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Vienna, Austria FAQ

Date: November 1995


On one hand, Vienna is a really beautiful city with a lot of touristic
attractions, on the other hand it also offers a lot of
prostitution. This guide shall help you to find your preferred girls
without making bad experiences. Note that this report does not deal
with things like S/M, gay, etc.

Generally, the more friendly and respectful you are, the more friendly and
willing the girl will be. Although there is nearly no AIDS with legal
prostitutes (they are regulary health-checked), you should always use a condom
for your own security (anyway, you won't always know if a girl is a legal
prostitute). And always support the legalisation of prostitution.

Structure of this document:
1. Prices - overview
2. Services
2.1. Street Prostitution
2.2. Appartments
2.3. Call Girls
2.4. Escort Services
2.5. Brothels, Bars
2.6. Kabinensex
2.7. Peep Shows, Sex Shops
2.8. Telefon Sex
3. Information Resources
4. Dictionary
5. Recommandation


Find here a short general overview of the prices for your orientation, more
details are provided in the relevant sections:
Street Prostitution:
- Oral sex in the car: 300 ATS
- Oral sex and intercourse in the car: 500 ATS
- Oral sex and intercourse in the hotel: 1000 ATS
- Oral sex and intercourse: 1500 ATS
- Full hour: 3000 ATS
Call girls:
- Oral sex and intercourse: 1500 ATS + costs for cab


In this section you will find a detailed look at different categories of
prostitution. In every section, first there will be a short explanation
including legal restrictions, then a general list explaining what kind of
services are offered, where and how you can find them and which prices should be
expected. Afterwards there is a commented address list including some "hot tips"
and sometimes a detailed description of a hot experience.


In general, street prostitution is legal in Vienna, Austria, but places and
times are restricted. There has to be a certain distance from schools, churches
and public transportation stations and street prostitution is only allowed
between 9pm and 4am (at some places 5am). There are two kinds of street
prostitution: First, girls who wait beside the street to attract you to visit
their club with them, and second the classical type, where the girl services you
in the car or in a hotel. It's unclear how legal service in the car is (sex in
the public), but anyway the police won't care.

Street prositution - Clubs:

If you want to select a girl from the car or by foot and go to a club with her,
you should take a close look at the Gurtel. There, you pick a sexy dressed girl
near her club and she will take you in and normally ask you to drink something
with her. Due to the legal situation it is officialy not allowed to offer
prostitution and sell drinks at the same place, but there are some workarounds.
Either there will be a seperate entrance for the rooms or there is officially no
sex offered in the separees, but nobody knows what the girls and you are doing
in there (at least no official organ can prove it).

Different from other towns like Prague or Budapest the scene is said not to be
dominated by the Italian or Russian mafia. However, the girls are more and more
from Eastern European countries, and they are often illegal in Austria. So in
the last time there have been more police controls in Gurtel clubs, but their
main target is to find illegal girls. You might be asked to show your identity
card, but thats all. If you prefer Austrian girls, maybe the Felberstrasse is

There are several parts of the Gurtel, which are more or less interesting. Most
clubs can be found between the Wahringer Gurtel and the Neubau Gurtel (at the
Westbahnhof, one central train station in Vienna). The Felberstrasse is also
located near the Westbahnhof and starts at the Neubau Gurtel and there are some
clubs up to the Rustensteg.

Prices normaly start at 700-800 ATS for a blow job (room included). For a full
service you should expect approx. 1000 - 1500 ATS. A full hour should cost
between 2000 and 3000 ATS, therefore you will get oral sex and intercourse in
different positions, also two times. Any special wishes have to be negotiated
individually. Be careful when inviting girls, lady drinks can be very expensive.
The service in these clubs is not always the best (girls and customers change
quite often, rooms sometimes are in bad condition, ...), and therefore the
prices are high. But if you like to go to clubs, it might be worth the money.
Street Prostitution - Car / Hotel:

Here most times a car is essential, because either you perform sex in the car or
you drive with the girl to a hotel. If you don't want to go by car, go to the
Prater (very big park), there are some girls who also service you in their cars
or behind the trees. If you are interested in a girl, stop beside her. She will
come to your car and ask you for your wishes or just offer her services. If you
agree on the price, you will dirve to a quiet place nearby or to a hotel.
There are two main areas where you can find street prostitution in Vienna: In
the Prater and in some streets near the Gurtel. Prices are normally 300 ATS for
a blow job in the car, for intercourse between 300 and 500 ATS and some girls
ask for 100 - 200 ATS for exposing their breasts or other extras.


