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Bangkok Report #2

Date: Sun, 22 Oct 1995 12:23:18 GMT

[The following is a true account of my vacation in Bangkok, Thailand]

Left home at 6:30am, after having been up all night, and took BART to
Daly City then 3X bus to SFO.

Boarded Korean Air Flight 19 to Seoul at 10:15am.  12 hour plus
flight.  Spent time trying to sleep and reading the Lonely Planet's
guide to South-East Asia.

Arrived in Seoul at 2pm Tuesday through the magic of the international
date line and waited at the airport for five hours for the flight to


Finally left Seoul for Bangkok.  5 1/4 hour flight.  Spent most of it
chatting with a middle aged Jewish woman from Washington DC/NYC.
Flight rather scary due to roller coaster level turbulence combined
with intense lightning that would at times light up the entire sky to
nearly daylight.

Arrived in Bangkok, passed through customs fast, changed a $100 traveler's
check for about 2500 baht and took a meter taxi to the Crown Hotel.  Had to
tell the driver several times to start the meter; he wanted to haggle the

Checked into Crown at almost midnight and paid for 4 nights in advance.
Got a second floor air conditioned room for 540 baht a night.  Put money
and TC's into safe deposit box.  Through force of habit, kept my wallet
with my credit cards in my pants back pocket.

Walked around Bangkok neighborhood (Sukhumvit Road, downtown) and located
several landmarks (after a few attempts).  Bought 4.5 liters of bottled
water for 39 baht at the local AM/PM Mini-Mart.

Bangkok very hot, humid, dirty, with a faint smell of rotting garbage, like
walking through a sauna or armpit.  I'd apparently chosen a particularly
ripe evening for my arrival.


Got up about 11am.  Showered and walked to the nearby Ambassador Hotel for
a buffet lunch.  Sampled a variety of Thai food, drank a lot of water.

Walked up and down Sukhumvit shopping a little.  The sidewalk is packed
with vendors and taxi drivers hustling for business.  Every imaginable
variety of wristwatch and cigarette lighter is on display for sale.

Went back to hotel sweaty from walk.  Read travel books while maids
changed the room.

After taking a nap, headed out again about 8pm to find Soi Cowboy.

It was what I expected but could not find any upstairs shows, just
downstairs topless.  Checked out a number of them before choosing one.
Singha beer 55 baht, topless girls dancing on stage around verticle,
fire pole like, bars.

One petite, wild, party girl type had my attention, though she didn't
notice me.  Afterwords, I was sitting outside when she came out in
street clothes, and I engaged her.  She was friendly and willing so
I took her back to my hotel, 300 baht bar fine.

Apparently she wasn't often hit on.  Not the prettiest there, and
she seemed to communicate that the other girls thought that I'd
pick one of them.

She never tried to set a price.  We didn't discuss money, all I said
was I wanted all night.

I had her twice (throughout my stay I always protected myself, drawing
on two economy sized boxes of Trojan-Enz condoms with spermicidal lubricant
that I had brought along).  She had completely smooth brown skin.  Her only
body hair was a thin fine patch right at her pussy, which was very tight.
Her breasts were also quite small, but nice and firm.  She said she was 19
and it seemed possible.  She said she was from Cambodia and was half Khmer;
wouldn't tell me the other half -- could be Chinese.

Afterwards she wanted to leave and so I paid her 200 baht, saying it
was for "short time."

I made my way back to Soi Cowboy for another girl.  On the way there
I turned around and walked back up Sukhumvit after realizing I had
missed the foot bridge, which is the only safe way of crossing the

A well dressed girl asked me what time it was.  When she came up to me
she hugged me.  And when I released her and said I wasn't interested
she got into a taxi.  And then I realized she had taken my wallet.

Fortunately nearly all of my money was in my hotel safe deposit box.
She managed to get about $60 in U.S. and Thai money and a $100 dollar
traveler's check, plus my driver's license, visa card, 2 gas cards,
ATM card and some less important ones (AAA, pac bell, etc.).

This seriously bummed me out and I went for the police but the nearest
ones didn't speak English.  I started to go to the station but thought
forget it, it's gone, and I went back to my hotel.  I then ended up
spending about $170 on international long distance calls to cancel
the three cards.  Had to call US information because I didn't have
the numbers.  Visa said 2 to 4 days to have a new card sent to my
hotel.  My chevron card I was able to cancel, my unocal  I don't
know since they only had a 1-800 number to do it and you can't dial
those overseas. I ended up leaving a message on someone's voicemail.
I hope that was enough.  A number of obvious lessons in this experience.
Number one, only carry the absolute minimum you need to go out, no
unnecessary card, etc., and don't use your back pocket.

If I get my new visa at the hotel in a couple of days I think this
vacation, in terms of additional travel plans, is salvageable.

After all the calls, I went back to Soi Cowboy, had another couple of
beers, talked a little to a guy in a karoke bar (it was upstairs and I
was hoping for girls).  At another bar I sat and watched the show.
The girls were ok, no real stunners.  In general, I don't find Thai
girls particularly more beautiful than others, in fact quite a range
of ethnic characteristics.

A girl at the second bar was all over me.  She wore a full length
black dress, rather conservative.  Was laughing a lot, said she
did not speak English.  After a while of this I became sleepy - 2am
and three beers total and then back to my hotel to call it a night.

