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On my drive down to the border, I took a shortcut which isn't described in my FAQ. Here it is: As you head south on I-5 or I-805, stay in the far right lane. Ignore the signs that say "last USA exit and parking." Continue south toward Mexico. About 100 yards north of the Mexican vehicle inspection area, you'll see a turnoff on the right. It's marked with a small, easy-to-miss sign reading something like "U-turn to USA" or "Pedestrian Drop Off." Turn right there and you'll be on the service road which runs parallel to the freeway. On your left you'll see the parking lots. I recommend Five Star, which is closest to the pedestrian turnstile into Mexico. This shortcut does NOT work when traffic is backed up at the border because it's virtually impossible to get all the way over to the right lane. So don't try this on Friday or Saturday nights. Follow the directions in the FAQ instead.

I hit the Adelita Bar first, to double-check their drink prices after some question had arisen the night before. This time my bartender was a little more honest. Beer and a tequila shot were $1.65 each, just as the sign over the bar promised. So I concluded the $3.75 price for a shot the night before had been an aberration. (I might add that this kind of price gouging is almost unheard of. You need not worry about getting ripped off.) The hooker selection at the Adelita Bar on Thursday, June 29, was good by weekday standards, but not up to weekend levels. In other words, a typical Thursday. I wandered around awhile and listened to a few sales pitches, but nobody caught my eye. In the main, little fat girls predominated, with a few more attractive ones here and there. I knew I'd do better at the Chicago Club.

At the Chicago Club, the talent on Thursday night was about the same as the talent on Wednesday night. In fact, I saw many of the same girls I'd seen the night before. There was the tiny brunette with the baby face and big, firm tits; the tallish brunette with curly shoulder-length hair, attractive face; and great legs;.the coltish blonde with a cute high school face, and the Sharon Stone look-a-like whose magnificent silicone tits capped by tiny, stiff nipples had filled up my hands the night before. Unfortunately my first choice from the night before -- the high-energy brunette with the deep tan, gorgeous face and tight compact body -- was nowhere to be found. (More on her later, though.) So I had a few beers and killed a few hours, waiting to see if she would appear. But she didn't, and none of the other girls struck my fancy. So I decided to walk over to the Adelita Bar -- not because I thought it would be any better, but primarily just to get some air.

The second I walked into the Adelita Bar, I noticed a girl who stood out from the crowd. She was taller than the others, maybe 5' 7", and thinner too, with a tan, toned body. As I got closer, I noticed she had shoulder-length wavy brown hair and a perfect teen-dream face that was devoid of the garish makeup favored by many of her colleagues. I also noticed she was wearing a simple summer dress, rather than some outlandish hooker costume. Gentlemen, at that moment Brockton knew he had discovered the proverbial diamond in the rough. This was no time for indecision. Within two minutes I knew her name was Esperanza. Within five minutes we were next door at the hotel.

As soon as she stepped out of her dress and I got a good look at her, I knew I was in for a treat. Her tits were firm, full, round, and without the least bit of sag. Her tan body was lean and sleek, especially her tight little ass. I also noticed her pubic hair was only the barest wisp. Her total look was like those perfect college freshman you see bouncing around your local college. (Or, if you've a naughty mind, like those perfect high school seniors you see bouncing around your local high school.) She didn't quote a price, so I gave her $50 and she seemed quite happy. Before we started, she took a quick shower, which was nice. The only downside of the entire session was her refusal to perform oral sex. But it turns out she wasn't picky, she was worried about the braces on her teeth being a hazard! Talk about your high-school fantasy! The rest of the session was totally hot.

Sir Brockton's exhilarating experience with the teen-dream Esperanza had most definitely increased his appetite. So following his usual practice, he purchased several tacos de puerco from one of the vendors on the street in front of the Adelita Bar. Unfortunately, a south-of-the-border bug lurked in your faithful scribe's snack. Upon awakening Friday, June 30, Brockton began a rather nasty siege of the malady familiar to most world travelers. In addition to being miserable, Sir Brockton missed a chance to sample the Zona Roja's delights on a Friday night. AQue lastima! As a result of this incident, effective immediately, I'm afraid I must withdraw my recommendation of the culinary taste treats offered by the aforementioned vendors. The repast may be delicious, but the risk is not worth it.

In fact, Sir Brockton's illness carried over to Saturday, July 1. Which meant that he was in a weakened state for his final night in TJ. Nevertheless, he was aware of his duty to his readers to chronicle the Saturday night scene. So maintaining the stiff upper lip he learned in public school, Brockton sallied forth once more. Not even the price gouging ($8!) at the border parking lots could deter him.

Upon arrival in the Zona Roja about 10:30, I noted the Adelita Bar was very crowded. But most of the extra bodies were Mexican customers milling about. To be sure, there were also more girls than the night before as well. But they were no more attractive. After a couple of laps around the place, and a visit to their spotless mens' room, I headed for the Chicago Club at about 11:00 p.m.

It was an absolute zoo. Every single table and booth was filled. Guys were standing shoulder-to-shoulder. The management had hired half-a-dozen old ladies to serve as temporary waitresses, but they couldn't keep up. Attracted by the crowd, vendors hawking everything from stuffed animals to Polaroid photos to candy roamed through the club. The mob scene made it hard to evaluate the selection of girls. At first glance, there didn't seem to be any more than on a typical weekend night. But when you consider that at any given time a sizeable number were next door at the hotel, it was obvious there were numerous girls in play. My admittedly unscientific estimate is there were 75 girls to choose from. The problem was getting the attention of the girl of your choice. The lesser talents still hung out at the bar. But the superstars were in constant motion. No sooner had they returned from next door and cleared the coat check, then they were hustled off to tables or booths by the waiters. Obviously, the guys had figured out that getting the assistance of a waiter gave them an inside track to the hottest girls. (Or maybe they just read Sir Brockton's wise advice in the TJ FAQ!) In any case, when such a sellers' market exists, the best plan of attack is to (A) Sit down, lavishly tip your waiter, and rely on his assistance to snag the girl of your dreams, or (B) Stand up, move about the club and strike quickly when you see a girl that you fancy. Clearly, Plan A works best with a group and Plan B works best if you're flying solo.

About midnight they had a strip show. In the past, I haven't been impressed by this aspect of the Chicago Club. But I'm starting to change my mind. In the first place, all three dancers were quite attractive, which is an improvement over the short, round girls they formerly featured. The girl who danced second is very tall and quite elegant, with a short Euro-style haircut and an almost regal bearing. (Her hard, dancer's body isn't bad either.) When I first noticed her several months ago, her dancing was a little stiff. She has since loosened up and she does a much better job. But as good as the tall Eurodancer was, the real star of the July 1 strip show at the Chicago Club was the third dancer.

To my surprise, the third dancer turned out to be the high-energy brunette who had impressed me Wednesday night. Her act was, to put in mildly, way hot. Amazingly, she never went beyond topless. But what made her performance so great was how she obviously enjoyed dancing for the crowd of men. While the other dancers stayed on the wooden dance floor in the center of the club, this girl charged into the crowd to dance in the aisles and on tables. Of course, the guys rewarded this by cheering like mad and slipping dollar bills into her g-string. Since the lights were pretty low off the dance floor, I noted that several guys took the opportunity to run their hands over her deeply tanned, tight ass. The dancer didn't appear to object to this. In fact, she gave every impression of enjoying it. Before long, the situation had really heated up, with the crowd pressing closer to the dance floor, the music getting louder and the girl getting off. Toward the end of her last song, her body was shiny with sweat and her pretty brunette curls sparkled under the lights. She grabbed a bottle of beer from a guy near the stage, then she arched her back, tilted her head back, and poured the beer down the front of her firm tits, down over her flat belly and into the top of her g-string. The crowd went wild.

I've had a couple of inquiries as to whether the prices in my recently-posted Tijuana report are in pesos or in dollars.

All the prices in all my TJ reports are in U.S. dollars.

I have been going to the Zona Roja for years, and I have never encountered anyone who won't take dollars. Even the lowliest street merchant will take dollars. In fact, some shopkeepers will take a dollar for a small purchase and give you back U.S. coin in change.

My theory is that the folks in TJ prefer dollars to pesos because it's a more stable currency that is not constantly losing its value as the peso is. Therefore, if it is possible for you to pay in dollars, I recommend you do so because the folks there will treat your nicer.

Some people argue that customers (especially Norteamericanos or Japanese) who pay in dollars are charged more because the locals think they're rich. I don't agree. In the first place, the bars adjust their dollar and peso prices so they're roughly equivalent. To be sure, the exchange rate the bars use is often less advantageous to the dollar customer than that he could get elsewhere. So you could *probably* save a *little bit* by changing your dollars to pesos and buying your drinks with pesos. But the tiny savings is not worth the hassle, IMHO.

Second, I think the girls also adjust their dollar and peso prices so that they are roughly equivalent. Now every time I post that, I get a report from somebody saying "I found a girl who would do everything for the peso equivalent of $25. They rip you off because you're paying in dollars, dude!" Upon investigation, the bargain hooker reports always turn out to involve a girl from one of the bars that cater to the less affluent Mexican clientele. (These are the basic, almost scary places on the side streets that I describe in my FAQ.) If you don't mind doing it with a short, fat ugly girl (and if you speak a little Spanish) these bars offer a viable, low-cost option. But it's important to note that the low cost is not because you're paying in pesos. You can get the same, or perhaps a slightly better, deal paying in dollars. The low cost is because of low quality.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. So if you want to slip your hard dick into the pretty little mouth of one of the Chicago Club superstars, you'll pay a little more for the experience. Personally, I think the added expense is well worth it. And I think that if you want to find a bargain, your best bet is to look for an undiscovered gem at the Adelita Bar who you can probably get to go with you for $40-50. But, as they say on the Net, YMMV.

Subject: Tijuana Trip Report Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 11:01:56 -500 (EST)

Gentlemen: As you will recall, I have recently been searching for a replacement for the anonymous server. As as you also recall, I have now opened an account with the blokes at I am pleased to advise you all that Tijuana trip reports have once again begun flowing into the O'Toole estate from the four corners of the globe.

For those of you unfamiliar with this practice, I have a number of correspondents who periodically conduct thorough, ahem, "research" into the TJ scene. These gentlemen wish to share their experiences with the group, but they are unwilling to break cover and they do not wish to master the intricacies of anonymous posting. Accordingly, these correspondents forward their reports to me via e-mail in return for my pledge to maintain their anonymity and my agreement to pass the reports along. If you would like to send me something, please address it to If you can, set your line length to about 75 characters, so the quoted material won't jump to the next line down. Cheers, Brockton O'Toole.

Here is the latest report:

#1. Maria > 20 yrs old > ~5'3 ~115 lbs > Club: Adelita's > English: Adequate > Looks: 7 Attitude: 7 > My first trip to TJ for research purposes consisted of a visit on a Thursday night to Adelita's and Chicago Club. I browsed a little at both before settling down at a table in the back section of Adelita's. The talent didn't seem that great that night but one girl had caught my eye who was sitting in the booth across from me. After a few exchanged looks and smiles, she asked if she could come sit with me. She introduced herself as Maria and we talked for a little while we drank. (about $10 bucks, $8 for hers and $2 for mine). Soon she propositioned for the "fucky sucky" next door and I accepted. > What I liked about Maria, as with most women I'm attracted to, were her facial features. She had a very cute face with beautiful, seductive eyes. She was a bit shorter than my usual preference, but I really didn't mind. Her body was ok, a little extra in the midsection but still nicely curved. In the hotel, she repeatedly spoke of how "guapo" I was. She also started talking about having a baby with me (this is not typical as I have found out) but I pretended not to understand her. She gave a decent blow job before we got into the sex. She pretty much took charge the whole time, she either saw that I was fresh or figured out that I liked that. The sex consisted of numerous positions (she seemed to enjoy the variety) with pretty frequent changes. She continued to remark on my looks and occasionally asked for small "besos". Unfortunately, despite her being relatively loose, my conditioning was'not up to par for the time being and I ended up finishing after about 20 minutes. She seemed to be a little bit disappointed, but smiled and gave me a few kisses. > I've seen Maria since a couple times, but not recently. She tends to hang out in the back against the wall where the DJ is or on the stools to the immediate right.

#2 > Norma > 28 yrs old > ~5'9 ~130 lbs > Club: Mexico Lindo > English: Poor > Looks: 7 Attitude: 5 > My second trip brought me to the Revolucion area where I visited Mexico Lindo on a Friday night. I briefly checked out the Unicorn club first, but it seemed really lame. I was a bit surprised at the small size of Mexico Lindo, I had imagined that it was bigger. After coming in, there wasn't really a good place to sit where I could check out the girls, so I wandered around a bit. Now that I think about it, I'm not positive on the name, it might be the girl I should have gone with, she ran her hand down my chest proclaiming "Que guapo". But she was also kind of shorter and I was aiming high this evening. > Which brings us to "Norma". I watched her walking around a bit before she noticed and joined me at my table. Unfortunately, I found her English was much more limited than I expected so we had a little bit more of a problem communicating. We chatted a bit before she made her proposition, quoting me a price of $100 dollars, plus hotel, etc. This came as a bit of a surprise. I wanted her, but I didn't want to pay that much. Although I had it, I told her that I didn't have that much money, so we eventually settled on a total of $100 dollars. This included $5 which she had to pay the bar, $25 dollars for the hotel room, and $70 for her. It took us a while to settle on this considering our language limitations. > The foreplay was minimal, which I found disappointing. She pulled me on top of her and held on tight. I tried to enjoy her body (I like to lean back some so I can see her better and caress her body some) but she kept pulling me in. During the sex, she made an adequate amount of noise, but it was very obviously fake. After only about 10 minutes, she started asking if I was almost finished. This kind of turned me off so I sped up so that I could come and get some enjoyment. She seemed in a better mood afterwards, though. After we got dressed she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and wrote her name down on a matchbook, inviting me to come see her again. I think not. > I'm not sure if the $25 fee was normal for the hotel. In our discussion beforehand I had mentioned that I was a little tired and she kept saying I could sleep at the hotel, even though I kept saying I didn't want to. It might normally be $10 like the ones in the Zona Norte. I plan on going back someday to see if I can find a better girl for a better deal.

Subject: Tijuana: Miscellany from Brockton O'Toole Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1997 14:01:44 -0500 (EST)

I recently received the following query from a bloke, concerning the logistics of renting a hotel room and spending the night in the Zona Norte:

One question: You mention the Hotel around the |corner that one can get for $15-20. You also mention paying $10 for the |hotel next door just to screw in. Can I just get the Hotel room around the |corner and take the girl there, or do I have to pay for the $10 next door |room?

This is a rather common line of inquiry in the e-mail traffic that flows into the O'Toole Estate from the four corners of the globe, so I felt it would be helpful to reproduce the salient points of my reply to this fellow. The short answer is that you will likely be required to pay $10 for the hotel room, whether you use it or not. As always, I welcome dissenting viewpoints and advice from those who have been there and done that.

Sir: I take it you are referring to the Hotel Cascada. There are several problems with your idea. First, the Cascada is somewhat inconvenient to the main Zona Norte clubs. It is about a five minute walk from the Adelita Bar and maybe a ten minute walk from the Chicago Club. By way of contrast, the two hotels the girls use in those two clubs are literally right next door. In the Zona Norte, time means money and the girls are not going to be happy about walking a couple of blocks when they could go next door.

Second, the Cascada is in a thoroughly "Mexican" part of the Zona Norte that does not cater to Norteamericano tourists. That means you had better be able to speak pretty good Spanish to deal with the folks at the front desk and get a nice room. (You'll also need to speak pretty good Spanish to explain to the girls what you want to do.)

Third, most girls are going to be reluctant to go off on a journey with a stranger to a strange hotel. The hotels next door to the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club are set up to facilitate the hooker trade, with security, housekeeping, etc. The girls feel comfortable there.

Fourth, as I understand it both the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club have a financial interest in the hotels their girls use. So they don't want to lose revenue when fellows take girls elsewhere. The guys who have done this tell me they end up paying the $10 hotel fee anyway, even though they don't use the hotel.

The bottom line here is that you should plan on doing the deed in one of the two hooker hotels for a variety of logistical reasons. Even if you can convince a girl to go elsewhere with you, you should plan on paying the $10 "hotel fee" anyway. As for renting a hotel room in the Zona Norte, I provided the following guidance to my correspondent:

If your Spanish is good enough, find the Hotel Cascada and book a room for the evening to use as your base of operations. I have never stayed there, but guys who have advise me that you want to make it plain to the fellow at the desk that you want their FINEST room. I'm also advised that you should insist on seeing the room before you pay for it. (While I'm not certain, I suspect that they require cash payment in advance. Eduardo! Es verdad?) Then hit the clubs. (For a look at a club that's not in my FAQ, hit the Miami Club, which is a couple of doors down from the Cascada.) Anyway, when you find a girl, go to *her* hotel room to get down to business. You're going to pay the $10 anyway, you might as well benefit from the convenience and service of the hotels next door to the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club.

You may also wish to consider renting a room at one of the hotels next door to the Adelita Bar or the Chicago Club. (IMHO, the hotel next to the Adelita Bar is *slightly* nicer than the one next to the Chicago Club, but they're both very nice by TJ standards.) Explain you want their nicest room and you want it all night. Again, insist on seeing it first. That way, if you end up with a girl from the place you are staying next door to, you *may* be able to get out of paying the $10 fee. (That's by no means certain, however.)

I have also received one report recommending the Motel Alaska, which is about two blocks from the Adelita Bar. I have never stayed there and it's in an area that I've heard becomes a bit dangerous near dawn.

A final, more costly option, would be to book a room at one of the American-style hotels in downtown TJ. While these are equal to any place you'll stay in en los Estados Unidos, they do cost more and you'll end up paying more in cab fare to get back and forth.

In closing, here's a discussion of some issues that are in the FAQ, in slightly expanded form:

The Talent: The selection of girls at the Chicago Club and the Adelita Bar is constantly changing. Remember, the Chicago Club doesn't get going until late. Peak selection is usually 11:00 p.m. to midnight. So if you don't see a girl you like at first, be patient and keep going back and forth between the bars. I've noticed that about 1:30-2:00 a.m., the selection at the Adelita Bar often improves dramatically.

Personal Safety: If you stay in the area immediately surrounding the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club, you'll be perfectly safe. But if you expand your movements into the surrounding blocks (like the one where the Cascada is located) please be aware that there are a few bad guys out there. They prey on the obviously drunk, so try not to get mucho barracho. Also, walk in the *Street* rather than on the sidewalk so nobody can lurk in a doorway or an alley and grab you. I also recommend against walking back and forth from the border to the Zona Norte. I have seen at least two reports of robbers assaulting folks making this journey.

Street Food: Finally, if you get the drunk munchies late at night, I recommend an oyster cocktail from the guy who has a stand right in front of the Adelita Bar. A medium serving will cost four bucks and if you like raw oysters, it's great. (Ask for "crackas" and he'll give you some saltines to go with it.) For tacos, I pay 3/$1, which is probably more than the going rate. And I pay 50 cents for a Coke. I also leave a small tip.

TRIP REPORT: As you gentlemen are aware from the incessant spamming by that "Proball" fellow as well as "Mr. Hook Up" and "Mr. Evil," there is no shortage of people who will be happy to take your money for allegedly "inside" information about TJ. And as you also know, Sir Brockton provides his services free of charge. In the finest Usenet tradition, I would like to ask everyone who has benefited to put something back into the newsgroup by posting a trip report. Not only will other guys learn from your experiences, but your faithful scribe will be able to hone his reportage as well. Of course, I understand that some fellows are loathe to have their names associated with this kind of report. So if that's the case, just e-mail your report to me and I'll re-post it without your name.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report by Arturo (fwd) Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 11:02:19 -0500 (EST)

My correspondent "Arturo" asked me to send along his report on the TJ scene.


Brockton O'Toole

---------- Forwarded message ----------

This TJ Sex Tour Guy really is Mr. Evil, as he's only offering about $20 worth of info, and you can get that here for free anyhow. All anyone has to do is go into Chicago Club (after 9 p.m.), or Adelita (at ANY time of the day), look for a gringo who seems to know what he's doing, and offer to buy him a beer in exchange for info. I've never met anyone who didn't want to brag about what he knows, and I've been amazed at how many guys come up to me and ask advice. Actually, this method works worldwide.

[Correct you are sir! Sir Brockton has met many of his fans in this manner. He has also used this technique to learn from others and he has benefited from their wise counsel.]

What many people forget, or don't know, is that while prostitution in Mexico & other countries is either legal or ignored, pimping is definitely against the law. This includes sex tours. I mean, every jackass who goes to TJ, Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica, etc., immediately thinks he will make big bucks by setting up sex tours. While this is great fun to do as a fantasy, it is totally unrealistic to do in reality. You set yourself up for immigration violations (working without the proper visa), tax problems (US and foreign) and being arested for pimping. You'll find there is probably no bail available, so don't be surprised if you sit in jail for a year or so before getting a trial. If you think the U.S. government will come to your aid, you are a total asshole. If you are a resident alien of the USA, and you engage in such activities, even in countries where it might be legal, you could find yourself being barred from reentry into the USA, or subject to deportation, even if you already have a green card.

[An *most* excellent summary of the legal problems that might befall one of these scam artists, Arturo.]

I've never heard of the TJ hotel Mr. Evil mentions, and I've stayed at several, including the Nelson (while it looks nice, and is in a convenient location, it is an over-priced dump, with a lobby full of flies, surly staff, and an elevator that works maybe half the time), Alaska Motel (probably the best compromise, currently $12, with good location, plenty of free parking, and hot water), Texana (a "motel" where the parking lot is owned by another company, so you have to pay extra to use it), Fiesta Americana ($50 to $60 or more), and Colonial (about $30 a night). If you do stay at the Nelson, demand a room on the 5th floor, as the view is one of the best in TJ. Do not expect peace and quiet at any hotel or motel in Mexico, ever.

[This is good information to know. I get a small, but significant number of requests for information on modestly-priced TJ hotels. Your point about peace and quiet is well-taken.]

