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London Streets

You can start with the Kings Cross area of town. Drive east past the station, and take the immediate left, take the next left, down Goodsway, and the next left at the lights, so that you circle the station in an anti-clockwise direction. You'll usually find hookers anywhere along Goodsway, or, alternatively, opposite the station.

Another place is the famous Spittlefields Market, around E1. Drive round the back streets to see who's around.

Soho is much over-rated, the strip clubs there are expensive, and an ideal place to get ripped off. Avoid them like the plague!

Another place, you could try, is the Edgeware Road, but it's well lit, and usually quite busy.

Allow me to add:

Along Sussex Gardens, near Paddington.

Earl's Court area, the area around the Earl's Court Road exit of the tube station.

Subject: [ASP] Stevedore Report: Update - UK, Kings Cross ares Date: 18 May 1997

Various bits in TWSG refer to the streetwalkers around Kings Cross station and their availability and price. That information seems to be a little out of date.

I saw only a few around (evidently the police have been interfering with things) and some of those did not look all that great. It is clearly easier if you have a car, but you can get by on foot, though obviously not as well.

The general prices seem to be about 30 pounds for oral and 40 for sex, and add 10 pounds if you dont want to do it in a dark corner but in a room close by. They will try for another 10 for FWO, but are willing to bargain on that one.

I must say that 30 pounds I spent for a dark corner 4 blocks away from where we made contact was for the most rushed job i have ever had. It was almost hurry up before I got started. The one nice thing was that she was very nice looking, had very nice breasts, and did a relatively competent job.

Would I do it again - no. I suppose you have try once. But the various places in Chinatown and Shepherd Market are much better value, certainly less rushed, and a lot less worry.

The Stevedore -

Date: Thu, 22 May 1997

The street girls of London

there now appear to be very few around Kings Cross - last time I was there I saw none In Sussex Garden (near paddington Station) there are usually 2 or 3.

The most I have seen are around the Spitalfields/Commercial road area, especially in Quaker St

The prices are #20 for sex or oral(with condom) in your car

A place I have been is 61 Hockley Rd east Ham ,off the Barking Road. the prices are #20 sex, #35 french without condom (not swallowing), #40 anal. alison works there - she is tall and skinny with floppy tits, and at least 5 years older than her stated age of 24.

Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997

London, England

Kings Cross street scene seems to have tailed off dramatically with not one on offer on a recent Friday night wander in the area, perhaps things have moved?

Subject: Fw: London Street Prostitution Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997

Dear Readers

First I wish to remain Anonymous. Second, I wish to moralise and finally I will add to the London scene.

The reason I wish to remain anonymous is not because I am married or because I believe in any way I'm doing wrong but simply because indulging in this sort of activity is taboo in this country. I would hate to be labelled as an Internet sex geek. I am a healthy being with an appetite for the normal things in life. I would not use for my pleasure anyone, especially not the disadvantaged or the young and innocently minded. I appreciate that in some cases the definitions of the terms in the latter sentence are open to interpitations and I therefore believe that one should stay within the confines of the law in order to provided the necessary blanket protection to those groups of people.

If you are like me, a single man who does not favour prolonged drinking sessions in smoky night clubs just to have a slim chance of picking up a woman, but you still want sex, what do you do? One thing I will not do is pay over the odds for an escort girl from the local adds. However, I will chose a sexy female from the streets to satisfy my needs. The fact that these poor girls have to provided a sevice nervously outside peoples homes and under the direction of criminally minded pimps is basically not my problem. It is in my opinion the problem of the pathetic law makers who probably believe that a guy like me should either go without or just use the "old faithful" (right hand in my case). It is bloody time that street prostitues have desigated areas where they can be picked up freely and where the money they earn can remain there's and not for some ugly drug pushing pimp.

