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[about the Marine Disco in Pattaya Beach]

>I've never met anybody who ever paid more than 100 baht for a girl
>there...  Don't let this guy take you on a tour, or he'll rip you off
>(or else, if he gets ten people to go, he get's free air fare....).
>Betcha he paid $30.00 a night at the queen hotel ....

This is current information.
I've got news for you.  I was there last year.  The usual prices are
500 baht ($20) for all night or 300 baht ($12) for a short time.  And
they treat you like a boyfriend, not a customer.  I don't know the Queen
hotel, but $25 to $30 for a nice hotel is about right.  The really bad
news is in Bangkok, the barfine is now 300 baht and the girls want 1000
baht ($40).  Prices are going up.  Pretty soon you might as well stay
here, except that the ladies are the sweetest in the world.  I would
travel around the world to be with them, in fact, I do, several times a
year.  Happy Traveling.

Subject: price update for Bangkok Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 17:52:49 UTC I recently was able to stop by Bangkok for two nights on my way to Vietnam. I was well armed with information from WSG. Thanks to WSG I was able to make the utmost of my two nights. By way of a price update, here is what I found: On the first night I visited one of the top class massage parlors that is mentioned in one of the FAQS, the "Monalisa". While the FAQ had mentioned a typical price of USD100 for "the works" at such an establishment, I was somewhat dismayed to find that the Works is now more like USD300, even after some haggling. There was a less expensive alternative which involved ladies sitting in another room who were decidedly less attractive, physically speaking, and even with them the service was "limited". The bad news is that the quote on the B model was USD200! I did happen to notice that while the place was quite busy, I was the only occidental in sight. The clientele was clearly Asian men. Perhaps this would account for the price inflation. The lady I finally selected was gorgeous, but she had a bit of an attitude. She knew exactly how gorgeous she was. It was fun, anyway, and probably worth the price. I did ask the bellman at the hotel the next morning and he said the price sounded about right for "high class Bangkok girls". He said there are places with nice girls "from the north" which are cheaper, but I never followed up on that angle. The second night I visited the Nana Entertainment Plaza, since I had seen numerous mentions of it in the FAQS. This night, I had a terrific time, to be sure. As recommended by several of WSG's contributors, I took my best sense of humor with me and before long I had multiple young ladies hanging around and we were all laughing and having a good time. The lady I wound up with eventually even thanked me for making her laugh. She said many customers are "so boring". I did notice that there were a lot of pretty somber faces sitting at the bar. Bar fine was B400, lady drinks were B65, vodka shooters were B50. My lady steadfastly refused to quote a price for her services, it was up to me to decide. Not knowing what would be fair, I gave her B1000 for a "short time" which was an hour or so just upstairs in the plaza. She looked neither happily surprised nor disappointed, so I am not sure how I did on that score, so to speak. She did make me promise to choose her again next time I visited the establishment. I noticed that NEP clientele was decidedly occidental with a sprinkling of middle easterners. NEP is a fun place just to hang around and watch the action, even if one doesn't care to take it any further. Thanks, again, to all WSG Thailand contributors for the valuable info and insights.
Subject: Re: **PROSTITUTION IN BANGKOK: WHERE TO GO** Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 22:04:04 -0800 I just came back from Bangkok and Pattaya in mid-Jan, and, well, things are a little different from my last trip, during the Desert Storm War. Basically, the little goddesses have options now other than fucking and sucking for dough. Thailand is changing from an agrarian to an industrial economy,and less are coming down from Issan(how they get there is debated occasionally on ASFO). Thus, the talent level isn't what it quite used to be,and at one bar in partiuclar, it's about 50% post-op TS. The remakes are frightening beautiful, so don't forget to check out the ol' adams apple. Most of the beauties work in the Japanese private clubs(they got the cash). As Mac would say, the whiteboys get the leftovers. But if you look hard, you can find a few first rounders, and even a lottery pick. Also, one bar which may have awesome talent now may have none in 3-4 months. The girls generally don't stay long, usually taking the first offer to escape from PP that comes up. For example, in '91, the #1 upstairs bar was Cleopatra's with Supergirls a very close second(some would reverse the order). Supergirls has slipped, but still has a few winners, and Cleo's is almost history. Finally, it appears the government would like the local gendarmes to regulate the bars a little more carefully, so at this point in time, the bars will close precisely at 1(2 on the weekends), and the sexotic joints are going to be less sexotic for awhile(it's not even an election year!) For the terminally horny, you're better off in Pattaya for selection and perhaps value. All night dates now run as high as B2000($80), but at least most of the hotels down there won't charge extra for your guest. you can blame the strong deutschmark for the increase.These girls are friendlier on average than in PP, so you might just have a better time. If in Bangkok, Supergirls(upstairs) and Touch Bar(upstairs) are recommended in PP, as well as Butterfingers(downstairs). The King's Group bars are mixed, but King's II seems to be the best of the lot. Cowboy is dead, but Longhorn has a couple of stunners. Atami or La Cherie probably has the best looking masseuses, but the latter tries to hustle you a little too hard. You can also try Mona Lisa if you have absolutely no respect for money(they'll try to grab you for B4000). Prices depend on how greedy the girl is, or how much she likes you. The more she likes you, the cheaper it will be. I got short time for B750($30) from an adorable 18yo nymphetwho weighed about 90 lbs, was almost a full b-cup and was tight as a vise. Then there an absolute 10+ who works at Supergirls who works an average of about 30 minutes a night(it doesn't take long before she gets bought out). She gets B2000-2500 firm, plus the B325 for the bar. In the Pattaya massage joints, you can find some real beauties who'll give you 90 minutes of bliss for around B1000-B1300. Sabai Room and Sabailand both have quality talent.
Subject: Re: Bangkok "No Hands" Restaurants Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 20:56:00 GMT I think you're referring to the GALAXY in Bangkok.
Subject: bangkok update Apr 96 Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 09:59:39 UTC Here's some current [april 96] bangkok trip information. Much good information is already posted. I will not repeat it and waste bandwidth. TIPS: On arrival at the airport in Bangkok, avoid the men offering to make hotel reservations for you. They get a large percentage of the price, which is marked up. For example I had them make a reservation for the "Grand Inn" hotel, near Nana Entertainment Plaza. Their cost was 1200Baht, near 50$US. A big sign in front of the hotel advertised same [without breakfast included] for 800baht! Use the hotel list and call for your own room. Mike's Hotel is also within walking distance. Nana Hotel is reported to be a bit overpriced though close to bars. Nana Entertainment Plaza was GREAT. The bar fine is 300 to 400 baht. The girls negotiate. From 500 baht for a short time, to 1000 - 2000 baht for a long time [not including bar fine or hotel cost if needed]. The girls are beautiful, and treat you very good. As they say, 'like a boyfriend'. Some spend the entire day and night with you if desired. And for the 'friend' who paid 300 for the message, "sorry" a tip: DO NOT let the taxi driver drop you off right at the message parlor. The taxi driver will collect 40% cut of the price of services, which is added right to your quote. I heard 'ChaoPhaya' is a very popular parlor now. The girls in the brochure look good. I KNOW one called 'miranda' or 'viranda' or something like that off phechaburi road is excellent too. They had about 50 gorgeous girls in their 20s behind a glass window to choose from. The taxi driver, despite my best efforts to lose him, had followed me. So I don't know if the price was inflated to pay him, or inflated because I was a tourist, but I was quoted 60$ for the "amateur" girls, or 80$ for the 'superstar' [more experienced] girls. This was for one and a half hours to include the posted information on the bath, soapy air mattress message, and safe sex. It was exactly as the previous posting described. Actually humorous the way she [a 'superstar'] vigorously and quickly moved and scrubbed. As a thanks to those who posted, I added this. If questions are posted, I will try to answer them too.