Yet to experience any jet lag from the 17 hours flying and 5 hours
in the airport.


Didn't get up until noon but woke up a couple of times in the middle
of the night and took a while to fall back to sleep.  Loud air conditioner
always on in my room.

Showered, shaved, and went to the Ambassador again for another big buffet
lunch.  Afterwards, shopped (didn't by anything) and took a long walk.
My shirt was thoroughly drenched with sweat when I got back to my hotel.
Bought two more 1.5 liter bottles of water.

Studied travel books and then went out about 8pm to Soi Nana Plaza.  Checked
out clubs, finally settled on one -- Lollipop.  Picked up a fully dressed
girl sitting next to me, 300 baht bar fine.

Took her back to my hotel and found out why she doesn't dance -- major
stretch marks and a belly from when she was pregnant.  Had her once,
short time, again no discussion of money until after it was over.  Since
this was even less than the last girl, I figured 200 baht was more than
enough.  She didn't think so -- she wanted, insisted on 1000 baht.  I
said no way and offered her 300, she said 700, I said 500 and absolutely
no more (this to me was way too much).  She took it but was extremely
pissed.  Said I was through at Soi Nana and walked off.  I followed her
out.  A cop was in the lobby and she tried to turn him on me.  I said
500 baht *short time* and he finally just let me go, had us go separate
directions.  Bad experience.  But finally learned, make sure the amount
is agreed on *ahead* of time.

Continued out and headed for Pat Pong by meter taxi.  Very crowded,
caught a couple of decent pussy shows -- shooting bananas, blowing
horns, and exploding caps.

Went to Pussy Galore and a couple of cute girls one very young (said
she was 19, looked younger) both under 5 ft tall, immediately crowded
me at a seat and became very friendly.  I tried to keep my hands off
them to avoid having to pay for lady drinks, eventually I did anyway
because they were spending so much time with me and I liked their
attention.  In the end I chose the younger one and she wanted 1500 baht
to cover the bar fine, hotel, and her.  I didn't have enough said I
could do no better than 1200.  Finally left alone and checked out other
clubs.  Went into a ripoff place and had to pay 500 baht for a beer.
Left immediately, feeling I had had enough for one night.

Went through five meter taxis -- none would turn on their meters.  Finally
took one for 100 baht, not too much more than the 70 or so had he turned
on the meter.

Went back to hotel but was only 11pm.  Watched TV for about 10 minutes
and decided I had to go out again even though I didn't have enough
money to pay for a girl (all the money exchange places had since closed).
Went back to Soi Naa and settled on a place at the end (my criteria is
at least some of the dancing girls have to completely naked) and started
drinking beer.  Girls not really friendly but I didn't mind too much,
the more beer I had the friendly I got.  One of the bartenders and a
waitress were really cute.  Met an Italian lawyer in his forties or so
and we talked about the cost of apartments in San Francisco.  The
highlight of the evening was for one 60 baht lady drink I had a
completely nude girl on my lap, lying on top of me almost with my
hands free to go anywhere.  Also an obvious ladyboy there who I started
teasing a little as I got more drunk -- let her(him) beat me at arm
wrestling, etc.  Finally at about 2am went home.  Talked to British
guy on way out who said he works in Bangkok.  He recommended Cebu
in The Philippines for cute young girls.


Woke up about 7am, couldn't get back to sleep.  Finally got up about 9.
Showered, shaved, had pizza and coffee at the AM/PM Mini Mart.  Bought
a bus map and on the advice of clerks took the number 8 (air conditioned)
to the Wat Pho temple to check out the giant reclining Buddha.  Met
an Australian girl on the bus.  She said she is living in Bangkok studying
art at some university.  Got to Wah Pho or somewhere near.  Then taken in
by a minor (and apparently, as I later read, very common) tourist scam.
A tuk tuk driver insisted the temple was closed between 1 and 2pm for
prayer ceremonies.  I believed him (sort of).  He said for 10 baht he'd
take me to the Golden Mountain temple and Thai Expo show in the mean
time.  Didn't seem I could lose for 10 baht, so I agreed.  The temple
"mountain" was a winding bunch of stairs leading to a golden peak. To
gain entrance beyond was another 10 baht.  Bought a post card and
read on a sign that a Buddha "relic" was supposedly interred at the temple.

The Expo show was nothing -- just a lot of jewelry I couldn't afford,
though a Thai fellow I met at the temple said it was very cheap.  He was
apparently also in on the scam, encouraging me to buy.  Said he was from
Chiang Mai and recommended it for hiking.  Said it was cooler than Bangkok.

The Tuk tuk driver then took me to Wat Pho where upon a second driver started
giving me the same line about it being closed.  I ignored him and walked
around until I could find the entrance, went in, paid 10 baht, asked where
to go to find the reclining Buddha (it's a large sprawling temple with
many shrines).  Found it, checked it out, was suitably impressed and
bought some more post cards and had a soda (it was a typically hot,
humid day and I was conscious of the need to frequently drink water
and soft drinks to stave off dehydration from all this walking).  Then
walked to the National Museum and looked at their exhibits:  a lot of
models of palaces, and a lot of Buddha statues, also some more historical
stuff:  guns, cannons, uniforms, thrones, etc.  Left and walked to
nearby Thammasat University to see if I could find an internet connection
and send an "e-mail postcard" back home to work.  Couldn't find anyone
who understood the word "Internet" so left and tried to take the canal
taxi tour.  Instead ended up only crossing the Chao Phraya River a couple
of times.  Then just walked around shopping.  It was refreshing to be
in this part of Bangkok, away from other tourists.  I went along the
sidewalks, completely congested with vendors and other people, for many
blocks not passing another white person.

