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Tokyo, Japan

When you get to Tokyo get a copy of the Tokyo City Guide.  It is a
magazine that lists many many services in Tokyo.  All I can suggest is
that you call until you get one that will accept gai-jin (foreigners).

Date: Fri, 30 DEC 94 20:48:57 -0500 I have lived in Japan for the last 6 months (as well as having lived in Japan off and on for the last 15 years). Here are my general observations: * Yes, non-Japanese are discriminated against in this area (AIDS was the "cause"). * There is something called Tera-kura. Cost about $110. there is one in Dogenza in Shibuya (That should be Dogenzaka). You choose a girl in front a one way mirror. She showers you and then orally gets you off if you are lucky. (Sometimes foreigners only get Rosy and the Five fingers (hers not yours)). * Try to find a Japanese to go with you. There is a reason the places are in business. * Shibuya or Kabukicho in Shinjuku can be fun just to try to find a little fun. * My solution: I've got a girlfriend. Years ago this type of play was fun, not so biased or expensive.
From: (JayHawk) Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC Most of the vices in Tokyo are in an area called Kabuki-Cho in Shinjuku. Even if you don't feel like sex, take an evening off to walk around this sin-city-within-a-city. There are many gambling places, adult movie theaters, and lots and lots of sex. However...this can be a bit tricky to negotiate. Many places have photos of beautiful, scantily clad girls on display, and they are obviously available for play, but in several of these places, when I went in I was told, "Sorry, these girls are for Japanese men only." When this happens, remember that the Japanese mafia run most of these places, bow graciously and say, "I'm very sorry, I didn't understand" and leave quickly and quietly. Most places are NOT marked with English signs, so I found that the best thing to do is simply walk around the streets looking curious, and before long, someone (usually an old man) will say in English, "You want a massage?" Most places charge an entry fee of 10,000 yen ($80-100 depending on exchange rates), and I believe this will get you a free hand job, although I have always paid for extras. Most girls are youngish (16-20) and very pretty. You will get a shower, a reasonable massage, and most girls will give you a blow job for an extra 2,000 yen. One girl even asked me to go down on her (in rather amusing English) and I was happy to oblige. I was never able to get anal sex in any of these places, but I'm not sure if they wouldn't do it or if they didn't understand the question. Most girls speak little or no English.
Subject: Girls of Shinjuku Date: 19 Nov 1995 08:23:44 -0500 I need help on knowing just how to get the services of a Japanese girl, when I am in Tokyo. Here's the situation; I normally stay in a hotel near the Shinjuku JR Rail Station. In the evening, I have noticed many "ads" that are stuck onto the sides of buildings, on pay telephones, on phone booths and on power poles and so on. These ads have images of attractive young Japanese girls, and most have the prices as well as the telephone number to call. In the past it has been possible to enlist the services of a young Japanese girl, with her comming to my hotel room. (This was really nice!) This, using one of the many ads that were stuck onto things near the rail station. However, in the past few years, I have been unable to get past the fellow who answers the telephone. (It seems to the the same guy, even though I call several numbers...) He would ask if I am a "Gaigin" Sorry for my poor spelling), and I would have to say YES. At this point, he would say that the girls are for Japanese men only. What is the situation on these ads that are adhered to the telephones, etc.? Perhaps I should try to look at some other rail station nearby? This would complicate things, as I always stay at a hotel near the Shinjuku JR Station. I would appreciate advice on this matter. I thank you.
Subject: Sex in Tokyo Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 02:12:51 UTC I have pretty extensive knowledge of the Kabuki-cho scene in Tokyo, though it's a couple of years old. I speak Japanese so the reaction at some of these places might be different if you can't speak Japanese. I had went to four types of places in Kabuki-cho. 1. Video boxs. This a private box where you can jerk-off for too a movie for 1000-1500 yen. Tissue is provided. 2. Nozoki-heya Here you watch a stripper from a booth. Besides jerking off your self many provide extra service for 2000 yen, where a girl will come in and jerk you off for you. They will let you feel them up but the dress stays on. 3. Gentlemans clubs like the club USA. This usually cost 8000- 10000 you go into a private room with a girl. Everything but intercorse is OK. The girls vary in attitude, from shy to take change. 4. Call girls found by the advertisments in telephone booths. Actually in this case Shinjuku is bad. I had better experiences in Roppongi and out in Chiba. Roppongi girls were very expensive about 30000, but were all Japanese and very attractive. Most spoke english. Out in Chiba it was some what less expensive 23000. The girls were mostly Tai, but all very friendly. What I would usually do was to arrange to meet the girl in front of a love hotel. They usually won't let you check into a love hotel alone. Good luck.