The problem is, the best hotels are on Blvd. Agua Caliente, which is a long ride from the Zona Norte. I've also stayed at one of the hotels just across the border from TJ, and it's a real pain in the neck to go back across the border late at night, and very dangerous crossing the bridge over the TJ River (so take a cab from right outside Chicago or Adelita). One of the biggest problems with walking is about half way back to the border you'll have to take a monster leak, and there is nowhere to go (if you do it in the closed shopping center, the security guards will shake you down for as much as they can get from you). I've stayed at many hotels & motels of all kinds in San Diego and La Jolla, and getting back to them after a night on the town is brutal, whether you take the trolley or drive, and I've done both at least 50 times. Parking at the border is $6 to $8 for EACH 8 hour period. Plus you are always tempted to get some Jack in the Box food, which then makes you sick, and you run the risk of having the cops stop you on the road for driving under the influence.

[This is yet more evidence as to why you should never, ever walk back to the border at night. The $5 cab fare is the best value in town compared to the trouble that awaits you en route. I have always been charged a flat rate to park at Five Star Parking. Perhaps the other parking lots charge by the hour, but I don't know. I also agree that driving all the way up to San Diego or La Jolla is a bit much. That's why I prefer the hotels and motels in National City and points south. Finally, if you are bastante barracho at the end of your Zona Norte evening, I recommend having a soft drink at one of the bars and gathering your wits before the trip home. It's the smart thing to do.]

As long as you get to the Mexican border before 9 p.m., you can take a shuttle bus across for only $1. They are to your right just after you get off the end of the trolley, and I highly recommend them. They always seem to take a different route, so you get a tour as well as a ride. You are let off about 6 blocks from the clubs, but it is a pleasant walk. Otherwise just walk across the border, ignore the fake "missionaries" trying to screw you out of your money, and take a taxi for $5 or $6. Interestingly, the first guy you meet yelling "taxi" is actually the main dispatcher, who will fix you up with a cab after you tell him where you want to go. On slow nights you can bargain, and I've gotten a ride for $3. Do not walk across the TJ River bridge after dark, unless there are a lot of you.

[The bus is a nice option and saves you the walk from the east side of the border checkpoint over the pedestrian bridge to the west side where the southbound entrance to Mexico is. You'll also meet some of the locals. But as Arturo notes, the bus does *not* take you to the Zona Norte. As for bargaining with the cabbie, why bother? Sir Brockton never quibbles over trivial amounts.]

I used to spend some time in the Club Miami, but finally realized it is a waste of time, though somewhat interesting for the atmosphere. Anyone who mentions any bar on Ave. Revolution probably hasn't been to Chicago or Adelita.

[Very well put, sir! IMHO, the bars along Av. Rev. are clip joints that specialize in getting money from gents who do not know any better.]

Any time you see a girl in a bar wearing shorts and cowboy boots, she is only there to dance with you and get you to buy drinks. She will probably not have sex with you, no matter how much money you spend. There are plenty of them in other bars, though not Adelita & Chicago.

[You will occasionally see a girl like this in the Miami Club.]

Personally, I like Thursday night the best. The reason is there is a pretty good selection of girls, and the bars are not packed like they are on Friday & Saturday nights. I do not like big crowds, and having to fight my way around, not get a seat, etc., plus having to listen to the type of jerks who show up more on weekends than during the week when us really serious guys are around.

Hey, speaking of prices, nothing cracks me up more than some absolute idiot bragging that the girl asked for $100 and he bargained her down to $70. In Adelita I usually get anyone I want for $40, maybe paying $50 if there is some extra special reason. Chicago is $50 to $60, though I've actually seen some guys get it for less.

[This tracks the numbers in my FAQ. Don't pay more than you have to, gentlemen.]

The last few times I was in Chicago I was really dismayed at how the place has changed for the worse. They have "remodelled" and seriously raised the prices, charging up to twice what Adelita wants for the same drink. There were a lot fewer women, too. On the other hand, there were a lot fewer customers, and I sure do like as much elbow room as I can get. The bathroom is cleaner, but I sure liked the old trough for the atmosphere.

[IIRC, the price of a beer at the Chicago Club has gone up from about $1.65 to $2.00 during the past couple of years. IMHO, that's not very much of an increase. I haven't noticed a reduction in the number of women, either. I don't mourn the passing of the old mens' room. It was a smelly pit that didn't belong in a high-class club like the Chicago Club.]

The thing I hate the absolute MOST about Chicago Club is the totally asshole idiot no-talent DJ, who screams "WOO!" every 30 seconds. I mean, that's been bugging me for years. This same jerk turns down the lights for the floor show, and then frequently forgets to turn them back up afterwards so then you can't see what the women look like (well, maybe he's actually doiing you a favor, but I digress).

[Lately, this chap has toned down his act and he's increased the selection of music he plays. Besides, Sir Brockton likes the techno-dance stuff he plays. But Arturo has a point in respect of the lighting. It is sometimes *very* dark in the Chicago Club.]

It used to be I'd start the night with a drink at Miami, then go to Chicago, get a girl, and afterwards have another drink or two, then maybe stop by Adelita, then head home. Now I just go straight to Adelita, and maybe late at night stop by Chicago for a single drink just to see what's going on, which sure hasn't been much recently.

The advantage of staying in TJ is that, after you get up and have breakfast, it is probably about noon, and you can wander over to Adelita and check out the action -- and there's plenty of it, whereas Chicago doesn't go anywhere until about 9 p.m. Personally, I like sex best early in the day, and again later, as opposed to just "later." Some really nice girls only come to Adelita during the day, while others are only there at night, and yet others who are always there.

[I prefer the scene at night, but this is good to know.]

Incidently, reports that Chicago is full of Japanese are totally untrue. They are all Chinese.

[I must respectfully disagree with Arturo here. All of the gents I have talked with are Japanese. Most are in the States on business or holiday and they arrange a night in TJ. As many of you know, Japanese men are more upfront about seeking out commercial sex. In their culture, it is not shameful and it's considered a legitimate evening out with the boys. The Japanese I have met at the Chicago Club fall into this category. I have never met a Chinese bloke in there. Nor would I expect to, given the paucity of Chinese tourists with enough disposable hard currency and given the different cultural attitudes.]

A lot of the women will only go with them, many have babies from them, and several have shown me photos. A lot of the Chinese, and a lot of the women, are into drugs, and I have seen plenty of transactions, and have been approached a few times. I have never seen drugs at Adelita. This might be because Adelita is pretty much laid back, while Chicago is much more uptight.

[Again, this does not comport with my experiences. True, some of the superstars seem to spend most of their time hanging out in the booths with the Japanese guys. But IMHO that's because they are big spenders. And even though I'm not Asian, I have never had one of those superstars turn me down. In fact, if I'm interested in a girl that's sitting with some other guys (whoever they may be) I tell my favorite waiter I'm interested and he sees to it that she comes over when she's free.]

[As for Arturo's drug charge, if he is talking about IV drugs this would have serious implications from a health standpoint. And even if he isn't, it's still nasty business. But let me be clear: I have seen NEVER seen evidence of drugs at the Chicago Club. And I most certainly have never been approached. If anyone has any first-hand evidence on this point, I urge you to share it with the group.]

The Chinese like to strut around, wear kung fu clothes, and generally act tough, but there are surprisingly few problems between them and the gringos. Shoot, the reason you are in TJ is to have fun, and not look for trouble.

[Not sure what "kung fu clothes" are, but the Asian blokes I've seen tend to dress like every other Japanese gent I've ever met. Which is to say vaguely Northamerican, but just different enough to indicate that the chap is not from the States.]

Speaking of trouble, about the only you can get into (other than the lame sex tour gag) is to cause a disturbance in public. While most other laws are loosely enforced at best, the Mexicans are totally intolerant of disturbing the peace. This means drinking on the street, being loud on the street, pissing on the street (maybe) or fighting on the street. When Mexican cops strike, it is suddenly and in great force. If you are standing on the corner with your bottle of tequila having a snort, from out of nowhere will come a pickup truck full of swat team cops who immediately arrest you and toss you in the back of the truck. You are in deep shit at this point, and can't talk or buy your way out. Maybe they will just drive you around for a few hours, and maybe they'll take you to the station. I might mention that in at least a hundred times in Mexico, I have NEVER even been stopped by a police officer.

[Concur. As I note in the FAQ, the quickest way to get in trouble with the authorities in the Zona Norte is to cause a disturbance, especially a public disturbance.]

It is my firm belief that most negative reports you hear about Mexico are by either Jesus freaks who lie through their fucking teeth in order to try to stop you from having fun, or from jerks who broke the rules, and are pissed off they were caught, and not treated like gods because they were from the USA.

Maybe 10 years ago, there wasn't a single time I went to Chicago where there wasn't a bottle fly through the air and break on the concrete floor, and every 5 times there was a fight. This seems to have calmed down over the years. Interestingly, the broken bottle on the floor was never cleaned up until the next day.

Here's some advice for heading back to the border after dark. Besides taking a cab, you will be tempted to walk. If you are in a group, no problem. If you are alone, do NOT walk down the dark street to the left at the corner after you leave Chicago Club, which is the same as going straight ahead at the corner after leaving Adelita. From Chicago, keep heading straight until the second corner before turning left towards the border. From Adelita, as you leave to the right, make a right at the next corner. From this first corner, walk in the street (NEVER on this sidewalk after dark) until the next corner, and then turn left. This points you directly to the border.

[IMHO, this is a high risk strategy. Just take a cab. It's not worth getting mugged to save $5.]

Actually, the only real problem I've had in TJ was once getting mugged by a transvestite. I lost maybe $10, and the experience was well worth it.The way this usually happens is you are heading back after a night on the town, and are foolish enough to walk on the narrow sidewalk, and come up to a choke point between a building and closed street stall. A real ugly woman will block your way, and start grabbing you. Polite person that you are, you foolishly act polite, and gently try to push "her" away. Meanwhile, she has one hand on your dick and/or balls, while the other is going through your pockets, taking whatever might still be there. My advice is to do what a lot of the Mexicans do, and to simply walk in the street. Absolutely NEVER put yourself into a tight situation in a dark place. Taking a taxi is best (making sure to agree on the fare first, and not passing out along the way). If you are approached by a transvestitue, your best bet is to scream "NO!" at "her" as loudly as you can, and quickly move away. Get rough only as a last resort. You should always hide most of your money anyhow. Use a money belt or neck purse. I don't even carry a wallet (most of what's in it doesn't mean jack shit in Mexico anyhow). I just keep my drivers license in a safe place. One of my last times I was there a transvestite tried pulling this gag on my pal, and I screamed at "her" and shoved "her" away. My buddy was impressed that I spotted the trouble so quickly, as he was trying to be polite to "her," thus setting himself up for losing whatever cash he had left.

Hey, speaking of the waiters in Chicago, I have never seen any indication that tipping or not makes any difference in whether you get good or bad service, or whether you get any benefit from it at all.

[I continue to urge tipping. In my experience, it makes a *big* difference. Once a waiter likes you, he'll assist you in any way he can.]

I remember the first female waitress they had, who was an older woman. The next was Anna, who is from Cuba. Sometimes she dances, and is ALWAYS ready for sex, and seems pretty hot. I was never interested, but she could not keep her hands off me whenever I showed up. She is fun to talk with, as she has no inhibitions. A few months ago I think she moved to one of the small bars just north of Chicago.

The hotel above Chicago can be a real sewer at times. Often the rooms are not clean, there is no hot water, no heat in the winter, no soap, no toilet paper, and so on, yet whatever retard "jroom boy" they have hanging around always demands a big tip, which I usually do not give if the room isn't up to par. The hotel above Adelita is the exact opposite, and has always been very well kept up, and I don't mind giving the guy a buck, sometimes even having to find out where he is at when I'm finished. You could consider renting the room for all night for $20 and just staying there.

[Granted, this place isn't the Ritz. But in my experience, it's always been clean and safe and perfectly acceptable for its intended purpose. (Albeit slightly chilly in the winter.) If you do try to rent a room for the entire night, I'd recommend the hotel next door to the Adelita Bar, which is slightly nicer.]

As much as it pains me to have done so, I stopped drinking about a year ago. It turns out it isn't as bad as you might think. For one thing, nights on the town become a LOT cheaper (you don't waste as much cash, or "lose" it as often, and you might even have more fun, make better selections, and even perform better & more often. You have no hangovers or upset stomachs, either. If you don't drink, do not order Coke, as it might just be a small glass of flat stuff poured from a big bottle. Rather ask for "agua mineral" which is club soda. The bartender or waiter will not make fun of you, if that's your concern. In fact, you'll be surprised to see how many other people order it, too. Usually you'll get a bottle and a glass of ice. If they don't give you a limone, just grab one or two from the bar. You can chug them or nurse them. The price is cheaper than beer in Adelita, and the same as beer in Chicago (which, as I said, can be up to twice what you'd pay in Adelita). Don't get me wrong, as I don't mind buying my fair share of drinks for the pleasure of hanging around.


Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report: Slow Early in the Week Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 03:05:01 -0500 (EST)

Looks like this was posted in a.s.p.t, but not in a.s.p. (Or maybe my news server just missed it.) In case you haven't seen it, here it is.

Brockton O'Toole

On a business trip to San Diego, I had the opportunity to visit Tijuana : >on Saturday (January 4), Sunday (January 5), and Tuesday (January 7). : >Each day, I arrived about 8:30 p.m. Each day, there was no competition : >whatsoever: the Adelita Bar was the only place that deserved any serious : >consideration. From reading Brockton O'Toole's superb FAQ, I can only : >conclude that I would have had to visit much later in the evening to : >find good quality women at the Chicago Club. What I saw there was pretty : >pitiful. Also, contrary to O'Toole's FAQ, the women at the Chicago Club : >were very aggressive. The other bars were positively scary.

[I don't like to say "never," so let me put it this way: The Chicago Club will *almost never* reach critical mass on a Sunday or a Tuesday evening. My theory is that the number of guys looking for action in the Zona Norte is drastically lower on those nights. So low in fact that there is only enough of them to support one hooker bar. And the Adelita Bar is the place. Even so, I always take a quick look in the Chicago Club, especially later in the evening. Occasionally I get lucky and run into a girl I know. And sometimes I stay for a beer so I can chat with my favorite waiter about what's new. But usually all I find in the Chicago Club during a visit early in the week are just a few pushy girls and it's nowhere near as fun as on the weekends. So as this guy points out, if you go to the Zona Norte during the early part of the week, most of the action will be at the Adelita Bar.] : >Anyway, here's a summary of my experiences at the Adelita Bar: : > : >Saturday: : > : >There was quite a good selection when I arrived, probably at least 50 : >women. Unfortunately, all those who caught my eye were already sitting : >with men. (I can't understand why girls are willing to sit with guys : >in the bar for hours, thus making themselves unavailable to other gents : >who'd very much like to hire them. Perhaps Mr. O'Toole can shed some : >light on this.)

[I've never been able to figure out what's going on either. I have a theory that some girls are happy making less money. Remember, $40 goes a long way in Mexico. So they go with one or two men per evening and spend the rest of the night relaxing while some guy buys the drinks. (I also suspect, but cannot prove, that the girls may get some kind of commission on the drinks. If so, then they *are* earning while sitting.) Plus, I have had correspondents describe girls who become quite attached to them, perhaps hoping that a more permanent relationship will develop. These girls tend to be very proprietary about "their" men. Perhaps they figure that as long as he's sitting with her, he's not going with one of the other girls.]

But then, at 9:00 p.m., an adorable, petite girl came : >in. She was dressed fairly conservatively (for a hooker!) in a short : >black dress. She looked like she could just be dressed for a party. She : >had shoulder length, reddish-brown hair and a face that was very pretty : >and very cute at the same time. She looked very fresh and even innocent. : >She stayed in the back near the door to the DJ's room and didn't make : >any particular efforts to catch anyone's attention. I kept glancing her : >way and she finally returned a very pretty smile. That was all the : >encouragement I needed: I immediately went over to her. Not knowing : >exactly what to say, I asked her if she spoke English. To my : >disappointment, she said no. I didn't know what to say then, so I just : >stood next to her. After a minute or so, I started to move away. Then : >she came back to me and asked, in very simple English, if I would like : >to go the hotel with her. I asked how much and she said $40. I : >immediately accepted and off we went. : > : >Once at the hotel desk, it became apparent that she must be new to the : >Adelita Bar, as when the clerk said we were assigned to Room 25, she had : >to ask him where it was. After we got to the room, I gave her $50.00, : >$10.00 more than what she had quoted me (as per O'Toole's advice) and : >she seemed very grateful. She immediately got down to business and took : >her clothes off. Her petite body (she's no more than 4 ft. 10 in., : >probably less) was perfectly proportioned and just gorgeous. I asked her : >name and she said it was Patricia. : > : >After I joined her on the bed, she immediately broke out the condom. I : >wasn't really hard at this point so she put it on and began a blowjob. : >While it was certainly enough to get me hard pretty quickly, it wasn't : >the world's greatest. The biggest problem was that there was no sucking : >involved. She just sort of moved her mouth around on the head of my : >penis. Nonetheless, I'm not complaining. Just looking at her pretty face : >and body was enough to get me pretty worked up. : > : >After I was sufficiently hard, I pulled her up next to me and we lay : >side by side. I just held her and caressed her body for quite a while. : >She didn't seem to mind this cuddling, but she didn't really return it. : >While she let me kiss her arms, legs, sides, shoulders, neck, and face, : >she drew the line at her lips and would move her face away when I'd try. : > : >Finally, she decided that I'd had enough foreplay, as she rolled me onto : >my back and climbed on. She did a nice job up there, but didn't even try : >to pretend that she was enjoying it. Still, the sight of her riding me : >was enough to be quite exciting. After a while, we rolled over to the : >missionary position and I finished after a few minutes. : > : >We both washed off in the bathroom and got dressed. As we dressed, I : >tried making a little small talk with her, but the language barrier : >prevented much. For example, I was trying to ask her how long she'd been : >working at the Adelita Bar (meaning how many days, weeks, months, etc.) : >but she said since 9:00. Oh well, at least I was her first customer that : >night. : > : >All in all, I'd definitely look for Patricia again. Even though she : >didn't really get into it, she's so cute that I'll overlook her : >shortcomings. : > : > : >Sunday : > : >The next night, I waited until 9:00, hoping to go with Patricia again. : >Sure enough, she appeared and took her place at the back of the bar. I : >was headed over to her, but before I could get there, an older Mexican : >guy who seemed to know her approached her. They spoke for about ten : >seconds and immediately left. : > : >I thought I might wait for Patricia to return, but then another lady : >approached me. She was quite good looking, about 5 ft. 4 in. with fairly : >long medium brown hair. She said her name was Laura. She wore a very : >revealing short black dress and appeared to have a very nice body. She : >spoke English fairly well and tried to make a little small talk, asking : >my first name and where I was from, etc. Then she asked if I would like : >to go the hotel and I asked how much. She said $35.00. I said yes and : >off we went. : > : >Once in the room, I gave Laura $50.00 and she thanked me profusely. She : >took off her clothes and, while her body was quite shapely, it was : >obvious that she had had at least one baby. She let me touch her and : >stroke her body as much as I liked. As soon as I was hard, she got a : >condom on me and asked if I would like a blowjob first. I said yes and : >she did a very good job. It was in fact too good a job so I had to stop : >her. We then lay side by side and caressed each other for a good long : >time. She returned the cuddling and acted (I'm not fooling myself I know : >it was an act) as though she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was : >perfectly willing to kiss on the lips, but they were all dry kisses, no : >tongue action. : > : >She didn't hurry me in the least. In fact, I was the one who finally : >rolled onto my back and had her get on top. She acted as though she : >enjoyed riding me immensely. Finally, we rolled over to the missionary : >position to finish off. At this point, one of the hotel workers knocked : >at the door and he and Laura exchanged a few words in Spanish. We : >continued until my climax and Laura continued to pretend that she was : >having a great time. She even lay there with me for a while without : >rushing me to get up. Then, we washed up and just as we were starting to : >get dressed, the guy knocked at the door again. He and Laura again had a : >conversation in Spanish. I asked what was going on, but she said to : >never mind. : > : >Laura is definitely an excellent hooker and another one I'll look for : >again. : > : > : >Tuesday : > : >As one would expect, the Adelita Bar wasn't very busy (there were still, : >however, probably 25 girls there (the Chicago Club had only 5 and 3 of : >them were horrendously ugly). I stayed for about an hour before finally : >making a selection. The girl I picked out was by no means ugly, but she : >was certainly not the hottest girl in the place. She was probably 5 ft. : >2 in. tall, with long black hair. She was very slightly on the plump : >side. What got me though was her face. It was quite pretty and she had a : >sort of innocent way about her. I kept glancing at her and she obviously : >got the hint and came over and sat down next to me. She said her name. I : >couldn't really understand it well, but I think it was some sort of : >Spanish version of Jacqueline. She was very cuddly at this point and she : >said she'd like to go the hotel. I asked how much & she said $40.00. I : >said OK and we went next door. : > : >I fully intended to give her $50.00 as I had the other two girls. I : >handed her two $20 bills and before I could give her the other $10.00 : >she put out her hand and rather insistently asked for more. This was a : >bit of a turn off, but I gave it to her anyway. She said thanks and took : >her clothes off very quickly and got on the bed. After I got on the bed, : >she seemed disappointed that I wasn't hard yet. She used her hand to try : >to get me hard and didn't do that great a job. When I was just slightly : >hard she put a condom on me. She immediately lay on her back with her : >legs spread and motioned for me to climb on. Instead, I tried to pull : >her onto her side so we could cuddle a little, but she said no and : >literally pulled me onto her. She then used her hands to force my only : >slightly hard penis into her. I tried a few more times to roll onto our : >sides, but she absolutely wouldn't let me. After a few minutes in the : >missionary position, she asked if I was finished. I said no and she told : >me to finish in no uncertain terms. This was indeed a turn off and I : >just worked as fast as I could to get done. : > : >She then dressed very quickly without washing herself at all. This : >bothered me, as I figured she hadn't washed herself after the other guys : >she'd been with earlier in the evening. : > : >After we were both dressed, I was ready to leave, but she wanted me to : >sit on the bed and talk. We didn't get far as she didn't speak much : >English and I spoke less Spanish. But she insisted we sit there trying : >to carry on a conversation until the guy came and knocked on the door. : >Then we left. On the way down the stairs, she stayed next to me, holding : >my arm. Then, outside, she gave me a hug before she went back into the : >bar. : > : >This girl was certainly a bit odd. She seemed very friendly and cuddly : >both before and after the act, but quite cold during it. Hard to : >explain. Anyway, I won't be looking for her again.

