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Chester's Sex Guide

Written by Chester


Chester's Sex Guide is my (hopefully quarterly) report on prostitution in different cities around the world. I travel for my job, and often for leisure, which puts me in the situation to check out the sex scene in many different cities. My inspiration are Atta & M, the two studs who run the World Wide Sex Directory on They have provided the net with an honest compilation of sex around the world, and has been a valuable resource to me and many others. The sad thing is that there are about 10 people who post good information for every 200,000 that read the pages. Since the pages gave me valuable information, I owed it to the NET and to the World Wide Sex Guide to come up with a 1997 update on some major cities that I have visited. I'd like to consider this guide "postware", sort of like shareware, but for the net. If you read these pages, and get some useful information from them, you owe it to me and everyone else on the net who has posted, to send us (or post) an update on the current situation. Everything, Everywhere changes almost daily, so sharing the information is vitally important. Post anonymously, or send your update directly to me. You can be certain that everything will be held in the utmost of confidence.

If you wonder why I love to check out prostitutes, that's a question that I probably can't answer. I can tell you that I love women, sex and the chase. There is some information here on escort services and incalls, however for the most part, Chester's Sex Guide is all about street walkers. ALL of the experiences listed are mine, and in future editions, I will consider reader submissions. Be sure to read the whole thing, as I include tips on how to stay safe, how not to get arrested, how not to get ripped off and other great advice.

In this inaugural edition, I'll be providing late 1996 and early 1997 information on the following cities: Chicago, Tijuana, New York City, Wisconsin-Lake Geneva, San Diego, and Puerto Vallarta.

Enjoy and your constructive comments are always welcome. Remember, I check out A.S.P, A.S.S. and other related groups as much as I can. However, since I travel so much, I often miss posts. If you don't hear from me, then keep posting, as I WILL get to you.

Let's start!!

General Information

Before we get into specific information on different cities, let's go over some good information that will apply to any city you visit. I believe that people who love to find prostitutes share a fetish with me, but there is a downside to it that can be dangerous. Most of the time, you'll be fine in any situation, however follow these tips, and you'll have much better luck. Take in mind that the following few paragraphs may sound like I don't like prostitutes. I just want to let you all know what you could be possibly in for, before you get involved. Believe me, I've had great times with girls and the next few chapters will be great! Let's begin.

General Backgrounds on Girls

First, understand that most street prostitutes are in some type of dire straight. It's probably drugs and other problems. Many have kids, pimps, abusive husbands/boyfriends, etc. The last thing they need is some asshole giving them more of the shit that they take every day. You may think that the girl you are with wants love, attention and caring; (which she may) but what they all want and need is MONEY. You can feed them as much bullshit as you want, and even if they believe you, you won't get anywhere without giving them money. Don't think that you're going to pick up a girl on the street and convince her to be with you on the merits of your charms and handsome good looks. (Yeah, there are always exceptions, but 99.9999 % of the time, you're looking for trouble.)

In general don't expect the girls to be well mannered, well educated and patient. Sure, some girls have college degrees, but the vast majority of the ones I've studied are of average to way below average intelligence, and are from tough backgrounds. If you assume the worst, you won't be so disappointed later on. Some of these girls have had the shit beat out of them for years, and are so hard and callous that not even Mother Teresa could get through to these girls. You should know which ones to work and which ones to let go immediately. Some of the girls will get in your car and literally scream at you, demanding different things (where to go, how much money, etc.). I can tell you from personal experience, that even if the girl is drop dead gorgeous, you probably won't have a good time "dating" her. (dating is often the term used by prostitutes and customers to imply a "trick". It's well known by the police too, but it just sounds better than "blow job", "fuck", "trick", etc.) Although you may have terrific interpersonal skills, take my advice, it's not worth pursuing and trying to get your moneys worth out of a prostitute who is also a major bitch. Pull over, tell her that you left your wallet at home, and that you'll come back in 30 minutes or something.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Keeping yourself and your valuables safe is of utmost importance. Having been ripped off several times, (and having been a cop for 12 years) I know just about all of the methods that girls use. Believe me, wearing your nice clothes and jewelry will do nothing for your emotional relationship with the girl. The only thing it will do is entice the girl into figuring out how to get those things into her purse.

Leave your valuables at home. That's the best advice you'll probably get. Second best, but a far second) is to leave them in your trunk or locked in your glove compartment. These girls can be pro's at distracting you with an incredible blowjob and will have your valuables without you knowing it. Know exactly how much you want to spend (refer to my pricing guide later in this Sex Guide.) and take that amount and put it in your pocket, ash tray, sun visor or wherever you feel comfortable. This is the money that you will use to pay the girl. Make sure that she will never see your credit cards or other cash. I have a pocket behind my driver and passenger side seats that I usually put my wallet in during a date. (usually the passenger side.) The girl usually doesn't think of feeling back there while she's giving you a blow job, etc. (Point take in mind that most girls know better than to rob you, they just want to do their business and move on. But, if you protect yourself, you won't be sorry.) Trunk is a decent place, but anywhere on your person is a no-no. This is all assuming that you plan to do your date in your car. If you plan to use a hotel room, and you need an ID to rent the room, then carry your ID, cash for the room, cash for the girl and that's it. When you complete the date in your hotel / motel room, take your car keys, ID and all of your clothing with you into the bathroom to clean up. It would be awfully embarassing having to call the police and have them come into your room, while you sit there in a towel and explain to them exactly what you were doing and who stole your car. Common sense often gets blurred when the prospect of sex comes up.

Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy

When you pick up a girl on the street, always make sure that you go to a spot that you know and be prepared. Aimlessly driving around looking for a secure spot will do nothing but aggravate the girl you are with and waste time. I recommend that you don't go to the spot that the girl recommends. Yes, it may be a good spot and safe, but it could also be a spot where 1) Cops know that dates happen there and are watching 2) she set you up to be mugged or worse 3) neighbors are catching on to what's going on and are taking down license plate numbers, etc.

Good spots to park depend on the city. I like large crowded parking lots, as you can pull into a space between two cars, and most likely finish your date before any of the two people come back. (Malls are much better than grocery stores.) If your city is the type where the house garages are accessed in a thru-way, then drive down one in a good neighborhood. Sometimes people don't have garages and just a concrete slab where they park their cars. (often between 2 garages.) Unless the people are looking out the window or some home while you're there, they can be great spots=2E More specific information on where to park in cities is coming later in this Sex Guide.

