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Please say you're going to Vienna, Austria, not Vienna, VA!

To steal a phrase from JayHawk, going to Vienna for street sex is like
dying and going to heaven.  For price, quality & variety, it just can't
be beat.  AND, you can go get some Sacher Torte after you pump your
bilge!  What other city not only makes it legal, but "grades" areas of the
the red light district, just like hotels & restaurants.
In the best district, the girls are really, really beautiful - as good/
better than I've seen in NY or Vegas.

First, get a "Stadtplan fur Manner" - basically a sex-tourist guide -
at a newsstand.  If you want to skip this - head straight for the
Lurchenfeldergurtel - this is a circular road which runs around the
old city wall.  There are sex clubs that line the street, and the
women hang out in front of them.  When I was there in '88, the price
was A$ 600, including the room.  If you don't speak German, you will
pay more, but oh well.

Supposedly there are some very high class brothels - but you need
to find this out on your own, as my budget didn't permit.

Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 00:49:55 UTC Subject: Re: Escort Services in Vienna, Austria In the last 5 years I have been traveling to Vienna 4-5 times per year, and I thought to share my experience concerning sex services and more specifically the escort services. Between the variety of choices, street prostitution, brothels and escort services, I have been heavily relying on the escort. I feel more at ease with a lady in my hotel room than anywhere else. Vienna for price and quality is, in my opinion, the best among European and Americans cities. Prostitution in Austria is legal, but surprisingly you will not find escort services advertised in the yellow pages. To get started I suggest two options, one is to buy the "Stadtplan fur Manner" which is a sex guide of Vienna. The second option, is right at your fingertips: in your hotel room. Regardless of the price you pay for your room, you will find inside plenty of information on all kind of sex services in the city. The name of the escort service I have been using for the past 5 years is Vienna's Best, and the phone number in Vienna is: 532-11-32. As of December 1994 the price was 3000 Austrian Schillings for a minimum of two hours. Additional hours is A$1000 each. The lady will charge an additional A$ 150 for the taxi. If you have more time, Vienna's Best offers a special of 5 hours for A$ 5000. I can assure you that the ladies all gorgeous, they are multilingual, and sophisticated, age ranges from 18 to 40 years old. A friendly operator will take your call and ask for your preferences: age, height, bust, hair color and length, time you want the escort and even what clothes you want the lady to wear. The operator will then take your name, address and phone number. Within 20 to 30 minutes you will receive a call with all the information: the name of the lady and confirming the appointment. If this is your first time the lady will call the office upon arrival and each hour thereafter. If the lady for any reason does not feel safe she will leave. Once you become a regular client the lady will call the office only upon arrival. What I like about this particular escort service is that you will always get what you have asked for, which is not always the case with others escorts in Vienna and in several Americans or Europeans cities. In the past 5 years I have never had any reason for being disappointed. Vienna's Best has a great reputation, and if you become a regular client it will send a lady in some of the neighboring countries around Austria. Tips are not expected, but if I was very satisfied, I ask the office to send that same lady and if I succeed, I always buy her favorite perfume as a gift. Once I also tried some brothels in the city. The ones in the First District, one of the best part of Vienna, are overpriced for the service you get. For one hour a room with bath will cost A$ 5000. The ladies are average, some very pretty some just all right. Certainly I have not yet seen a knockout lady in any of the brothels I visited as the ladies of the escort service. If you budget is limited, there are many brothels around the old part of the town, a very safe area, which I heard are more affordable, but because I do not have first hand experience I do not know the prices.
Date: 13 Oct 1995 16:47:40 GMT This is an update to my last note of August 19, 1995, which is now on the net, on escorts and other sex services in Vienna, Austria. I have just returned from one of my trips to Vienna, and I noticed that prices for escorts have gone up since December 1994. As I mentioned in my previous note I always call the escort named Vienna's Best. Price for the a minimum of 2 hours went from Austrian Shillings 3,000 to AS 3,500 (US $ 350), additional hours are now AS 1,500 from the original AS 1,000. The special for 5 hours has remained the same at AS 5000. Prices are the same for all escorts companies. Under the same management of Vienna's Best (phone number 5338221) are: Academy Girls (5350433), Supreme Escorts (5335044), and Supreme Escort & Aristocrats (5337913). The phone numbers differ but trust me is the same company. If you are planning a trip to Vienna in the immediate future, and you decide to call any of the services mentioned above the girls I always ask for are: Laila she is 24 years old, slim, long dark hair, 5'8'' (1,72 cm); Isabella, 23 years old, slim, blond 5'9'' (1,75 cm); Petra, 20 years old tall, red hair 6'0'' (1,82 cm); Beate, 25 years old, long blond hair 5'10'' (1,78 cm); and Chiara, 26 years old, black shoulder length hair, slim, her height is 5'9''. All of them are gorgeous. Be aware though that some time they available sometime they are not. Another escort worth to mention is Prestige Escort (5354380). Ask for Patrizia she looks like a young Cindy Crawford. She is 19 years old, brown hair and she is 5'9'' (1,75cm). Another nice girl is Bernadet, 22, 5'7''(1,70), blond long hair. A word of caution: do never call Magic Royal Escort. They will tell you, for instance, that they are sending a 20 years old girl and what you get is a 40 year old or older lady. In my last note I also mentioned that most of the brothels in the First District (the best part of Vienna), are overpriced. Specifically The Blue Velvet and Josefine which cost AS5500 for one hour and you get girls that are just average and sometime not very pretty. In addition these girls always ask you to pay for a drink and they always ask for the most expensive bottle of champagne. On the other hand in this trip I found one very exclusive brothel in the First district called Babylon (Liebenbergasse 2), phone number 5128495 which is worth every penny you spend. The girls are very beautiful and you will leave satisfied and very very happy!!!