Finally decided to go back to my hotel.  Wanted to use the bus again.
A lady said I should use the number 11 which I did.  The bus was completely
packed with people (all Thai, apparently, but me).  The traffic was also
very heavy and there were periodic heavy thunder storms while waiting.

Got back, rested a few minutes, went out to McDonalds for dinner and
came back.  Still no mail, expecting visa card.

Went to Soi Nana.  Met a girl named Aom, 500 baht short time, 300
baht bar fine.  She was very nice and seemed honest.  Agreed to pay
her another 1000 baht for all night.  She said she had to go straighten
out a friend who was saying bad things about her.  She ended up taking
her to the hospital.  I spent time waiting for her at Thermae and at
Soi Cowboy talking to a girl outside a club.  Went back to Crown, got
a phone call, she said she'd be another hour.  Got tired of waiting
and went to bed.  She shows up after 3am and I have her a couple of
more times that night.  We have lunch the next day at the Ambassador.
She said she's going home to sleep but would see me tonight at Soi Nana.
Wrote postcards afterwards.  Not enough stamps, will mail tomorrow.


Shopped around a bit looking for stamps, ate at McDonalds.  About 6:30pm
ended up in front of Thermae and noticed the massage sign.  Having
been pestered with so many massage offers, thought I'd give it a try,
plus trip wouldn't be complete without.

400 baht up front for massage, then I looked through a one way glass to
choose from a room full of girls sitting in evening gowns watching TV.
I pick #83.  Incredibly cute and tiny, only 140 cm and 38 kilos.  Just
a really sweet, adorable girl with a doll like face.  I really wish I
had a camera.

We agree on 750 baht for anything else I wanted and she proceeds to bathe
me in a large tub, massage me, and we make love.  The cutest girl I've
had so far.  Her only physical flaw was having had a baby.  Her stomach
sagged and was a mess of stretch marks, plus she had a huge scar going
all the way across her lower abdomen, an apparent surgical attempt to
take some of it in.  Really ugly.

The massage was a great deal, lasting some 2 1/2 hours.  Afterwards, I
wandered back to the hotel for a little bit.  When I decided to go out
again it was almost 10 and the one nearby money exchange booth I knew
of open this late would soon close.  I grabbed $150 in traveler's
checks and went there but they had decided to close about 10 minutes
early.  After asking around and trying a couple of hotels, I was told
the only place you could go this late for money exchange was Pat Pong.
So I took a tuk tuk over there (60 baht).

I exchanged my checks for baht and decided to check out a few of the
upstairs clubs.  Finally settled on one (a King's group club, I
think) and on sitting down was immediatly hit on by a bar girl.
She also must've been under five feet.  But she had huge grapefruit
sized breasts (natural) and a fat belly and very little pubic hair.

I immediately gave her 20 baht directly.  This allowed me to fondle
her without having to buy her a 70 baht lady drink, from which she'd
make about the same anyway.  Although I liked her body, she had kind
of a harsh, hard edge to her that a I didn't care for.  Her natural
facial expression seemed almost to be a snear.

I finally gave in to her persistence and paid 250 for a room in the
club and 700 for her, short time (Pat Pong prices).  The room was
hardly more than a large closet with a single bed and a sink at the
foot.  I had her a couple of times there.  Ok.  Needed a bigger room
and a sweeter girl.

I went back for another beer (always Singha) and watched her begin
to take her turn dancing.  She gave me her stuff to watch.  As she
danced I noticed a thin, tallish, Chinese looking girl on stage,
naked and with a bald pussy.  I moved around to sit right in front
of her as she danced.

When she finished, I also bought her short time (500 baht).  I
just had to get my mouth on that perfectly smooth 'tang of hers,
which I did.  She said she was 18, was half Chinese, half Thai, and
was quite tight, though not very responsive.  She definitely was not
enjoying this.  The first girl I had Thailand who was like this.

Realizing her feelings, I stopped, it was no longer enjoyable and
began to look at her and hold her.  She seemed very unhappy.  On
both of her forearms she had many deep scars going across for the
entire length.  I asked about them, did she do this, and she nodded,
an apparent suicide attempt.  She also showed me the bruise above
her right eye, where her half-sister, whom she lived with, had hit
her.  All in all, just a very sad situation.  I stayed with her
and held and comforted her on my lap wishing I could do something,
until finally her sister came and she had to leave.  I gave her
my hotel address and she said she'd come at 11pm tomorrow, though I
didn't expect her to show; she seemed like a virtual slave.

I went out and wandered around Pat Pong, checking out the vendors
who completely take over the streets.  I bought a 1 1/2 liter bottle
of 7-Up at the 7-11.  I had lost my taste for beer and girls.