What can I say about keeping yourself healthy? There were a few times that I didn't use condoms for blow jobs and sex. Thankfully, I never got an STD or HIV. I was emotionally depressed from a hard break up, and for some reason I thought that if the girl blew me like my girlfriend, that it would be just like "love". For those of you who don't understand, maybe I'll elaborate later. I'm sure many of you do understand. I can tell you that the movie "Pretty Woman" is such a long shot, that you may as well play the lottery, as you're chances of winning are exponentially better. Many girls will have protection with them, and always insist on it. However, some will go without protection for extra money, etc. On top of the risk of STD's and HIV, think about having a kid with a prostitute. (If you find out about it.) This report is not about STD's or AIDs, so if you have questions, please call 800-432-AIDS. They can tell you all the information you need, plus refer you to a local clinic for FREE HIV/STD testing. Many of these girls get free condoms from the local drug programs, etc. Sometimes they aren't the greatest, but a cheap condom is better than no condom. Better yet, bring your own condoms, the brand you like. Many girls don't like to give blow jobs with lubricated condoms, so you may want to carry some unlubricated condoms too. It also makes cleanup easier too. Know the proper use of condoms! Read the instructions that come in the box, or call the number listed above. They will tell you everything you want to know, anonymously. (I'm not preaching, I just can provide the information about how to pickup prostitutes, without the information on how to stay safe!)

I recommend carrying a small bag with you, with the following items: 1) Condoms, 2) Handywipes, available at your local drug store. They even have anti-bacterial ones now, use those if you can. 3) Liquid or bar Anti-bacterial soap, if you are going to be using a hotel room 4) Listerine to wash your mouth out afterwards, if you kissed her or sucked on her tits, etc.

Always clean yourself afterwards, even from blowjobs. Give a couple of wipes to the girl, and I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Wipe yourself off thoroughly, and take in mind that saliva may have dripped down past your testicular area. Take the time to be safe. Cleaning yourself immediately after sex can eliminate the germs that cause many STD's. (Herpes, Chlamydia, you name it.) Washing yourself thoroughly afterwards is even better.

If you're stuck without anything, at least make sure you have some napkins to clean up after yourself. Go somewhere and wash yourself as soon as you can. Any bathroom with soap will do. (Gas stations, restaurants, etc.)

Avoiding a Sting Operation

Sting operations are very similar in cities. Most of the time, if a cop spots a girl getting into your car, they will pull you over and take the girl in. You'll probably get a verbal tongue lashing, and they'll let you go. Whatever you do, don't be a smartass and they'll probably be cool about it. If you act like an asshole and tell them that you thought the girl wasn't a hooker, they may take you in just for being a dumbass. Keep your mouth shut and be respectful. The worst case scenario is that you'll get arrested for solicitation and have your car towed.

Sometimes, if the cops are vice, they will discreetly follow you until you park somewhere. They'll wait until you have your pants down and come with their guns pulled out. These guys can be the worst assholes in the world, and most of them are in plain clothes. If all of the sudden you see a guy in dirty jeans and a t-shirt, waving a gun and you put your car into reverse panicking you could get shot. They could just pull their car behind yours with their lights turned on, but some of them need to feed their "cop ego" and scare the shit out of you. I can tell you that in most places, Solicitation of a prostitute is just a misdemeanor, if not the equivalent of a parking ticket in most places. Getting caught engaging the services of a prostitute is probably still a misdemeanor, but a much more serious one. You're probably better off going into a motel, but if they are real cowboys, they'll have the manager open the door. Make sure you lock the door and engage the chain lock. This is a rare occurance, and I would again tell you to be respectful of the police (at least at the time) and they may let you go with a tongue lashing. They usually always take the girl in. If they decide to take you in, they'll probably humiliate you by cuffing you to the girl and dragging your ass into the vice station. Trust me, it happened to me once. Chicago has a law where if you use your vehicle to engage in solicitation, you get fined 500 dollars + tow charges on the spot. I had to pay 660 dollars when they let me out of lockup, just to get my car back. (Plus they charge you 23 dollars a day for storage) There is no arguing about the fine amount, you pay it or don't get your car back. I'm sure there is some way that you can appeal the fine, but you can imagine the hassle. Sometimes, you'll also have to go to court, as I did. I got fined 100 dollars and got a one month supervision. It did not go on my record, as it was my first "arrest", which was really just a ticket. The prosecutor offered the deal, and rather than drag out this humiliating situation, I plead guilty and went on. I can tell you that I had to sit in the main Chicago Police lockup for about 7 hours, with drug dealers and gang bangers. It was NOT fun.

The last way they bust people is by having a police officer pose as a hooker. Although I believe that constitutionally, this is entrapment, the police love doing this. However, if you know what the look for, you'll never get busted this way. First of all, when you are looking for any hooker, always pay attention to the surroundings. When a sting operation is underway, there will be cars with people sitting in them all around. In Chicago, the police use Chevrolet Caprices. They are just waiting to surround your car. I can also tell you that a police officer will NEVER just walk up to your car and get in. They will tell you to roll your window down and greet you. If they are good cops, they'll wait for you to say a "key" word, like blow job, fuck, etc. She'll use a signal and boom- your car is surrounded by undercover squad cars and they are out for the numbers. They move your car, cuff you and put you in the back of a squad car=2E They all get back in position, and you get to watch them nail more people. If the cops are bad, like in Chicago, the girl will come up to your car and when you roll down your window, she'll ask you "Do you want a date? Or blowjob?" this is clearly entrapment in all 50 states, but when you say yes, you're busted. Trust me, arguing this with the judge will get you nowhere, fast. If you get a sharp lawyer (which probably isn't worth the time or money) you could get the charges thrown out.

One last point. If the cops see a "known" prostitute in your car and you are driving, they may pull you over. They may take the girl in, and ask you some questions. I can tell you from personal experience that even if you come up with a story beforehand, the cops will separate you and grill you like a hamburger. They are professionals at getting information out of people. Moreover, they know how to get a girl to "give you up." They may say "Just tell us what happened and we might give you a break." Trust me, the girl will have no problem giving you up to save her ass. No matter what. If you haven't done anything yet, just tell the cops that you were eating at a gyro shop and this girl asked you to give her a ride home. She looked nice enough, so you agreed. That's it. NEVER admit to agreeing to have sex, etc. That's what they want to hear. That's enough to take you in. They'll act like they just want to know and these guys are slick. If you've already done the deed, still don't admit to it. Because if they saw you do it, you would have been cuffed already. They may even tell you that they saw you, but deny it. Just have a straight story, look them in the eyes and be respectful. Don't change your story, that's the first thing they look for. Even if the girls gives in, and tells them that you just fucked at your apartment, chances are that she'll have no idea where you lived, etc. Like I said, if they knew what you really did, you'd be cuffed and that would be it. If they believe you, and you stay strong they'll pretty much have to let you go. They may give you a tongue lashing and tell you all the dangers of prostitution. I can tell you though, that the next time they see you in the area with a known prostitute in your car, they won't give you as much play.

