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Subject: Lot Lizzards

There is a type of prostitute not mentioned in your section which is
called Lot Lizzards.

I'm a truck driver and lot of prostitutes hang out at truck stops.
Truckers call them lot lizzards.

You can find them mainly at night (7pm-?) and if you listen on your
CB, you can hear if they're around a truck stop you're at. I would
like to see a listing for them if anyone knows of places to go.

One place is in West Memphis, AR off I-40 exit 4 at a Petro and
McDonalds. Another is in Indiana off I-80/94 at Lake Station Exit.

Subject: [ASP] Review of Sunshine Gastonia NC CB Channel 19 Date: 1997/12/17 Follow-up on a previous post. I finally tried her oral talent. she hangs out on channel 19 or 21 on the CB radio hangs around exit 17,14,13 and after 10:00pm exit 104 all on I-85 she will say she is a comercial girl looking for some company. the first time we had a car date which i have never done. gave up the dough pulled down my pants and she went to work on my tool she did get a reaction out of it real quick she was real good at oral she was not to much in a hurry after it got hard she did take her tounge and run it around the head ect. if she was in a hurry she would of just kept up the sucking. but after about 10 min i was blowing my load she did deep throat good and played with my balls. she was very good at oral. the second time we had another car date and she used the same motions she is about 5-5 120lbs small tits ok looking above street walker looks but below escort looks small tits nice hard nipples she say's she can smoke a ciggerete with her pussy i did not see that since we were in a car. and it was still day light out just did not feel safe. i still do not like car dates just to big of a chance for cops but is sure did like the very low cost compared to a in/call escort about 90% cheeper. let me know or any other girls that hang out on the CB in this area see ya clt34
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 16:00:38 EST Subject: WSG - Lot lizards I am also a trucker, and have found a few places that seem to have "Horizontal Highway Hostesses" on a regular basis. San Antonio, TX - usually some commercial company works in the Jack-in-the-Box across from the Flying J. Late night - early AM hrs, never heard her on the radio during the daytime. Goes by "Sunshine". Memphis, TN - Pussy galore!! Lots of chicks on Brooks Road anytime 24/7/365! Usually a couple work between HoJo's and the Freightliner dealer. Couple crusing in cars between Mapco gas station, and Burger King. Pilots w/ FedEx, and drivers w/ MS cruise this area frequently. Nashville, TN - The street that is the back entrance to the T/A downtown has girls that work there. DO NOT try to bring one back into the T/A. If security catches you, God have Mercy on you - 'cause the T/A won't! Impound truck, notify your company, ruin your life! Mobile, AL - Two chicks that work at the T/A (Old 76 T/S) outside of Mobile. Blonde named "Sugar Britches", mid to late 30's, slim, clean, wears glasses. Not bad-looking, but not a 10 either. Makes up for it w/ enthusiasm! $30-40 for half and half, and doesn't use your radio to advertise after she's done! Brunette named "Sugar Baby" works there also. Allegedly an overweight white girl, married to a black guy. Never seen her, don't know for a fact.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:09:20 -0500 Subject: Lot Lizards, St. Louis Co. area I've only tried one "Lot Lizard" myself, but it was worth it. She goes by the CB handle "Li'l Bit", and is quite accomodating. Li'l Bit has a sweet- natured personality, NOT a spiteful, "attitude"- based nature. She's a slender, average-height strawberry blonde with a 30-something kind of Kate Moss look (not to worry, she's perfectly healthy--just naturally thin). She got small but super-sensitive breasts that can be sucked to orgasm (NO biting, guys!), and she's quite fair on prices. Just ask the truckers who've been to the area--they should know.

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