A *most* excellent report.

Subject: O'Toole's Latest Tijuana Trip Report Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 18:31:36 -0500 (EST)

Gentlemen: Having recently returned from three south-of-the-border excursions, I respectfully submit the following report for your elucidation and enjoyment.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18: Judging by the number of cars in the parking lot of Five Star Parking, it seems that your faithful scribe wasn't the only one taking advantage of the balmy Socal evening to make a TJ excursion. As I passed through the turnstile and headed south, I noted that work proceeds apace on the pedestrian entrance to the city with artists painting murals on the wall that is on the west side of the walkway. I was surprised when the cab driver eschewed the usual route to the Zona Norte, so I queried him about the detour. He advised me the TJ city fathers have converted the former route into a restricted access roadway, so it is no longer possible to drive the backroads to the Zona Norte at breakneck speed. The new route features city streets (and city traffic). It also adds a few minutes to the trip. So the next time you hop in a cab, do not be alarmed about the change in routing.

When I arrived in the Zona Norte about 9:45, both the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club were absolutely packed with chaps watching a boxing match on television. Fortunately, this distraction was soon over and the real business of the evening could begin. The selection of girls at that hour was about typical for a Saturday night. At the Adelita Bar I noticed several girls that I had not seen before: (1) a petite and thin brunette with fair skin, a cute face and rather large tits wearing a very snug red cocktail dress that displayed her cleavage to good effect; (2) a five-foot, size-three brunette with a great smile, thick wavy hair and a deep tan wearing a bare midriff top and hip-hugging short-shorts (imagine a tiny version of Sarah Jessica Parker); and (3) a leggy brunette, with short hair and a pretty face (almost devoid of makeup) wearing a leather miniskirt with matching short-sleeve top. Very classy.

At the Chicago Club, the standouts included: (1) a 95-pound teen dream with very short hair and a tight body stuffed into a *really* snug cotton print sundress; (2) a *very* young-looking brunette with permed hair to her shoulders, golden skin, and a gorgeous face wearing a sleeveless, a-line minidress and who reminded me of the legendary Rosie; and (3) a blonde wearing a very sheer, very snug white cocktail dress with matching thong-back panties. I also noticed that the tall girl who moves like a high-fashion runway model and who dances in the floor show has dyed part of her hair blonde. It's not a flattering look for her. Nevertheless, she has a truly world-class body and a gorgeous face. We can only hope she'll soon return to her usual hair color.

As I sat in the Chicago Club and imbibed a few adult beverages, I noticed that the lighting was quite dim. So dim in fact that it was rather difficult to get a good look at the girls from my seat. Now your faithful scribe is not averse to a little mood lighting. But lately, the folks at the Chicago Club have been carrying this to an extreme. I know their lighting system is capable of providing better illumination, because in bygone days I've not had any trouble getting a good look at the talent. But during my last few visits, the club has been *far* too dark. I've been coping by getting up from my table every so often and walking around the club for a few minutes. If you adopt this strategy, be sure to leave an obviously-full drink on your table, or you may find it occupied by poachers upon your return.

About 1:00 a.m., I wandered back over to the Adelita Bar to see if there had been any late additions to the selection. There were a few girls I had not observed previously, but none was worth describing here. Eventually, I went next door with girl (1), whose name was Blanca and who is from Mazatlan. (It must have been the way she filled out that cocktail dress.) Blanca has quite fair skin compared to most other Mexican women I've been with and a pretty (but not stunning) face. Her tits were full and firm and natural. Very nice. The rest of her body was a trim and tight size five devoid of excess poundage or stretch marks. Although the room was slightly chilly, Blanca soon had me quite warm indeed. After a little kissing and mutual stroking, Blanca performed a decent BJ on my condomized member. The usual positions followed. Afterwards, we cuddled for five minutes. Definitely an above-average session en la cama. Blanca seemed quite satisfied with my upfront payment of $50. BTW, there was ample hot water in the bathroom and the soap dispenser was full. So I had no trouble washing up before and after our session. In fact, Blanca had secured an extra towel from the front desk when we checked in, so I had my own to use. (She used hers to take a shower afterwards.) Hint: You may wish to request an extra towel when you "check in."

SUNDAY, JANUARY 19: I decided to pay a visit to the Zona Norte on a Sunday afternoon. Purely for research purposes, you understand. [bg] When I arrived about 3:30 p.m., I noticed the Zona Norte looks just a little bit more down-at-the-heels in the daylight than it does at night. I also noticed that there were far more people on the street than I had observed the night before. Surprisingly, most of them seemed to be families. In fact, near the corner at the end of the block between the Adelita Bar and the New York Club, there were a number of street vendors selling all manner of tools. But I hadn't made the trip to buy a hammer, so I checked out the action at the Adelita Bar. There was a decent selection of girls in there, including the cute Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike. She was wearing very snug jeans and a bikini-style top. The look was pure high school and it suited her well.

By way of contrast, the Chicago Club was absolutely, positively empty. Continuing my research, I walked around the block to the Miami Club. On the way, I notice about 10 independent girls standing around the sidewalk. Most were dogs, but one or two were worth at least a second look. The big surprise came at the Miami Club, which was really jumping. First, they were selling two beers for $1.75. Second, the live band was cranking out the Tejano hits. Third, the place was jammed with Mexican guys in their Sunday best. (Most of whom did no more than pay the girls to dance.) There were about 15-20 girls in there. As a rule, they seemed to be the youngest in the Zona Norte. For example, I noticed a coltish brunette with a very pretty face perched on the long banquette. She was wearing a dress that was more suited to a high-school dance than a hooker bar and she seemed more interested in giggling with her friends than making contact with the guys in the club. IMHO, she was certifiably hot. There was a couple of other girls with a similar look, but in the end, I decided to return to the Adelita Bar and the petite princess. For $40, it was an average (albeit blowjobless) session. The room was a little warmer though.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 21: After starting the evening with a wonderful steak dinner at El Taurino, I had a chance to observe a classic weekday night at the Chicago Club. When I arrived there about 10:00, it was pretty slow, but I could sense the trend was positive. The number of girls was increasing, as was the number of guys. So I stayed, hoping the chain reaction would continue. On a good night at the Chicago Club, this process becomes self-sustaining. More girls attract more guys who attract yet more girls who attract yet more guys. If everything goes well, by midnight on a good night the selection at the Chicago Club can be truly amazing. But the chain reaction is finicky. If anything goes wrong, it will fizzle out and reverse itself. Tuesday night everything worked from about 10:00 to 11:00, and the selection of girls was pretty good by weeknight standards. Then, for reasons I cannot explain, the girls started to wander off. For the next hour, the chain reaction slowed down, and then reversed. Guys started to leave, followed by more girls. By 11:30, the atmosphere was palpably dull. Guys who arrived for the first time looked around, decided the place was dead, and went elsewhere. By midnight, the Chicago Club was as slow as it had been at 10:00 p.m.

So in the space of two hours, the Chicago Club had gone full cycle. This reminded me once more of how uneven the action is there and how difficult it is to predict how good the selection will be on a given night. Nevertheless, be sure to check out the Chicago Club regardless of when you visit the Zona Norte. If you are lucky enough to visit when the chain reaction is going strong you're going to have a fabulous time. But if you arrive when the chain reaction doesn't seem to be very strong, don't delay in picking a girl. And if the chain reaction fizzles out on you, head for the Adelita Bar. Which is what I did Tuesday night. At midnight, it was still fairly crowded and the energy level was still high. After surveying the talent, I found one of my regulars and retired to the hotel. She's not the hottest looking girl in the Zona Norte, but she is *great* in bed. After an exquisite bareback blowjob and a variety of positions, your faithful scribe was having a most excellent time. Then she removed el protectivo and had me stand next to the bed while she laid on her back, licking and sucking me in all the right places. The action progressed to what was basically a face fuck. After about five minutes, she gives me a smile and asks"You come on my face, OK?" Who was I to refuse the lady's request? Que rico!

As always, I'll be happy to field any TJ questions or forward any TJ reports from guys who don't want to fool around with the anonymous remailers.


Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Stimpy's TJ Report Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 10:33:51 -0500 (EST)

A Mr. "Stimpy" asked that I forward this for him.


Brockton O'Toole

---------- Forwarded message ----------

I arrived at the border at approx 8:30 pm.., by the way this was my first trip. I was asked if I needed a cab and said yes. He asked me where I was going, I replied "the Chicago Bar".The cab driver said there was a lot of construction going on and it will take a little while to get there. I didn't know where it was so I'm not sure if he was just trying to run up the price or not...We arrived at the Chicago bar and he said $15.00 I nearly fell over I told him $10.00 he said it was $15.00 .. All I had was $20's So I said I needed change. He gave me a $10.00 back and said $10.00 was ok. I personally still think I got ripped off.

[This type of price gouging is rare, but it happens. Best way to avoid it is to look like you know what you're doing. Speak Spanish to the cabbie if you possibly can. When the dispatcher asks if you wanna cab, reply "Si, por favor." And when the cabbie asks where you wanna go, reply "Quiero ir al Chicago Club." Granted, this hardly qualifies you as fluent. But it's better than nothing. Second, have exact change in the form of a five dollar bill. That way, when you arrive in the Zona Norte, you can just hand it to the cabbie and get out promptly. Only the real assholes are gonna insist on more when you use this technique.]

But oh well I was there. I had arrived with a little over $250.00 and was planning a night of some real fun. I wanted to try out the best looking girl in each of the places I wanted to go.. Chicago Bar, Adelita Bar and the Miami Club. It was pretty dead in the Chicago Bar but I was too anxious to leave and look around..there was about 8-10 girls there most about 6's and 7's in my book one girl appealed to me her name was Delialah (not sure how to spell that) she was not the best looking girl but she was wearing a nice leather skirt. I went up to her and asked what was he name.. she told me.. and wanted to know if I would buy her a drink.. $7.00 don't know what it was but it looked like water?! Oh well we tried to talk to each other, but she did not speak very good English and I know less Spanish.

She wanted to know if I wanted to go upstairs for $50.00 ..I said how about $40.00 she agreed we went upstairs. We stopped to get a room and I paid the attendant $10.00 we then went down the hall. Kinda weird she held my hand the whole way. We got to the room and she asked for the money and I gave her the $40.00. She then got undressed and I did also. We kissed forabout a minute then she quickly pulled out a condom and put it on my dick while sucking on the other end, was very interesting..after it was completely hard. She laid back on her back and was pulling me ontop of her. So I got on top. Since I was so horny ..It wasn't too long till I came.. oh well it was fun I guess. We cleaned up ..and she asked for some money for some dinner...gulable me I gave her a $5.00. I felt kinda bad after the situation so I decided to go much for my other 2 women...I got a cab to the border for $5.00 and walked acrossed to my car. I then proceeded to take the long trip home to Riverside.

I have been with a few professional women in my time and I always have big hopes that they are going to do something incredible but they seem to fall short. Maybe I expect too much from them. I've never met anyone of them to do anything spectacular....has anyone else?

[IMHO, during an excursion to the Zona Norte, much of the fun comes from *anticipation.* I find it quite enjoyable to sit and check out the girls, knowing that I can have any one of them I desire. I think if Mr. Stimpy were to be slightly more patient during this next Zona Norte sojourn, he would find it a more pleasurable experience.]

Desperately seeking someone worth it.

Subject: TJ Trip Report from Firstimer Businessman Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1997 11:32:03 -0500 (EST)

Gentlemen: I recently received the following trip report from a fellow who found himself in San Diego in business and who decided to check out the TJ action. As you can see, event though it was this fellow's first visit to the the Zona Norte, and even though he was travelling alone, he still managed to find the Chicago Club and get laid. As always, my comments are in brackets. And as always, I welcome your TJ reports for anonymous posting here.

Brockton O'Toole

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Filing a report. Visited Chicago Club for first time on Wed night Feb 5/97. Was my first trip to TJ. Got tired of paying big bucks for lap dances in States. Felt very prepared after reading all your material. Decided not to waste time, had an early flight to catch, arrived at Chicago Club at 10:30 PM. Most booths along wall were full, most tables empty. Very dark in club. About 20-25 girls working. Goal was to pick one out by 11:30, back in SD hotel by 1:00 am. Girls ranged from 1-8. Most were 4-7. Wasted too much time waiting for one in particular who seemed to be bought for the night by a high roller. She was the 8. Got approached by the 1 (as did everybody else).

[Sounds like an average crowd for Wednesday night. As I recently noted in a post here, during the week the Chicago Club sometimes fails to achieve critical mass and it's possible to find the place virtually empty. But at least this fellow got to experience it semi-busy. The ugly girl with the high-pressure sales pitch is an anomaly. As we shall see below, the usual rule at the Chicago Club is just the opposite: the onus is on you to approach and ask.]

Narrowed the field to three by 12:00: a tiny, high school looking "gem in the rough" who was wearing print stretch pants and a frilly white blouse. Very cute face, longer black hair, about 5'0" 98lbs- almost too innocent looking. #2 was taller brunette who was part of dance show. Saw her leave once. Very nice face, fairly flat up top, nice ass- good erotic quality to her. #3 was tall, leggy brunette wearing long formal dress. Seemed a bit too thin but rated a 7 at least.

["High school?" "Too innocent looking?" Take care my friend, Sir Brockton may get excited and spill his Earl Gray all over the keyboard! As for #2, she has been a Chicago Club regular for some time. To my mind at least, has the moves of a high-fashion runway model. Very tall, very Euro, very hot. Tight and hard body with a tiny little ass. And from this fellow's description it sounds as if she has reversed her two-tone hair color experiment. Bravo! I *think* I know #3. If she's the one I know, she's absolutely terrific in bed.]

Had the waiter bring the innocent one to my table. Bought her a drink, tried to make small talk, she hardly said a word. I remembered reading that some of these girls don't go upstairs and figured I didn't want to insult her by asking. Eventually she thanked me for the drink and left.

[As I've posted before, the vast majority of the girls at the Chicago Club play it very cool. You have to approach them and you have to suggest going to the hotel. Moreover (and this is not in my FAQ) once you get them at your table, most are not at all pushy about going next door. If you want to sit around for 30 minutes and buy them $8 drinks, they are happy to let you. Or, to attribute less mercenary motives, they are happy to let you be king for a day. They'll wait until *you* want to go to the hotel. This mindset, I think, explains why this girl patiently sat there waiting for this fellow to suggest going next door. (I can also attribute some of this to her lack of fluency in English.) Still, it wasn't a total loss for this bloke. As I've written before, the really hot girls are often less fun in bed. That goes double for the really young ones.]

So much for the gem in the rough. By this time the other 2 were involved and I didn't want to wait any more, so I waved over one of the dance show girls who was hanging by my booth in the back corner near the men's room. She sat down, had a drink, asked if I wanted to dance or go upstairs for massage and sucky-fucky. She was wearing a halter top and hip hugger stretch thing around her waist. Short black hair. Gold tooth caught me by surprise. Very hot dancer, very nice ass. Name was Dara. Up close, probably a 6. I offered $40, she accepted.

[I've always been fond of Dara. I like her energy, especially when she's dancing. When the Chicago Club is packed on a Saturday night, she can really drive the crowd wild. Once I saw her grab a bottle of Corona from some La Jolla yuppie, then tilt her head way back and pour it down the front of her naked body. The beer shimmered in the lights and made a little foamy spot in her pubic hair.]

Upstairs, she got naked quickly and showered. I had her dance a little in front of me while my hands roamed. She made a few lame attempts at BJ in various positions, but ended up being a great screw in all positions. Really knew how to move it.

[Must be all that excess energy!]

All in all I was happy not to have wimped out and will feel more comfortable next time. I'm in SD again in 2 weeks, glad to read it's open on Sundays. Will have to check out Adelita's.

[Sundays are OK, but the real action in the Zona Norte is on Friday and Saturday nights. If you are planning a trip to TJ, use your best efforts to schedule your Zona Norte trip for one of those nights.]

Pretty scary walking back across the pedestrian overpass after passing thru immigration on the way back to the parking lots. I kept expecting somebody to jump out behind each turn. I was the only one around.

[The pedestrian overpass he's talking about is the one on the U.S. side of the border that takes you from the east side of the border, over all the traffic, to the west side where Five-Star Parking is. There is absolutely no need to be concerned about your safety when using this overpass. First, it's on the U.S side, so it's unreachable by any Mexican banditos. Second, it is patrolled by rent-a-cops hired by the U.S. government. And third, it's almost always crowded with people.]

Question: are there really non-hooking girls there or should I have gone for it with the innocent looking one. She left the bar shortly after leaving my table. She sat at the bar the whole night by herself and I was the only one who talked to her.

[I have never, ever been turned down by a girl at the Chicago Club or the Adelita Bar. Normally, I attribute this to the legendary O'Toole charm and my superb physique. [g] But in my more realistic moments, I know that it's because I have a pocket full o' cash. This is, after all, just business. So yes, this fellow could have gone with girl #1. But as I noted above, she might not have been any good in bed. And it sure sounds like Dara made him happy.]

Subject: TJ Crime Report Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 22:31:35 -0500 (EST)

Gentlemen: Recently I received this report from a chap who fell victim to a robbery in the Zona Norte. Once again, I note that generally the area around the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club is perfectly safe. It should be noted, however, that straying even a short distance can expose you to the banditos. If you must walk around, avoid the sidewalks and walk in the street.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

I was walking tonight (6:30 pm) up Constitucion just short of 1st Street (past all of the sidewalk food stands) when, about 15-20 feet short of 1st Street, I was grabbed from behind in a choke hold while someone else fished my wallet out of my pocket. I awoke a few minutes later on the sidewalk, sans wallet. My neck still hurts. As you would expect at 6:30, there were plenty of people around.

Please advise your many readers to absolutely NOT walk to the Zona Norte UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I had driven in to TJ and parked in a garage on 3rd Street, and was just walking around before dinner. The combination of place, time of day, and presence of large numbers of other people (including three gringos dining at one of the stands about 30 feet behind me) makes it clear that it is no longer safe to walk to Zona Norte.

Forwarded by:

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: [ASP] TJ Report from Brockton O'Toole (fwd) Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 17:32:18 -0500 (EST)


As you recall, I last reported on the Tijuana scene early this year. Since then, keeping up with the multifarious affairs of the far-flung O'Toole empire has been no small task and I have been too busy to return. But recently, having completed a big project I found myself with three days of downtime. Needless to say, I caught the next flight for San Diego, rented a car, and headed south.

As usual, I stayed at the Best Western Cavalier in Chula Vista. Unfortunately, the only room they had available was in the rear building. As a rule, the rooms in that building are not as lavish as those in the front building near the pool. Specifically, the TVs are not as large or new, the air conditioning units are not as powerful, the refrigerators are smaller, and some lack microwaves. But I pick nits. Even the rooms in the rear building at the Best Western Cavalier are clean and comfortable and convenient. And for about $40 per night, they are a very good value. In the same price range, there is a Motel 6 across the street and an All Seasons Inn down the street. You high rollers should consider the Radisson Suites, which is a mile or two north in National City. For about $80, you get a two-room suite in a high-rise building with a spectacular view of the ocean and a free breakfast.

In other travel news, I can report that there is a new Chinese Buffet place in Chula Vista just east of the Best Western Cavalier, on the north side of E Street, near the intersection with Broadway. The food is excellent and the $7.95 tariff is *most* reasonable. Highly recommended. For those of you on a budget, the Pizza Hut on Broadway now offers their lunch buffet six days a week. After a night of wretched excess in TJ, your faithful scribe finds the fare to have a most salubrious effect.

Now I know you're not reading this newsgroup because you're interested in hotel recommendations or the gustatory scene in Chula Vista. You want to know about getting laid. And I'm pleased to report that when it comes to pussy, the TJ scene these days is simply TERRIFIC.


Parking Karma! Arrived at la linea about 9:30 and found a space at the curb. Very rare for a Friday night. Joined the crowd walking through the pedestrian turnstiles headed south. Cabdriver tells me that after some trial and error, his colleagues have determined best route from the border to the Zona Norte. It seems to work, as the ride is much shorter and features less city traffic.

My plan was to start at the Adelita Bar, then move over to the Chicago Club. But the Adelita Bar scene was just too hot and I spent the evening in there. First, the number of girls seems to have increased since the start of the year. On Friday the 14th, they were wall-to-wall. Picture the most crowded party or bar you've ever been to. Then picture half the crowd being women in *very* revealing clothes, and you'll get the idea. The Adelita Bar was so crowded that it was impossible to sit down or to see beyond your immediate vicinity. So I circulated as best I could and checked out the talent. As I did so, several of the girls took the opportunity to "reach out and touch someone." In the most crowded, most dark sections of the club some grabbed my ass, while others stroked my cock. Gentleman that I am, I returned the favor while listening to the sales pitch. Try THAT at the next bar you're in.

Conclusion: There are dramatically more TOTALLY HOT girls in the Adelita Bar than there had been during my last visit in January. [Disclaimer: As everyone knows, my personal preference runs toward the Norteamericano ideal of beauty, so the short, plump, heavily-made-up women that many Mexican guys like don't impress me. So my opinion is based on the fact that there seem to be an increased number of girls at the Adelita Bar these days *who are attractive to me.* As always, YMMV.]

Standouts: Near the back dance floor there was a tall brunette with a gorgeous face and curly hair held back with a plastic headband. She was wearing those tight hip-hugging jeans that are in fashion today and a bikini top that showed off her firm, high and hard tits. I liked her creamy skin. Out on the dance floor, there was a tall blonde with quite short hair, a pretty face and a nice tan. She was wearing a super-short, super-sheer minidress with a scoop neck and spaghetti straps that showed off her aerobics instructor body. Every so often, she would lift the hem of her dress up and flash the guys a look at her dark red french cut bikini panties. And in the back near the DJ booth, there was a petite brunette with an exquisite face and the hardest little body stuffed into a pair of vinyl short shorts with matching halter top. Judging by the cleavage she showed me when she leaned over, her tits were incredible.

In the end, I found Esperanza near the back. Her chin-length brown hair was simply cut, her face was devoid of garish makeup, and she was wearing a snug white cotton t-shirt under her short minidress. Her understatement and modesty, as well as her teen dream face, won my heart. In the hotel, I discovered Esperanza had a body that was slim, but still soft, with nice natural tits. No oral, but everything else your faithful scribe could want, including the tightest little pussy. A good value at $40 for her and $10 for the room.