I finally took a tuk tuk back to Soi Nana (60 baht) to see if I could
find Aom, the girl I had spent the previous night with, at the Pretty
Girl club.  She wasn't there so I just hung out outside, casually
flirting with the girls and drinking 7-Up.  Aom came by after a while
and was glad to see me.  She wanted to go all night again for 1500
baht plus the bar fine.  This is way too much for me given how much
I've already spent and my present mood.  I say no, 500 all night is
all I can afford.  This she couldn't accept and insisted on 1500, saying
part goes back to the club and part to her mother, she couldn't go any
cheaper.  I said I understood, but am unable to afford it, maybe
another guy can.  She became angry with me but said nothing.  She
finally went back into the club to dance, occasionally coming back
out (sometimes in a g-string and nothing else) to check on me.  I
continued to hang out outside and started to talk to this big chubby
Thai girl who's there to entice men into her club.  I stayed there
some time nursing a beer until her club closed, about 3am.  She
wouldn't go with me back to my hotel, saying she doesn't go out with
men.  She probably also doesn't get many offers.  So I left and headed
over to Thermae, rather tired at this point.

I go in the back and check out the crowd of free lance hookers. I
buy a cola for 20 baht and mingle, soon seeing another tiny girl.
She's also only about 4'9" but not as cute as the masseuse, but
still a very tight firm little lady.  I take her back to my hotel
for 500 baht all night, best deal yet.

After undressing her, I just marvel at her cuteness.  She says she's
20 but people think she's 16 because of her size.  I have her twice
that night and just can't get over how adorable she looks.  I don't
eat her much, though, because of her rather thick long bush of pussy
hair.  This I tell her is too much and that less is better.

She sleeps in saying she's tired and I leave her there and go off to
lunch and shop a little.  When I come back it's almost 2pm and she's
still there sleeping.  I sit at the desk and put stamps I just bought
on postcards and study a small Thai phrase book.

A half hour later she finally wakes and I have her once more, she's
very orgasmic.  Then for amusement I get out some tweezers and start
pulling out her pubic hair one at a time.  She doesn't mind and even
tells me I missed one.  I manage to deforest the upper third of her
mons before she's had enough.

We talk and cuddle a bit more, she fits perfectly on my lap, before
she dresses.  I give her her 500 baht and another 50 for the taxi
and walk her to the street, bringing along my postcards to mail.

More shopping.  Bought a drink at the Dunkin' Donuts and another
3 large bottles of water at the AM/PM.  I go back to the hotel
and take a nap.


After a nap I wait for the girl from Pat Pong to show and make a
long diary entry.  About 1:30am I go again to Thermae.  Many average
to ugly girls there this time, maybe because it's Sunday and not
Saturday night.  Also too many men.  The effect is to jack up the
prices and I'm unable to find any cute girls willing to go all
night for only 500 baht.  Most want 1000 or 1500.

I decide to sit at a booth and just wait them out, spending my time
casually talking to the many girls who come to sit with me.  Some
two hours later I start talking to a girl, also quite small.  She's
older, 37, divorced, and has two children, but seems to be a genuine,
honest, nice person.  She also has a very cute little body and an ok
face, though she does look her age.  Her name is Malay and I like her
and take her back to my hotel for all night for 500 baht.  I have
her three times that night and the next morning.  She is a very
friendly, affectionate, warm person who seems genuinely attracted to
me.  Very different from the other girls.  And she doesn't ask about
money either.  I really enjoy her company.

I'm unable to get any sleep, though.  The previous day's nap combined
with the 14 hour time difference and my own insomniactic tendencies
make it impossible.  In the morning we take a bath together.

The next day she says she has to go back to her place to do laundry
before she starts work again at Soi Cowboy that evening.  She invites
me over to eat and have a nap and I say ok.

We take a 45 baht meter-taxi ride over to her apartment complex.  She
lives in a single room with a roommate and together they pay 3600
baht a month.  Sometimes 3700 if they use the TV and phone.

The room is very small. Big enough for a double bed against one corner
and a tiny desk and table against the other walls, just a few feet
to walk around and my head is dangerously close to the overhead fan.
The bathroom combines a shower, sink, and toilet, the shower facets
against one wall with the sink and toilet attached to the shower
floor which is two inches lower to keep the water in.  Very compact.
The room does have its own little balcony opening onto a courtyard
with a nice fourth floor view.  All in all, rather cozy.

When we arrive at her building we meet her roommate outside near one
of the little vending booths in the complex.  She's 31, taller and
prettier.  They're both ethnic Khmers and are from the same village
outside Buriram.  After 4 and 7 years of school, respectively, they
were both put to work in the rice patties.

The two of us go up to her room and her roommate arrives a little
later.  We talk some and order "room service" -- a plate of Khao
Phat Kai (fried rice with chicken and a fried egg and a few slices
of cucumber and some scallion onions).  I emphasize that it has to
be served hot enough so I won't get sick.  Her roommate has a kind
of noodle soup which I pass on for fear of illness.

Her roommate works at the Happy House massage parlor, Soi 1, and
after eating the three of us lie together on the bed, for me
a very comfortable situation.

Malay tells me that she and her roommate being together today is
unusual; their working hours usually allow them to see very little
of each other and she invites me to move out of my hotel and live
with her in her room.  I think about it and pass, not ready to get
tied into all this.

We make love again in the afternoon while her roommate sleeps beside
us.  I'm also unable to resist fondling her roommate who all along
shreaks saying "I'm shy, I'm shy" but for 1000 baht is willing not to
be.  I pass and instead satisfy myself with the cheap thrill.

