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I've had sex with a few whores in London and Brighton in England and
would like to pass on some of my experiences.

The main problem I've found is that the girls looks are generally no guide
to how good a time you'll have. If anything the better lookers have worse
technique and personality and generally don't give you as good a time.

Most girls work with a maid who is generally an old(er) woman that answers
the phone and lets you in the door when you call. Most maids need a tip
which the girls will ask for - just give them a few quid - or nothing if
you can't be bothered or think you'll never go back - just be ready for
some cold looks when they show you out!

When you are talking to a girl and negotiating it is very hard to tell if
you are going to have a good time. Some girls personalities change totally
when you give them the money and they come back in the room after you have
stripped off. This is of course part of the excitement to some extent (not
knowing what it's going to happen) but you feel pretty stupid when you get
ripped off. I've walked out early 'cos I was having such a bad time with
some girls. Some girls are a bit stern when you talk to them to start with
but when you give them the money and you get started they turn out to be
really nice and you have a great time. Sometimes it's the opposite. I
think it is in part due to some men coming in and really jerking them
about (leaving saying they don't have enough (or ANY) money) and really
pissing them off. If you're nice to them and treat them like people then
you stand a better chance of having a good time. If you try and make it a
bearable (and even fun) time for them they generally respond. Some girls
are real pros and want to you be totally satisfied so you'll come back and
some are just after the money no matter how nice you try to be. I've had
experiences where I feel like I'm fucking a piece of meat and not a pretty
girl. I go to whores for fun and to have an erotic experience but
sometimes I can come out feeling really bad (only happened a couple of
times). It's pretty much hit and miss as to whether you have a good time.
Every now and then a girl will surprise you and you'll have a _REALLY_
great time - this is what keeps me coming back.

A general rule is that the girls are about 5 years older than they claim.
Also the older girls are better. I stay away from girls claiming to be
teenagers - they are often inexperienced, give totally crap massages,
insist on a SINGLE position when fucking and are generally not very
talkative. The best girls are those in their mid-late twenties - i.e.
those claiming to be early twenties! They are much nicer, have much better
technique and generally try and give you as good a time as they can. This
rule does not apply to Oriental girls (especially Thai) who are always
good so get them young and juicy! Women in their 30s and higher tend
to be fat and ugly so best to avoid them.

One thing to watch for is that the girls will actually take their clothes
off. Some girls just wear lingerie and never get totally undressed unless
you pay them more money. Ask them if they will do a "full strip" (take all
their clothes off) when negotiating. Most girls do without you having to
ask but be careful. You can generally negotiate price a little, especially
if it's a slow day or your their last customer for the night. The main
thing is to be firm and don't look like a complete sex newbie that's never
been with a whore.


The obvious thing to do to find a girl is just look in phone boxes. Get a
phonecard and go into a box that takes phone cards ;-). Don't stand
outside the box staring in at the cards or everyone will think your a
pervy. It's best to go in the box and "pretend" to make a call while you
scan the cards and make a selection. Most of the cards have pictures on
them which are almost NEVER the girl you will meet. There will be a large
number of adverts in the boxes - you can hardly see out of some phone boxes.
The quality of the girl is usually reflected in the quality of the maid
who will answer the phone. If they sound bored and are unhelpful then
don't go. The best maids are warm, enthusiastic and inviting and this
usually means the girl is the same (but NOT always!). These are some of
the whores I've used and can remember in any detail:

Name: Lulu
Where: Park West Place (off Edgeware Rd)
Looks: Very attractive Thai
Age: 20
Cost: 60 UKP for half hour

For your money she will give you a very sexy body-to-body massage, first
on your back and then your front. She massages you with her whole body and
places gentle kisses over your back and front. She will clamber all over
you and really give you one hell of a complete massage believe me. This is
very erotic and sensual and gives you a big hard-on. Then she gives you
oral and finally you fuck. Just before she slides onto your cock from
above she lets her long hair down and lets it flow over you face - really
cool! She first slides onto you and then stands up on her haunches so she
can slide right up and down your cock. After a while she invites you to
fuck her doggy. She has quite a tight twat so fucking her is nice. There
is no rush and she is a warm and nice person. For 100 UKP you can stay an
hour and fuck twice. I can definitely recommend her, or any of the
oriental women in this area though some are better than others. Oriental
girls (and especially Lulu) have very smooth skin as they have no body
hair. When they give you body-to-body massage it has a really strange and
lovely feeling!

