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Updated: August 20, 1997
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All prices quoted in U.S. Dollars

INTRODUCTION: Some years ago, the multifarious demands of the O'Toole
Empire brought me to San Diego for the first time. After concluding my
business, I was in the mood to cut loose a little. (And besides, I had
given the flight crew of my G-IV the night off.) I had never been to
TJ, so I soon found myself wandering the tourista strip along Avenida
Revolucion. Enticed by barkers promising all manner of carnal
delights, I foolishly patronized a number of clubs in that area. All
were disappointing clip joints interested only in separating me from
my money. I departed unsatisfied and wondering where the TJ legends
had gotten their start. On a subsequent visit, it was raining so I
hired a cab. When I used my barbarous Spanish to inquire of the cab
driver, I learned that on my previous visit I had done practically
everything wrong. He gave me some excellent advice and introduced me
to the gentleman's playground that is the Zona Norte. About the same
time, one of my technical staffers recommended the Internet as a
useful business tool. It was then I discovered Usenet newsgroups and
the concept of a document which answered frequently asked questions
(FAQ). It occurred to me that others could benefit from my TJ
experience. And so it was that the TJ FAQ came to be. The rest, as
they say, is history.

The TJ FAQ is geared toward to total novice. The idea is to get you
south of the border and get you laid with a minimum of risk, drama or
expense. If you follow the procedure described below, your TJ sojourn
will be easy and fun. By the way, there is no need to be concerned
about traveling alone. As you will read below, you'll be perfectly
safe. And there is certainly no need to pay somebody to be your TJ
"guide," because these directions are idiot-proof.

PLANNING YOUR TJ TRIP: If you have any discretion in respect of when
you arrive, plan your visit for a Friday or Saturday night after 9:30
p.m., when the selection of girls is best. The biggest rookie mistake
is going on a weekday night, or worse yet, during the day, when the
bars are virtually empty. The second biggest rookie mistake is going
too early in the evening. Finally, keep in mind that the pleasures of
TJ are such that they are worth arranging a little vacation should you
find yourself in the Southern California area. So this FAQ includes
travel information for those interested in arranging overnight
accommodations. If you're a local, or you're just going for the night,
skip ahead to the section entitled "Crossing the Border."

LOCATION: Tijuana is just south of San Ysidro, California. From the
west side of Los Angeles or from LAX, you can drive the approximately
150 miles to TJ in about 2.5 hours by going south on I-405 to I-5.
From San Diego, you can drive the approximately 25 miles in about 30
minutes on I-5. From LA, there is Amtrak rail service. Call (800)
872-7245. And from San Diego, there is light rail (Trolley) service.
Call (619) 233-3004 or (619) 595-4949.

LODGING: A full description of all the hotels available in TJ is
beyond the scope of this FAQ. Suffice it to say that if you are
willing to pay upwards of $100 per night, you can find luxury
accommodations in TJ that are as comfortable as any in the United
States, Europe or Asia. There are also excellent resorts further south
in Baja California. Consult your travel agent or a guide book. At the
other end of the scale, there are numerous hotels in TJ where you can
rent a room for as little as $20 per night. CAUTION: These hotels are
extremely basic and you'll probably need to speak some Spanish to deal
with the proprietors. Moreover, these accommodations are often located
in less affluent neighborhoods. If you are an adventurous type
unconcerned with creature comforts, these hotels are an option. But
frankly, I do not recommend them.

Instead, I recommend lodging on the north side of the border.
Obviously, there are numerous hotels in all prices ranges in San
Diego. (See If TJ is your primary focus,
consider staying in one of the communities between San Diego and the
border: National City, Chula Vista or San Ysidro. For luxury
accommodations, I recommend the Radisson Suites in National City,
(800) 333-3333, where a one-bedroom suite with an ocean view and
breakfast rents for about $95 per night. The same folks run a Holiday
Inn across the street. Rates there are in the $70-80 range, with
discounts if you have a military ID or AAA card. In Chula Vista, I
HIGHLY recommend the Best Western Cavalier, (619) 420-6259, which runs
about $45 per night and the Motel-6, (619) 422-4200, at about $40 per
night. Both are right on I-5, and the 10 mile drive to the border
could not be easier. If you don't rent a car, these two motels are an
excellent choice because they are within walking distance of a trolley
station and restaurants. Stay away from the Ramada in Chula Vista. The
place is a dump, the staff is rude and the rates are outrageous. There
is a Holiday Inn Express in Chula Vista, (619) 422-2600, which has a
regular rate of about $65, and a La Quinta, (800) 531-5900, which has
rates in the $70 range. As always, you can probably do better than
these rates if you qualify for a military or corporate discount, or if
you book a room during a slack period. Further information about Chula
Vista lodging is available from the Chamber of Commerce, (619)
420-6602, the Visitor Information Center, (619) 425-4444. You might
also try the Downtown Business Association, (619) 422-1982.

