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Date: 07-01-2001

Here's a submission for the recently revived (YEA!) WSG.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: I spend three days in Tijuana, have a bunch of average sex, make three new friends, eat like a king, and just when it gets bad, it gets much better.

Hi gang.

Well, I've just wrapped up my annual Tijuana trip and am back in South Florida. This was my fourth visit, so I kind of have the lay of the land down, so I ventured out of just the Zona, tried some new bars for chicas, and hooked up with a new friend from this board. All in all, it was a good trip - a lot happened in my 60 hours on the west coast. I'll try to fill you in on as much as I can. I was very bad at names, but for the most part, it doesn't matter in this story.

I did my travel on the cheap - used Delta Dollars to fly from Ft. Lauderdale and stayed at the Radisson Harbor View on Radisson points. No car; I bought a 3-day trolley pass for $10. Usually, I do the Days Inn Chula Vista and use a rental car. The extra travel time/distance and no car was a hassle, but I probably saved $300 plus airfare on the deal. The down side is that the last trolley is 1 am except Saturdays, and San Diego is a $30 cab ride; Chula Vista is only about $15.


Landed at 5:15, took the hotel shuttle, checked in, checked my email, changed clothes and was on the Trolley by 7:30 pm. I crossed over the highway and hit the turnstile (is there a better sound to hear? I think not.). I hung a right and went to one of the drug stores and asked about Viagra. $14, I was told. Too mas, I said, and went next door. There, they told me, they had the Mexican equivalent at a price of $40 for a jar of five. Done deal. A $5 cab ride to Adelita's and I'm good to go.

Adelita's was hopping by 9 o'clock, and I felt at home immediately. I found an acceptable young lady, asked the price, agreed to the $50 + 11, and up we went. The session was average at best. Bathroom light only, quick blowjob, 2 positions. Nothing to write home about, but hey, I just screwed a hot young girl for 50 bucks. Nothing wrong with that.

I get a cab in front of the Chicago Club and ask the driver if he knows where El Faro de Mazatlan in the Zona Rio is. The guy confers with his buddies and off we go. On the way, I got to know Gerry (my first new friend!). He's a Mexican, about 25, speaks real good English. We chat about chicas, about food, about President Fox. He wants to open a massage parlor. He seems like a nice enough guy.

The restaurant was superb. I posted a separate report on the 'Restaurant' thread, but the short version is: Go there and eat dinner. They called a cab for me when I was finished, and I was back in the Zona by 11:00 pm.

I took one of the vitamin Vs before dinner, and it was kicking in just as I returned to the playground. I checked out Chicago Club (didn't see anyone special), Los Chevales and Tropical Bar. LC and BT seemed much improved since my previous visit last year. LC was full of women, but only a small percentage were of a type I prefer, and they were all busy drinking or dancing. Tropical had a **wonderful** selection of young-looking ladies, but I wasn't hip to the 'procedures' there, so I had a quick drink and went back to Adelita's, where I was well-versed on getting the job done.

At Adelita's, I selected and negotiated ($50 + 11) with another willing prospect. Upstairs was uninspired, but hey, it was fun. As a bonus, however, I asked the guy at the counter if I could get a clean towel. He asked what for, I said for me to take home. He seemed shocked, but handed one over. No charge, he said, still stunned that I would want this. I gave him a $5 propina, left, grabbed Gerry in front of CC, and got a ride back to the border in time for the 12:30 am Trolley. This is a prime souvenir. I can't wait to use it at the beach!

After day 1, I was a little disillusioned with the quality of the sessions, but, they say, tomorrow is another day, and I would be back, and not in a rush.


Saturday started off at about 1:30 with me meeting 'Downtown' (a guy I met through this board) in front of my hotel. I jumped in his truck and we drove down to the border while getting acquainted. We parked and took a bus to Ave Rev from the lot to get 'warmed up'.

First stop: Club Madonna. For some reason, we were the only ones of about 10 guys entering at that time that wasn't charged admission. That allowed us to not complain about the overpriced beers and club sodas, not to mention the uninteresting dancing on the stage. We left after the one drink and walked down to Peanuts and Beer. P & B was as it is ever is: dark, pretty girls dancing on stage, high hustle factor. We grab a seat at a table get our drinks, and I smiled at a cute chica sitting alone in a booth. The next thing know, she's on my lap, her hands are in my pants, my hands are in both her top and her panties, and I've bought her a drink (a fair deal, IMHO). I turn down a $20 lap dance from the pimp-lady, hoping for a counter offer, but getting none. The chica and I continue our grope fest until; finally, she suggests (in Spanish and really broken English) the private room for $60 for three songs. I can't really understand what I'm getting for this money, but I figure what the hell, I'll have a good story to tell. I keep asking things and she keeps agreeing to them, so even with her non-English, she's agreed to enough things that I ought to have some sort of fun. Downtown keeps asking what's happening, I keep saying, "I have no clue"; he probably thought I was making it all up. Well, I fork over the cash, we walk over and she gives it some guy at the bar, and he starts telling me about 100 'rules' (again, it was loud and I don't speak Spanish). All of a sudden, I got a lot less comfortable with the deal - whatever it was - and said, sorry, I'm out. Incredibly, I got my $60 back with virtually no hard feelings all around. I get back to the table and can't explain what didn't happen to Downtown any more than I was able to explain what was going to happen. I was right; it is a pretty good story. We finish our drinks and head for La Costa for dinner before hitting the Zona.

La Costa was up to its usual standards. It wasn't as fabulous as El Faro De Mazatlan the night before, but I had an excellent dinner. We washed up and took a cab to the Zona.

Saturday in the Zona is like nowhere else on earth: people everywhere, music blaring; the weather was perfect. it was glorious! We checked out all the bars: AB, CC (empty this early), HK, er, Miami, LC, Tropical (my favorita from last night wasn't there - yet). Downtown was ready to strike, so he picked up this lovely SG and. well, that's his story to tell. Me, I bar hopped and met up with him in Adelita's afterward. It was starting to reach capacity, so we walked over to the much-discussed Pollo Bar to see what was doing.

Pollo was heavy on the hustle, drinks seemed more expensive (agua mineral was $3 for a glass - no bottle) and it wasn't that great. Then we met Lulu. Lulu is petite (maybe 5'1", can't weigh more that 90 lbs. soaking wet) and had a big smile on her face. At close inspection, she had to be at least 35 years old, but she was as tight and in shape as the youngsters. She sat with us, started flirting, and decided that she just loved my buddy Downtown. Seeing that I was not needed here, I excused myself to Adelita's, where I grabbed the first pretty girl I saw, accepted her offer of $50 + 11, and went upstairs to complete the deal. Once again, uninspired, but I did not put much effort into selecting this girl, so I'll take the blame here.

I returned to Pollo 40 minutes later. The 'kids' didn't seem to know I was gone. Although he was in process of turning down Lulu's invitation to join us for the rest of the evening, what I can piece together about prices went like this: Lulu for the rest of the night - $150 or $200. Quick trip to the hotel - $50. It seemed like the bar fine to remove a girl from the premises, whether for 30 minutes or all night was $30. We finally extricated ourselves and left. There were some pretty chicas in there, but between the hustle and the bar fine, I'm not sure I would go back. I get the feeling that here, even more than the rest of the Zona, YMMV applies.

We checked out a couple more clubs, including walking down to the Tropa. The place was nice, but virtually dead on a Saturday night. One highlight: You haven't lived until you see four ZN putas line dancing to 'Achy Breaky Heart' en Espanol!

Meanwhile, Downtown is ready for another session and picks up a street girl he dubs "Old Reliable". Off they go. "I'll be in the Chicago Club waiting," I say.

I get to CC and the place is great tonight! Pretty chicas were everywhere. I grab a table right outside the women's bathroom, get a soda and survey the crowd. Immediately, I see a vision in a shimmering silver dress. We make eye contact and smile, but, true to CC etiquette, she does not approach. I did not invite her over, as I was still re-charging and waiting for Downtown. We just flirt and smile from afar. Of course, the minute she walks off, in comes Downtown with a shit-eating grin on his face (I guess it went well). I tell him to wait and go off in search of my new-amiga-to-be. We talk a minute, agree on $60+10, and I go tell Downtown I'll be right back.

We get upstairs, and other than her being slightly older than I imagined (that flattering CC lighting system!), everything was as advertised. Slim, tight, and smooth. that's how I like 'em. What ensues is my best session of the trip, so far. Nice BJ, 2 or 3 positions, moans in the right places, etc. Happy, we walk downstairs and see Downtown waiting. He approves of my choice; we find Gerry the Cab Driver and head back to the border.

I've seen discussions here, on Redsnake and ASPT about meeting up with others in the Zona. For me, it wasn't the safety in numbers or cab-cost splitting that made it attractive, it was the ability to have someone to shoot the shit with while bar-hopping, eating or waiting between sessions. Thanks for the great afternoon, Downtown.


My goals for the day: Eat well, hook up with one of the young babes at Tropical, and maybe a trophy fuck from Adelita's or CC. Well, one out of three ain't bad. and it turned out well.

I get the 11:00 am trolley from San Diego and get to the border around 11:30. Still being tired, I took a bus over to Ave Rev and soaked in some flavor for a few minutes.

Usually, you can't walk four feet without being accosted by a cabbie. Today, when I need one, I had to walk four blocks. Finally, off we go to the Hotel Camino Real for the highly touted Sunday Brunch. I posted a detailed review on the 'Dining' section of this board, but once again, I enjoyed a fine meal in Mexico. Highly Recommended.

I got a cab in front of the hotel and was shocked to find the only cabbie in Tijuana who did not know where Adelita Bar was located (maybe Camino Real customers don't frequent the Zona). Anyway, we get there about 1:30 and I'm ready for day 3 of my monger-fest.

I spend about two hours in Adelita's, mostly at the bar on the right, watching the day swing into action. There were some pretty girls, but remembering I had a plan for the day, I just sat and watched.

After a while, I moseyed over to Tropical (via Las Chevales) and grabbed a seat at the bar. There has been much discussion on this board about the 'age-worthiness' of the girls at Pollo, but for my money, Tropical sports the youngest-looking bunch of chicas in the Zona.

And here is where I met my third friend: Jose. He's a local who wandered in carrying a couple of bags and plopped down next to me. We chatted a little and he was glad to practice his English, he said. I suspected that I was being hustled for drinks, but he bought his own Tequila the first two rounds, thanked me when I went for the third round, and bought my drink the next time my glass was empty, so I guess he was just a friendly guy. Like many, he was shocked that I would come all the way from Florida just for the chicas, but I guess he admired my 'willingness'. He wondered why I was talking to him, then, and I told him I was scouting. I pointed out the chica I was interested in, and he had a quick talk with a waiter and the waiter brought her over. Jose, feeling his work was done, shook my hand and left.