Name: Unknown
Where: Park West Place
Looks: Very classy oriental - very nice figure and lovely tits
Age: About 20
Cost: 60 UKP for half hour

A nice if very quiet girl. Gave an OK body-to-body massage but nothing too
special. Would not ride me when fucking (said my cock was too big) but had
a really tight cunt and so was a good screw. She is very attractive -
amazing tits. It says she is Japanese on her card but she looks more like
a Thai to me.

Name: Unknown
Where: Park West Place
Looks: OK figured girl from Singapore.
Age: About 20
Cost: 60 UKP for half hour

She offered me a two woman massage (10 UKP more) and anal sex but I
just went for the single woman and straight sex - what the fuck was I
thinking of!!!?? She gave an OK b-t-b massage and oral. Sex was with her
on top and then we stood up and I fucked her from behind. There are
mirrors so I could see it all.

Name: Samantha (her real name)
Where: Near Madam Tussauds waxworks
Looks: Thin blonde with long hair - small breasts.
Age: 22
Cost: 80 UKP for half hour (i.e. expensive)
Location: Small but cosy room with hard core videos playing

Her cards all have a hand-drawn picture of a girl that looks like Julia
Roberts from her pose for the Pretty Woman film. She is expensive (80 UKP
for half hour) but one of the horniest women I've ever been to. The room I
have seen her in is small, but cosy, and there are hard core videos
playing. She has long blonde hair and is quite thin with small tits but
she really knows how to tease you and soft touch you. When her finger
nails run down your back and down to tickle your balls you'll be panting
for more. You can feel really comfortable with her and talk about all your
fantasies and she will act them out if you want! If you can't think of any
(or are too shy to tell her as I was to start with) she will invent some
of her own! She really makes it feel like she is there for YOUR pleasure
and not just to get money from you. She does not just go through the
motions in silence like some girls but will really try and talk about
horny fantasies with you and she really is unshockable. I had her dress up
as a naughty school girl and made her strip so I could kiss her body and
then bend her over and fuck her from behind. She is very warm and great
fun to be with and is very tender and will cuddle and caress you. When she
gives you oral she will finger fuck your ass too if you want - this is
quite nice. She has a nice tight cunt and is a great fuck. She really
talks dirty while you are screwing her from different positions. If you
want you can fuck and pull out before you come and then pull off your
condom and spunk over her and she'll rub it into her skin. She is a girl
who really gets into her work and gives you a sense that she is enjoying
it as much as you are and does not rush you at all - a real pro. If she
has the looks you like and you can afford her she is one of the best
you'll find.

Name: Dunno (never asked her!)
Where: Pollen Street - (off Maddox St which is off Regents Street)
Looks: Very classy Australian blonde - v. tanned (long hair), with superb body
Age: Claimed 18 but looked early 20s
Cost: 80 UKP for half hour (i.e. expensive)
Location: Nice big room with mirrors so you can see it all!

She is probably the prettiest girl I have ever been to. She claims to
have been in videos and magazines - could well have been by her looks.
After paying her she came in and undressed as I watched - this gave me
a hard on before she even touched me but I got even harder as she started
to play with my cock. I was rock hard in seconds! Looks are not
usually a big turn on for me but she was an exception. She put TWO
condoms on me - i.e. she was very careful. Then I asked her to ride
me. She did it well and had good technique. Then I asked to change to
doggy. When my cock came out boy was she wet - and she hadn't used
any jelly or anything. Fucking her from behind was nice as I could see
it all in the mirrors. It was a weird place as it's next to a pub with
people sitting outside and the window was open so only a few feet away
there were people drinking and I was screwing this beautiful woman
doggy! She tickled my balls from beneath and moaned a little and I
came after only a few minutes despite the two condoms. It was an OK
experience but very expensive. She was a bit quiet and stern and didn't
say anything unless I asked her a question. Having said that it was a
bit of a turn on! She works weekdays 11am-7.45pm (sharp!). If you've
got the money (i.e. you've just won the lottery) then check this
sexy bitch out.


