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Puerto Rico

The Black Angus in Puerto Rico used to be a good place to receive
"services" when our ship was in port.  I heard some British guys
tore the place down.  Does it still exist ?

All I can remember about the location was it was about a block down
the road from a go-go bar called the Hawain Hut and it was within
walking distance of our ship.

Date: 17 May 1995 08:47:31 -0400 I haven't been in Puerto Rico for 12 years, but when I was last there the Black Angus was, in my opinion, the best place to go. The Black Angus is described in Dolores French's book: WORKING. That portion of French's book was republished in PENTHOUSE magazine under the title: THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN PUERTO RICO.
Subject: Re: San Juan Action?? Date: 14 May 1995 17:53:59 -0400 Black Angus and El Doral Both well known by everybody. Been in business for many many years. Both are bars with "hotels". About 10 minutes from airport if traffic doesn't kill you.
Subject: Re: San Juan Action?? Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 02:23:00 GMT San Juan has one of the most affordable brothels in the whole carribean! Ask any cabbie in "old" San Juan to take you to the Black Angus. Don't go there unless you are actually looking to get laid, as the women are very aggressive, and won't leave you alone. The women rage from butt-ugly to drop-dead gorgeous. Haggle for the price, you should be able to get full service for $30-$50 plus $15 for the room. All the women are latin, and the ones I was with were all very "safe-sex" conscious. I did a "tag team" the last time I was there (two women). The put on a great show for me first, and I got to do both of them. They changed condoms after the first girl, and put on a fresh one before I did the second. What a great time!
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 1996 00:44:44 GMT I was in Puerto Rico in September 1994 with a bunch or friends, for action they went to a place called "Black Angus" (not sure of the spelling), but the place was in San Juan. I didn't go there myself, but my friends had a good time. They told me that some of the girls are down right ugly, but there are also some good ones... Also, if you are staying at a hotel, whores can be seen usually in the lobby or bar area.... I saw a few at El San Juan... probably the best and nicest hotel in San Juan!
Subject: Prostitution in Puerto Rico Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 07:19:10 UTC Recently returned from vacation in P.R. and wanted to let you know that it is going strong. The following are the "established" brothels Black Angus prices range from $35-50 for half hour $18 for the room. Girls range from a ten to -10. Mirmar is a Go-Go bar not as aggresive as Black Angus prices are about the same, and the Hawain Hut is like Miramar no reaLdifference, all are located right next to each other and all the cabbies know the place the newest one is St. Tropez expensive is what I heard and it caters to wealthy businessmen type, the girls are better looking too. All the women pretty much seem clean, they wash your dick and place a condom on it prior to oral sex then they do what you want. You can get them to go back to your hotel but the prices are high but negotiable. Most open at 4pm and close at 4am. St. Tropez offer limosine service from most of the hotels. I hope you can use this info.
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 16:30:44 UTC San Juan, Puerto Rico update: When I was here the newspaper carried a front page report on how the police busted the nightclub St Tropez and arrested several 'dancers'. They said the girls were charging up to $400 per night and it seemed this is what offended the police because they probably weren't getting their share! The article also said they raided other massage establishments and the prices mentioned seemed to reflect closely the usual mainland prices. They didn't mention any names but the only such place in the Yellow Pages was called The Studio and from the outside it looks filthy. A taxi driver told me that picking up local women in the discos was easy but for an even easier time you can still head to the Black Angus or El Doral. I did not go to either but from the phone book I see that they are on the street called Ave Fernandez Juncos.
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 23:30:25 -0500 Subject: puerto rico I"m in the navy and spent a week in San Juan. The best places are El Doral, and Black Angus. St. Tropez is O.K. but rather expensive. Hawaiian Hut is a good Titty bar. You can talk these girls down to thirty dollars and they"ll let you get them in the ass. They all practice safe sex(double condoms, at some places). All are within walking distance from cruise ship terminal as well as the beach hotels.
