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Berlin Streets


Every night, you find high class prostitutes on the
Kurfuerstendamm. They often have their cars there and
will take you wherever you want to go. Expect to pay at least DM
250. On the other end of the scale are the cheap
brothel-cinemas, where you can get a fuck for DM 70. They
usually show movies and the women go around and solicit (often
Asian). Examples are Monis Sex Kino, Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 36 or
Filmclub, Bredowerstraße 35.

Date: autumn 1994 In Berlin, the best of all girls sometimes works in Kurfürstenstraße between Frobenstraße and Potsdamer Straße on the southern side of the street, close to the western stairs of the subway station. She has fair hair, aged 23, but looks at least 4 years younger. If you can't find her, there are many other girls around there, most of them non-professionals. The price is about DM 100.-. A car of your own is recommended, but not necessary. Without it, you will walk with her to "Pension Stockholm" in Eisenacher Strasse and pay additional DM 20.- for the room. If this is too far for you, you can do it on the playground in Frobenstrasse just around the corner. Please: there is too much car traffic. If you are looking for good girls that might be absent with another customer: park your car and walk. Don't drive around the block over and over.
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 01:03:09 UTC Another Berlin recommendation. Many of the former Eastern German prostitutes work on Oranienburgerstraße, north of Unter den Linden in the former GDR. My experience is that the quality of service is higher, and price lower, than those on the Ku'damm.
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 04:28:44 UTC On a weekday evening in March, I met one of the ladies on the street (fairly good-looking -- 7 out of 10) After agreeing on "full service," back at her "hotel" for a price of 500DM, she then refused to give me anything but a hand-job and even refused to take most of her clothes off. It wasn't even a good hand-job. In the end I would have probably been more turned-on by an examination from my doctor. I remained utterly polite and cordial through the whole business, but I must admit that I felt VERY ripped-off, and even felt that my politeness was being taken advantage of as she began to insist on more money. I left before my time was up, simply because I felt I could not remain a gentleman if this kept up. She insisted that the "real" price for an hour was 800 to 1000DM. Anyway, I wrote the 500DM off to experience, because I didn't want to cause a scene and really felt that the sooner I got out of there, the happier I would be. Overall, if this is representative of the Ku-damm, I don't think I'll ever visit there again. I've had some really excellent experiences in Amsterdam, and I'll be taking my custom back there next time. I was deeply disappointed with the attitude of the lady I contracted with, and I felt extremely unhappy with the value for money of the services I found in Berlin.
Subject: Berlin Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:27:26 UTC Hello there, I read some of the experiences guys make in Berlin. Sorry about the guy who got ripped of on Kurfuerstendamm, but this is mainly a tourist area, so prostitutes sometimes try to rip off guys from foreign countries.
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 06:58:46 UTC Berlin, Germany: drug (Heroin) prostitution in Kurfuerstenstrasse / Frobenstrasse has decreased a lot. Most of the girls come about 6 or 7 p.m., and some of them hang around at Zoo railway station before that time. However, except for rare cases, at the railway station they are not ready for prostitution. The typical price still ist DM 100.- The border beween amateur and professional prostitutes is the church / Genthiner Strasse. Older and professional (non drug addict) street prostitutes traditionally work in Strasse des 17. Juni between Landwehrkanal and railway bridge.
Subject: Berlin Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:27:26 UTC Prostitution on streets is mainly on the Strasse des 17. Juli (around the crossing of Salzufer ), the Kurfuerstenstrasse ( crossing of Ulhandstrasse in the Society club ) and the Oranienburgerstrasse and won't start before 22.00 o'clock. A fuck in the car is from 60 to 100 DM in a hotel 30 DM more ( for the room ). The prostitutes you see in daylight on the Kurfuerstenstrasse are mainly drug addicts and not very clean. Beware of little "housepets". Prostitues on the Kurfuerstendamm start at 100 DM for a handjob and want to see around 300 for a fuck, sometimes less. Make absolutely clear what you want before and leave before paying if the girls doesn't make clear statements about what you get.
Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Germany, Berlin, various delights Date: 01 Oct 1997 00:00:00 GMT Strasse 17 Juli Classic german prostitutes - in classic garb. Never have seen so many fake tits on top of legs you would not believe. Your choice: 50DM for BJ in car; 100+ for inside. The funny part was further into the park was a woman who must have been 65 at least and could easily have been 70. No figure to speak of, no looks at all, but 30 for oral, 40 without. Still you would really have to be hard up there - perhaps blind would help as well :-) Oranienburgerstrasse Despite the claims in TWSG reports, these seemed identical to 17 Juli types with the same fake tits, same garb, same price. Kurfuerstenstrasse Where before I had sometimes gotten a `franzosich ohne' it seemed that they were all `mit' this time around (except for one that I was sure was not a woman :-) Prices seemed to be consistently 50DM for BJ in the car, 80+ in hotel. One night, unfortunately after I had already blown my wad as it were, there was an amazing BBW there with large natural breasts pretty much hanging out in the open - rubenesque, but they would have been fun. She was not there when I needed her. I would say there seemed to be fewer of the druggy types. Action begins about 4-5 blocks before Pottsdammerstrasse, then turn right and next right again along the elevated train tracks - more along there.

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