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> Could *anyone* out there help me with my isolated yearnings?  I need
> to find an honest but knowledgeable dominant in Rochester or,
> failing that, Buffalo.

You have my sympathies.  I grew up in Rochester and couldn't wait to get
the hell out.

You might want to get your hands on a copy of Domination Directory
International (DDI).  The best Dominants in the country advertise in it,
and you're pretty much assured that anyone listed will be genuine and give
you what you pay for.  DDI will drop any advertiser whom they get
complaints about.  You can find it in most major adult bookstores or order
it from the address below.

Most professional Doms work in larger cities to have access to a larger
client base, but most smaller cities also have some good professionals.
Finding them can be the problem, as you've found.  You might want to post
something to and be very clear that you're looking for a
"professional".  Either the Ladies or the gentlemen there are often good
about making recommendations.

Expect to pay from $150-$300 a session, and the higher end will most
likely be the more experienced "known" Ladies.  Be sure to ask lots of
questions about how many years of experience she has, what her
specialities are, and what sorts of equipment she has available.  If you
get vague answers, don't go for it.  Good professional Dominants are proud
of their skills, fetish wardrobes, and equipment.  Most professional
Dominants will not engage in any sort of sexual contact with you, so don't
be surprised if they get upset if you ask.  What they do is legal, and
most don't want to jepordize that.  Good luck.

Strictly Speaking Publications.
Post Office Box 8006
Palm Springs, California  92263

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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