The Prater is a large green area in the second district of Vienna. You can reach
it via the Praterstern and the Ausstellungsstrasse, and then to the right side.
There a wide selection of girls there. Drive via the Nordportalstrasse or the
Perspektivenstrasse to the Lagerhausstrasse, and then right to the
Sudportalstrasse. On all these streets there will be some girls. At the end of
the Sudportalstrasse you can enter the Kaiseralle on the right sight - it's a
dead end, and several girls will wait on both sides - or you go left to the
Trabrennstrasse. In the Prater the girls start their work at 9pm and at 1pm the
main action is over.

Also in the Prater is the Rustenschacheralle, where - near the Hauptalle -
several older and not so attractive women will wait for customers.
On the left side of the Ausstellungsstrasse there is the so called
Struwerviertel. There, especially in the Struwerstrasse and the
Obermullnerstrasse, several girls can be found - most of them are illegal or
drug adicts, some quite young.

Streets near the Gurtel:

Generally, working times will be a bit later than in the Prater. Before 10pm
there will be not to much action, but therefore you will still find some girls
at 3am or even later.


Between the Panikengasse and the Weinbheimergasse there are some girls every
evening. Many of them are already older, but still attractive, slim and good
looking - and this often is ideal for a good service. While young, good looking
girls don't have to care about their customers, these women will try to give you
a job you will remember positivly - and so you might come back.
HOT TIP: At the corner Lambertgasse / Thaliastrasse there is a young, blonde and
sympathic girl, who will dirve with you to a garage around the corner and give
you a great and deep blow-job without hurry. The price is 300 ATS.

Hutteldorfer Strasse:

Between the Gurtel and the Beingsse there are some older and unattractive girls.
Near the Pouthongasse there is also a club with some girls waiting outsinde.
After the Schwenglergasse, up to the Johnstrasse the girls are getting more


A few girls can be found between the Rauscherstrasse and the Schwenglergasse or
near the Pouthongasse.


Between the Gutel and the Rustensteg there are some clubs, the girls won't work
in the car there. Then, between the Rustensteg and the Linzerstrasse there is a
club, but the girls will do their job also in the car, and there are also some
non-club-girls. Quality can be different.

If you go straight ahead to the Linzerstrasse, up to Am-Eis-Gasse the girls are
older and often unattractive. But immediatly before the Am-Eis-Gasse there are
three or four young and hot looking girls. They wait there from 9pm to 2am,
Friday and Saturday longer (up to 4am) and if you want sex in your car, they
will service you at the petrol station nearby which is closed at night. One of
the girls is about 20 years, female looking, long blond hair (like an angel),
hot legs and nice breasts. She is quite sympatic and will give you a blow job or
fuck you in the car or a full service in a club nearby.


In the Mariahilferstrasse (between Gurtel/Westbahnhof and the Linzerstrasse)
there is some kind of special situation. On one hand there are some legal
prosititutes, on the other hand there is are a lot of drug addicts who are no
legal prostitutes, but will do for money a lot of things. Some of them are real
young (16 or even 15 years). *Always* use a condom there. In the warmer time of
the year sometimes police is there. They can check the identity cards of the
girls and they search for drugs, and they might also check your driving license,
etc. if it is obvious that you just picked up an illegal girl. However, the real
problem appears if they catch you by coincidence while performing sex in the car
with a girl below 18 years.

At the start of the Linzerstrasse (between Mariahilferstrasse and Felberstrasse)
there regulary waits a young, beautiful girl in a red car. A bit further there
are some old and very unattractive women.


Legal situation: It is not allowed to offer prostitution in a normal
flat.  Appartments have to have their own street entrance which is
seperate from the other house. There are a lot of such places. There
are also some houses where all flats are owned by prostitutes or some
one- or two-family-houses in the outer regions of Vienna.