How to Pick Girls

I have to tell you that I never pickup black street hookers. I'm not racist, and I've tried. There are some really hot black hookers walking the streets, and I'd love to fuck one some day. However, in my life I have picked up 2 black hookers, and both time had bad experiences. One time, the girl was a total bitch and as soon as I pulled out my wallet, she grabbed it, opened the car door and ran faster than FloJo. This was before I formulated my "rules" of picking up prostitutes. The second time, the girl started giving me a blow job and then told me to give her my wallet, or she was going to bite my dick off. This sounds funny now, but at the time, it was fucked. I used to be a cop, in a bad precinct of Chicago. I can tell you that the vast majority of black people are honest, of good character and hard workers. However, the black hookers are not. They tend to always have pimps, who beat the shit out of them if they don't bring in enough money. These girls have had the shit beat out of them most of their lives, and believe me, they could probably kick your ass if it came down to it. Many of them have been in gangs. Pimps are truly the scum of society, as sometimes they will even kidnap girls and lock them up in their basements for days without food or water. They'll get them addicted to crack and/or heroin and these girls will work all night turning tricks (maybe making upwards of a thousand dollars) just for 20 dollars worth of crack. You would think that an uneducated "black" (there is a difference between being black and being a black) wouldn't have so much power over a girl, but believe me, these guys can control these girls like robots. They manipulate, abuse, and beat these girls so much, they are afraid to leave. Yes, some white, asian and Hispanic girls have pimps too, but you have a much better chance of finding a decent white hooker, than you do a black hooker. What you do is your own choice, I'm just providing information on my past experiences.

One thing about all girls, is that they will tell you that they have real jobs during the day, and do this as a fantasy or for extra money. Most of them won't admit that they are feeding a drug habit, have 4 kids, have AIDS, or that their life is total shit. Would you admit that your life was total shit? (if it was?) Keep that in mind when your start laying down your lines of bullshit, trying to get this girl to really like you.

I used to love playing mind games with hookers. After a girl would say "I never do drugs", I would continue the conversation and then say "My friend just got 4 crack rocks, you wanna go smoke some?" You'll be amazed at what kind of reaction you get. Some girls genuinely don't do drugs, but many do drink which helps them dull the pain.

I'm very picky about the women I date, and I've driven around an area for 10 hours without getting anything. The hooker scene changes all the time, even within the same night. At that point in my life, I had a ton of time on my hands.

Other Information

Alright, we're just about to get into the Sex Guide. If you don't find information about the city you live in or want to visit, then keep up with or You can post requests for information on them, or you can wait until I get to your city. Best of all, check out for the latest listings in the World Wide Sex Guide.

Here we go!!!!!

Specific City Information

I live in Chicago, and I have spent the most time cruising for prostitutes here. This information is up to date as of 3/28/97. If you know more or anything new, please be sure to let me know.

Chicago is probably the worst city in the U.S. in regards to the sex business. Mayor Daley thinks that he is the moral conscience of America, and thinks that cleaning up the sex business will do wonders for the social problems. Contrary to his policies, there are prostitutes in ever major city and there will always be. I just saw on TV that the Chicago Vice were monitoring the World Wide Sex Guide. To them, I say "Fuck you assholes, I don't give a fucking shit what you think or what you do. You will never stop prostitution. Your department is a waste of money and you should focus on the real problems in society, not what some holy roller says. ". The Captain of the Chicago Police Vice unit was arrested last year for raping prostitutes, while they were in custody. The Chicago police is the worst in the nation.

I'm including information on Chicago prostitutes, escort services and strip joints.

Street Walkers

Girls hang out all over the Windy City looking for dates. Some of the areas are very nice and some are terribly depressed. Always be conscious of the area you are in.

North Avenue - For many years the North Avenue area was famous for street walkers. This has definitely changed, but the girls still hang out there. The area on North Avenue where the hookers hang out is pretty large. I would say from Halsted Street all the way down to Milwaukee. (get a map if you don't know the area.) Intersecting this large strip is the Kennedy expressway. Girls hang out on both sides of the strip.

If you go East on North Avenue from the Expressway, you hit an industrial area on the way down to Lake Michigan. (but you won't go that far.) There used to be an adult book store where all the hookers hung around. They were all around the side streets there, and occasionally, still are. There is currently a blue flag draped over the "Adult Books" sign, but you can still see it. Recently, a Home Depot was built there, so the City is really trying to revitalize the area. Down past there, you hit the North Avenue Bridge. It's a short bridge that crosses the Chicago River. Many girls are around there, mostly black, and use the bridge as cover when the cops go by. When you drive by, pay careful attention to see if anyone is on the bridge walkway, as it is pretty dark. However, most of the time, they are on either side of the bridge, waving down cars. The girls really don't hang out much east of there, although a drive down to North Avenue and Halsted wouldn't hurt. Some of the girls are very obvious in traditional hooker garb, and some of them are dressed in business type suits. Look for girls walking alone, and try to make eye contact with them. If they are a hooker and you make eye contact, they will usually smile or try to signal you in some way. If you think she is definitely a hooker and can't get her attention, then pull up and turn onto a side street=2E When she gets there, she will usually come up to your car and talk to you. If she thinks you're a cop, she might just keep on walking. I've chased some girls who weren't hookers, but I've also been persistent enough to get some of the best looking girls I've ever had this way. If she doesn't respond, you can always pull over to her and ask her if she's "dating". The worst that can probably happen is that she'll tell you to fuck off and keep walking. Hopefully, she'll ask if you're a cop and hop into your car.

It used to be that the girls used to come up to your car and you'd open your window and briefly talk to the girl. She would greet you and then ask if you were a cop. You'd say No, and then she would maybe feel your penis and then tell you what her prices are. (or ask you what you want to do.) This still happens, but since the stings have been going on, most girls will just open your passenger side door and get in. I don't like this, as I want to see the girls face up close before I let her into my car. You'll have to decide what you want to do. You can always tell the girl that you just wanted to know if she needed a ride, and aren't interested in "dating". She'll just ask you to drop her off and that's it.

