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Bangkok, Thailand

This happened a few years ago now, but when I last visited Darling they still gave excellent (if somewhat expensive) service.

On my third afternoon in Bangkok i decided to find a massage parlour. This was my first trip to Thailand. The two nights I'd spent there I had no problems finding girls to spend the night with, but I was a little disappointed. The first girl had been 19, cute, but very, very sad. The second one, it turned out, was a rather mercenary type. None of them had been really good in bed, so now I wanted some good sex. According to my little Bangkok nightlife guidebook there was a good massage parlour, Darling, at soi 12. I was living at Nana hotel on soi 4 (a soi is a smaller side street) so I decided to walk. This was my first visit to a massage parlour, so I felt a little nervous and had two gin and tonic before going. It took me about 10 minutes to walk there. Outside it was hot, damp and hectic, but once I got inside that changed. It was cool, calm and dark. I was greeted by a Thai gentelman in suit and tie who asked me in reasonable English if he could help me. As we stepped in I saw about 50 girls sitting behind a window waiting. I knew I wanted "body massage", where the masseuse uses her whole body to massage you. I told him so. He showed me to a smaller section on the left of the room. Behind another glass screen there were about 20 women of different ages and looks. They were all nicely dressed and they each had a little badge with a number tagged onto them. After a few minutes of silence and my staring at them he asked me who I liked. I wanted a good blow job because the two girls I had had the last two night hadn't given me any. Embarressed I mumbled something to that effect, and that I didn't know who I wanted. I'm not sure he got the message, but he said that number something and number 41 were very good. I looked for them. Number 41 was sitting almost in the far right corner of the room. My guide book had told me that the bottom left is for the inexperienced and the far right for the experienced women. Number 41 looked like she could be between 30 and 35, she looked OK and had ample breasts. I wanted someone who knew how to give me a good time. "OK, number 41." I said. He repeated the number in Thai in a microphone and I went over to the counter to pay.

"My girl" (I can't remember her name, but let's call her Noi) appeared and smiled at me. We took the elevator to the room and she started chatting in surprisingly good English. I also figured out (both by looking and later conversation) that she was probably close to 40. But I didn't care as she had a very nice body. We got into a big massage room with a bed and a tub area. She started preparing things and I just sat down. A elderly lady knocked on the door and asked if we wanted anything to drink. I got a bottle of Kloster beer and Noi a coke. She continued preparing for the message by putting an inflatable mattress next to the tub and filling the tub itself. The elderly lady reappeared with the drinks.

This was appearantly the preliminaries, Noi now started undressing. I took this as a que and did the same. She quickly got out of her dress and wrapped herself in a towel at the same time. She then came over to me and helped me take off my socks and underware. She smiled at me and my rising cock. Noi led me to the bathtub, took off her towel and we stepped in. I could now see her naked for the first time. Yes, she did have nice body. And the longest nipples I've ever seen. They were very close to an inch long. We sat down in the hot water and she started washing every part of my body with great care. Neck, back, toes, legs, ... When I could reach her breasts during her washing I fondled them, and felt her incredible nipples. To clean my chest she had me lie on my back in the tub and was sitting down between my legs. My pelvis floated up and my rock hard cock appeared out of the water just in front of her face. She made a little gasp, but soon recovered.

She slid it into her mouth. Umm, heaven, this woman knew her job. She placed both her little hands around my throbbing shaft and worked the head with her mouth. This was what I wanted! Unfortunately I couldn't contain myself and after just a few minutes I blew my load. She expertly took it all in her mouth and milked my balls and cock to get the full load. I said "Oops, I didn't mean to come this quickly.", but she just replied "Don't worry, darling, I can make you come ten times." Yeah, sure! She cleaned my cock and we proceeded to the next step.

The next step turned out to be me on my belly on the mattress. She covered me with suds and started slithering all over me. She did use all of her body for it; I could often feel her pubic hair against my body. After a while she had me turn over and continued her massage. Body massage was all I thought it would be. It has to be experienced. It's not just a sexual experience, I mean, I had just shot my load and my cock was rather limp through the whole thing. (Actually, at later visits I found out that a really hard cock during a body massage can be almost painful as it gets in the way when the masseuse slithers around. Well, there is, of course, a nice place where it fits perfectly, but that's another story.) After about 15 minutes of this massage she had me get up and rinsed the suds off our bodies.