For those who don't know, Brighton is a seaside town about 60 miles south
of London. It is known as a place where couples go for "dirty weekends". As
far as whores go it's much the same as London - check the phone boxes.
Nowhere near the choice you'll find in London and the girls are generally
not as good. There are about 10-20 girls that advertise in the phone boxes
and more in shop windows and in the local paper. The cost is about the
same as in London. I'd get a train to London (10 quid) and look around
there if I were you. If you can't be bothered then here are some of those
I've used.

Name: Simone
Where: Various places
Looks: Very classy blonde with short hair - slim and nice body
Age: Claims 24 but looks late 20s
Cost: 60 UKP for half hour (100 for hour)

A really nice girl who you will have fun with. I've been to her several
times. She gives quite a nice massage and blow job. Her only drawback is
sex is not great. She has a really loose cunt and her technique is poor.
She gives a mean hand job (no condom) though while you touch her nice
body. She also does correction and "water sports". She knows a lot of the
other girls so you can chat about how good they are.

Name: Joanne
Where: Landsdowne Place
Looks: Slim blond
Age: Early 30s
Cost: 50 UKP for half hour (100 for hour)

She is a really nice girl and very warm and open to talk to. She
doesn't have the best looks in the world but don't let that put you
off - not ugly but not what I'd call classy either. At least she is
not overweight or anything. She has a really enthusiastic maid too
called Fiona who will bring you a drink (wine/beer etc). She will come
in when you have undressed to do this - don't be embarrassed though -
she likes it and she is a really dirty bitch. She will ask you what it
was like when you have finished - she really wants you to come back!
Back to Joanne - she has a nice body and gives a really good massage
and is great at soft touching - it really gets me going. She will
massage your cock with her breasts - really nice. Sex with her is not
too great but she gives a mean blow job and her hand job is awesome (no
condom). The first time she jerked me off I'm sure my cum hit the ceiling! I
think I even startled _her_ and she's seen hundreds of men shoot their
load! She is definitely worth seeing. She starts work at 3pm and works
most days. Other girls work at other times - these are nowhere near as
good - I've tried a couple of them.

Name: Jade
Where: Near Hove Station
Looks: Very classy blonde with long hair
Age: 18
Cost: 60 UKP for half hour (100 for hour)

A girl that looks great - nice body, face, hair and great legs. She
wears sexy black lingerie with stockings, suspenders etc. I've been to
her twice. The first time she gave a crap massage and sex wasn't much
better. The second time some months later she gave a much better
massage but her personality was very nasty and I didn't even get a
hard on! She was watching the clock towards the end and was quite
rude. Avoid her.

Name: Trisha
Where: Hampton Place
Looks: Very slim and hard body, small breasts and short brunnette hair
Age: 23
Cost: 50 UKP for half hour

A girl with great looks (if you like very slim women). She has an OK
personality. She has no maid so she is cheaper but answers the phone
in the middle sometimes. She gives a crap massage but good blow job.
She has a very tight cunt and you can fuck her in different positions.
Ask her to ride you as she is amazing at that.

Name: Shelley
Where: Same as Trisha (works alternate weeks)
Looks: Slightly overweight, with long dark hair, big tits - not too bad.
Age: Mid-late 20s
Cost: 50 UKP for half and half

She is a bit quiet and stern. Gives a good blow job and you can feel
her ample tits. For a woman who is at least 20lbs over weight she has
a really nice tight cunt. She gives a really nice fuck - especially with her
on top. If she lost a few pounds and was a bit friendlier she'd be really
good. Apparently she specialises in Swedish (jerking you off between her