West of the Kennedy expressway, you go into an area known as "bucktown". It's a mixed area, but it's becoming mostly Yuppy, which is good for the area, bad for prostitution. There are still many hispanics that live in the area. As you drive down North Avenue, heading west past the expressway, the girls may be totally obvious or almost non-existent. During the day, you'll have a better chance of finding a prostitute west of North Avenue, at night, both east and west will have them. East of the Kennedy expressway on North Avenue is mostly industrial, while west is definitely a neighborhood. During the day, there will be tons of people out and only a skilled and trained hooker troller can find the girls. Look for girls that walk alone and again eye contact. As you get further West, you hit the Wicker Park area, which is very artsy. There are a lot of clubs around there, especially near the intersection of Milwaukee and North Avenue. There are a TON of gorgeous girls walking around, and unfortunately, the vast majority of them are not prostitutes. Once you get experienced, you'll be able to tell. If you look on a map, there is a street just North of North Avenue, called Wabansia. If you can outline a rectangle with Wabansia and North Avenue as the 2 long parallels and Milwaukee and the Kennedy expressway as the 2 short sides, you'll have a great trolling area. There are definitely girls on Wabansia. It's a residential street, but if North Avenue is hot, then the girls will walk on side streets between North Avenue and Wabansia. You may want to snake in and out of the streets. Pay close attention to the street with the cheasy gas station and Paulina. Sometimes girls will be with guys, just as a cover. Remember, when it comes down to it, eye contact is key.

I can tell you that this area can have gorgeous girls and nasty black girls. (I've explained already) There can be over 30 girls on North avenue or none. It all depends. Most of the "hookers" are black and are usually found late at night. The white girls tend to be a little more discreet. The girls range from white, hispanic, asian to black. (I've scene younger teenagers working to 60 year old women) You may get lucky, or you may not. I recommend that when you see a girl, that you drive around at least once to see what's going on around her. I can also tell you that you may also lose a girl this way, as someone else may have driven around once already, or is willing just to pick up the girl. I've lost a few gorgeous girls this way, and I would actually wait for them to get dropped off, but maybe that was their last date of the night or the guy paid for the whole night, etc. Again, you have to make the choice.

Uptown The uptown area can also go from very nice to questionable. The strip I'm going to describe also encompasses some of the Wrigleyville area, which can also be known as "boys town." Wherever there are a lot of gays, there can be transvestites. So buyer beware, unless that's what you want. I can't give a lot of information on gay male hookers, as I haven't seen many (if at all) and I don't pay attention. Please don't email me asking for that information, as I don't have any.

Again, get a map. There is an area where a street called "Broadway" starts. It sortof breaks off from Halsted, and can get a little tricky. The south part of Broadway can be mostly gay, especially around Roscoe and Broadway. (Roscoe between Halsted and Broadway) We want to go North of there. Find Irving Park and Broadway on a map. You can also get there easily from Lake Shore drive. This is where the main uptown hooker drag starts. Go North on Broadway from Irving Park and you'll pass a mixture of residential and commercial areas. Look for girls walking alone. This is probably the only area of Chicago where there are definitely more white hookers than black hookers. They tend to be in their 20's or 30's and range from very good looking to cattle. Again, if you don't want to grab stalk, then watch out for transvestites. Girls generally don't stand around, as the cops have been giving them a hard time lately. They usually walk, and like always try to make eye contact. Girls generally walk by themselves when they are working, as groups tend to discourage customers. If you go up Broadway about 10 blocks, you hit a weird intersection, at Sheridan / Broadway / Montrose. At this point, take a hard left, and go back down Sheridan road towards Irving Park road. Sheridan, Irving and Broadway make a triangle on a map. Cruise down Sheridan about 10 blocks. Girls tend to walk up Broadway, and come back down Sheridan. (or vice versa) There are about 5 side streets that connect Broadway and Sheridan, however the girls tend not to hang out on these streets, except to cross over to the other main street. When you cruise down Sheridan, actually go past Irving Park road for about a block. There is a small dumpy motel called the "Carlos Motel". This is just North of Wrigley Field, about 4 blocks. I would say that at least 60% of the girls who work this area, live at the Carlos. If you're lucky enough to get a parking space, park and walk into the Carlos. They definitely know what's going on, and sometimes the girls are in the check-in area. You can also drive by slowly and see in the front glass door. If there are girls there, you may want to park or honk. They are probably working girls. The girls also work the corners around the Carlos Motel, and also right in front of the Carlos. I've picked up many a girl there. I can tell you that if you do take a girl to the Carlos, she will not take you into her room. Part of the deal is that by letting a known prostitute stay at their hotel (and not kicking them out) is that their customers will pay "short-time" for a hotel room. This costs around 22 dollars for 2 hours. They have special rooms for short time, but they are clean and the sheets/towels are changed after ever customer. They even provide condoms. The reason that girls from the Carlos will walk the 2 mile Triangle (Irving / Sheridan / Broadway) is that sometimes the Carlos will ask them not to work right in front of the hotel, or if a girl doesn't want to work by another girl she hates. (or whatever) If you drive this triangle, (and go past irving to drive by the Carlos) and you don't see anything, take a side street back to Broadway (East) and drive it again. Don't neglect Irving Park between Sheridan and Broadway, as some girls work this strip too. There are a lot of students who live in this area, some are gorgeous, but alas, not hookers.

Just south of Irving on Broadway, is a small restaurant called "Windy City Gyros". Cops often eat there, as they get free meals, but working girls often stop in to get a drink or cool off, etc. Some of them will even solicit you while you're eating.

Uptown #2 If you continue up Broadway, past Montrose, you'll start getting into a questionable area, (but not that bad, there is a Salvation Army shelter there.) and you'll hit a street called Wilson Avenue. (Between Montrose and Wilson avenue on Broadway, you may see a few girls.) Turn West, or Left on Wilson and drive down. There is a City College of Chicago on the left, a fire station on the right. There are girls all around this area, and it goes for about 20 blocks until Clark Street. (No need to go further than Clark, there aren't any girls past there). Girls around there tend to be white or hispanic. Most of them probably do drugs. This area has some gangs, but has students/ yuppies/ hispanics. You should always be fine in your car. The street that runs Parallel to Wilson, just North tends to be a hooker street too. Get a map and draw a rectangle between Broadway, Wilson, Clark and the Street Just north of Wilson (I can't remember the name). Drive this rectangle, and sometimes there are girls also on the side streets. Most of them hang around the corner from cheap motels.

In Uptown, I've had some gorgeous hookers. From a 27 year old natural blonde with 36DD tits and tight ass to an 18 year old beautiful brunette high school dropout.