Still unable to get any sleep, I finally dress and leave about 3pm,
leaving the Malay a 500 baht bill.  I take a 40 baht motor bike taxi
ride back to my hotel to try to sleep a little and see if my visa
card came in the mail.


Still no visa card.  I hang out until evening and then go to Soi Cowboy
to see Malay again.  She says she didn't expect to see my again but
is glad.  I have a couple of beers and pay out her bar fine and we
go back to my hotel.

We're both very tired and so just sleep.  We bathe each other the next
day and I give her 500 baht and taxi fare saying I have to run some
errands, but would see her at her place tonight -- she won't go to
Soi Cowboy so no bar fine to pay.  I try unsuccessfully to access my
Bank of America account from a Bangkok branch and then go home.
About 8pm I take a motor bike taxi to Malay's apartment.  I shower,
wash my hair and she washes my shirt and underware.  We make love
again on her bed.  Soon afterwards, her roommate arrives saying she
just came back from Pattaya, having taken a trip there with an
old (47) farang.  It was supposed to be three days but she bailed
after two.  She wants to go to Pat Pong to a disco and invites me
also.  I'm not interested.  Pat Pong is too expensive, with too many
tourists, and I don't feel like staying out all night dancing.  They
begin chatting in their Thai dialect Khmer for a few minutes before
I decide to begin dressing to leave.

With our understanding being 500 baht for all night, I certainly
don't expect to pay Malay that much for this short time visit.  But
as I head for the door I'm blocked and that much is demanded of me,
her roommate saying she herself is paid 1000 baht by farangs.  I
refuse and Malay accepts 250.  An ugly situation that quickly
destroys a lot of good will.  I leave thinking that's it and feel
sad having thought she was different.  Having no interest now in
cruising go-go bars, I go back to sleep alone that night.


I call back to the U.S. to find out where my visa card is.  I've
since learned to simply ask for the AT&T operator at the hotel
and then bill the call to my calling card.  Still a 40 baht charge.

The visa people say the card was sent out but that Thailand UPS
was unable to deliver it for some reason.  They say they'll try
again and pay special attention in tracking it, sending it out
today.  I should call back in two days to check the status.

I go back to Soi Cowboy in the evening and wait for Malay to see
if anything can be repaired.  She finally shows up at almost 9pm
and says it's over.  Apparently, her roommate convinced her I was
taking advantage of her, getting her too cheap, though I'd been
completely honest all along.   I decide to let it go and move on.
Where there's one there's another and I'm free now to pick again.

I walk over to Soi Nana and have a couple of beers watching the show
and waiting for the hour to be late enough to go to Thermae.

About 11pm I head over and camp out at a booth with a 20 baht cola.
After a couple of hours and a number of easy and hard flirtations,
I settle on a cute young girl who sits down with me.  She's wearing wire
rim glasses and a skirt, looking very much like a school girl of 16,
but she says she's 22 and produces a Thai passport to prove it.

After talking a bit she agrees to go back to my hotel all night for
500 baht.  After the last two girls, I never intend to pay more.
Her name is Nuch (Nuke) and she's also a Khmer girl from Biriram,
though she says her Thai is better than her Khmer.

She's not exactly a knockout and had I stayed longer at Thermae I knew
I could've done better, but I accept her.  She doesn't quite have the
sweetness I find attractive, in fact she has a harsh, rough, almost
streetwise manner to her, also a kind of horse voice one might have
after a long cigarette habit, though she doesn't smoke.  She does
have an odor to her, though, that doesn't yield to a thorough shower.
My guess is a diet heavy in spicey Thai food plays some part, since
I seem to smell garlic among other things.

For such a rough girl she says I'm only the second may she's ever
been with.  The other was also a farang, a relationship that didn't
work out.  Hard to believe for a 22 year old Thai girl, though again,
her features aren't striking.  She has a roundish face and fairly
round eyes.  She says she's 151 cm tall and her skin is a brownish
tan, very smooth and hairless.

And her skin is what I focus on when I get her back to my hotel.  For
after undressing her I see it is completely smooth all over.  None
under her arms to shave and only a small patch on her pussy.  As before,
my desire is to remove this and I get out my tweezers and start working.
I manage to remove all but an inch square area above her vulva.  This
I simply trim off and then shave, telling her it will itch when the
stubble grows back.  Without hair her pussy looks very tight, a perfect
crease down the middle, very inviting for my tongue with which I
proceed to enjoy.

We make love about 4 times that night and the next morning, my large
supply of spermicidally lubed condoms holding steady.  About 12:30
we dress and head out for lunch at McDonalds.  She has invited me
to come to her place on Soi 21 where she lives with her sister, an
aunt, a cousin, and some other relatives.  I decide to go just for
the experience of how the locals live.

She lives in quite a bit more a state of squalor than Malay.  It's
a three level building partitioned into small rooms with doors
connecting everything and a long balcony, almost communal like.  Her
aunt works by doing laundry for everyone else in the building and
provides Nuch money from this.  A rather depressing state of poverty,
though they seem happy.

