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Berlin, Germany

A speciality of Berlin are the "Sex Kinos": you pay an entrance fee,
enter a bar full of girls, and behind the bar is a room where they
show porn movies. The girls offer handjobs in the cinema or full
service in private rooms. I checked out "Gabis Sexkino" in
Berlin-Moabit, Turmstr. 23, Tel 030-3944400, open Mo-Sa 10am -
4am. Entrance fee is 10 DM which includes one drink (beer or soda is 5
DM but beware: if you invite a girl to a drink, it will be much more
expensive!). Some 10-15 girls were working on a friday night at about
10pm, most of them very good locking, dressed in bodies or
bikinis. They immediately ask you whether you want to go to the room,
for 50 DM. I checked out the movie first; every 5 minutes another girl
appears and offers her services. There's also a live show every once
in a while which costs an additional 10 DM and consist of a collective
strip-tease of 5 girls, masturbation show, lesbian action and a free
blow job for one lucky member of the audience. After that, I chose an
African women for 50 DM. Blow job and fucking was with condom, and she
hurried a little bit which was a turn-off. Others have mentioned that
no girl will give you more than 15 minutes for that money. Maybe one
should negotiate the time first. No money was mentioned on
the room, which surprised me a little bit: I had kind of expected that
she wouldn't do it for 50 and was willing to give her 100. No kissing
and no touching of the pussy allowed. Not great, but dead cheap.

Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 08:09:08 UTC Berlin - Sex Kino Report Cascade Sex Kino. A small bar and cinema on Kantstrasse, just a short walk north of the Ku'damm. On a quiet afternoon in May the bar was occupied by just 5 hostesses, including 2 Thai girls. After paying 10 marks entrance, through a small trapdoor, I was shown into the bar, bought a beer (5 DM) and moved through the bar to the back of the club, where there were 8 large sofas in front of a video screen continually showing porno movies. After a few minutes I was joined on the sofa by an English girl called Julie. She talked very freely, and made a very relaxed athmosphere. A drink for her cost 20 DM, although you can buy Champagne at 300 DM. After a drink we moved through to a room at the back of the Cinema, fitted with a video monitor, where, for 70 DM she gave me a long, sensual unhurried blow job. Recommended.
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 18:27:26 UTC Another possibility is on of the many sex cinemas in Berlin. Check out the BZ ( newspaper ) for advertisement of callgirls and cinemas. In a sex cinema you pay a 10 DM entrance fee and 50 - 60 DM for a 20 minute fuck. If the cinema is packed with guests, don't expect too much service. Better go during the week or during the day ( some open up at 10am and close at 8pm ). One of the best clubs is the King George at Grunewaldstrasse. Entrance fee of 30 DM covers two drinks and an exellent strip show. Beautiful girls in a very clean club will service you for 150 DM and up, depending how long you want to stay with the girl. A lot of shows go on in Lietzenburger Strasse near the Kurfuerstendamm. High prices for the most of them, if you want to get more intimate with the girls. But you may enjoy the show and then move on to another cheaper joint. Don't order any drink for the ladies before you checked the price! Don't hesitate to ask.
Date: August 1997 It appears that Gabi's Sexkino (formerly Turmstr. 23) has moved to Reinickenstrasse 111 in Berlin-Wedding and is called "Filmbar 111" now. Conditions similar to before, but the prices seem to be higher. Monis Sexkino (Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 38, Berlin-Tempelhof) is open Mon-Fr 10-24h, Sat 10-18h. Entrance fee is DM 10. They have a smoking and a non-smoking cinema. About 4 girls offer their service: DM 20 for a handjob, DM 30 for french (with condom), DM 50 half and half.