I can tell you that although this area has been good in the last year, it is getting hot with police. Since it isn't a black drug infested area, they haven't really chased the prostitutes, but recently they have been cleaning it up. A hooker that I often see, that lives at the Carlos Motel, said that they have evicted all of the prostitutes, in response from police pressure. (Believe me, the police know exactly what's going on in most places, they all work the same areas every day, and when you do it full time, you get to know what's going on.)

Cicero Avenue Cicero avenue runs North and South along the west side of Chicago. If you drive down from Cicero avenue from as far north as Belmont down to Roosevelt (about 10 miles), you'll go through some decent neighborhoods to the North to some of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. However, I've driven this route many times, and I've never had any problems. You are usually fine in your car, just about anywhere you go. If you're looking for white girls, check out the strip of Cicero avenue between Belmont and Diversey. There used to be a lot more girls out there, but it can be slim pickings now. I've found a gorgeous 19 year old there, who had an incredible body. I hear that there are numerous girls during the day, but I've only cruised this area at night.

Cicero Avenue around Roosevelt Road, (just North of Roosevelt) is on the border of Cicero and Chicago. From Roosevelt rd. going north, it's pretty much junkie black hookers, with plenty of attitude. The area is terrible too. (This is in Cicero, not Chicago)

Right at Roosevelt road, there is usually a combination of junky black girls in classic hooker garb to decent white girls. It all depends on the day/night. If you drive south on Roosevelt road, there are several cheap motels where many girls stay and/or work. You may want to pull into the parking lots to see if anything is going on. The Cove motel has always been good to the hookers, along with several others. On the east side of Roosevelt road, there is a small hotel (damn, I forgot the name) that always has girls in front of it. There is a blue collar bar next door, and I hear you can pick up girls inside the bar. However, I've never tried this. Just south of there is a dunkin' donuts, and there are always girls around and inside there. Girls work in Cicero during the day and at night, so it could be feast or famine. During the day, the girls are always harder to spot, as there are people walking outside, etc. Again, the key is always eye contact. Look for girls walking alone, or hanging on corners=2E

Cicero used to be a mecca for whores, but has tried to clean up it's image recently. As of 3/97 they are in the midst of political wars, and some nights they probably do stings or sweeps. They threaten to publish your name in the local newspaper, but I don't know if that's been done yet. Cicero used to be all white and hispanic, and blacks were practically killed if they went into town. This isn't so true anymore, as Cicero is definitely a low-class dumpy town.

By the way, just south of Roosevelt avenue, on Cicero, there is a "Bare Assets" club. This is a small chain of jack off joints, where you go into small booths, and have to tip the girl half of your life savings to see anything. It's not even possible to touch there, as you are completely windowed off from the girls. It's clean and safe, but it's not worth your time. However, the street is. If you drive down that street (I forgot the name, just look for Bare Assets.) between Cicero and Laramie, there are usually a few girls working that street too.

10 years ago, you could go to any number of sex clubs in Cicero, and get whatever you wanted for 30 bucks. Those clubs are long gone, with only 2 strip joints remaining. They are both owned by the same guy(s), and have cleaned up their act, some. Both clubs are in Cicero, on Roosevelt Road. They are about 3 miles apart. The first one is called Pure Gold. I used to frequent this place a lot. They have about 13 girls working, ranging from average to hot. They danced on stage, and in the back, there were private table dances. They cost 50, 100 or 150 dollars. (Plus 10, 20 or 30 dollar tip for the bar maid who took you back. So really 60, 120 or 180) Imagine a short, fat hallway and that is what the back was like. When you walked past the curtain, there were 4 tables and chairs on each side of the short hallway, and that is where you sat for 60 bucks. Just past that were booths with see-through curtains and mirrors. (For the 120 dollar private dance) and in the back was a private room without a door, with a restaurant type booth and mirror. (But it too the side, so you can't see directly in.) The dances lasted 15, 20 or 25 minutes respectively, and the girls always expected a tip. How good of a time you had depended on which girl you chose, and how well you knew her. The best part about this place is that you are allowed to touch, masturbate and if you're lucky, fuck. The clubs official policy is no sex, but I've gotten to know a few girls there who would fuck me in the back. I was a great tipper, and a nice guy. Moreover, it's easier to pick up the girls who work there to meet you outside for a date (fuck). Some girls there are bitchy and demanding for tips, and some are nice and easygoing. You'll have to figure out who is good on your own.

The Doll Lounge is a few miles away, and is much of the same situation=2E Except that the back rooms are actually separate from each other and more private. It's also a much larger place. However, the better and younger looking girls tended to work at Pure Gold, instead of the Doll Lounge.

There is no cover, and drinks are about 3-5 bucks. As of 1/1/97, due to political bullshit, the town of Cicero renewed their liquor license, but not their entertainment license. So, now they close at 2 AM, instead of 5 AM, and there are no girls dancing on stage. All you can do is drink and talk to the girls. There is STILL private dancing in back, at the same prices listed above. 80% of the guys in there, just went to drink and stare at the girls dancing on stage. Now, it's just regulars, or guys just checking it out. The club manager thinks that they'll get their entertainment license back after the elections in April. These are the only 2 strip clubs in Cicero, and sadly the last. They are both in the phone book, so you can give them a call and ask them if they are dancing on stage yet, or what's going on. It's much better when the girls are on stage, because it's packed and you don't get molested for private dances every minute. Then again, you may get a better value now that business is down. I would recommend that you clarify what you will be getting before the private dance. (she's not going to say sex). Just make sure she's not going to charge you a la carte to touch different parts of her body. Most girls don't, and even if you don't get laid, she may lap dance you until you cum.

<<<WAIT!!! They just got their license back!!! YAHOO!!!!>>> 3/28/1997

Back to Cicero Avenue. If you have the time, keep driving south on Cicero avenue until you hit Midway Airport. (about 4-5 miles) There are usually some girls on this strip too. I've seen white gorgeous to cattle.

Diversey Avenue Drive on Diversey between Addison and Cicero. (about 5 miles). There are mostly white chicks, especially around the Marshall Field's warehouse. I've had a gorgeous one there, who I fucked about 100 times. She moved and I lost touch with her- damn! Close to here is Armitage and Rockwell, but I haven't cruised there. Please post if you have.