We stay a while, just so I could cool off a bit from the humid day before
going off again in a meter taxi to visit a cousin at his highrise
office downtown.  After much walking back and forth and asking directions
we locate the building and get there only to find he's left for the
day.  A rather foolish odyssey.  We go back to my hotel where she soon
crawls into bed fully clothed and falls fast asleep.  I've since
decided I've had enough of her, just not my type of girl, and wonder
how to bring this to a not too ungraceful end.  She seems genuinely
attracted to me and the only thing she's asked for so far is for
taxi fare and food.


After letting Nuch sleep a couple of hours I decide to wake her and
send her on her way.  It's about 5pm.  I sense her disappointment
that this is the end, but she keeps a brave face and takes it mostly
in silence.  I hug her and say goodby and give her her 500 baht and
an extra 10 baht for the bus ride back down Sukhumvit.  She leaves
me her Buriram address (she'll be visiting family there in a few
days) and asks me to write.  I try not to promise anything but do
say I'll always remember her.

After she leaves, I shave, do some reading and head out to exchange
some traveler's checks for baht and have dinner.  Tonight, the downstairs
"Food Court" at Robinson's department store.

About 8:30 I go to Soi Nana to spend the evening with a bottle of Singha
or three and watch the go go girls.  Until my visa card comes I'm playing
very "cheap charlie" with my money and refuse all company, not wishing
to pay for any lady drinks.  The management does not seem to appreciate
my anti-social nature but after more than two hours and three beers
at 180 baht, I think I've paid for my seat.

Around 11:15 I go over to Thermae again to once again engage in a now
familiar drill:  a 20 baht cola, a seat at a booth, and making polite
but direct overtures to the girls there, looking for a decent one
that'll go all night for only 500 baht.

I always go with the expectation this will be as much a feat of
endurance as anything, willing to camp out past 4am to find such
a girl.  Again, though, it proves easier than I expect, and I leave
with female company before 1am.

Before this girl I had talked to many who would go "short time" but
not all night.  Her name was Lat (or La, she's not sure), she's 27
and has a 7 year old son who is being raised by his grandmother
(her mother).  And she's never been married.  I make a note to make
sure the next one doesn't have a kid, although they tend to be younger
and only interested in money.

I'd say I prefer this one as a person over Nuch, but physically her
body shows the signs of child reering and altogether a little too fat
and sagging.  We make love only a couple times, at night and the next
morning.  She doesn't excite me enough, although I do notice her pussy
seems consistantly wet and ready.  Only in the morning do I find this
is because she is just starting her period, as evidenced by a large
red stain she leaves on the sheets.

This she wasn't prepared for it herself, as she spends a long time showering
and plugging herself with toilet paper.  I don't complain, though. I
know I can get a total knockout nymphet but I have to pay 1000 or 1500
to keep her 'til morning.  I'll try a little harder next time.

She stays until almost 1pm.  She has to go off and see her son at
school.  She invites me along but I pass, having had enough field
trips for a while.  I give her her 500 baht and we part on very
nice terms, she saying she hopes to see me again.

Afterwards I try to take a nap but am interrupted by the maid who
requires little explanation to understand why the sheets are bloody.
After she's done, I shower, have lunch at McDonalds (I'm not much for
experimenting with the local cuisine, the Ambassador buffet having
provided a sufficient sampling for me) and then take a long walk
around town, drenching my upper body in sweat.


An evening much like the previous.  I very much look forward to getting
out of Thailand or at least Bangkok if my visa card ever comes.  Another
phone call reports that it is in process having been sent by UPS
overnight courier two days earlier.  They say Saturday or Monday at
the latest.  I would like to at least be a little freer with money
for this routine has become a little boring.

Again around 8:30 or so I go to a Soi Nana go-go bar (Voodoo) and stay
put until 11:15 managing to do it with only buying one beer.  A
surprisingly crowded night (probably because it's Friday) caused my
lack of thirst to go unnoticed.

I grab a chicken leg from a street vendor on my way to Thermae and
then sit at a table there with a coke.  This time I get a girl almost
immediately.  She's sitting in the booth next to me and I invite her
to sit at my table.  Her name is Pom.  She's half Thai and half Chinese
(looks Chinese), is 25 years old, no baby, and is a little tall at
165cm.  She's very sweet and friendly, laughing a lot.  Her face, though,
shows the scars of serious acne from when she was a teenager.  Having
come to Thermae so many nights in a row, I've become a familiar face
and am maybe developing a reputation as a "butterfly" -- going from
flower to flower.  I'll worry about that when it becomes an issue.
She tells me Thermae is closed tomorrow night because of the elections,
so I'll have to try elsewhere, maybe the nearby beer garden which is
supposed to be a similar pick-up place.

I bring Pom back to my hotel for a 500 baht all night.  In addition
to her laughter, she seems genuinely infatuated with me, repeatingly
commenting on my "lovely" eyes and face.  She's particularly envious
of my narrower nose and smooth, unscarred face.  I try to explain to
her the cosmetic treatment of chemical peeling that would remove many
of her scars.

We make love a total of four times.  Twice at night and twice the next
morning.  The decision to bring two economy pack boxes of condoms has
turned out to have been been wise, as I'm using them liberally.

Pom seems perhaps more attached to me than the others, but for some
reason I can't quite reciprocate.  She's really very nice and sweet
but maybe a little big for me.  Maybe I'm hung up over tiny girls,
I don't know.  In any case, I've decided one night with her is

We dress and leave my hotel about 1pm to go to lunch.  I have her
choose and we walk over to Foodland off of Soi 7.  She has Khao Phat
and I have some kind of noodle dish with chicken and a lot of broth.

