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Cebu, The Philippines

Subject: Philippines, Cebu, Davao

Cebu: Last time just stayed there for one night at Mactan Island, where the aiport is. Lived in Hotel Bridgeside, former Hotel Heidelberg. If you come from the airport it's beside the Mactan Bridge on the right. There is a bar downstairs. Some girls are dancing topless. If you just go in and take a drink, a girl or two will sit beside you and ask for a drink. If you feel like it just order drinks. The prices are usually less then 50 P for a drink. The girls there change often, two years ago there was one girl, she was one of the prettiest I have ever seen in the Phil. Last time there were just average girls. But nevertheless if you like one of the girls just ask if they come with you upstairs. The bar fine is 300 P, the girl will ask for 700 P, all in all approx. 40$. That is for the whole night. You just tell the girl which room number you have and go upstairs. She will follow through another way up.

After we have both taking a shower she gave me a quite good blow job. Her tits were not so bad but already a bit soft. Her nipples were as big as I have ever seen. But she took my cock, 10 inches, inside her mouth that I thought she want to swallow it. Later on I fucked her really good. And again in the morning. I gave her the money and left to Davao.

Date 24. June 1997 Subject: Philippines, Cebu-Mactan Island, Cebu-City

Sorry about my poor English, it's not my mother language. This is the update of my last stay in May/June 1997

Cebu: Stayed again in Hotel Bridgeside, former Hotel Heidelberg. If you come from the airport it's beside the Mactan Bridge on the right. It's still on the Mactan Island. If you want to save money just walk from the airport about 400 meters to the street and take a tricycle to the hotel, it's not more than 20-30 P (approx. 1 $). The taxis do not want to switch on the meter they all want 150 P (approx. 6 $) to downtown. It's very hard to persuade one to go by meter. Another possibility is also to go to the departure area and stop a coming taxi, they are easier to persuade to switch on the meter.

This time the bar was in renovation, that means there were no girls downstairs at the hotel Bridgeside. But nevertheless right opposite of the hotel there are some small bars where are girls available. First night I went to one of the bar just opposite of the hotel. I went in the bar and sat on a table just immediately there were girls coming and asking if they could join me. I took one pretty girl. All the girls were working in the bar and every half an hour they were dancing and stripping. This girl, her name was Amy were asking for an lady drink this is 150 Pesos (approx. 6 $). Because I liked her I agreed to that. After talking for a while I asked her about going with me to my hotel. The price was quite high. She wanted 1750 P (approx. 70 $) for the whole night. This was including bar fine. It was much more what I expected, but because this was my first night there and I really needed a girl so I agreed. Take a girl to the Bridgeside Hotel is no problem.

When we arrived, we undressed and each of us took a shower. She had a quite good body, she said she was 21 years old. Her breasts were quite good in proportion, small and tide (Asian style). I kissed her body and stroked her tits, I also caressed her nipples with my tongue. After that she gave me a good blow job for a couple of minutes. Then I fucked her real good in different positions. And again in the morning. She left quite early at around 6 o'clock.

Next day I went to a disco. This disco was about 50 meters away from the Bridgeside in the direction of Lapu Lapu, just at the PNB Bank right and you are almost there. In the Philippines there are two different styles of discos. Real discos with music and dancing and discos where the people sit and watch girls who are dancing and stripping. This disco was from the second style. A drink was around 35-40 P (around 1.5 $), no entrance fee. The girls who were dancing there had real good bodies. I t was nice to watch them. But after an hour I left to another bar, around 2 km far from Bridgeside in the direction of the airport on the right side. This bar was called Brown Bear Bar.

It was like all the bars, just a bit bigger then the others. There were girls who were dancing and stripping as well as girls only for the entertainment and joining of guests. I liked one girl. She was also asking for an Lady drink, at this bar there were ordinary and special drinks for 75 P and 150 P. This time I agreed to an ordinary drink for 75 P. We talked a while and watched the dancing girls.

Then we left for the hotel. The costs were 500 P barfine and 1000 P for her. Also quite expensive. At the hotel after taking shower separately, she always wanted to switch off the lights. I did not want that. We were almost quarrelling about that. Later on I found out why. Her body was not any more so tide and good. And her tits already quite soft and sacking. I did not see that in the bar, her cloth were hiding that. I was not any more so turned on. She gave me than a blow job for a while, than I started to fuck her. We changed positions from time to time. My favourite is from behind lying on her. Because she did not turn me on so much I decided to try fuck her in the ass. I glided of her hole a few times and rubbed my cock up and down her holes until all was wet. Then I found her asshole and put my cock fast inside her slim ass. She was crying and saying no no no, she tried to turn, but I kept her down and fucked her hard in the ass, holding her soft tits hard with my both hands until I reached my orgasm. Later on she wanted to leave as soon as possible, because I was satisfied I gave her the 1000 P even if it was for the whole night and she left.