Lincoln Square Area Far North, on the border of Lincolnwood and Chicago, there is a hangout for mostly white girls. This is a pretty good neighborhood, so they've been cracking down lately. However, they are definitely still there. Lincoln Avenue around Jersey is the spot. There are 3 cheap motels at that corner. The Stars, TipTop and Rio motels. The girls stay there, long term and run out when they need money, etc. They used to stay out longer, but the heat has caused them to be more selective about work house. There is also a small side street west of Jersey, called Christiana. The small street just south of Lincoln Avenue, that connects Jersey and Christiana is a good place too. Drive around the area, and the side streets. (it's not very big at all.) Girls hang out during the day, but mostly at night. Either you'll get lucky, or there won't be much at all. If you have the time to hang out or drive around, you'll probably get a nice, young white girl. Short time at the local motels is about 25 bucks. It's safe and I recommend getting a room. The area is too nice to get a blow job on the street.

Also, there are some girls that hang around Foster and Lincoln (SouthEast of Lincoln and Jersey) and also further down Lincoln, at a small motel called the Patio.

Escort Services in Chicago

There used to be only a few escort services in the phone book, but as of the last few years, there are a ton! I usually don't like escort services, and there prices are high. (300-500 dollars.) If you have any info, please post.

There are also two publication that take adult advertisements. One is the upscale Chicago Magazine, in the very back. The Reader is the second, it's a free weekly newspaper. You may have read in the news that a lawyer was caught prostituting and advertising her services in a newspaper. The Reader was that newspaper, so the cops must be cracking down on those girls.

Massage Parlors

These can be great in other cities, but not Chicago. They raid these places all the time, so you won't get any bang for your buck. The women are all old asian.

Strip Joints

Cicero Already mentioned above.

Heavenly Bodies This is a bikini bar in the suburb of Elk Grove Village. They have a TON of women working there, and have been remodeling. Most of the women are gorgeous, and the dances are in the back for 5 dollars each. (cheap!) The bikini's are skimpy, but they don't come off. They sell alcohol there, so no exposed nipples allowed. It's a fun place for parties, etc. They are strict on dress code and ID.

Dancers This is in a suburb of Chicago called Palatine. It's a very upscale suburb, and the only reason this place is in business, is because it's in unincorporated Palatine. It used to be called the Gay Paree, and the women used to be cattle. They used to have restaurant type booths in the back, public but very dark. (I've fucked back there, and also gotten hand/blow jobs.) Now, they remodeled and have young gorgeous girls. The only problem is that this place is the WORST rip off in the country. They pretty much tell you that you will get laid in the back, and try to get you for between 175 dollars to 500. They will try to get you to spend on your credit card, etc. Even though they have remodeled and changed women, I hate this place because of the scam. The booths are gone now anyway. Fuck this place.

Crazy Horse This is right off North Avenue, at Kingsbury. It's very upscale, and used to be one of the famous "Thee Doll House" chain. The girls are incredible, mostly plastic and the dances are 20 dollars each. Great time if you have the $$$, but no touching. They serve a full liquor bar, so the girls wear thongs and "pasties". They are lobbying to change that law. There won't be an ugly girl in there, and there is a dress code. (by the way, the pasties are very thin and small.) They have valet parking also. Right next door are some pretty happening clubs too. (Crowbar, etc.)

Admiral Theatre This is a famous theatre, on the Northwest side of Chicago. It's on Lawrence avenue, in Korea Town. They remodeled about 5 years ago, and the place is gorgeous. They have everything from private movie booths, porno theatre and adult bookstore; to the largest strip club I've ever seen. This place is impeccably decorated, and clean. They have about 150 girls per night, with 3 on stage at all times. They go fully nude there, and the average age of the girls is about 19-20. About half are plastic, and the other half are just out of high school. The girls here are amazing, not one cattle there. The dances are only 10 dollars, but they only serve soft drinks. The cover is 15 dollars, and you have to buy 2 drinks at entry. (for 3.50 each) So, to get in, it's 22 dollars. They also feature headlines, famous porno stars, etc. I've seen many there, including Nikki Dial. I have a polaroid of her sitting on my lap with her legs spread open. They do great bachelor parties, and this place is always packed. They have a dress code and valet parking. One of my favorite places to see just out of high school girls and have fun. (You can ask them how old they are, and they will definitely tell you.) No touching though.

Bare Assets I spoke about this club briefly in my Cicero report. These places suck and stay the fuck away from them.

South Side / Indiana Clubs There are a ton of clubs in the less conservative, blue collar south suburbs of Chicago. This also goes for Northwest Indiana. I've heard a lot about these clubs, but never been to any of them. Let me know if you have info.I hear the "body shop" is good.

New York

New York used to be the BEST city in the US for stripper action. Since Giuliani got into office, most of the places on Broadway are gone, and the town has really cleaned up. Don't be discouraged though, as there is still plenty of action. One thing to know, is that nothing is cheap in NYC, including sex. I'll be sure to let you know how to get the best value. If you're wondering how they closed so many clubs, they enacted a law stating that adult clubs cannot be within x feet of a church.

Regardless of that, NY is very tolerant of a ton. It's about 500000 percent better than Chicago. There are at least 1000 clubs in the NY, NJ and CT area. Some are good, some are bad. I'll let you know of all the ones I've been to. Here we go!

Street Walkers I've seen them mostly on the far west side, around the Lincoln Tunnel entrance. They really do drive around in their cars, looking for dates. If you have a rental car, then drive around and if a girl blows a kiss at you, she's a whore. They still do hang out on streets, but not as much as they used to. Check out the gas station at 10th and 23rd. has a good listing of street walkers in NYC, so consult there. Late at night, any cab that can keep his meter running will gladly show you all the areas of town where the hookers are. There are also a ton of dumpy limousines with drivers hustling rides. You can negotiate with them, and for about 50 dollars, they will drive you around until you find a girl you like, and do everything in the back area. It's usually safe and better than a taxi. (This section isn't finished yet, I'm putting my notes together. It will be HUGE when I'm done.)

Escort The escort services in NYC are numerous and unfortunately expensive. They average around 300 for full service, and 500 for a knock out girl. They know the hotels very well, and they usually tip the doormen 5 bucks to look the other way. (not that they really care.) They usually take about an hour to arrive, and range from gorgeous to average. (I only do the 300 dollar call.)

Strip joints There are a million in Manhattan alone. I list only the ones I've been to. Call information or ask your hotel concierge where they are.

Scores Howard Stern's favorite, and he is often there. The women are all silicone and perfect. 20 dollars a dance. It's very upscale and it's also a restaurant / sports bar. The girls go topless, with g-strings. They server a full liquor bar. I wouldn't go in there with less than 500 dollars, as they'll probably kick you out. J 60th and 2nd or close to there. At night, it's 25 / person to get in.

