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After doing the massage scene for many years I can truly tell you that
all of these other EMAIL postings on acupressure places is like
reporting on the  good restaurants of a city by pointing out the FAST
FOOD places. Sure they are easy to find, but they barely scratch the
surface on the pleasures that really await for you in the massage
gourmet places. Introduce yourself to the wonderful world of home

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you look into the LA Weekly, OC Weekly or in
the San Francisco area in the classified of the Marin Independent
Journal. You will find hundreds of ads, with unbelievably good looking
girls, starting at 20 years old, that are making money on the side,
many times right out of their home. I wish I can post the names/phones
of the better ones, but unfortunately the cops are eager to track them
down and arrest them. You will find them on these papers and if you
read on I will give you some tips to increase your chances of
success. The WEB is also the perfect place to see ads with pictures:
check out,, and YAHOO under
SENSUAL MASSAGE.  See the pictures and you'll get an idea of where I'm
coming from.

The main disadvantage of using newspapers is that you need to call and
its complications: they usually want you to call again from a phone
booth a few blocks away from the final destination.. The other problem
is that 50% of the time you get an answering machine (to be avoided)
since many times there is not a call back. Usually I keep calling
other numbers until I get a live answer. This way you will have a good
chance of getting an appointment and being there fast. Before you
call, use the phone book to check on the phone prefix to ensure that
it is close to where you are.

On the whole it is best to call places where there will be a live
answer, usually if you call in the late morning or in places where
there are at least two girls working.  Some answering machine girls
want to call you back to test if you are serious. If you are focused
on a special ad that has an answering machine, you can leave a
message(use a fake first name) but if in an hour they do not return
the call, move on to the next one. Personally I only do that as a last
resort or if I am willing to wait and retry with others in a 2-3 hour
period. In the end I usually end up calling a number that has a direct

You will be most pleasantly surprised in the quality of the girls that
work out of the home. Many give an excellent massage, usually nude,
and you can massage them as well. I have spent many a nights
fantasizing on massages that I have gotten from 18 year old blondes
with baby hairs in the pubic area that truly enjoyed getting fingered
until they climaxed. The adventure of getting there is also exciting,
walking up to their apartment door to be greeted by a smiling thong
bikini California babe with (usually) a good attitude. I have been
received by oiled up Brazilian chicks with the most incredible asses,
swedish girls that get so horny that they want to fuck you in the end
for no extra money. The tall blond that appeared in the Playboy
Channel that lip locked to my instrument with true delight along with
that perfectly cropped bush in my face. And that incredible redhead in
Santa Monica who licked me all over and let m e fuck her twice in a
three hour experience that involved the shower, sink, over the end of
the sofa, the floor-bed-back-to-the-floor when the massage was
scheduled only for an hour. They particularly like when you and her
get on your knees facing each other while you finger them and they
stroke you.

Many of my friends have followed up on some of these places.  The
funniest story is when I took 2 friends to this place. They liked it
so much they returned 3 hours later again. They are into the Martial
Arts and they proceeded to take over the last year over 20 students
and the instructors as well!

The newspaper massage scene is clearly the way to go, no more of the
acupressure places where the format is very repetitive. I've had many
adventures this way, always trying new things: nipple-to-nipple 69's,
tongue baths, three girls, prostate massages, pussy muscle control
that squeezes around my wiener in all sorts of interesting ways, one
girl blowing me, the other licking my ass , my toes have been licked,
how about massages in hot tubs, outdoor tables in the sun. Try Tantric
massages: it is the exotic hindu art of regenerating energy from the
genitals and circulating upwards to the brain. Tantric massages start
with eye gazing and synchronized breathing, moving on the front to
front seated positions and at least an hour of getting Mr. Happy hard
while she circulates the energy with her other hand and breath all
over your body. Good times indeed, my friend.

There is a fine art to reading these ads, by carefully following these
rules you will substantially increase your chances of a very
pleasurable experience. Let's discuss what to avoid first.

Watch out for these keywords in the ads: mature masseuse or great gal
(old), candlelight and warm table (the surroundings are great but she
is ugly), discounts offered(again, a cheap massage is offered because
the girl does not have that much to offer), full figure (a porker),
voluptous(bordering on full figure, usually huge tits), morning or
senior discounts (because she is a senior herself), ebony or chocolate
(brown sugar), two girls for one (two ugly girls do not equal one
pretty one), massage with a striptease show (a self service scheme
that leaves you working out your own "problem"), "talk to me live,
entertainer"(more hustlers) and $40-60 massages (stay away from cheap
massages, there is a good reason why they are cheap) and for
therapeutic massages: insurance accepted, acupuncture offered (Oh no),
no mention of the word SENSUAL. Avoid the Orange County Register and
the sex newspapers which are heavily infiltrated with strippers with
burly drivers, in fact avoid all outcall services. They will charge
beginning at $150 and to really make their money with tips of $50-200
more. These women are hard core hustlers. A silly business is LINGEREE
MODELING. They cater to one time customers, usually out of towners
since they do not offer the service you think you are going to
get. After being greeted by a foxy looking girls in tiny panties and
see through bras, you are led to a room with a chair and coffee table
with a box of tissues. You can guess what's next: she dances for you,
ever asking for more money to take off clothing, while you
self-service. Might as well stay home, rent a video, at least you can
rewind it to the better scenes again. . .

Now for the good keywords: the words SENSUAL or EROTIC, 18-22 years
old , measurements included (36-24-38), body to body,
greek(interfacing with the third input), french(playing the skin flute
and swallow the melody), voice sounds young (usually they are). Expect
to pay $120-150 for a nude body to body and $160-200 for full
service. Again, anything under $100 is usually an older gal, some of
them are nice but it leaves you wanting for more. It is up to you and
your budget. Sure, paying $200 is expensive, however it leaves with an
excellent set of memories for your lonelier times. Simply cool your
next massage expenditures for a while to catch up with your
budget. Believe me: a 10 woman is equal to 3 normal ones in terms of
the pleasure and fantasies that you will have.

Since the business is perfect for young women and clients, everybody
wins. The precision and control that those little hands can exert on
your "Wet Willie" is amazing, it can extract all of your backed up
plumbing in a most effective way. Hope this helps, GOOD LUCK. . .

A final point: once their rates are mentioned, say $120, ask if that
is the final price since you want to know how much money to bring. If
they start to mention that they may be extras, starting at $50, you
will be faced with spending a lot more than you thought. If you don't
think is worth it, it is best to decline from going. Otherwise you
will be negotiating in your weakest moment: with a throbbing hard dick
that has drained all the common sense out of your brain. . .

Date: June 1997 Most girls won't discuss sex over the phone. If they offer a nude massage and will let you massage them, you should go for it. Most of the time they will offer more for a tip later; I usually bring up sex when they have massaged me for a while and I have a hard-on; it is then fairly clear that neither I nor she are cops. Sometimes they want to wait with sex till the second visit which is also ok with me. In any event, you will always get at least a hand job at the end, unless you run into a complete rip-off. First choice are always referrals from friends, of course.

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