Parking Karma times two! Then a quick cab ride to the Chicago Club, where I arrived about 10:00. Noticed they'd finally replaced the dilapidated seating around the edges of the dance floor with new (and vastly more comfortable) units that match the booths along the wall. Also noticed that the selection of girls was EXCELLENT.

Speaking of excellent, the first girl I noticed was the legendary Rosie, who I had not seen in ages. She's as hot as ever, the only change I noticed being her hair is longer. (That's the hair on her *head.* I'm sure she still trims her pubic hair quite short so that you can get a better look at her hot twat.) Saturday the 15th, Rosie's porno star body was stuffed into a very snug white minidress which displayed her tan, toned legs and enhanced tits to good advantage. If you're new to the Zona Norte scene, I *highly* recommend making a beeline for the Chicago Club and finding Rosie. Not only is she one of the five hottest girls I've ever seen in TJ, but she speaks excellent English and she's terrific in bed (which is rare for a girl that gorgeous.) Rosie will probably ask for $70 and she's worth every dime. She always sits or stands near the bar, although lately she hasn't been using her customary favorite seat. Ask your waiter to point her out.

After thoroughly checking out the Chicago Club selection, I noticed a girl wearing a pair of white canvas walking shorts, flat shoes and a sleeveless cotton sweater. She was petite, but not skinny, with tan legs, a cute face, and light brown hair in a layered cut that reached almost to her shoulders. Her overall look was fresh and sweet, like a college freshman from a good family at a southern school. In a room full of drop dead gorgeous women dressed to thrill, she got points for subtlety. A few minutes later, I'd met Sophie, who told me she'd only been in TJ a few months. More points for personality. A few minutes later we were next door in the hotel and $60 had changed hands. Once she got out of her clothes, I noticed that Sophie had just the slightest touch of baby fat, which added to her college coed charm. I also noticed that Sophie wasn't in a hurry to get me off. She didn't seem to mind a few minutes of foreplay, that included me going down on her.

Sophie's technique when things heated up was even better. She told me to stand next to the bed. Then she rolled over onto her stomach and took my cock in her mouth for a terrific bareback blowjob. Her nice little ass looked terrific as my hard dick slid in and out of her mouth. After a few minutes, Sophie changed positions so that she was on her side on the bed as she continued to suck my cock. Her technique was very good, with just the right amount of suction and lots of attention paid to my balls with both her mouth and her hands. Eventually, she could tell I couldn't take much more. So she rolled onto her back and asked me to come on her face. I shot a large load all over her cute little face and her pert little tits. When I was done, Sophie gave me a big smile. I cheerfully forked over a $10 tip.


Parking Karma times three! Sir Brockton definitely leads a charmed existence! Even though it was a Sunday night, the selection at both the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club was surprisingly good. In the past, I've been reluctant to recommend hitting the Zona Norte on a Sunday night. But I've been tracking this for some time, and I'm now prepared to recommend Sunday nights. In fact, IMHO Sunday nights are better than any night of the week except for Fridays and Saturdays.

Spent a relaxing evening drinking a few beers and checking out the talent. Most of the girls dress more casually on Sunday nights. I saw many wearing pants and the form-fitting, bare midriff tops that are popular these days. But not all the girls dressed that way. About midnight, I noticed a tall blonde at the bar wearing a very short, very tight cocktail dress. Judging from the curves, she had a terrific body. When I walked by, I noticed she had a "California girl" face. Then she gave me a smile that could melt your heart. That did it. Five minutes later Iris and I were next door and she was out of that cocktail dress. All I can say is wow! She had the most amazing tits: firm and round and natural, with long and stiff nipples. Her skin was golden, her ass was round, and her pubic hair was totally shaved. This was a woman built to fuck.

After some preliminaries, I got down to some serious muff-diving. Iris' shaved snatch made it easy to get where I was going and she seemed to enjoy herself. While I was lapping away, I let my hands wander from her twat, to her terrific firm ass, and back to her pussy. Eventually, I surfaced for air and let my hands and mouth explore her great tits. Next, Iris wanted to return the favor. I went to lie back for a blowjob, but she explained she preferred to lie on *her* back while I stuck my cock in her mouth from above. She also discarded the condom she had been toying with. Hmm. A chance to slam my hard dick into the face of a gorgeous girl without anything in the way to deaden the sensation. Who was I to argue?

I climbed on top and straddled her face, as she began by licking my balls and the base of my shaft. In no time at all, I was rock hard and she took me into her warm and wet mouth for an excellent bareback blowjob. Not only was she good with her mouth, but she also knew what to do with her hands, namely fondling my balls and caressing my ass. After a few minutes, Iris relaxed her head onto the pillow and the blowjob turned into a slow, sensuous face fuck. As I slid my cock in and out of her mouth, I admired her gorgeous face framed by golden blonde hair. It wasn't long before I couldn't hold back any more. I briefly considered pulling out and doing the porno star pop shot all over her face and tits. But her mouth felt so terrific I wanted to maintain contact as long as possible. So I kept on face fucking her until I came in her mouth. Iris took my load without complaint, then headed for the bathroom to get rid of it.

Let me tell you, my knees were weak after that session. In fact, they were weak after all three sessions. So in conclusion, let me say that I am VERY impressed by the selection of girls at the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club these days. It is as good as I have ever seen it. Moreover, I was VERY impressed by how totally hot Esperanza, Sophie and Iris were in bed. It has been many moons since Sir Brockton's pipes have been so thoroughly cleaned!

As always, I'll be happy to field any TJ questions by e-mail. And I'll be happy to forward TJ reports from guys who don't want to fool around with the anonymous remailers.


Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report by El Diablo [fwd] Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:31:44 -0500 (EST)

Gentleman: Here is a *most* thorough TJ report from El Diablo. For those of you seeking tips in respect of useful Spanish phrases, please read carefully. As usual, my editorial comments are in [brackets].

Brockton O'Toole

Sir Brockton,

I thank you for the time and effort you have put into your FAQ, and into the (ahem)..research you conduct to keep it current.

Having kept close tabs on the WSG for TJ for about 8 months, I *knew* I needed to go. Finally got the opportunity on Friday! (Yeah Honey, I'll be at Mike's bachelor party until....oh,,2 AM)

The drive out of LA sucked! 3 or so hours. Finally made it to the parking area described in the FAQs. Actually parked fairly far back, maybe the fourth or so from the border. It was the only one actually labeled "5-star" parking, so I headed for it. Did get to park close to the attendant, though. It was the standard mentioned in the FAQ for weekends, $7., and I tipped the guy $5. "Para tu ojos on mi carro" to keep an eye on my car. I know it seems like a pretty high tip, but the one, single, only, sole factor that could make my life pretty difficult, aside from dying in Mexico, was if my car was burglarized or stolen, besides, its a pretty new car. So, for me, the $5. was well worth it. It really paid off when I found my car in the exact same condition in which I left it, and with the same attendant.

I quickly stashed my wad of twenty one-dollar bills into my right-rear pocket, and the 6 five-dollar bills into my left-rear pocket. The tens and twenties I separated and put into my front pockets. Much harder for pick-pockets to get into these without my noticing.

Made the walk to the bridge, and like I thought the FAQ said, I walked over the bridge. It takes 5-10 minutes to get over this bridge, no kidding. I ended up at McDonalds, wondering where the hell I went now to get to Mexico. I ended up going back over that damned bridge and then through the turnstile to Mexico. Pretty weird, that 5 minute walk to the taxi stands. It's like a long concourse. I was waiting for the Pamplona bulls to start chasing me.

[As Homer Simpson would say: DOH! the pedestrian entrance to Mexico is on the WEST side of the giant border crossing complex. If you park at Five Star (as per the direx in the FAQ) you'll already be on the west side. No need to use the bridge on the SOUTHBOUND trip. The pedestrian entrance into the United States is on the EAST side. So when you return to the USA, you WILL have to use the bridge.]

Lots of guys trying to get me into their taxis. WHEW, if there were half this many ladies in TJ tying to get me into their panties, I was gonna have a great time! (And yes, I had great time)!

Caught a taxi to "Al Adelitas, Por favor" for $5. and was immediately glad that I had done so. I was LOST! 5 minutes later, we were at the Adelita bar. TJ is so surrealistic, I couldn't believe I was really there. It was like being in toon-town. Real, but real different. Lots of energy, electricity, people, noises, smells, sights. Wow!

["Toon Town!" I like that. A very pithy description of the south-of-the-border look in TJ. And Sir Brockton just *loves* pithy.]

The Adelita was smaller than I had expected. You push aside the heavy red curtain blocking the main doorway, and there in front of you is the stage. There is an elevated bar area to your left, and a bar to the right. Both bars run the distance from the door, towards the back wall. On my immediate right was the "damas" restroom, and in the rear-right corner was the "caballeros" restroom. The DJ was straight back, and the second, smaller dance floor surrounded by booths was in the rear-left corner of the establishment. That about sums it up. It was pretty impressive, with about 20 local men, and about 25 girls. They ranged from "curvy" to slender. Brunettes, rubias (bottle-blondes), small boobs, big boobs, short, tall......WOW, heaven on earth!!!

[Actually, he's got the positions of the mens' room and the rear dance floor reversed. But he's right about the Adelita Bar being smaller than you would expect.]

Being brand spanking new, and uncomfortable, I made a bee-line to the Caballero's room to get my bearings. After returning with a clearer head, I hung out against the back wall, under the DJ's booth. From here I could see the door, both bars, most of the girls, all of stage show, and most importantly, keep the money in my rear pockets un reachable to straying hands.

The stage show was impressive. The girl was buck-naked, probably 5 foot 2, 125 pounds. But she was wild. Jumping into the laps of all the locals gathered around in the booths around the dance floor, letting guys suck on her tits, and lick her pussy. She was laughing all the while. WOW!

I hung back sipping on my Tecate (warning--I think these beers pack a bit more of a wallop than they do in Los Estados Unidos) wondering just what in the hell I was supposed to do with this half of a lime they gave me. It sure doesn't fit into my Tecate can. So, I just watched the stage show and checked out the ladies. I don't like to be forward, deliberately looking at her tits or ass, so I shyly look while they are not looking at me. One young, rather cholita-looking lady with either nice boobs, or a good push-up bra kept hanging out right next to me several times during the night, but never said a word or made eye contact. Whatever, there were plenty of other fish biting.

Several, and I like this, would come up and ask my name, grab my hand and try to talk a little. Some would just ask if I wanted a "fucky-sucky." Sounds like the girl in Full Metal Jacket.

[Too bad the DJ wasn't playing "These Boots Are Made For Walking," by Nancy Sinatra.]

I ended up striking a conversation with a red vinyl clad little brunette named Carla. She was about 25 years old, 5-2, 115 lbs. Cute. Big boobs. Had to do her. She grabbed my hand and she led me out of the Adelita, and up the steps of the hotel next door.

[Ah . . . the lovely Carla. One of Your Faithful Scribe's favorites. IMHO, she is one of the top 5 girls at the Adelita Bar. Gorgeous face. Petite, tight body. And very well-done sil tits. Just like the girls in the adult videos or your favorite strip-club. Only you can fuck Carla.]

If I remember right, she wanted $40, and I tipped her $50. She wanted the money right after we did the $10 hotel thing. The hotel is pretty impressive, for Tijuana. You can read more about it in the FAQs. Be sure to keep a $1-bill handy afterwards for tipping the room-cleaning guy.

Carla was a good ride, but her boobs were fake. (Like I cared sooo much, right :-). She got out her rubbers and the roll of toilet paper, and the tube of lube. She laid the towels she got from the hotel check-in guy on the bed, and had me lay down. She used her hand to coat my dick with lube, and then slid the rubber on with her mouth. Nice touch. I was surprised when she put more lube on it and another rubber over that one. I figured it was for the extra protection and safety, but now that I think about it, it also made for a quick change when the tournament turned from oral to carnal.

I gestured for her to lay down and started to kiss her. She didn't mind a bit of lip-kissing, but wasn't ecstatic either. Not like a girl who really wants you to kiss her. I worked on her tits some, licking and sucking, and she made all the appropriate oohs and ahhs. I tried to work my way south (esta bien con tigo?) but she wasn't that keen on it. I followed her directions and laid down on my back. She went down on me, which was a true pleasure! After about 3-5 minutes, she climbed up on top, and away we went!! After a bit, I asked her, "ok a la perro?" Which was the best way I know how of saying doggy stlye. She liked this, and I pretty much had the best view in town.

Slipping in and out of Carlas tight little pussy, while using her sexy latina hips for handholds. Her hair was only shoulder-length, so there was no ride'em cowboy action, but I thoroughly enjoyed slapping my balls up against her butt, and watching her tits swaying back and forth. Man, I really liked watching her tits swaying. That was great. After a great finish, I took note of earlier postings and advice and told her "muchisimas gracias."

We dressed and headed back down to the Adelita. She quickly separated from me once inside, and I never saw her again. That was fine, I wanted to do a lot more "window shopping."

I strolled over to the Chicago Club, and some black-leather jacket clad 5 foot 7, 150 pound kid who appeared to be a bit in the sauce tried to con me. "Hey dude, I'm an American too, and I just need a buck to get something to eat" Whatever, I kept going. Chicago Club was dead. Maybe 10 guys in booths, and 5 to 10 girls. I sat down next to one and bought a Tecate that I didn't touch. I knew after about 5 minutes there were better to be had, so I wandered back out into the street. I should have gone along where all the streetwalkers supposedly are but I wasn't sure where the boundary of the "safe" zone was, so I stayed pretty much in between the Adelita and the Chicago club. I just wanted to see what was available street-wise, but I didn't get a chance to.

Made my way into another one of the local establishments, I think it was across the street from the Adelitas. This one had a row of girls sitting on chairs against the wall, waiting like wall-flowers at the prom for someone to ask them to dance. I wasn't overly impressed, and after another Tecate, I made my way outside and back across the street. I ended up spotting some girl on the street, and we kept smiling at each other. I followed her and her friend, and she seemed to get a kick out of this, always looking back with her friend, and smiling a lot. I followed her into some apartment type building lobby (located across the street and slightly south of Adelita's). I caught up to her and started talking to her in my best broken Spanish. Her name was Victoria, and we tried to small talk a little, but her and her friend decided to go upstairs. I said, "Es bye-bye?" and she said, "Si, bye-bye." Obviously she didn't want me to go upstairs with her and her friend, and I didn't want to insult them by assuming they were prostitutes, just because they lived near these bars. So I left, and headed back to the Chicago Club.

[You get Brockton's Brownie Points for being adventurous. But as you noted, the other clubs in the Zona Norte are pretty lame. Next time, check out the Miami Club or the New York Club.]

Now the Chicago Club was hopping a little more. I took Sir Brockton's advice, and sat near the rear watching all the girls coming and going into the ladies room. Some seemed kinda aloof, snotty. I don't get turned on by the ice-princess thing, so I ignored them. However, there was one beauty, tall, thin, in a long green dress, small to medium breasts, but she reeked of so much class and glamour, I asked my waitress (Can't get used to having females working as watiresses in here,,,,why do they do it?) to invite her over. She shyly made her way. I bought her a drink ($8+$2 tip) and found out her name was XXX. (I don't wish to divulge her name, for reasons you will see in a moment)

She has been here only four weeks from Cancun. (I think they all say they have been here four weeks-Is this the standard bit, or is there a great deal of turnover in here.....Brockton??). She was a true beauty with long black hair, reaching down to her butt. She was truly graceful, a real Mexican Princess!

[It's a standard bit, although the city of origin varies.]

I had a tough time talking to her, she just didn't seem to belong in here. She was truly breathtaking. After a good bit of small talk, we made out way to the hotel. I slowly undressed her and softly muttered, "Que Rico," and "Mui Bonita!" She appeared a bit older now, here in the light. I would guess 33-35, and appeared to have a bit of a sagging stomach that made me guess she was a momma. Probably pretty difficult to reach her age in Catholic Mexico without having any kids. However, I felt certain that she was falling in love. We made googly-long gazing eyes at each other and all kinds of other stupid mushy shit like that. We did a good bit of kissing and making out. She had this lovely way of biting my nipples just right! I usually don't care for that kind of thing, but this time....hoooweeeeeee.

She didn't want me to go down on her, and she never ended up going down on me, either but I didn't really mind....this time. She climbed up on top of me, sitting straight, and leaned back. Man, this felt great!! After a while, she layed back down beside me, and we made out again. Then I climbed up on top of her, and I truly believe she was orgasming. This was "Making Love," Not the boring quicky you ususally get in the U.S. After a bit more, we switched to doggy-style, and her beautiful long hair really came into play. I grabbed onto it for all I was worth, and rode like a cowboy going to town for the first time in months!!!

We were in there so long, the hotel attendant came knocking twice! Each time, my princess yelled something back to him in Spanish. I don't know what it was, but she sure sounded pissed off when she said it.

At the end of the session, she was hurrying to get back, visibly worried about how much time we had been in the room. I told her in Spanish that I hated the money exchange...seemed so cheap after all the romantic fun we just had. I ended up giving her $60., and a $10. tip (I know...What a sucker!) and I gave the attendant a five-spot. (double sucker). She never even looked to count it.

She did say something about the next time I came to TJ, to come and visit her at her house!!! WOW!.....Sir Brockton, is this unusual??

[Unusual, yes. Unheard of, no. Sounds like you discovered a girl who is buscando para un novio (looking for a boyfriend). This sometimes happens to guys who are (a) nice, and (b) Spanish-speaking. (Verdad, Eduardo?) Caution: Mexican women, even the ones who work in the Zona Norte, can be a little jealous.]

Before we parted, she gave me her phone number there in Tijuana. I still don't know how to call it, or how much it would be. But to visit her at her home... Truly an exciting prospect!

I couldn't very well go back into the Chicago Club that night, for fear of being spotted by my Princess, and breaking her heart...or at least breaking the spell she had spun for that night. I cruised back over to the Adelita Club, and it was hopping! Lots of people, and tons and tons of chiquitas!! Easily 50-60!! I couldn't believe it! I still don't!!

[Generally, the Adelita Bar selection reaches its zenith about midnight.]

I was running low on time here, and still wanted to make a third score. I didn't have to shop much. As I made my way towards the second dance floor in the back, A young, short brunette (I love em like that!) grabbed my hand and asked me my name. Her name was ....., umm,, shit! I forgot. Ummm, it was...Oh yeah, Leticia. After a *very* short conversation, she asked if I wanted to go next door. I thought about it some, and asked about "Par boca," which I had to clarify by adding, "Para mi boca esta bien con tigo?" (By my mouth is ok by you??) I was quickly given a sly smile, and rapidly escorted to the hotel next door. We got a room pretty far to the back. No blinds on these windows, but they were painted opaque. No problem.

Leticia wanted my money up front, so I gave her the $40. we agreed upon downstairs, (I told her I didn't have $50., but I found out that I did have $50 when we got upstairs.) and an additional $10. She had nice medium, soft natural tits, shoulder-length brown hair tinted with an auburn color, and a cute, perky little face.

We started out, and she was quick to get down to business. She might have been mad due to the money thing a few minutes ago. (HINT: Stash $5+1 for cab fare early in the night)! Naked before I blinked, and on the bed even faster. I motioned for her to lie down, and I reclined beside her.

I moved to kiss her, and she was a bit hesitant. I finally got a coupla small besos out of her, and started my way down. I made sure all was a-ok with her, as far as what I was going to do. And then I did it. Her womanhood tasted great! I could eat a woman all day long! It makes me harder than redwood, and I could do it for hours! Nothing is more intimate than having your nose, your tongue, your lips, your face in a woman's womanhood! It is fantastic! Hands down my favorite sexual activity. She finally slowed down, and enjoyed the ride for about 10 minutes. Her "Wham-Bam" way of doing business drastically changed...for the better. After a couple of final minutes of shuddering (I *love* it when a woman orgasms under my tongue!!)

She flipped me over, hopped on, and started sucking. Condom of course was already in place. After a bit, I didn't feel the surge, so I had her get on top. After a bit longer, we went doggy-style. I still didn't feel the surge coming, even though I was happily slapping my ball-sack against her gorgeous little butt and watching her soft natural tits swaying back and forth. I didn't even think to ask about anal. Maybe next time. I ended up sliding my condom covered rocket back and forth between her soft natural tits. Can you tell I like tits? After cumming, she was quick to take a shower, her "back to business" attitude had returned. After her shower, I took a quick one, since she was my last for this trip to TJ, and I wanted to clean up before arriving at home.

After the shower, she got pretty nasty. Practically ordered me out of the room, saying, "You go now, go back to club, go hotel" I got the picture, and left. I ducked back into the Adelita bar for a quick last glance, and then grabbed a taxi right out front.

[Hmm. . . this is *most* unusual. Perhaps she was mad you used the shower. Maybe she was just cranky.]

Then the journey back to America.

I highly recommend TJ!! But don't be an American Jerk, just try to blend into the scenery, be nice to people, and treat the girls respectfully.

[Couldn't have said it better myself sir!]

Subject: TJ Report de 28 March Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 11:32:03 -0500 (EST)

Gentlemen: I recently received the following report from my best correspondent. I would invite your attention to how speaking a little Spanish and maintaining a pleasant demeanor does wonders in the Zona Norte. This gentleman proves that the best way to have a nice time in the Zona Norte is to enjoy yourself and to be simpatico at all times. Also note his comments on the clubs in the Zona Norte other than the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club, which are most insightful.


Tonight I went to TJ for the first time in over 8 months! I made a modest killing on some contract work, and even while I was doing the work, my zipper was under stress :-). I took some Vietnamese friends down who have been bothering me for some time to take them down there. There were four in our group, but in bars, we teamed up in 2 groups of 2.

We arrived outside Chicago Club at approximately 9 P.M. Went inside for a while, it was fairly dead but there were some hauntingly beautiful specimens watching us. One friend kept talking and fantasizing about one girl at the bar with big (just big, not huge) chi-chis, so I took him over and explained to her in Spanish that he liked her and how much. She seemed to have an attitude and said 50. The girl next to her with dreamy eyes kept giving me the eye.

I proceeded to Adelita'a and my old friend Ramon was working the door. He told me that my old girlfriend, Marina, has not been there for six months. Horray! I was a free man in the candy store! I returned to Chicago and got the others, and even slipped [my buddy's] little brother (aged 17 but BIG) past security. A piece of information worth noting is that they are industrious about carding now at Adelita, both Mexicans and Americans. Good thing the young kid had his brother's ID! Inside, there were a few girls I recognized, but for the most part, new ones. I was in heaven.