Date: 1996/10/2 The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition had a report about schoolgirl prostitution in Tokyo today. In Tokyo, the age of consent is 12. It is estimated that about 8% of all schoolgirls there work as prostitutes, in order to be able to buy expensive clothes, trips etc. There's no poverty or drugs involved in the scene. When police see an older man and a girl have sex, all they do is take names and ages and notify the girl's parents. Prostitution is not punishable. One way for the girls to get involved in the business are Terekura, or telephone clubs. Schoolgirls can call toll-free numbers (advertised near schools) to talk to men (who pay for the call). Then there are "dating clubs" which claim to arrange only dates, not prostitution. Pimping is illegal. Many schoolgirls sign up with these clubs. Other girls post their private cellular phone or beeper numbers along streets. Opponents of stronger child-sex laws include the Communist Party, several teachers' unions and mothers' groups. Even child welfare advocates would focus rather on the exploitation of children in poorer Asian countries like Thailand - the schoolgirls in Japan are not seen as being exploited since they do it voluntarily in order to get money for fancy clothes. Basically, they are looked at as being stupid.
Subject: TOKYO SEX GUIDE Date: 1996/10/27 As the world sex guide on helped me a lot, I would like to contribute what I can. That is, the Tokyo Sex Guide. Because I am a native Japanese, my writing skill is limited. Please guess what I am saying. If you are Asian (I mean look like Japanese) and speak Japanese fluently (I mean like Japanese), you can select everything from my report. But if you do not speak Japanese well nor do not look like Japanese, your selection is very limited, just one. The very expensive "Soap Land". -------- 1. Health and Image Club: Legal I don't know why it is called "Health", but you will see lots of the signs in Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc.. Most places are as clean as the massage parlors in the US but the rooms are very small. The girls are young. What kind of service do you have at the "Health"? The Health is the place you cannot fuck (at least in Tokyo). But you can have oral and greek there. The charge is from 7000 to 15000 yen depending on the place and the option. You can play with one girl for 30 minutes to 1 hour. The minimum and max period differs depending on the Health. Some "Health" provides you four girls for one hour. New girls come to your room every quarter. You can ejaculate four times if you can. In general, half of the Health do not use condom. If you want it, they will put it on your cock, of course. I heard some Health in Nagoya, you can fuck the girls. "Image Club" is a place like Health, but you can enjoy the costume play. The Image Club deeply focuses your erotic imagination. For example, if you visit the Image Club which provides the costume of the police woman, a girl in the police woman's uniform sucks your cock. If you pay the option charge (like tip), you can have anal fuck. I am sure that you feel like fucking police woman's ass. The verbal communication plays a very significant role here. You should treat her as if she was a real police woman who wants to suck citizens' cocks and who loves anal fuck with the citizens. The charge is twice expensive as the Health. There are hundreds of Image Clubs in Tokyo. Each focuses on different erotic imaginations. Some Image Clubs are strong at exhibitionism. There, after you select one girl, you can get on the subway with her and you can play her pussy with a dildo inside the subway. If you want her suck your cock on the platform, she will do it. Most girls working for the Image Clubs are young, however, if you visit the one who focuses on old ladies, ladies working there are naturally old. You can select 60's. The charge varies depending on your choice of imagination. You should pay at least twice as much as in the general Image Club. 2. Pink Salon: Legal This is the cheapest. Pink Salon is the place you can have oral service at very low cost. You can ejaculate three times for 6000 yen, if you can. It is like a noisy dark bar. Every visitor take a seat in a box seat. A girl comes to your seat and sucks your cock. After ten minutes another comes to your seat and sucks, etc. If you pay 10000 yen, you can choose the normal intercourse option. Every ten minutes or so, a new girl comes to your seat and fucks you. The verbal communication has very significant role here, too. You should tell a girl that you have never seen such a horny girl before, or that you have never have such a nasty service before, etc. As it is very dark, you cannot guess girls are young or beautiful. But it is true that they are at least women. 3. Soap Land: Legal and very famous Japanese Soap Land is the origin of all erotic massage parlors in the world. All girls are believed to go to clinic every month for their health check. I don't think so. But it is true that popular Soap Land forces girls to go to clinic occasionally for the checking of HIV and other diseases. Lowend: 12000 yen to 25000 yen for 70 to 90 minutes Midrange: 35000 yen to 50000 yen for 90 to 120 minutes Highend: 60000 yen or above for 120 minutes What they provide is same. Girls clean your body in various ways and suck your cock and fuck you. It is natural that the girls working for the highend Soap Land are much more beautiful and younger than the lowend. Some girls at the highend are as gorgeous as the ones appearing in the centerfold of Playboy/Penthouse magazine. And if you spend with her two hours in naked, you will find that they are more intellectual than you think. They have lots of topics to talk. They read newspaper every day so that they can talk with guests. It is not a surprise if a man in a high position of Japanese society marries a girl whom he met at the highend Soap Land. You can find girls who speak English, too. Contrary, at the lowend, you can see girls who can do nothing but fuck. They are really Japanese and speak Japanese language but means nothing to general Japanese. At some highend Soap Land, they don't use the condom. You can ejaculate your sperm inside her cunt. Or you can come inside her mouth. 