Date: April 1996 Bangkok, Patpong bars...update! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble, My third trip, and I must say it gets better every time. Everywhere one looks, there is a "Miss Thailand" just waiting to be a companion for the evening. I have not travelled as extensively as you, but I would find it hard to believe that there are more beautiful creatures anywhere on this earth--especially if one likes their women petite, winsome, and exotic. The Go-Go bars of Bangkok have an atmosphere and intensity that I have not seen anyplace else. I wish I could import it back here to the states. I was joined on this trip by two, first time Bangkok visitors. A lot of my enjoyment came from just watching them savor the atmosphere which I had told them about. We decided that it was impossible to impart the full flavor of Thailand without seeing, hearing, and feeling it in the flesh. My impressions of BKK on this trip compared to my last, 3 years ago are: * The traffic and pollution is possibly a little improved, but still bad. * The Thai people have not lost any of their smiles, charm, or helpfullness. * The Thai women are even more beautiful! * The cost of food, hotels, and entertainment have not increased in 5 years and still remain a good bargin. My visit (entertainment wise at least) was centered around the Patpong and Nana Plaza areas. We stayed at the Wall Street Inn which is just off of Patpong and found it everything a small hotel needs to be. Cost was about $55/night and guests were never a problem. The big, fancy hotels still bar guests and can run over $200 per night. The 24 hour coffe shop/dining room is managed by a "Burt Reiter", a transplanted Brooklyn-ite, who is more than happy to fill you in on all the goings on in BKK. Wall Street Inn37.20-24 Soi Surawongse Plaza Surawongse Rd. Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500233-4144/FAX (662) 236-3916 Patpong remains as it use to be with a couple of notable exceptions. First, the Kings Group now seems to own/manage about 10-12 of the Go-Go bars. Actually, I find this good as I believe they run the best, most honest bars in Bangkok. The street touts promising all kinds of carnal delights in the "upstairs" bars are all over. But since the Kings Group runs two of these (Queens Castle I & II) there is no need to get ripped off in one of the off-brand places. Drinks with the show in Queen's Castle I & II are only marginally more than the street level places. Seeing the "shows" and all the impossible things a woman can do with her anatomy is like visiting the temples....seen one, you've seen them all. King's Corner and King's Castle II are my favorite Go-Go bars. In my opinion, their dancers top the list. However, there are real jewels in every bar. The Patpong girls seem to be the most "Westernized" of the girls in Bangkok. There is no need to venture off Patpong I & II to some of the outlying bars, as their quality seems to drop while their prices don't. They are a little quieter though. It's really hard to go wrong here as all the places are great! Be prepared however, to pay the price. Bar Fines are $350 baht ($14) and a "short time" usually runs 1500 baht ($60) in your hotel if convenient, or a short time place (200 baht/$8) if not. A few Patpong observations: * The great "Superstars" bar is undergoing renovation. * A number of extremely beautiful, mixed (european/thai) girls are starting to show (!!!) * The popular bars get packed by 8:30 pm and girls start to disappear shortly. By midnight, the best bars will have lost over half of their dancers. One of the items that continues to surprise me about the Thai women is their size. Up on stage, in a group, they look normal. When they come down to you, even in their very high heels, they are TINY! One girl I "bought out" weighed 40 kilos or just over 80 pounds! This same girl almost refused to allow me to take her picture as she claimed she was "too big, fat, and too old" ! She was the most ravashing 28 year old these eyes have ever seen! True "spinners", every one of them. We visited Nana Plaza to meet another friend who is an old time Bangkok visitor (4 times a year the lucky devil) who swears by that place. There are many advantages to Nana in addtion to the more laid back atmosphere. The buy out is 300 baht ($12) and the price is 500/700 baht ($20/$32) for short/long time. Hollywood is the top bar in Nana right now by far and is packed by 8:30. I found a number of jewels at Nana Plaza. One could easily go and stay put for a week as my friend does. Hotels in the area, Nana Hotel and Dynasty Inn, charge about $35 per night which is also less than Patpong. In general, Patpong girls are more westernized and overall more attractive. However, if you are a little selective, you can find just as attractive girls at Nana. In addition, the Nana girls will probably have a little better attitude (it varies) and are less pushy. I would rate the Patpong girls at 8-10's and the Nana girls at 5-9's. One should remember that a Thai bar girl rating a 5 would probably rate a 9 here in the states in most bars! One negative thing I found though, at the Nana I occassionaly ran into a bar girl who was "on something" and really laid back. Not my idea of a good time. A Nana area base would have to be seriously considered for my next visit, but I'd still insist upon a night or two in Patpong. I did try checking out Maxim's down from Nana as well as the Ambassador Club. Maxim's dosen't have anything to recommend it from my visit, except some quiet, that one can't get in the Nana. The Ambassador Club wasn't open, but I did notice a sign that said drinks were 100 Baht, about twice that of Nana. The bar girls love to see and be with Americans as you have mentioned. They get hassled too much by many of the other nationalities! They really return all the attention if you treat them with a good attitude, behavior, and courtesy. One thing I'll never forget from this trip is my last night. I had specifically sought out one of the "Miss Thailands" I had spotted the previous evening and spent my last entertainment money on her. Afterwards, I returned to the bar of my previous night's carnal delights and ran into my "Sweetie" from the last night. Well, she just insisted about 1:00 am that we return to my hotel. When I explained about no $$$, she replied, "No plo-blem, you fl-end, you no pay!". I am sure it's not a first, but getting a freebie from a beautiful Patpong bar girl ranks way up there on my list! It also filled the time until my 5:00 am taxi to the airport. We hit one of the massage parlors one night, as I felt it was an experience not to be missed by my first timer friends. I was a little disappointed in that I didn't think the selection at this parlor was as good as previously, and I know the number of girls was down significantly. I don't know if this is across the board in all of the large parlors or not. The numbers and quality at Patpong and Nana were not down! While visiting the Nana we made the walk up to the Therme Coffeshop one night about 12:30 am. The Therme is EVERYTHING that everyone has ever written about it. Besides being jammed, there were companions available from perhaps 16 to 60 years old! Prices start at 300 baht, but 500 baht is the norm. This sidetrip should not be missed! Our problem was keeping our hands off of the bar girls long enough to wait until the Therme opened at midnight. I have never seen such an eclectic, wild, wierd group of people in my life as I did at the Therme! This place reminds one of the bar scene shown in the first Star Wars movie when Luke went to find Hans Solo......
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 01:23:12 UTC >Has anyone tried any of the "sex-on-the-spot" bars in Patpong ? Supposedly >the Rose Bar, and the Kangaroo Bar - these are "blow job bars" - you sit >in the bar and watch the show while one of hostesses gives you a blow job. >Anyone try any of these ? Rose and Kangaroo are very similar (they are owned by the same people). Every spot at the bar (and at tables when it is busy) is a blow job spot. Blow jobs cost 500b (sometimes they ask for more) and this entitles you to two girls taking turns between your legs. Take out charge is similar to other bars (350-450b), but the girls aren't worth it unless you are *really* into blowjobs. They are usually not much in the looks department and not very personable. But, boy, are they good at what they do.