Typical appartments will be opened from 10 or 11 am up to 21 or 22pm. Of course
some of them will be opened up to 4am in the morning. Also on weekends many
appartments are closed.

The percentage of sophisticated, high-leveled, and also more expensive girls in
appartements is higher than in any other form of prostitution. If you want to
find a girl, take a look at the ads in the daily newspaper Kurier (under
Hostessen), or buy the monthly magazine S.O.Z., which is an advertising media
for prostitutes, mainly in Vienna. You will find there a lot of telephone
numbers, pictures, and descriptions about the services offered. Often, outside
the opening times, when you call a number, the tape of the automatic anwering
machine will give you more information about the girl and the services offered.
You can call the girl before you visit, but normally it is ok just to come.
Prices can be very different, but here a general guideline: Oral sex or
intercourse should cost 700 - 1000 ATS, both of them approx. 1500 ATS. For a
longer service with fucking in different positions, etc. (about half an hour)
you should expect between 2000 and 2500 ATS. A whole hour should cost between
3000 and 4000 ATS. Special wishes as anal, etc. cost a little bit more. Not all
girls will allow anal sex - check before - and nearly no girl will allow you
kissing on the mouth.

Find now some adresses and additional information about interesting girls. At
some addresses the girls change very fast or even the locations move, however
the following addresses are from girls who worked there for a longer time and so
I don't expected that they will move in the nearer future. But anyway, you can
check it with a short call. This document was written in November 1995. Always
remember, these are personal experiences and of course your own experiences
could be different. Everybody likes different types of persons, every girl has
good and bad days, etc.

A very interesting adress in in the 3rd district, not far from the center, in
the Juchgasse 11. From the outside it's quite a normal house, but if you look at
the doorbells you will see that all flats are full with prostitutes. Normally
these girls are of higher quality, the flats are very nice and there is a
shower, video,air condition, etc.

To begin with, there are four girls called Melissa, Gloria, Nora and Michi, who
also work together (if you want more than one) and do quite a lot of things:
anal sex, deep throat, dildo games, ...

HOT TIP: Melissa is a slim girl with long red hair and a beautiful body. She is
approx. 30 years old, charming, intelligent and real hot and she does nearly
everything you can imagine. Her prices start from 700 ATS, half an hour
(included everything you want) costs 3000 ATS, a full hour 5000 ATS. If you want
oral sex without condom, add 500 ATS extra. Last time I visited her we agreed on
a full hour (blow job without condom) for 5.500 ATS. She was wearing black
underwear and high heels. First we went to the bathroom where we undressed each
other. Then we went under the shower and washed each other. It was really hot to
feel her wet breasts, her firm ass and her shaved cunt. She especially cared
about my dick, and I fingered her cunt. When the soap was off, but still
showering, she kneeled down and started giving me a blow job. One of her
specialities is that she does not put a dick just into her mouth but deep into
her throat, which feels really great. Then we dried, and I asked her to put on
black stockings and high heeled shoes and we went to her bed (mirrows on three
sides and on the ceiling!). I selected a hard core video and so I not only saw
her beautiful body in natura and in the mirrows but also some girls fucking on
the TV.  We layed down on the bed and she started deep throatening me again.
Then she got a large black dildo and a golden vibrator and while she continued
blowing, I put the dildo in her pussy and the vibrator in her ass and fucked her
with them. We went into a 69-position, I layed over her, fucked her in her mouth
and played with the vibrators in pussy and cunt. Then she licked my asshole for
quite a while. Afterwards I wanted to fuck her and with her mouth she put on the
condom. We fucked in nearly every position and I was so hot that I wanted to put
my dick in her ass. First slowly, then faster and very deep, I fucked her ass.
After a while she put the dildo in her pussy again and I could fuck her ass
while playing with the dildo in her pussy. Then she gave me a hot blow job until
I came into her mouth. Now we had to rest a little bit and we talked for a
while. Quite soon my dick started getting harder again. So again we went to the
bathroom and showered. She didn't take of her stockings. After massaging each
other she started giving me one of her incredible deep blow jobs and also licked
my balls and put them in her mouth. So after a while, still in the shower,  I
came for the second time in her mouth. (Mellissa, 1030 Vienna, Juchgasse
11/4/10, Mo-Fr 12-11 pm, very often also on Saturdays, Tel. 713 45 33).