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 17:32:35 +0200 Subject: more updated info on BERLIN KINOS Many places visited below are referenced in the Berlin's - "Stadt Plan für Manner" (SPFM). Use it in conjunction with this description write up. Go to any erotic shop and buy one for about 20Dm You will be glad you did. If you don't speak German, write it down on paper and show it to them. If anything, the locations map and addresses will save you hours of footwork. Without knowing the German language you will have no problems in any establishment. They understand just enough. One last remark regarding the SPFM - The establishments with the shorter descriptions are usually the less interesting, often times containing small problems with their business. Just MY observation. I like checking out the kinos in this city. They are the best value by far. If you have never been to one: a kino is an x-movie house with rows of couches or equivalent separated by partitions for privacy. Every 5 minutes a girl will walk into your area and try to convince you to do business with them, there on the spot. Sometimes they will want you to go to the room with them if they are shy or want to want make a little more money. Other customers can take a quick peek if they want so if it bothers you ask for a room. All establishments will have a shift change of girls from day to night, and ALL establishments will have a 10DM entrance fee. Grading system (Good Looks) - I have very tough standards. A girl of 10 I call perfect. Pamela Anderson 9.5, Claudia Scheffer rates a 8.9, tennis players Stephie Graff 7.75, and Monika Selles 7.0 . Alte Manier I - Kaiser Agusta Allee 38 was called Moni's Sex Kino So far my favorite. Very low-key kind place located in a low traffic area. The SPFM is wrong with the working hours, M-Sa 10-23hrs. Closed Sunday. Holidays closed. Thursday is party day (Group open sex), a flat fee of 150DM for as much as you can handle, 19-22hrs (in the evening until closing). Six girls working during the day. The girls are slightly older than in the other establishments, 22-35yrs old. All of them look good, rating 7-8. The big difference here is that these girls act like they like they dont mind their jobs. Minute differences in the girls technique is the difference between average and mind blowing sex. These girls know, or at least the only two I sampled did. Prices are the cheapest in the city. 30 DM oral and 70 for the works for on the spot in the kino sex. If you go to the room the prices are then 50DM Oral and with bumsen (bumping) 100DM. In summary they give the best sex, very friendly, and are cheap. Another thing I like about this place is the girls carry around their own personal money belts. None of this take your money, leave for a few minutes, then come back and get the job done. I tipped after both the orals 20DM more. Man they were worth it. There eyes lighted up with a smile and I knew from then on I was to get top notch treatment in the future. I wish I lived across the street. Aside from the large kino room there is a second mini kino with couches next to where the girls congregate at the little drink table. Alte Manier II - Sprengelstrasse 24, M-Th 10-2, F-Sa 10-4, Holidays closed. I have yet to sample Alte Manier III - Friesenstrasse 3, M-F 10-22, Sa 10-18, Holidays closed. I have yet to sample Alte Manier IV - Exerzierstrasse 21, M-Sa 10-22, Holidays closed. I went to this place 8PM prime time Saturday night. What a bust; I wont go back. Two girls there but only 1 wanted to work. Problem was, I think I may have been one of her first customers ever. I have never had a girl completely roll-out the condom before she tried to slip it on me. Worse yet, she needed a shower badly. Crude map for the Alte Manier establishments can be found at: Elisa's Kino - Blissesstr 69 (corner of Detmolder str), M-F 10-19, Sa 10-18. 5 Girls 21-32 years old rating 7.5-8.5 . I liked this place. Inside there is one larger kino, a smaller, and then 2 or 3 walk-in closets housing tv screens where you just pull the black curtain closed. Private rooms as well. Oral 50DM and with bumsen 100DM. A crude advertisement is located at: Every few hours the girls do a go-go dance show costing 10DM. It is a good place to see how the girls are built. I think they could increase their business nicely if they expanded on the dance show concept. If the girls went around the audience while dancing, and sat in peoples laps and teased them for a FEW seconds they would surely increase their business by at least 20 percent. It would really heat up the men quite a bit. The brunette girl I sampled had a perfect knock-me-out body. Nice hanging pussy ring. Wow! I'm going back. Stutti Frutti - Stuttgarter Platz 15 The SPFM says it is a kino. It has now changed to a go-go bar bordello in the highest sex traffic part of the city. Plenty of cigarette smoke in the dancers room. If any girl tells you they do not have change for the beer do not believe them. They will urge you to tack on a drink for the girl, the total of which they will have change for. These drinks are VERY expensive. If you feel