4. Massage Parlors: Legal There are several massage parlors who will provide hand job. What you have there is really therapeutical massage ( most case, Korean) and they shake hands for five minutes. They spend 55 minutes for the real massage. The charge is 10000 yen. 5. Adult Parties: Illegal This is almost the same as the incall house of the US. Most are located in one room of the apartment. You pay 30000 yen and get two tickets valid for two hours. After you take shower, a guy working there will lead to you to the room. Four or five girls are waiting for you there. You will chat with them watching the adult porn videos. If you want to fuck one girl, give her a ticket. She will lead you to another room and fuck. As you have two tickets, you can fuck another girl later. What is different from the general incall house in the US is, the room is not private. Please remember that Japanese apartment is very small! Several curtains separate the space. You can hear other people fucking. You can hear moaning of other girls. You can hear the sound of in and out of cock. At some Adult Parties, there are no curtains. You can see others fucking. Others see you fucking. It is possible at some Adult Parties that you can fuck two girls at the same time. They use condom. 6. Hotetol: Illegal This is the outcall service. Call the Hotetol and they will tell you the hotel. You check in that hotel and the girl, or middle aged lady or old lady comes to your room within 30 minutes. They will wash your body, suck your cock and fuck. You can tell the Hotetol what kind of woman you want to fuck. If you want fuck the busty girl, really busty girl comes to you.. If you want fuck the housewife, the real housewife comes to your room. If you want fuck the old lady over 60, the really old lady comes to your room. You can change to the another girl if the girl comes to your room is not your type. The charge varies depending on the locations. Generally, 30000 yen for one and half hours. In old days, the Soap Land was called "Tolco Buro" which means the Turkish Bath, which made Turkish government very very angry and forced Japanese government to change the name. Hotetol is the abbreviation of the Hotel Tolco. There are hundreds of Hotetol call center in Tokyo. You can not find the numbers in the yellow page. But you will find their numbers in the adult magazine or flyers in the public telephone booths. 7. Enjo Kosai: Illegal This is the latest sex trend in Tokyo. Teenage prostitution. "Enjo" means "aid" and "Kosai" means "acquaintance". But the reality is, you give money for the high school teenage girl so that she can buy what she needs, such as very expensive lipsticks, and the girl provides the you what he wants. In most cases, you want to fuck that teenage girl. That's all. You can aid the teenage girl with her high school uniform for 30000 yen. The easiest way to find the teenage girl is go to "Teleclub". Teleclub is the abbreviation of the Telephone Club, where you can get calls from those girls, Japanese version of 900 party call. Recently, it sometimes happen in the arcade game centers in Shinjuku that those girls come to you and ask for the aid.
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 14:54:29 -0500 (EST) Hmmm, I guess the correspondent of WSJ (or Asian Wall Street Journal...) might have done interviews with the ones who don't think prostitution is bad or evil, when he/she wrote that article. Some of us, Japanese guys misunderstand and don't know well about the anti-prostitution law enforced from 1957. Enticing -- illegal Pimping -- illegal Promoting -- illegal Operating a brothel -- illegal but, Getting laid with a whore is not illegal, not defined as a crime at Japanese anti-prostitution law, so that customers won't be filed nor punished, although sometimes cops bring him to the police station to have an interview with him, but that's all. On the other hand, prostitutes and staffs/managers/owners of brothels in the apartment/condo style or any other form, they will be filed and should be put into a jail if cops find it. (It depends, DA decide put them into prison or not anyway) This "anti-prostitution law" can be said as "Japanese Federal Law", and there's another laws in some area to protect kids from nasty adults. According those laws, getting laid with a girl who is under age of 18 is a crime even if there's no money between a girl and a guy. As someone reported about "recent Japanese schoolgirl" at your web page, prostitution by such school girls is extremely increasing today. They think that what they're doing is not prostitution, they call it "ENJYO KOHSAI (patronized- relationship", they fuck if a guy pay some her anyway. Virgin girl is expensive, will cost US$500 to unbelievable US$1000. It's not easy to get them for the foreigners because 99% of them don't speak English. :p ----------------------------- Non-Japanese Hookers in Japan ----------------------------- [Non-Japanese Hookers on the streets] English speaking girls with the same level of Filipina or Thai who are willing to get laid with foreigners can be found in Roppongi and Akasaka areas in Tokyo. They think that having a foreign boyfriend or getting laid with them is cool. For the guys who