Gloria is approx. 25 years old, has smaller breasts, a shaved pussy and is very
good looking. She's also very recommandable. (Gloria, 1030 Vienna, Juchgasse
11/6/18, Mo-Fr 12-11pm, Tel. 713 74 23).

Nora has black hair, very small breasts (some kind of teeny look, especially
because her pussy is shaved too) and a slim hot body. (Nora, 1030 Vienna,
Juchgasse 11/5/13, Mo-Fr 12-11pm, Tel. 714 06 44)

Michi has long dark hair and a female body. She will also visit you at home or
in the hotel. (Michi, 1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 11/4/11, 714 06 43, Mo-Fr 12-11pm)
There are some more interesting girls there, p.g. Bonny (appox. 35 yrs, very
female body with large standing breasts, 1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 11/5/15, Mo-Fr
12-20pm, Tel. 713 98 99),

Cher (approx. 40 yrs, very large standing breasts, slim, red hair,
1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 11/2/5, Mo-Fr 10am-8pm, Tel. 712 15 67) or
Romana (approx. 25 yrs, young looking body, short red-brown, hair,
1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 11/4/12, Tel.  712 99 89) and approx. 15 more

In the 9th district, Rognergasse 12, you will find Gaby (approx. 40
yrs, increadibly big, hard, operated breasts, Tel. 310 23 44, also
visits in hotels or at home) and Tina (Hungarian, beautiful body,
brown hair, nice breasts, does also anal sex, Tel 310 23 44, Mo-Fr
12-24h) and Tiffany (tall, slim, nice breasts, long red hair, Tel 310
23 44, Mo-Fr 12-24h). Beside to the door to this interesting adress,
there is a brown door, which leads to the appartment of Joy, a
beautiful brown haired woman (Rognergasse 12a, Tel. 310 95 65).

Another interesting adress is in the 15th district. Denise is 21
years, has long blonde hair and a beautiful body. She also allows you
tounge kissing, which nearly no other girl will do. Fucking her while
feeling her tounge in the mouth is incredible. (Tel. 892 85 25, Mo-Fr
10am-8pm, sometimes on the weekends).

In the 11th district, near the Simmeringer Hauptstrasse, there works
Tanja in a one-family-house, an approx. 40 yrs old lady with large
breasts, but also not too slim anymore. She does a lot of things, also
anal sex, and offers a full hour with anything you like for 2000
ATS. However, when I visited her, everything was quite in a hurry and
without interest, she just tried to make me cum as soon as possible
and the hour was not even half an hour. And on the pictures she looked
more attractive than in reality (1110 Vienna, Zippererstrasse 11,
Tel. 744 99 793).

Jasmin (1180 Vienna, Hildebrandgasse 28, Tel. 402 40 36) says she is
23 yrs, but I'd guess she's rather 35 years. She has long blonde hair
and does also anal sex, but due to my experiences I can't really
recommand her.

Another girl, where the advertisements are hotter than reality, is
Conny (1020 Vienna, Schuttelstrasse 57A, Tel. 72 89 335, Mo-Fr
10-20h). Her speciality is deep and long anal sex, but she doesn't
look as good as on the pictures, and she is quite fast, non-interested
and in a hurry.

But now a recommandable adress again: Natascha is blonde, young and
has a very female body with large standing breasts and a hot ass. Her
pussy is shaved. She has long blond hair and her dessous look very
exiting. Last time I visited her I wanted to fuck her in the
ass. While we watched a hot video, she put some oil on her breasts and
then started to massage my dick with them. After it got really hard,
she put on a condom and started to blow it. After a while she kneeled
down and I fucked her in doggy-style in her tight ass. To finish with,
she put of the condom again and massaged my dick with her oiled
breasts until I cum. Natasha will also do a lot of massages, but she
won't put dildos in her cunt. (Natasha, 1180 Vienna, Schulgasse 43a,,
Tel. 403 64 68).

