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Bangkok Report #4

Subject: Re: Travel report

Trip taken between 25 Jan. and 23 Feb. 1997.
Itinerary: Bangkok-Samui-Bangkok-Saigon-Singapore

1. In general

I have visited Thailand at least once a year for the last 5 years and
intend to continue doing so. In the past I have done pretty much all
the things that tourists do, but now I know a few people over there
and I have changed the way I do things to reflect what I have learned
over the years. I hope this will be useful for others as well.

2. Bangkok

It is usually pointless to book a hotel room in advance. The hotel
reservation counter in the arrival hall at Dong Muang airport has a
complete list of all hotels sorted by price. I believe you cannot get
much cheaper accomodation with such a choice elsewhere. When booking a
room make surE you ask the person at the counter to check with the
hotel that it is ok to bring a lady in your room. Some hotels do not
allow it (the big luxury ones, mainly) while most middle range places
will ask for an extra fee per night. The best way to avoid the hassle
is to book a double room. The extra cost is minimal and if you bring a
girl home each night, it will save you money.

I stayed at the Manhattan Hotel (Sukhumvit Soi 15). They charge 1,200
Baht for a double room (1,050 for a single) with breakfast. It is a
clean modern well appointed hotel ideally situated for shopping and
nightlife (Nana plaza and the Petchburi Rd massage parlours are close
enough). The rooms are large and well decorated, with a large king
size bed, TV minibar etc. Rooms x06 have a larger bathroom. When you
come home with your new girlfriend, there is no hassle with security
(although they still keep a watchful eye) and the guard wishes you
good night with a smile.

My idea was to spend a few nights in Bangkok, enjoying the nightlife
as always but trying to find a girl to take with me to Koh Samui for a
week or two, the reason being that you never know what you are going
to find down there on the island. In the past I have been quite happy
with the local ladies I spent time with, but the choice is much larger
in Bangkok.

With that in mind, I asked the porter at the Manhattan to suggest a
few places and to provide me with a driver. This is a most practical
way of going around in Bangkok. Most hotels have independant drivers
who work more or less exclusively for hotel guests. They will carry
you everywhere and wait for you while you enjoy a massage, etc. If you
charter one of these for your exclusive usage (as I recommend you do)
you are expected to feed him and to refuel the car on top of tipping
him. I gave him 2,000 Baht for 5 days but he never asked for anything
and took me to very interesting places I would never have found by

I visited a few large massage parlours. I was disappointed by the
selection at Mona Lisa. Also the manager was quite pushy and the price
asked was too high. He wanted 3,000 and we settled on 2,500 but you
can normally get the full service for 2,000. Darling is ok, but my
favourite is Viranda (just off Petchburi Rd). There I got a " sandwich
" i.e. two girls for 3,500 Bt. The massage is pretty much as described
elsewhere, but with two girls it becomes very interesting, although
them being Thai girls, they tend to chat with each other, and you
might feel excluded from the conversation. After the massage they take
care of you on the bed, with one sucking you while you play with the
body of the other. The prettiest of the two was a real love doll, with
long dark hair, amazingly soft breasts and a tight sweet pussy. At my
command, the other girl, who was giving me a competent, if uninspired,
blowjob, put a condom on my dick and directed it in the pussy of her
colleague. Then she stroked my balls as I was fucking the sweet
doll. After I had come, they allowed me a five minute break and then
asked if I wanted to have another go at it, which I did, reversing the
roles. I left them 1,000 Bt as a tip to share.

My driver took me to several Karaoke places, on the Japanese model,
but accessible to non-japanese people. You select a lady among a dozen
or so (all dressed in quite sophisticated evening dresses) and she
spends a while with you on a sofa while you pretend you are Frank
Sinatra in disguise. Then you pay 2-2,500 Bt and you take her
home. All-night dates are a thing of the past in Bangkok, but you can
hope to get one good fuck, possibly two if she likes you, before she
goes home. These ladies are enjoyable because they are rather more
sophisticated and speak better English than a bar girl in Patpong or
NEP. In the places I visited, most girls were very pretty and
classy. Most girls like to receive oral sex (if you are good at it,
they will surely want to reward you, since apparently few men succed
in bringing them to a climax that way), but some are reluctant to give
blowjobs (this is religious, with the head being sacred in the
Buddhist creed). It is wise to check with the manager before selecting
one girl. It is not considered polite to switch to another girl in the
same bar.

I have visited Patpong, of course, but I limited it to two places: the
Kangaroo bar and Limelight bar. At Kangaroo (upstairs) you get a
blowjob on the spot (in one of two rooms, or in the bar itself if
these are busy). The girls are probably less pretty than the Patpong
average, but they are VERY good at what they do. The works there cost
700 Bt plus drinks. Very enjoyable to start the evening.