We walk back to Robinsons and shop around there a bit.  She knows
the store well, she tells me, having used to have worked there,
but the 10000 baht a month pay wasn't enough.  We finally part.
I pay her and she takes a bus back to her place on Soi 103.  Having
been somewhat guarded in my complements towards her, I managed to
keep her from having false hopes about this continuing, so she
seems ok as I leave her.

Later I realize why I wasn't attracted to her.  Though she was
sweet and fun to laugh with, that was all I experienced with her.
I wasn't able to feel any deeper emotional connection with her.
There was only her giddyness.  If she had opened up a lonely,
vulnerable, or sad side to me, I would have had something to
grasp, some sense of myself within her, and some desire to
remain with her.


This evening is unusually dead for a Saturday night.  The government
has decided to disallow the selling of alcohol and close most of
the go-go bars (and Thermae) because of the next day's elections.
From news reports, the candidates are all pretty much the same and
this will be a contest of personalities rather than ideology.

Soi Nana's pretty quiet.  Not much of a crowd for soft drinks.  And
almost half the bars are closed.  Still there's Wimbledon and I
watch the Agassi-Wheaton match (Agassi won) on an outside TV while
an occasional girl wonders out of the bar to check out the action
wearing only a g-string.

Not finding a cheap free lance hooker there, I finally leave after
midnight to see if Soi Cowboy's any better.  But it is much the
same story.  Any girl who'd go for what I'm paying is just too
skanky, even for my standards.

At past 2am I'm walking back up Sukhumvit to my hotel, having become
resigned to the fact that I'll be sleeping alone tonight.  All of a sudden
I run into Pom again and I'm very surprised and, at this point, glad to
see her.  She said she was there to see if Thermae had opened again.

With her with me again, the night comes to a much more pleasant end.
We walk over to Foodland for some bottled water (all this walking has
really parched me) and then back to my hotel.

It's after 3am and I'm rather tired at this point, and knowing her to
be more than glad to, I have Pom join me in the tub for a shower,
letting her do all the work.  I show my gratitude by urinating on her.
This she doesn't find funny but even then her giddy smile only
disappears for a moment.  I consider  asking her if she would like to
be in an abusive relationship, but think better of it and let her
have her fun instead.

We go to bed and make love only once that night because of the late
hour.  We do go again a couple times the next morning but are both
tired and fall back to sleep.  At about 2pm we're awakened by the
hotel maid who's come to change the room.  We quickly dress and sit
together in a chair watching her as she does her work.  Pom talks to
her and the maid comments how I've been staying in this room for a
number of days now.  I gather that most guests only stay at the
hotel for a few days at most, my stolen wallet has kept me here
for almost two weeks.

When the maid leaves, Pom and I finish dressing and go over to
Robinsons for a late lunch at their basement "Food Court."  Afterwards,
I again pay her 500 baht and we part as before.


After showering, washing my hair, and shaving, I call up again to check
on my visa card.  They say it is on it's last leg having arrived at
the Thailand UPS office and that it should come tomorrow.

With new optimism I decide to splurge a little and convert my last
$200 in traveler's checks to baht (I still have a significant amount
of American cash in reserve).  About 8pm I go to Thermae for a massage.
Having run into Nee, the adorably cute girl who massaged me last time,
outside there last night, I decide to go in to maybe see her again.

I scope her out in the corner of the room where all the girls wait
together to be picked while being viewed through a one way glass.  She
still is the prettiest one there to me.  I pick her again for another
massage but soon change my mind and decide to buy her out for the
entire night.  We settle on 1000 baht, double what I've paid any other
girl but to me she's worth it.  The only sticking point is she wants
to leave at 8am the next morning, her schedule apparently different
than mine, and it takes some talking to get her to stay until noon,
a much more typical time.

We only make love twice the whole time she's with me.  I've instead
allowed myself to become completely infatuated and enchanted by her
very being, pouring over, studying and complementing every aspect of
her.  In effect I treat her as Pom treated me, unrealistically elevating
her to an angelic position of grandeur.  To this she responds as I
did to Pom, not believing most of it and thinking me a little crazy.

This time I had the sense to first purchase a Thai phrase book (I
had lost my other one) before returning to the hotel, so that she
could at least understand more than a fraction of what I was saying
to her.

The next morning we dress and she leaves the hotel to go home, where
she lives with her mother, at about 11:30am.  No promises made, except
for her saying she'd like to see me again at Thermae.  Her departure
again brings reality into sharp focus and my mind shifts to other matters.
I call the Thai UPS office.  They say they have my package and to
expect delivery today or tomorrow.  I'm still very concerned about
it finally reaching me but am told I can't pick it up, but must
instead wait for delivery.

I have lunch at the Ambassador and then go back to the hotel lobby
and just watch TV, considering having the hotel head desk clerk
(or maybe manager), an older Thai woman, talk to them again for me,
she having been very simpathetic to my situation.  But at about 2pm
a brown uniformed man arrives to whom for half a second I don't
react to, momentarily misidentifying him as one of the ubiquitous
tourist police.  However, I see the large read and white envelope
in his hand and realise UPS is finally making their delivery.