wanna get laid with latinas or Asian girls other than Japanese, go to Okubo (next to Kabuki-cho, Tokyo) area, you will find so many whores on the streets. They came from Columbia, Russia, Thai, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, mainland of China and some other countries. Prices vary, but an average is around US$150 to 200, and also you should pay $40 for the hotelroom. Most of latinas don't service well, but other Asian girls (not all of them) will give you almost anything what you want. And you can find lots of freelance hookers also in Kinshi-cho, Ueno if you stay in Tokyo. You can find such non-Japanese hookers also at the lobbies of the high-class hotels in Akasaka, Ginza, Shinjuku, etc, but it's so expensive (US$300 to 500 at least) and the girls are not young. However, such whores speak English very well. [Non-Japanese Hookers at brothels and massage parlours] In some brothels and massage parlours called "Fashion Health" or "Image Play Club (IME-CLUB)", there are Columbian and Russian girls. Basically they give you a blow job only because fuck itself is prohibited there, but some girls (I guess 95%) will offer you to fuck with $100. They accept and would be glad to have non-Japanese. Those places can be found in Shibuya and Tama city where it's also a part of Tokyo. [Non-Japanese Hookers at "Soupland"] Thai, Mexican, and European girls are working at "Souplands", where you can get good massage and get laid with the girl. The famous and biggest area of Soupland in Tokyo is Yoshiwara. (its real address is Senzoku, Taitoh-ku, Tokyo, but people call it Yoshiwara. Over hundreds years ago, people called it Yoshiwara) There are over 100 souplands, open 12:00 to 24:00 in most cases. Before you go there to fuck, you'd better check the girls there with the magazines like "MANZOKU (means "satifaction")" or "Night Times" paper. You can see the their pictures with a profile, so that you can put you reservation for the girl/soupland. 90% of soup- lands don't accept foreign customers, but you'll be accepted at the souplands which have non-Japanese girls. [Non-Japanese Dancers at strip club] In every strip clubs/theaters, you can find non-Japanese dancers. They are Malaysian, South American, and European. Some of those clubs/theaters have small rooms for the customers who want to get laid with those dancers. The rooms are so small and dirty, but you can fuck them there if you want. The Entrance fee is around $US25 to $50, and the price of fuck is about US$50 to 100. [Non-Japanese Hookers from escort service] There are so many escort services in Tokyo, and they have lots of non-Japanese hookers speak English. You can find their ads on the English papers or tourist guides. I can't mentioned about this kind of service since I never enjoy them here in Japan. I don't need it and I think it's expensive for me. :p [Korean and Chinese in Tokyo] Especially in Kabuki-cho and Akasaka, there are hundreds of clubs/bars which have Korean and Chinese hostesses. Today no Korean hostesses get laid with customers unless the guy is so rich and give her lots of money or expensive presents. 95% of Chinese hostesses came from the mainland of China, and they are students having proper student visa, but their true purpose of visiting Japan is just an earning money though. Then over 90% of them fuck with their customers with US$300 to 400 for a night. Recently I've found that those clubs/bars have Thai girls among those Chinese hostesses, to give them for the guys who just want to fuck girls. Thai can't get popularity enough recently because of their bad reputations or rumors says "All Thai have HIV virus" or something like that. The cost itself for fuck with those Thai is around US$250 for a short time, $350 to 400 for all night, you can find Thais easily on the streets and they cost only $150 to 200 for a short time, however.
Subject: TOKYO on the cheap Date: 1996/12/11 Having read reports of expensive services in Tokyo, as well as the fact that "gaijin" are unwelcome in several places, I thought I would take a moment to educate readers of the group where they can find less expensive, albeit not as thorough services. I am an American expatriate in Japan, and have lived here a total of 2 years. One stop north of Shinjuku (Tokyo's major rail station) on the Yamanote line is a station by the name of SHIN-OKUBO. Any night of the week, but especially on weekends, one can find foreign streetwalkers from South East Asia, Latin America, East Europe and (I am told but have not witnessesed) North America. The going rate is \3,000 for a quick pop (approximately US$28). This does not include the hotel which will set you back an additional \3500 to \5000 ($32-$45) for "short-time stay". There are also several Thai Massage places in the area which charge \1500 for 15 minutes, the contents of which include I know not what. Being a newly married fellow, I no longer induldge in such services, but would love to live vicariously through those who do. Please post any experiences to which this information may lead you. One more thing, Shin-Okubo is probably the most dangerous part of Tokyo, and, with exception of Kabuki-cho, the only place you need worry about watching you back in Japan. It is, however, likely safer than a walk down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Date: 4 Jan 1997 12:49:34 GMT Hello, I contributed some part of Tokyo Sex guide. This post is a little update for that. I wrote in the report that non-Japanese are not welcomed to the "soap-land", however, I recently found one which accepts non-Japanese. You can get information at The door charge is 30000 yen ($270), and service charge for two hours is 50000 yen ($450). This one is one of the most deluxe house in Japan.