Date: March 1996 A couple of words: Tit = nom; Nipple = hua nom; lips = pahk; nose = cha moo; cheers = chok dee. The Hollywood strip on the third floor of the Nana is a good bar with sex show and no rip-off.
Subject: Bangkok pitch Date: Tue, 2 Jul 1996 03:50:18 GMT Yeah, leave town. Seriously, flying out of SF or LA, you can get a round trip ticket to Bangkok, Thailand for under $700. Once there, a decent room with air-con is $20 a night, or less if you look. Food is also very cheap, less than $7 a day. Beyond that, are the girls. Everywhere, and very friendly. Forgetting the touristy go-go bars, freelancers are your best bet. They're packed out with them at pickup places like Thermae. Last summer, more than once I was picking up cute girls at 11:30 or midnight for *$20* that stayed with me until 5 o'clock the next afternoon (actually, I had to push them off, or they would've stayed longer). You bathe with them, kiss them, cuddle them (a lot are very affectionate and "girlfriend" like), and screw them as many times as you can get it up. With some of the horny ones, I'd take them to bed, have them twice then, fall asleep, wake up in the middle of the night and screw again, sleep, have her two more times in the morning, then dose off again and wake in the afternoon to have her once more. We'd take a quick shower together, dress, and walk over to the "Food Court" in the basement of Robinson's Department store for a late lunch. Then I'd pay her her $20 (actually 500 baht Thai currency) and put her on a bus home. That was a typical day for me and I can't wait to get another chance at it. And I'm speaking as a cheap conservative one-girl-at-a-time-spend-the- night-with-her kind of guy. If you're a total horndog, who wants to spend a few more bucks and have an endless supply of girls through the night (including two or three at a time), Bangkok, and especially the go-go bar and massage parlor scene, can best be described as a discount supermarket for sex. You just cruise down the aisles with your wagon and pick and choose from the endless shelves. Want her all night or just for an hour or two? No problem. After experiencing this, where the *choice* became entirely mine, I'm completely unable to fathom how someone can even consider spending $500 or more to have a girl for an hour.
From: Subject: Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 00:51:16 UTC Randy Farang's Songkran Bangkok Update Bar Fine Inflation... Everything else in Bangkok is getting more expensive, so why should bar fines be any different? During Songkran week (admittedly a holiday, when gouging is de rigeur) the King's Group bars and the Limelight in Patpong were charging a B450 bar fine. Bar fines were B400 in Nana. Following Songkran, bar fines were down to B370 Patpong, but that is still above the old standard, which had been B350 in Patpong and B300 in Nana. It was inevitable. Nana Continues to Add New Bars... Nana is chock full of new bars. There is a country and western bar on the ground floor. A bar on the remote third floor. And on the second floor, a new bar called the "G Spot." The Bubblegum and Lollipop have been re-done, and they now have a gigantic fishtank featuring dancing poo-ying. The quality continues improves. More on Nana... Many of the bars in Nana are part of something called the Crown Group. Nana's answer to the King's Group?? But note that the same girls circulate through all of the Crown Group bars. The girl you saw last night at the Country and Western bar may be dancing at the Voodoo bar tonight. Hotel Tips... Want to avoid the notorious Nana hotel? Looking for a clean, but cheap, hotel near Nana that allows overnight guests. Try the Parkway Inn. About B900 per night. Right next to the Landmark hotel on Sukimvit. Parkway Inn, 132 Sukimvit Road, Bangkok, Thailand, Tel: 62-2-255-3711 Fax: 62-2-254-2180. BTW, the high-class Landmark does allow overnight guests, if you are discrete and don't make a big scene. To save face, do not even think about trying an entry with guest before 1:00 am. Everyone knows that girls are not allowed into hotels like the Oriental, but did you know there is beautiful hotel on Sathorn that does allow overnight guests without any fuss or extra charges? Don't ruin it. Legislative News... A number of bills have been working there way through the Thai Parliament that may have some theoretical effect on one of the Kingdom's biggest industries. Of more practical benefit, is legislation that will allow Farang men marrying Thai women to acquire Thai citizenship. As matters stand now, only Farang women can acquire Thai citizenship when they marry Thai men, but not vice versa. No more visa runs to Malaysia. But should you marry a bar girl? It is axiomatic: you can take the girl out of the bar, but you cannot take the bar out of the girl. Ask anyone who has ever taken their Thai sweetheart from Patong beach back to Switzerland. Americans are usually saved from these bankrupting disasters since the girls know its damn hard to get a visa to the U.S. Probably a blessing. Health.... Thailand still has a lower infection rate than the U.S., Switzerland and a number Western European companies. The education campaign is working. Even Thai men are starting to wear a cap. But don't be a fool. Wear a condom each and every time!
Subject: Re: Thailand 'number' hotels Date: Tue, 28 May 96 03:18:00 GMT I stayed at the Miami Hotel when I went to Bangkok. It's about $18 a nite w/ airconditioning and $12 w/o. It is centrally located between Na-Na Plaza and Soi Cowboy, both within walking distance. They have a massage parlor nextdoor and one accross the street. Patpong is about $2 away. Also, for after hours the Thermae coffee shop is in the alley adjacent to the hotel. Stay there and you'll be glad you did.
Subject: Re: No Hands Restaurants in Thailand Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 20:34:40 GMT >Anybody knows the adresses or phone number of the famous no-hands >restaurants in Bangkok (and maybe somewhere else) ?!? >Where is the 'Galaxy' in Bangkok ? Your best bet may be the Galaxy, located on one of the Rama Roads, the number of which escapes me for the moment. It is the one running from Lumpini Station, passing Dusit Thani on its way east. You find Galaxy just north of Suriwongse Road.
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 1997 03:59:56 -0800 Subject: Phuket Thailand Went to Phuket recently and wanted to file a report. Lots of cheap places to stay in Patong Beach .I stayed at the Casuarina Bungalows on Patong Beach for 1500 baht ($60USD) a night w/aircon and breakfast. Good access to beach and nightlife. Food and drinks all around seemed pretty reasonably priced to me. Soi Bangla is still pretty happening. The main go-gos are Rock Hard Cafe and The Firehouse. Both have about 40-50 women on any given night. I talked with the owners of both and all women get health checks every 2 weeks and are given medical attention for any problems. Bar fine was 400 baht and most women would spend all night for 1000-1500 baht. Women were all generally friendly and nice at both places and said they were under no pressure by management and only left with who they wanted to. I also went to Christin's Massage parlor in Patong Beach. Nice fishbowl style place with a 2 hour massage for 1500 baht all inclusive. Stopped by twice I was so impressed by the decor service and women. There are also many bar beers and restaurants that women were working at all around Patong Beach, but they had a lot of non-highway miles on them. Overall a good experience and I would go back in a second.