Paradise Club Full nude, they serve only soft drinks. (5 dollars each) People always inquire about this place on the net, so I went there. It's 30th, in a decent neighborhood. The club is actually quite nice, with about 80% of the women gorgeous. The women will quickly ask you to buy them drinks, and chat. They are pretty nice, and they'll want to show you around. They have a ton of different things they offer, and I've done them all.

Table Dance you go into an area and sit on a table. It costs 20 dollars, plus tip for the girl. Not much different from other places, except it's nude.

Slow Dance you go into another area (this place is big and multi-level) and slow dance with the girl. There she'll tell you about the other areas, that of course, cost more money. Depending on the girl, you may get a little touchy feely, but they are fully clothed. Then again, it's always nice to dance with a gorgeous girl. It's 20 dollars for this too, plus tip.

Topless pool You play a round of pool with the girl of your choice for 40 dollars, plus tip. It's ok, and sometimes the girl will majorly flirt and tease you.

S&M sampler It's 20 dollars and they give you 5 minutes of 2 girls whipping/eating/banging each other. Of course, plus tip. They hope you get so turned on, you go for the full thing.

Private rooms 175 for 30 minutes / 300 for 60 minutes. (plus tip.) They have a second level and basement area dedicated to this. (The topless pool and S&M sampler are in the basement too.) It's amazingly unwatched down in the basement. They have about 6 different themed rooms with beds in them. One of the rooms has a hot tub, but only one person is allowed in at a time. You get the girl of your choice, who goes fully nude and give you a massage. These rooms have thick curtains, and everything is totally private. Except for one thing, there are small cameras. Just about every place that offers private rooms has these cameras. They don't record you, they just have some guy in a little room upstairs watching. (if at all.) I think it's more to make the city think they are not doing any hanky panky in the rooms. (after all, we have cameras and a security officer. Right) unlike other places, no one looks into the rooms periodically. I've only been with 2 different girls down there, and I've never gotten straight sex. I have gotten hands jobs, and you can touch whatever you want. I haven't gotten any blow jobs, but I've heard that some guys have gotten them. Let me know!!! They also offer custom fantasies, like 2 girls, panties, pictures, etc. You negotiate with the girl.

Flashdancers They are on Broadway, around 60th. The women there are a tiny hair below Scores. (tiny tiny hair, they are gorgeous). It's only 5 bucks to get in, and they serve a good (and free) lunch and dinner buffet. There are a ton of women working there, and they do serve alcohol. (therefore, it's topless). They have headliners there, and the dances are only 10 dollars. This is my favorite place, so far, in NYC. The girls are nice, and you don't get nearly as mobbed. (like scores, where the come up to you every 10 seconds.) The club is large, but not nearly as nice as Scores. However, the clientel are very upscale and mostly businessmen. (like me!) It's really a ton of fun there, and the girls give you a great lap dance for 10 dollars. Some of the girls there have given me the most erotic lap dances that I've ever had. (I've had a TON too.) Check it out if you have a chance. They are affiliated with about 5 other clubs in NYC, and they have flyers and cards everywhere advertising the other clubs. Some of their other clubs are fully nude. I haven't been to the other clubs, but I hope to soon. They have a champagne lounge, which costs 300 dollars to get in. I haven't done it yet, but my good friend tells me that it's much more private and you get a bottle of cheasy champagne. The girl gives you as many dances as you want for an hour, and your hands get to roam more freely. (as do hers.) I'm sure there is no sex though. I had the privilege of taking one of the dancers there out on a date, and I see her every time I go to NYC.

VIP Club This is another very upscale club like Scores, and is multi-level. The girls are fewer (around 20) but gorgeous. It's 20 dollars a dance, but unlike Scores, the girls there will actually sit with you for a while and talk. Regardless of whether or not you buy them a drink. They have private rooms also, and they are expensive but fun. (175 for half hour, 300 for an hour, plus tip. Same pricing as the paradise club). You can touch in the private rooms, but like always, it depends on the girl you're with and how well she knows you. Cover depends on what time of day/night. It's in the downtown area, 20 w. 20th. I liked it there, but it's very expensive, like Scores. I spend 300 dollars at Flashdancers, and had the time of my life, for about 5 hours.

Village Fantasies This isn't really a strip club, and it's very unique. Do a search for them on They have a web page. Basically, you make appointments, and request fantasies. They are in a beautiful townhouse in the Village, and have an elaborate staging area. The women range from average to beautiful. They have been in business since around 1961. It's expensive, around 175 a girl / hour. They usually recommend 2 girls, especially the first time, as if you are shy or feeling it out, they can work the fantasy while you watch or passively participate. You can pretty much do anything there, but vaginal or anal sex. (or blow jobs.) They will however, do just about anything else, and the girls are well trained in their art. You can touch. I did the catholic school girl fantasy, and 2 girls came into my room in short plaid skirts, white blouses and penny loafers. You can imagine where it went from there don't email me asking me about that one, get your own damn fantasy.

I'll have more info as the year goes on. I go to NYC monthly for business.

IN call I love these places. They are all over the net, and there is a ton of information on (no, I'm not affiliated with them, I just love what they do.) My favorite used to be Jillian Bradley's, where the women were ALL beautiful. They must have pissed off a customer, who turned them into the police. (asshole!) She had her 14 year old daughter working there, answering phones. (only, you perverts) He told the cops that her 14 year old daughter worked there as a prostitute. They got shut down, unfortunately, as have many other in call places. Many of the places listed on are now closed.