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:33:30 +0900 Subject: Tokyo Tips Tokyo Tips As mentioned in previous postings, foreigners are shunned at most, but not all, establishments. The Krystal chain of "Fashion Health Clubs" is somewhat receptive to non-Japanese customers. Service involves either a BJ or hand relief. That's as far as it goes. Prices vary from Y10,000 to Y17,000. The chain includes the following clubs: Roppongi Krystal; Shibuya Krystal; and USA in Shinjuku/Kabukicho. Once you successfully enter one of these establishments, you receive a membership card that allows for easier entry on future visits. The card is usually recognized at all three locations. After 10 visits (and 10 stamps on your card) the 11th visit is free. They also provide discount coupons as you exit after each visit. The girls also hand-out discount cards that you can use to pick them again on follow-up visits. All three shops feature selection via mirrored glass where the customers can see the girls, but the girls can't see the customers. Girls at these shops seem to last about two-to-three years before they move onto other pursuits or jobs. Overall, Roppongi Krystal offers the best quality in terms of service and selection. It's also located in the heart of the party district -- across from the ROI Building, down the street from the Almond's/Miami coffee shop/corner and not far from the Hard Rock Caf=E9. Shibuya Krystal, in Dogenzaka, has its share of beauty and talent, but a fair share of that club's girls offer only hand relief. Shibuya Krystal also has relatively extended business hours -- longer than its counterpart in Roppongi. The Shibuya shop has a couple of girls worth seeing. USA, in Kabukicho, is quirky in that they sometimes try to give you the "Japanese only" treatment before 6:00 p.m. . It's helps if you present your membership card, but they often scrutinize it for the presence of USA club stamps. Be nice, smile and you can probably get around that. According to recent advertisements, USA offers a two-girl option unavailable at the other Krystal branches. The rooms at USA are very small. BMW in Roppongi is another Fashion Health Club that's somewhat receptive to foreigners. However, they also have a quirky admissions policy and the location is hard to find. You really need to know where you're going in order to wind up here. There's a book available at some bookstores entitled "A Bachelor's Guide To Tokyo." Some of the maps and shops mentioned are out-of-date or closed. It's still a good how-to guide. One piece of advice the author offers should be seriously considered: the neater your attire the better your chances for admission. It's not uncommon for Japanese businessmen to frequent these establishments together on their lunch hour, after work or after drinking sessions. "A Bachelor's Guide To Tokyo" also provides how-to advice on the take-out massage business. It also mentions some foreigner-friendly "Soapland" clubs in Yoshiwara. I haven't had the opportunity to visit them, but word on the street has it that they offer the best service that Japan has to offer. Two other books: "Making Out In Japanese" and "Making Out In Japanese II" can help familiarize foreign visitors with important terms. One bit of advice in Tokyo and elsewhere in Asia: bring plenty of Made In America condoms. The Japanese products are too small in terms of width and are thus uncomfortable to use.
Subject: [ASP] Report - Update on TWSG Tokyo [The Stevedore] Date: 18 Mar 1997 18:50:05 -0500 I was in Japan a few months back and found some things in the TWSG to be quite helpful and others to be quite misleading. I suspect that not being able to read Japanese had a lot to do with it. I never did find any video boxes nor did I find any places where there you could watch strippers and get extra services. The article entitled `The Tokyo Sex Guide' was helpful, but only to a certain extent: without knowing Japanese it was difficult to know whether a place was a health club, an image club, a soapland, or whatever. I did find places that looked like they were Pink Salons but all seemed to be of the Japanese only variety. I did find some health clubs in the Kabuki-Cho (Shinjuku) area and one in Shin-Okubo area (just north of Shinjuku). One thing to consider is that things are cheaper during the day: 8000 yen versus 10000 yen for one half hour (though there was on place in Kabuki-Cho that had an even cheaper rate for 5-10am of 4000). But watch out - one place said 8000 yen but then later said that it was an additional 10,000 for anything else. For the most part, the clubs were 10,000 yen for an entrance fee and 30,000 yen for anything else. Very little English is spoken. The article `Tokyo on the cheap' (Shin-Okubo) is pure fiction about the prices. There are a lot of streetwalkers at night (but I did not see any during the morning) - go east out of the station and then look down the narrow streets on your right for about the next 5 or 6 streets. The going rate was 20,000 yen. There was one who was willing to absorb the 5000 (ie, make it 15,000 + 5000) for the room and one was willing to drop to 12,000 but both of them would have to have gone a lot lower to make up for the fact that they were about 2's on the appearance scale. I never did find any Thai massage places at all in Shin-Okubo.