I quickly sign for it, open it up to check everything's ok and call
visa to confirm receipt and have the card activated.  I then head
out, make an immediate cash advance, do a little shopping, consider
a somewhat more extravagant evening and consider what I have time left
to do in the less than one week left on my vacation.  If nothing else,
I will go to Vietnam.


I spend most of the evening looking about for a nearby massage parlor.
The only one I can find off of Sukhumvit (other than Thermae) is
Darling.  It has a very similar set up, but I don't find any of the
girls there any more than passibly attractive, a lot of them look
past thirty.  And I find out the massage fee alone is more than
1200 baht.  I leave immediately.

Every time I pass Thermae I check if #83 (Pranee) is available, but
she never is.  On my third trip I finally settle on another girl,
not that pretty but she does seem good natured from her smile and
that's more than I see in the others.  We have your basic massage
and fuck session (on a massage table).  Her very orgasmic response
makes me consider again for the future.

At the end of the evening I manage to make my way back to the
Thermae coffee shop where I'm immediately approached by Pom.
She tells me she waited for me there the previous night and
repeatedly asks what I did.  I choose not to answer, not believing
she deserves one.

Once again forgetting my plan to try to get a really cute girl, I
succumb to Pom's advances and my own tendency to take the path of
least effort and greatest convenience.  I end up rationalizing to
myself that she's a decent fuck, certainly passionate towards me
and has a nice body, though too big for my tastes, having become
hopelessly biased towards tiny girls.

We go back to my hotel and I have a typical night with her,
screwing her once that night and a couple times the next morning,
though at this point my lack of respect for her has made these
acts entirely for my own gratification.  She hardly seems to notice
this, her infatuation for me instead satisfying her.

The next day I decide to go over to the U.S. embassy to find what
all the visa options are for foreigners.  Pom comes along and together
we hike over there after lunch at Robinsons.

Being in a foreign country for the last couple of weeks, the significance
of the day is lost on me and it isn't until we reach the U.S. embassy and
find it closed for the holiday that I realize it's the Forth of July.

It's a wasted trip, though good exercise, and on the way back we stop
at a travel agency and I use my visa card to buy a ticket and apply
for a tourist visa for a 4 day trip to Vietnam.  An additional fee
expedites the process and allows a visa to be granted to me in two
days instead of a week.

I get rid of Pom yet again and sign up for a one day tour of the
River Kwai for the next day, the day after which I fly to Vietnam.


I go back to Thermae and buy out Pranee for the whole night again.
We spend the evening in my hotel room talking (with the aid of my
phrase book), making loving and just enjoying each other.  I explain
that I'm going to the River Kwai tomorrow all day and have to be out
the door very early, about 6:30am.  She wants to come along, but I
don't think touring war memorials and grave sites with a three hour
bus ride each way would be a particularly romantic trip.  She's
disappointed but I tell her I'll see her the next evening, and that
it will be my last evening in Thailand; I'll be flying to Ho Chi Minh,
Vietnam the following day.

The night isn't restful and I'm awakened at 6am the next morning by
the hotel desk.  I quickly shower, don't have time to shave, and
head out the door with Pranee, saying goodbye to her and catching the
mini tour bus (van) for Kanchanaburi.

The tour was ok, about 8 of us in our van, only one other American
besides myself, the rest Swedish and Japanese.  The highlight was
the long tail outboard boat ride up and down the river, just
incredibly lush jungly greenery occasionally broken by a thatched
roof settlement.  A very refreshing change from congested downtown

When I return in the evening, rather than shower I head over to Thermae,
select Pranee for a massage and have her take care of me, relaxing in
the tub as she scubbed me.  I explain to her that it was good she didn't
go on the tour, the bus ride was too long and I don't think she would
have enjoyed it much.  She gives me her address and tells me to write.
I say I want to check out a few more places this evening, but will come
back to Thermae when the massage parlor closes to say goodbye to her.

I head out to Pat Pong, take in a few pussy shows and buy a lot of
lady drinks.  At one point I'm surrounded by about five young girls
all pleading with me to pay their bar fines and take them out.  After
a long day touring I'm content to just tease them.  I finally leave
and buy a fake Rolex as a souvenir from one of the outside vendors.
I head back to Thermae and say my last goodbye to Pranee, sitting
together with her on one of the couches that face the one way glass.

At last, at the end of the night, I go once last time to Thermae coffee
shop to pick up a girl for the night, Pranee being unable to explain
another night away to her mother who thinks she only works at a market
anyway.  This time I get a thin, Chinese looking girl, who later turned
out to be unable to read Thai making my phrase book of little use.
She wasn't that attractive, having a rather gummy smile.  My eye was on
her more because I thought there might be a chase of her being completely
hairless.  Such was not the case, and she wanted 700 baht for all
night.  I agreed but after having her once, considered paying her for
just "short time" and going back to Thermae for another.  But then I
realized just how tired I was and knew I wasn't up to going through the
selection process all over again.  So I said screw it and spent the
night with her, having her once more in the morning before sending
her off at about 9:30am.

I packed all my stuff together, settled with the hotel and took a taxi
to Bangkok International Airport, bringing to a close a trip of great
satifaction but less than total fulfillment.  As I sped along the
freeway I began to make plans for my return.

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