Date:Sun, 16 Mar 1997 10:51:33 +0700 Subject: Bangkok Nightlife 1. The original Thermaes has closed. The new Thermae's although more modern doesn't have the same atmosphere and just doesn't feel right. 2. Nana Plaza has definitely taken over as the favorite place of those Westerners who live here year round. Patpong is for tourists. 3. With the slow down in the middle East and less oil exploration in the region, less people are visting these days, as a result the bar owners in all of the night time venues have increased the price of drinks and the bar fines. 4. East block hookers (Russian, Poles,etc.) have taken over the pricier private clubs. Most of these clubs are asian only, and a Westerner can only get in if he is invited by a regular asian customer. 5. However. Bangkok is still the place to be, and they'll probably burn my bones here. Been here since 1965, ain't tired yet.
Date:Mon, 17 Mar 1997 04:47:25 +0700 Subject: Re: Bangkok Nightlife Bangkok is a city of differing classes and groups. Each segment of the society has it's own places of recreation. Near the Patpong area you have the Taniya area which caters to the Japanese. The women there are some of the most beautiful in Thailand, often they are movie stars and models. Prices are equivilant to Tokyo. Sapankwai caters to middle class Thais. China Town to the lower and middle class Chinese, and then there is the special member clubs that cater to upper class Thais. These clubs require a large up front fee, the fee buys discretion and anonymity. Thai businessmen , military, and government officials frequent these bars. Entry is allowed only to those people known by the club. Membership is only by invitation. Most of these clubs are on sois off of Sukhumvit, others are in private homes converted for the purpose. The girls are recruited, and housing and accomodations are provided. After 90 days the girls move to Phnom Penh or Hanoi for a few months, and then return to Bangkok. The Thai authorities will occasionaly bust one of these clubs for employing the girls without a work permit, but never close the club or fine the owners, only deport the girls.
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 08:28:13 +0800 (SGT) Subject: Miss Ma and others Here's a little (true, of course) Thailand story: During my visits to Thailand I've seen Miss Ma several time. Unlike most of the bar girls she has stayed at the Pink Panther these years. Here are some recollections about our encounters. I was sitting in the Pink Panther bar in Patpong 2, Bangkok, drinking yet another beer too many. Suddenly a girl that was unlike the others in the bar went up on stage to dance. She was dressed really sexily in a red corset, garter belt, and red stockings. And she had big breasts, well, at least by Thai standards (at least a C cup). She was also a bit older than most, between 25 or 26, instead of around 20 like many of the girls. I also noticed that she had those very full, very red lips that look like they were made for being wrapped around a cock (which, it later turned out, they not only looked like, but also felt like). I immediately decided that I must get to know her better. But this evening I had already picked a girl that I had paid the bar fee for, so it would have to wait. I still bought her a drink and learned that her name was Miss Ma. She behaved rather unfriendly, but that's to be expected when you're already with someone else (and too drunk, like I was). So I left and took "my" girl to the hotel. It took almost another week before I got to the Pink Panther again, because I made a trip to Chang Mai (wonderful place, but not so many high quality girls). When I got to the bar I waited for Miss Ma to dance, she had the same outfit on and I enjoyed oogling at her. I smiled a lot at her, and after the dance she came over to me. I got her a drink (i.e. Coke) and we started talking. Her English was unusually good for a bar girl. After a while I asked if she wanted to come with me to my hotel for a "long time" (i.e. all night). She said she didn't go all night. I prefer having the girl stay all night; I mean how else do you take care of your morning boner? So I tried persuading her for a while and she said that next night she'd come with me all night for 2000 Baht ($80). This was a few years ago when the price was more like 1000-1500 Baht for the night, so it was pricey. I said, all right, I'll come back tomorrow, and that I didn't mind waiting because I was tired tonight anyway. After a little more talk and beer I left. It was true that I was a bit tired, but I had no intention of spending the night alone, but it sounded nicer not to tell her that. I went into another bar and found a girl for the night (I don't remember a thing about her). The next night I went Patpong rather early, around 7:30 pm. I didn't want to pick up Miss Ma that early, I wanted to spend some time in the other go-go bars first. After a couple of bar stops I really felt the urge, but I thought it was still to early to go back to the hotel with Miss Ma. I decided on a beer and a blowjob at the Kangaroo instead. The Kangaroo bar is an infamous "upstairs" bar. The moment I sat down I had five or six girls trying to persuade me to go into the back room with them. I got a beer and tried to pick one. None of them were really good looking or sexy. Then one of the girls said I could have two of them for 400 baht ($16). I decided to get the most energetic girl, together with a plump, but very big-titted girl, into the back room. In there I had the energetic one give me a blow job while I fondled and kneaded the breasts of the other. The whole thing was over in 5 or 10 minutes, but with my most basal needs satisfied I went out and finished my beer before leaving. I then visited yet a few more bars to recuperate and at about 11pm I went to the Pink Panther. Miss Ma spotted me as I came in the door, she had a big smile and sat down with me. She told me she was happy I had come, she wasn't sure that I would. It was soon her turn to dance, and I again enjoyed watching it. This day she had a lepard spotted corset, garter belt and stockings. The corset made her already substantial breasts look really big. We sat there, me drinking, talking, and oogling. When it was her turn to dance yet again she begged me to pay the bar fee so she didn't have to do it. With some hesitation I did. Soon after this we left the bar. I asked her if she was hungry and we went to a restaurant almost next door to the Pink Panther. At the hotel she got shy as all Thai girls do. After showering she laid down all wrapped in a towel. I slowly unwrapped it and let my hands run all over and explore her body. It was as silk soft as I had imagined. After caressing her and licking her breasts I let a hand slide down between her legs. She was definitely ready for me! Very nice and wet. I put on a condom and we started fucking. She was the sexiest girl I'd picked up in Thailand so far and I came all to quickly. After relaxing half an hour and not being able to sleep I moved her hand to my cock. She got the hint and soon had me hard again. The second round I didn't come quickly (of course) and I managed to get her to come twice (if she didn't she was a damned good actress). After that I fell asleep. I woke up around 7:30 as Miss Ma's was getting up. I asked what was the matter, and she said she had to get home since she was living with her family (brother, sister, and father). I said that was all right, but first she had to come back to bed and help me get rid of the hard-on I had gotten by watching her wonderful naked body. She happily obeyed and we had nice morning fuck. We exchanged addresses and I paid her 2000 baht + 100 for a cab and she left. Unfortunately the next day I had to leave Bangkok. The next time I met Miss Ma I was in Thailand working outside Bangkok, so each weekend I went to the city to have some fun. Meeting Miss Ma on a Friday evening we agreed that I would pick her up the next evening and we would go to the Tum-nakh-tai restaurant (the biggest in the world?), where I'd never been before. I got to the bar at 8pm as we had agreed, but Miss Ma was not to be found. I waited for a while, and then left. Feeling somewhat disappointed I strolled into another Patpong bar for a beer, and looking for a girl too, of course. After a while a rather plain looking girl with small breast, but a cute smile, asked for a drink. I bought her one. Her name was Oy and she was 21. After some chatting and haggling I decided do bring her back to the hotel. She was a rather quiet and calm girl (but this was soon to change!!). When we got to the hotel and she'd had a shower I decided that maybe she wasn't quite as shy as I first thought, because she was rather easy to persuade into having some pictures taken of her. She looked quite cute with her small but very perky breast. After showering I laid down on the bed next to her. She pointed at my already hard cock and said "Yai!" ("Big!"). As I started to caress her she said "Sorry, I no honey". I took me a little while to understand that she meant that her sweet pussy juices were not flowing. She then pulled out what I first thought was a cigarette, but it turned out to be a joint. She smoked it and offered me one too, but I declined. I just