Subject: Hot tip in Vienna, Austria Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 16:17:23 UTC Street prostitution in Vienna, hot tip If you are in Vienna, Austria, and you take a look at Guertel at night, you see lots of sexy dressed girls offering themselves. When you select a girl, she normally will go to a club with you. Prices are very similar and start at ATS 700 for oral sex or intercourse. In most of these clubs the chance is 90 percent to get just the physical act in a bit of a hurry. If you like that, it is ok, but if you have expected a little bit more, you may ask yourself if it was worth your money. I found out a girl who offers much more for the same price. In this article I will describe one of my experiences with her. Her name is Christina, and she stands at the corner Hernalser Guertel / Breitenfelderstrasse, from Mo to Fr, 9 pm to 4 am. She will go with you to a club at the opposite side of the street called "Chez Christine". If she is not outside, go into the club and ask for Christina. You will be asked to wait and sit down. If you want, you can drink something, but you are not forced to do so. Christina is about 24 years and started business less than a year ago. She has a beautiful body and long brown hair. The first time I saw her (it was winter 95/96), I selected her because of her sexy legs, which she had not covered by a coat like most other girls. We agreed on ATS 1200 for half an hour (inclusive room). I just wanted a half-hour-blow-job and it was gorgeous. First I sat on the bed and watched her undress. After she had put off her three or four pairs of tights I could see her sexy underwear and her marvellous breasts. She asked me to undress too and then put a condom with her mouth on my dick. She gave me a blow job in every position you can imagine (oh no, you cannot imagine - I forgot to mention that she is an aerobic teacher). After thirty minutes (this is not guaranteed with other girls, even if you book half an hour) I had a really beautiful orgasm in a really beautiful 69 position. Christina is very creative in satisfying her clients (tried several times) and speaks English very well. So have fun and keep sending your own hot tips!
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 00:24:57 -0500 (EST) VIENNA Finally I also had some experiences in Vienna. Vienna is a great city and I just happened to be staying right in the Red Light district near the Westbahnhoff station, and there were some sex clubs (they call them "Go-Go bars" or "strip bars") right around the corner. Compared to many other places, they were quite good, but still nothing compared to Escade in Prague. Basically you go in and it's like a strip club - one girl stripping and the others sitting around chatting and getting the men to buy them expensive drinks. I only had one drink myself and bought one (it was required) for the girl I wanted, a relatively attractive (6) girl who said she was Austrian but she looked more Italian to me. We negotiated quickly and she took me to a small room in a warren of rooms, and it had just a bed, shower stall, and chair, lit but a red light bulb. Not that great, but at least clean. It was pretty straightforward sex - chat, strip, examine unit, put on condom, blowjob, fucking. She was about dead average - not bad at all, but nothing to write home about. But she was pleasant and friendly. The next night I went back. I saw the same girl as the night before, and once again she was probably the most attractive one, but she had had her lips and a couple other places tatooed that day. She had vaseline on the tatoos and they weren't bleeding, and I wasn't going to be kissing her, and I didn't have any cuts on my body, but I decided to play it safe and went with another girl, a black girl. She was not that great - nice body, but very robotic. I got off but didn't enjoy her businesslike attitude that much. I had another soda and was contemplating another go that night, but finally decided that none of the rest of them was worth the money for a second round. But as I was leaving, I had a stroke of great luck. There was a streetwalker outside who was absolutely fucking drop-dead gorgeous. She was probably 21 or 22 with a fantastic body, great long legs, tight ass in a thong, great tits, all in black. I asked the doorman if she spoke English, thinking she wouldn't, but he said she did and asked me if I wanted to meet her. I said yes and he called her over and she was *really* friendly and spoke great English. We headed inside (the streetwalkers have a deal with the clubs so they can use the rooms), I paid, and we went to another of the red-lit rooms, but this one was somewhat bigger and nicer. I got hard just watching her undress, her body was so fantastic - like an athlete, long and lean and toned. We fooled around for a while with the usual routine before she climbed on top and fucked me, riding me hard. It was great and I asked her to spin around so I could see her ass, which she did. Finally I came and it was great. I would have liked to do here again, and I had extra time, but I didn't think I could manage a third time, so we got dressed and said goodbye. I probably should have gotten the half-hour, but once again, I hate being rushed. So overall my experience in Vienna was positive, and I'm sure if I had more time there I could have found better places. But I doubt anything would match Prague and the class of Escade. From what I hear there are other place in Prague just as good. So for those of you wondering where to go to get laid, I say: vacation in Prague. Well that was way too long but I feel like I owe it to the WSG since it hooked me up with some great times. Keep up the good work!

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