Okay now let me tell you a little more about London. The obvious places are Kings-x and Paddington, but recently under pressure from the local communities the police have cracked down hard on such activities in these areas. (not like anyone lives behind Kings-x station but unfortunately that is the pathetic mentality I meant earlier. Myabe the law makers are worried about their daughters)

No body has mentioned Brixton and Streatham. All the way up and down Brixton Hill and where the road after the traffic lights turns into Steartham road (or High road), there are girls. Their age varies from 18ish to 50ish, but there are lots of them. If you pick one up it will cost you #20 for every thing. When they get in you car they normally take you to some seedy parking lot where you can do the business. I must admit something about street hookers turns me on, I think it is where you see a sexy girl and you know that you can get in there if you wanted to. None of those girls are needy, they all do it for the cash and so you have nothing to feel guilty about. One of the girls I picked up the other day (Sharon) had a can of Special Brew with her. I past her at a bus stop a couple of times after which she noticed and made me a sign. She had a gorgeous figure with long hair and a tiny little skirt to show off her beautiful pins. She is about 25 and when she got in my car the first thing I thought in my head was "wow you're about to mount this dame" As it happens Sharon was an exceptionally friendly girl, she kept on tell me how good looking I was (of course she is just good at her job), but her respect for me visibly grew when she questioned me about my marital status and I replied "I wouldn't do this if I had a partner".

Anyway, while she was giving me directions to her secret spot I couldn't help but notice her golden legs which where revealed more since her skirt was pulled up further in the seated position. Oh, I just couldn't wait I could have cum in my pants, while I was still driving I wanted to fondle her so badly but at the same time I resisted since that is not a respectable thing to do. After all she is a woman and not an object.

After a few minutes of taking her directions and complements we got there, amazingly enough she wanted only #15 but that took me by surprise since I expected to pay at least #20 and so I didn't bring a fiver. I told her to keep the change and for that she was grateful and she certainly made me remember. She started undoing my zip and then pulled down my trousers and pants to my knees. She then lifted her skirt to her waist and took off her knickers. Then she lent in a doggy style in her passenger seat over to me in the driver's seat (I realise now it must have been the otherway round!). So.... gently and carefully she played with my already explosively erect cock.

Without condom she put her mouth over it and started to giving one of the best experiences I've ever had. During this amazing blow job she would take her mouth away and give my balls a sensitive licking. I was only allowed to visit the feelings of being heaven for 10 minutes and after that I had no mre control. I exploded in her mouth in a way which must have felt like an excacit missile to her. She continued to act caringly until every dribble left my system then she opened the door and spit it out. During the 10 minutes in the silhouetted light I was watching her ass up in the air and my fingers from under her were playing with her pussy. Honestly, Her pussy started of as dry as a rock but after 5 minutes she was wet, I mean really wet. I didn't get round to fucking her because no normal person would not turn away from a blow job like this one. But in hined-site I still think of her and I wish I had put a condom on and felt the insides of her while her legs rapped around me. Her telephone number ended with 30 91 if anyone finds her gain, please tell her I love her. and to get her phone reconnected (I'll pay bill).

I hope my comments will give you a close place to visit. My theory is, if we can increase demand we will increase the supply. So please go there by the dromes and hopefully society will stop hindering those girls, give them a location of their own away from innocent residents and also begin to protect them as you'd expect any other loyal citizen to be protected.

Incidentally. The Seven Mile lane in Tottenham used to be full too up to June 1996-does any one know what its like now days?

Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998


My recent experiences agree with your most recent submissions. Kings Cross is taling off significantly, mainly due to increased policing, so be careful as you drive around the beat.

In visits I have made during November and December 1997, if there are any girls around, they tend to be very obvious druggies, which I tend to shy away from in the Kings Cross area. I have been ripped off in this area and I know of others that have as well. Basically, my advice would be to avoid Kings Cross unless you like taking risks with both your money and health.

Subject: street walker Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998

I would like to add the following to your list .

Att. street walker craven gardens paddington [london]

Should any body go to this area please be careful of this girl who can make herself look like a young girl when she is with it. she is small and slim with blonde hair but her faults are that not only is she a drug addict she is a compulsive liar and thief . She can be very persuasive and can put you into a false sense of security. If she gets you to take her to your place be careful she can return and steal from your place. She has a few so called friends with her who also into drugs and are willing to do anything you want for as little as a fiver upwards . So all who visit this area watch out for this one as it cannot be trusted, So to all who use these girls may you all have fun and good hunting.

