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>Do lingerie modeling places offer services to the customer or
>is it generally a watch&jack operation only? The only one I've
>ever been to made it quite clear that I was to keep my
>distance, despite my giving her a LOT of money. Does this
>basically vary from girl to girl? Might I have better luck going
>back to the same girl again? She did seem to like me well
>enough and encouraged me to come back. She particularly liked
>that I remembered her name and we bullshitted about her job
>and found out we were practically neighbors (didn't get her
>exact address, darn!) and stuff.
>It seems that there really is very little difference between the
>lingerie place and a massage parlor, at least in terms of
>getting you alone with a girl. But from my limited experiences
>and the postings here, the lingerie services seem to be hands-
>off as a general rule-of-thumb. What are your experiences? I
>don't use these services often at all and would like to save the
>cash, so I'd like to have more realistic expectations when I go
>into these things. Thanks.

It varies from city to city, but generally lingerie modeling tends to be
no touch, while massage parlors are often just incall brothels. Sometimes,
a lingerie studio will also offer "light-touch body rubs", "relaxation
rubdowns" or some other service that indicates contact. This may mean that
local ordinances prohibit use of the term "massage" for anything but
genuine therapeutic massage, and their "rub" will likely be sexual.

As for the session you describe, my foremost advice is to ALWAYS tell the
girl what services you want before offering a large tip. If heavy contact
or sex is available, she certainly won't be shocked. If it isn't, at least
you'll know and can tip accordingly. If you sense that she might be more
open to it after you've established some rapport, you might start with a
minimal tip. Then, once things get underway, talk about what you can get
for more. And don't worry about getting nabbed in a police sting or
anything. Be direct and specific. I've never heard of a lady cop working
undercover in a massage parlor or modeling studio.

I'm dubious about your chances with this girl on a return visit. It's good
that you remembered her name and had a good talk. On the other hand, she
might have thought your big tip was just an inducement for her to be extra
sociable. I'm not surprised that she encouraged you to come back. Big
tippers who are friendly and undemanding are usually popular at these


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