It did not take long before a young thing (very cute and friendly) was leaning on my friend from the back of the booth. The girls were joking about us, and I asked them in Spanish what the joke was. They were saying that I was a father with my three kids in there. I joked back at the young one that she was my daughter (you had to be there - it was funnier in Spanish). The young one was named Catherine, she is 22 and from Acapulco. After buying her one drink and complimenting her generously on her looks, demeanor, and inner strength in raising her son as a single mother, we ended up in "el cuarto". It was nice, very nice. I fear that I have an extremely soft spot in mi corazon for this girl. I bought her drinks afterwards, danced with her, and we talked a lot. My Spanish is getting real good, and she was correcting and teaching me more. Possibly another Marina for me!

After that, me and mis amigos traveled around some. I noticed that La Chevalas had the back section closed off with a portable wall. Bummer. La Molina Roja: The dancer (Monica) that I liked is gone, and la Americana (Helen from Hawaii) married a sailor. What is left looks like a hard sell hustle. I don't recommend that place unless you go there during daytime. Esmerelda still works there, and she turned me inside out one morning.

[I am not impressed with La Molina Roja either. For a brief period of time, they appeared to be cleaning up their act. But lately, the place has degenerated into a high pressure atmosphere worthy of any of the ripoff joints along Av. Rev.]

New York looked different - the stage was now at floor level. I didn't understand. We ended back in Chicago. Mucho Senoras muy bonita aqui. I took the one upstairs with the nice eyes. I can now converse fluently in Spanish with the girls, and they like it a lot. My friends were jealous. My friend's 17 year old brother got fixed up with a real looker. I was curious as to why the other two brothers were so intent on getting him laid. Turns out that she was his first. I wrote a little explanation on a napkin in Spanish which said "Congratulations, you have made a boy into a man. Before tonight, he was a virgin. You are his first woman. What you did for him tonight has given him a good attitude towards women. This will help him for the rest of his life." She was so happy when she read the note, and folded it carefully and put it into her purse. This will be one of her trophies!

I don't think the quality or selection in Chicago has decreased at all. I beg to disagree with the detractors who have been posting. Of course, every night is different and their observations could be accurate for the night that they were there. Hope to see you down there some day.

Subject: TJ Report, Thursday April 3 (fwd) Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 12:31:49 -0500 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Forwarded for your amusement and edification is the following report from one of my correspondents. As you can see, this fellow eschewed the girls at the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club in favor of a sweet young thing he found at the Miami Club.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

The following is an account of my trip to Tijuana 4/3 and 4/4 1997. I had not been to T.J. in about 4 years, and back then just frequented Bambi's and the San Souci as I had no knowledge of any other clubs. I would like to thank Brockton O'Toole for his excellent FAQ and the valuable information it contains. I should state here that Latin women are my favorite, so my concept of beauty might be different from yours.


After an O.K. drive from Los Angeles, and a quick taxi ride, we arrive at the Chicago Club. As I walk into the club I am stunned. In a mirrored alcove just inside the entrance, stands a group of 5 or 6 BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG (18 - 23) girls. They are very stand-offish, and pretty much ignore us, however, so we take a table. (My friend and I speak Spanish very well, and always use it when we speak to the girls.) There are 30 to 40 girls working, with at least 10 of them being totally fuckable. There are all types, from sophisticated beauties dressed in the latest fashions, to old, overweight, dogs. Overall however, the quality is very high. The clientele seems to be split among well heeled locals, Orientals, and gringos. On the stage, a short haired gringa looking girl is dancing well. My friend invites a cutie named Esmerelda over to the table to make small talk. She's friendly, attractive, vivacious and classy. After about 1/2 hour we decide to move on, as I want to check out ALL the clubs before I make my choice.

[Sounds like a typical Thursday night at the Chicago Club. I know the half-a-dozen girls you are describing and they are indeed very young and quite gorgeous. But don't let their apparent attitude fool you. They are just keeping up the Chicago Club "no hassle, no pressure" tradition. As I've noted before, the management has made a conscious decision to discourage the in-your-face hustle that is so common in other hooker bars. (Especially the depressing dives along Avenida Revolucion). So these girls keep to themselves. But rest assured, if you approach them and treat them nicely they will reciprocate in kind.]


This place is PACKED. The ratio of tables to space is MUCH higher than the Chicago. It's hot, smokey and has a much more Mexican feel to it than the Chicago. The caliber of the girls however is lower. There are about 50, some of them young and cute, but a high percentage the stereotypical Mexican whore; 30 to 40 years old, 30 to 40 lbs. overweight, way too much makeup, wearing unusual outfits consisting of fishnet, satin, and/or fringe. As I walk around the club, I do notice at least 7 or 8 hot young (18 - 25 year old) foxes. They almost all are already "taken", drinking with guys at their tables. My friend spots a good one and invites her over for a drink. Claudia is very pretty. She's 22, petite; probably 5'4" 105 lbs. about 34-22-34. She's got a great combination of sexiness and innocence. My friend falls in lust and goes off to the hotel. (50$ plus 10$ for the room ) I decide however,to press on.

[Gentlemen, this is a *most* accurate description of the Adelita Bar.]


Maybe I just hit this place on an off night, but the scene was sad. No more than 10 girls working, none of them even remotely fuckable, down on the heels local clientele. I set off for the Miami Club. The street that has the Miami Club is NOTHING but bars (i.e. whorehouses) on both sides. Most are like the New York Club or worse. 4 or 5 tired, older, unattractive women working. Most of these places also have a small stage with a REALLY unattractive woman dancing. The hawkers in front of these clubs all compete for your attention to try and entice you in. I must have gone into at least a dozen of these, and believe me, they have NOTHING to offer.

[This fellow gets Brockton's Brownie Points for his adventurous spirit, but as you can see, once you get outside the major clubs the Zona Norte hooker bars are pretty depressing.]

This street also has the majority of the "street girls". There are probably 40 to 50 on each side of the street. Most aren't worth a second glance but about 10 to 15 % are. They are young with good bodies but most not nearly as pretty as the club girls. Most have a much more "Indian " look than the club girls. They are quite forward and some actually friendly, grabbing your arm and inviting you for a "Fuckie-Fuckie". I decided that this street definitely needed more in depth research.


The Miami had a truly Mexican atmosphere; like the Adelita, but more so. Almost all Mexicans with 2 or 3 Gringos. There were 30 to 40 girls, about a third of them young, thin, and fuckable. There were only about 2 or 3 striking beauties. They were all sitting on a long bench in front of the bar. I invited the best looking one (a 19 year old stone fox, with a perfect body and face) to a table for a drink. We made small talk and I asked her the price. Well, it turns out that she, and a few others, are just there to dance, drink and flirt with the customers. (I maybe should have taken Brockton's advice and used the waiter as an intermediary, but I like to talk to them and make sure they don't have an attitude.)

[Another dead-on description. I have received similar reports in respect of girls at the Miami Club who do no more than dance. But you can't blame a fellow for trying. As for using a waiter, that is probably unnecessary when you speak Spanish as well as this fellow obviously does.]

I wandered around and saw a gorgeous fox. Maria was 21 olive skin, about 5'3" 100lbs 34-24-34 with beautiful almond shaped eyes and a great smile. When I first saw her, I smiled , she gave me a big smile and then turned away shyly, like a high school girl. At all these clubs you can dance with the girls for 1$. I took her out to the dance floor for a slow romantic ballad. She held her body against me tightly pressing her breasts into my chest. I returned the favor by grinding my dick against her. "The General" was standing at attention ! I asked the price and was told 40$ plus 10$ for the room.

Off we went. I undressed her and was greeted with a firm petite body with medium pert breasts and a nice hard ass. She had one child but didn't show it much. I kissed her but she wouldn't give me any tongue, Oh well. I played with her tits and finger-fucked her for a couple minutes. I started to move down for some muff-diving but she said no. I asked her how about me then. She took "The General" into her mouth (without a rain coat) for a minute or two, but I could tell that this was not her forte. She put a rubber on me and we fucked. She was unfamiliar with any positions other than missionary and doggie-style, but was willing to try. After 20 or so minutes "The General" fired a cannonade. All in all, she was pretty good, although it seemed like she was trying NOT to cum. (I must say she wasn't entirely successful in this regard.) We went back to the club, had a drink and I went off in search of my friend.

In Part 2, which I will post tomorrow, read about Day 2, street sex, a good meal and a truly unique sexual experience.

[Sounds like a good time with a real sweetie. But I would add two cautionary points. First, to get to the Miami Club you will have to leave the safety of the area around the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club and traverse territory that's a little more dangerous. I have received several reports of banditos doing choke-hold muggings on Av. Constitucion between First and Second Streets. These criminals seem to favor the east side of Av. Constitucion, just south of First Street. This is directly across the street from the no-name alley where the Miami Club is located. So if you're coming from the Chicago Club, cross over onto the west side of Av. Const. And if you're coming from the Adelita Bar, stay on the west side of Av. Const. You might also consider walking in the street so as to be out of reach of anyone lurking in a doorway. Or better yet, approach this alley from the west end, near the New York Club. Second, the Miami Club does *not* cater to foreigners. They won't be rude, but they don't speak English either. Same for the girls in there. So brush up on your Spanish before you go.]

Subject: TJ Review & Micellany (fwd) Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 10:31:37 -0500 (EDT)

Gentleman: Here is a review of some specific girls that are currently hanging out in the Zona Norte. The author has also made some general comments. Regards. Brockton.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

My favorites in TJ-


Coral, dark skin, but lightened hair, 25yo, 34c-25-35, 5'4" 120. Usually dresses in chiffon blue. You can find her sitting at the bar. Enjoys her work tremendously. I think from Acapulco, but Latina, not Negra. Looks 7, Attitude 9, Performance 8.


Leticia, redhead, 23yo, 5'3" maybe 130 but carries it well. 36c-26-36. The carbohydrate bomb is ticking, but wildly enthusiastic about her work. Can really suck a cock. Was in a motorcycle accident in her hometown of Guadalajara, has scars on her leg and butt, but if that doesn't bother you're in for one hell of a ride. Looks 6+, Atittude 10, Performance 9

Blanca, light colored skin, dark hair, 25yo, 5', 100, 34c-22-34. Pure spinner. Gets datd up early. Last time I saw her, some Japanese guy bought her out for the night. Looks 9, Attitude 8, Performance ? (actually, have you ever seen a girl form Adelitas who didn't like to fuck?)

There's a Thai-Mexican girl who works at Adelitas who is cute, the service is good too. Pussy too furry for my taste however. Less is more.

I agree with most of what you write about TJ. You can get lucky at Bambi or Sans souci from time to time. When I first started going to TJ about 10 years ago, I fell in love with this rubia who was 16 or 17 when she started working. She got married and had two kids, but she was awesome.

There's no need to venture outside of Adelitas/Chicago. I even think walking the 20 yards to Chavelas can be dangerous. Chavelas is worth a look, there are a couple of winners who work there from time to time. Even the cabbies are telling me how dangerous it is walking back to the border.

I speak limited Spanish, pero bastante a survivir. It does help.

I'm familiar with your pal Carla. Service is pretty decent, but Carla will never be confused for being a nymphomaniac. I'm also familiar with Viviana form Chicago. She's a beauty, but needs seasoning. Nice, sweet girl, however. Chicago is sort of a hit or miss proposition. Sometimes the girls can be really bitchy, other times they can be really friendly. If you don't like the lineup, come back in a few weeks, and you'll see a lot of turnover.

One more tihng, was able to negotiate down to $40 + room pretty easily yesterday. Maybe it's the 10 pounds I dropped since my last visit.

Enjoy the reports, keep up the good work.

Subject: TJ Report, Friday April 4 (fwd) Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 10:31:43 -0500 (EDT)

Gentlemen: As promised, here is the second installment of the report from El Putero in respect of his recent TJ visit. As you can see, this chap got off the beaten path a little bit. If you speak enough Spanish, this can be amusing. Cheers. Brockton.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

After meeting up with my friend in front of the Chicago at about 2 am Friday morning, I suggested that we explore some of the other clubs and street girls on the street where the Miami is located. There seemed to be no decrease in the number of people out on this street. Dozens of hookers, drunks, beggars, homeless sleeping on the sidewalks, and people selling everything from tools to stuffed animals. There are dozens of food carts selling tacos, and oyster and fish cocktails. The scene is truly surrealistic. I was warned that by our taxi driver that this street was a little more dangerous than that where the Chicago is located (which is only 3 blocks away) but I never felt in danger. There were some persistent drunk local drunk street people, but they were more of an annoyance. Once a big ugly transvestite grabbed my friend by the arm, and I thought he might be trying to pick-pocket him, but he just wanted a date. (I was prepared for such a problem, though, by carrying a 3 7/8 " Spyderco knife)

[Although I am unaware of the legal niceties with regard to carrying a knife in Mexico, I would counsel against it. Your faithful scribe favors a more passive crime approach strategy based upon avoiding trouble in the first place. As Pop-Rock Icon & Pedophile Michael Jackson once opined (insert falsetto voice here) I'm a lover, not a fighter.]


We spent about half an hour wandering into the clubs, without seeing anything worthwhile. Then we walked into a club called the Nuevo Rio Rosas (it's on the same street as the Miami, down on the corner) As I entered is club a was greeted with quite a sight. On a barstool right inside from the entrance, a girl was bent over the bar stool, her skirt pulled up, her ass up in the air. A Mexican guy was sitting next to her groping her fine tight ass, and then slipping his fingers inside her black G-string. As I walked by, I looked at her and was stunned. She was GORGEOUS. About 24 yrs. 5'6' 120 lbs. 38 24 36 with amazing big, firm, real tits. She gave me a big sexy smile while she continued to let this guy play with her pussy and ass. THE GENERAL SNAPPED TO ATTENTION!

I sat at the bar a few stools down and was mesmerized. One of the bar girls came down and sat next to me and asked if I would buy her a beer. Sure, I said , not being able to look away from the fox being fondled 10 feet to my left. Every so often, she would look over at me, smile,and lick her lips. At one point she reached and unsnapped the crotch of her panties, so the guy could have easier, unobstructed access to her fine unshaved, but trimmed, pussy. She appeared to be enjoying all of it. THIS GIRL HAD NO SHAME! I had to have her! The guy however, seemed to not be going anywhere soon.

The other girls in the bar weren't very good looking, so my friend and I decided to check out the street scene. We walked around the block and talked to the street girls that were young, thin and attractive enough to fuck. I would say that there were about 10 out of the 75 to 100 standing around. They tended to be much plainer, less pretty, and more "Indian" than the girls in the clubs. They were friendly, however, and would answer any questions we had. I couldn't get my mind off the girl in the club, though, and I had to go back.

When we walked back in the guy was just leaving. I IMMEDIATELY sat down next to her, bought her a drink, and put my arm around her. She took my hand and put it on her large firm breast. The General stood tall and erect! I asked her how much and she said that if I bought her 6 beers, I could fuck her for free. When I asked the bartender how much that would be, he told me 42 dollars U.S. WHOA ! I have been scammed in bars in Mexico before, so I was wary. I suggested 3 beers and 20 bucks and she said yes. We went over to a table in the corner and sat down. Jessica pulled up her skirt, unsnapped her panties, and took my hand down to her pussy. It was wet and hot and in my fingers went. She reached over, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my Levis,and started giving me an exemplary hand job. She pulled down her top and would alternate between having me suck on her nipples, and sucking on them herself. Once she bent over the table, pulled my head into her bare ass from behind and asked me if I wanted to kiss her culo (asshole) I said no, but that I sure would like to put my dick in it. She said she loved anal sex. This went on for about 15 minutes and I felt ready to explode.

Hand jobs however, have never been enough for me, so I suggested we now go to the room, as she had finished her 3 beers. She said one more beer, I said O.K. I invited my friend over to the table and encouraged him to explore her luscious body. He did so enthusiastically . By this time she had finished her fourth beer ( the 6 oz. size ) and wanted another. My friend bought her one while she stroked his dick through his jeans. She drank this one in about 3 minutes and then wanted a beer AND a can of CLAMATO JUICE ! This would have been 14 $ U.S. I said enough is enough and that it was time to go to the room. I raised my offer from 20 to 30 to 40. She said not until I bought her one more beer and a Clamato. She wasn't being very friendly anymore, but a spoiled pouty brat . I knew I was being hustled,and as hard as it was ( figuratively AND literally ) we left.


I walked out of the Rio Rosas pissed off. Then I started talking to my friend, and realized I just spent 45 minutes doing basically whatever I wanted with a beautiful girl for about 30 bucks. At my favorite strip club, The Industrial Strip in North hollywood, CA, a full contact lap dance is 20. Maybe it wasn't such a bad deal after all. It was just frustrating not to be able to fuck her.

It was now about 4 am. we found a couple young, thin pretty street girls, and asked the price. We were told 20 plus 3 for the room. Seemed fair.( A taxi driver later told us that we had paid double the going rate ) I went to the room and took off my clothes. The girl ( I don't remember her name ) took off her skirt took one leg out of her panty hose and left the other one in. As it was chilly, she was wearing a heavy jacket. I started to take it off and she said no. She then told me that she does not take off her top for anyone. This seemed a little strange to me and I explained that it was unnatural to have sex with clothes on, but she was adamant. I offered her 5 and then 10 dollars more and she still said no. when I said that the girls in the clubs took off all their clothes, she said that the street girls are more " delicate" I was so horny after my sojourn with Jessica, however, that it really didn't matter too much. We had sex, no blowjob. She was pretty lifeless, and I must say, that even at 10 it would have been no bargain. Better 50 bucks for a GREAT lay than 10 for a shitty one, I say. By the time we got back to the Motel 6 in San Ysidro, the sun was shining bright.


After spending a couple hours shopping, we arrived at the Chicago at 4 30 pm. It was dead; maybe 6 or 7 girls total, none of them great. We walked over to Adelita's, and it was PACKED, as many girls and customers as the night before. Walking around I noticed a few girls from the night before, but most I had never seen. There were 5 or 6 absolute beauties. On the stage, a sexy girl was dancing, nude. We scoped out the scene, hung out for a half hour or so and went over to the Miami to check it out. Again, packed with girls. Had a drink there, talked to a couple girls and then decided to check out the Chicago again, as it was now about 6 pm. There were a few more girls there, but not many. One was young, pretty, and friendly. Amanda was 21, no kids, about 5' 4" 120 lbs. 36 25 36. As both my friend and I wanted to have a more complete experience, I suggested that we might ask the girls if it would be kiss them on the mouth and pussy. Well my friend asked her this ( in Spanish ) and I saw a big smile come across her face as she said yes. Off to the hotel they went, arm in arm.

I went back to Adelita's as there was a stunning beauty that had caught my eye, earlier, but she was sitting drinking with a guy ( The really beautiful ones are not alone for long, you have to act fast ) When I got back she was sitting at the bar with the others.I invited her over for a drink . Miriam was 25 5' 6" 110 34 22 34. She had a truly pretty face that was sexy, innocent and kind of "baby-faced". She wore a slinky low cut top and skin tight black pants accentuating her fine ass. Her hair, nails, makeup, and jewelry all were understated and classy. She wouldn't look out of place as a receptionist in a high powered Mexican executives office.

After a drink and some small talk, I explained that being the romantic that I am, I would like to kiss her on the mouth and pussy. She said a little would be O.K. As soon we got to the room I gave her a deep sensuous kiss which she responded to by sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. We stripped of our clothes still kissing and she pulled me down next to her on the bed. The General was ready for battle ! She then started playing with herself while kissing me and stroking my cock. I went down to taste her, but she implored me to wait, and then brought herself to a stirring climax. THIS GIRL WAS HOT ! Then we got into a 69 position, and she took my rubberless cock into her mouth while I ate her. This girl enjoyed suck dick and did so with relish. She was also quite responsive to her pussy being eaten. She then put a rubber on me, we fucked for a long time in several positions ( which she knew ) and The General fired a salvo.

After, we smoked a cigarette, kissed and cuddled. I told her that I would like to come down in a month or so and take her on a real date. Dinner in a fine restaurant, drinking and dancing in a nice club, followed by passionate sex in a luxury hotel. ( About a month ago my same friend and I did this with a couple of girls from a whorehouse in San Blas, on the west coast of Mexico. They absolutely loved being treated like regular girls and were extremely appreciative. By the second day, my girl was calling me her novio and inviting me to return and stay with her at her mothers house ! I just might. ) Miriam said that she would like this. This was exactly the sort of sexual experience that I had hoped for; passionate, romantic sex with someone who seemed to enjoy it and me as much as I did her.

We said our goodbyes and I met up with my friend. We were both hungry. I had noticed a Birria restaurant on the same street as the Chicago, about 3 blocks down. Birria is one of my favorite Mexican dishes. It's roasted goat served with it's own juice. The flavor is very mild, really about the same as beef or lamb. We each had a plate of it, and I must say it was some of the finest Birria I've ever had. It's not cheap compared to the other restaurants and taco stands in the area. Each plate was 40 pesos, or about 6 $. It was worth every penny. We then walked over to the Chicago and got into a cab. It was 8 pm, exactly 21 hours after we had arrived. It was a remarkable trip


Subject: TJ Report, Saturday April 12 (fwd) Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 10:01:38 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is a report from a fellow who spent last Saturday night in the Zona Norte. Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

The Zona Roja in Tijuana had lots of action last night! I don't know if it was because of the De La Hoya - Whittacker boxing match or because of the nice Spring weather but the place was jam packed with people. The Adelita was jammed packed with people around 9 pm. Unfortunately the men far out numbered the women there. The Miami Club was also jam packed with people watching the boxing match.

[The folks in TJ *do* love their boxing. Whenever there is a big fight (especially one featuring a Mexican boxer) the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club will be jammed with fellows watching the coverage on TV. Usually they clear out after the fight is over and everybody can get down to business. But it sounds like this fellow didn't want to wait. Read on.]