An interesting top adress, also for business people, is the Petit
Fleur: Four attractive girls can be found there. (1120 Vienna,
Hetzendorferstrasse 150, Sabrina: Young, blonde hair, Tel. 804 52 97,
Mo-Fr 10am-7pm; Bianca: hot young girl with black hair and a female
figure, Tel 804 2 97, Mo-Fr 4pm-3am; Liane: young, brown hair,
Tel. 804 07 72, Mo-Fr. 3pm-3am; Monique: Tel. 804 18 88, Mo-Fr

In the 3rd district there also works Manuela, a charming girl,
approx. 25 years, with dark blonde hair and beautiful breasts. She's
definitly worth the money (1030 Vienna, Schlachthausgasse 18a,
Tel. 715 67 13, Mo-Sa 10am-11pm, So 12-7pm).

Jasmin (1030 Vienna, Beatrixgasse 12a, Tel 712 05 00, Mo-Fr 11am-10pm,
Sa-So 12-7pm) has long black hair and a very female body with large
breasts. She's quite young and very interesting.

A good adress is also in the 8th district: Samantha and Chanel offer
good quality sex (1080 Vienna, Lederergasse 27b, Samanta: blonde hair,
small breasts, Tel. 408 48 44, Mo-Fr 10am-4pm; Chanel: good looking,
long blonde hair, does also a lot of more exotic things, Tel. 406 04
28, Mo-Fr 4pm-1am).

In the first district, directly in the center, there workes a black
girl called Vanessa, who has a hot body and really beautiful big
breasts (1010, Tiefer Graben 8a, Tel. 535 19 70, Mo-Fr 12-10pm).

In the 23th district in a one-family house there work one older lady,
1-2 young white girls and 1-2 young black girls. Beside normal sex
they offer also cabin sex. You stand in a cabin and watch a porn video
while the girl gives you a blow job. In general, the girls try to
satisfy you and to give you a really good service, there is no hurry
and probably the will do more than negotiated, but definitly not
less. Recommandable! And the opening times are until 4am in the
morning! (1230 Vienna, Triester Str. 202, Tel. 667 09 15, Mo-Fr 10am-

Another possibility to get sex until 4am in the morning is in the 14th
district (look carefully on the map, otherwise it's difficult to
find): Three girls are offering good service. (1140, Meiselstrasse
71/8; Lydia: approx. 35 yrs, blonde hair, Viennese charme, Mo-Fr
11am-8pm, Tel. 983 95 93; Mercedes: appox 25 yrs, not too slim, very
large breasts and shaved pussy, dark hair, Tel 985 49 91, Mo-Fr
5pm-2am, So 4pm-9pm; Evi: approx. 25 years, but with young-girl-body
(very slim, smaller breasts) and long brown hair, Tel. 985 49 81,
Mo-Sa 9pm-4am, So 3pm-0pm).

In the 20th district there workes an exotic girl called
Carola. Although the appartment itself is not very high-quality, the
girl is very sympathic, affectionate and good looking (approx. 20 yrs,
long brown hair, good figure, small breasts). Blow job and intercourse
cost 1500 ATS, half an hour 2500 and blow job and anal sex also
2500. (1200 Vienna, Brigittenauer Lande 58a, every day from

So this is a brief selection of interesting adresses, probably I'll
post some updates and new tested adresses later on.


Many girls also or only visit you at home or in the hotel. Most times
the costs will start from 1500 ATS, costs for a cab additionally. For
that, you will get a blowjob and intercourse. When you want to have a
visit from a girl, look in the Kurier or in the S.O.Z. for telefon
numbers. Call the girl, she will give you some general information on
how she looks, what services she offers and how the prices are. If you
are really interested, she will call you back and check your name,
adress and phone number. When she visits you, after some time another
girl will call to check if everything is ok. If you don't answer or if
there are problems, there will be 'friends' of the girl knocking on
your door quite soon.  She won't stay if there are more men than
prositutes, so if two of you want to have sex, you have to order two

The problem always is that you don't really know how the girl looks
and behaves, so you can make very good or bad experiences.


There are several escort services in Vienna. Generally, the first hour
costs about 3000 ATS, every further hour between 1000 and 2000 ATS,
some agencies might be slightly cheaper, some top agencies much more
expensive. Sex is not included, you have to negotiate that with the
girl individually and when ordering the girl you won't get any
guarantee that she will do it and what she will do at which
price. However, if you are not too bad behaving or disgusting, you can
expect that she is also interested in earning some money with sex.


