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Brno, Czech Republic

Subject: Info on Brno -- Czech Republic

Brno is situated about 45 kilometres from the Austrian border and is the
second or third largest city in the Czech Republic.  I drove around a while
but was unable to find any street prostitution, so I headed south toward
the border.

The first town/village from the border is Mikolov which has a few "night
clubs".  I visited Babylon, and had one of the best experiences of my life.

You are charged SK 100 (about 2 GBP) to enter and then go into a bar with
scantily clad young women sitting on sofas.  One will approach you and you
buy her a drink--she'll choose one for SK250.  I was offered a bottle of
champagne, but at SK 3000 I declined !

Adrianne, the woman who approached me was very beautiful, tanned skin, dark
wavy hair and dressed in knee length boots and a very revealing turquoise
slave girl outfit.  She suggested erotic massage which was SK3000 and
something else which I didn't understand at SK4000.  I chose the former.

We had some difficulty communicating because she didn't speak English.  She
was Slovak and spoke some German.  My German and Slovak are poor, but we
managed to get by--in fact even though our vocabulary was limited it was a
beautiful experience.

We began by sharing a shower.  Adrianne was very warm and cuddly and seemed
to want the bodily contact.  We then went to the bed and started cuddling.
I started to kiss her breasts and tummy and worked down to her legs.  I
then started probing her pussy region with my tongue and she encouraged me.
This turned into a full session of wonderful pussy licking where she
totally enjoyed herself--so much so that she came.  (As an afficiando of
pussy licking I can tell a true orgasm from a faked one.)

She then slipped a condom on me and started sucking.  It didn't take long
before I came.

I noticed that she had a second condom and presumably we could have gone
for it a second time.  However, on this occasion I was content to cuddle
with her and chat in limited Slovak and German.  She was gorgeous, so
pleasant--hard not to totally fall in love with her.

We must have had the room to ourselves for about an hour.  Oh, and a bottle
of cheap champagne was thrown in free.

I figured out in the end that the SK 4000 price would have meant a room
with a big bath.

There was no rush whatsoever, and Adrianne was tender and enjoyed the
physical contact.  I told her I would be back the following week if I
wasn't sent to Pilsen.  Unfortunately my trip was cancelled.

If I ever return to Brno I'll go back to Babylon to try and find Adrianne.

In a couple of weeks' time I shall be in Banska Bystrica, where I hope to
report on the action there.

By the way, I can second the report on the gypsy street prostitutes on the
main road from the Austrian/Slovak border to Gyor in Hungary.

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