Name: Kim
Where: Terminus Rd (near Brighton Station)
Looks: Reasonably slim blonde. Could lose a few pounds but OK.
Age: 24
Cost: 50 UKP for half hour

I don't think she works in Brighton any more but I could be wrong. She
has a really great personality. She has a very, very dirty mind and will
talk about sex very enthusiastically. She has a mean streak that is very
sexy. She is bisexual and will talk about the women she has fucked with
glee. She invited me to join her with her current girlfriend once - I
don't know if she was joking or not. She gives a good massage and rubs
her tits gently up and down your back. She will play with herself while she
gets your cock hard. She is a good fuck too and talks dirty while you
shaft her. I've had some interesting talks with her while actually
fucking her! I think she's a raging nympho! She also specialises in
Domination/Correction stuff in her dungeon but I've never tried it.

Name: Unknown
Where: Clarence Sq
Looks: See below
Age: Claims 35, more like 50!
Cost: Unknown

This is the ugliest whore I've ever seen. She was very fat with horrible
hair and legs like tree trunks. Unless you're turned on by ugly women
avoid this (I'm not even sure it was female or even human for that matter
- just think of Jabba the Hut and you're not too far off the mark). You
can be sure I didn't stay long here. She would have had to pay ME VAST
sums of money to even touch her (it). I felt quite sick when I left even
_thinking_ about fucking it.

Name: Lynne
Where: Surrey St.
Looks: Horrible
Age: Claim 35, more like 50!
Cost: 30 UKP for fuck

Much the same comments as for the last entry but not quite so bad. Avoid.

Name: Various (last know as Sheridan - what a stupid name)
Where: Silwood Rd
Looks: Plain looks with short read hair
Age: Claims 18, but actually 24 according to Simone
Cost: 40 UKP for fuck

Very unpleasant personality and crap at everything so avoid. She works in
Silwood Rd which is a real tip - NEVER go there.

Name: Julie
Where: Retired for a while
Looks: Very classy blonde with very nice figure
Age: Claims 21 but more like mid twenties
Cost: 80 UKP for half hour (expensive)

This is very classy looking bitch with nice legs. Personality is not
great but she is OK. She is a domination/kinks specialist. I think she
will do anal. Too expensive to bother about really and I can't really
recommend her. She has retired for a while but will probably be back.