The Alley where the Miami Club is located was filled with people walking the streets. The prostitutes hanging out on the street were in high demand. The attractive ones where getting snapped up quickly. Several prostitutes approached me and offered and offered their services for $15 to $20 plus $2 to $3 for the Hotel room. I checked out the Adelita several times and hung around at the Miami Club to watch the boxing match. But I finally chose my pick for the night to be a prostitute I met standing on the street. She claims that she is 18 years old. No Way!! She looks and even talks like she is 15 or 16 years old. She has a beautiful innocent looking baby face and a petite body. She is about 5' tall 100 lbs. But what I really liked about her was her sweet personality. Kind of passive, not aggressive like the typical prostitute you might find there. She acted like an innocent high school girl! I asked her what her price was and she quoted me $15 plus $3 for the hotel. At that price there was no need to haggle! So we went into the Hotel and got started. Her pussy was so tight and her tits were fresh and firm. I fucked her in several different positions and then she jacked me off and I came in her hand.

[I've said it before and I'll say it again. This part of the Zona Norte can be fun, but it requires moderate Spanish-speaking ability. Moreover, this area is not as safe as the area between the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club. Finally, IMHO the girls who hang out in the street are, by and large, not as attractive as those in the two major clubs. Of course, YMMV.]

It was a great experience. I would take her over any of the girls at the Adelita. I think it is much more of a turn on to have this kind of girl, rather than the girls at the Adelita that act like Pros. Once and a while you can find this type of girl at the Adelita but it is difficult to find. I advise you guys who usually go to the Adelita, Chicago Club, and Miami Club to take a look on the street. You never know what you might find!

Subject: Tijuana Safey Advisory! Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 09:31:28 -0400 (EDT)

The always informative JayHawk recently posted the following cautionary notice:

: WARNING! I was nearly mugged in Zona Roja. It was about 10:45 pm on a : Monday night. I had simply walked around the corner from Adelita Bar to : check out Miami Bar and was walking back to Adelita. I was about 50 feet : from the corner where Adelita is when I felt someone grabbing me around my : neck with a choke hold. I'm not particularly strong or beefy, but I can take : care of myself, and this stupid shit had to be about 6" shorter than me. I : just shot my elbow back, caught him hard in the chest, and dropped my head : and rotated into him (an old self-defense trick). He couldn't possibly hang : on so he fell off me and ran.

As you gentlemen are aware, your faithful scribe carefully follows reports of street crime in the Zona Norte. And as your are also aware, I have frequently warned everybody to avoid the EAST side of Av. Constitucion between First and Second Streets. In particular, I have cautioned that the portion of that block which is opposite the alley where the Miami Club is located on is particularly dangerous. (This is the portion of the street where there are several outdoor food vendors set up selling friend chicken.)

Mr. JayHawk does not specify whether he was on the WEST side of Av. Const. (closer to the Adelita Bar) or on the EAST side (same side of the street as the Chicago Club). So his post leaves open the possibility that there is at least one bandito who is preying upon people who walk on the WEST side of the street. In the past, I had considered it *fairly* safe to walk from the Adelita Bar, around the corner at the liquor store, and then south on Av. Const. to the alley, provided you stayed on the WEST side of Av. Const. (The side closest to the Adelita Bar.) But this report tells me that I might have been too sanguine.

If Mr. JayHawk reads this, perhaps he might follow up with a post that describes with some specificity precisely where he was accosted.

As for everyone else, I will repeat once again my usual counsel. The area between the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club is as safe as it gets in the Zona Norte. However even a short detour from the beaten path (such as when trying to visit the Miami Club or the New York Club) can be most hazardous. IMHO, you can have a great time in the Zona Norte without ever leaving the Adelita Bar or the Chicago Club. But if you simply must roam, please keep your head on a swivel and watch out for banditos approaching from the rear. Walking in the street seems to make it more difficult for these swine to approach undetected.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: O'Toole on TJ's Mexico Lindo Club Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 23:03:44 -0400 (EDT)


Recently I saw a post from a fellow inquiring about the Mexico Lindo Club in Tijuana. Although this place is not in my TJ FAQ, it is most definitely a hooker bar. In light of the recent inquiry I have retrieved from the massive O'Toole TJ Archives a report on the Mexico Lindo I posted some time ago:

Decided to check out some intelligence I had gotten from a fellow who goes by "Namo" at the Chicago Club the last time I was in town about a club near Avenida Revolucion where (according to Namo) really hot girls hang out. Problem is I never wrote down the name of the club. All I knew is that is was supposed to be near the intersection of either 6th or 7th Streets. Anyway, I cranked up my barbarous Spanish to ask a cabdriver about this. He was helpful, naming every club he knew until one sounded good to me. Turns out the name of the place is Mexico Lindo and its on the north side of 7th Street, about 100 feet west of Avenida Revolucion.

Mexico Lindo appears to be a former restaurant decorated in the same faux Mexican style as a zillion franchise Mexican eateries in the United States. When you walk in, you're in the bar, which is U-shaped and seats about a dozen, plus a dozen more at three bar-height tables around the walls. The bar is cheerfully well-lighted. The other room, probably the former dining room, is vastly darker. It has some tables and chairs and a couple of vinyl-covered banquettes which run the length of the walls. There was a small band playing Tejano music on a tiny elevated stage in the corner.

I took a seat at the bar, where I noticed about a dozen girls sitting around the bar area. Most were no more attractive than those you'd find at the Chicago Club. (In fact, I later saw one of them at the Chicago Club, proving they are free agents who move about town to find the guys on a given night.) There were, however, two that caught my eye. One was a brunette with short, curly hair, a cute smile and bright eyes. She moved from one of the tables to the bar opposite me and began giving me some serious eye contact. Since it was early in the evening, I didn't reciprocate. The other was also a brunette, who was slightly Asian or Mexican Indian in appearance. She had a nice, tight body and a skimpy minidress. She sat down next to me and gave me the hard sell, which featured lots of body contact and cooing in my ear. After hearing her asking price of $80, I politely sent her on her way. A quick trip through the other room revealed nothing interesting, so I left and headed for the Zona Norte.

Based upon this one visit, I think the Mexico Lindo is a clean, comfortable place that's just a few steps from the center of the tourista strip along Avenida Revolucion. But it's a small and your selection will be limited. Moreover, I don't know if there are any hotels nearby, and if so, how much they cost or how nice they are. Finally, I think the girls at the Mexico Lindo will hold out for a higher fee than the girls in the Zona Norte. Having damned with faint praise, I will note that the Mexico Lindo seems VASTLY superior to nearby clip joints like the Bambi Club and the Unicorn Club. (Stay away from these ripoffs, regardless of how hard the barkers entice you.) If you can't bring yourself to take a five-minute cab ride to the Zona Norte, I suppose you could do worse than the Mexico Lindo. As always, I welcome feedback from those of you who have first-hand experience.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Trip Report, April 20 (fwd) Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 23:32:28 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is the latest TJ trip report to come into the Communications Center here at the O'Toole Estate. Regards, B.O.T.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Went down this weekend, on a sunday. Selection not as good as Fri/Sat of course, but still okay.

[I have been favorably impressed by the Zona Norte action on Sunday nights. IMHO, the selection of girls on Sunday nights is *far* better than the selection Monday through Wednesday.]

I ended up doing two girls (separately) from Adelitas. YMMV, of course, but I end up well fucked out of that bar more often than Chicago. The girls aren't as pretty on average, but certainly are more enthusiastic, especially Lupita (5', 90lbs, 21yo, Acapulco). I had just gotten down from the room, bumped into her and she got me hard immediately. Makes me feel 18 all over again.

Didn't see any of my regulars in chicago, but one of the waiters was touting Vanessa, 5'7" 34c-24-35, about 24yo, 9+ as being good in the sack. Said she had great tits and liked to fuck.

[Hmmm . . . Don't know this girl. Perhaps I should!]

I didn't try her out, but there was this girl named Gabriela at Chavelas who had the most beautiful face. Body okay, but maybe going a little soft.

[This is a club a couple of doors down from the Adelita Bar. If you can speak a little Spanish and you are looking for a more "Mexican" place, it's worth a quick visit.]

Finally, there was a 19yo cutie named Michelle who works at Sans Souci. Better grab her before the carbohydrate bomb explodes! Didn't do her, but you need a microscope to find her pussy (it's that small; my experience with girls built like that is that there is a lot of "give" to her hole).

There are a couple of strip clubs on Revolucion which offer contact nude table dance for $10. Not a bad deal if you need to get warmed up. The girls at Carribean are all young, maybe very young and fine, but they won't fuck you.

[I would welcome more precise directions to these clubs. Every so often, it's fun to warm up at a strip club.]

On the way to Zona norte I saw a beautiful hooker, maybe 15yo hanging out in front of one of the hotels on Calle 1. Too young for me, but for the adventurous....

----------------------------- end fwd -----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report by Arturo (fwd) Date: Sunday, 04 May, 1997 10:32 AM

Gentlemen: Here is the latest TJ report from Arturo. As always, it is most thorough. Regards, Brockton.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

I was in TJ from April 23rd to the 27th, then I went to Vegas for almost a week. I rushed home to check the newsgroup to see who else was there and, while there were some reports, it was almost like we were all in different bars, instead of the Adelita (this is the correct spelling; it is not Adelitas, or Adelita's). But, this is OK, as everyone has their fun in different ways, and nobody perceives things identically.

[IIRC, the sign reads "Adelita Bar," which is how I always refer to it in print. However, virtually everyone (especially the Mexican folks) call it "Adelita's."]

I landed in San Diego at 11:30 a.m., took the trolley down to the border, and the shuttle bus across. I rented my usual TJ hotel room, bought a few things, had sex with Monica at Adelita, and was starting my nap by 3:30 p.m.

[I must say, Arturo sure knows how to "tune up."]

Speaking of Monica, here are the wonderful details. When I first came in about 2:30 p.m., there were a few seats at the bar to the right (my favorite location). I noticed that the counter next to the DJ control room has been replaced by booths. Too bad for me, as a lot of the time I like to stand up and lean against something (you can spot Americans worldwide by their tendency to lean against things). There was a cute girl dancing with a much older guy in the main dance area. I looked at her and she smiled at me. Just then a really attractive slim young girl came in. She was probably the most attractive woman I saw the entire time. As I was making up my mind, some guy grabbed her, and I never saw here again. This entire process took less than 30 seconds, so once again the warning is, if you snooze you lose.

[The moral of this cautionary tale: If you see a girl you like in the Zona Norte, it behooves you to move with alacrity.]

Speaking of not being sure, or making up your mind, buy a girl a drink if you want that to help make your decision. The price isn't all that much in Adelita, as opposed to Chicago, or Anthony's in Ensenada. It can help put the girl in a better frame of mind, too. If you don't want to have sex with her, just thank her for her time and move on to the next honey. Business is business, and there is no need for feelings of guilt or discomfort. Just remember that YOU are in charge, and the whole thing is YOUR fantasy come true.

[As the transvestite hooker opined in the 80s movie classic "Risky Business," if you're in the market for a television, you don't buy an RCA if what you want is a Sony.]

As I was bemoaning my fate, the girl who was dancing with the geezer came up to me and started getting real affectionate, in a very nice way. Once again the Little Brain made my decision for me, and we went up to the hotel. Monica has a smile that never ends. She has a slim enough waist, nice real boobs, a little baby fat, and could potentially be just a few meals from being a bit less attractive. But, we had a great time.

[This description could fit about 75 percent of the girls in the Adelita Bar some nights, especially the younger ones.]

Afterwards, I stopped at the bar for another drink, and to watch the floor show. Guess who the second dancer was? That's right, it was Monica. She is one of four regular daytime/evening dancers, and one of the two best looking (one was kind of a dog, but that's just my opinion).

[Lately, I've noticed that the dancers at the Adelita Bar are slightly better looking. Not like you go there for the strip show. But it's easier on the eyes when the girls are somewhat attractive.]

Then this tall slender girl with long black hair and a tight black PVC dress came in. The Little Soldier stood at attention. But, after the long flight, efforts to get settled in TJ, and sex with Monica, I decided to head back to the hotel for a nap.

The 24th. Late morning or early afternoon (I don't wear a watch on vacation), I went to Adelita. I figured I could do a lot worse than having Monica again, so that was my backup plan. I really wanted to look for the sexy babe I missed out on the day before. Monica never showed up, but the PVC girl was there, this time in red. She never smiled, and brushed off the one guy who came up to her. I took this as a sign that she was waiting for me, so I made my pitch. She immediately accepted and it was $50 well spent (the most I paid anyone; everyone else got $40 up front, and whatever tip I felt like afterwards, which went from $5 to $20). She was attractive enough with her clothes off, and floored me when she said she had 3 kids. You sure couldn't tell by her looks (one kids yes, as they all have at least that many). The downside was that her technique was basically to lie there and wait for me to finish, but I've always taken that as a challenge, and she was involuntarily moaning towards the end. Her name is Claudia, and she is the third Claudia I've slept with in Mexico.

[Another example of the O'Toole Maxim which posits that attractiveness in the bar is sadly often inversely proportional to enthusiasm en la cama.]

The next day I was still keeping my eye out for the attractive girl I saw the first day, when in comes a woman who really knows her business. Slender, short straight (bleached) blond hair, and a wonderful set of appropriately sized knockers. She was wearing essentially a pushup bra, hot pants, and nothing else. This immediately caught the attention of the Little Soldier. A typical cheap looking sex tramp, and my kind of woman. I watched some American guys make the usual noisy slobbering boorish approach to her, and she handled it well, giving back whatever they tossed her way, and making a few bucks while doing it.

[I think I know this girl. She always dresses to thrill. If it's the girl I'm thinking of, Arturo has neglected to describe that she has *great* legs.]

Just then, Monica came in, was immediately affectionate & cuddly to me in her own patented way, and to the hotel we went. Her blow job wasn't the best, but I do enjoy having my dick in a woman's mouth under almost any circumstances, so I don't have any major complaints. Her smile, great attitude, and good looks are exactly what you go to TJ to get. I went back to the bar and watched her dance again in the floor show. Then, believe it or not, the short hair blond slut (meant in an affectionate way) went on stage. Yeah, she had a boob job, but it wasn't one of those ridiculous monster things of totally inappropriate proportions; it was just right. Needles to say, she was very popular, and was rarely alone for long.

One of my theories about TJ is that if you see someone you want, go for it. Otherwise, you'll kick yourself in the butt all the way home on the plane (this is both awkward in those tiny seats, and it scares the stewardesses). So, I decided to look for the slut blond. Miracle of miracles, she was sitting alone at the bar over on the left, wearing her typical bra and panties costume. So I sat down, asked if she wanted a drink, and found out her name was Sandra. It sure was fun staring at her exposed boobs, and trying not to drool too much. One problem with superstars, or those who think they are, is that they feel they are justified in asking for more money than most of the others. But, not Sandra. She took the offered $40 and away we went (yeah, I know I could have bargained for as little as $30 in Adelita, and I do like to bargain in Mexico, but just can't bring myself to go down that low for the personal attention of another human being, irregardless).

In the room, Sandra was just as beautiful out of her clothes as in them. Her boobs were great, as was her slender figure. Actually, since she wears so few clothes to begin with, there really isn't much surprise. She really was a lot of fun to be with, wasn't stuck up, and was amenable to all suggestions. When it came time for the blowjob, she opened up the condom package, started to put it on me, and then asked if I wanted to be sucked off with or without it. I said without, so it ended up on the floor in the corner. Note: I always bring my own condoms and lubrication. Supposedly the spermicide Nonoxynol-9 is also some minor protection against STDs.

After that, Sandra did a cowgirl for a while, then a reverse cowgirl. We ended up in the missionary position, which is really what I like best with tall girls having short hair. I just love putting my right hand under the back of their head and humping away for dear life. Sandra was no exception, and the eventual climax was an eruption. At the risk of me single-handedly corrupting the entire Mexican economy, I gave her a $20 tip. She then acted kind of sad, and said she really had to go, as it was getting time for her to dance on stage. So, I wandered down and watched her show again, It was even more fun knowing that I was the guy who screwed her just previously. Downside? She wears braces, but you can hardly ever tell, and it sure didn't make any difference to me. And she smokes, but most of them won't do that if you ask them not to.

[Sounds like Sandra is somebody to look for at the Adelita Bar.]

That evening, I went back to Adelita. I figured if I could find the hot looking babe I missed out on the first day, I'd score with her, otherwise I would just watch. That totally foolish plan of action only lasted about 30 minutes. While a few of the more aggressive women asked me to fuck, or buy them a drink, one girl who approached me with a shy smile actually asked me to join her for a drink. Since that seemed more like an invitation than a hustle, I decided why not? She was reasonably tall, and was wearing a black cocktail dress, which was kind of sheer towards the top. Her hair was medium length, and curly, and her name was Angela. The only booth available was in the back on the right, just past the end of the bar. It turns out it blocks the door to a small storage room, and occasionally the bartenders or waiters had to get into this room for a while. The third time this happened, I made suggestive motions to Angela that perhaps they were going into the room to jerk off, and I thought I'd have to call an ambulance for her, as she was laughing so hard. So, she turned out to be a heck of a lot of fun to drink with, and the Little Brain said maybe we should continue our philosophical discussion of quantum physics up in the room. So, we did.

What then surprised me was that her boobs were bigger out of her clothes than in them, and they were natural. Her blowjob started off like she wanted to suck my sperm out through the latex, until I got her under control. She then asked whether I preferred missionary or doggy style, and I said woof-woof. The eventual end was another virtually perfect fuck, and she was a sweetheart the whole time. My theory is that she just recently had another baby, took her one nice social-occasion dress, and went into the big city to make a few bucks the only way she knew how. I do know that this was the only time I saw here there.

Here are some general comments. I had a drink in Chicago, and stuck my head in there one other time. The place is just not any fun any more. In fact, two of the four nights I spent in TJ this trip I didn't even go to Chicago at all, and this is the first time in maybe 100 visits that I have ever done that. Someone else who had negative remarks recently about Chicago asked why we all overplayed it so much in the newsgroup. Well, shit, buddy, things change over time, and Chicago used to be the best. Some still think it is. Coming in second place in TJ is still pretty damn good.

[The distribution of girls in the Zona Norte waxes and wanes for no apparent reason. IMHO, if your ideal of beauty is the Norteamericano, Euro, MTV look, then you need look no further than the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club. Between those two places, you'll see 95 percent of the girls in that class on any given night. Plus, you'll be in the safest part of the Zona Norte. As for the current distribution, it sounds like the Adelita Bar was hot during Arturo's visit. But that doesn't mean anything. On any given night in TJ, the situation is most fluid. You should go back and forth between the two clubs several times a night. BTW, if your taste runs toward the Mexican ideal, you should check out the Miami Club and some of the other Zona Norte places. Caution: This will take you off the beaten path, so keep your head up to avoid the bandidos.]

As for the street girls, I swear there were more of them this time than ever before. But, not one of them was attractive enough to me to bother with, nor did I go to any other bars this trip (and I've been to a couple dozen all over TJ & Ensenada over the years). Their bullshit about not taking off their clothes means I don't even consider them at all.

Someone recently complained about pushy/aggressive waiters in Adelita. This makes me wonder if maybe there are now two places named Adelita, as the one across from Chicago had nothing but really hard working employees. They were fast with the orders, didn't try to hustle my change (which they got anyhow), and if I said I didn't want to buy a girl a second drink, they just left. You want aggressive waiters, go to Chicago, or, far worse, Anthony's in Ensenada (and don't expect to see your change there unless you ask for it several times, and be sure to count it if you do get any).

So, this trip was great, and I plan on going again next month.

Sidebar: It was fun playing Spot The Newsgroup Member by trying to figure out who I saw in Adelita might be a regular participant here. I am sure that the guy with the beard, short curly hair and glasses is one. He was very seriously going all around the place, apparently trying to pick out the perfect hooker (a pleasant way to pass some time, but extremely frustrating if you take that game too seriously; look around, pick the best from what's available, go with her, have fun, and don't try to second guess yourself afterwards.)

[An excellent way to pass the time. I have often struck up a conversation with fellows I meet in the Zona Norte bars. Often they'll confess they "read about this place on the Internet" and they just HAD to check it out. I had one chap from the Midwestern United States go on at some length about how he had printed out the FAQ and studied it before embarking on his TJ sojourn. Your Faithful Scribe smiled enigmatically, but he did not break his cover. Can't be spending the entire evening signing autographs, you know.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report: Cinco de Mayo! (fwd) Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 09:31:28 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is a TJ report from a correspondent who is writing for the first time. Please welcome him to the group. Regards, Brockton.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Since I had some free time, and Cinco de Mayo is a big deal on this side of the border, I thought I'd check out how it is on the other side. This was my first trip to TJ in years, and the first time at the "bars". Thanks for the great info on the FAQ: Where to park, where to go, what to expect.

Most importantly, thanks for the warning to be careful where you walk, as things get pretty scary away from the corner where the Chicago Club and Adelitas are located.

[In the opinion of Your Faithful Scribe, "scary" is in the eye of the beholder. But this gent makes a good point. If you are a Zona Norte novice, you will likely be uncomfortable if you get off the beaten path between the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club.]

I got to the area around 6pm on Monday, May 5. I first checked out Chicago Club. It is small, dark, and it was empty, except for a few girls. The one girl who met me, kind of cute, a little pudgy, about mid- 20's, named Paula. Unlike what I expected, she was very forward, and kind of nasty. We fooled around for a few minutes, agreed on a price ($40), and went to the hotel. She was ok looking, a little pudgy, spoke no English, and had a kind of big ceasarian-section scar from her recent baby. She gave me head, so-so, and then we fucked...nothing special, she wasn't that interested, and left while I was still cleaning up.

[I cannot think of a worse time to visit the Chicago Club for the first time. As I've noted repeatedly in my FAQ and elsewhere, Mondays and Tuesdays are *very* slow. And even if you go on Friday or Saturday night, the Chicago Club is empty until 10:00 p.m. Please do not consider this experience representative of the girls available at the Chicago Club.]

Then I checked out Adelita Bar...what a difference. Adelitas is bigger, but dingier, louder, with a lot more girls and customers. As you said, you could find almost any taste, from the overweight, over-made-up, stereotypical TJ whore, to the young girls with the big hair, to the more innocent-looking high school/college girl. Nobody caught my attention at first, and the girls who came over to talk were not my type, so I took the advice and wandered.

[Wandering is always good at the Adelita Bar. Although now that they've replaced some standing room with booth seating, perhaps they are trying to encourage folks to sit down. IMHO, the great milling throng is part of the Adelita Bar's charm.]