I wish that he had stayed longer. The girl, America, she said, was perfect, depending on your taste. She was thin, small, very young looking (even more so close up). She allowed me to buy her a drink, but everything fell apart from there. Her English skills were non-existent, and my Spanish isn't much better. I tried a few keywords like hotel, but could not get any interest going. After about 5 minutes, I kissed her on the cheek and said "adios", and left BT. Ahhh, maybe next time.

I headed back to Adelita's, determined to get a 'trophy' fuck, if nothing else. The crowd and action had picked up over the last couple of hours, so I figured, no problem. Cutting right to the chase, I approached a tall, blond, busty beauty named Alejandra (I think - she was by the service area of the bar on the right) and asked her how much to go to the hotel. She replied $50 + the room and I countered with "OK, vaminos".

We go upstairs, I pay the guy, we get to the room, and play a little grab ass. She asks for the money, I hand her a $50 bill and she puts her hand out for more. I said no, we agreed on 50 and she said no, 60. Now it is possible that I heard her wrong downstairs due to the noise, but I don't think so. I believe that she figured that, well, this guy's got a hard-on, I'll get all I can. I took my money back, and we left. I asked for a refund at the desk (not hoping for much), and the guy surprised me by telling me that if I come up with another girl, he won't charge me. Fair enough, I thought, especially with the girl talking to him in rapid-fire Spanish while we were negotiating.

Disillusioned, I went back down and stumbled around the club. Then, by the entrance to the men's bathroom, I saw another vision of beauty. She was more to my standard taste: thin, dark hair, pretty smile. She spoke very good English, to boot. Her name was either Esmerelda or Esperanza (I think). Anyway, we agreed to $50 and went up. She was surprised that I wasn't charged and asked once we got in the room.

When I told her the story, she took my side (without asking who the girl was) and said, "If people don't like their job, they shouldn't do it." Bingo! Needless to say, the sex was great, she was affectionate, and I had a great time. This re-affirmed my belief in the system, and made me wish I had another day. I would have proposed an all-dayer if I was staying.

I figured it wouldn't get any better than that, so I had one more drink and headed back to the border. On the way, I stopped at the Viagra store and bought a bottle of 30 (imports) for a bargain price. A post with all the details is on the 'Viagra' thread on this board.

An hour later, I was back in my nice, clean hotel room with truly mixed emotions. On one hand, I got to have lots of sex with attractive women fairly cheaply; I got to eat some excellent food (also cheaply); and I made some new friends. On the other hand, the dirt, hustle and inherent hassle in dealing with all that Tijuana encompasses is a real turn-off. Will I go again? The little head makes most of the decisions, so probably. Also, I had fun. That's what it's all about, isn't it?

Sorry for the length of this report - I only go annually, so a lot of stuff that you regulars take for granted is new and exciting to me, so I included it.

Date: 06-05-2001

I am from the Northeast and recently spent five weeks in Mexico. I went to multiple clubs and explored relentlessly. The Adelitas Club and the Chicago Club are the best, like everyone says. I found a guy named Texas Mike, who wanders the streets giving advice to white guys or Americans on what prostitutes do what and rating their fun potential, and found him worth the 20.00 for a guy new tour on how to do this safely. After that he is not nessesary. He will find you in the TJ Red zone if you look like you are from the USA and are crazy enough to be wandering the streets like me.

I went to the Adelitas Club 6 or 7 times and sometimes stayed almost the night trying to pick a girl. I wanted the entire night with a chick at my hotel near a bullfighting ring in the sort of nice section of town. It is good to be a 10.00 cab ride away from the nuttiness. Many of the girls there asked for $3-400 for an evening. The first night I met an angel named Jackie and gave in at 350.00. I fell in love. She was from Guadalajara and had been on the job 3 months, with impecible dress, she and I became lovers.

We spent 3 beautiful evenings together and I felt like I could live in good old Mexico for life. She kissed me like my dog (lick lick, bite, growl, tounge, smile) teaching me what a "Mexican Kiss" was, and we became emotionally attached quickly. I did negociate for $200 the 2nd and third night. I got her address at her mom's in Guadalahara with the promise not to write anything offensive in letters and only write english.

My second journey was a month later, and I went back to the Adelitas club and negociated a girl down to 200 for the night. The third girl the next night was a problem. I offered her 200 for the night and she wanted 300. She seemed to accept, and took me to the door and outside, where she spoke to the attendant, who spun around and said, "so what's the problem here, she says that you are not willing to give her the three hundred dollar for the night..." The guy was exceptionally rude and scammy, and tried to intimidate me. I can get rejected at home for much less I figure. Needless to say I dropped the two co-conspirators in manipulation and went across the street to the Chicago Club.

This must not have been my night. I found the most beautiful American looking girl in a modest but incredibly beautiful flower dress, and offered to buy her a drink. They are required to take it if offered so of course she came over. She had an attitude before she ever saw me so I should have known better, but I thought that I could charm her. She spoke english perfectly, but before I found that out I tried to speak my very poor Spanish 10 words. She cut me cold, pouting that if I could not speak proper Spanish, that I should not speak it at all. Then she sort of harumpfed. She asked me what I wanted and I simply thanked her for having a drink with me, but that was all I was looking for, and she fumed and stormed off.

Apparently she is not supposed to leave until she has finished her drink, so when I complained to the waiter that she had 3/4 of a drink left, he sent her home. I still feel bad that it happened, but it is good to see how the establishment handles things.

I did find that the Chicago Club is a bit more expensive than the Adelitas Club, but in the times that I have gone it is not nearly as busy. They both have beautiful girls, but the Chicago does indeed have better educated, english speaking girls. The Adelitas club taxi drivers charge more than across the street at the Chicago. I did find the love of my year at Adelitas, but it is scammy, so just be aware. It was still worth the trip, and I reccomend both. I dream of those two bars now. Hell, I got laid 20% of my lifetime total there. :) (ahem, that is a total of 5 counting the one I did not tell you about)

Be careful of the cops, and take the plunge, but dress down as far as you can. Dress down day in the states is dress up day in TJ. Got it? Dress up and you may get hurt my friends, so find a compromise if you need to impress your date. Best wishes and lots of loving.

Take the trolley from downtown San Diego ($1.75) and walk over the border. Once there, don't take a cab: walking is faster, about 10 minutes to downtown TJ. Having crossed the Tijuana river, it's time to buy yourself a 'No soy un gringo' t-shirt (unless, of course, you happen to be a citizen of the nation which has invaded Mexico 18 times in the past, in which case you shouldn't expect too much).

Tijuana is generally a pretty safe place. Just make sure that you don't look too rich. If you start a fight or drink alcohol on the street, la policia will be there and you can decide between la casa or a hefty tip :-) The brothels never get busted though since the policemen are involved in the trade.

Once you reach Av. Revolucion, you have two choices: the bars catering to Americans are to the left, the red light district 'zona norte' is straight ahead.

On Revolucion between 6th and 7th you'll find the Bambi club and Sans Souci. $2 - $3 for a beer. One woman is dancing, usually not nude. The other women are busy fondling gringos. Pay them (the women, not the gringos!) a drink, and for $40 - $75 they'll go with you to the hotel. Which is pretty shitty, to say the least. Some of the whores are very pretty, but you never know how active they are in bed. I got a blonde who started with a price of $75 (plus $15 for the room), and was down to $45 after 3 minutes. She was good. Condoms are used at all times. Apparently no time limit.

Turn right onto 7th street. Mexico Linda seems to be a good club, packed with women, might be expensive though. Didn't check the prices.

If you are tired of the fake pseudo funky facade of Revolucion, try the real live, which is in la zona norte. Go back to 2nd street, turn left, then turn right on Constitucion. You get really good food here, not the Burger King junk from Revolucion. Hookers at every corner. When you see the Molino Rojo, turn left. Adelita and Las Chavelas are great whore houses, both packed with at least 50 women each. Going rate is $40 plus $10 for the room, which is in the adjacent hotel and much better then the one downtown. (Shower, towel, soap, everything). The women dance with you for a buck. Many Mexicans there, only an occasional gringo. Many girls speak almost no English, so brush up on your Spanish beforehand. Quality of women varies greatly. I tend to favor the 7 or 8's which seem to get more into it; the 10's often are too professional. Beer is $2, no cover charge of course, and you don't even have to buy a beer as long as you walk around and check out the girls. I've yet to see a better way to spend $50.

The more adventurous might want to try one of the strip bars here. No Americans there, the women look more like the Mexicans like them: a little bit more flesh on the bones. The sound system is interesting: imagine a walkman, powered to 3000 watts, but still using the earphones as loudspeaker.

From: (AGentleMan) Subject: Tijuana: two warnings Date: 16 June 1996

I have visited Tijuana several times on my travels over the years. My first visit was years before the World Sex Guide and I had to find everything on my own. So I hired a cabby and asked him to show me where I could find hookers. He took me to one place and wanted to drop me off. No, I said, I wanted to know where ALL the places were. So he showed me around for a grand total of $2, a very good investment. After inspecting the places he showed me, it didn't take long to realize that the Adelita and Chicago Clubs were the places to go, a fact confirmed many times in these newsgroups. The first place he took me wasn't any good and was probably one which would give him a commission.

My last visit to the Adelita was last August, and the Mexican recession must have hit it because at 6 pm on a Friday the place was dead. It used to be hopping at 2 in the afternoon. It's been my long experience in Mexican hooker bars in numerous cities that they often don't get started until 9 pm, so I planned on coming back then. I went back to my hotel just across the border on the American side to rest up a bit before my next foray.

Warning #1: Take a cab.

It has always been my practice to walk in from the border even though it is about a half hour walk to the Adelita. I like to walk and it also saves me about $10 in cab fare round trip. I started out about 8:30, just after dark. I walked across the pedestrian overpass (I'm talking about the one over the river, not the one at the border station). As I was walking down the stairs on the other side I got jumped by four guys. Two of them grabbed each arm, one grabbed my legs and lifted me up in the air, and one started choking me from behind. The guys on each arm started to rip my pants to shreds (I had shorts on). Well, I'm not like these guys on TV who can easily karate kick their way out of such a situation. In fact, I found I was totally helpless. All I could do was kick my legs a little bit, but it was totally ineffective, especially against the real threat, which was the guy choking me from behind. I could feel myself blacking out and realized that I was in a potentially life-threatening situation with nothing I could do about it. And then I went blank.

