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In Reno, I happened to strike up a conversation with an
attractive woman in one of the 24 hour restaurants, and
although I should have guessed from her dress, she was
a worker at the Mustang Ranch. She was there on business
with some guy who was paying her to sit next to him while
he gambled. (!)

She propositioned me, kind of. Anyway, she prefered to do
outcall work because the brothel is wired for sound. (that's
how the bouncers know if there's a problem in one of the rooms.
She liked the outcall because she kept more of the money she
was paid, while in the brothel it was 50/50 her/house.

She also told me that if I did decide to visit her there,
to negotiate one price speaking, and another with money
in hand. (With the spoken price being lower so she could
keep 100% of the difference.)

I didn't like her, and that was the toughest steak I have
ever eaten. (Cal-Neva, second floor. Don't eat there.)

I doubt this is a standard practice, but I thought people
would want to know about it, and the hidden microphones.

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 20:54:15 EDT Hello. I'm 22 years old. I have been in and out of Nevadas brothels since the age of 20. Mustang 1, Sagebrush 2, Old Bridge, Chicken and Sherrys. I guess I didn't find any to be satisfactory. Splitting money off my puunana is not my cup of tea. The only time working there makes sense is when the Escorts, Massage or my regulars are not paying. Last resort. I read your article on the houses. I laughed quite frequently at the truth of your portrayal. Your style of writing will take you far if you have not already been published. I wanted to correct one matter of hearsay you printed in the article about Mustang 1. The truth about walking who we want. Although somewhat in the same manner Sagebrush does permit their girls on occasion to have that freedom of choice. Mustang on the other hand will suspend or fire a female for walking a man if he was willing to spend the house's minimum. That amount of course is nowhere within reason to how much I value my Puunana at. They must think pimping is legal. Fortunately for Mustang, 80 percent of the girls who work for them are under a pimp's supervision, letting another tell them who, where and why is just their normal way of existing. I wrote my piece of mind. Excuse my typemenship, I favor a sexy length of nails.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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