Eventually I saw a pretty, 5-3, 100 lb young girl with shoulder-length hair, and a pretty smile, and a better-than-average body. I'm kind of shy, so I looked at her, she smiled back, but wouldn't come over. Eventually I went over to her, and tried to talk. She was very shy, spoke English well. Eventually we agreed on $50, and went to the hotel. She was very sweet, very young looking, and very cute, with small perky breasts, and a cute smile. Her name was Carina, she is 19 (she says, but looks younger), from Mexicali. She got pregnant at 17, and sort of ran away so her middle class family wouldn't find out about the pregnancy. She'd been there a few months. Carina is, well, adorable. She speaks English well. We cuddled, kissed a little, I played with her pussy, ate her a little, but she was not real happy with this 'cuz she was afraid of getting a disease (imagine!). Then she went down on me, and gave a good but not great blow-job. The we went at it, in several positions, and it was fun.

[My it is just my luck, but lately I've encountered a rather pleasing group of "cute as a button" girls at the Adelita Bar who are rather youthful. Carina sounds like a perfect example. Moreover, I have been impressed lately by the English language proficiency of some of the Adelita Bar girls. Granted, they are far from fluent. But a significant number can engage in light chitchat.]

She's so cute that it made up for her not great technique. Then we layed around and talked and cuddled, until the annoying hotel guy threw us out. I did find out some interesting stuff: (1) As mentioned, prostitution is legal, and supervised. The girls get regular monthly exams including skin, hair, pelvic, vaginal cultures, and bloodtests. Those who don't pass and get the doctor's certificates cannot work at Chicago, Adelitas or other clubs, and they work on the street (thus making 1/2 as much money...So be extra careful with the street girls, you may catch something bad). (2) Even though it's cheap, the money must be good, cuz Carina says she makes $1500 US in an average week. Unfortunately, Carina only works daytime, til 8pm, but look for her. I will.

[Hmm, it appears as if we now have conflicting reports in respect of whether a health card is required to work at the Adelita Bar or the Chicago Club. In the past, Chamuco has reported that some of the girls who appear in these clubs do not carry health cards because, technically, they are "patrons of a bar," not "prostitutes." In other words, if challenged these women argue they were only hanging out in the Chicago Club or the Adelita Bar to have a drink, not to solicit fellows for prostitution. Therefore, they contend, they are not required to possess a health card because they are not prostitutes.] [In the opinion of Your Faithful Scribe, this argument does not pass the O'Toole Straight Face Test. It simply defies logic for a woman who is hanging around the Adelita Bar or the Chicago Club to argue that she is not a hooker. Nevertheless, I realize that the authorities cannot be everywhere and I don't discount the possibility that for the right bribe, an accommodation could be made. So I concede that there are probably girls working in these clubs that do not have a health certificate.]

[Perhaps Carina's insistence that health certificates are required for work at the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club can be explained if the source of the "requirement" is the ownership of the club. IMHO, the managers of the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club have a pretty good handle on which girls are inside. (Ever notice the gents with the clipboards at the front doors?) If, and it's a BIG IF, they were inclined to enforce the health certificate requirement, they could do so rather easily. In the opinion of Your Faithful Scribe, this would only be good business. As always, further reports are welcome. Perhaps my correspondents who speak the best Spanish could inquire of those in charge of our two favorite clubs.]

Then I wandered back inside Adelitas. It was more crowded, with more bad Mexican music, and more plain (or homely girls) stripping and dancing. There were many more girls, most not my taste, so after circling and watching, (and of course the ones that I was interested in were talking to somebody else), I wandered back to Chicago Club. Chicago was still much so that it was scary, there was no other customer but me, and just a couple of really plain girls. So I bounced back and forth between there and Adelitas until 9:30.

[9:30 is still too early for the Chicago Club to fill up, especially on a Monday night.]

Still no one at Chicago, so I went back to Adelitas for a final pass, and Danya came up to me. She's cute, 5-5 or so, thin with brown hair to the middle of her back, age 23, with small breasts and a thin waist. She speaks very little English, but offered me a massage plus for $40 plus the room. I said yes, she grabbed my hand, and off we went. We stripped, and she started giving me head without the condom, licking my balls and rubbing my thighs, until I nearly came. She did kind of grind her pussy into my foot, but otherwise wouldn't let me touch her pussy. Then she put on the condom, and climbed on top of me, facing forward and back, and then lying on her stomach with me on my back, facing toward my feet. A pretty good fuck, but strangely, she pulled up her blouse so I could play with her tits, but kept it on. Then we talked (her English isn't so good) and cuddled for a while, and then she gave me a 20 minute, real massage (pretty good!), until that annoying hotel guy threw us out. Danya was good, I gave her $50 (a $10 tip that surprised her). I'd see her again.

All in all, a worthwhile evening.

[And an *excellent* report from this gent. Well written, informative, and serving as a point of departure for future discussion. Keep up the good work.]

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Brockton O'Toole Reports from TJ Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 22:01:30 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: The multifarious demands of the far flung O'Toole Empire under control for the time being, your faithful scribe finds himself ensconced in a luxury hotel with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean and the city lights of Tijuana in the distance. Needless to say, Sir Brockton's first order of business was to direct the minions in his employ to connect him with the Net forthwith, so that he might keep you fully apprised in respect of his most recent Zona Norte sojourn.

Traffic was quite heavy at the border Friday night upon my arrival at 8:10 p.m., but to my amazement I found a free parking space at the curb. The mural on the western wall of the pedestrian entry plaza is coming along nicely, but it's still not finished. The cab ride was unremarkable.

First stop was the Adelita Bar, where they were in the middle of a strip show when I walked in at 8:30 p.m. Most of the dancers weren't worth mentioning. But the petite blonde who reminds me of American movie actress Sarah Jessica Parker was pretty hot. I like her curly hair, cute face and tight little ass. I stood next to the stage and gave her a tip. In return, she let me fondle her great ass. Try THAT at the next "gentlemens' club" you patronize in the states! Had a couple of beers and circulated, noticing maybe three girls who were worth a second look. But they were sitting at the bar on the left side of the club, which meant that it was tough to get a good look at them because of the bright light coming from behind them. Also noticed that they'd built a step-up wooden platform in front of the DJ booth which appears guaranteed to trip up the inebriated or the careless. As reported earlier in this group, they have also installed booths in the area to the right of the DJ booth. Sir Brockton does not approve, as this seating area is a magnet for girls to sprawl listlessly. He much prefers it when they are standing around as it is easier to get a look at them and to make small talk.

Headed for my beloved Chicago Club about 9:15. It was too early for it to be crowded, so I had no problem getting a booth strategically located near the front door so I could keep an eye on the girls as they arrived. As usual, most the girls faded into the background noise level. But there were several that made an impression as the club began to fill up during the next 90 minutes. First was a tallish brunette with short, slicked-back hair and a gorgeous face. She featured a very impressive bustline that appeared to be the handiwork of a talented plastic surgeon and great legs. Easily one of the hottest girls I've ever seen in the Zona Norte. Second was a leggy and tall blond with dark eyes and a face that reminded me of American movie actress Geena Davis. Third and fourth were a pair of very young girls who had a hot, Gen-X look going. The blond had a short wedge haircut with the cutest face and smile. Her only flaw is that her petite frame was a little on the hippy side. The brunette had a lean, hard body and firm tits that looked great in tight jeans and a bare midriff top. She had short hair and just enough freckles to preserve the girlish look. Fifth, was the legendary Rosie, wearing her trademark super-small hot pants and halter top. All I can say about her is wow! Rosie is truly in a class by herself.

Despite this promising array of talent, your faithful scribe made three rookie mistakes. First, I had a couple of beers too many while sitting around admiring the view, which clouded my normally flawless judgment. Second, I was rather too anxious to get up to the hotel room. And third, I let a girl pick me. Friday night it was a tallish brunette sitting at the bar with a nice tan, nice face and a come-hither look. We traded glances before I finally approached her. In the room, she was rather rushed and uninspired, as well as reluctant to engage in any type of foreplay. Her only redeeming virtue was fairly good technique during a condomized blowjob. Adequate, but just barely so.

So let that be a lesson to you, gentlemen. Patience is a virtue, especially when considering the cornucopia of carnal delights available in the Zona Norte.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report from The Seeker (fwd) Date: Mon, 9 Jun 1997 01:35:48 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is a TJ report from a correspondent who is posting for the first time. Please welcome him to the group. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

After reading about the exploits of TJ for 6 months, I decided to give it a try. I saw too many posts from too many people for it to be all bad.

I went to San Diego May 16 & 17 and spent two nights in TJ. Not being familiar w/ the area, I stayed at the EZ-8 hotel off of Coronado St approx. 3 miles from the border. Just follow Interstate 5 South. Room was $29.99, (clean, hot water, and working air conditioner--all that I was interested in.)

[The type of lodging is VERY easy to find cerca de la linea. IMHO, the lodging on the north side of the border is a better value than that on the south side. The exception might be if you can book a room in one of the resort hotels south of TJ or in a true luxury hotel in TJ. Of course, lodging is Mexico presents certain transportation difficulties because you have to arrange for Mexican insurance.] Friday

Left the hotel about 8:30 P.M, and headed with some misgivings to the border. I parked at the 5 Star lot, cost $7.00. I did not tip the attendant because he looked like he had been sleeping anyway. I found it a bit confusing to walk across the border, but I just followed the stream of people south.

[I've gotten several comments similar to this. Let me see if I can be more specific. From the Five Star lot, go out to the sidewalk and turn right. Follow the road until you get to a cul de sac. Look for some machines selling soft drinks. About 20 feet from there, you'll see turnstiles. Go through the turnstiles and continue about 200 yards to a second set of turnstiles. Go through those and you'll be at the cab stand. Just remember: The traffic is all headed southbound. You want to go in the same direction as the traffic. If in doubt, follow the crowd.]

I hailed a taxi (or rather they hailed me), and I asked to go to the Chicago Club. I told him $5, he said OK, but wanted a tip also. I gave him an extra $1 to avoid a argument when he dropped me off.

[Nothing wrong with a dollar tip on the standard $5 ride.]

I was immediately grabbed and practically dragged into the Chicago Club. It was completely dead. 3 girls and about 3 men. The only good thing was the beers were 2 for 1. I finished my two beers fended off a girl with a "6" rating and left. At this point I figured I was not going to like this TJ scene.

[This fellow arrived entirely too early. The 2-for-1 beer special is a giveaway. The Chicago Club doesn't begin to fill up with girls until after 10:00 p.m. No wonder it was too quiet for his taste.]

I headed over to Adelita's to find a completely different story: at least 40 girls and 30-40 men. Most of the girls were in the 4-7 range. The slightly plump, big breasted Mexican look being the norm. I saw a few hard body chicks in the 7-8 scale range. Atmosphere was "fun", and girls were not afraid to talk to you w/ better than expected English skills. (My Spanish is close to non-existent)

[The action at the Adelita Bar gets started a wee bit earlier than that at the Chicago Club. So if you simply must arrive at the Zona Norte before 10:00 p.m., you are wise to begin your evening at the Adelita Bar.]

I sat drinking beer for about 45 Min to get a feel of the place, and struck up a limping conversation with Maria. She is the typical Mexican looking type, with a cute face and friendly smile. I bought her two drinks ($5.00 each for the ladies), and went to the hotel alongside. We negotiated for $40.00, and spent $10.00 for the room. Maria came in, undressed, and we both took a quick shower to clean the sweat off.

Her blow job was only "passable", and lasted all of about 4 Min. I then went down on her, and she was nicely trimmed. She did not seem to want it at first, but I am fairly skilled and she quickly relaxed and enjoyed it. After eating her for about 5-7 Min. I put on the condom and went to work. We did it missionary, and doggy. As I was closing in on the orgasm they started to knock on the door, I finished quickly, and we left. ($1 tip to cleaners of the room). Maria appears to be about 36 yrs old, and claims to have a little girl. Good tits and a slightly plump ass. I would recommend her, she seems to hang out at the back of the bar by the men's bathroom (as you will see, I went with her again on Sat)

[Nothing remarkable here. Sounds like a standard encounter with an Adelita Bar girl.]

I then tried the Chicago Club again (now about 10:30), still pretty dead. I decided to wait awhile and see what happens after 11:00. I ended staying to 12:00, and the selection improved a bit. I hooked up with a girl named Pamela, who was just up from Acapulco. She spoke very good english and had a 8-9 look. 5 6" slender, approx 118 lbs. Her dress was light green, and it showed her fruits very well. We went up to the rooms next to the Chicago Club, $10 here also, and I negotiated $60.

She was a complete bore in bed, no head, no eating pussy, missionary only fuck. After all the beer I had and her complete lack of response, I had to pull my tool out and finish myself by hand. She at least stayed for me to finish and let me grope her tits while I beat off. Once again the Hotel staff came knocking after about 20 Min. (What a pain in the ass!)

[As I've noted before, looking hot in the bar does not guarantee the girl will be enthusiastic en la cama. As for the hurry-up knock, that puzzles me. Your Faithful Scribe has rarely experienced same.]

As I left Chicago Club there were about 14-16 girls that were on average better looking than Adelita's. They seemed much more aloof, and not as friendly. The whole attitude at Chicago Club seems much more commercial and sinister, the girls do not seem to smile and enjoy themselves as much.

[I respectfully disagree. The management at the Chicago Club has made a conscious decision to impose a "no hassle" policy on the girls. IMHO, it is actually rather relaxing to be able to quaff a few pints of ale without being inveigled by an endless parade of the denizens of the demimonde. (Or worse yet, being hustled -- and perhaps even ripped off -- as in many of the Av. Revolucion clubs.)]

[At the Chicago Club, a fellow can sit unmolested as long as he likes. Then, at his leisure, he can go with one of the truly hot women who are habitues of that fine establishment. Granted, the girls keep to themselves. And Your Faithful Scribe has no doubt that to a novice this can be rather offputting. But in my experience, a cheerful approach results in a response in kind and a smashing good time at the hotel. It's almost as if one is attending a party with a number of truly gorgeous women, any one of which will gladly fuck you if only you show some minor interest. Now who amongst us can resist THAT scenario?]

I took a cab back to the border for $5, and drove back to my hotel. (do they look for drunk drivers? I certainly qualified). The zig-zags for the pedestrian crossover of the freeway almost did me in....

[An excellent point. I urge moderation in your alcohol intake and caution on the I-5.]


On Sat I woke up quite hung-over, and spent 2 hrs in the pool relaxing. Headed back down to TJ about 9:30 P.M.

[Of course, Sir Brockton has never had an experience such as this! (grin) Nevertheless, he heartily endorses the salubrious effects of the SoCal sunshine on a weary travelers' soul. This is one of the truly great aspects of the O'Toole Cure. You get the wonders of Southern California by day and the wonders of TJ by night!]

Went first to the Chicago Club again. 8-11 Girls average on my rating scale of 6-8. One was possibly a 9, but she was quickly taken upstairs. Same feeling of "prey" at the place, so I quickly headed over to Adelita's to check the pulse there.

[He doesn't say when he arrived. Again, I would note that that the Chicago Club does not get busy until at least 10:00 p.m.]

Once again 35-45 girls and a very active bar. They had a stage show going on where 5-6 of the working girls danced and took off there tops. Interesting to see them dance and then come over and try to hustle you. The mood was again friendlier, and I struck up a conversation w/ Jose. He live in TJ but works in San Diego. He is fluent in both American and Spanish. We bought each other beers for about 1 hour. One thing he pointed out that I did not notice due to my poor Spanish skills was that the announcer/ ringleader with the microphone was occasionaly bashing the Americans in the bar (calling us stupid, do not know what to do with the ladies, and cheap).

[In my experience, this kind of "gringo bashing" is rare. If you behave yourself, and if you aren't a cheap bastard, you will be greeted warmly in the Zona Norte. After all, business if business.]

Fortunately the Mexicans in the bar generally treated me normally. Maria quickly found me, and let me know at 25 min intervals that she was willing to do time with me again. I decided to test the theory of bargaining for a "double cum". A painful process of explaining, but with the help of Jose I finally negotiated 2 releases for $60. We headed to the hotel, and they were less willing to deal, but for $20 I negotiated for 1 full hour of time with her.

[This is proof positive that even if your Spanish is worse that mine, you can always work something out. Also note how easy it is to find an amigo in the Zona Norte.]

Same process with Maria as before, she seemed a little more responsive (probably because we now had a track record) At 20 Min the knock at the door came and Maria yelled in Spanish that had a full hour. They respected it and did not Knock again. Maria worked me hard again, and I managed a second release. We both then took brief showers and headed downstairs. (after the $1 tip to the room cleaner)

I was totally spent at this point, and took a taxi back to the US border at 12:30 for $5.

[A wise move. Note well: Walking back to the border is VERY dangerous.]

On the whole I was pleased with the whole weekend. The girls I chose were not especially skilled, but at least Maria was sweet and worked hard to please. The bitch Pamela was probably an exception, but it left a bad impression on me. I surely recommend the Adelita bar over Chicago Club. The only thing Chicago Club has going for it is a better average selection. The girls at Adelita are cheaper, much friendlier,drinks are less money and the whole atmosphere promotes interaction.

[Ah . . . yet another data point in the ongoing Adelita Bar v. Chicago Club debate. I welcome further comments.]

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report: sunday afternoon en la zona norte (fwd) Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 10:04:25 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is the latest TJ report to come into the O'Toole Empire. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Yo brock, ,

This is the wheelchair dude. i wrote to you few months back. finally made it sur de la linea. here my report. post it if you like. anonymously.

The report;

Arrived at 7 buck parking lot about 4 PM. Sunday. Ate a few pot cookies and took a diet pill, zoloft, and percoset. coped a good buzz before the border. if those who like to indulge in cannibis before 'fucky-sucky' i suggest baking brownies and eat them in usa parking lot. NEVER bring drugs . into mexico.

Anyways tried to make a bet at racing book right next to the first taco stand & public restrooms to finace the 'fucky-sucky'. The race book was too jammed packed & I didn't feel like dealing with it.

Onto Business. Decieded to forego Revolution Blvd. which was a good choice since it's a waste of money & time. No problems on the pedestrian bridge, of course it was a sunny sunday afternoon with many tourists. I was apprehensive about my safety since reading a few mugging reports on the news group, but I had no problems whatsoever, of course I was not solo, but in the twelve years that I been going to Tijuana I never had one problem. Tip: Just smile & you will get smiles back. I find Mexicans to be very hospitable if you are curteous to them. One hint: I ALWAYS avoid the sidewalks & proceed in the streets.

[This is excellent advice. Be polite, but be on your guard.]

Going down first street all the way to Calle Ninos Heroes saw many young but sad looking street maidens. Would never think of going with them, although were tempting as they were prettier than some in the Adelitas but there is too much risk on the streets since I don't know what mexican law allows and the hotels are hideous since I had one unfavorable street experience.

Proceeded down Calle Ninos Heros to the small alleylike street where the Miami Club is located. This street captures the pure essence of Zona Norte. It should be used for a movie set, especially at night with all the gaudy neon and Kojak style macabre beasts of prey. I spotted one smiley young indeginous vixen that I remembered from my halycon days of yor. She broked my heart when she didn't recognize me, but she still was cute yet I would have to be close to death to go into one of those skanky crab and scabies infested dungeons of whore. After what we labeled the nasty street (where the Miami club is located), we went to Avenue Constitucion and made a quick left onto the infamous Adelitas.

Arrived at about 5:15PM and very surprisingly the Adelitas was jammed packed with so many men I thought I was at a boxing match. I had suspicions that the popularity of this newsgroup might jeopardize the casual atmosphere of Adelitas, but what can a Whoremonger do? The truth must be told! Although most of the patrons were Mexican Nationals. At that time on Sunday the pickings were mighty slim.

[I never cease to be amazed by how corwded the Adelita Bar is on Sunday afternoons. If you are patient, you can usually find a pretty hot girl in there. I would also note that Sunday *evenings* are quite busy. Indeed, the selection on Sunday nights is superior to that on any other night of the week save Friday and Saturday.]

I was approached by a petite dark 20 year old named Lupe. She gave me much affection and tenderness. She had a great personality and a beautiful smile I would say about a 6 looks wise and 10 plus personality and for me atleast Attitude is Everything! Well Almost everything. Due to my heavy wheelchair I could not go upto the rooms nor did I ask her, since I had a great buzz and everything just seemed OK She invited me to the restaurant next door to Adelitas but then we made a detour into another nightclub some place brand new that was the cleanest place I've ever been to in Tijuana. Lupe said the owners of the Adelitas just bought it and fixed it up. Inside it looks like a brand new El Dorado and smells just as good. There were no gringos in there but the picking were mighty slim.

Lupe got onstage and danced and asked me to sit up front. She let me lick her nipples which were hard and nice and for a nano second I was in pure bliss. After she danced I asked about partaking in a bit of 'fucky-sucky' but she would not goto a room. I don't know if it was beacause of my disability or she is just a dancer/bar girl as is found in many zona norte clubs. It didn't bother me that Lupe wouldn't go because she gave me so much tender affection and beautiful smiles that it wasn't important that I nibbled on her bush.

I didn't mention that before the Adelitas I popped into the Bar Tropical which has some young fine thangs but totally off limits for 'fucky-sucky' they were only bar girls. Also Las Chevalas was a desert and so was the Chicago club, but remember this was a sunny sunday afternoon and the Chicago girls were probably all on their knees at mass, with a priest right infront of them. Another afterthought, I popped into the Miami club but slim pickens except for one which I now regret that I didn't approach, but that's the way it ALWAYS is in the Zona Norte. There is always one that got away, that stays etched in my endgrams forever and keeps pulling me back to the Zona Norte where I will find the perfect PUTA. Somehow when dealing in this game of whoredom the fantasy is always much better than the reality, but it's still fun and I still cumming back.

Yours Truly, lil smiley

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: O'Toole on being a regular customer in TJ Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 21:03:01 -0400 (EDT)

Recently somebody inquired in respect of whether there were any advantages to "repeat sessions" with a girl.

Like everything else in the Zona Norte, it depends on many factors. The most important variable is the girl herself. Some of them are flattered by repeat customers. IMHO, they understand that men are (for the most part) predisposed toward seeking variety. And when a gent comes back for another session, these women are pleased. In my experience, this type of woman will be more relaxed and less businesslike during repeat sessions. Usually (but not always) the sex is hotter as well. Most of my bareback BJ experiences were with girls I was seeing on a repeat basis.

On the other hand, some girls are all business no matter how often you see them. The just never let down their guard.