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 19:27:11 -0500 (EST) Subject: Puerto Rico Hi I'm from Switzerland but currently I'm living in Texas (talking about christian fuckheads). Your sex guide is fantastic. I'm having a great time reading it and on my last trip to Rico I have used your infos for the first time. The Black Angus is best, Girls range from 1-10 prices from 40-50 box, the room is 18. For 150 you can take the girl home. I really liked one girl and it was not difficult to invite her for breakfest the next morning and then we spent a great day at the beach together. Also all the local Massage salons are quite nice, very clean 30-40 for a full body massage, then in the end you just ask for a special massage (hand or blow job) and give additional tip. Should be over 20$.
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 16:29:35 -0500 Subject: Black ?Angus in beautifull San Juan I had the thrill of spending an evening at the wonderful Black Angus on March 18, 1997. Still the best place to go. Best time is after 8:00 p.m. local time. $40 for the lady of your choice (they have every type, size, color, age. All Female) for 30 minutes. Another $18 for the room. Plan on tipping the guy with the sheets the $2.00 left from the Jackson. Keep in mindthese prices are based upon volume turn over. The lady of your choice is a professional, but be explicit and you will NOT be disappointed. Joanna is so beautiful, I had to ask if she really worked there. Nice reasonable implants. I am beginning to ramble. Located on the entry way to San Juan. Any taxi will be happy to take you. Pay attention. Cab will rape you. Very safe parking lot for rental cars. Do not be duped by the pretenders. Enjoy the continent of Puerto Rico!!!
Subject: Puerto Rico! Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 20:24:03 -0700 In Puerto Rico, prostitution is wide spread, drive through any town in Puerto Rico and you'll come across street hookers. Prices depend on the looks. Watch out though, a great many of the street hookers are transvestites. Since the cops could'nt care less about prostitution, don't let any street hooker in the car before negotiating the price. Once they are in the car, you are gonne get fucked one way or the other. Crime and prostitution go hand in hand in Puerto Rico, so be careful picking up street hookers. My advice is that if you are visiting the island for a good time, forget the street hookers. There are massage parlors in just about every town in Peurto Rico and a full service can easily be negotiated at most of these places. Massage parlors are safer, you get a great fuck and a reasonably good massage.
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 22:27:38 -0500 (EST) Subject: Puerto Rico Prostitution I recently spent a few nights in San Jose [probably San Juan --Atta] and I want to report that most facts in previous messages are still correct. My first night, after eating dinner at the Hilton Caribe (where I was staying), I noticed an older but 'ok' looking woman in the hotel lobby. I merely made eye contact with her and she immediately came up and asked me if I wanted some company. I asked her how much and she said $125. Of course, I replied that I had not planned on spending that much; she said $100; I said ok. I gave her my room number and told her to come up in 5 minutes. She did. She washed herself and then washed my dick. Put a condom on and did the usual suck and fuck. She did not rush me, but did not really seem to get engaged - just an 'ok' time - but at least I did not have to leave the hotel. Apparently, there are a few women who hang around the hotel lobby. The next night, I followed the advice of this website and asked a cabbie outside the hotel to take me to the St. Tropez. This place was very close to the hotel (<1 mile) but the cabbie said that it was dangerous to walk there. He also said that The St.Tropez was a really nice place and that sex would cost about $80. The cab fare was $5 (the minimum). The cover at the St Tropez was $10. I went in and noticed that most of the girls were not Puerto Rican. Most looked like rejects out of an American (NY, LA, Dallas) strip bar. The show was pathetic - in fact, that were showing videos of topless dancers since probably noone wanted to look at their dancers. The waitress came over and sold me a beer for $7, then a girl from the Dominican Republic came over and sat down. I felt obligated to buy her a drink which cost me another $7. She danced for me (not topless and little/no contact) and this cost me $20. Then she