can't stand inhaling smoke. I continued caressing her as she smoked, and when she was done smoking I decided it was time for my cock to test her honey. As my condom clad cock entered her pussy I understood why she she wanted her honey to flow. She had a small pussy and was so TIGHT. Having her tight pussy squeeze my cock it didn't take me very long to climax. I told Oy I was sorry I came too quickly and that she hadn't had the chance to come. As I came back from the bathroom the wildest and most incredible fuck I've ever had was soon to begin. Oy had just finished smoking another joint. As I laid down Oy took my limp cock in her little hand and made it clear that now her honey was flowing and she was not going to let me off this easy. This almost meek and shy girl turned into a real tigress. She worked my cock intensely until it started getting hard again. She then quickly got on top of me and inserted my cock into her pussy and started riding. Yes, the honey was plentyful now. She orgasmed pretty quickly riding, but she just kept going. As her leg muscles tired we switched around to another position. She was ferosious and just couldn't get enough. We had soon tried all positions I'd ever heard, but her tight and wet pussy was as hungry as ever. What Oy lacked in experience she certainly made up for with enthusiasm. After a long while she finally slowed down and showed signs of having had enough. But now my libido had finally recovered from my previous release, and I wanted to go on. So I took command and continued the humping and grinding for a while yet. Finally I came and we both dropped to the bed exhausted. It was the most intense fuck I've ever experienced, but also a very frustrating one. In almost all positions, whenever my cock got close to full penetration she would scream and hold me off telling me that I was too long and that I hurt her. Maybe my cock is a little longer than average, but most of these Thai women, and especially Oy, are really tiny. It was very frustrating to have to hold back my thrusts at the height of passion when I only wanted to ram my dick into her wet little cunt. In the morning we had another, rather uninspired, fuck and she left with her 1000 baht. I looked for her on other occasions, but I never saw her again. The following week I met Miss Ma again. She explained that she had been delayed by her family and that she was very sorry (well, I wasn't, her substitute had been great). She said that she thought of coming to my room when I didn't show up, but decided against it in case I had found someone else (very wise of her). This night Miss Ma she was again dressed a leopard colored corset, garter belt, and fishnet stockings. Under the corset she had a pair of black panties. Sexy as hell. I bought her out as usual, but this time I remembered to tell her to bring her outfit as we left. When we got back to the hotel after dinner I asked her to change into her dancing outfit. A couple of minutes later she was clad in her corset and stockings again, but no panties. That suited me just fine. She did a little dancing for me and I took some great pictures of her. It was wonderful to do this in private because I could do some groping I'm too inhibited to do in public. I didn't take long before we were in bed. She asked if she should strip, but I told her to keep it all on as we fucked. I did open up the top of the corset a little to let her bulging boobs out. Miss Ma is a very sweet person and I met her several times after that on different trips to Thailand.
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 10:48:03 +0100 Subject: Bangkok Sawatdee. Some notes from my last trip to Bangkok (April 97). Didn't go to Patpong, don't like the place much, prefer the more laid- back Nana and Soi Cowboy. Prices - 1000 baht seems to be the standard price for the nicer girls, bar fine around 300 - 500 baht, and hotels about 350 baht short-time, 650 all-night. During the quieter months (November - March is the peak time) or at the end of the night, you could probably easily negotiate the 1000 baht price down a bit if you're a miserable git or on a budget. Note that Nana and Cowboy 'close' at 2am, so if you wait until then you won't have to pay the bar fine. After 2am, head for Thermae between Nana and Cowboy on Sukhumvit. I never went to the old place, but the new Thermae is a bit crap. There can be some nice girls there though. For short-time at Nana, try the Nana Guesthouse (within the Plaza). Nothing flash, but clean and convenient. At Cowboy, try the Asoke Place by the entrance to Cowboy. This has satellite showing English & European football, and the air-con rooms are nice enough for all-night. If you go all-night, the cleaners don't bother you until after midday. If you're just looking for a drink and chat with the barmaids, or football on satellite, try Pharaohs bar right in front of you as you enter Nana. Really nice, friendly girls. Have a laugh and practise your Thai with them. If you ask, they can also get you food from outside or from the nearby Nana Restaurant (good Thai food, crap German food). No point recommending go-go bars, go into all of them and pick your favourites. Brits should try the Hare & Hounds English-style pub half-way down Cowboy on the left. This is run by a Brit and his Thai wife, is friendly, and does very good English and Thai food. No football on satellite though, only cricket. If you're taking a taxi, it can sometimes be a bit cheaper to walk down Sukhumvit towards your destination and hail a passing taxi rather than get one right outside Nana/Cowboy. If you want specific or up-to-date information on the bar scene, try the NiteOwl section of the Bangkok Post newspaper at Try and make the effort to learn some Thai before you go out, they appreciate it and it's usually a great source of amusement to them. Carry a small English/Thai dictionary (preferably with Thai words also in Thai text) with you. Generally follow the advice given in WSG. Chill out, have fun with the girls, and show them a bit of respect. If you've got a bad-attitude, like to get shit-faced, or have a load-mouth, then go somewhere else. Have fun.
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 17:27:07 +0700 Subject: Thailand Prices Having lived in Bangkok for 1 1/2 years now, there is one thing I'd like to say to all the tourists - Stay Home! I can't believe the prices your paying and it's fucking things up for everyone else. I have never paid more than Baht 1,000 for a "long time" and normally pay only Baht 500. A "short time" should be no more than Baht 500. Of course, if you're in Patpong it's going to be more, because the local Farangs don't hang out there. Please, keep your money in your pocket.
Subject: Bangkok Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 17:57:03 PDT After reading everything and reading the Nite Owl column of the Bangkok Post for a few months, I made a reservation at a hotel through the internet and was on my way to Bangkok. I stayed at a place not far from Patpong called the Mandarin. It's rated four stars. I had to change rooms twice before I got a decent room. The food at the hotel was awful. The coffee wasn't drinkable. They will allow a girl in the room for 500 baht. I won't stay there again. In Patpong, the Kings Group bars are the only ones worth visiting. Their girls run the full range from "ladyboy" to 10+. If you want an exceptionally pretty young lady, Patpong's Kings Group bars are where you have to go. It's at times difficult to tell the ladyboys from the girls. The King's Corner late at night had all ladyboys. Many of the ladyboys are aggressive. I tried to stay away from them as much as I could. Nana was a party starting before sundown. There were a lot of foreign residents here to do their serious drinking. A better environment than Patpong, but lacking the top range of beautiful girls found in say, Kings Castle 1. I liked to go after the "knock-down-beautiful" girls. The ones I dealt with were world class working girls. I didn't feel like I was exploiting anyone. Many of these girls were wearing thousands of dollars worth of 24k gold jewelry. They all were interested in short time only at their hotel and for no less than 1500 baht. What surprised me the most is how little English is spoken by anyone. It was often hard to communicate. The vocabulary of most the girls is limited to "buy me drink," and "pay bar fine," and other talk of the trade. The beer is really strong and it's easy to overdrink in the bars. When bar hopping, I tried to not to drink more than half a beer at any one bar. I took a hotel card (like a business card) with me that I could show taxi drivers when I was going back to the hotel. I sensed that condom use is not as common here as in the US. Anyone traveling here should bring a supply and always carry. I wanted to see one of the second floor shows, so what I did was I found a girl at Kings Corner (they do have some very pretty girls there earlier in the evening) who spoke good English and agreed to keep me out of trouble. We went to a King's place. They had a nude show. The girls weren't anything special and the show was really lame. I didn't get ripped off. I wouldn't have gone w/o the girl. Manila is more fun, but the prettiest girls are in Bangkok!