Subject: A report on some 15 working girls...*UPDATE* (UK) Date: 12 Mar 1997 13:37:10 GMT A couple of years ago I posted a report in a.s.p on some whores I visited in London and Brighton in the UK. A copy can be found in the prostitution guide on the Paranoia web site in the UK section. Here is a short update. Most of the girls I reported on in Brighton seem to have left for one reason or another. Simone went back to start up her own place in Nottingham at the start of 1996 - she is a very nice girl indeed. Kim seems to have gone too - she just vanished. Joanne is still working at the same place (01273 728460) and is well worth a visit - she still has Fiona as her maid too who's a laugh. She seems not to work with other girls now though (NOTE: they are always looking for high class girls so any females reading this can apply). It's just her on every day (except Sunday) - she must have some stamina! Trisha and Shelley have gone. Shelley is no big loss but Trisha was a bit special. She was one of the horniest pieces of female flesh about - she was awesome at sex and has one of the best pussys on the planet. I was pretty cut up about her leaving. I didn't give her anywhere near the top billing I should have done in my original report. She may still be working somewhere in the Midlands as she tried to get in contact with someone else I know who visited her in Brighton but we now fear we won't hear from her again <sob>. The girl I called Jade seemed to disappear but she may be working under a different name now. She was one of the best looking whores I've ever seen but her personality and technique were very bad. There are tons of new whores in the town now. Your best bet is to forget the phone boxes as there are fewer girls advertising in these now that BT are clamping down and they tend to be the crap ones too. The best thing is to check out the local papers under "Massage", "Stress Therapy", "Personal", "Escort" etc. There are loads of them. Some of the escorts don't seem to do a lot of escorting - they just sit at home and wait around to be fucked for cash. There are a few massage parlours I fancy checking out. If anyone has any experiences let me know. I've visited a few new girls in Brighton since my original posting. =46ew were worth bothering with though. I've had at least 2 that were total crap and a complete ripoff. The very worst place is 5a Silwood Rd - please avoid this place as it seems to attract the very worst girls. I would also advise against seeing young girls (those claiming to be late teens). They are almost without exception a complete waste of money - untalkative, cold, rushed and even downright rude. Stick with girls aged 25+ and you have a much better chance of having a good time. I can heartily recommend a woman called Natalie who works just outside Brighton. She says she's 36 but I'd say she was a little older. She is a touch flabby around the tummy but has nice legs and is quite nice looking. She is very warm and easy to talk to and very much into her work. She advertises in some local Brighton/Sussex papers like The Argus. Her ad says something like "Come and unwind with lady escort" and gives a mobile number. She makes you drive to a phone box and make another call from their before telling you her address. After you visit her she gives you her BT number so making repeat visits is easier. She charges 25 or 50 quid. The 50 gets you a very unhurried 40 minutes of sexual pleasure (I don't know what the 25 is for but don't be a cheapskate and pay the 50!). To start with you can just get comfy with each other or she will give you a soft massage. She is good. There is plenty of body contact and she is very sensual. She will then suck you (with condom) and you can fuck her in whatever position you like (no anal). She is a good screw. She says she really does enjoy the whole thing and if she doesn't she's a very good actress. I can very much recommend her - especially if you like the slightly more mature woman. She says she's quite new at the business (a couple of years) and really wished she'd started earlier. She also said she was thinking of opening another place up and was going to be doing some recruiting. I can also recommend another place but with some qualification. I've seen 2 girls there - one was very good and the other crap so you pays yer money and takes yer chance. The place is a semi-detached house in the east of Brighton. The number is 01273 677005. They also have another house where they keep newer or less popular girls apparently (01273 278608). They have 20 or so girls on the books but only 2 work during each day with an extra one in the evening (they are open from about 12 noon to 9pm 7 days a week [shorter opening hours on Sunday I think]). The prices vary but 50 quid is the max and gets you an all inclusive session for 30-40 mins. The good girl I saw was OK looking but her performance was great. When she massaged me she kissed and licked my balls and asshole - this is a turn on believe me. She sucked without a condom, massaged my cock with her breasts and I was able to go down on her. We French kissed (very passionately!) and she also seemed to like being finger fucked. She only produced a condom when we were about to fuck. She is a great little performer. Trouble is I don't remember her name! The other girl I saw was called Stacy and as far as I'm concerned was crap. The ages of the girls seems to range from 18-40s. It's probably best to stick with the older girls as the younger ones are very inexperienced. If anyone has tried any of the others let me know! One other girl worth a visit works on Cromwell Rd near Hove railway station. She is a black girl and quite pretty. Her prices are keen too - 45 quid for a 45 minute session. She massages, body to body massages, blows and she's not a bad fuck at all. She works weekdays between about 11am and 4:30pm. Her number is 01273 727996. I've also seen a few girls in other places not too far from Brighton. There is the now infamous Suzie near Bognor Regis (see my followup to another posting on her) as well as a bad