CROSSING THE BORDER: I recommend AGAINST driving into Mexico for a
number of reasons. The insurance on your personal car is NO GOOD in
Mexico, so you'll have to buy special Mexican auto insurance. Don't
think you can avoid the problem by renting a car. If you drive a
rental car into Mexico it is an express VIOLATION of the rental
agreement. So if anything happens to the car, you are PERSONALLY
even if you surmount these obstacles, it's a pain to find your way
around and safe parking is very scarce. In fact, secure parking in TJ
will usually be so far away from where you're going that you will have
to take a cab anyway.

BEST BET: Drive down to the border, park on the U.S. side, and walk
across. Then take a taxi to your TJ destination. HERE'S HOW: Drive
south on I-5 or I-805, which merge into one big freeway that dead ends
at the border. Get off the freeway at the last exit before the border,
marked "Last USA Exit and Parking." Go through the four-way stop and
you'll see several parking lots. Their prices vary depending on
proximity to the border and day of the week. I recommend Five Star
Parking, which is the last lot on the right as you drive toward the
pedestrian drop-off point. You'll pay $7, but you can save $1 by using
the discount coupons they put in the lobbies of most of the hotels in
the area. HINT: Park near the entrance so the attendant can keep an
eye on your car (giving him a tip also helps). Do not leave anything
visible in your car which would tempt the smash-and-grab crowd.

>From the parking lot, turn right and follow the crowd walking toward
the pedestrian turnstile into TJ.. [If you take the Trolley, you'll be
on the EAST side of the freeway and the giant border crossing
facility. Use the pedestrian bridge to cross over to the WEST side and
the southbound pedestrian turnstile into Mexico.] There is usually NO
inspection by Mexican officials of southbound pedestrians. You do NOT
need a passport or other ID. [You may need ID to get back into the
United States. See below.] After you pass through the turnstiles, walk
south about 200 meters and go through second set of turnstiles. There
you will find a cab stand and a number of drivers, all of whom speak
English, standing around soliciting passengers. Hire a cab and tell
him you want to go to Adelitas (ah-day-LEE-tas). You are supposed to
be charged a flat fare of $5. But once in a very great while, the
driver will demand $6 or $7 and feed you some story about gas prices
going up. This is especially common if the driver sizes you up as a
tourist. You can generally avoid this fate by speaking Spanish and/or
by sitting in the *front* seat of the cab, which is a local custom.
But even if the driver asks for more than $5, my advice would be to
pay the extra buck or two. It's not worth bickering over such a small
amount of money. Also, be sure to carry exact change.

SAFETY ALERT: You may be tempted to save the cab fare and walk over
the bridge into downtown TJ. This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! The
neighborhoods you must traverse are not exactly the nicest parts of
TJ. And there are bandidos who lurk along this route who specialize in
robbing unwary pedestrians. Be safe not sorry. Pay $5 for the taxi.
Ditto for your return to the border.

WHY NOT AVENIDA REVOLUCION? By following this plan, you will be
eschewing the main tourista drag along Avenida Revolucion. When it
comes to commercial sex establishments, you will not be missing a
thing. IMHO, most of the strip clubs and hooker bars along Av. Rev.
are depressing dives that specialize in hustling touristas. The drink
prices are high, the girls are ugly (some are she-males) and if you're
crazy enough to go with one of them you'll pay a fortune for a
scarifying experience in a dingy room. So stay away from the Bambi
Club, the Unicorn Club, the San Souci and others of their ilk, no
matter how insistent their barkers. (Also avoid anyone who is hawking
a "donkey show." This type of entertainment doesn't exist.) If you
simply must begin your evening on Avenida Revolucion, stick to the
"college girl" bars and watch the 18 year old SoCal sweeties drink
shots and holler "woo, woo." Then hop a cab to the Adelita Bar.
(Again, walking is NOT recommended.)