In Vienna, there are no typical brothels where on several floors the
girls are sitting in front of their room and waiting for
customers. Bars can especially found near the Gurtel (see
Services-Street Prostitution), top class bars will often be in the
first district. For more information I recommend to buy a Stadtplan
fur Maenner.


Kabinensex (cabin sex) is an interesting opportunity for quick
sex. You enter a cabin with two openings: One in eye-height to watch a
porn movie and and one in the height that a girl can give you a blow
job. There are at least 5 adresses of different quality around in
Vienna, the best is in the 7th district: 4 girls will offer you hand
massage for 200 ATS, blow job for 300 ATS, blow job and tit fucking
for 500 ATS (not in the cabin, but on a comftable chair). If there is
more than one girl present, you can have also room service
(approx. 1000 ATS for blow job and intercourse) or a hot
two-girls-show. The girls there are sympathic, good looking and are
doing a good job (and the videos are really hot). (Kabinensex, 1070
Vienna, Neubaugurtel 18, Mo-Sa 11am-2am).


There is a growing number of peep shows and sex shops in Vienna. Peep
shows normally offer a typical peep show (10 ATS-coins for approx. 1
minute), where the girls undress, dance and masturbate. Very often
there are also girl-man-shows or girl-girls shows at certain times
(same price), where the man fucks the girl or the girls do some
lesbian action. Then there are solo-cabins where you order the
selected girl and she performs a individual show for you behind a
glass wall. This costs approx. 50 ATS for 3 minutes and an extra
charge for the girl depending on your wishes (p.g. 200 ATS, if she
masturbates with her fingers, 300 ATS, if she does it with a vibrator,
400 ATS if she also cares for her ass hole with the
vibrator). Furthermore most times there are also video cabins, where
you can select (or channel surf) betwenn 100 or more films.

Erotic center: Peep show, video cabins and big sex shop with large selection.
(1040 Vienna, Rechte Wienzeile 21, Mo-Sa 9-22)

Sex World: Sex shop and video cabins. Wide selection in the sex shop
and since short time very modern video equipment (second monitor where
you see short sequences of other films - always 4 at the same time -
and you can change to that film just by pressing a key). Also some not
so main-stream films p.g. with teenagers, etc.

Movie Line: Peep show and video cabins, (1170 Vienna, Hernalser Gurtel
43, 10am - 12pm). Although it's not allowed, I once convinced the guy
behind the cashdesk with a tip that I could take a girl-friend into a
video cabin. Although it was not extremly comfortable, it was really
hot fucking her in there.

Movie Line Revue: Peep show and video cabins (1150 Vienna, Mariahilfer
Gurtel / Palmgasse, 10am-12pm)

Sex Quelle: Sex shop with video cabins. Looks very large from the outside, is
not so large inside and the selection is not very big (1050, Neubaugurtel 50,
Mo-Sa 12-24h).


There are a large number of telephon sex numbers, either just tapes or real
girls. Look in the Kurier, the Bazar or the Fundgrube for numbers.


Kurier: second biggest daily Austrian newspaper, ads under
"Hostessen": broadest selection
SOZ (Sex ohne Zensur): Monthly journal only with advertisements of prostitutes,
most of them with pictures, highly recommended!
Bazar: Free advertising magazin
Fundgrube: Free advertising magazine
Stadtplan fuer Maenner: map with many intersting places and information about
services, prices, opening hours, ... Not always up-to-date.


This small dictionary with sexual terms might help you to understand ads, etc.
However, many girls will speak english.

Algierfranzosisch - the girl licks your ass-hole
alt - old
Anfangerin - beginner
Arsch - ass
beiderseitiges franzosich - the girl gives you a blow job and you
                            lick her pussy
bis zur Vollendung / mit Schlucken - the girl will give you a blow
                                     job until you cum into her mouth
                                     and swallows your sperm
blasen - blow job
bumsen - intercourse
Busen - beasts
Busenerotik - The girl massages your cock with her breasts
ficken - intercourse
franzosich - blow job
Frau - woman
geil - horny
Glatt - shaved
griechisch - anal sex
Haus- und Hotelbesuche - the girl visits you at home or in a hotel
heiss - hot
jung - young
Langzeitservice - long term service (p.g. 1 hour service)
Madchen - girl
Massage - massage
Muschi - pussy
Neueroffnung - newly opend
ohne - without (Ohne-Franzosich - blow job without condom)
Onanie - masturbatino
Orgasmus - orgasm
Po - ass
Rasiert - shaved
Schwanz - dick
tiefe Kehle - deep throat
Titten - tits
Vibratorspiele - playing with vibrators, dildos