Subject: Thailand Update Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 14:06:59 -0400 Just a quick update from my last trip to Thailand for your guide. I came back on 7/20/97. Prices have gone up!!, but the Baht has gonedown. So you end up paying more or less the same in US $. For the first timers in Thailand, prepare yourselves to fall in love 4 or 5 times a day. But don't do it at the bars, fall in love once you are with the girl, and you know that her intentions are straight. It's very easy to get involved, and once you pay, you end up disappointed. So wait to give your love to someone who deserves it. Bangkok: Definitely go to the King's Corner at Patpong. Unbelievable nice girls. All of them. But just take a look. Bar fee is 400, and it's not easy to get company for less then 2000. Go to Nana Plaza. Bar fees are around the same, but company can go as low as 1500 ( probably less if you want to bargain a lot, but the service will be reduced as well ). Thai girls attitude has changed a lot. after 2 minutes of playingaround they start to get annoying with the "colas" You can say no once,but at the second time, they leave. Buy them a "cola" its around 70 to 90 baht. Play around for about 20 minutes, before they start "Please,pay bar for me? I go with you." If you want to have real fun. Plan an "all-around": Start at Patpong, with a couple of beers. Watch a show if you care to do so, and then go to Nana. Have another couple of beers, buy a couple of colas, but try to keep in mind they're only after your money, even though they don't seem to. Then go to a massage, like Monalisa. Ask for a suggestion. The papa san will tell you about 3 or 4 which are expert in some specialty. After that, choose for the looks from the ones suggested. You'll pay 2000 baht for 1.5 hours which include "shower, massage, bodymassage, BJ, and 1 game." or you can pay 2500 for a "super star" which is 2 hours and includes the same, plus an additional game ( if you can stand it ). Tired and wasted, go to Cowboy Soi. Have one or two more beers, and some other fooling around with the girls. At 4 am, when they close, go to the Mandarin Hotel Restaurant, to see the real thing. The best looking Thai girls ( most of them not in the business), and some leftovers. If you're in the mood, have some dinner, and get a girl for the night. The next day you'll be ready for the Temples!!! Phuket: Go to Patong. don't even try anything else. Do an all around before you choose company ( it will take you around 1 - 2 hours without even sitting down for a beer). Let the girls "Welcome" go around, let yourself get dragged into the bars, and then go back to get the main character for your dreams. Bar fees vary from 200 to 400 baht, and company starts at 600 for short up to 1500 for long time. Make sure that if you choose the long one, you get it. It's very easy to pay for long, and end up wasted after a couple of hours. Better go for a short, pay it well, and you'll get what you deserve. Have fun, and remember to play it safe. One note for those of you who are religious: If you think you're not going to Heaven after being in Thailand, don't worry, Heaven cannot be any better . . .
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 97 13:06:43 PDT After 2 trips to Bangkok, Thailand I've found some (but not all) of the girls working in the go go bars and beer bars are fascinated when they discover that a Farang is tattooed! (Me? I have all of both arms, chest and thighs tattooed). Last trip, Feburary 97, a few of the girls in the Patpong bars are now sporting Tattoos!
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 12:32:31 -0500 (EST) Subject: Update on Thailand Bangkok: Still hot, stickey and dirtier than ever. New Thermae nothing like the old, but worth visiting anyway. Either go early before 10:00 for a few choice ladies and no crowd... or after 1 a.m. for the crowded bar scene with lots of choices and lots of competition. Price was 1,000 Baht. Dollar was strong at 40 baht = $1.00. this equals $25. However, I sure the price will go up to reflect the devaluation of the baht. Expect 1,500 baht in the near future. Patpong Road. No reason to go other than the night market. Nana Plaza, good for a quick look but nothing else. Soi Cowboy. I went early for dinner and a quite drink. The best place is the German Restaurant/Beer Garden at the end of the street. Good food and no hassel from the bar girls. Stayed at the Ambassador Hotel. This is best avoided, as it was a dump. Nothing like it was five years ago. Check out a place called Cheap Charlies which is right around the corner from the Ambassador up one of the soi's a hundred yards or so. Its an outdoor bar with beer priced at 40 Baht. Its right across the street from the old Clypaso Cabaret which has now moved to the Asia Hotel. Cheap Charlies is where all the Ex-Pats hang out. You really get to meet some interesting people there. There are plenty of good, clean guest houses in the 500 to 600 baht range along the side streets of Sukumvit Ave. Take one of these instead of the larger hotel which charge three times as much. I recommend the President Inn, 600 baht for two people. Fax (662) 2554235.
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 06:51:41 -0800 Subject: bits about BKK -Sukhumvit Soi 1 and 4. Hello Atta, Enjoyed all the info posted sofar, would like to add the following: Soi-1, Happy House, walk into the soi WITHOUT a taxi/tuk-tuk trailing you. sign outside, located just past street lodge hotel, before reaching entrance to Bumrungrad Hospital. Speak with floor manager: (mr) Khun Sanit, (mrs) Khun Uddy, (mr) khun Pom. Wholesale rate during slow times Baht 700.- , choice: upstairs for 1.5 to 2 hrs. or takeout all night. Tip manager 50 - 100 Baht, the lady 200 Baht if satisfied more of course (for taxi). If you come by taxi/tuk-tuk it will cost you 1500 Baht, or more. -- Soi 4, Campbell massage, walk into soi 4, past Nana City Inn, Rajah Hotel,on the left side next to a snooker place. Same deal as soi-1 Happy House. floor managers: (mrs) Khun Waan, (mr) Khun Jack used to work at Happy H. before. Again NO taxi/tuk-tuk driver taking you there or price will go up. -- If you need accomodation, Soi-3 and Soi-5 as well as Soi-1 and Nana area has all kinds of small hotels around B.600.- to B.950.- US$ 1.- is now aroud B.40.- as of December 1997. Taxi meter available at the airport with surcharge of B.50.- above meter reading. Take the Toll road and pay extra B.50.- it is much faster to get to your destination around Sukhumvit Rd. So why pay Bar fine of B.400.- at Nana Plaza plus B.1000.- for the girl if you can get lower cost ? Granted NO miss Thailand class, but adequate. Expats living there use these locations regularly. Drink & be merry at Nana Plaza but get your service elsewhere. Thermae is nearby if all else fails. And always use your cap please !!! Going to the islands? Try Koh Samet, take a bus from Ekkamai Station on Sukhumvit Rd. A/C bus B.90.- one way to Ban Phe, Boat B.80.- r/t. then songthaew from pier to your bungalow. Try NAGA B.120.- simple, Little Hut B.150.- to B.200.- budget, Ao Phai and Samet Villa B.450.-up more comfortable. Other A/C places go for B.1000.- along Hat Sai Kaeo ( Whitesand Beach ) Beware of price increase during busy season or holidays. Anybody with first hand experience at Koh Chang ? Pls. post in bits & pieces. BTW bring your partner(honey) from BKK, the Island has no girlie bar unless you want older ladies if any. Disco on Fri. and Sat. nights only, again no free roaming girls. Enjoy !!