As I slowly started to regain consciousness, my first thought was that it seemed like I was waking from a dream and I started to think "thank goodness, that was only a bad dream." But as I regained a bit more consciousness I realized it wasn't a dream, and these four guys were still working at ripping my shorts to shreds, and I was still in a very threatening situation. Evidently the guy choking me loosened his grip as soon as I went limp. But he was still there and their tactics taught me very quickly not to resist. As soon as I was awake enough I blurted out, in English, "You can have it! You can have it!" They yelled back, also in English, "Where is it? Where is it?" since they evidently had not found my money yet even though my shorts were pretty well shredded. My wallet was in my left rear pocket. I guess most people carry it on the right because that pocket was already shredded. My mind was not yet clear enough to give directions (left rear pocket) so I just said "I'll give it to you! I'll give it to you!" and started to try to get my wallet out. I couldn't think any more clearly to do anything else. It was in a buttoned pocket and I had to struggle a bit to get it. It had about $100 in it but my I.D. and credit cards were in a money belt so it would be no big loss anyway, especially under the circumstances, where I would gladly pay $100 or anything else to get out of this situation.

I managed to get the button open and had my wallet half way out when they suddenly dropped me and ran off. I'm not sure if this was because somebody started coming or if it was for some other reason. It was probably because they finally found a wad of bills I had in my right front pocket: 18 one-dollar bills. I always carry a bunch of ones so I can buy drinks and such without needing change (which would be given in pesos, not dollars). This made for a fairly thick wad so they probably thought they had it made, but it was only $18 that I ended up losing (plus my shorts and a little bit of pride).

So here I was, lying on the ground in a daze. All that was left of my shorts was my belt, my money belt, and the pocket containing my wallet. I had no money in the money belt but did have some more money in a hidden pocket in my shoes. A few condoms that had been in one of my pockets were scattered around on the ground, a potential embarrassment. I heard somebody ask me if I was OK and I said I thought so. I picked myself up and fortunately found my rental car keys on the ground (what a major hassle that could have been!). I was essentially in my underwear (a low-cut colored brief) but at least my shirt was long enough to cover them up a bit. But I sure got some funny stares and a few questions as I walked a couple of blocks to where I could get a cab. I was lucky I had some money to pay for a cab back to the border. I had certainly given up any thought of going to the Adelita that night. My neck hurt and I was in a basic state of shock and feeling very subdued (definitely not horny).

At the border crossing I had to wade through the hordes of people while having no pants on. At one point I passed three Mexican cops coming the other way and they didn't seem to pay me any attention. I didn't want to report the incident because I was in Tijuana on the sly and didn't want it known that I was there. I also would not be able to identify the attackers. However, it would have been good to report this so Mexican officials would know where any problem areas are. I dreaded waiting in line to get past immigration, but they didn't even ask me anything. I got back to my hotel and fortunately I had another pair of pants in my luggage. My neck was swollen and sore for about three days but otherwise I was fine.

I am not trying to say that Tijuana is unsafe. I just had bad luck and was walking alone in a vulnerable area. But next time I'll take the cab. I still would have no concern about walking the neighborhood around the Adelita.

Warning #2: Transsexual bars.

Earlier that same day I was wandering about in Tijuana and walked into a few bars with barkers just to take a look (normally I would avoid any bars that have touts or barkers). In one of them, there were several sexy girls in low cut dresses who immediately surrounded me and one of them pulled out her breasts and started placing my hands on them. Fortunately, I was not a novice and I knew exactly what to do: immediately guard my pockets and get out of there. If you ever encounter any unusually aggessive girls like this anywhere in Mexico (either in a bar or on the street), that is what you should do. These "girls" were not girls when they were born, and while your hands are on their implanted breasts, their hands will be cleaning out your pockets.

I first encountered this phenomenon in Juarez, and lost $40 before I knew what was happening. Ever since then I could recognize the signals immediately. A friend and I had a bit of fun once at the Chavez bar in Juarez (since closed). It was full of very attractive transsexuals and we went in with only exactly enough money to buy one drink and nothing in our pockets. We sat down at a table and were immediately surrounded with several "girls" who tried to pick our pockets. They were drunk and it took a while for them to figure out that we were suckering them. We also got an interesting floor show where one of the "girls" placed the neck of an open beer bottle into her (artificially constructed) pussy, then lay down on her back and let some of the beer flow out onto the stage, and then passed the bottle around. I passed on that one.

These transsexuals are also hookers. If it doesn't bother you that they used to be men, you might have a good time, since they actually like men better than the "straight" hookers do and would likely try to please you more. Not my cup of tea, though. By the way, I've never had a straight hooker try to pick my pocket in Mexico.

Subject: [ASP] JayHawk's Trip to Tijuana Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 09:04:52 -0600


Well, I finally did it. Armed with two years of High School Spanish in my very distant past, a wad of $1 and $5 bills, and the many postings from a.s.p., I crossed the border into sunny Mexico to check out the Tijuana scene. First, let me say that Brockton O'Toole's FAQ is so detailed, so accurate, and so outstanding that there is very little new that I can add to it. Oh, faithful scribe, thank you for this outstanding piece of research. I would have been lost without it. Since I can't provide too much more detail, I will simply describe my evening...however, forgive me Brockton for, in a few places, I do disagree with a few of your calls on quality of girls at various establishments.

It was a Wednesday night and I head for the border at around 8 pm. I drove all the way to the border station on I-5 and followed the "U-turn, return to US" sign in the far right lane. This dumps you onto the road running parallel with I-5 where all the parking lots are. I cruised this short road for a few minutes, found no free parking on the street, so I pulled into Five Star Parking, the lot closest to the border, and paid $6 to park.

I basically just followed the crowds (What a crowd! Who are these people, and why are they all going to Tijuana?) through the turnstiles and into Mexico. It is about a 5 min walk past customs and other buildings until you come to a taxi pickup area with literally hundreds of cabs. I had originally planned to walk over, but even armed with my map, I quickly got disoriented.

Immediately cab drivers approached and offered to drive me. I ignored all of them, walking past the cabs, trying to find the pedestrian bridge, when one said, "$3 to go into town." For $3, I took it. I'm glad now I didn't try to walk. He took so many turns getting from the cab station to town that I never could have figured it out. I told him to drop me at Adelita Bar.

The first problem is that almost none of the streets have signs, so I never did figure out what street I was on. Below I will attempt to identify the key landmarks. Each `X' represents a streetwalker. This is not necessarily a one-for-one count, but gives you an idea of the distribution. As you can see, there is a significant number in the block or two around Adelita, but I didn't see too many further out. (I hope this comes out OK when it posts!)

[no it didn't --Atta]

Chicago Club | X X X X XX | X X =20 --------------------- |--------------------|----------------|---------- X X | X X X |XXXXXXXXX|XXXXXXXXXX |Adelita Bar X |X | | X |X | |X X XX X X |X X | X X ---------------------|---------------------|----------------|

I hit the street at about 8:30 and proceeded to cruise around. There were literally hundreds of girls on the street. Contrary to previous reports, I didn't find them to be either particularly young or old. In fact, I didn't think they were much better or worse than the girls in Adelita Bar (discussed below). The age range was probably 18-30, with a few pushing up towards 40, but not many. They were *very* aggressive. Several grabbed my coat as I walked by. One grabbed and wouldn't let go and I had to pull her hand off my jacket. Another came up to me, started talking, and kept following me down the street for half a block. This was amusing at first, then began to get irritating. I didn't see any real beauties, but no real dogs either. I would say most rated around 4-7. I noted several nice looking young ones I would be happy to fuck, then moved on to the bars to see if I could find anything better.

I first tried Adelita Bar, which is exactly as described in the FAQ. Loud music, crowded, noisy. I was the only gringo in the place. The girls were only mildly aggressive. One came up to me and started speaking in pretty good English. She said she gave a really good massage and would I like to come next door with her. She was pretty nice looking...maybe late 20's, 5'4", good bod, about a 6-7. I told her it was still early in the evening and I was still looking around. She wasn't pushy, said OK, and moved on. Contrary to the FAQ, I wouldn't describe all the women there as "short and chubby." There were indeed a number that were petite (which I like) and full-figured (which I don't), but there were some tall thin blondes, and a number of nice looking trim brunettes. One tall thin blonde pinched my ass as I walked by her. She wasn't my type so I passed. There were probably 40-50 women there, with 20-30 guys. A few couples were dancing, but not many. I made a mental note of 3-4 women I would be happy to fuck, then I decided to wander over to The Chicago Club to check out the action there before making any decisions.

Chicago Club was a morgue. No one was on the dance floor, there were maybe 10 guys sitting in booths, and about 5-6 women either sitting at the bar or hanging out by a large mirror near the entrance. Many, but not all, guys looked to be Americans. Again, contrary to the FAQ, I wouldn't describe these women as much better than what was in Adelita. Also contrary to the FAQ, there were very few blondes. Maybe on average, these women were one rating point better than those at Adelita, but that's all. However, there was one that really caught my eye. She was a tallish brunette in a long red dress, maybe 5'7", stunning body, thin with really big tits, probably a 37D-24-35. In the so-so lighting, she looked to be very pretty, with long dark hair; probably a 9, or possibly even a 10. She was your classic Chicana beauty. She had a really nice dress on and reeked of class. I was actually a little scared off by this. She was sitting alone at the bar, no one near her, no guys approaching her. I did see some Americans leave with women that looked far worse, so I thought she was holding out for some big spender.

It was only about 9 pm, so I decided to cruise some more. I wandered further down the street Chicago Club is on (I think this is Constitution, but I'm not positive), making a left as I exited Chicago Club, and I walked for several blocks. There are many girls on the streets here, but still none that swept me away. It starts to thin out about 3 blocks away from Chicago Club. I head back to Adelita where I spent about 10-15 min slowly studying the girls.

One thing that bugged me here is that the bar is pretty dark. Some of these women looked pretty good, but in the light and out of costume I bet their ratings would drop 2-3 points. I actually found that if I stood outside, I could see women going in and out of the bar, and the light was much better so I could get a good look.

It was now getting close to 10:00 pm and I decided to get down to business. I head back to Chicago Club where the number of girls had now more than doubled. I counted 15, and there was now a good selection. There were at least 3-4 girls who rated a 7 or better, although there were some 4-5's too.

