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Police in Pattaya beach resort have arrested six people for allegedly
robbing male tourists after enticing them to lick the drug-laced
nipples of female suspects. Five women and one men confessed. At least
45 Western and Asian tourists have died of drug overdoses at Pattaya
in the past year.

Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 09:49:43 +0700 (ICT) Subject: re: "Murder she...": 45 Pattaya Johns Drugged & Murdered?! IMHO: The Swiss "Rohypnol" knock-out tranquilizer drug is probably the weapon of choice for the rash of murders of prostitutes' customers in Pattaya, Thailand in the last year, as outlined below. This is also the favorite drug of date-rapists in the USA, readily available, without presciption, in Mexico and Thailand. The stories reported below sound quite phantastic, but murder, however commited and to whomever, is the most serious crime and not funny. I was in Pattaya two weeks ago and this is the talk of the town there, both among tourists and locals. The report sounds a bit exaggerated, and the names of the victims don't sound right (as translated from Thai), but the victims might have checked into hotels under aliases, and carrying large amounts of cash and valuables is not unusual in those circles where credit cards are not honored. Methinks this crime wave is the direct result of the anti-sex-tourism propaganda which swept through international media during the last few years resulting in a 28% reduction of tourist arrivals in Thailand (trust me: most of them are sex-tourists, even the women and couples). The hookers and pimps make less money now and resort to crime to maintain the cashflow and lifestyle they got accustomed to in the fat years preceding. Quotes from NG soc.culture.thai: Are you KIDDING... "anesthetic wax coated on her breasts" this is pretty hard to believe... and I thought Thailand was coming out of the 3rd world... If this IS true, it is actually pretty funny. Sounds like something out of a James Bond "B" movie "anesthetic wax coated on her breasts" Ha-Ha! > Sereechai Weekly, a Thai newspaper in the U.S., reported news on > the front page of Nov 30-Dec 6 issue that Thai police are now > investigating the mysterious deaths of "sudden heart failures" > by 45 foreign male tourists in the past 12 months. > > The report is too lengthy to be translated here, but the gist of > the news report is that there has been a recurring pattern of > deaths caused by heart seizures in hotel rooms in Pattaya. The lastest > victim is a Mr. Cheklerkulai Josephine, a U.S. tourist, aged 40 years, > who was found unconscious on his bed in a hotel room. He was rushed > to the hospital by Police Colonel Prapakorn and was later brought > to consciousness. He gave a report to the police that while drinking > beer in a bar around Soi 2 of Pattaya City he met a pretty young > Thai girl about 20 years old. She told him that she worked in a > massage parlor at Mile Hotel in Pattaya. So, he took her out to > his hotel room at a contractual price of Baht 1,500. And while > engaging in the foreplay, he became unconscious because of contact > with anesthetic wax coated on her breasts -- and he fell blank > suddenly. Mr. Josephine, an American male tourist, lost his > gold necklace, Rolex watch, and cash, totalling about $20,000 in > value. > > Similar crimes were reported on Mr. Marti Juhanee Koshonen, 51 years > old, a German male tourist, at Center Hotel, Soi 12, Pattaya, who > lost about $17,000 worth of valuables. > > A list of 45 other male toursits, from Americans, Dutch, Japanese, > Australian, Briton, Finnish, Belgian, French, Oman, Swedish, > Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Norwegian, Malaysian, and New Zealander, with > full names are given in this news report. > > End of gist of the news report from Sereechai Newspaper. Same > news should be found in local newspapers in Thailand, as this > crime wave in Pattaya is of great concern to the police. ------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing the translation of some important sections on this news article published in Sereechai Weekly, November 30-December 6 issue, the following part of this lengthy article should serve as useful information for any pleasure-seeking male tourist planning to visit Pattaya: "According to news reports, on November 24th, Mr. Marti Juharnee Koshonen, 51 years old, a German national, was drugged in the Center Hotel, Soi 12, Pattaya, and was robbed for about Baht 300,000 ($13,500 approx.). Mr. Koshonen was hospitalized at the Injer Hospital because of forced drug overdose. And, on the same day, Mr. Mark Bregmen, 31 years old, was also drugged in the same hotel and Mr. Maller Bodyguard, 34 years old, was drugged in Hotel I.A. These last 2 men were overdosed with drugs that they suffered a shock resulting in heart failures and death with saliva fuming all over their mouths. These victims have added to the 45 deaths since the beginning of this year and the majority of the dead men were between 30-35 years of age. News reports also informed that the gangsters who engage in drugging male tourists have a member who is a German male with a Thai wife by the name of "Vassana." He is reigning as a crime boss supervising and grooming Thai girls in his bar. His gang is called " "Roodzcher" with a bear bar as a front and using Thai girls as decoys to lure the male tourist victims into designated rooms in order to drug them and to rob them. If the victim is a big, lucrative deal, then drugging will be overdone to kill the victim smoothly. In addition, the gang is engaged in extortions of foreign tourists. Those who do not pay protection money may not have a peaceful stay as residents of Pattaya. Lt. Police General Narongvich Thaitong, deputy chief of Thai Police in Region 2, said that there should be a special task force to wipe out the crimes because the present situation in Pattaya is damaging tourism of Thailand." End of translation from Sereechai Weekly of the above-named issue and from page 12/Section 1. Without endorsing the veracity of the article, this is what was reported in the Thai paper in the U.S. and in the Bangkok Post, the Nation, as well as in local Thai newspapers in Thailand (as well as internationally). List of those 45 dead male tourists have been published and identified in Thai, German, Dutch, Swiss and English news media. -- (Remark: According to various media reports (Bangkok Post, Bild, London Times, Pattaya Mail ect) the final count of suspicious deaths of tourists in Pattaya over the last 2 yrs was 148)

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