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I've never had a problem with answering an ad and getting the police,
but that isn't to say that it can't happen. In general, you can tell
if the number you called is a single person or an agency within the
first 30 seconds or so. In the LA area (and other areas around the
country), the agency will only give you the Agency Fee price. Then,
they will ask if you are interested in making an appointment. If you
say yes, they will have the specific girl call you back directly. I
might suggest the following:

On the phone ========== Them: <Ring> <Ring> Hello You: Hi. I saw your ad in the LA XPress and I'd like some more information. -or- Hi. I've never used your service and I'd like some information on what you offer. Them: Sure. What would you like to know (After all, they don't know you yet!) You: Just general information... What you offer; What you charge. Them: (Watch the wording here... there will be a test later) I/we offer a massage full body massage dancer etc. that comes to your room for an hour (sometimes they use the phrase "up to an hour" -- This means that as soon as you come, she goes). The charge for this is $xxx. (Be careful to listen closely during this time. If the cost is referred to as an "Agency Fee" or it is much too low for a one hour outcall to your room, then it means that the girl with be splitting the fee with the agency and will expect a big tip for any extras. Sometimes, they will say that this is only for the girls time -- Same as above. In LA, $75-$125 is agency fee. Expect to pay $200-$250 for full service" You: (If you aren't sure yet if it is a single girl or an agency, ask the following): Can you tell me a little more about what you look like? Other questions that are fair to ask: * (If you've reached an agency:) Can you describe who/what is available tonite? * (If you've reached an agency:) I'm looking for someone who is: tall/short/petite/large/slim (These mean different things) blonde/brunette/redhead asian/spanish/white younger/older playful/creative/enthusiastic/athletic * Is the session for a "full" hour, or up-to an hour? * How soon can you be here? * Can I schedule the visit for later today? Questions that you should **NEVER** ask over the phone: * Will I get laid? * Is a rubber required? * Does she do Greek? * Can I come twice Questions that the girl/agency may ask: * What is your full name? * Where are you staying? * What room are you in? * Are you alone? * Where are you from? * What do you do for a living? * Do you have a return airline ticket? I suggest that you answer each of these questions (if asked) honestly and in full. The girl/agency is just as worried as you are, so it is not unusual for them to ask to see your drivers license (to confirm your home town), your airline ticket (to confirm you're not a local vice cop), etc.
After the girl arrives ========= Once the girl has arrived, she'll want to sit and talk to you for a few minutes to determine that you're not crazy, sick, violent, a cop, etc. If she's going to stay, she may ask to "check-in" (either with a friend, her driver or the agency) to let them know she's staying. Anytime before this point, she may back out of the deal and leave. She is also likely to ask for payment up front before calling to check in. Just before you pay the girl and she "checks-in", is about the only time that either of you can/is willing to/is likely to discuss exactly what you want and how much she expects to be paid/tipped for this session. DON'T BE RUDE OR CRUDE, or you'll end up spending the evening alone. IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember that although she is a professional, she is also human. You'll both have a better time if you remember this. If she likes you (or at least feels comfortable that your not a loonie) then she can relax and enjoy herself more. And that will usually result in your getting better service. Finally, You can expect that she'll ask you to disrobe completely before she begins to remove her clothing. This is unfortunate because I like to have both parties undress each other, but if you've never been with this girl (or agency) before, this is the last "test" for them to see if you're a cop or not.
GENERAL SUGGESTIONS ========== * Have the exact amount (in cash if possible). After all, she isn't a bank teller. If you expect her to have the proper change, chances are you'll be disappointed and end up letting her keep the difference. * Always have your own supply of condoms. It's ok to be hopeful and have more than one, but I'd hesitate in breaking open a new 36 pack and saying "You can leave when these are gone." ;-) * Be showered and dressed when the girl arrives. * Be sober when the girl arrives. You can offer a drink after you and she have come to some agreement, but she's likely to say no to the offer before she knows that she'll be staying.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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