I sat at the corner booth by the rest rooms and ordered a beer ($2, I gave the waiter $3). Again, contrary to the FAQ which said that the women in Chicago Club aren't pushy, almost *immediately* when I sat down, a woman came over and slid into my booth. She was one of the worst ones there, chubby, maybe 30, and scoring no better than a 4. This pissed me off a bit and I gave very curt answers to her questions. Within 60 seconds, three different waiters descended on me and asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. I said no, and after 3-4 minutes of small talk she got the hint and left. My beauty in the red dress was still hanging out, and no one was coming close to her, although she had now moved over by the large mirror and was standing by herself. I decided I was going to make my move, and if she turned me down I had two backups in mind. There was another tallish, thin brunette with short hair, smaller tits, but she was very pretty, dressed nice, and looked really good, probably an 8. There was also a blonde with big tits, wearing a halter top and cutoffs that were already partially unzipped. She wasn't as pretty, probably a 6, but had a heavenly body, and looked a little trashy.=20 Sometimes you want Princess Di, sometimes you want Madonna. What can I say?

I nursed the beer for awhile, not wanting to either spend much on drinks or get too polluted. Finally my waiter came back (the only male waiter working that evening; the rest were all women). I asked him if he could bring the girl in the red dress over for a drink. We couldn't see her from my table, but I told him exactly where she was standing, and described her. His English was so-so, so I used a little of my terrible Spanish and he got the idea. He brought her over, and I tipped him $2. I asked her if she wanted a drink, she said yes, and the waiter brought one, for $8. I gave him $10.

Her name was Miriam, and she had only worked there for a month. I couldn't tell if she was shy or aloof, but she said very little and seemed a bit nervous. She only spoke a little English, and the music was loud, so we had a little trouble communicating. After some strained small talk, she got her drink (all 3 oz of it) and I finally asked her if she wanted to go next store to the hotel. I was surprised that I had to make the approach. Maybe she really was a newbie! She wanted $60 and said it would be $10 for the hotel.

I asked her what she did for $60 and she said, "everything." I said, "Everything? Do you do anal sex?" She gave me a blank look, and I asked her again a couple times in a couple different ways (this is one I didn't learn to say in Spanish in High School), but she still didn't get it. Finally, I slipped my hand under her dress and pushed a finger against her anus. To my pleasant surprise she was not wearing panties so this was easy to do. I asked her if she did sex there. I think she actually got embarrassed and said, "No, NOT everything! Everything but that!!" I professed disappointment (but really didn't care) and asked her if she would take $50.

She said, no, absolutely $60. I said OK, and we went to the hotel directly next to the Chicago Club entrance.

The hotel was pretty nice and clean. I paid $10, Miriam was handed a towel and we went to the room. She went into the bathroom for a minute, then I used the facilities, then we both undressed. In the light, she was indeed gorgeous. Probably no older than 21, very pretty face, gorgeous body.

Overall, a 9+. Her tits were really large, almost too big for her slim body. At first I thought they might be silicone, but I have felt silicone boobs and they are like stretched balloons. These were very soft so I think they were real. Also, I don't know what perfume she had on, but she smelled heavenly. We made out for a few minutes on the edge of the bed, then she asked if I wanted it "par boca" (by mouth) and I said yes. She slipped on a condom and gave me a fairly perfunctory, so-so blowjob. I honestly believe she hadn't been giving them for very long, because she seemed like she didn't exactly know what to do. After only 1-2 min she stopped, and we started cuddling and kissing (but not on the mouth). She did not rush at all, and after several minutes, I decided to get cracking. I sometimes like to turn women around and do it in 3-4 positions, but she was so pretty, and looked so good lying on the bed, I just hopped on and we did missionary for 10-15 min until I came. She put on a pretty good performance, moaning and groaning, and grinding, but I'm sure that it was just that, a performance.

As soon as I was done, she quickly slipped out from under me, and handed me some toilet paper (mounted right to the wall next to the bed....geeze are they prepared!) She wasted no time getting dressed, and by the time I came out of the bathroom from cleaning up, she already had her coat on and was ready to go. She asked for $1 for the boy that cleans the room, which I gave her. She then said, "Anything for me?" I had already given her $60 and didn't want to spend too much more, so I reached in my pants pocket (not my wallet) where I had some small bills stashed. I had a $5 and a few $1's left, so I said, "I don't have much left" and handed her the $5. She thanked me, kissed me on the cheek, then raced out. Efficient, business-like, quick.

Wham-bam, thank you ma'am. Don't get me wrong. She did the deed, and did it well. She was a genuine beauty and it was a pleasure ploughing her, but there was no pretense that this was anything other than a job and she needed to get back to work.

I finished getting dressed, left the hotel, and caught a cab in front of the hotel. He took me to the border and I gave him $5. Now here's the confusing part not contained in the FAQ. You will be taken back to the taxi pickup area where you get the cabs. From here you have to cross a large arched bridge that goes over the southbound traffic lanes. You then need to turn left, walk to a crosswalk, then cross the many northbound traffic lanes at a crosswalk, taking your life in your hands doing it. You then follow the sidewalk past all the vendors into the U.S. immigration area. I showed my passport and was waved right through. From here you need to exit immigration, make a right, then another right into a covered walkway with an easy-to-miss sign that says something like "Return to Mexico/West side parking." This walkway bends and curves, eventually goes across the highway, bends and curves some more, then dumps you back at the turnstiles where you first entered Mexico. I head back to my car, and off I went.

So the final tally was $6 for parking, $3+$5 for round-trip cab, $2+$1 for one beer, $2 tip to the waiter for bringing Miriam over, $8+$2 for Miriam's beer, $10 for the room, $60 for Miriam, $5 tip for her, $1 tip for the hotel boy. A total of $105. In San Diego I probably could have gotten laid in an Asian massage place for just about the same price. Was it worth it?

Absolutely, but only because I ended up with a real gem. If I had paid the same amount for my second or third choice, I'm not so sure. I understand the girls at Adelita will go for $40-50, and the ones on the street for $20-30.

You also apparently don't need to buy an Adelita girl a drink before leaving, and this would knock $10 off the price. Next time (and there *will* be a next time) I may try Adelita or the street. But will I go back to Chicago Club again? Si si, Senor!


Date: Thu, 09 Jan 1997 Subject: Recent TJ report.. Dec 96/Jan 97

Dear Sirs,

I write to you having just returned from a very pleasant series of trips to TJ. I went there twice, once in Dec. 1996 and once in Jan 1997, 4 days each time. So this information is very recent.. I haven't been to many places but let me tell you.... It is well worth the trip. I followed the advice everyone gave here and had a series of excellent experiences.

Arriving on the plane at S. Diego Airport I went on the bus to the downtown ($.80). Then took the Trolley ($1.80) to the border. At the border I grabbed a cab for $3.50 (it was a Friday nite, so that is the reason I think it was so cheap).. Arriving at the Motel Alaska ($16.50/nite) I grabbed a room for the nite and began my adventure..

Walking from there, 1 block to the Zona Roja I was not disappointed!! There were about 80 girls in a 2 block radius all wanting $20 for a half hour of joy... I stopped and got my shoes shined along Constitution St. with a shoeshine fella named Angel, who became a good friend, look for him on Constitution where all of the other shoeshine guys hang out -he and another nice guy named Tony are the only guys who speak English out of the shoeshiners. While he shined my shoes he told me a familiar sad story.. Family in the states and him being deported... Poor guy.. I suspect it is the truth because I got to know him very well, he's a nice guy and speaks good English. If you need direction I recommend looking for him there and say that the guy who bought him dinner told you to see him. Also get your shoes shined, it's only $1, but means so much to these guys.. Anyways, Angel filled me in on the Details.. The girls on the street are $10 for the locals and $15-20 for the gringos.. Plus $2-5 for the rooms. I talked for awhile with him and got a scoop on the whole area, he's a real source of information!! Recommend highly looking him up, just by being seen hanging out with him makes you not so much of a gringo and he has many contacts as well as being a good guy!

So I picked a girl who hangs out next to the shoeshiners named Ellessa, she is Asian in appearance and well worth the $20... It was $4 for the room across the street and worth 1/2 of an hour.. She wanted $5 more for turning over to doggie, and was worth it, a little greedy though I found later... In the next 2 days I sampled about 3 girls on the street a day and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

I found however several things about the girls... They range in age from 15-50, and appearance from 4-8. Attitude was from 1-10.. Also, all of them won't take off of their tops, and hardly any of them will give head... Most of the girls are below the age of 18, but all claim to be 18... Several I recommend.. Ellessa mentioned above, a little tight though, but nice.. A girl named Patricia stands next to Ellessa and isn't as hot but has a really nice personality and is enthusiastic as well.. Down the side street in front of Miami I recommend a tiny girl named Maria, she is really cute and saving for parents in Mexico City who don't know what she does. Also, she has a friend from Veracruz who I wish I could recall the name of, ask her for her friend from Veracruz, really gets into the sex!!

O Wandering into the Adelita I found a guy I'll call J, he had traveled around the world and loved TJ as much as the Philipines, you can't beat the prices.. He was pretty well to do and showed me around we went from Adelita's to Chicago's to the Mexican Lindo, all worth visiting and just as others report.. At Chicago's I picked a girl with BSR on her purple shirt, named Blanca and the rest of the initials are her's. She was well worth it.. A little older, 26, but really tight and nice, has one kid, $50 + $10 for the room.. Spoke a little English, wouldn't give head though.. But good in the sack, loved to grind her hips, and took a shower with me afterwards.. Ask for her, she's shy but interesting in bed.......

I hung out with J for a couple of days and we went around with the street girls, drank to much and had a great time... On the nite I left town I found out something great to know.... The Adelita's is a hotel also... For $20 you get a room for the nite.. This is advantageous because if you do have a room and pick a girl you won't have to pay the $10 room fee!!! If you grab 2 women then it pays for the room!! What a place.. Before I left I grabbed a girl at Adelita's who has blond hair, 5'4", 108 lbs, beautiful and does a floor show, she was hot and I was slamming away on her for about 45 minutes when suddenly she decided it was time and I had 3 minutes left.. She showed me it was time by the grinding she began it was devastating, nice!! Cost $50+$10 for room.. Recommend her also....

Leaving the Hotel Alaska I headed back to San Diego.... I recommend the Hotel Alaska, it's a safe place, don't get the rooms closest to Primo Street.. Also, the hotel owner speaks good English.. You can get a double room for $19.50 there if you're with a buddy, cheap place.. Also ran into a guy named Dave who tried to sell me drugs - promoting Ruphie's... Not my style, and I don't do drugs.. He speaks English and if you walk down Revolution you'll run into him on any weekend nite, he's 86'd from many places though, so he won't take you to the good places.. Seemed on the level though..

