private support of credible organizations and
individuals will be very helpful to this grassroots effort to return
sanity to our legal process.

        Please call if you have questions or suggestions. And thank
you for taking the time to read this letter.

        Respectfully yours,

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