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Budapest, Hungary

This is a report from the Land of the Free. Hungary, the Land of the
Free Bouncing Boobs. Apparently, bras are unheard of here.

Getting around in Budapest is very convenient: just enjoy the
communist heritage in form of an excellent public
transportation. Shitting is also extremely convenient: there's a
McBurger Hut at every other corner.

A couple of strip clubs advertise all over Budapest. Stay away from
them. They cater exclusively to tourists and such are the prices. The
women want you to buy them a 2000 Forint drink (100 F = 1 $) and you
get a 10 minute topless lap dance for that. They offer fucking for
17000 F.

There are much better options. If you like seeing topless girls, go to
the Gellert bath or to the Margitsziget island on a weekend. Many
girls apparently enjoy to show off what they have.

There's some street prostitution on Jószef Körút near Jószef
utca. Fucking is cheap here, but the women are mostly old and rather
ugly. On one evening however, we saw 4 young and beautiful oriental
girls together with their pimps and they offered sex for 2000 F.

On Jószef Körút, there are also some sex shops. Laws are Holland-like:
you get SM, sodomy and all the usual stuff.

To get to the brothels, you need to pick up a Hungarian dictionary and
a copy of the adpaper "Expressz" . There's a headline "szexpartner",
and you'll find plenty of incall/outcall agencies and a couple of
clubs and massage parlors.

The agencies charge about 10000F for an hour.

We checked out two of the brothels: they operate out of usual
apartments with 3-4 girls. You get a drink and can chat with the
girls and then you make your choice. One hour is about 5000-7000
F. Fucking and sucking is with condoms as usual; the quality of the
service varies, some girls don't allow French kissing or cunnilingus.


More specifically:

Name: Uj Szalon Butterfly (massage)
Address: Budapest, Pest, Rakoczi ut 8/b, Tel. 1227981
Hours: 12-?
Sex workers: 4 young girls, English spoken
Atmosphere: relaxed living room
Prices: 6000 F one hour full service
Date: Aug 1994

We had looked around for sex for two complete days now, but
as they opened the door I knew we were right here in an ordinary flat on
the second floor. The girls smiled and I didn't
know which one to take. I asked the only girl which spoke English to
ask the other girls if one of them is shaved, because this is my
favorite. They had one, so I took her for one hour. She was beautiful,
tight and tender but not very active. We touched each other gently for
a long time and had good sex together in different positions. Licking
her pussy was allowed. Afterwards I held her in my arm for a

Name: Seherezade Masszazs-Szalon
Address: Budapest, Buda, Irinyi Josef Utca 21, Ring at "4 and 1", Tel. 165-3122
Sex workers: 4 young girls
Atmosphere: ordinary living room with two large couches
Prices: half an hour for 3000 F, one hour for 5000 F, one and a
        half hour for 6000 F.
Date: Aug 1994

This was the cheapest massage salon in the "Expressz" newspaper. We
found an ordinary apartment in a large building. The prettiest girl,
the manager, was not available for service. The other four girls were
young and medium pretty. I took a girl with a face of an angel for one
hour. She was tender and very active. As I tried to lick her, she
asked for more money; I denied. We had good sex for over half an hour,
afterwards she held me in her arms and we had 10 more minutes holding
each other. This was a very good feeling.


Subject: Subject: Prositiution in Hungary Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 17:08:42 UTC I just came back from a short trip (friday till sunday) in Budapest. A lovely romantic city. You will love it too ! Here is my short report: In hardly every street in Budapest you find a shop, where newspapers are sold. Buy the "Expressz", a daily newspaper for 32,50 Forint with masse of ads. Look for the rubric ""Szexpartnert". You are looking for Escort-Service? You will find it in every ad with the magic words "nonstop" and "partnerszerviz" and "l=E1nyok". Call the phonenumber. I chose the ad with the following text: "FILIGR=C1N l=E1nyok nagy j=E1tekokban!...Nonstop partnerserviz. Tel.: 201-80-71." This text means: Young nice playgirls. I contacted the mentioned number. A little bit English but better German (I'm Swiss, so no problem!) and it's absolutely unproblematical. Specify exactly your wishes. My wishes were: Long hairs, not older than 22 years, small figure,leather dressed and german speaking. Then you will be asked, when this girl should be available and where. It was 8 pm. I ordered the girl for 9 pm in my hotelroom. Till now, no problem. Every of my wishes could be fullfilled. At least you will be asked for the time, the girl should be available for you. I indicated for about 2 hours. The prices are - all included - 120 US$ for 1 hour, 220 US$ for 2 hours. It's ok for me. For finishing you will be asked for your phonenumber of the Hotel and the room number. Now the first step of the procedure is finished. Second step: the selected girl - selected by the "operatrice" - will call you in your hotelroom. She will tell you her name. My girl is called "Krisztina". Then you can exactly fix the "Blind date". "Krisztina" called me once again about 15 minutes before our "Blind date", to tell me, that she's now on the way. And the...9 knocked on my door...and my dream became true, yes indead ! Whow ! A little conversation, to see, if the girl is really symphatetic, and it's on you, to do whatever you want. I was so thrilled from the looking of this girl that we first are having a dinner outside the hotel. After one hour we went back to my hotelroom. And now the most important question, which kind of practices are allowed. "Krisztina" allows almost every practice. Kissing, condomless blowjob, fucking with fingers, fucking her cunt with condom. That's my dream. And it was a dream. She played the active part fabulous. A first cum-shot a little bit to early and unexpected directly in her mouth didn't shock her. We gave us a short break while smoking a cigarette and looking a hardcore film on tv (pay-TV for Deutsch Mark 19.95 one day) as stimulation for the second and gorgeous part. And what shall I say, i've never had before such a horny girl. Every dream comes to an end, so does my dream called "Krisztina". For altogether 3 hours she asked - after a short consultation by phone with the "operatrice" - for 300 US$. I gave her 400 Swiss Francs. Important to know: The hotelstaff didn't intervene all the time. By the way, you profit going outside with the girl. She speaks hungarian and knows every good place, restaurants, clubs etc. That's all folk ! I hope you will enjoy your stay in Budapest.

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