sat down and said that we could go upstairs for a topless dance (which she implied would be more than a dance) for $100 and said that we could also go to a private room to fuck for $175. Thanks to this website (and the fact that she was not too good looking), I told her to take a hike...and I left the St Tropez.. I do not recommend this place to anyone since it is expensive, mediocre, and not near any other bars/clubs...I asked them to call me a cab which came in a few minutes... and off I went to The Black Angus.. The cabie said that there was no show at the Black Angus but that you can hang out at the bar to pick out your girl...I got to the Black Angus at about 10:30 p.m.. The place has big neon lights on the front and you enter on the front of the building where there are some tough looking guys on stools... To my surprize there was no cover here. I walked in and the place was wall-to-wall girls... Girls of all sorts... Puerto Rican, American, etc., etc. I went up to the bar and got a beer which I think cost about $5. Immediately some lady from New York came up.. She was too ugly so after talking with her for a few minutes, when whe asked me if I wanted to have some fun, I replied that I wanted to hang out for a while, but that I would find her later. As soon as she left a hot Puerto Rican girl came up with large breasts and a nice body and began hugging and rubbing me. She asked if we could get together. I asked her how much and she replied $60. I did not bother to negotiate and said ok. We exited the place throught the front door and when up the stairs in the front of the place to an entrance to the hotel which is above the bar. The room cost $18 (and you are expected to tip the guy renting the room $1). The rooms were reasonably clean, airconditioned, and mirrored on the walls and ceiling. The sheets are changed after each customer. We entered the room. The girl unbuttoned my shirt and told me that if I gave her $100 instead of the $60, shw would do everything ... including make me cum two times, give me a massage, etc. I suggested that we start out with $60 and go from there. I gave her the $60. She washed up and wash my dick off with a towel. She put a condom on and gave me a blow job for a few minutes. Then applied a second condom over the first before beginning to fuck me. She wanted to keep changing positions after every few minutes which kept things interesting.....She was full of energy!!! I came.. she gave me a massage (which cost me an additional $20) and that is it. Don't forget to tip the towel boy $1 on your way out. If you want to get laid...this is a GREAT place.. Some additional info: The Black Angus is next to the Hawain Hut and next to the Mirimar (I did not visit the later two but they were both open). All three are within a mile of the Hilton Caribe which is on the same strip as most of the other hotels in San Jose. The cost for a cab between these places should be $5. Hope this helps.
Subject: [ASP] St Juan Report for 5/12/97 Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 23:51:36 -0600 I arrived in San Juan for a week of businnes activity but when the day was over I decided to follow up of some of the tips I have received here. The evening started out poorly at a restaurant in old San Juan. My co worker discovered a little extr protein in his rice with a hard shell and legs and my red snapper was greasy. Things had to get better. We decided to walk around where the big cruise ships dock and try to find the infamous Black Angus which had been described to me as near where the ships dock. Well we walked around for an hour and no luck so about ten hailed a cab to go back to our hotels. I asked the cab driver if he would pass by the Black Angus. Well its a 5 dollar cab ride away from old San Juan. There are at least three clubs in the area , the black angus, hawaian hut and another I forget. I will return. When I got to the hotel, the Condado Plaza, I thpassed through the bar and to my dismay there wew a couple of well dressed working girls. To make a long story short I went with Jennifer who can speak about ten words more English than I can speak Spanish. In spite of that we got along just great amnd had a lot of fun. It took about 10 minutes for me to bargin her down from 100 to 75. I got reluctant but great bareback head, her on top and from behind. She was about 35 great tits good at what she does and a lot of fun. Money well spent. She says she will`join me for breakfast at 6:30 AM when she finishes her shift. All in all a satisfying evening and now I am off to bed.