experience I had with a Thai(!) girl in Burgess Hill. This has to be a first - a Thai girl who was crap at sex! No I'm not mad it's true. She was called Claudia, aged about 20 - forget her. I also visited a girl called Loren in Crawley. Nice girl age 26 with shoulder length blonde hair. She talks dirty with you, sucks without a condom, is quite a passionate lover and very nice looking. It was a little expensive (70 quid) and her house is a tip though. As far as London goes it's still awash with whores my friends. Still top of the heap by quite a way in my books is Samantha who can still (to my knowledge) be found in Nottingham Street near Madame Tussauds wax works. She is basically just about the best whore on the planet so do yourself a favour and check her out if your in dear old London Town. She's not that cheap but believe me she's worth it - if you don't feel a real buzz of excitement after a session with her then visiting whores ain't for you. She still uses the Pretty Woman pose cards in the phone boxes and she even has a web page ( - she obviously liked my original article about her as you'll find a copy on her web page. Of the other girls I mentioned, Lulu seems to have disappeared - she may well be working somewhere but I've not managed to find her for quite a while. She is a very hot Thai girl who must give one of the best body to body massages anywhere - awesome. The Aussie bimbo I mentioned seems to be called Tanya. She works in a different place now but she is still active. The trouble is she seems to have a had a boob job. When I first saw her she had drop dead good looks - really stunning and a gorgeous figure and perfect 36" tits. The last time I saw her they were 42" and they now look daft to me. If you like bimbos with long (long!) blonde hair and big (big!) tits then she's your girl I suppose. I've also seen another Aussie called Claudia who works near Victoria Station and her cards are in the boxes around this area. She is a little expensive (80 quid for a full 30 minutes or so) but very classy. She dresses well and is very well groomed. She works in her own - very nice - apartment. She works with a maid but sometimes she answers the phone herself. She has long wavy dark hair and very nice legs. She is carrying a few extra pounds but it doesn't spoil her looks. She has a pretty face and is aged late 20's I think. She also has a voice to die for and is friendly, chatty and very sexy. She claims to be qualified in massage and I can believe it - she gives a very expert massage indeed - she was popping my vertebrae like a good 'un and my back felt *wonderful* afterwards. She talks a little dirty with you and she is good at her trade. Very professional and a nice relaxed atmosphere. No rush and you have a glass of wine with her before heading to the bedroom. Perhaps a little pricey but worth a visit. One other girl I saw in London was called Caroline who advertises (or used to) around the Sloane Square area. The session with her was a bit of a rip off - 80 quid and I was only there for at most 15 mins! She's 20 and not bad looking but a little overweight and until we'd finished wasn't very talkative. She is passionate when fucking her but I did feel pretty ripped off afterwards. That's about all I can remember for now. If anyone else can recommend girls in London or SE England please let me know. Ciao.
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 1997 23:42:43 -0700 Subject: Prostitutes in London, England Having read your updated report on 'some 15 working girls in London and Brighton' I thought I would add my own experiences. Firstly, your FAQ strongly recommends a girl by the name of Samantha who works over in Nottingham Place opposite Madame Tussauds (the girl with the card that looks like Pretty Woman). I thought I would check her out the other day and, I have to say that OK she's good, but not that good. I'll give her credit for making me feel welcome and she certainly know's her stuff, but I have to say that there is better !! If you want a real 'blow your socks off woman' in London, then there is only one (and believe me, I've tried loads). Her name is Libby and you should find her card around the Queensway area (check the phone boxes just outside the tube station). It's a hand drawn picture as opposed to a photo (this would usually put me off) but as soon as you call her, you'll know what I mean. This girl gives (and get this) oral without AND anal sex all for just #60 UKP. Now normally for such a cheap price, you would expect a bit of a pig. But Libby's not, she's a little more mature (early 30's I'd say), blonde, huge tits and usually dresses in stockings, high heels etc. And let me tell you that she really DOES know her stuff. She really gets into it and I'd swear she is ejoying it (or maybe that's just me !!!!!!). Anyway, check her out. A note though - For some reason, Libby often turns people down on the phone asking you to call back later. I think she's very particular about her customers (quite rightly). Anyway, perservere and, if in doubt, say that Tom recommended you. She probably won't even remember me but it's a different approach. If your out of town, you might want to try two places I know of. One is in Crayford (01322 554407) and the other is in Lakeside (by the Dartford Tunnel), can't remember the number of this one. They both advertise in the Sport newspaper. Neither place can really be called a masage parlour, infact they are both pretty seedy. However, both places specialise in French Without and Anal. The last time I went to Crayford I met a black girl (or French Caribbean as she was described) with a fantastic figure. Watch out though, I think there's two 'French Caribbean' girls and I haven't tried the other one. This girl used to be a model (or so she said) and I can believe it. I had french without (and yes she swallows) and a bit of anal. She was dressed in black stockings and high heels although she told me she usually wears PVC boots etc. Anyway, check 'em out and I hope you enjoy yourself

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