ZONA NORTE IN GENERAL: When you get out of the cab at the Adelita Bar,
you will be in the middle of the Zona Norte, so called because it's
north of downtown. You'll see numerous bars crowded into a several
block area. Most of these bars work on a dance hall format. There is a
DJ (or in some places, a live band) a dance floor, and a few girls
sitting around. (Occasionally, you'll see a strip show of sorts. But
it's no big deal. American style strip clubs are very rare in TJ.)
Some of the girls do no more than dance with patrons and sit at their
table in exchange for a small amount of money. (Or in exchange for
buying them overpriced "ladies' drinks" on which they earn a
commission.) Which is fine, because some of the guys are only
interested in dancing and chatting. But most of the girls are hookers.
Conveniently, the Zona Norte also features several small hotels that
rent rooms by the hour. You strike a deal in the bar and then go to
the hotel to consummate the transaction. It's all very convenient.

The girls in these places range from ugly to just passable. You get
what you pay for and most of the bars in the Zona Norte cater to
locals who don't have much money. Moreover, as I explain below,
wandering around the Zona Norte implicates some personal safety
concerns. If you're an adventurous, street smart kinda guy these bars
can be amusing. But if you want to cut to the chase and find the
hottest girls in the safest atmosphere, IMHO you need look no further
than the ADELITA BAR and the CHICAGO CLUB.

ZONA NORTE SAFETY: When you alight from the cab at the Adelita Bar,
you will be on the south side of Calle Primera (First Street) just
west of Avenida Constitucion. Along this stretch of Calle Primera,
you'll see a small liquor store on the corner, one outdoor stand
selling fresh seafood snacks, three stands selling tacos, the entrance
to several hotels, a storefront restaurant and the odd shoeshine boy
or mariachi musician. In the evenings you'll also see lots people and
note a festive atmosphere. Even a TJ novice who speaks no Spanish will
be perfectly safe and quite comfortable hanging out on this section of
the Zona Norte. The novice will also have no trouble walking from this
area to the Chicago Club, which is located roughly kitty corner across
the intersection on the east side of Avenida Constitucion, just north
of Calle Primera. Again, the hottest girls in the Zona Norte can be
found at the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club. So there is really no
need to go elsewhere. If you are new to TJ or you are not the
adventurous type, I recommend you restrict your movements in the Zona
Norte to the area between the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club as this
is the safest and most secure area.

The remainder of the Zona Norte is GENERALLY safe, but there are a
couple of areas to avoid. One is the intersection of Calle Primera and
Avenida Revolucion. (About 200 meters east of the Adelita Bar.) The
other is the east side of Avenida Constitucion south of Calle Primera.
(About 70 meters east and 10 meters south of the Adelita Bar.) I have
received several reports of street robberies in these areas, often
accompanied by a rather violent assault. If you simply must traverse
these areas, walk in the street. This will make it more difficult for
the bandidos to surprise you.

LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT: Prostitution is legal in TJ, so you are at no
risk for patronizing the bars in the Zona Norte. However, you *will*
attract the attention of the police if you act like an asshole. So
don't drink on the street, piss on the street, pick fights with locals
or engage in other loutish behavior. On a more serious note, the
Mexican police are VERY strict on those who carry narcotics or
weapons. (And the definition of weapons includes knives, mace and
pepper spray.) Moreover, Mexican law permits random searches of
patrons in bars. (We don't have no stinking Fourth Amendment.) So
occasionally the policia will charge into the bars in the Zona Norte
and search everyone. If you're carrying any kind of weapon or any kind
of narcotics, your are SERIOUSLY fucked.

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES: As I noted above, prostitution is legal
in TJ. It is also regulated by the authorities. All the girls are
required to get a medical examination every two weeks. When they do
so, they receive a certificate from the health department.
Periodically, the authorities will conduct spot checks to ensure that
the girls are complying with this requirement. Moreover, as I note
below, condom usage is virtually universal. IMHO, these safeguards
reduce the risk of contracting a STD from one of the girls in the Zona
Norte bars to almost zero. (BTW, the girls you see on the street are
generally less diligent about getting their checkups. Avoid them.)
Granted, no system is perfect. The regulations can be flouted or
circumvented. Bribes can be paid. And accidents happen. So every guy
has to evaluate the risk for himself. All I'm saying is that in *my*
opinion, the risk is vanishingly small. Whether it justifies the
reward is up to you.