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 19:50:58 +0100 Subject: Puerto Rico Dear Atta, Whilst recently in San Juan I tried out the Black Angus as stated in you guide. An excellent establishment. US $ 40 for the girl. US $ 18 for the room and a $ 2 tip for the room boy. 80 % of girls are butt ugly, but the other 20 % are angels. Most girls are from Dominica some are from Venezuela or Columbia. Good fuck - anything goes. Long live the Black Angus
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 17:29:46 EST Subject: Review: San Jaun PR Some tips on "shopping" in San Juan 11/97 Pick up a copy of the San Juan Star. It's the local daily newspaper. In the classified section between the real estate and New auto ads is the "Personal Tourist tips" mostly for in/out call massage and escorts. Usually will cost 100 for massage and 150 for full service. about the same for incall. Will be more if you call the "Goldfinger strip club girls" to come over. Most are local girls or Dominican; all are friendly. I just saw "Laurali" She is Sweede/American in her 40's been married 3 times is kinda large blonde 38DD [real!] she gets the above rates. She's listed in the newspaper too. She spent a full our w/ me. I've not seen any street woman there. I'm sure they exist. Last year 1996, I went to the famous "Black Angus." It was good. all shapes/sizes. Just sit at the bar and enjoy. The rest will happen. Enjoy your drink first. as sessions only last 30 minutes or less. All the Cabs know where it is... about a 5 minute ride from the Hilton and 15 minute ride from the Airport or Isle Verde Hotels. There are taxis waiting when you exit. Usually independent old men w/ station wagons waiting to take you back to hotels They are safe and honest. Didn't see any "yellow" cabs that i took there. Have fun and remember be "safe"
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 13:23:16 PST I am currently in Puerto Rico, and I have some information to share. This is my first time here, so I tried the info on the World Wide Sex Guide, and found it fairly accurate. I first went to the Black Angus and there were about 25 girls there. 20 of them were butt ugly, but 5 of them were 8+. Of the 25, about 10 of them were American. My friend went with a hot latina, and got full service for 50 bucks. (didn't negotiate the price at all.) That included massage, blow job, anal and vaginal sex. Supposedly she had a huge C-Section scar, which turned him off. The room was 20 dollars, plus 1 dollar for the towel/sheet boy. Tips are appreciated, but if you let them know that they are lucky to even be getting you up to the room, then they won't bug you. I went with an American chick who wouldn't leave me alone, and I was pissed when she took 2 huge sponges out of her bra. The rooms are very small,(smaller that the ones at the Chicago club in Tijuana) but fairly clean. You would be smart to bring a can of lysol with you and spray it all over the place before you sit/lay down. The girls all have lube/condoms/soap and although my girl sucked with a condom, my friends girl sucked sans-condom. I think Puerto Rican women are incredible, but I was disappointed to find out that most of the latina girls are from Dominica and Venezuela. I speak fluent spanish, so I spoke to the girls about what they offer. Most of them will come out and ask you to fuck them in the ass! It's hilarious. I didn't partake, but my friend did and he told me it was loose. If there aren't alot of customers in there, then expect to get mobbed. There is no cover charge, and drinks are only 4 dollars. At the price, it's hard not to buy a girl a drink - but if you don't want to fuck her later - tell her straight out "NO!". Otherwise, she will sit with you forever and try to get you to fuck her. Trust me on this - don't be wishy washy - otherwise you will be covered in ugly latinas, when the hot latina you want is going up with another guy. Don't be afraid to ask the bartender or even another girl to get the girl you want. I should specify that this is really just a bar with a very small dance floor. There is no show or table dancing, just a bar where you sit and get propositioned by women. Down the block a little ways are the miramar club and the Hawaiian Hut. I went into the hawaiian hut, and there were some hot girls dancing on stage. In the back were large white chairs. It looked alot like an american strip joint with Table dances. There is pretty much no whoring in this place. It's just dancing on stage and table dances in back. I didn't spend alot of time there, so correct me if I'm wrong. I did ask several people there, and they all told me that the miramar and Black Angus are the places to go for sex. Beers were 4 dollars here and there were only 4 girls working - but all hot. also - no cover. I then went to Miramar and it was more locals than tourists. The girls were all darker skinned latinas. I was only there for about 15 minutes, so I didn't get to see everyone who was working. Black Angus has alot more girls working, and it's more touristy. The cover was 5 bucks, but that included one drink. I got a heineken, so it wasn't that bad of a deal. Tonight, I am going to the St. Tropez. I called for a reservation and they are going to pick me up at my hotel. I hear it's much more expensive, but who cares anyway? I'll let you guys know how it is when I get back. Rumor has it that they have over 75 girls working per night. Does anyone know where street hookers hang out in San Juan? There were none on the strip where the BlackAngus/Miramar/Hawaiian Hut are located. I'm staying at the hilton caribe, but so far I haven't seen any working girls in the bar, etc.
