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I've noted that some folks occasionally mention pointers on how to avoid
legal problems when engaging a prostitute.  I've always suspected that this
is mostly a "street" problem, i.e. when picking up hookers on the street.
I do know, though, that there have been stings run out of hotel rooms as

Unfortunately, the problem often runs both ways in that a girl will try
to get you to say what you want to do and for how much since she is also
worried that you might be a cop.  How do you deal with this problem?

First of all, let me admit that I got busted once.  It was about 12 years
ago, and it was for "offering to engage in prostitution", a misdemeanor.
Since then, I have learned that you never ever talk about anything while
a girl is on the street leaning into the window of your car.  If you are
interested in a street girl, invite her into your car first.  If she won't
get in, you don't want her.  It doesn't matter how good she looks, you
don't want her.  Believe me.  Now, if she is in your car than there is
a 99.99% chance she is not a cop because the cops don't like putting their
ass on the line, so to speak, to this extent.  However, you can always
make absolutely sure by asking the woman to show you her pussy before
you discuss anything.  I have also had girls ask me to show them my
cock before talking anything with me as well.  Guess it goes both ways.

As far as hotel or outcall services, I think similar rules might apply.
You might tell her "I wouldn't think of paying for sex, but I was thinking
about making a donation to your children's college fund - say $150?".
Be creative - if it is a cop, you're probably on video tape and as long
as you have made it clear you don't want to pay for sex, you should
probably not have a problem.  Again, you might ask the girl directly if
she is a cop and, if not, to show you her pussy.  The cops typically
cannot go this far to entrap you.

I'd be interested in having others post any tips they might have.  Let me
tell you, getting busted is a real drag.  Fortunately, when it happened
to me I had the $100 on me to post bail but I still had to sit in jail
for 4 hours while they ran a fingerprint check on me.  Fortunately, this
didn't happen in the state where I lived so I just paid the bail money
and split.  Never heard another word about it.  But otherwise, you have to
go to court and pay the fine, etc.