Let's see. So far you've read about how to avoid getting mugged,
getting arrested and getting a STD. Cheerful material this is not. But
necessary. Use your common sense and follow the FAQ and you'll be just
fine. The risks are actually very, very low. Fortunately, things pick
up from here. Now you're going to read about getting laid by some of
the hottest girls in the world.

THE ADELITA BAR ----------------------------------------------------

Noisy, crowded, hot and loud, the Adelita Bar is pure South of the
Border. The second you step inside, you'll be greeted with sights,
sounds and smells that are all Mexican. By Zona Norte standards, the
interior of the Adelita Bar is quite lavish. (The mens room, complete
with full-time attendant, is positively spotless. Throw this guy a
buck for his hard work.) Music comes from a DJ and it tends toward
Tejano, Conjunto and Norte. There is ample seating and they usually
have soccer or some other sports on TV. (Like you go there to watch
the game.) Beer or a tequila shot is currently priced at about $1.50.
At those prices, you can afford to give your bartender or waiter a $1
tip per round. If you do, you will receive cheerful and efficient
service unknown in los Estados Unidos. Like the other Zona Norte
clubs, the Adelita Bar works on the dance hall format. So there are
two dance floors in pretty constant use by the Mexican guys and the
girls. Some nights, they will sometimes have a few of the girls do a
short strip show on the front stage. It's nothing spectacular.

As for the talent, don't go looking for your tall, blond swimsuit
model at the Adelita Bar. Many of the women are short, dark and, to be
polite, "curvy." Watch out for the miracles that can be accomplished
via push-up bras and the clever use of clothes. Nevertheless, there
are dozens of girls to choose from and if you're patient, you can find
some diamonds in the rough. Look for the young, quiet one hiding in a
corner and indulge your high-school girl fantasy. Or go for the
hard-bodied girl with the golden skin and the skin-tight minidress.
Best of all possible finds if the truly gorgeous young thing just
starting out. Sometimes, these girls start at the Adelita Bar before
moving on to the more upscale Chicago Club. Most of the girls, if they
are not sitting with or dancing with customers, stand around or
circulate among the guys. Many of them are not bashful about talking
to you. This is especially true for Norteamericanos who are alone.
Some guys like this, some don't. I think it's fun. Where else can you
have a young girl walk up and grab your ass while she tells you how
good she can suck your cock?

Hint: Don't be concerned if you fail to see a girl you like straight
off. The selection of girls at the Adelita Bar is constantly changing.
When things are slow, the girls will go home to gossip or watch TV.
When things pick up later in the evening, they return. Frequently the
selection at 2:00 a.m. is superior to what is was at 10:00 p.m. So be
patient. You may discover somebody totally hot in the wee hours.

Strategy: Don't sit at a table. Instead, buy your drink at the bar and
wander around the club. You'll get a better look at the girls and
you'll have a chance to chat with the friendlier ones. While you are
listening to her sales pitch, I've found if you keep smiling and
talking, your hands can roam a little and the girl won't mind. This of
course is the reason you're in the Zona Roja: to get away with doing
things that would get you slapped anywhere else. The girls' English
ranges from pretty good, to virtually non-existent. But don't let the
language barrier keep you from the girl of your dreams. Almost all can
speak enough English to negotiate a price and get you laid. If you
choose, you can buy your girl a drink, but there's no big hustle to do
so. If you seem to like her, she will ask you if you'd like to "go to
the hotel" or "go next door," which is their euphemism for doing
business. If you say yes, she'll quote you a price, generally $40-50.
This is an all-inclusive fee for full service, which typically takes
the form of oral sex, followed by intercourse. Note I said "usually."
Some of the Adelita Bar girls, especially the new ones who are just
starting out, will refuse to perform oral sex. If this is important to
you, it would be wise to ascertain in advance if oral sex is
available. You will also pay $10 directly to the hotel for the use of
their room. Condom use is a must. Tipping is at your discretion. See
my discussion below.