rotten about this threaten them that if you don't get your change then you are leaving. They will most likely change their story very quickly. Once they find out you have been around the block a few times you are treated differently. This bar contains nothing but Russian girls, I was told, Ages 19-30. Night shift has about 10 girls working. Rating 7-8.5. Cost for 30 minutes in the room is 100DM. Good value but the shenanigans bugged me. My 19 year old did not hurry me in the room. She was very pleasant. Starlight - Stuttgarter Platz 13 A few doors down from Stutti above, hard to miss. The description in the SPFM is right on. Nothing but Thai girls with killer bodies. Mostly young using a " brutal marketing" plan to bring you to your knees. The kino is far from being private and much too well lit. People can watch what is happening two rows away. These girls will try and get top dollar from you. I paid way too much for oral with interruptions from rowdy teenagers. Maybe the place is better when not so busy. Girl rating are 8 - 9.25. Prices : Oral 50DM (I'm sure) and work your way up from there. The girls will work fast and leave fast. Cascade sex kino - Kant Str 120. The most privately designed, and one of the cheapest services. Been there for both day and night shifts. The quality of the large screen is the best I have seen. I think it is because they play the newest movies and not those that are 10 years old like ALL the other places I have reviewed. The other kinos should stand up and take notice. The higher quality tapes will excite the men faster and more often., thus, the establishment will make a lot more money. For example, in this kino, they pop me 4 times. In the other kinos I cant go past 2 times. Other kino owners? go to Cascade and check out their quality system. The day shift has a few Thai girls and two older madams about 45 in age. One of the Thai's is very nice and gives the best hand massages I have ever had, taking her time to your enjoyment. She likes to stop just before your magical moment, just to tease you and giggle, and keep you going for a little while longer. The other Thai girl does not like here job. Both Thai's rate 6.9 at ages of about 23. The night shift has about 8 girls that work. 2 Cubans, 2 Dominicans, 1 or 2 Greeks and one or two Germans I'm not sure. I liked the cute Greek one, shoulder length brunet hair. Pretty good Oral. Ratings: 4-7.75, ages 21-26. Prices for both shifts: 50DM Oral and 100 bumsen. They will accept 20DM if you buy a girl a drink. I always have a fun time there. Kings Sauna -Kant Str 74 was called Mona's. It is opposite side and down the street from Cascade. When I tried to enter the place I could not tell what the money taker was trying to say to me. The first time, I could not understand her, then I could not hear her answer. She then started snapping back at me really rude like which I really did not deserve. Strike one. She then tells me to go down stairs to the kino and somebody will bring me my drink. The Kino room also had a unfriendly feeling to it, all made of made of a painted plywood, or so it seemed. The large movie screen was working just barely. Un-watchable in my opinion. I didn't see how people could have stayed there. The couch-booths were filled anyhow so I went back upstairs to the bar for my drink. Strike two. When I reached the bar there where plenty of places to sit. I then noticed about 4 other guys where there, all sitting very close, too close, with each other if you know what I mean. Strike three. I think this place may also be a gay hang-out. I left quickly. A very cute young little brunette let me out, the only working girl I saw there. Club 44 - Mittenwalder Str 44 Not hard to find. Only 100 meters from the underground station. A very simple place and small. The kino is not too private because it is so well lit from light coming from the entrance. All couch benches were full and others guys were standing during prime time Saturday night. The 2 of the 4 girls I saw were blond, not so young and at the same time not so old. Ratings 7-8. Price as given in the SPFM starts at 50DM. Club 34 - This club is now closed down. The inside is all gutted out, ready for what type of business I don't know. Gentleman Club - Triftsstr 52, M-Sa 19-05 I walked right past this club on the way to another. You have to be walking on the sidewalk to see it because there is an island of trees hiding all the stores on the street. Maybe not in winter though since all the leaves will be falling. Have yet to check it out. Coco Bar - Turmstr 24, one floor up. Was called Gabi's Sex Kino. Sexkino - Bredowstr 35, M-F 11-20, Sa 11-17 Moni's Sex kino - genter Str 9, M-Th 10-2, F-Sa 10-4 Sexkino - Thomasstr 11, M-F 10-22, Sa 12-whenever Sexkino - Exerzierstrasse 9, daily 12-4 Monte Carlo - Kaiser Friedrich Str 52, open M-Sa (round the clock) Sexkino - Braunschweiger Str 30, M-F 10-22, Sa 10-17 Sexkino - Soldiner Str 16, M-F 10-22 Film Bar 111 - Reinickendorfer Str 111 M Sa 10-4 Sexkino - Akazienstr 22, M-Sa 10-4 Sa 16-4 Paolas Sexkino - Hauptstr 54 , no schedule

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