Another weird experience I ran into a guy from Hawaii named Carl in Adelita's who owns cabs in Long Beach. He's been going to Adelita's for 3 years and fell in love with a girl there named Anna. So it was pretty weird.. I speak Spanish, so he had me propose to her for him, she said yes and they left together.. But on my return trip she was still working there.. Her name's Anna, and don't mention Carl or else she won't go with you... She's got a nice personality and can tell you about the girls there as well.. Ask for her and get informed.

Returning to TJ after Xmas... I discovered that you can travel for free on city buses on holidays, it was NY day, so I saved $2.50 getting to TJ. On the bus I met Osalam, a devout Muslim from Egypt, he was very religious... We hit it off and shared a cab for $2.50 each from the border to the Alaskan. There we grabbed a double room for $19.95 and went out on the town.. I took him to the strip places and he didn't like them... Laid a major guilt trip, so I didn't do anything except drink too much and crash.. Our room was so near Primero street, so it was very noisy.. The next day I moved out into the Adelita and said goodbye to my Egyptian buddy.

Moving into the Adelita I loved it, $20 a day + $1.50 for towels, soap, and condoms a day.. It's the only hotel I've ever checked into where they give you condoms.. For an extra $1.50 a day I had a fella clean my room, and there was no problem with theft + the security was good to get into the place. It's just the door next to Adelita's and you go upstairs.... Well worth it, and located in the center of the Zona Roja, but one complaint.. The Mexican music wafts its way upstairs until 6 AM.. I brought some earplugs and they came in handy.. I recommend bringing your own towels and soap, it'll save you a little $$$.

I had a couple girls from Adelita's. A girl named Karlita, looks great baby face, but when you get her upstairs you find out that she has 3 children, is 22, and has a major C section out of her stomach,. She was lactating as well, so it was interesting.. She gave real good head as well.... Cost was $50 for her.. Then I had Angela, she was 28, brunet and started at $50 but I got her for $40.. A pleasant experience, she knew how to suck really well.. And I had her at the end of the nite before crashing.. Had many girls on the street and found that you can hold out for $15 and tell them that if they are good they'll get a 5$ tip.. It improved the performance of the streetgirls.

The best experience I had was the nite I left town... I wish I would've found her the first nite.. In Chicago's the nite before I left town I made eye contact with a girl over and over again, and really had a feeling for her.. But I thought she was a $70 girl....So I didn't have the cash.. The next day I was waiting for a girl to be free at Adelita's and decided to wander over to Chicago's at around 8 PM and there she was just coming in.. She handed her coat + jacket to the guy and stood by the door.. I wandered over and talked with her in Spanish and told her I'd saw her the nite before and she said she'd saw me, I asked her upstairs right away and told her that I was interested.. $50 + $10 for the room... She gave me the best head I've ever had and is the most beautiful woman I've had... Sigh.. She had a shaved pussy and great breasts... I recommend her.. After the sex, 1/2 an hour of it she laid there with me and talked as we cuddled for about 1/2 an hour kissing and making out + massages.. I was suprised... I told her that if I ever moved to San Diego I'd be a regular with her.. I was suprised that she had a kid, she's bought a house and is helping her dad buy one as well, a real sweetheart of a lady well worth the trip to TJ, I wanted to take her back to America with me.. Too bad I found her on my last day there.... She looked like she was 20, but is actually 27. She stands near the door.

Everyone on this site says that you have to buy a drink to take the women upstairs (4-8$), but I found this wasn't so.... The group of girls who hang out at the enterance to Chicago's just want to go upstairs and fuck and are in the $50 price range. The girls at the far end of the bar tend to be more expensive, up to $70... Remember also the $10 for the room... I'm definitely going back!! Also, you don't have to buy the girls in Adelita's a drink either, it is a good thing to do if you want to get to know them a little before the act though..

I hung out with several Americans when I was there, and found that it was good to do in that people tended to leave you alone. Some interesting things.. In Chicago's one nite a Gringo called D ordered a drink for a lady who said she'd be right back and left for the evening, kinda a bummer for him, she had a bad personality anyways... Many of the girls on the street try to grab you.. avoid them, and don't go with any woman who asks for 10 dollars, something must be wrong with her.. I'd like to take this moment to say hello to my fellow buddies from TJ exploits.. J, D, and E.. I hope that they had as much fun as I, I'll be back..

Subject: My Latest Tijuana Trip Report Date: 1 Feb 1997

Yes, I did the girl with the black shorts on. Good but not great! $60- >I did a girl named Rosie...she was great ($70-)...nice tits. > >The dance show was pretty average, but What do you expect for no cover >charge. God, Vegas charges $20/covers. > >Please give info. and names of what girls are good.

Estudiante de TJ,

As far as who's good in the Chicago, if you've had Rosie, you've had the best. At least the best I've had there. I was first told about her about three years ago by a guy down there from LA. I told O'Toole to try her on one of his early visits. Both he and I, and the guy from LA, and several others have only good things to say about her. I haven't looked for her for quite some time, but the last time I saw her she had permed hair parted in the middle. She's one of the few that I thought actually looked better out of her clothes than in them, and there was just something about the way she went about her work. She seemed almost cat-like in her movements. My tastes have turned more to the women that give great service over great looks so you might not like those I'd recommend.

As far as the threesome. I'm a little hesitant to name her, but what the hell. I don't want to hog her all to myself. It wasn't in the Chicago Club that I found her. It was in Adelitas. Her name's Tania, she speaks a little English, has straight black hair to just past her shoulders and parts it in the middle. She's into astrology and is a vegetarian. Maybe 5'4" or so, petite and often wears a latex or leather mini skirt (not micro mini with her ass hanging out, but short). Someone else mentioned a woman that fit her description very well once, but he said she was 40 years old. I would have said 30 and she told me 24 (they ALL seem to stretch the truth on the age thing a bit). Tell her you'd like to go to the hotel with her and her friend that likes to "touch her" (as she put it). I don't know if she would understand it in English perfectly (I speak to her in Spanish). Say "Quiero ir al hotel contigo y tu amiga que le gusta tocarte". After that session, I think just about anything from here on out would be a letdown. It was incredible. A couple things to keep in mind- The hotel will charge you double ($20 instead of $10). Bring a shit-load of condoms. For some reason, they wanted to change my condom each time I switched from one to the other. Seemed pretty strange given that they were exchanging bodilly fluids with each other from the non-hetero activities going on, but what the heck. In my case, they happened to have a lot of condoms with them, but I wouldn't count on it. One other thing about Tania. She gives about the best head I've had in TJ. She does it without a condom and I've always had to just about literally pull her off my dick to boink her. I think of her as the Hoover girl. I worry a bit about condomless blowjobs though, so although they feel great, I don't often partake of them (she used a condom for oral when working with her friend).

There's also a couple of women that looked like twins at Adelitas. They said they were, but they may just be sisters. Wouldn't that be great to have twins ? They've got what can only be referred to as bubble butts. I'd almost swear they had butt implants! Not really what I like in a woman, but if they'd work together, the twin angle would make up for the bubble butts. I wasn't interested at the time and don't remember the names.

Oh, a bit of interesting trivia. I spoke with a woman working in Adelitas that I've been with several times now so we we're a bit more open with each other. I asked her how much she makes working there. She said a good week's $2,500. Sometimes only $1,500 though. She works 6 day weeks. Figure an average of $2,000 per week. That's $100,000 per year if she takes no more than two weeks vacation. Not bad, eh ? Especially when you stop to consider that she doesn't have to pay any income taxes. Now some of you might understand why I'm harping on the advice that O'Toole is giving about the $10 tip up front. I think you get good service if the girl's friendly and LIKES you. An extra $10 will make absolutely no difference in my opinion and would be MUCH better spent by giving it to the poor Indians on the streets on your way out.

Cahondo, El Pendejo Sabio

Subject: [ASP] TJ Superstar Rosie: Be Still My Heart Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 01:01:24 -0500 (EST)

Senor Pendejo recently had this to say about a super-hot girl at the Chicago Club named Rosie:

: As far as who's good in the Chicago, if you've had Rosie, you've had the : best. At least the best I've had there. I was first told about her about : three years ago by a guy down there from LA. I told O'Toole to try her on : one of his early visits. Both he and I, and the guy from LA, and several : others have only good things to say about her.

Rosie is by far the hottest girl I've ever found in the Chicago Club. First, she has a porno-queen body with terrifically firm and high tits and a tight little ass. Her skin is golden brown and she trims her pubic hair until its just a wisp. Second, she has a gorgeous face with a hot smile and very nice brown eyes. Third, she likes to wear *extremely* short shorts and knit tops that show off her terrific body. And last (but my no means least) she is terrific in bed. As an added bonus, her English is excellent and she does not have the "I can afford to be stuck-up because I'm way hot" attitude. I've discussed everything from Gangsta' Rap to Beavis and Butthead with Rosie. She is truly a Zona Norte superstar.

: I haven't looked for her for : quite some time, but the last time I saw her she had permed hair parted in : the middle. She's one of the few that I thought actually looked better out : of her clothes than in them, and there was just something about the way she : went about her work. She seemed almost cat-like in her movements.

That is an accurate description of Rosie's hair. It used to be about shoulder length, but's it was longer the last time I saw her.

Unfortunately, that was several months ago and I haven't seen her since. I theorize the Chicago Club isn't her only source of customers. I've seen her wander into there for the first time at 1:30 a.m. Which causes me to wonder where she spent the earlier part of the evening. With a high-roller who arranges to see her in advance? Perhaps at some private club we don't know about? I wonder if she might have left the bar scene behind and that accounts for her absence. The good news is that when Rosie is at the Chicago Club, she almost always sits or stands at the same place at the bar. Crude ASCII art follows:

D ---- COAT CHECK -- ALCOVE ----W G | O A G | B A R O L G | R --------------- L G |___________________________ G G G G Rosie G G G G G G G G G

If the diagram is scrambled, just remember Rosie like to sit and/or stand at the bar along its longer axis. Her favorite seat is about two down from the end of the bar closest the door and opposite the ladies room.


Brockton O'Toole

Subject: [ASP] Tijuana Results Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 14:47:10 -0500

I just got back from Tijuana, and I'd like to say, come on in the water's fine. There's not much anyone can add to the excellent info already there but here goes.

I had originally been hoping to return to Amsterdam for a mini sex vacation. While Amsterdam, Costa Rica, or Thailand give you more bang for the buck, they are also $600 in air fare, 8 hours, and a case of jetlag away. Tijuana was $84 in air fare from the Bay Area, the US-side hotel was $40/nite, and the beaver was $15-$60 a pop.