CHICAGO CLUB -----------------------------------------------------

East side of Avenida Constitucion, just north of First Street, roughly
kitty-corner to the Adelita Bar. This is easily the finest hooker bar
in Tijuana. But watch out, the action here can be VERY uneven. Best
time to visit is Friday or Saturday, when you'll find 40+ girls.
Wednesday or Thursday, you'll see 20-30. Monday and Tuesday can be
slow. In fact, it's possible to find the club virtually empty. My
theory is the hottest girls do well enough working three or fours days
a week that they sometimes take the rest of the week off.
Nevertheless, even if you're worried it will be slow, the Chicago Club
is a mandatory stop during any TJ excursion. But be aware that the
time you visit is important. Even on busy nights, the Chicago Club is
usually empty until 9:30 p.m. and it takes another hour after that for
all the girls to wander in. Peak selection will be from 10:30 p.m. to
1:00 a.m. After that, the girls begin to drift off, but the club stays
open until nearly dawn.

This Chicago Club caters to foreigners with money, especially Asians.
If there are numerous Asian guys in there when you visit, you can be
assured the girls will soon appear. Somehow, the word just gets
around. When you first walk in, a waiter will try to steer you to a
table. Insider tip: Politely decline on the pretext of going to the
men's room, then choose your own table. Don't sit at the bar. That's
where most of the girls hang out, and they get a little peeved if you
sit in "their" place. The Chicago Club is pretty dark, which makes it
a little tough to get a good look at the girls. For the absolutely
BEST view, sit in one of the small booths that surround the dance
floor. (My favorite is the one near the ladies room, because
eventually all the girls walk right past you.) If you would rather
play the high roller, sit at one of the elevated booths up against the
wall. (Featuring new furnishings installed in the fall of 1996.) Very
Las Vegas.

The center of the Chicago Club is dominated by an step-up wooden dance
floor with the usual disco lighting. Unlike the other Zona Norte
clubs, there is no Mexican music here. Nor is there a band. It's all
recorded techno-dance stuff. When the spirit moves them, or the
manager insists, the girls will dance either by themselves or with the
customers. This gives you a chance get a look at them in slightly
better light. On busier nights, they also have several strip shows.
Every few hours the DJ will dim the lights and starting yammering away
in Spanish and English. Then three girls will come out one at a time
and do a strip act, which culminates in them being topless. The
quality of the strippers varies. Some nights, you get average-looking
girls who just seem to be going through the motions. Other nights, the
women are hot and the show is hotter. If you take a fancy to one of
the dancers, you should know that some (but not all) of them *just
strip.* Which means that you're wasting your time trying to get them
to go with you. On the other hand, some ARE working girls. So it never
hurts to ask.

The vast majority of Chicago Club girls are taller, thinner, better
dressed, better made up and simply better looking than the other women
in TJ. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I make
this observation, I do so knowing my taste runs toward the North
American, European, MTV ideal of female beauty. If your tastes are
different, YMMV. Almost all of the Chicago Club girls speak enough
English to take care of business, so you don't need to speak Spanish.
Unusual twist: Unlike many hooker bars in TJ, where the girls are
desperate for business, the girls at the Chicago Club are more
selective. Why? Because they can be. Some of these girls are so
stunning, they can pick and choose among guys. (The superstar Rosie
for example.) I've seen girls sit at the bar all night and turn down
every last guy who approaches I have seen others arrive, go with one
guy, come back, go with another, and call it a night in three hours.
So beware, the competition can be tough.

Here's how to stack the odds in your favor: When you get your drink,
be CERTAIN to tip at least $1 per round. (Drink prices are slightly
higher at the Chicago Club than at the Adelita Bar, so budget a total
of $3 for a beer or tequila shot.) Try to remember who your waiter is,
and show some loyalty by ordering all of your drinks from him. (The
management of the Chicago Club must believe the old "they all look
alike" nonsense. So the waiters wear a name tag that has a number on
it, presumably so that you can keep them all straight.) Sip and stare
and listen to the pounding dance music. Repeat as necessary. When you
see a girl that strikes your fancy, tell your waiter you would like to
buy her a drink. He will ask her to sit down with you. While it's OK
to approach a girl directly, and there is no requirement that you buy
the girl a drink, IMHO this technique works best. If the club is busy,
or if the girl is totally hot, she is likely weighing competing
invitations. So it helps to have the waiter on your side. If you've
tipped him well, and he thinks he's going to get another tip from the
girl's drink, he'll plead your case for you. The girl's drink will run
you about $8 and if you throw the waiter $10, he'll be most pleased
with the $2 tip. Chat for a while, and then go next door.