The next day I left for Cebu City to downtown. I stayed at the Mc Sherry Pension House, it' just behind the Hotel de Mercedes, all Taxi drivers know the place, it's in the Pelaez-Street. If you a looking for a girl, just go out of the Pension in the evening. You will be surely asked if you want a girl. Everywhere at Pelaez-Street. Do not trust guys who just want to show you around to the girls and offer you cheap prices. They may rob you off. But you can trust guys who show you pictures from girls and offers you to bring one, two or three girls to your Hotel for a selection. Also guys who offer you girls to bring to your hotel for a selection without showing you pictures.

I liked two girls on the pictures, they looked so young. I let the girls bring to my Hotel. The guy promised me to bring them to my room. But I had to go down to the entrance to choose a girl. But I have never felt sorry about that. I decided to take a girl named Maryrose, she was the best and most beautiful I have ever had in my whole life. The guy told me before when he showed me the picture she was seventeen, actually she was twenty. But that didn't mind. She was so pretty, I couldn't believe that she is working in such a business. Her face was so fine and even her nose was a bit more European. I liked her from the first time very much.

Mostly I forget to tell you about the price. It was 800 P (approx. 25 $). Actually 500 P for her manager and 300 P for her. Really a good price. When we went to our room. She started to undress just immediately. I was so impressed from her body, especially from her breasts. They were so big for a Filipina. But they were very hard and proportioned like apples. The nipples were small and turned me so on. I could almost not wait to fuck her. But we took a shower first. After the shower I caressed her whole body and especially the tits, I could not let my hands away from her big and strong breasts. I stroked and massaged them that I almost got crazy. I have never felt like that before. I stroked her cunt with my tongue. She tasted so delicious. I stucked my tongue inside her as much as it was possible and fucked her with my tongue. She liked it so much and moved her cunt closer to my face. After that I wanted to put on my condom that I could fuck her but she hold me back and said not yet, after this she gave me a blow job I have never got before. She used her tongue I do not know how she did it and she took my cock inside her whole mouth what I liked very much. She moved her head up and down that I thought I will explode every moment. She sucked so much that I could not wait any longer, I exploded with an enormous orgasm. My load came out in her mouth on and on. And what I could not believe she swallowed everything. Because it was so much some went out her mouth even this she licked up, she licked my cock dry of all semen.

After this I was out of power for a while, we were laying there holding and stroking each other. After about 45 minutes I was ready to fuck her. My cock was hard again. I put on a condom and started to fuck her. She was so slim, that I thought she was almost a virgin. We changed position from time to time and fucked really good. I enjoyed it so much, at the end I fucked her from behind, she was lying on her stomach. I was holding and massaging her beautiful full and hard breasts and fucked her from behind until I reached my orgasm. I moved my cock in and out her small cunt, hard up to the end of her hole. It was actually my best fuck I have ever had. There is no comparison to prostitutes in Europe, they let you fuck them quick and almost boring and then you have to leave. But these girls here, especially Maryrose she gave you the feeling of real love. This is the feeling of the exotic Philippines.

We slept together and in the morning we fucked again and repeated what happened on the evening before. I gave her another 500 P. She left me her address and telephone no. That I could reach her and see her again. I saw her again twice, I just called her and met her at my hotel. These other two meetings were as great as the other before, I wished I could take her home.

Other places to find a girl is in the more clean uptown area, at the Fuente Osmena Circle. Around that place the are many Pensions, for example the Yasmine Pension House, at Don Gil Garcia Street. If you are looking for a girl, just walk around the Fuente Osmena, guys will ask you if you like a girl, they bring them also to your hotel for a selection. Prices are between 700 and 800 P.

Around the Pelaez Street and Sanciangco-Street in downtown there are also some bars where the girls are dancing and stripping. You could find a girl there also. But than you have to pay barfine it is mostly 300 P. The girls will ask for approx. 300 to 800 P for the whole night.

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998

In Cebu, avoid the kaoroke complexes-unless you're into that type of thing. Lots of Japanese businessmen there who have really inflated the prices. Also, I don't recommend the bar next to the Acropolis Hotel-young, good looking girls but my tab for 1 drink and 1 ladies drink came to 450P (about $15)!

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