Subject: [ASP] Report: San Juan, Puerto Rico (Black Angus--repost) Date: 1998/02/05 I noticed a few recent requests for information about San Juan, PR. Just in case you missed it, here is a repost (with a few changes) of my report on The Black Angus from a couple months ago. There's not much new here; my apologies to those who already read it. In December I had the great pleasure of visiting Puerto Rico and found time for two visits to The Black Angus. This fine establishment is well-covered in the World Sex Guide but I have a few items to add, so here it goes. This place, in the Miramar district of San Juan, is a classic bar/bordello that has been going strong for 40 years, so I was told. I'm sure it's not the perfect place for everyone, but it has obviously been doing enough things right. There seems to be a certain amount of integrity about the place; everyone knows why everyone else is there and things seem to be conducted on a "professional" level. By the way, no habla espanol didn't seem to be a major problem. If you're fluent in Spanish I'm sure you'll get along much better, but I seriously doubt that a few mispronounced words will help that much. Upon arrival, enter through the door to the right of the central stairway. The several hefty doormen are cool, if you are. There is no cover charge, so if you don't like the place you can quickly bolt and head west down the street to The Miramar or The Hawaiian Hut (or back to your hotel, if you were seriously traumatized). The large bar room, with a central four-sided bar and some scattered tables, is dim but not pitch-dark and doesn't have any of that obnoxious colored lighting. There are no shows or dancers, nothing to interfere with getting right down to business. Also, the music is at a level where you can hear what the person next to you is offering. And as soon as you sit down, if not before, it WILL be offered. But first, you will probably want (or need) a drink. Heinekens were $4 and I'm pretty sure standard mixed drinks were the same. Make a friend of the bartender with a $1 tip for each. When I got there around 9:30 on a Thursday, there were probably 15 ladies and 15 guys. It got more crowded (by both) as it got later. The standard opening deal seemed to be $40 (usually for full service) plus $20 for the room upstairs. Two ladies together could also be arranged. There was quite a range in both appearance and personality so it pays to shop around. Some of the offers seemed rather tempting but most of the ladies were in such a hurry. I can certainly appreciate that business is business but I was worried that someone who could hardly wait for me to finish my beer ("Just bring it upstairs, honey.") would be in an even bigger rush for me to finish my next undertaking. After a short time, one Heineken, and a whirlwind course in the charms of Latin women, someone very different asked if she could sit down. She was intelligent, talkative, and natural. After buying her a drink (also $4), we had a real conversation on many topics, eventually getting around to the reason for my visit. It turns out that for $50, paid to the establishment, the lady is free to leave for the night. Of course, you need to negotiate with her about her own fees and services. I ended up giving my new friend $150 for what turned out to be over 6 hours of VERY enjoyable company. We had dinner, walked around for a while, then returned to my hotel. This was probably the most unrushed and pleasant paid-sex experience I'll ever have. I'm sure this is not standard procedure (most women can make a lot more money doing the usual upstairs quickies) but if you find someone you like, it doesn't hurt to ask. Maybe if it's a slow night or she just wants to be somewhere else, you may get lucky. One odd feature of The Black Angus is that adjoining the barroom is a Chinese restaurant (this is the door to the left of the outside central stairway). Even though I was hungry, I didn't try it (there are limits to my spirit of adventure!). Several days later, I was on a tight schedule but just had time for a return visit, this time a Tuesday at 4:30 PM. (I believe the hours are 4 PM to 4 AM.) Inside, things were more or less the same, but