Here some recommandations, compiled from the other sections:

Street Prostitution: At the corner Lambertgasse / Thaliastrasse: Young, blonde
and sympathic girl, who will dirve with you to a garage around the corner and
give you a great and deep blow-job without hurry. The price is 300 ATS.

Apartments: Melissa, slim, sympatic girl with long red hair and a
beautiful, hot body. Excelent sex including anal sex, deep throught,
vibrator plays, and many things more. Not cheap, but worth every
Schilling (1030 Vienna, Juchgasse 11/4/10, Mo-Fr 12-11 pm, very often
also on Saturdays, Tel. 713 45 33).

Kabinensex: 1070 Vienna, Neubaugurtel 18, Mo-Sa 11am-2am - the oldest and best
adress in town.

Sex shops: Sex World - Sex shop and video cabins. Wide selections of films,
magazines, etc.

It's worth looking around in Vienna for some sexual action. Enjoy it and have a
lot of pleasure and fun!

Subject: Prostitution in Austria Vienna Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 22:58:52 UTC Hi my name is Denise In your sex guide is my old Telefonnumber 8928525 my new Number is 9825055 Kisses Denise
Subject: Remarks to Vienna_faq.txt Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 08:18:32 UTC I refer to the guide to prostitution in Vienna (GPV from now on in this document), Austria, recently hung out on this site (Vienna_faq.txt). I checked some of the information given there, will add some more of it and my own experiences, which may be helpful for the interested reader of the guide and especially for the visitor to our pretty old town. English is not my mother tongue, so it may be not the best. It`s surely sufficient to hand over the information. Generally spoken, the GPV turned out to be very comprehensive and of good quality. I will just add my own experiences with some of the mentioned girls and attach some hot tips not mentioned im GPV. First of all, the working girls in Austria are health-checked weekly and not monthly as it is written on your site about Austria. All advertising girls and all who are standing on Guertel or the streets nearby are regularly health-checked. Police looks after that. So the risk of catching a desease is pretty low, espescially when you stay away from Karlsplatz where the junkies hang around. STREET PROSTITUTION The best area to catch a girl who does not disappoint you is the Hernalser Guertel I think. The chance to get good sex is about 20 percent there (in other areas even lower). Later in the evening (after midnight) check also Thaliastrasse and Huetteldorferstrasse. But don`t go to the girls near the club "Le Souterrain" in Huetteldorferstrasse. They are all VERY pretty but I always got a hand job there when I paid for a blow job. I have no informations about the Prater area. Some more informations about the "300-ATS-hot-tip-girl" in the Thaliastrasse mentioned in the GPV: She doesn`t stand at the corner Thaliastrasse / Lambertgasse but on the corner Thaliastrasse / Artlgasse which is in fact on the opposite side (south side) of Thaliastrasse. You can`t miss her because she always stands in front of the enlighted shop-window of the fashion-shop "Fuernkranz". Her name is CONNY and she is really the right girl for a quick and cheap car fuck or blow-job (300 ATS). She is not always there (perhaps 50 percent of time). In the last weeks I didn`t see her very often. Quick fuck rating: 7/10 Another tip: Try to find CHRISTINA at the corner Hernalser Guertel / Breitenfeldergasse between 9pm and 4am, Mo-Fr. She is about 23 yrs old, medium-long dark brown curled hair. She will go with you to the club "Chez Christin" on the other side of the Guertel. Ask for her name, other girls (who a re by far not as good) will sometimes stand on this corner, too. If she isn`t outside, go directly to the club. Christina is very talkative and will give you a fine blow job (didn`t try fucking, same price) for 700 ATS, room included. Especially recommended is a half hour for 1200 ATS, blow job and intercourse (or only one of both, if you like that better). She is very friendly, really tries to satisfy you and always invents new positions. Rating: 9/10 for street girls. SERVICES IN APPARTMENTS You can get much information about what is on the scene when you buy a newspaper (Kurier or Kronen Zeitung) and look at the ads ("Kontakte"). There is also a column "Massage", but the advertised services in this column do NOT include any sex action. The other possibility is to buy one of the advertising magazines for