I stayed at the recommended Best Western Cavalier in Chula Vista. $36/nite with AAA discount, plus 10% tax. (800)-420-0041. There's a newer looking Motel 6 across the street advertising rooms for $32, 619-422-4200. Apparently you can stay on the beach near Tijuana on the Mexico side for about this much and wonder if anyone has any info about this.

From the San Diego airport, take bus #2 from the East Terminal and ask for a transfer, get off at the American Plaza stop, cross the street and get on a trolley that says San Ysidro on it. Get off at Bayside/E-Street stop, walk East past the tourist info center, and there you are at the hotel. It's convenient location that lets you get up to San Diego or down to Mexico with ease and without a car. If you keep going East on E street past or thru the car wash, Liu's Famous Eggroll is a cheap feed. There's also some restaurants if you cross over the freeway and take a left.

Having a car would have been more trouble than it was worth. Besides, I wanted to slum it, and once you hit Tijuana you are in the major leagues of slumming it. A $5 taxi ride deposited me in front of Adelita's at 7PM on a Saturday night. There were dozens of women selling themselves on a street known as Calle Articulo 123. I think it is named for a part of the Mexican constitution that legalizes prostitution. There were probably a dozen women in the Chigago Club, 2 dozen in Adelitas, and 3 dozen on the street. At 10PM these numbers had doubled.

After a bit of wandering, I negotiated with Amelia, a slender 18 year old fox, who agreed to my $15 bid after asking $20. The hotel was $3 and we had to wait a bit for the room. We did the nasty, but she wasn't real into it, though she was cute. When it comes to fuckin' there ain't no bad.

I then wandered the main street, Constitution, and found refuge in the Jai Alai place way down. This is a good place to just relax in quiet and get your bearings without dealing with hawkers, hookers, and loud music. Then, back to Adelitas to continue my research. At 9PM it was in full swing. Of all the women, there were only 10 or 20 percent that turned me on, and on a Saturday night you have to move fast. The hot ones are rapidly scooped up and trundled back to the hotel for another schtupping. I finally snagged a cute 21-year old named America who had learned a few things about fucking in the 3 years she had on Amelia. $50 plus 10 for the hotel next door. That was it for Saturday. Sunday, I went to the San Diego zoo to see how the animals do it.

On Monday I went back for another round. There were maybe 8 or 10 working the Chicago Club. There was a cute, slender native looking babe with long straight black hair that I wanted to poke, but some damn LA rock band had her tied up talking all night. While this put me out, it does demonstrate that the ladies just want to please, if you want to talk, or dance, or cuddle, or ball, they are simpatico. So I had a drink with Melissa, danced with her, then off to the hotel for a $60 screw. She had the stretch mark thing, but a great attitude, maybe was approaching 30, and was a real good lay. Short cropped black hair, classy looking.

I'd do it again for sure, though maybe only a special trip once or twice a year. If you are in San Diego or Los Angeles and have a spare $20 bill, what are you waiting for? The clubs are cool, and have a greater concentration of talent, but I found just as nice on the street. Would you rather take a chance on one club girl, or stick 3 or 4 from the street... at least one of them should be hot. I'd also say that it's worth looking for "A woman of a certain age", and that it helps to watch 'em dance to vibe out their energy. None of them seem keen to give head, but then blowjobs have lost their luster since condoms became mandatory. In slight dissent from the FAQ, none of these 3 spoke English, and I think its okay to go during midweek, and to get 'em from the street.

- Easy Rhino

Subject: ASP My limited experience in Tijuana Date: Thursday, 27 February, 1997 9:52 AM

I would like to contribute an experience I had a year ago on the wild and wooly Revolution Avenue. Where to begin ? Well - I was on a business trip to LaJolla Ca. and had never made that Mexico run that all the locals smile about. So, I decided the best way to go was to rent a cab (Big mistake $60..) flat one-way from LaJolla to the border. I also made a second mistake I guess - because I decided to walk across the border (having no map of the area) I must have walked 6-7 miles south then curved to the right over a large graffiti strewn bridge. After eating breakfast in McDonalds (what a GRINGO), I made my way to Revolucion Avenue. I was there very early 12noon by the time I strolled into the famous parts (I had no idea where, what, or how I was doing). I had not read anything professional about TJ and had no idea where to find "it".

Well - believe me, "it" is hunting for you even harder than you are hunting for "it". The Taxi drivers ask you 3 questions : 1) Do ju want a taxi 2) Do ju want some drugs 3) Do ju want poosey (Sorry for the bad imitation)

so I said no,no,yes - but I found out - you must say yes,no,yes - as it seems that they must make a substantial part of their living this way. So this wide-eyed gringo gets into the nasty old cab jamming raw salsa and head off to God knows where (east of Revolucion about 3 miles or so). To I swear to God what looked like a bombed out old Cafe. It was SO dumpy with a woman of about 50 with the miles from years of hooking on her face. (No - she wasn't the one that I had). I paid the cab driver $30 (all prices are American) I thought this was for the service (HA!) was I in for a surprise!....

I had a video camera and really wanted to film a lady masturbate etc. Not sure if I would do the dirty deed or not. So As I am sitting in a very hot, uncomfortable room, afraid of being shot. A restaurant style booth couch slides away from the wall and out of a 3 foot hole pops a girl. First I have to admit - I was expecting a sleeze bag and was surprised that this girl looked very understated and sexy. She came over spoke a bit of broken english (nothing memorable) and took my hand and we went through the hole and up some back stairs to the second floor. I saw another hooker getting dressed (obviously just done with a john) and went into a room with the door closed.

I asked her to let me film her - and she removed her clothes. Her only flaw was obviously having given birth 5 too many times - tummy was stretched and a bit saggy. She kepy her bra on but dropped the cups below her beautiful brownish black nipples which stood up (and it sure wasn't from the cold). She had the world famous racing stripe cut on her pussy and she laid on her back and opened her legs. She opened herself - tugged on her clit - and inserted a finger or 2 - bringing them up to her lips. Oh - I forgot - she moaned too (not a good actress)....

Well after all this - my little cub scout was straining a bit and I did the universal hand gesture to the mouth asking her for a BJ....She said $30.....I have read a penis has no budget so I yanked it out (the $30) and removed my shorts and laid on the corner of this GROSS looking bed. she left the room (nude0 to ask the madam for a rubber and returned with a big smile. I was semi erect when she started to grip my member with her hand(s) and she put the head inside the rubber and put that in her mouth - then she unrolled the rubber all the way down. She was a very good blow and actually had me lift my legs so she could get under my balls and to my asshole (a FIRST!)....I also had never climaxed in a womans mouth (Sorry for my innocence) but she let me (with the condom) which I admit actually hurt a bit as she sucked the swollen head after ejaculation (Guys know that pain)....The neatest part was after I got up and started to put on my pants she came into the room with a bucket of water - a sponge and a dry towel and washed my balls as I stood there very tenderly. I wish I could have cleansed my mind of the thought of germs and what was in the water/sponge that could kill me....she asked me the famous 2 words :Mo Money ? Mo Money ? - so I gave her a $20...Hope I didn't ruin it for the next guy! I left Mexico with a satisfied groin, a strained wallet, a ton of Caneles GUM, and a Hard Rock (knock-off) shirt......

Subject: [ASP] TJ Crime Report - Robert Date: 28 Mar 1997 08:21:01 +0100

I have been reading ASP for some time now, and just saw an article that I wanted to comment on. This was the posting called "TJ Crime Report" fowarded by the ever informative Brockton O'Toole. In it, the reporter describes being mugged in broad daylight in the Zona Norte. Well, I got it too, and after reading his report would bet that it was the same bad guys because the MO was identical.

Last year, I made the trek to TJ from LA about 20 times. I go on Friday, and leave LA about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. I take an easy drive down, and get there about 5 or 6 depending on traffic. I park in the usual spot, cross the border, and grab a cab and drive to the Adelita Bar. I scan the Adeltia, have a soda if it's hot, and then check out the Chicago Club - always dead at this time. After checking in like this, I hit the streets because this is a good time to find some real cuties working the hotels.

This day was August 30, 1996. I started wandering around, feeling very good and comfortable as I do in TJ. I'm looking around now, and head down the alley that the Miami is on. There's a girl that I really like a lot that works across from the Miami, but today she's not out. Instead, I start making contact with another one who's name is Abril. We're off to the hotel room, and she's very petite which I like. She's also wanting me to kiss her, which is rare unless you know the girl real well. Her little pussy moves good, and we have a real nice time.

After that I'm relaxed so I head back down the alley. Turn right at the street, and there are the shoeshine guys. Got a shoeshine, and I'm looking across the street deciding if I should get a chicken dinner, or go for another kind of thigh. I'm thinking that a guy could get laid, a shoeshine, and chicken dinner for $20 here.

I cross the street to check out the talent. This is the same street the Chicago is on, across the light, along where all the fried chicken stands are. I think almost exactly the same place our other reporter was. It's 6:30 and the street is packed. I'm standing there making my decision.

It happened quick. The guy grabbed me from behind, and it felt like there was an iron bar across my throat. He must have been large and strong, because my head was pulled back and I believe I was lifted up. I could barely breath in very short gasps, and it felt like I was drowning. A crazy thought went through my head that nobody was helping because they couldn't see me, and if I could just yell out they would. The words couldn't come. The guy jams me to the ground squeezing even tighter now, and I feel like I'm on and operating table going under anesthesia. As I'm passing out, I can feel other sets of hands going through my pockets. One guy is ripping up the back of my pants where the wallet is buttoned in.

I really don't know how long I laid there. I woke up with this weird tunnel vision. I looked down the street toward the Chicago, not sure who I was or where I was. My first real thought was that I must have been working too hard to have fallen asleep in the street. I noticed a guy gesturing to me, and then he helped me to get up. Now I started to remember what happened and said that I had been robbed. He said, "Just get up and start walking fast. Follow me." I did, and we went around the corner.

His name is Rudy, and he is a Chicano from LA. He said he saw me laying there, and he didn't think I was drunk and figured I needed help. He said we should keep moving in the street because people are always watching you here. We ducked into a bar across from the Adelita. He was almost broke himself, but insisted on buying me a beer. I don't drink alcohol, but he really waned me to join him. This is a rare guy, an amigo really, so I do.

We go back out, and move through the streets of TJ. Rudy moves fast along the walls or in the street. Watch your back, and don't stop where someone can come up behind you. I'm watching an expert. We head back down the alley across from the Miami where this all started, and Rudy spots one he wants. He asks if I'd wait while he did the deed - of course. He's only got about $30, and he negotiates $15 for the room and everything. He doesn't want to take extra into the room, so he gives me the other $15 to hold while he's up there. He says "You won't take off, will you?" to which I reply "God should strike me dead if I do" and mean it too.