Subject: [ASP] Report on Tokyo Japan Health Clubs -- The Stevedore Date: 24 Mar 1997 21:12:24 -0500 In my last note I gave an update, based on a trip a month or so ago, on various aspects of the sex scene in Tokyo relative to reports in TWSG. In this note I thought I would expand on my visits to two `health clubs' in Tokyo. The first was in Kabuki-Cho (Shinjuku). If you enter Kabuki-Cho through the main entrance - the one where there is a Japanese style gate (with two columns and a convex lintel), go north (straight ahead) until you get to Macdonalds on the left and turn right. The health club will be about two or so blocks on your right. The small sign (and possibly a hawker as well) will advertize 4000 yen for 5-10am, 6000 yen for 10am to either 2 or 3, 8000 yen for the rest of the afternoon and then 10000 for evening and night. The facilities are on the 2nd floor. The claim is 40 minutes for the price. The room is about two people wide and a bit over one tall person in length - that is, just big enough to do what needs to be done. The woman I had was a russian woman in her early 30s from Moscow, perhaps a large B or small C cup size, and pleasant looking. We got right down to with no preliminaries (though she did ask if i would like a shower) and began by putting on a condom. What her oral technique lacked in finess she made up for in energy. In the end I felt like I came due to sheer doggedness. A brief cleanup and we were done - I would guess about 30 minutes. Would I go again? I would probably give it one more try to see if it came off better. It was the cheapest I found - even less than the geriatric mama-san's you will find around (for which you would really have to be desperate :-) The second place was in Shin-Okubo (one stop north of Shijuku on the JR). Turn right out of the JR station and go down about 4 or 5 blocks. It is on the right, advertizes 8000 for 10-6 and 10000 for 6-? and is on the 6th floor. the advertized price is for 1/2 hour, there is a higher price for an hour. The gentleman at the front desk ask if Japanese was OK, to which I answered `of course'. He indicated that there was no sex, just oral (consistent with TWSG's report) I was shown to a room about twice the size of the first place, still small, but much more comfortable. The young Japanese woman (about 20 I would guess) helped me undress and then led me to the shower where she soaped me all over and let me soap her as well - a very nice touch. She sent me back to the room and in a few minutes she joined me and began kissing and petting - very nicely I might add. She was quite cute, of typical height, and I would guess about a B cup with very nice nipples. After a bit of foreplay, she put on a condom and continued kissing me all over. Her oral technique was very, very good and had me soaring in no time. Having cum, she cleaned me up and then came back for more kissing, petting and some very basic conversation (she could speak some English and I know no Japanese) until our time was up. All in all, a most pleasant and enjoyable experiences. Well recommended. The Stevedore Long live TWSG and ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ASP ...
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 20:10:01 -0600 Subject: WSG Tokyo: Contrary to popular wisdom, it is possible for a foreigner to get laid in Japan. There are many establishments that do not allow foreigners through the door but keep looking, they are out there. Kabukicho, the entertainment district near the Shijuku train station, is perhaps the best known area. Walk several blocks from the station and it will become clear that you have entered sex land. Find the street with lots of love hotels and walk around. Near the Hotel Wako, there is a corner where many hookers hang out. Most of these are from the Phillipines or Taiwan and the going rate is 20,000 yen (about $160) but that is negotiable. A room at a nearby hotel is another 5,000 or so. This gets you a quick fuck but I don't particularly suggest it. A few cautions: 1. Some of the hookers are transvestites, look carefully before buying. 2. If you are as gifted as me, you might find some pussies very small. Some of the delicate flowers of the orient just can't take a full size penis. Also, Japanese condoms are not big enough for many foreigners so you might want to bring your own. A better deal (in my opinion) are the "pink salons". My favorite is in Kabukicho near the aforementioned Hotel Wako on a street named San-Ban Dori (this is lucky, few streets in Japan have names). Then open at 6:30 and the entrance fee is 8,000 yen (about $65) before 8PM and 10,000 yen after 8. They close around 11:30. The fee gets you a drink and 30 minutes of "playtime" with the girl of their choice. For an extra 2,000 yen, you can pick the girl you want from the Polaroids at the entrance. The host shows you to a darkened room full of small couches. A girl in a short dress or nightgown comes by and hands you a hot towel to refresh yourself. After that, you can kiss or fondle anything you want. She will return the favor and will fairly quickly get into your pants and start making Mr. Happy even happier. Most of the time I have gotten fairly decent blowjobs but a few of the girls couldn't fit me in their mouths so I had to settle for hand action. 69 action is OK too and at least once I have gotten fucked to completion although the doorman will tell you this is a no-no. I have seen others getting fucked too so the rule seems to get broken. Another option is the soaplands and "lifestyle" clubs near Shibuya. Walk towards the Dogenzaka hill and have a look around. Most will not take foreigners but I have found some that will. In these places, you get a shower and a quick fuck or blow job for about 6,000. Emphasis is on quick and the women were not as attractive as the pink salons.