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 23:47:16 -0800 (PST) Subject: Comments about Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 1997 The fall in the baht has made a huge difference for the affordability of Bangkok -- let's hope it lasts. As of Dec. 1997, most prices are up only slightly, meaning that bargoers get value not seen since 1991 or so. Nana Plaza bars have raised beer prices to about 75 baht, a whopping $3 at the pre-devaluation rate. Now, at 45 baht to the dollar, it's a much more reasonable $1.75 or so. (The drinks are the de facto cover charge to get in and see the shows). Girls' drinks are from 60 to 100 baht, again more reasonable is the baht is really low. Barfines are usually 300-400 baht, or about $7-13. Some bars have gotten greedy and have gone up to 500B. Remember, in Bangkok, the barfine just goes to the bar; the girl has to be paid separately. With girls, YMMV both on quality and price. Very important to pick them well. I've been giving them around B 1,100-1,200 for all-nighters that went well. Barfine a nude dancer at Nana and it's WYSIWYG, but your chance of getting one with attitude or who just wants to do short times or who demands a lot of money goes up. Patpong has gotten ridiculous. So complete has been its transformation to a street market that crafts sellers are taking over ground-floor building stalls on Patpong Rd. Those are (were) the bars' only domain, so bars are being squeezed out. It's hard to even walk around. Pickpockets must love it. Some places are moving to side sois, but all the expats have fled to Nana Plaza. Thermae's is still doing very well in the Ruamchitt Plaza basement location. It will live on regardless, but at least there are fewer people now who have to use it because the prices with the bars/girls are too high.
Subject: Thailand Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 02:57:24 -0800 Just returned from my 2nd trip to the Land of Smiles (Thailand) in 10 weeks. This latest trip included only Bangkok. I went to Pattaya with a friend and two secretaries from his office in BKK (mistake) for a weekend. I have many recommendations for the Farang: (1) Fly EVA Air. Their Evergreen Deluxe class is better than UA's Business Class, and it costs about $1000 roundtrip from the West Coast. (2) Try the Grand President Hotel on Sukhimvit Soi 11. I stayed two nights at the Ambassador (right next door) for the first two nights and the place is a fucking dump, so I looked for cleaner accomos. The Grand President is truly a 4 or 5 star hotel, with full kitchen in the room, stereo, fridge, in room safe, even a VCR. The price is 1100 baht per night. (about US$25 and dropping.) If you like Hyatts in the USA, you will love the Grand Prez, but it's a helluva lot cheaper. The managment did not care about my "friends." (3) As far a pussy goes, I have many tips: (i) Try the Beer Garden on Sukhimvit Soi 7. Turn into the Soi 7 off Sukhimvit, and it's right there; can't miss it. Many freelancers in the 6 to 9 range. Nice relaxed, comfy feel to the restaurant (German) and women galore. (ii) Nana Plaza kicks ass. Try "Pretty Girls" go go bar on the ground level. Try some of the upstairs bars on the 2nd and 3rd levels. I was offered FREE services (I had to pay barfine) by one young lady. Unfortunately, I already had a girl in my room waiting for me!! (iii) Be sure and start your day right, with a big glass of Coconut Juice from a street stall (20 Baht) and a Body Massage. (about 2,000 baht) My tip for cutting the price on the body massage is simple. LEARN where your favorite Massage Parlor is, and then have the taxi driver drop you off nearby. DON'T tell him that you are going to a massage parlor, or the price for the massage will automatically be higher by about 400 baht due to the taxi drivers commission. LIVE AND LEARN. A Thai-style body massage, with full service of course, is something that I think ALL men should experience at least once in their lives. Coconut Juice, by the way, tends to help the hangover and increase strength in between the legs!!!!!!! (iv) Being a Butterfly (going from flower to flower) got me into some trouble this trip. I was juggling 4 different ladies who wanted me badly, and wouldn't let go. Problem was, I was kind of falling in love with 3 of them. If you are going to Thailand to FUCK, then stick to your mission, and don't let yourself be overly charmed by them, which is difficult because the ladies are VERY lovable. I had one especially difficult experience where one of the secretaries from my friend's office waited for me (she's a normal, non-hooker Thai girl) in the hotel lobby until I came home for the night, with a hooker on my arm of course!!! Both the secretary and the hooker from Nana were quite pissed off at me. (v) Go to Koh Samui!!! Lots of great action there. A much smaller, quieter place than BKK or Pattaya by far, but lots of fun. I will post an extensive post on Samui later. Yours, The Buzzsaw.
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 12:31:34 -0800 (PST) Subject: Bangkok Update During a short trip I found most information I could check to be accurate. Prices seem to be a bit higher now in local currency after the economic turmoil. At Nana Entertainment Plaza bar fine was 500 Baht and girls could easily be had for 1000. Since I stayed in a high class hotel, I had to use the on-site Nana Guest House which set me back another 300 (for an hour or so). I only tried the bottom level outside bars and was particularly fond of the bar at the rear. Owned by a fat chinese it sports several young cuties. I chose a shy 18 year old from Chiang Mai with the most perfect body I ever had. The girls at Darling massage parlour were 2500 for one and a half hour of full body massage. That's less than 3000 including drinks and tips. Most times they had more than enough beauties for full body (three number girls) to choose from. Surprisingly service is not uniform among the girls and they do not work there too often as I could easily tell from their difficulties finding room numbers and light switches. The first one I had was a 27 year old rather tall girl who concentrated on making all circumstances perfect and taking care of every detail of the ceremony. I especially liked it because it was my first massage experience. When I came back to her for a second time she was much more relaxed, had me extensively massage her pussy during sucking and finally came together with me. The second one was a stunning 23 year old who was still more into sex. She did some french whilst in the bath and really made fucking her in many different positions a great experience. As it was my second round within a short time, it took me quite a time to come and so I could make her get off two or three times. After fucking finish your drink and turn around on your stomach for a relaxing traditional massage.
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 05:16:25 +0800 A question about Thailand...does anyone one know of the fabled hairderessing establishment that provides blowjobs as well as haircuts either in Bangkok or Pattaya. The closest I got was at the bangkok international airport where I got a shave and the girl offered a face massage. Anyway the face massage turned into a crotch massage and handjob.