We head back, walking toward the border, and Rudy decides that we will have as good a time as $15 will get. I drink the beers when he offers, and get a bit tipsy. Between the beer and the mugging I'm a bit disorientated. We go past a trasvestite bar on some side street, and head toward Revolution and the way back.

Our final stop is some hole in the wall bar near revolution drinking up Rudy's last $5. Us, and some fat waitress / bar girl are the only ones in the joint. The place is a dive, with the one notable feature being a large, garishly painted, 20 - 30 feet carved figure like a boat masthead of a lady with flowing hair and her tits hanging out. The $5 goes a long way there, and we're drinking and dancing with the fat chick. This summer I'm bringing my new amigo back to the Adelita for the best in the house to return the favor.

That's my report of this notable trip. I'm more careful on the streets now, and always watch my back. Apparently, the thugs can get away with quite a bit and the locals look the other way. Rudy thinks the police get a cut, and look the other way too - don't know. I've seen it mentioned before, but be careful you're not a target.

Subject: [ASP] TJ Crime Report by Robert Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 10:31:38 -0500 (EST)

Robert recently posted an account of getting mugged in the Zona Norte, the salient portion of which describes what happened while he was walking along the east side of Avenida Constitucion, south of Calle Primera (First Street) and opposite the alley where the Miami Club is located.

: I cross the street to check out the talent. This is the same street the : Chicago is on, across the light, along where the fried chicken stands : are. I think almost exactly the same place our other reporter was. It's : 6:30 and the street is packed. I'm standing there making my decision.

: It happened quick. The guy grabbed me from behind, and it felt like there : was an iron bar across my throat. He must have been large and strong, : because my head was pulled back and I believe I was lifted up. I could : barely breath in very short gasps, and it felt like I was drowning. A crazy : thought went through my head that nobody was helping because they couldn't : see me, and if I could just yell out they would. The words couldn't come. : The guy jams me to the ground squeezing even tighter now, and I feel like : I'm on and operating table going under anesthesia. As I'm passing out, I : can feel other sets of hands going through my pockets. One guy is ripping : up the back of my pants where the wallet is buttoned in.

[Remainder of post regarding Good Samaritan deleted.]

Gentlemen: The key point to take away from this excellent report is that even a few feet can make a big difference in the Zona Norte. As I've written before, the short walk from the Adelita Bar to the Chicago Club and vice versa is safe. But as you can see from Robert's report, there are banditos lurking just a few feet away from the safe area. If you are a Zona Norte novice, I recommend you stick to the Chicago Club, the Adelita Bar, and the few feet of safe sidewalk in between. You'll find all the hot girls you could want in those two places. It's simply not worth the risk to go elsewhere.

If you are a Zona Norte regular and you find yourself getting off the beaten path, BE ON YOUR GUARD. Keep your head up. Be careful of who might be behind you. Walk in the street as opposed to on the sidewalks. This is especially good advice if you find yourself on Av. Constitucion, between First and Second Streets.

Brockton O'Toole

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 Subject: Tijuana Report

Here is a little report on my recent (August 1997) visit to the two most popular prostitution pick-up bars in Tijuana.

I rolled into San Diego late after a long ride thru the hills from Santa Barbara and got a hotel room near Balboa Park. About 11PM I caught the boarder bus, crossed the boarder and took a $5 taxi ride to the Adelita Bar. The taxi driver claimed that he did not have change for a twenty. When I offered him $3 he suddenly found the necessary change. After that I always asked the drivers the price and if they had change before getting in the cab.

The place was filled with Mexican men (gee, I wonder why?) and lots of girls. I was the only gringo there but nobody seemed to mind. After watching a few plain girls strip (topless only) and drinking a few beers I picked out a decent looking girl and motioned her over to me. She was around 20, slim with small breasts and 5' tall - very girlish. She was quite happy to be with a Rich American and her English was pretty good too. Her "lady drink" cost $6, my beer was just $1.50. After fondling her in the bar for awhile she suggested that we "go hotel" - the price was $50 for her and $20/hour for the room.

This is where it gets embarrassing. We entered the room, undressed and started the usual foreplay stuff. It was then that I discovered that riding an old German motorcycle for 14 continuous hours does horrible things to sexual desire. So I spent over seventy bucks to not have sex with a cute Mexican whore. If I ever have a naked girl ask me "Que Pasa?" again I am going to throw up.

The next day I spent 10 hours at the Museum of Natural History (it was really cool). That night I was back in TJ. This time I went to the "Chicago Club". It seemed like a nicer (cleaner) place but the room was almost empty with a few girls and four guys. So I walked back to the Adelita - it was packed like the night before.

This time I spent several hours checking out all the girls. There were three basic types: 1) small, thin and girlish; 2) large, voluptuous Marilyn Monroe style; and 3) chunky, bland (or ugly) in all sizes. Type 1 and 3 predominated. None of the girls rated a '10' but at least half of them were in the '7' range. The most interesting female I seen was an extremely well built bleach blond in a tight white dress. She was about 5'10" and 150 lbs with very little fat and big firm breasts, but her face was kinda dull.

That night I shared a table with a couple young navy guys. They were quite amused when I grabbed (literally) another small 20ish girl, set her on my lap and started playing with her breasts. Before that I don't think the navy guys knew that the place they were in was more than just a strip bar. Soon they had girls of there own. The three of us were the only gringos present and, once again, no one seemed to mind. The place looked rough and crude but I have been in yuppie fern bars that were a lot less friendly.

The second time I took a girl to the hotel worked out much better: everything rose to the occasion and her performance was well worth the price. The price was the same: $70 total, but I gave her a $10 tip - she deserved it. Afterwards she sat with me back in the bar and did wonderful things with her hands. Had I any more cash I would have taken her back to the hotel.

Before I left TJ I checked the Chicago Club again: no change. Maybe it was just the wrong time of the week: Thursday. I think more research is necessary.

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 00:56:45 -0400 (EDT) Subject: [asp] Tijuana experience, June 1997

I have travelled to TJ many times and have found most of your information to be helpful and accurate. I have never had a problem south of the border, except when I lost my car keys and had to pay to have new ones made while I waited . . . but I digress. One of the reasons I have not have had problems is because of my somewhat hispanic looking appearance (dark hair and eyes) but also because I am careful and respectful of the people.

On to my report:

Things seems to have changed a bit at Chicago - the girls seem much more aggresive as well as the waiters and waitresses. I agree the women are usually better looking here, but attitude is everything - well almost everything. The decor has also changed a bit - there used to be a couch near the entrance where all the girls gathered. That has been replaced with a bar like area with stools.

At Adelita I can heartily endorse a beauty named "Lucero" or "Lucy" - she is a short girl with a great body (fake boobs though - which is rare in Mexico, I think). She usually wears a bare midriff number and with her long blonde hair resembles a much younger Barbara Eden (Jeannie as in I Dream of Jeannie). In fact, I started to mention who I thought she resembled and she rolled her eyes and completed the name before I could. She is a very good natured and great at blow jobs (with a condom) the way she lick and nibbles your balls will drive you nuts. Although I have visited her many times - I almost always seek her out when I am there (she remembers me because of a couple unusual tattoos I have). She still always asks me if I am sure I don't want to look around more before I 'settle' for her. I find this bit of business very cute - anyway I think I will take another trip soon and will post again when I can.


Date: 7 Mar 1998

Dear fellow connoseurs,

I have been visiting the Tijuana brothels and prostitutes for the past five years, which have afforded me some of the best pussy to be had, while remaining unattached.

I am a young professional in San Diego, I am half Mexican half Irish, so I can communicate with the girls in Tijuana. Since I wish to contribute to this most sacred site, I will call myself L'Patron for future reference.

Last friday night I visited Tijuana, and this is how I spent my time.

I drove down to this shopping center -less than one mile from the border- called "Pueblo Amigo". Here, they have a new strip-club called Bolero, which I assure you has the best high class pussy in town. The cover is $7.50, and they won't let you in in jeans. I usually wear a suit when I go to get laid in Tijuana, and in this place, suit and tie is the norm.

Lap dances are $20, and I have only once gotten one from this girl named Bridgette . I usually just sit back and drink some cognac and smoke a big fat cuban cigar and try to act and look totally cool -I really get off on acting the part of Mr Smooth in strip bars, it is my form of foreplay-.

So as of the last four months -after hitting the Gym and Sauna for a while-I have gotten my weekend started by going on friday night to this bolero joint and hanging out for about an hour -from 9-10pm-. Then I drive down into town -Revolution Street- and park my car on Sanborns [2 free hours and $1/hour thereafter or $5 for 24hrs, as well as the safest parking I know of]. Then I head to this bar/dance club on seventh as well called "las pulgas" $5.00 Cover including a drink. It is packed on friday and saturday nights with some of the absolutely most beautiful ladies in Tijuana. Many university/preparatory school girls from well to do mexican families. Many girls go in groupies and if you play your cards right, you can easily take one to a hotel. So I usually dance for a while -techno/alternative/rock US music -I am a local there by now- and buy some girl a couple of drinks treat her like a princess -and make her think that I have fallen in love at first sight, and that we are destined to be together for the rest of our lives, I mention that I make a six figure income and that usually helps too- and 8 times out of 10 I get to take her to a hotel within three hours of being in that joint. There is a hotel on the corner of fourth and revolution called Caesars Hotel, -you only need to walk the girl for three blocks- and they charge $25 for a nice clean room for the whole night and up to 1pm the next day -just like a regular hotel-. If the girl is really hot, and if it looks like you may want to see her again or spend the weekend with her, I recommend renting a suite for $50 with a view of Tijuana and a big tub where you can both take a bath and have sex there if you so wish.

Alternatively, If my charm does not help me pick up a girl, I head over to the prostitutes. Where you may ask is my top choice for top choice meat?

I go to this place about half a block north of Seventh street in Revolution, called Mexico Lindo. This place -by far- has the best looking woman in Tijuana, far better than Chicago Club.

Mexico Lindo is actually a nice quaint bar, which plays nice music in the background, and all of the girls wear nice cocktail dresses and high heels.

The girls here all charge about the same $100 for 1-2 hours. There is a hotel across the street, but they will go to your house/hotel if you want them to -I think that the cabbies in front of the joint are their pimps-.