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 1995 15:22:21 +0800 Subject: TOKYO JAPAN notes for Internet site I spent a few years hanging around Kabukicho when I wasn't working and spent many nights doing research as a single man with money to burn. I had a good job in Tokyo paying me more money than I needed, so I spent my extra earnings in Kabukicho. In 3 years, I figure I spent close to $10,000, maybe more. I went to massage parlors, fashion healths, image clubs, pink salons, peeping rooms, video rooms, fondle clubs (as I call them) and strip joints. I made the mistake of falling in love with one of the cuties at a pink salon who spoke perfect English. So this is a warning: be careful with your heart. I first met "Yukiko" at a pink salon in Kabukicho, the Napoleon, and from our first encounter I was hooked. (Thus: hooker?) She was 21, I was 51 (but looked 35). Hard-body, nice tits, cute face, lovely hair, great English. In the pink salon, she gave me a great hj, kissed romantically and told me to come see her again. I did, many times, again and again. At $100 a pop, I must have spent about $3,000-$4,000 on Yukiko at the club. We met a few times for coffee before she went to work, and we went to local love hotels after work about 10 times (for free; I only paid for the hotel room). I thought she was in love with me, too. But I was dead wrong. Yukiko had many outpatients, so to speak, that she would play nurse to. Americans, South Americans, Europeans, a few Japanese men, too, although she said she didn't like Japanese men very much. But for money, this smooth operator would do anything. She would fuck clients in the pink salon, although it is against the rules. Cost: an extra $300 for her own pocket. She sometimes went to fancy hotels after hours with rich Japanese businessmen from the provinces, charging them $1,000 a night. This girl was a middle-class girl from the suburbs, went to a Catholic junior college, spoke fluent English and Spanish and had visited Europe three times. She came to my apartment about 10 times as well, also on her own accord, with no charge. I thought this was love, and it was my intention to take care of her, get her out of the business and marry her. She was so cute! So sexy! And smart! But it turned out that she had a boyfriend, two in fact; one was her high school sweetheart, the other was an Italian chap she met at college who stayed in Japan to be with her. They lived together! But he never knew she worked at a pink salon, she told him she was just a hostess at a regular karaoke joint, with no sex involved. Obviously, she had him wrapped around her little finger, too. Like me. I later figured out that Yukiko was making about $100,000 a year, tax-free, and did this for about 3 years. She serviced about 10 customers a night, from hj to bj, and a few fucks in between. I was so jealous it was driving me crazy! I also later learned that Yukiko suffered from a multiple-personaliuty disorder, because she took on many aliases at work, and often changed names twice a month. In the club, she was sweet, sexy, wonderful. At our hotel trysts and at my apartment, she was cold, bitchy, rude, depressed. She never gave me hj or bj at the hotels or my apartment, as if this was reserved only for work. In private, she would let me fuck her, but she responded very cooly, with no emotion. I began to get worried. She once told me: "When we girls walk into the pink salon, we turn off our minds and become someone different. We have to! We only do this for the great wages! When I'm sucking someone off, I close my eyes and try to think about something else and I hate it. These middle-aged businessmen (like me!!!) trying to get it off with us 20-something girls, it's disgusting! I would never marry a man who went to one of these clubs." Yukiko told me she had serviced several popular TV actors, a TV producer and foreign businessmen from top US and European firms, married men all. One of her clients was a Japanese baseball player, retired, who when she was blowing him as if she recognized him. Being much younger, Yukiko didn't know this star player from Adam, and she knew his cock even less well. That's what she told him. Anyways, Kabukicho is a great playground for those who want to experience the ejaculation industry in full bloom, as they say; but be careful not to fall in love with the girls, as I did. She broke my heart, really. When I found out all the lies piled on lies she was telling me and everyone else, I was very depressed. I fell for the illusion. And I also found out that other customers of Yukiko also fell for her; some US servicemen tried to find her apartment and followed her home on the subway sometimes. This happened in 1991-94; things might be a bit different now. I had fun: in the three years I fooled around in Kabukicho, I must have "been" with about 200 different girls (young women, aged 18-25) -- Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian. For my money (now all gone, but well spent) Tokyo is the best place on Earth for a good time in a very open sex industry. I feel as if I had died and gone to heaven. It was pure bliss. Costly, but worth every penny. What is money for if not to experience new adventures?
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 11:18:36 +0900 Subject: Krystal Roppongi location To whom it may concern, I was in Tokyo last week trying to find the club Krystal Roppongi, but couldn't, I went to the Roi building and looked across the street, but still coulnd't find it. Could the writer be more specific, about its location. Also is the name in English or Katakana, that would help. Is it on the same side of the street or the opposite, and how near the Hard Rock Cafe? Thanks
Date: 10/97 A new law in Tokyo makes it illegal to pay someone under 18 for sex. The penalty is up to one year in prison and $4000 fine.