Subject: [ASP] Bangkok Update 3/98 Date: 1998/04/21 Just returned from my first trip to Bangkok and Pattaya in late March 98. Got a good tour of the night spots thanks to the info on WSG. It was a unique experience worthy of a trip from anywhere in the world. Some quick notes and update: Was going to write a summary but ran across a very decent one already at on Patpong, Nana, Thermae and Soi Cowboy. The descriptions are pretty accurate, based on my some what limited experience there. - Thai working girls are out of this world. There is an elegance and graciousness that I don't find anywhere else, and I have been to many places in US, Canada, Europe and Asia. - Thermae is pretty easy to find on Sukhumvit between Soi 11 and 13, but may be moved again. I never been to the old one, but the bathroom for the current one is an experience not to be missed. Thermae probably has the best variety around. It was still in full swing one early morning at 5:30am when I could not resist and took out a cutie for 1500B for short time. I had originally intended to only do some looking there. - Choices and varieties are unbelieveable. There seems to be more girls than customers in many places. - Ambasssdor Hotel is to be avoided, even for the higher price tower wing at 1600B. Saw three dead water bugs in the room. Well, two of them were alive when first spotted. Breakfast buffet ran out of food. Checked out quickly the next day. Luckily my attention was totally somewhere else. Overdosed the first and only night there with 2 short times. One was from a bar in Nana Plaza and the other one was from Thermae. - Grace Hotel seems to have girls hanging around any time of the day. It seems very large, and with lots of entertainment, even couple of bowling lanes! I suppose you could stay there and get almost everything you need without leaving the hotel building. It is definitely a different crowd than Nana or other places. - Walked from Grace to Nana and stopped by to check out a small hotel and disco on the way. Forget the name. I was surprised to find mostly men with darker skin there with the usual Thai girls hanging around. I don't quite fit into the scene, but the atmosphere is very friendly. Talked to one guy who told me that he is from Africa. Thanks to the wonderful Thai girls who brought peoples from everywhere together in the Land of 1,000 Smiles! - The Galaxy group has restaurant, nightclub, coffee shop, massage parlor, and No-Hand restaurant in different buildings in the same area, a stone throw away from Patpong. - Tried the No-Hand Resturant. Food was actually pretty good. Dinner for one was about 500B with a 720B feeding fee. "Bar Fine" was 360B with short time take out at 2000B. It is celebrating its 26th year in business, so the sign says. With tips, 4000B is a bit pricey by local standard but I had a nice time overall. No-Hand appears to be a fully clothed kind of place. Na is a day-time phone operator and could not get her to go long time, which according to mamasan would have been 3000B. She speaks some English, so at least I could talk to her a bit. She earns 5000B a month as an operator and her apartment is 4000B a month. I may go back next time I am in Bangkok. There may be other similar setups but I have not found out where they are. (If anyone knows, please email me.) - Sat next to a very friendly, young and petite girl in the Nana Hotel Disco and talked to her a bit. Put my arm around her and explored her a little bit - and then she told me very calmly that she had a boyfriend and was not working. I thought I had the ultimate embarrassment of initiating something with a girl who was not in the game and wondered why she was there if she were not in the game. Turned out that her British boyfriend had booked her for 1 month for 30,000B. It also turned out that she and her British boyfriend were staying a few doors down from me in an executive serviced apartment off Soi 24! Had a nice chat with her before I bid her good bye. - Wandered into a karaoke off Petchburi around Soi 39 near a 7/11 store. Met an interesting girl called Kai who can speak some English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. One coke and two lady cokes and a fruit platter and 40 minutes later I was out 800B. She was trying to set me up with her friends. Long time take out is 3000B to 6000B there. Even at 40B to $1US I thought it is too pricey. I left alone. - The Japanese places around Patpong seem to be deserted. Seems like all the hostesses were out on the street greeting potential customers. I probably don't look like Japanese as they just let me pass by without any greetings or paying me any attention. Might as well. They are probably as or more expensive than the karaoke place on Petchburi. - Wanted to check out the upscale hostess bars around Washington Square and Soi 33 off Sukhumvit but ran out of time in Bangkok. (If you have any info on them, please email me.) - Tried a fairly local traditional Thai massage off Yawarat, with full service at 1200B. I had the feeling that price for regulars is probably half of that. Very little English is spoken there. There is a cafe and karaoke next to the fish bowl, so I guess it is an entertainment center concept. Some people were having food there while checking out the girls. - Got 2000B stolen from my pants from a working girl off the street. I was foolish enough to try to find her but came to my senses and just moved on. This happened off Yawarat. - Tut tut and taxi drivers are very helpful. If you look like you are lost, don't know where you are going, and even if you are not lost and do know where you are going, they will try like hell to get you to the right massage place, where presumably they will get consideration. - Did not try Darling which is off Soi 12 of Sukhumvit, nor other places like Mona Lisa. Guessed I missed the real body massage. I did have that in Macau one time and did not quite like it. Was a bit rough. Found out from a taxi driver who speaks some English and Mandarin that there are a few really new and excellent massage parlors that welcome mostly Asians. His advise is go where you see the BMW and other nice cars are parked outside. I have been using a similar one for restaurants for years to go to the one with the longest line outside if I don't know any better! Gave him 200B for a 57B ride. Sounds like a lot but it is only US$5! - Best transportation deal is from Bangkok (Ekamai) to Pattaya for 77B. Two and a half hours on a A/C bus. Was going for a day trip just to check it out but ended up doing a long time with a nice girl from Best Friend beer bar. Stayed at the Diamond Beach hotel for 700B. It is nice, I thought, that the hotel guard collect IDs from the girls when they go into the hotel. It is awful, when they knock on my room door 5 in the morning to collect an 8B lady fee. Gave the guy a 20B bill. Said he would be back with the change and never saw him again. She wanted to go dancing at Marine Disco one in the morning and off we went. Interesting sight there. Kind of reminds me of King's Court Disco at Patpong for after hours gatherings. Bar fine was 200B. She asked for 1000B for long time and I did not even bother to bargain. She speaks probably less than 50 English words and said "No Bangkok" couple of times in the morning after she found out I was heading back. The sense I got is that a lot of Pattaya girls are into longer term (days if not weeks) type of arrangement. Best Friend has quite a few open bars clustered around a boxing ring. I watched the boxing at one point but quickly lost my interest. Kind of pathetic but saw quite a few steady "couples" with obviously no communication or even attempts to try. Saw the 60+ bald type with youngish Thai girl. - Saw this in a Bangkok English newspaper - German male tourist died in hotel room (some where) with only underpants on. Heart failure suspected. I don't know more than what I read. But, be careful out there. - Missed the 56B to US$1 in January. Baht was at 36 to 1 when I landed and was 40 to 1 when I left. I guess I should not complain too much about this as it had been 25 to 1 for many years. - Heard the song "One Night in Bangkok Makes a Hard Man Humble" couple of times in Bangkok. It helps if you know your limits. If you don't, it is no problem. You will find out what they really are. - Have fun, be safe and be careful out there.
Subject: Bangkok Date: Wed, 24 Jun 98 11:55:58 PDT I was in Bangkok & Pattaya in Feb. 1998. Pattaya sucks. Overrun by German tourists wanting to show off their tattoos and swagger. Girls overall were 3rd rate & lumpy. Entire town was pretty much like Patpong. Not worth the trip. As of 2/98, Nana Plaza was still the best place in town. Don't even waste a minute at Patpong. If you do, stay clear of all except the Kings Group of bars. They will merely be expensive, but they wont mug you at the door for everything you have in your pockets. Thermaes is open and the best place in town. No shows. Just wall to wall hookers. One word of caution; pick pockets work all the establishments. And they are good. Prices on 2/98 were running around B500 bar fine at Nana & B1000 to B1500 for an hour in a room on premises. At Thermaes, prices were running between B1000 & B1700 for short time (1 to 2 hours). B2000 for all night. Warnings: 1. Picks. They're everywhere. They're good. Be warned. 2. Negotiate everything in advance. The girls will stick with an agreement. But if you don't, they will be happy to name a price for everything extra you ask of them in the room. Not all of them, but why wait to find out & risk frustration. 3. Don't over pay. A dollar goes a long way in Thailand. If you overpay, you only drive the prices up.

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