At the hotel, you'll pay $10 for the room, which will be basic, but
clean, safe and secure. (There are different hotels for the Adelita
Bar and the Chicago Club.) Full service (half & half) will be $40-50
from an Adelita Bar girl, and $50-60 from a Chicago Club girl.
(Remember, if you've got your heart set on a blow job, politely
ascertain in advance if the girl will perform this service.) Condoms
are an absolute must for intercourse and they are *usually* used for
oral sex. However, there are a few girls who do perform bareback
blowjobs. Again, if this is important to you, negotiate for it in
advance. The same goes for anal sex. Some girls will accommodate this
request for an extra fee. Your room fee buys you about 30 minutes in
the room. If they are busy, they will remind you of the time limit
with a knock on the door. But they're not real strict about enforcing
it. After you finish, a $10 tip is appropriate if you particularly
liked the service. On your way out, the gent who cleans the room will
solicit a tip of $1.

BEFORE YOU GO HOME: If you have worked up an appetite, you may be
tempted to follow the lead of the locals and buy a taco or two from
the vendors in front of the Adelita Bar. I recommend against this. The
food is actually quite good. But the sanitation leaves something to be
desired and the risk of coming down with the malady familiar to
travelers everywhere is significant. To put it less gracefully, that
little e coli bug could fuck up your intestinal tract something fierce
and cause you to spend the next 72 hours with constant diarrhea and a
fever. If you want a souvenir, buy a liter of cheap tequila or Kaluha
from one of the nearby liquor stores, where the prices are better than
those on the tourista strip.

RETURNING TO THE UNITED STATES: When you've had enough fun, catch a
cab back to the border. Same fixed fare of $5. The driver will let you
off at the same cab stand where you hired a cab at the start of the
evening. But you cannot retrace your steps because the pedestrian
walkway from the USA into Mexico is one-way southbound. To return to
the USA, you should first use the pedestrian bridge over the
southbound highway into Mexico from the USA. This is an arch-shaped
concrete structure that usually has a couple of food vendors at the
bottom of the ramp. There is also a sign up on a pole indicating "TO
USA." When you get to the other side of the pedestrian bridge, you
will see a wide highway with about 20 lanes of traffic headed
northbound into the USA. Use the crosswalk to go across the highway to
the sidewalk on the east side. Then walk north along the sidewalk to
the doors into the large border crossing complex. You will go down a
long corridor until you come to the pedestrian inspection area
maintained by the U.S. authorities.

Leaving the United States was easy. Getting back in is a *little*
harder. In the language of U.S. immigration law, the burden is on YOU
to prove "beyond a doubt" that you are "entitled to enter." If you are
a U.S. citizen, 99 percent of the time they'll take your word for it.
But they always have the option of making you prove it. A passport is
perfect. If you are a U.S. citizen of Hispanic descent or you have a
"foreign" appearance or accent, they will question you more closely.
Be sure to have whatever documentation you need. If you are a foreign
tourist visiting the U.S., you must present your passport (with U.S.
entry visa) so they know you are not trying to sneak into the U.S. via
Mexico. They will not, however, stamp your passport unless you ask.
Everyone must make a "Customs declaration" by stating what, if
anything, they are bringing back from Mexico. (There is a limit of 1
liter of spirits per person.)

Once you are admitted to the USA, you will leave the pedestrian
inspection area through doors straight ahead. (There are restrooms
here if you need one.) At this point, you are on the EAST side of the
highway. If you parked at Five Star parking, however, you need to
cross over to the WEST side of the highway. To do this, once you get
outside the building, make a hard right, almost a u-turn. You will see
a series of ramps that leads up to the pedestrian bridge that crosses
over the top of the northbound and southbound highways. Descend the
ramps on the other side, and you'll see the parking lot.

That's all there is to it. If you've enjoyed your Zona Norte sojourn
and you'd like to learn more, you can read the traffic in the Usenet
newsgroup, which features TJ "trip
reports" on a regular basis. I encourage you to post a TJ trip report.
If you'd like to post a trip report, but you want to remain anonymous
and you don't feel like messing around with the anonymous posting
methods, you can e-mail your report to me at the address above. I'll
strip off your e-mail address and forward it to the newsgroup.


Brockton O'Toole

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