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 20:50:53 +0900 Subject: WSG: Tokyo Update I currently live in Tokyo and have utilized the WSG from time to time and found it very useful. I would like to add a few updates to the Tokyo section: 1) Due public outcry over the practice of "Enjo Kosai" (literally, "sponsored relations"-- a euphemism for young girls engaging in prostitution), the legal age of consent in Tokyo has recently been changed to 20, not 12 as mentioned in the beginning of the Tokyo section. Only a few Japanese businessmen have been busted so far, and this is probably more of a "face-saving" gesture than an all-out crack down. I have not heard of any foreigners (non-Japanese) getting snagged yet, but be aware that pedophilia is considered a major social problem. Know the law and conduct yourself accordingly. 2) The "going rate" for street girls in Shin-Okubo is 20,000 yen for an hour or so, plus you pay for the hotel room. Maybe you can get it for less if the girl is desperate, is at the end of her shift, or for some reason likes you. Expect to spend a total of around 25,000 yen. 3) It's true that Japanese condoms are typically small, but I have found one Japanese brand that I like. They're called "Beach Boy", and you can get them at the American Pharmacy in Hibiya or at Condomania in Harajuku. In the U.S., I also use a larger brand, Trojan Magnum, but I prefer Beach Boy because they're are made from polyurethane which is stronger, doesn't have that latex smell, and provides more sensitivity than latex. 4) If you can read Japanese, you should pick up a copy of "Night Walker" at a convenience store. You will find tons of ads for soaplands and "fashion health" salons. Call first, explain that you're not Japanese, and ask if they accept foreign guests. Most places will say no, but I have found that quite a few will say yes. 5) There are a variety of reasons many (if not most) clubs say "Japanese Only". The most obvious is that Japanese customers are easier to deal with. E.g., they usually know the "rules", don't haggle, are more discreet, and tend to finish faster. The AIDS scare is also a common excuse. I believe that fear of the unknown and bad experiences with drunken Marines probably play a bigger role than outright discrimination. After a couple of visits to a place in Shibuya that accepted foreigners, one of the proprietors asked me if I would like to be introduced to some other places. I said I was, and since then he has introduced me to lots of places that are supposedly "Japanese Only". In Japan, no matter what you are interested in, from renting an office space to meeting gorgeous women, it helps if you cultivate the right connections...
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 17:12:26 -0500 Subject: Sex in Japan Where: Ikebukro, Japan What: Soapland- Foreigners Accepted (Full Service Massage and Bath House) Prices: $80 (10,000 yen) Blow Job (prices go up from there) Directions: Starting at the West exit of JR/Tobu/Seibu Ikebukero station turn right and walk roughly five blocks (5-7 min). On the way you will pass Wave (English sign) on your Left , a hugh stereo shop, and Tower Records on your Left as well. Walk roughly 75m - 100m past Tower Records. You will come to a Chinese food and ramen shop (Japanese sign) with a yellow and red striped awning. Turn Right here. Walk roughly 50m. On your left you will find a soapland. Although the sign is in Japanese it sticks out like a sore thumb. What Will you Find: Soapland is run by a woman who must be in her 80's. as far as I could tell there are two women who work there, a middle aged housewife type (Body 5, Face 5, Technique 7)named Hara and a cute long haired college girl (Body 7, Face 7). Both wear hawaian print beutician smocks, very big and unsexy black polyester briefs and high heel slipper. Service: For the base fee of $80 (10,000 yen) you will recieve: bath and an encredible blow job (69 was included).
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 22:50:39 -0500 Subject: Tokyo Hi Atta. I've enjoyed reading TWSG and recently found it very helpful on a business trip to Tokyo. Following the advice of several contributors, I set off to see Kabukicho to see "the sights." I wandered around for quite a while. It's an interesting place--love hotels, golf driving ranges inside buildings, and lots of bars. While wandering, an elderly Japanese fellow beckoned me over. He pointed to some pictures of young women on the wall and asked "blowjob?" I said yes, and he asked me to follow him up some steps to a second floor club. My impression from reading the other entries is that I'd stumbled (literally) on to a Pink Salon, but I don't read or speak Japanese. I paid Y8,000 (it was the afternoon), I was handed a ticked, and then led into a room that had a number of small couches. When I entered I was the only one there. An attractive young woman (about an 8) made her way to my booth and offered me a beer. She ordered herself a drink, and we sat there cuddling for about 5 minutes. It wasn't long before she was kissing me and not holding anything back. I was fondling her breasts and she was rubbing my cock through my pants. Before long she had my cock out and was rubbing it. I was fondling her ass and then began playing with her cunt and clit. She was definitely getting wetter. She unbuckled my pants, pulled them down and began to go down on me. At the same time, she allowed me to remove her panties. I began to eat her and finger fuck her at the same time. We were engaged in some outstanding 69 action. Her technique was some of the best I've had. No hands--simply a lot of sucking and licking. She'd alternative between sucking and licking my balls with some deep throat action. At the same time, I continued to eat her and finger fuck her. She got wetter and wetter, then clamped down on me with her legs and let out a yell (with me in her throat). Then, she went to town even my on my cock. No hurry, no biting, no trying to get me to come in a hurry. Just a great blowjob. We were at it for quite a while, when I felt my organsm building up. I'd been saving a load. I expected her to back off. No way. I began to come and she deep throated me to catch it all. Then, she gently sucked the remaining cum from my cock. All in all, outstanding. I thought this was the end of the action, but I was wrong. She cleaned me up. And we proceeded to finish our drinks. She also continued to give me cock some hand attention. It wasn't long before I was hard again. She then took a rubber out of her purse, put it on my cock, and climbed on my lap. I couldn't believe it! This was something I wasn't expecting at all. She bounced up and down on my cock while fondling my balls from behind. She was able to squeeze my cock with her cunt. It didn't take me long before I was coming again! She removed the rubber, cleaned me with her lips and then a warm towel. We arranged our clothing, and she escorted me out. At the top of the stairs before I left, she turned to me and gave me another kiss. All in all, it was a terrific and unexpected sexual experience.

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