only 4 guys and about 10 girls and a Heineken was only $2.50. I had been wary of going so early, but there doesn't seem to be any reason to avoid a late afternoon visit. Since I was in a hurry, I decided to get up and wander around to make my choice rather than sitting back and letting them come to me. This time I went more for looks than personality. The usual quoted price was again $40 (I heard some offers of $30 from others; if you're really a cheap bastard you can probably bargain them down some more) and we made our way outside and up that central staircase. At the top of the stairs I paid the $20 room fee to the guy in the booth and went into the closest room (nothing fancy but reasonably clean). This experience was as different from my previous one as it could be. She was extremely skillful (both orally and otherwise) but very dispassionate, almost cold. I came faster than I thought possible and that was the end of that. The whole thing took only about 10 minutes (I think she was truly proud of herself for her efficiency). Certainly not the worst 10 minutes of my life, in fact it was quite memorable. I probably would have been a lot less pleased if I hadn't had a plane to catch. I doubt there is much chance of a relaxed, unrushed encounter here, but try to do your best to proceed at your own pace. In short, I thought The Black Angus was a great place. I'm sure the potential exists for an unsatisfactory experience, though both of my visits were quite enjoyable. My major complaint is that many of the women are so aggressive that it's nearly impossible to just relax for a while, sip a drink, and take in one's surroundings. (Gee, am I really complaining about being approached by woman after woman, each one asking me if I'd like to have sex with them???) Finally, a few facts that may be of use. The Black Angus is in the Miramar district, on Avenida Fernando Juncos about 1/2 mile southeast of the bridges into Old San Juan. I wasn't able to find the address or phone number, but the nearest cross street is probably Avenida Miramar. All taxi drivers should know it, or it's a very short walk (seemed quite safe by day; probably not a good idea at night) from many of the tourist hotels like the Radisson Normandie or Caribe Hilton (not that I would necessarily recommend these places). Just head south away from the Normandie or Caribe Hilton across several freeway-like roads. You'll pass a giant Budweiser beer can on a pole to your right and then go under a freeway-like overhead green sign reading "Avenida Fernando Juncos". The road then turns to the left (east) and soon you should see The Hawaiian Hut on your left. I didn't stop here but this place sounds like it might be worth a visit. The Black Angus is probably a few hundred yards farther and is set back a bit from the street with a small parking lot in front. Here are a few other addresses and phone numbers that may be useful. Hawaiian Hut is at 613 Avenida Fernando Juncos; phone 722-0917. Lucky 7 is at 304 Avenida Fernando Juncos; phone 724-3065. Chicote is at 181 O'Neill; phone 250-7686. I didn't make it to any of these; consult World Sex Guide and The Ultimate Strip Club List (unfortunately there isn't much at TUSCL these days) for info on these places. Here's a useful hint to those on a tight budget. Save the $15-20 taxi fare (round trip = an extra girl!) to the hotels in Condado and take the bus from the airport (a true bargain at 25 cents). Catch the A7 at the Metro stop on the upper level of the airport. Don't worry if it seems to be going in the wrong direction; it turns around soon. It's very slow but it's quite an interesting trip. It goes by most of the big tourist hotels in Condado (Hotel La Concha, Hotel Condado Beach, Ramada San Juan, Hotel Regency, Radisson Normandie, Caribe Hilton, etc.) and continues into Old San Juan near the cruise ship piers (and the Wyndham Hotel). You can pick up a decent free map at the airport tourist office. In case you just have a layover in SJ, you can check your bags ($2 each) at the airport (upper level near the center exit). Enjoy! And be sure to keep posting. I hope to get back to PR soon and would love to hear more about the other places.