I have been "using" streetwalkers for "special" services for over 13 years, and have not (yet) been arrested. My "system", based on experience and advice from several working girls I met, is the following: (1) stop your car somewhere close to the girl, wait for her to come to you and get in. DO NOT negotiate with her until she is in the car and you are driving away. "Decoys" would like you to solicit sex for money while they are standing safely outside your car on the sidewalk ... don't make it that easy for them. If the girl says anything to you before she gets in your car, just say "Do you want a ride?" (ie, pretend you think she is just a hitchhiker looking for a ride). NEVER solicit sex from a girl standing outside of your car: if she wants to talk about sex before she gets in your car, just drive away (even if she is not a cop, it is too risky to find out). (2) after she is in your car, drive away, but if she TELLS YOU where to go, be very suspicious (there may be cops, or worse things waiting there for you). Make small talk until you get several blocks away, like ask her her name, how old she is, if she is from town. Many girls will ask you if you are a cop, or you can ask her. The answer means nothing, but you can ask her to "prove" that she is not a cop by lifting her shirt and letting you squeeze a tit ... some girls will ask you to unzip and pull it out : the hope is that if the girl is a cop, anything she says or does after she lets your feel her tits is entrapment, and would probably be thrown out of court This should keep you safe. I haven't used outcall services, so don't have any advice there. For "incall" services, ie "massage parlors" etc, I have generally let the girl call the shots ... I let her do the solicitation. If she solicits me, and we negotiate a fun time, then they will have a satisfied repeat customer. If the girl never brings up the subject of sex (ie, just does the "legal" thing), then I assume they are a legitimate business and I look elsewhere for fun, ie they have lost my repeat business. (ps, don't "tip" a girl in advance for services you "hope" she will provide ... assume that she will do only exactly what was advertised or discussed in the "front room". If she asks for a tip, it is safe to ask her ?what for?, ie what exactly is she going to do for her tip... if she doesn't mention actual sex, then assume that there will be no actual sex, and tip accordingly).
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 16:06:04 UTC As everyone has pointed out, there is absolutely no guarantee that a woman on a street corner is not a cop, no matter what you do. Still, there _are_ things you can do to lessen the risk of getting busted. 1. Many many many police departments have a policy that the decoy does not get in the car. Some might, and this is no guarantee, but you should still do this a one step to protect yourself. Do not talk about anything but offering her a ride or a "date" until she is in your car and you are on your way. 2. Cops can and do say they are not cops. There's no point in asking. 3. This is important. Before you talk turkey, tell the woman "Before we talk any more, I'd like you to pull up your skirt and show me your pussy... I'm just being careful". I do not believe any police officer will show you her pussy to make a bust. She might - there is no guarantee - but I don't think so. Now, if she has taken a dislike to you she might bust you anyway. What's to stop her from lying. She knows perfectly well what you are after whether you propose a specific act for a specific price or not. She may just figure you deserve bustin and lie through her teeth. No matter what you do, there is a risk. I have had women ask to see my cock before they would talk to me. So I whip it out and tell them I wanna see some beaver - fair is fair. It has been a long long time since I picked up street hookers - I can afford better now - but I don't dis anybody who does. Been there and done that. As long as you are going to do that, you might as well do whatever you can to protect yourself which means using the three points above and, just as importantly, use condoms boys. But you knew that part...
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 18:19:20 UTC Here's a tip I follow to avoid entrapment. I spend a lot of time cruising the areas were the girls hang out. I never pick up a new girl. I will need to see a girl on the street several times and at different hours of the day and night. And also see if they get in cars and leave with a john and how soon they come back. I also leave the area when the police are patrolling the area. It's also nice to get a regular and talk to them about the other girls, and to find out if there's been any sting operations. Another rule here also, if they're dressed really nice they're usually guys in drag. Some more advice, no matter if you do know the girl never pay before you're in the room, and always wear a condom!
Date: 14 Nov 1994 17:35:17 -0500 >is there some way to tell for sure whether he is talking to a police >officer or a true prostitute? No...However, having watched several police stings in several mid-western cities...It is possible to locate the policetitute's backup and protection team. There will almost always be other plainclothes officers in line of sight to the undercover "prostitute". In the times when I observed the stings, in addition to an officer across the street in an unmarked car, there were also officers around the corner in a couple of cars and or van ready to jump out and arrest the solicitor after a price for sex had been talked about. Due to officer safety, they usually will not get into the marks car and drive off with them away from their protective screen. In some states the undercover officer will take the john back to a hotel room where a two way mirror and recording set up is in place to record the John's offer for sex for money. The arresting/backup team will sometimes come into the room via a connected room. Police will lie and they will lie about the facts of a case, so it is also not a good idea to bait them even if you have no intention of committing an illegal act.
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 1994 16:37:59 GMT As to a safe way to pick up girls on the street. I don't do that but hear the following line works great. "I'm just interested in doing a photo session." Real prostitutes will be thrilled, cops will have to say get lost. Then you get truthful.
Date: 25 Jan 1995 The subject of determining if a prostitute is for real or an undercover police officer has been discussed here many times with a wide variety of responses. Something just occurred to me, and maybe it is a ridiculous idea, as I have never actually tried it, but a friend who had local jury duty saw several prostitution cases. Having seen them go through the courts, it would seem to be fairly safe that if you saw them later, you would know they are for real. Most courtrooms of this type are open to the public and it obviously would take some leg work. <no pun intended> Comments?
Date: Mon May 18 13:32:50 CDT 1998 If you're caught in a sting, fines can be as high as $1000-$2000. In addition, the cops will sometimes take your car. I don't know if or how you can get it back. Note that if a sting is going on, the honest hookers vanish. So if you see a single rather good looking girl instead of the several that are usually there, drive on. Instead of stopping right next to a girl, it's better to stop some 15 yards away. It's possible that your car is then out of sight of the back up cops, so the police whore won't come to your car. By contrast, honest whores will always come over. Ask her "How about a ride?". If she insists on discussing business before entering the car, dump her. If she enters the car, drive away and do the you-show-yours-I-show-mine game. If she's a really determined police whore, she will comply (and lie about it later in court) - but at least you got to see some police pussy. "Your honor, I can prove that the officer entrapped me by showing me her private parts." - "How is that?" - "Her twat is unshaved and stinks." In some areas, cops don't want to put police whores in danger, so instead they observe the local street scene from some distance out of an unmarked car; if you pick someone up, they follow you to the motel or parking lot and bust you there. Always make absolutely sure that nobody's following you. If they catch you and you don't mind the publicity, insist on a jury trial; this way, you maximize the cost and hassle to the state's side. Minimize your cost by not hiring a lawyer. Argue that you intended to pick her up for a photo session.

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