Subject: London street walkers Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998

London, UK After about 10pm, there are a few hookers walking around the block in front of the Earls court station. Looks vary, but I picked up a cute little one names Diane. Probably late 20s, very small tits and real slim. She wasn't dressed like a hooker, but any single woman walking around in this area (and constantly looking around) is available. If you're alone, they'll approach you.

Took her to my hotel around the block (40 pounds). She asked for an extra 10 pounds for a BJ, but I said no. She started blowing me anyway (with condom). I started fucking her missionary, and she started talking dirty and slapped my ass (which I liked). I then turned her over and finished her doggie. Real tight. All in all, good.

Subject: Re: London/ Street Hookers Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998

Some information that may be of use:

1. Kings Cross still devoid of activity - Police operating 'zero tolerance' policy; 2. Seven Sisters Road @ Tottenham over the mile or so from Seven Sisters Station into town can be good but no girls around before 10:00 p.m. This is my personal favourite area. Prices - around 25-30 for french & breast-play (usually outside). I like french without a condom & to give a facial @ the end & can usually get this for about 40 from girls there. Some pretty rough looking ones but also some nice ones. 3. Streatham Hill good but only very late (midnight plus) & Police in the area in un-marked cars.

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998

Street Prostitution A few girls work round the Commercial Tavern on Commercial Street. Standards are pretty low, but prices start at around 15 for a hand-job in a doorway.

Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 Subject: The King's Cross (London, UK) street scene

To my eternal shame, I chose to disregard the advice in the World Sex Guide one night recently and went mooching around the King's Cross area in London, England. I met this voluptuous-looking brunette calling herself Helen, who said that she wouldn't normally "do anything like this" but that she was looking for someone "respectable" who would enjoy spending "a comfortable hour or so" with her in her flat, five minutes' walk away. She said she was looking for a "present" of #30, and I decided to take a chance on her. We duly arrived at her flat (26 Hunter House, Hunter Street, WC1), and the first thing I did was ask to look around, to make sure that no one else was there (yes, I too have read all those horror stories!). The flat appeared to be empty, so I began to feel a little more relaxed. The only thing that slightly unnerved me was the picture of a huge German Shepherd hanging on the living-room wall. I gave her her "present", and we undressed.

She started the proceedings by asking me to give her a massage, suggesting that this encounter was indeed going to turn out to be quite unlike the kind of rushed affair so often associated with street girls. I thought I must have done a particularly good job, because she appeared to fall asleep! After a few more minutes, she seemed to awaken with a start and then immediately began to act as though she didn't really know where she was or who I was, saying in an agitated voice that I had to leave right away because her "friend" was due home soon. When I reacted with astonishment, she started to show extreme anger and said that, if I didn't get dressed immediately and leave, she would summon "Buck", her German Shepherd, whom I'd obviously missed in his basket on the kitchen floor when I'd done my cursory inspection of the place on my arrival!

As you might expect, I wasn't about to check whether "Buck" really WAS in the kitchen, jaws a-dripping and awaiting his next chance to show his mistress what a good doggy he is to have around, and I was out of there in two minutes flat!

So, fellow World Sex Guide readers, please DO take the advice here and try to resist the urge to go and see what's on offer at King's Cross. In particular, don't go anywhere near 26 Hunter House! That said, you have to admire "Helen" in a way for her sheer gall (I thought I'd better put something complimentary about her here, just in case she ever reads this and "Buck" has especially good tracking skills as well as teeth!).

Best wishes,

Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 Subject: Update - London

I have been touring the streets early mornings 5:00am to 7:00am mainly around the Commercial rd area. There is still a few girls to be found in this area 3-6 most mornings. There is a young black girl, i dont know her name who will take a spanking for #30. Althought this can be awkward in a car. The police are present most days although after 6:00 they seem to disperce.

Sussex gardens is now dead, i have only ever spotted 2 or three girls around there.

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