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 18:05:41 PST San Juan, PR, March 1998: Having read about the Black Angus in the WSG I just had to go and see it for myself. Driving past it I thought it didn't look like the safest part of town so I kept putting it off. Also, I never saw anyone outside any of the clubs except bouncers until one evening I saw two chaps emerge with women with whom I would not mind being acquainted. Then after a recommendation from a local I just had to look. I parked across the road from the Black Angus on a Friday at about midnight. There's parking in front and the area seems safe. There's no people walking around 'cos there's nothing nearby. I walk straight in; Latin types get a weapons check. It was not as I expected. Regular bar, quite dark and men outnumbering women 5 to 1 at least. You sit at the bar and sullenly drink your $4 beer like everyone else. Women will come up and try to get friendly with you. Even tho' they'll say 'Let's go' and 'Sucky fucky real good for you' and maybe squeeze your member a simple 'Maybe later' will send them on their way without a loss of face. Not that you need to dismiss them because most of them were very f***able. I chatted to a local who verified that the prices were $40-50 and then he promptly disappeared without engaging any of the ladies. Maybe he just liked to come for the beer or normally there are more or better women. I headed out and looked into the Miramar club which had a stripper and a couple of rough looking women and about 25 men in attendance. It cost $5 in which included a drink. I peeped into the Hawain Hut and this offered a floor show with no cover charge although it looked even less fun than the Black Angus. So, back to the Black Angus after a visit to an ATM. First girl to sit beside me gets the business. She asked for $50 short time or $200 long time. We agreed $40 and headed upstairs even though I felt I should have gone for one of the more enthusiastic member squeezers. You pay $20 to a bloke behind a security screen and you're lead to a clean room. The lady asked for the money upfront and also for a tip. I paid the agreed amount but no tip. Short sucky with condom and then she climbs on top for fucky. She starts faking; as if I cared whether she felt anything or not! When she "came" I pounded her doggy style and that was, as they say, that. She again asked for a tip but I pointed out that 30 minutes had been agreed but only 20 had elapsed. I tipped the guy cleaning the rooms $1 and left. She didn't insult me or seem upset that I didn't tip. I then got in my car which was still there, unmolested, and went home and contemplated the rather joyless act I had just performed. In the course of my research I noticed that the San Juan Star (tabloid newspaper, 35 cents) carries plenty of adverts at the back for escorts and massage parlours. I don't know what the policy seems to be for guests in most SJ hotels but they seem lax and with the prices they charge I'd say you're paying already. I also noticed streetwalkers but you wouldn't want to go near those as an earlier correspondent mentioned. Most were TV's anyway. What I would like to know about this city is where can one pick up some freelancers exclusively for bringing back to one's hotel or home and not just for short time.
Subject: Update from Puerto Rico (by a local) Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 20:38:49 -0400 Black Angus and Doral still in the same status, girls range from 10 to 0. Mostly of the 10's are from S. America (Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina). If you are looking for local girls (Puertorriqueñas) try some Gentlemen's Clubs. These clubs are more expensive than the traditional prostitution bars, however, the girls (mostly students; 18-25 yrs; rated 8-10) are cleaner, good looking, trying to make some extra money. Check the following Gentlemen's Clubs; Chicote at Calle O'neil in Hato Rey (San Juan); Ectassy (same address); Divas at Ashford Ave. El Condado. Prices vary depending on services. Everything is negotiable.
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 19:46:37 +0100 Subject: San Juan, Puerto Rico The Black Angus is in fine form, and i endores that which appears on your net pages. The price has gone up to $ 20 for the room apart from that little has changed. Out of interest I visited the two bars next to Black Angus. A lot of gogo girls but no fucking action.

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