Kimberly and Friends is still open, and they are on the Net. (Do a search of Yahoo!) They are on the upper west side, and you can get their contact information from (Go to the World Wide Sex Guide) You will make an appointment, and they tell you to go to an intersection, and call from a pay phone. From there, they'll tell you where to go. It's standard pricing, much like the other places where. 130 for half hour and 180 for an hour. If it's your first time, go for the =BD hour, even if you think you're a stud. For 130, you get full service, and the only difference in the 180 price, is time. You can do it twice if you want. When you first go in there, you are searched with a metal detector and they ask to see inside your wallet. Don't be offended if they ruffle through your credit cards, etc. They need to protect themselves. If you are a real asshole, you will be shown the door. The girl who greeted and searched me was a real knockout. She was definitely a model, unfortunately, she wasn't a working girl. They are careful to quickly show you your room, and you'll never run into another client going in or out. They will protect your privacy, and it's good for business. I think they have 4 rooms, and 3 of them were being used. I had 4 girls come in one by one and introduce themselves. They also give you a drink. You are then asked if you want to stay or not. (if you don't like the girls, you can leave no problem!) Obviously, I didn't see the 3 girls who were working in the other bedrooms, but the 4 that I saw weren't bad. (although not as good as Jillian Bradley's was! L One girl was Samoan, 2 were black and one was white. They were all attractive. (the Samoan girl was short, but thin; one black girl was tall and model type lanky the other shorter and full figured ; white girl was medium built, with long red hair.) I chose the white girl, and that's all I'm going to say about the incall places. You can figure it out from there. The girls there appreciate tips, but they are hardly expecting them. For the prices charged, it includes full service, no games! 20 dollars is a reasonable tip. They are very clean and change the sheets and clean the room between every session. There are ample supplies (soap, fresh towels, rubbing alcohol, etc.) to clean yourself up, and every room has a bathroom. The apartment is very nice. From there, you'll get a business card and they'll assign you a number. You won't have the entry hassles anymore, etc. It's in a very affluent upper west side area, and very safe. The busy times are 5-6 PM and around 11 PM. If you go at the slow times, you can have your choice of all the girls, instead of 2 or 3. Be a nice guy and bring some flowers for the girls once in a while, and it will definitely score you points. They have over 40 girls who work different shifts during the week, and they are all different types. If you are a known customer, you can call ahead and get what you want.

If you've had recent 1997 experiences, please post them or email them to me. I'm especially looking for information on California Girls, as I can't find their number anywhere.

Peep Shows These places are all the same. Most of them are on 8th avenue between 38th and 45th. However, they are all over the city. Usually, they have a porno book store/video on the first floor, gay buddy booths in the basement and the peep booths on the 2nd floor. The larger, more established places tend to be stricter in their policies, so I like the small secluded places better. Basically, you buy tokens and go into a private viewing booth. There is a small window there (10x10) and when you put in tokens, the window goes up. The girl will ask you for a tip, and you should give her 3 dollars. (for anything less, you cannot touch her.) Do not give her any more than 3 dollars though, as it won't get you more. Have plenty of singles ready. She'll let you fondle her tits, suck on them (if you want) for the minute or so your tokens last. When the window goes down, get your hands back in, or they'll get smashed. J You then put in more tokens, and you have to tip the 3 dollars again. After a few of those, she'll turn around and let you finger her pussy and her asshole. You are encouraged to masturbate during this time, however, I find it hard to balance touching, pulling tokens, pulling singles and masturbating at the same time. (If I only had 4 hands) Hence, I have never masturbated in the booths. The time is short, and it's clumbsy. In most places, there window is too small for the girl to reach in and jack you off, etc. In all the places, the girls usually hang out in windows and on top of the booths so you can see them and choose which one you want. They range from cattle to incredibly gorgeous. Some larger places offer other services, like full body opaque 2 way mirrors that you can make requests. (but you can't touch.) You'll have to find out by yourselves.

In all the porno book stores, they will have an assortment of local sex guides, for around 5 dollars. They have ads for everything, from strip clubs, escort services, massage, in calls, to peep joints.

San Diego

Streetwalkers I tried the strips listed on the world-wide sex guide, and I found nothing.

Escort I called an escort service in the phone book, and I got the most gorgeous 19 year old call girl. She was really 19, she showed me her ID. She had a perfect body, and could have been a model. It was 150, plus tip. Total was 250. Well worth it.

Lingerie I went to a lingerie place, and the girls were gorgeous. Basically, you pay 35 dollars for =BD hour and then you go into a private room, with a recliner. You sit in the recliner and you tip the girl for the show. She is at least 10 feet from you, and there is Kleenex and lotion on the table next to you. No touching, no fucking.


Bolettos if you want to see gorgeous Mexican women, go to Bolettos, right by Carlos and Charlies. It's in a great area, and the table dances are only 5 dollars. (Go before you go to the Adelitas or Chicago club!) Get more info from

Puerto Vallarta

There are a ton of brothels in Puerto Vallarta, most of them by the airport. However, my favorite was down by Los Arcos, a great area of town. Ask your cab driver to take you to "Extravaganza", the club you should go to is right next door, and is much nicer than Extravanganza. There are about 10 girls there, all gorgeous. Table dancers are 40 pesos, cheap! They have rooms in the back, and you get to fuck the girls for 80 dollars American. I recommend doing a few table dances first, because the girls will get you so fucking hot. They want you to take them in back, so they can make money. Let them turn you on, first. You can also take any girl there back to your hotel for 3 hours . For 200 dollars American. You can do whatever you want. Don't think that the girls there are homebody sex slaves, they are all around 18-20 and they do it for a living. They are gorgeous. If you have a latina fantasy, you can fuck a girl that looks like Selma Hayek! If you want to tip, give them 20 bucks, that's it. They don't really expect one afterwards, as it's all inclusive.

Wisconsin Lake Geneva

If you cruise around Lake Geneva during the summer, you'll often see groups of teenagers hanging out. They are usually there for the summer with their parents, and sometimes they get dumb ideas to make money . <more info to come>

Well, that's it for March 1997 folks. I'll try to update this as much as possible. Happy Whoring and stay safe! Don't forget to share the information. Fuck the police. I have more information, but not the time to update the page. I'll do my best to expand this guide and keep giving you guys information. To those who use the info if you won't post your info, then you are a fucking asshole. Remember - Freedom of Speech is your constitutional right and fight censorship. Parents are responsible for their kids, not us.


A Rebuttal received via email on 03-13-02

Hello, Jackson - I've been meaning to mention this to you for some time.

Chester's Report' should be scrapped, in my opinion (under the link 'Great Reports -Chicago/NYC' on the home page)

The early paragraphs are all right, but in the middle, under the heading 'How To Pick Up Girls', he makes a bunch of false, racist, and useless statements.

First, he uses the 'N' word twice - I'd like to see that edited, at least.

His claim that 'most of the black street girls have pimps' is absolutely untrue. I lived in Chicago for many years, and had many street adventures. Fact is, 99% of the street girls are freelance. They don't have pimps, because the 'black pimp'is almost extinct. There is no money in it. The girls are getting $10-$15 a trick, and only 2-3 customers per day. These days, men in the ghetto (who go into crime) make their money from drug dealing.

He admitted that he only tried 2 black girls, and had bad experiences. That hardly qualifies him as an authority. He probably chose the wrong kind, from the same area. The good, freelance black women are found in the black areas of the South and West sides, not in the mixed-race areas of the Northside. For some reason, the bullshit black hookers seem to congregate on the Northside.

His locations are also out of date, and many are no longer valid.


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