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For those of you who are interested, here is the real scoop on the
brothels of Nevada. I have visited most of them over the last three
years, so I know of what I speak. The following is for informative
purposes only :-)

Prostitution is legal in most of counties of Nevada, the exceptions being
the Tahoe area, Clarke County (Greater Las Vegas area), and one other
county whose name i've forgotten but borders Utah and is for all intents
and purposes a Mormon colony. The people in the latter county don't like
strangers asking questions about cathouses, trust me on this. In all
counties where it is legal, the women are inspected weekly by a physician,
condoms are mandatory, and anal sex is completely out of the question.
The women are closeted on the premises for the duration of their contract,
boyfriends are not allowed to visit them whilst they're working, and before
starting a "shift" or after returning from a vacation the women aren't
allowed to work until they've been checked out by a physician. They eat
their meals, sleep, and do their laundry there on the premises, kind of
like a women's college dorm, with an older lady acting as the housekeeper/
peacekeeper. The women pay the house a certain percentage of their earnings
for room and board, and pay taxes on the rest. The incidence of venereal
disease is _extremely_ low (call the Atlanta Disease Control Center if you
don't believe me, the number is toll-free in the USA). The best times to
go depend on whether you want selection or low prices. Prices and the
number of available women are higher around the fall (hunting season),
prices are lowest and fewest women are working after Christmas to about
the end of February. In the case of the Vegas-area houses, big conventions
such as COMDEX don't really bring as much business in as you might think
as a lot of conventioneers only come to look and bitch at the prices, so
they tend to be about the same in terms of quantity/price all year round.

Most of the cathouses are situated along major trucking routes or in
the smaller towns such as Winnemuca (5 cathouses), Elko (4 cathouses),
and Ely (3 houses). The women that you will find in these cathouses tend
to be average in looks and will run you about $100 for half&half, although
bargains can be had. I once had a very nice massage and a half&half from
a good looking lady at Penny's Cozy Corner in Winnemuca for $60.

Moving upscale in looks and price, the cathouses around the Reno area
are quite nice. Some, like the famous Mustang Ranch, have bank-card
reading machines, and most take Visa, MasterCard, and traveller's checks.
Straight sex or a blowjob will run you upwards of $150. The girls are
prettier but not necessarily more proficient, the decor of the places
is a notch up from the truckstop cathouses, the price of drinks is about
the same. From what I've seen the Mustang has the prettiest women, but
don't go there on a Sunday because the real lookers are shagged out from
working Saturday night.

I haven't yet been to the houses around the Carson City area, so stay
tuned for further details.

There are 5 places on the I95 going south from Reno to Vegas: Salt Wells
Villa, the Lazy B, Billie's Day&Night, the Cottontail Ranch, and Frans.
Salt Wells is just outside Fallon and serves mostly Navy officers, the
enlisted men going down the road to the Lazy B. I was at Salt Wells last
Superbowl Sunday and the place was deserted except for one hooker and the
bartender. Their satellite dish wasn't working and they couldn't watch the
game, so in exchange for fixing it my compatriot got free drinks and I got
a discount on an hour of very good sex with "Sunny". Nice place.

Billie's is literally a trailer in the middle of nowhere, with a bartender
and two girls. I wouldn't recommend it. Instead drive to the world-famous
Cottontail Ranch where upwards of 20, and at peak 60, women can be found.
The madam at Fran's looks like your grandmother, but the girls are nice.
Souvenirs such as hats and t-shirts are available for purchase at the

Prostitution is illegal in the Greater Las Vegas area, regardless of
what you've heard or some friend-of-a-friend has told you. Of course
it does exist, but only underground (don't want to offend all the
little-old-ladies who by dropping their pension cheques in one-armed-
bandits are the mainstay of the Strip's business). Most of the ads
that you get from the hawkers on the Strip promise the most beautiful
dancers you have ever seen arriving at your hotel room within 30 minutes
of a telephone call, and they don't lie. The girl arrives, you pay her,
she dances for you, and she leaves. No sex. However you may masturbate
while she dances if you so desire. Avoid clipjoints such as Alleys where
they will charge a $20 cover and try to convince you to drop a thousand
or so in exchange for "champagne" and movies in the back room. Instead
go down the street to the Crazy Horse 2, where some of the most beautiful
women you have ever seen will lap dance topless on you for $20. The place
is open 24 hours and is usually packed between 9pm and 3am, go earlier
or stay later for bargains. I highly recommend it as well as the Palimino,
a somewhat more expensive place featuring all-nude dancers. Steer clear
of the Crazy Horse 1 as it's more of a local place and the women are, to
be blunt, not very good looking.

If you want to pay to get laid in the Vegas area you have to drive across
the county line to one of the 4 cathouses in the Pahrump area (or call them
and they'll send a limo to pick you up). The houses outside Vegas are about
the same quality as the ones outside Reno, with one notable exception.
The Chicken Ranch, on the outskirts of Pahrump, is undoubtably the best
cathouse in Nevada, with some of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen
plying their trade inside. Straight sex or a half&half will run you at least
$200 here, and the sky is the limit. There is a jacuzzi, sauna, and a party
room with the biggest bed I have ever seen in it as well as something called
an "orgy chair".  Just win the lottery or strike it big at the casinos? You
can have the "all you can eat" weekend for only $10000.00, which includes
your choice of ladies and use of all the facilities. Lots of extremely rich
Japanese businessmen stop by here. Expensive, but worth it. Ask for "Sam".

My guide through my adventures in Nevada has been "The Official Guide To
The Best Cathouses In Nevada" by J.R. Schwartz (ISBN 0-9613653-0-7),
available in most of the adult bookstores in Reno or Las Vegas. Some of
the maps are a little deranged, and some of the information is somewhat
outdated, but it is invaluable and entertaining nevertheless.

Have fun!

Date: 20 Nov 1994 13:08:35 -0500 The CottonTail Ranch makes really lousy coffee.

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