We laid down on the bed, I had some of my beer and she started giving my back a massage. When I turned over she spotted my now hardening cock and quickly moved down and started another incredible blow job. After a few minutes of this I was very hard again. I had her continue for about another ten minutes just enjoying her incredible technique, but then I decided I should try her pussy too. I easily slid into her welcoming cunt and we did some missionary style fucking. It felt wonderful and satisfying, but now I knew where her real area of expertise was. I withdrew and got back on my back asking her to continue her blow job. She happily complied. I don't know what she did, but she could do tricks with her mouth that I've never experienced before or after (except at my second visit to her at Darling a few days later). After another five or ten minutes I exploded another load into her eager mouth. She milked my balls and cock again, but there wasn't very much there. This was my third fuck of the day after all (I had one in morning).

I felt drained and happy when she washed my cock. She asked me if I wanted a rest. We had now spent about an hour and these session are typically 1.5 hours so I said sure and laid down on the bed again. She gave me a very nice back rub and I almost fell asleep.

As I turned over to get up I saw a little smile in her eyes. She bent down and took my very limp cock in her mouth. I almost protested since I didn't feel like it, but decided to let her go ahead; it felt pretty good after all. She now started another, even more incredible blow job. She seemed to have some tricks left. As my hardened she took some ice in her mouth, she did some deep throating, ... She also massaged my balls and places between my legs that really made my dick go back to its former vigour. I don't know how, but after another ten minutes of this I came again. Once more she milked my balls and cock, but nothing came out. She had sucked me dry. She finally managed to squeeze a drop out to prove that she had done her job.

Again she washed my cock, after that I didn't lie down, but I got dressed instead. I almost started believing that she could make me come ten times. But now I had had enough. It's a strange thing to say, but you can orgasm to much too.

I gave her a really big tip and left Darling very satisfied with my first massage parlour visit. Later visits have shown me that she was indeed exceptional, I've hardly ever been disappointed, but on the other hand I've never encountered anyone as skilled with her mouth again.

Date: 10 Feb 1997
Subject: Bangkok

I was in BKK in Jan. until the 7th...all the stuff you read about it is true. It's heaven for those who like to indulge in the simple pleasures of life like fucking some sweet young sexy Asian honeys. My favorite spots were the massage parlours, there are many around the city, but don't ever tell a taxi or tuk tuk driver that you want to go to one because they get a good commission and you will be getting the farang rip-off rate...if you want decent quality but low prices, in the neiborhood of $28 US, go to a place where there are no farangs, one I found is on Petchaburi road near soi 45, it's near a Lancer (Mitsubishi) dealer, there is no english at all on the sign, just a huge sign in Thai with flashing lights, the flashing lights usually mean either a disco, a karaoke or a massage parlour in Bangkok. The place is next to a place called Riviera, not too far from a foot bridge to cross the road...the doors are blue in color. There are 3 sets of girls inside, the body to body girls that cost 700 baht ($28 us) for 1 and a half hours of sure pleasure, try #38, she's a cutie and gave me good service. You might need a Thai phrase book since nobody speaks much english there. I also tried #72, she's great as well. Then there are the "superstars" they are a bit prettier than the others but they don't give a body to body, something every heterosexual male must experience at least once in a lifetime. They give 1 and a half hour of service for 900 baht ($36 us). Then there are the obasons (old) ladies thay don't look too good, but they give 2 hours of service for only 700 baht (I didn't try them why? when the body body girls are just as cheap and much better looking). The food is good there also, but again you will need a Thai phrase book to order since the menus are all in Thai.

The best way to get there is to tell the taxi driver that you want to go to the Lancer dealer, he'll let you off next door and you just walk over...don't start telling a taxi driver you are looking for a massage or your asking for a long ride to an expensive place with pretty girls but not worth 3 times the price...

If you want a change of pace try the Cozy Bangkok across the street from this no name place. The girls are really sexy but they don't give body body. The price is a little higher at 1200 baht ($48 us), and 1500 ($60 us) for the superstars.

