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Semarang, Indonesia

Subject: REQ: Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang Indonesia may seem like a quiet town but it is one of the best
places to score in Indonesia. Forget pubs and disco's and do it the way
the well off Indonesian gentlemen do. There are a number of "fish bowls"
in town that masquarade as massage parlors. You enter the establishment
and behind a one way mirror are 15 to 25 attractive ladies. There is
usually a male attendent to help you select. Tell him you want one with
"good service". The girl will be called out to the front desk and escort
you to your room.If you would like a beer she will arrange for it to be
delivered to your room.  Ask for VIP room which will have a shower and
generally mirrors on the ceiling or walls. She will bathe you first and
then give a passable massage. Once the massage is nearing the end you
can ask for special service. This usually gets you some oral sex and then
a good fuck with a rubber.

The total cost for 1 - 1.5 hours of this action is a generous tip of Rp
100,000 - 120,000  for the girl before you leave the room and a room
cost of 40,000 to 60,000 Rupiah payable at the front desk. This is less
than $100 for some great action. Go for the attractive but not too young
ladies. They are experienced and will give you the best service.

My favorite places in town are the massage parlors at the Rinjani Hotel
and the Matsuri Massage Parlor at the Plaza hotel. Both are 10-20
minutes form the city center and well know by Taxi drivers. The massage
parlor will arrange for a taxi at the end of your visit. Try number 26,
Ani, at the Rinjani and you will not be dissapointed.

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 16:40:50 +0700 Subject: Semarang, Indonesia Semarang is a great place if your looking for cheap action. In the article above I read a gentleman paid a tip of Rp. 100,000 - 120,000 for a "fish-tank" massage girl. As an expatriate in Indonesia who travels often to Semarang I can say that this is definately too much. The average tip to a massage girl for a fuck and suck plus massage is about Rp. 70,000. If too many guys are paying that much it'll ruin the market for the rest of us. If you want a huge selection of girls in Semarang then go to Sinar Kuning (seenar kooning). Here there is a whole housing complex with 5-6 girls in each house aged between 17 and 30+. The price? Rp. 30,000 for an hour. You literally have one hundred plus girls to choose from. After choosing a girl you can take her directly to her own room in the house. If you want a massage too then try the Mona Lisa massage parlour near the Studio One discotheque. They have a fish tank with generally good looking girls that take good care of you for a Rp. 70,000. tip (that's about US$15.00 at current exchange rates).

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