prostitutes, S.O.Z or Maennermagazin. There you can also find colored pictures of many girls. BTW, S.O.Z has also an internet site ( The girls have to pay to get in, so better have a look at world sex guide / Vienna, where you can get the pure information from guys like me who are only interested in where to find really high quality working girls. Because of the information on this site I checked MELISSA (Juchgasse 11/4/10, Tel. 713 45 33) to find out whether she is really as good as she is described. She gave me a really good blow job without condom for 1500 ATS until I came into her mouth. Her real "deep throat" is worth the money. It is worth mentioning that most of the girls who offer oral sex without condom (and these are only about 10 percent of the Vienna prostitutes) do not allow you to ejaculate into her mouth. One little "minus": Melissa did not put off her bikini during her sevice, but the quality of service compensated that by far. Rating: 9/10 I think that the other girls working with Melissa (Gloria, Nora and Michi) should be as good. I also know MANUELA in Schlachthausgasse 18A, Tel. 715 67 13. My experience was not as good as mentioned in the GPV. On the one hand, she is really good looking, but on the other hand, the 1000 ATS blow job was quite in a hurry and only worth 500. Perhaps she had a bad day. Rating: (5/10) Later in this report I will give a hot tip to a girl who gives you a marvellous blow job, but now some stuff about girls mentioned in the GPV. I agree to the author of the GPV when he warns you to go to JASMIN (Hildebrandgasse 28, Tel. 402 40 36). NEVER GO THERE! It`s a rip off. 2000 ATS for nothing. NEVER GO THERE. Rating: 0/10 TANJA, Zippererstrasse 11, Tel. 74 99 793: I cannot recommend her, too. The house is quite dirty, she is older than she looks like in the magazines and everything goes in a hurry. 3/10 About the other girls mentioned in the report, I have no information. But now some new hot tips: The best value for the money as far as oral sex is concerned offers SILVIA (Blumengasse 26, Mo - Fr, 10am to 7pm, Tel. 408 36 10). She charges 500 ATS for a really deep and satifying blow job (with condom). She is not very friendly, but you get sincere straight sex for a good price. 8/10 But now a very special tip I can recommend about a girl who does no advertising any more because she has only regular clients. She is the right girl for you if you like talking, hugging and slow sex. Her name is MONIKA and her address Breitenfeldergasse 8 in the 8th district (Tel. 408 6 408). She is there from Mo to Fr, 2pm to 8pm. Better give her a call before you come (the day before or at least a couple of hours before), otherwise she may be occupied. She is in the late twenties I think and has a slim and sexy body. Her prices start at 1000 ATS, but for 1500 ATS you will be really satisfied. To give you some impression, I will describe one of my visits to her: When I came in, she took my coat and asked me to sit down and drink a glass of wine with her. Then we talked a while about this and that. After about ten minutes or so I took a shower and we started action. I asked Monika to put on black stockings and she did. I got a tender blow job first (everything with condom). When it was time to change she sat on me, putting my dick into her cunt. Some time later she took my shoulder and (still fucking) moved me, so that I came on the top of her. Her cunt became moist and slippery (Most times I visited her this happened - does she really like it???). Her heavy breathing and her kisses all over my neck and face really turned me on. She also allowed kissing her lips. Either she likes it or she is a very good actor - no difference, it`s a damn good feeling. After having a great orgasm, we lay together for quite a while, still hugging and having my dick in her cunt. After all that action we had another glass of wine together and talked again. What I especially like is the atmosphere in her appartment. There are always fresh flowers around, a candle burning and sweets on the table. Having met her several times during the last years (20 times or so) I had always a good time, but she turned out not to be very creative concerning sex. Allover rating: 9/10, but remember: My advice: who tries this whore Should fix a date the day before. The gentle reader may have a good time using the informations given on this site. Have fun and report your own experiences!

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