My favourite bar in Patpong is Limelight, because it is quite small
compared to King's Castle etc. And the music is bearable. They usually
have many pretty girls, and they have a selection of spectacular
Ladyboys if you are into that sort of things. Now this is a bar in
Patpong, and there is a certain etiquette that you must respect, and
despite my years of experience as a visitor to Thailand, I found
myself in an impossible mess: There was dancing on the stage one of
the most beautiful Thai girls I have ever seen, just the way you would
imagine. So I managed to draw her attention, she smiled back and after
she finished her tour on the stage, she came to me. I then discovered
that she was mute, from a car accident in her early years, and she "
told " me that she had enough of the place, the noise, etc. So I
offered to take her home. But she said she was too tired, etc. So,
listening to my good hart, I paid her bar fine anyway and let her go
home. (Thereafter I went to a Karaoke bar and I brought home a very
nice girl anyway).

The next evening I went back to Limelight, but the mute girl was not
there. So another girl came, and asked for a lady drink, that I
ordered for her. Then she went to dance on the stage. Another girl
came, equally smiling and cute, asked for a drink, that I accepted. So
far the etiquette was ok, since I was with my driver so I could have
two girls at the table. But then the mute girl turned up, and I
realised I was about to lose face, since because of what I had done
the evening before, everybody assumed she was my lady of choice. The
only thing left to save face was to leave the bar...

Of course some people may just ignore all that oriental politeness and
disregard losing face in front of bar girls, but then what is the
point of going to Thailand? It is not considered acceptable to "
butterfly " from one girl to another, even unknowingly.

Finally I found the girl I wanted to come with me to Samui, in a bar
near Patpong, Jasmine Pub. There you find about 25 young girls, mostly
pretty, lined up on the stage for you to pick your selection. I tried
my favourite (named Nee) for one night (1,500 Bt) and at the end of my
week in Bangkok negotiated with her Mama-san a price of 8,000 Bt for
the whole week with her.

I was surprised to hear that usually those girls are never taken out
of Bangkok, and that herself never had been to Samui before. Her
initial reaction was mixed.

3. Koh Samui

She liked the place (as everybody does) for the sea, the coconut
trees, etc., but was disappointed to be deprived of most shopping
opportunities (at my expense). Moreover, she tended to consider that
she was on holidays, which in her case, as she pointed out, meant not
to be forced to have sex all the time... The fact of having paid for
the week upfront (let alone having paid for her ticket with Bangkok
Airways) left me with only persuasion to get her in bed. People say
that Thai girls treat you like a boyfriend rather than like a
customer, and now I know what they mean...

Fortunately I know people on the island, one of which runs a cabaret
show with transvestites. Nee wanted to see the show and then got along
extremely well with some of the " ladies " of my friend's staff. She
went with them to a disco where my friends and I found them later,
enjoying their time a lot. Thereafter Nee behaved really like a
girlfriend to me and gave me a pretty good time (the fact that I
suggested she might take an early flight and that I would visit her
Mama-san when back in Bangkok may have helped as well.) Anyway, after
her week with me I drove her to the airport, after having bought her a
gold bracelet as I was expected to do (cost 5,000 Bt).

Retrospectively I am glad I did it that way since Nee is a most
beautiful girl, and very good in bed when she wants. Also showing up
with her in Samui was great since she stood out of the crowd of the
beach girls in class and sophistication. When I returned to Bangkok, I
went to the Jasmine Pub, as I had promised, with the pictures I had
taken of her. I immediately had most of the staff around me reviewing
the pictures while someone was sent to fetch Nee who was with a guy at
that time. I understand that the guy was basically kicked out so that
Nee could be with me. I took her back to my hotel where she spent the
whole night with me. I dropped her at her flat on my way to the
airport, she gave me her personal phone number and suggested that I
should not go to Vietnam for a week but spend the time with her in
Bangkok staying at her condo... Go figure.

Before going back to Bangkok on my way to Saigon, I stayed another
week in Samui, first with a very skilled, if not particularly pretty
girl I found at a disco (the infamous Reggae Pub), then with a friend
of my friend's girlfriend, named Yaa, who is a nice sweet girl from
the NorthEast region (i.e. the border with Laos). She gave me all the
satisfaction you can get from a Thai woman if she likes you and if you
behave properly. She seemed to enjoy being with me since she insisted
to come back to our bungalow on the beach for an afternoon
sex-with-siesta session every day... When my friend's girlfriend will
come and visit him in Belgium this summer, I will certainely try to
get Yaa to come over with her for a while as well...

[continued in Vietnam section]

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