When I end up going here I will sit down at the bar first and order a drink and smoke a cigar while I check out the girls. My favorite girl -whom I have been seeing for the past month is Vanessa. She is Chinese/Mexican 5'7', very skinny with large firm breasts -implants-. Actually she has only been there for the past six weeks, and the first time I met her she had only been there for two weeks. As strange as this may sound, Vanessa is one of the most intelligent, sensitive and creative women I have ever meet. In addition she is also a royal piece of ass, USDA Select Choice Filet Mignon for certain. I am proud to say that I have instructed her on how to give great head, so if you ever have the opportunity to get blown by her, you know who to thank.

This girl is so passionate that her body gets so hot during sex it is fucking unbelievable. I felt she was going to melt or explode, while I was fucking her. God knows that I have fucked alot of women in my life -both prostitutes and civilians- and she is definitely in my top ten list of all time mind boggling fucks.

I really recommend this place, and I think that the money is worth it. Before I started making money -back when I was in medical school- I would come down and sample the $10 hookers on the street, as well as once in a while a $40 whore from the revolution Sans Souci joint. In my opinion the street hookers are definitely not worth it.

You get 15 minutes with them in the hotel, most will not let you touch them above the waist, nor do they take their tops off. No Kissing, fondling, caressing, foreplay or anything that makes sex erotic and meaningful. Sans Souci and the other revolution brothels have these hookers that rush you through sex and want to get you off ASAP, so they can go back and fuck another guy for more money.

In Mexico Lindo you will come as close as you can to having a real date one night stand type of thing with a very classy and drop dead beautyful girl.

I have had Four girls from this place, and they all have long Silky hair, wear nice expensive female perfume and wear sexy yet classy cocktail dresses. To be quite honest, this latest girl Vanessa, with her appearance at this joint, I could easily take her to a nice cocktail party or the opera or to a nice restaurant and she would fit right in. That is to the extent to which these girls do not look like whores at all.

I do not know if my tastes have been refined, or if its because I can just afford much more, but I find that my stomach turns when I think of the street hookers and the other hookers from other brothels that I once, in past times, frequented.

Finally, these girls at Mexico Lindo will gladly sit down with you and have a couple of drinks and chit chat about anything your heart desires. Whether you want to get to know them or want to brag about what a stud you are -I don't recommend this-, or whatever. Actually, when I first met Vanessa, we ended up talking about Spanish Art and Literature in which she was very well versed. Imagine that, where in the fucking world are you going to sit down and drink cognac with a prostitute that knows her Cervantes and her Picasso and that intellectually -and later sexually- stimulates you.

At this time -in all honesty- I prefer to pick up young girls at "las pulgas", over prostitutes. Yes, they take more time to get in bed, and you may have to be a little misleading, but it is the thrill of conquest, and the ego satisfaction that a girl will fuck you without paying her money that thrills me.

In closing, I will share that it is not just the sexual act that pleases me -though I do consider my sexual prowess my strongest asset- but also the fact that you sit back and romance or shoot the shit with the chick before you fuck her crazy. I believe that the little getting to know you part makes the experience all the more sweet.

Well Amigos I must say good bye now. Perhaps I will see you at either one of these three places, and if you recognize me, please say hi. My car has the licence plates LPATRON, and many people in Tijuana call me L'Patron.

[El Patron is a high quality tequila made in mexico which I dearly like, it also means literally "the big boss" in spanish, which I thought I would use as a joke]

Till later my dear connoseurs,


Subject: Tijuana-Zona Norte Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 20:44:38 PST Regarding Tijuana, and the Zona Norte, I am contributing from a slightly different view-point, than most of your readers.

Circumstances bring me to San Diego once a month, and I always get to Tijuana in the afternoon.

For daytime visitors I would recommend that you park your car at the Iris, or Beyer Street trolley station. There is plenty of free parking, the ride to the border takes 5 minutes, costs $1 each way (trains run every 15 minutes), and stops at American Customs.

It is about one mile to Revolution Blvd, and it is necessary to cross over the pedestrian bridge at customs. If you don't feel like walking there are frequent shuttle buses, although these do not save you any time. Avoid the places on Revolution (Bambi, Sans Souci, Unicorn etc). as my experiences there have ranged from fair to poor.

I've never felt threatened, or unsafe on the walk to the Adelita, but would recommend a taxi after dark. I never got to the Chicago Club, or any of the other places because of my first experience at the Adelita. About the time I ordered a drink, and my eyes got accustomed to the light, I was approached by a lady named Leticia, who asked if I would like to "do some business" with her. (She speaks fluent English). She very quickly listed the delights that this would entail. I asked if I could kiss her. She said "o yes", and gave me a breath mint! $40 was acceptable to both of us, and I bought her the customary overpriced drink.

She then took me to the adjacent hotel which was surprisingly clean, and comfortable ($10).

Leticia was an absolute delight!. You could easily miss her if you insist on the tall, slender, "Norteamericano type", but this would be a great mistake. She is petite, no more than 5 ft. has a light complexion, and is in her middle to late 20's. Her bottom, and hips are in the plump Mexican mode, but her waist is tiny, and her breasts, are medium sized, beautifully shaped, and firm, in fact her entire body is soft yet firm. She has a cute expressive face, dark eyes, kissable lips, long Auburn hair and skin like satin. Altogether a very appealing lady.

Looks are, of course, subjective, but her attitude is unquestionably first rate by any standard. I have one cautionary note, Leticia is not the type of woman who thrives on abuse, thereforeshe works days. and seems to prefer older American men, (more money, and less attitude). .

She has an interesting personality quirk, in that she dresses very conservatively, in public, but alone is totally at ease with her body in private.

A combination of age (early 50s), and heart medication cause me some performance problems, which she takes totally in stride, and manages to deal with very effectively.

She claims to be a good cook, which I am inclined to believe, because she certainly knows how to please a man in every other way.

Needless to say I have been back to see her, as often as possible, and will continue to.

In fact like everyone else I have a fantasy about winning the Lottery. If I did, I would keep Leticia to myself.

Subject: Tijuana night Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 14:31:47 EDT

I just wanted to share my experience I just recently had in Tijuana. I have lived in San Diego for many years, but I have never ventured into the clubs of Tijuana. I have traveled extensively in Mexico, and I speak Spanish well enough to get by. I have read O'Toole's report on the Chicago Club, and this intrigued me. I decided to follow his plan, and left my car at 5 Star parking. It was about 9:00pm, on a Friday night, and I took a cab from the boarder to the club.

Once inside, I saw it wasn't very crowded yet, and there were about ten girls standing at the bar. I was able to get a table (high one along the wall), and proceeded to scope out the talent. I noticed a beautiful girl come in with some friends, and they picked a spot near the door to stand. She had a great body, and beautiful face, and several men went over to talk to her, but none were successful. I am 6'3", 175lbs, and quite fit for 40 yrs. I walked over to her, and saw that her friend was pointing at me, and saying something to her. I asked her if she wanted to join me at my table, and after asking where I was sitting, she agreed. I bought her a drink, we had some small talk, but then she said "Well, I have to go back to work", and left. She never asked about sex, and I never had the chance to ask her! After that, I decided to be more agressive in my efforts.

I saw another beauty standing by the ladies room, and I asked the waitress to buy her a drink. But she brought the wrong girl back to the table! This was getting bad! I explained that this was not the one I asked about, and tried to be polite to the young lady by smiling and saying no thanks. The waitress found the one I wanted, and brought her back to the table. She was tall, thin, with long straight black hair, and very large breasts (most of them had obvious boob jobs). She was quite a stunner. I can't remember what her name was, but she was from Ensenada. We talked for about two minutes, and she got right down to business. She said she wanted $80.00, which I thought was steep, but I agreed, and we went next door. She was very business like, and told me to pay her, and then take my clothes off and get on the bed. She started with oral sex, which lasted all of two minutes, then she got on top and rode me for a couple of minutes. Then she switched to doggy position for a short time, then to the missionary position. The whole thing lasted about 15 minutes, and I was not able to have an orgasm. She said she was tired, and had to go back to work, and if I paid her $40.00 more, she try a little longer. I said no, so she got out of bed, and went into the bathroom and showered. She came out and started dressing, and said having sex all night was for girlfriends, and not working girls. What a disaster!

I went back to the club, trying to decide if I wanted to stay or not. I saw about 40 girls, and they veried from a couple of fours, lots of sixes, and three or four tens. I sat down at a table next to the bar, and started looking for another prospect. I saw a couple I liked, but the place was crowded by now, and they were pounced on as soon as they walked through the door. A man came up and asked me if he could share my table, and I said sure. A minute later, a sweet young lady joined him. They were speaking in Spanish (although he was an American), and I started to listen in. She asked him if he knew me, and he said no. She asked if he would ask me if I wanted to meet her friend. He asked, and I said sure, why not. She motioned to her friend (who was standing by the ladies room), and she came over to the table. I asked her to sit down, and I bought her a drink. She said she was sorry, but she did not speak very much English. I told her no problem, I speak Spanish, and we started talking. Her name was Marysal, and she was from Chihuahua. She had only been in T.J. for three month's, and she wanted to try to learn English so she could get a good job. She seemed like she was a good Catholic girl that had come to the big city looking for work. I was shocked when she asked me if I wanted to get a room. I agreed, and again I went next door.

We went inside, and she got some tissue, and started to get some KY, and a condom from her purse. I asked her how much, and she shrugged her shoulders, and asked how much did I want to pay Wow! What a difference! I gave her $60.00, and she was quite pleased. We got on the bed, and she put a condom on, put some KY in her hand and started stroking me. Then she put some baby oil on me, and started massaging my groin. Then she wiped off the oil, and started giving me head. She did a very nice job of that, and then she got on top and started riding me. She asked if I wanted to try another position, and I agreed. She turned around, and let me enter her from behind. We tried that for a while, then switched to missionary. Again, I was not having an orgasm, and she seemed quite distressed by this. I decided to go for a little oral on her, and she laied back, and spread her legs. I licked her but good! She was squeezing my head, and moaning and tossing her head from side to side. I brought her off twice! Boy did she get her money's worth! She had me lay back, and tried using her hand, but got tired after about ten minutes. She finally took the condom off, and tried with her hand again. I was still not able to orgasm! Finally, I had her lay back, and tried using my hand, while kneeling over chest. Still no orgasm! I finally gave up, and laid down next to her. She seemed quite upset, and asked what was wrong? She asked if I did not like her, or if she was doing something wrong. I told her I was sorry, but it was just not in the cards tonight. We showered, and got dressed. I gave her $10.00 extra (she earned it!), and she was very thankfull.

I walked her out, said goodnight, and grabbed a cab to the border. What a night! I spent about $220.00, and didn't get off! At least I had fun with the second girl. I had her for about 40 minutes. I will try again, another time, as I saw several girls I would like to try. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for the information, it was quite usefull.

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