Enjoy, and post your experinces here so I can share in the fun.

Mr. Bang Cock

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997
Subject: Three massage parlors in Bangkok

Here's some information on the three top massage parlors in Bangkok - among those that service the farang costumers. Admittedly, the impressions described here may be outdated. I haven't been to Bangkok for awhile. So do not take my word for it. Go see, feel and taste for yourself.

All three are easy to find. Most taxidrivers have glossy brochures in the glove department on the first two. I will tell you how to find the third. ALL taxidrivers can find these three blindfolded.

VERSAILLE is located about ten minutes walk from famous Patpong. It is relatively small, the decor in the rooms is pseudo rococo, and there is about 25-30 girls on display for you to chose. They are pretty, and they have a professional view of men like you. That is, they will take care of your needs alright. When I have visited the place, I have had quite good experiences, though the service from the hostess tends to be a little cool and detached. Well, come to think of it - once I had one of the very best times in my life with one humorous and kind lady at this place. So it is worth visiting. It probably helped that I was in good spirits too on that particular occasion.

When I was there the price was a little less than the usual for luxury massage parlors in Bangkok when a farang asks: 1500 baht for one and a half hour. As far as I remember!

The thing I like the least about Versaille is the attitude of the personnel in the reception-display room. Never have I seen such dead and hardened faces as those featured by these mamasans. And I have after all been around in the brothels of Thailand. With these establishments it is a normal thing to be welcomed by people who bear the soulmark of crime and whoredom on their faces, but these elderly dames are downright creepy. And they do not try hard to conceal their contempt for you and your wishes. You ask for a three hour session with the one you covet in there - and the old hag repeats your request with a loud scream for all to hear. Versaille will only accept the normal one and a half hour. But at least they could decline in a polite way.

A more professional attitude among the receptionist people would upgrade Versaille in the opinion of this john.

VOLUNDA has two branches, "the small" in the vicinity of Patpong, and "the big" behind Oscar Theater. I have not been to the former, hence cannot tell you about it.

But I have indeed been to the main Volunda, which is one that taxidrivers is ever eager to suggest to you. It is large, and it specialises in youthful hostesses. You will see about 50 teenage girls behind the glass wall, all of them pretty, some of them absolutely beautiful. Most are dressed in pink, some (the "superstars") in black. The difference is that the black beauties have fault-free bodies also when their clothes come off. You will see stunners among the pink ones also - but often the girl will have some scar not visible when she is not naked. (A saddeningly large number of Thai girls have large dark scars on their legs - tokens of traffic accidents acquired on motorbike rides with their boyfriends.)

If you choose a superstar, you will have to extra pay for her services. It was 2500 baht for one and a half hour when I was there. 5000 for three hours.

Anything to complain about with Volunda? Yes, these girls are young, and they cannot hide the disgust they have for you. When you study them through the glass pane, some of them will compete for your attention by blowing kisses, making inviting smiles etc. (Don't believe the rumors that the glass is a one way screen. They see you clearly from the moment you enter the place.) All the apparant eagerness is for the benefit of the employer. The girl do not like her costumer, and that shows in her face and her hesitant attitude when you are alone with her.

Whether you like the general decay of the physical surroundings of Volunda - the peeling wallpapers, the noicy air con - is a matter of taste.

DARLING is my personal "darling" among Bangkok massage parlors. Check out with your guidebook where Asia Book's original main store is. Make the taxi go there, not to the parlor itself. Right across the road you will see Darling Turkish Bath & Massage glow in huge neon letters. Go there, quick!

I have only once been addressed in anything less than the most cordial manner by the personnel. The ladies are twenty-something, good looking and going out of their way to fullfill your desires. I have not heard the word "no" yet in this place. In fact I have had to use it a few times, when for instance the girl proceeded to suck my dick without a condom ("I do not have the AIDS - for sure!") One of them worked herself into profusing body sweat in her striving to bring me to orgasm (I had been busy in the previous Bangkok night and was not easy to make go off). Often I have been surprised by the delicious sins they know. Like finger artistery in my rectum, like innovative ways to use a tongue.

Invariably the price have been high. 2500 baht for 1 1/2 hour. But I believe the Darling girls are worth it.

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997
Subject: Bangkok, Thailand

I had the opportunity to pass through Bangkok twice on 11/3 and 11/21/97. As promised, I report here the findings from my latest layover.

On the evening of 11/3/97, after a late lunch at the German Beer Garden, I visited Annie's, a well-known massage parlor in BKK, which is near the Rajah Hotel off Sukhumvit (detailed directions follow). Annie's is a clean, well lighted place in a safe neighborhood.

I climbed the short staircase and entered through the automatic glass door. The interior holds a bar and sitting area to the left and a smaller bar to the right at the end of the room. The wall behind the larger bar is mirrored. The proprietor is a middle-aged Thai gentleman who greeted me warmly as I entered. At 5:30 p.m. I was it seemed, the only customer.

To the right at the end of the room a large clear window revealed the waiting room, in which about 6 - 8 women sat, grooming themselves, reading or watching TV. The women were identified by numbered buttons (these correspond to the order in which they start work). The women ranged in appearance from average to attractive. All seemed Thai.

I hesitated and had real trouble choosing. The proprietor said, "Take number 3," which I did. It proved an auspicious non-decision.

She met me at the small bar in front of the sauna. She introduced herself as "Nid," and we talked small talk using her quite passable English for about 15 minutes while we each had a beer. I began to caress her gently and she joked with me. She made me (nervous to begin with) relax and feel at home. With no particular urgency after about 20 minutes she suggested we go to a room and asked, "small or large?" I did not know how to answer so she suggested a large one.

The room had a double bed with thin mattress, bath tub, sitting area and mirrored red walls. It was clean and pleasantly uncluttered. There was no rush as we sat.

We talked more, kissed, stroked and slowly undressed. Nid's body uncannily reminded me of my first college girlfriend. This thought was an odd but not unpleasant aspect of the encounter that recurred. She was about 5'6" and had long, straight, thick black hair and natural breasts. She was 29 years old, and her abdomen was firm with no stretch marks.

We slowly lay in the bed and caressed (this was now real foreplay) and kissed, french-style, with increasing passion. She allowed me to stimulate her breasts (nipples and undersides) with my tongue. I licked her abdomen and flanks. She became increasingly engaged and aroused. When I got to her vagina, it was very moist and topped with only a small patch of black hair.

She was comfortable with my touching and I held her clitoris between my thumb and finger and stroked her to orgasm. She took my penis in her mouth (no condom) and performed real fellatio.

We broke, rested and went to the sauna. It was extremely hot and we gave each other full body coverings of baby oil. After 15 minutes I was so hot we left and returned to the room. She filled the tub to overflowing with hot water. She washed me completely while I held her with a thumb in the vagina and my hand between her gluteus muscles. We left the tub, caressed some more, and went back to bed.

We proceeded again through foreplay and intercourse (with condom) culminating in orgasm for both. We rested and went back to the sauna, which was even hotter than before. After a few minutes we returned to the room.

We hugged, bathed again and she completed a massage and shampoo in the tub. I dried off, she showered. We returned to bed and kissed hard, continued foreplay while I licked her flanks and inguinal area. Finally, we had intercourse again and she suckled my breasts firmly. We climaxed again.

Something (obviously) had clicked as you have gathered. She agreed to come to my hotel later (off duty). She arrived at 1:15 a.m. and the rest is, well, personal...

Visit Annie's!

Location: Near the parking lot behind the Rajah Hotel, between Soi 2 and Soi 4 (the Soi 2 side).

Telephone: 251-5680 or 255-0090.

Hours: Early afternoon until 11 p.m.

Cost: Basic service is 400 Baht. Sauna is 200 Baht extra. Beers are 80 Baht. Leave 500 - 1000 Baht tip (the girls must give nearly the whole fee to the owner). THIS IS A TRUE BARGAIN!!!

Lodging: Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel, 199 Sukhumvit near Soi 15. Tel. 662-254-0205. Fax 662- 253-2406. E-mail (Note: Thermae is under hotel)

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