The other important variable is how YOU act. If you are drunk, obnoxious, unkempt or uncouth, no amount of repeat business will endear the girl to you.

Finally, I would note that if a girl is lousy en la cama the first time you see her, the odds are that things won't improve. So if you make the classic Zona Norte move and go with an ultra-hot girl who is a dud in bed, don't think it'll get any better on a repeat session. By way of contrast, if you go with a girl who shows potential on your first session, by all means come back again. Usually, you'll have an even better time during subsequent sessions.

One final note. When I say "repeat" business, I mean within a reasonable length of time. Don't assume your star quality is so dazzling that the girl remembers you from your last session six months ago. If that happens, you might try to politely work it into the conversation that you've been with her before. If you can remember her name, so much the better. Even then, you won't be a true "repeat" customer until she RECOGNIZES you on sight.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Re: O'Toole on being a regular customer in TJ Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 11:39:53 -0700

> Recently somebody inquired in respect of whether there were any > advantages to "repeat sessions" with a girl.

> Finally, I would note that if a girl is lousy en la cama the first > time you see her, the odds are that things won't improve. So if you > make the classic Zona Norte move and go with an ultra-hot girl who is > a dud in bed, don't think it'll get any better on a repeat session. By > way of contrast, if you go with a girl who shows potential on your > first session, by all means come back again. Usually, you'll have an > even better time during subsequent sessions.

To this I would only like to add a small comment: In a repeat session you can take advantage of the oportunity to negotiate a lower rate or a better session. Turns out that many girls take pride in their trade and if you make them know, with industrial strenght subtlety, that your previous session could have been better, then chances are you'll get better service upon request. But you must NEGOTIATE. You should not assume that simply because she'll recognize you the service will be automatically better.

Always keep in mind that since many gentlemen overlook the fact that they MUST negotiate everything--and not just prices--often these same gentlemen end up unsatisfied and complain about how lowsy the session was. Being with another girl again can be a chance to improve the session, but you must negotiate!


Subject: O'Toole on TJ Safety Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 12:31:19 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings Gentlemen!

Recently somebody posted as follows:

<<I'm confused about why people (maybe the same person?) keep talking about how bad Tijuana is. I've read all the reports in the WSG and in ASPT and until recently, no one has ever said that TJ was particularly dangerous except for a few reports of muggings. Now suddenly someone says that TJ is overrun with gun crazed drug lords, Vietnamese gangsters who look like computer science majors and unsanitary Mexicans who buy fake health cards.>>

Geez, this is getting a little tiresome. Every so often, some bonehead posts a troll and everybody gets worried. As I've explained numerous times in the past, THE ZONA NORTE IS SAFE!

Of course, "safety" is relative. Compared sitting on your sofa watching a porno video and jacking off, getting laid in the Zona Norte is riskier. But IMHO, the risk is very, very low and well worth the return.

Moreover, there are gradations of safety within the Zona Norte itself. As I have posted frequently in the past, the very safest area of the Zona Norte is the well-worn path between the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club. Let me be categorical here. If you take a cab from the border to the Adelita Bar, and you stray no farther than the Chicago Club, and if you take a cab back to the border (in other words, if you follow the damn TJ FAQ!) you will be 100 PERCENT SAFE. It doesn't matter if you are a TJ novice who doesn't speak a word of Spanish. It doesn't matter if you are falling-down drunk. If you stick to those two clubs and the short stretch of sidewalk in between, your risk of being a victim of street crime is ZERO.

As those of you who keep current with my reportage well know, I assiduously avoid engaging in that quaint Usenet tradition known as a "flame war." However, in respect of the TJ safety issue, I will note that there seem to be two persons out there who take delight in stirring up this pot. The first is that chap who periodically advocates carrying mace when visiting TJ. He posts under various names, due to the stellar job that Chamuco does reporting his twaddle to various ISPs. Please know that Sir Brockton most assuredly does NOT recommend carrying *any type* of weapon in TJ. As I've noted before, the smart traveler follows the FAQ and stays out of trouble in the first place. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being attacked, it's too late to do anything about it.

The second troublemaker seems to have a particular hard on for Asian gentlemen. He periodically asserts that the Asian fellows who frequent the Chicago Club are involved in this or that nefarious activity. Let me assure you, this does not track with the personal experiences of Your Faithful Scribe. Most of the Asian fellows I've chatted up at the Chicago Club are just horny guys down from San Diego or LA for a good time. Some of them are tourists from the Pacific Rim who have heard about TJ and arranged a Zona Norte side trip during their holiday in California. (After all, after that latest report, who wouldn't want to fuck the legendary Rosie?)

I should note that in the Japanese culture, going out with a group of one's mates for a evening of drinking, smoking and whoring is far more socially acceptable than it is in the North American culture. That's why in the Chicago Club the booths are frequently full of groups of boisterous Japanese obviously have a great time, while the Norteamericanos slip in alone or with a single buddy and attempt to blend into the woodwork.

Granted, it is unlikely that a card-carrying member of the yakuza or a triad would admit that to Sir Brockton. But in the absence of hard evidence (and a troll doesn't count) to the contrary, I shall accept these gentlemen at face value and I shall welcome them to the Zona Norte.

Finally, this same fellow seems to enjoy posting his totally unsupported assertion that the girls at the Chicago Club are disease-ridden lesbian drug users who carry falsified health cards. Again, this is a poorly-disguised troll from a minority of one who cannot support his assertion with any evidence. I invite your attention to the recent post describing how the authorities were *enforcing* the health card requirement at the Chicago Club. And I remind you that condom usage among the Zona Norte girls is universal. Finally, I would point out that determing a woman's sexual orientation just by looking at her is rather difficult.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Question re TJ daytime action (fwd) Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 12:31:40 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: I recently received the following query:

<<Anyway, on to my real question - if you were to want some action TJ during the day for as little $$ as possible, what suggestions would you have for where to go, how much to expect to pay, etc? From what I've read in the A.S.P. newsgroup the Adelita and other bars don't really get going til the evening and Revolucion is just a ripoff waiting to happen.>>

It is correct to say that the places along Avenida Revolucion are to be avoided at all costs. Stay away from these depressing clip joints.

It is also correct to say that the Chicago Club is not worth visiting during the day. If you go, it will be absolutely empty.

But the Adelita Bar does a fair amount of daytime business. It's not as crowded as it would be at night. But the selection is the best you'll find in TJ during the day. My theory is that there is only enough business to support one hooker bar during the day and by consensus the Adelita Bar seems to be the place to go. Expect to pay $40 for the girl, plus $10 for the hotel room. As always with the Adelita Bar girls, if oral attention is important to you, ensure they offer it before you go next door.

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report: Adelita Girls More Attractive (fwd) Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 11:01:24 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is a TJ report from one of my correspondents. Consider it yet another data point in the ongoing Adelita Bar vs. Chicago Club debate. He also makes some recommendations that are, in my view, unsafe. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

I've been going to the Adelita for about 2 years and I was really impressed by the number of attractive girls who go there now compared to about 2 years ago.

When I first started going there about 2 years ago, most of the girls were the traditional short and chubby Mexican girls. Back then, it took a lot of searching to spot a slender attractive girl there. But recently it seems likes most of the girls are slender with more of the American or European type of bodies. Has anybody else noticed this recent change?

[I have, and I've commented upon it in this group. On any given Friday or Saturday night, you will find three or four girls at the Adelita Bar who fit this description. Granted, it's nothing like the selection you'll find at the Chicago Club. But it's better than it has been in the past. One generaliztion: Although it's possible to find a hot girl at the Adelita Bar, based upon my experience they aren't the greatest en la cama. Many refuse to perform oral sex. And many others are rather listless and uninterested. Just my .02 worth.]

Also, I was at the Adelita this past week on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights and was quite impressed by the selection of attractive girls. It was packed with beautiful girls and it seemed like the girls far outnumbered the guys. The girls were acting like they were really hurting for business; as most of the guys were just sitting around drinking and maybe dancing. As I walked around the room, girls were propositioning me every where I walked offering their services. I kind of enjoyed the attention and felt like I was in hot demand even I knew it was strictly for business.

I also went to the Zona Norte in the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday and found it interesting to walk around there during the daytime hours on a weekday. There were quite a few girls standing on the street offering their services. I spotted quite a few new faces during these daytime hours. It appears that some of these girls only work the day shift. How interesting, it is almost like the real work world where people work different shifts. The Adelita had some hot looking girls even in the middle of the afternoon. It's a different feeling walking around the Zona Norte in the afternoon, a lot less scarey. If you just want a quicky handjob or blowjob for $10 plus $2 or $3 for the hotel room, this is a good place to go.

[IMHO, if you visit the Zona Norte during an "off peak" time, the only game in town is the Adelita Bar. Unlike this gent, I do not patronise the street girls. In my view, they are not a good value. But, as always, YMMV.]

Some other tid bits of information you guys might find helpful. You can buy 50 cent Coronas and Pacifico beers plus 3 tacos for $1 at the first stand on your right hand side just as you exit the bridge crossing the Tijuana bridge when walking into Tijuana. At 50 cents a beer you can get a good buzz for a cheap price before visiting the Zona Norte.

[As I've repeatedly warned in the past, walking to and from the Zona Norte is a high risk proposition. There are bandidos along this route who prey upon tourists. The area around the bridge is a *particularly* dangerous one. Granted, the risk is probably somewhat reduced during the day. But IMHO, the lure of cheap tacos and beer is simply not worth the danger. I think that anybody who hangs out in this area, especially after working up a "good buzz," is just asking for trouble. The smart move is to travel by cab to and from the border.]

There is a good place to park if you decide to drive into town which is only about 3 to 4 blocks from the Zona Norte. This parking place is located on 2nd street just East of Revolution Blvd. on the north side of the street and it is only 75 cents per half hour with a $7 maximum charge.

[Now I'm convinced this chap has a greater tolerance for risk than Your Faithful Scribe. While this parking lot may be just a short distance from the Zona Norte, the neighborhood in between is quite unsafe. More specifically, several of the girls have cautioned me to avoid the area around the intersection of Av. Rev. and Calle Primera. And we've all seen the robbery/assault reports from the east side of Av. Constitucion south of Calle Primera. So let's see what this bloke is recommending: You pay exactly the same price ($7) to park in this TJ lot as you would at the super-safe Five Star lot north of the border. And to get from this lot to the Zona Norte and back, you take your life in your hands. All to save $10 in cab fare and 20 minutes of your time. IMHO, the risk/reward ratio here is most unsatisfactory.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report, Part 1 of 2 (fwd) Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 20:31:36 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is the first part of a two-part TJ report from Arturo, who is one of my repeat correspondents. As always, my comments are in brackets. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Part I The Women

I was in TJ on from June 26th to the 28th. As a recent correspondent noted from earlier in the week, there are some HOT women in Adelita Bar during the day. While there are no shortage of the usual "ample hipped" and older women, there are some great slender ones available, too. A popular costume for many of the women now is a plain white bra and jeans or shorts. Previously, I had only seen the very slender Sandra, the dancer with short blond hair, wearing this getup. In the past few days you could see a half dozen women wearing this sexy outfit, including one teenage ponytail dream in a Catholic schoolgirl short plaid skirt; she looked like a young Dana Delaney, though without the boobs.

[I believe the last girl he described is the lovely Esperanza. She is certainly a cutie, but her performance at the hotel is, alas, only average.]

Speaking of Sandra, she wasn't there, nor was another of my favorite Adelita dancers, Monica. In fact, I only saw one woman I recognized, which was Angela (I'll talk about her later).

While I was at the bar on the left on Thursday afternoon, I spotted a slender sweetheart with hiphuggers and a halter top walk past and into the women's room. The guy next to me was no fool, and immediately sent the waiter after her. He came back with some excuse that neither of us understood (not that I was any official part of this negotiation). Then the floor show started. It turned out she was the third dancer! Also the best. Her face is plain but pleasant, her boobs are cute (not too big or small), and there's not an ounce of extra fat anywhere. Long brown hair tied into a pony tail. Her dance was sophisticated, and hot. After she cleaned up from dancing, the waiter brought her to the guy next to me, and she worked her way in between both of us. It took all my considerable will power not to cop a feel (of her, not the guy). I figured if the guy dumped her, Arturo would catch her on the rebound.

As luck would have it, they marched off into happiness together, and I continued my search for that day's Mrs. Arturo. There was a young cutie pie sitting on the open bench between the bar and the stage. She had on a bare midriff cheerleader costume. I caught her eye a few times, but she never smiled. Since I was having way too much fun to be in a hurry, I waited to see what would develop.

Eventually, the dancer came back from the hotel, and sat down next to the cheerleader. I tried making eye contact, but no luck. So, I went over and asked her if she wanted a drink. Huh? She didn't understand, and asked the cheerleader to translate. When she understood, she said she didn't speak English. No problemo. So we had a drink in one of the small booths around the auxiliary stage. I've found this to be an excellent ice breaker, and puts the women at ease, if need be. Her name is either Gabrielle or Gabriella, though, naturally, she calls herself Gabby (perhaps the second most common name in Mexico).

We settled on all the usual details, and then climbed the stairway to the stars. She took a shower, gave me a nice condomless BJ, and then, in the missionary position, started to bite hard into my left shoulder. Hey, that really hurt, and I indignantly told her that she damn well better not stop chewing until I told her to. The old volcano erupted with considerably more lava than usual as a result, and there was lots of playing around by both sides before withdrawal. She sure got a tip afterwards.

["Stairway to the Stars." I like that.]

My usual routine after an early Adelita session is to go to the hotel for a nap, and then come back. But, I had some business to attend to instead. After dinner, I returned, and walked in just as Gabby was finishing her last show of the day, and we waved as she rushed out to go home. I never saw Gabby again, since I never made it back early enough during the rest of the trip. I would definitely go back with her again.

When I did get back to Adelita, in the early evening, and just after Gabby had left, I took the seat at the edge of the bench just to the left of the door as you enter. It was a great location, except it gets cool after the sun goes down, and I didn't have a jacket or shirt.

But, I'm checking things out, and there are lots of bra/jeans women, and plenty of boob job women, and the absolutely sexiest dress of all was being worn by a grandmother. I recognized a few of the costumes from the Frederick's catalog. One big blonde reminded me of Rita, who used to work at Chicago Club. Rita was great, with big real boobs, though she would only give a BJ con condom, and sometimes screwed with two condoms. But, she was beautiful and excited enough to make this all worthwhile. Anyhow, one of the women looked a lot like her, only kind of burned out (it's been almost two years since I last saw her, so maybe it was her). Anyhow, there was too much fresh competition for me to enjoy.

One woman in particular kept giving me the eye, and about a third of the time I was checking her out I was looking her in the eye, too. She had large natural boobs, and a black revealing outfit. She reminded me of the girl that Cher was trying to makeover in Clueless. Slightly chubby, big boobs, long ratty curly reddish hair, and not too much class. Her name was Lupita, so naturally she called herself Lupe (perhaps the third most common name in Mexico). She kind of reminded me of the cheap tramp I had always been looking for, but I still hadn't made up my mind when she started performing the tie-breaker on my dick, so I went for it.

I can best describe our encounter as a sexual extravaganza. What an imagination this woman had, and an enthusiasm that can usually only be hoped for. We did things to each other that had us both gasping for air. Believe it or not, it wasn't until the first knock on the damn door that I even got around to penetrating her! Whoa! What a freaking ride! The only possible downside was she wanted to hold out for another $10 room fee and $40 more for her in order to continue for another half hour. While it might have been worth it, I didn't want to chance a heart attack, and somehow managed to say "no way Joe." I slipped it in doggie style, and then pretty much held on for dear life. It was one of my wildest encounters in Mexico ever. The guy knocked on the damn door two more times.

[Sounds like quite a session! Yet more evidence of the O'Toole Maxim, which posits that the women who are less than gorgeous are frequently much more fun in bed.]

Afterwards, I wandered over to Chicago Club for a drink. Things had picked up a bit since the last time I was there a few months ago. There were some cute looking women, and a few I'd go for, but nothing that really caught my eye, taking everything into consideration (including higher prices, the filthy hotel upstairs, the asshole DJ, and the place being too damn dark & noisy). As my contribution to the long-running debate, I've been in Chicago more than 100 times over a period of more than 10 years. It used to be my favorite a long time ago, before it got remodeled. But, I eventually started spending more and more time in Adelita.

Now there are plenty of times I don't even bother going to Chicago at all, and it's been a year or two since I went with anyone from there. The drinks are about twice as expensive as in Adelita, and the waiters far too aggressive about pushing them. On the other hand, they seem to have gotten ride of the asshole DJ who used to yell, "WOO!" every 30 seconds. That alone was worth the price of a second drink.

[Agreed. Now la musica sees to issue forth from some type of preprogrammed compact disc player. Or perhaps they have retained a person to mix the music sin hablando. Whatever the case, Your Faithful Scribe does not miss the incessant yammering of the former DJ.]

The floor show was erratic, with the dancer(s) often walking off stage during the middle of a song, and not coming back for one or two more songs. The medium energy brunette (formerly known as the High Energy Brunette) started the trip of dancing around the booths outside the stage a few years ago, and now all the girls feel obligated to do this. Being that the place is still too damn dark most of the time, you often can't see what's going on. Plus, there are now more and more aggressive women in Chicago who come up to you and won't take the first half dozen no's for an answer. They are usually not very attractive, either.

[During my last few visits, I have noticed that they do not put on the floor show as frequently as they used to. (Perhaps this is related to the demise of the DJ.) IMHO, this is no great loss. As Arturo cogently notes, the high-energy brunette is not as hot as before, and the remainder of the dancers are even less exciting. I also agree that the Chicago Club lighting is far, far too dark. I know for a fact they have the wattage to improve the situation. And several years ago, they routinely had the lights on. But nowadays, it's so dark that is is difficult to get a good look at the girls.]

Speaking of Chicago, I see nobody's ever commented on the thin dark haired woman who usually sits all the way at the end of the bar near the backstage area. She has no boobs, and has long black hair, dark thick eyebrows, usually wears all black, and usually has her hair tied into a single (double?) braid. The story I heard was that one of the bartenders was her boyfriend, and she likes to keep tabs on him. Another rumor is that she is a dyke (and some of the women who hang with her seem to have that look). But, of course you can't always tell by looking. I've never seen her go with anybody (man or woman). One night a few years ago she actually danced naked on the stage, and it was incredible. She was fantastic. I don't ever think I've seen her smile.

[I've often wondered about this woman myself. I've seen her tending bar at the Chicago Club during slow periods. So I suspect her novio is a bartender. But who knows?]

Anyhow, back to Adelita on Friday night. The place was busy, though not uncomfortably packed. There was a woman who I spotted the day before, and I saw her, but we never made eye contact. Then she left with a girlfriend for a while. When she came back I grabbed her and we went back to the small booths for a drink. Her name was Yolata, and she sure was pretty (thin, nice casual dress, young face, and great boobs). She reminded me of a girl I used to work with, and I always had the hots for her. It's a good thing I had the drink first, as the whole time she never smiled, touched me, or even looked at me. Finally she asked if I wanted to go to the hotel, and I said no but thanks anyhow. The vibes weren't there.

[This is why I recommend buying a girl a drink before heading for the hotel. It gives you a chance to size her up and to ditch her if she's a dud.]

So, I finished my drink, stood up, and walked to the corner of the small dance floor and started watching the show on the main dance floor. There was a tug on my sleeve, and a woman shyly asked me if I would buy her a drink. It was my old pal Angela. It turns out the first time we met, a couple of months ago, I was standing on exactly the same spot, watching the show. She is slim enough, fairly big real boobs, medium curly hair, and a big smile with a couple of bad front teeth. Anyhow we had a drink, talked about old times for maybe 30 seconds, and then headed for the room. She insists on a condom for the BJ, gets pissed if you don't have a non-lubricated one, makes a big deal about wiping off the lubrication (hey, occupational hazard, sweetie), and then gives a very rough hard though enthusiastic BJ.

This time she insisted on a double condom for the act. After a few minutes of this, I just finish myself off by hand. At the critical moment she grabs the towel to "protect" herself, meaning there's nothing to use to dry off with later. Every woman in the past hasn't had any problems with com on the stomach or tits, so this came as a surprise. Well, so much for Angela, and on to bigger and better things in the future. It's not that she's bad, but the first time was fun, and the second time less so.

Too bad but I gotta catch an early plane in the morning. However, there is time enough for a quick drink at Chicago. As I walk in, some woman grabs me, and I immediately go into "shrugging off" mode. Who needs this shit? So I walk to my favorite booth right outside the women's room, and the woman follows me, and sits down. WTF?

But, by now she has real tears in her eyes. She cries, "Arturo, don't you remember me?" Oh shit, I think, she knows my name. But, the only ex-wife I can think of is in Thailand. Then she tells me who she is, and you could have floored me. I didn't recognize her because of some expensive cosmetic surgery (no, not a boob job or sex change).

Incredibly enough, this is the woman with whom I've probably had more sex with than any other in the country, and I didn't recognize her new look, which, by the way, is absolutely fabulous. I met her in Ensenada, when she and her sister used to work at Anthony's. Then they moved to Cancun, and now they are at Chicago Club. The name she is using now is Yennifer (or Jennifer pronounced with a Y, and I promised I wouldn't give out her real name). She probably loves sex more than any other woman I have met, and I've never found anything she wouldn't do (at least for me -- I don't know about for you). In Ensenada she used to bring new girls to my hotel room for me to try out, and plenty of times she'd do it with both me and a buddy.

She has a slightly round face, a few freckles around the eyes, and her hair is sort of red, long & straight, tied in a pony tail, but with every hair in the tail separate & straight. It is a very sophisticated look. She works out, and has big natural boobs, and a small to medium figure. While sitting next to me, every time my hand would stray away from her tit, she'd grab it and clamp it back on. Too bad I had already just done the dirty deed, plus had an early plane to catch. I have literally rolls of photos of her. While she's living at the hotel about Chicago, she owns a house in Ensenada. If you are fortunate enough to meet up with Yennifer, tell her Arturo sent you.

[A most detailed report, Arturo. I look forward to part two.]

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: More on TJ from Arturo (fwd) Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 08:31:24 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is more excellent TJ reportage from Arturo. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Part II Support Services

This newsgroup was started to provide useful information about getting sex in Tijuana. Of course, by now, 99% of the messages are spam (or childish flame wars), but a few good messages do manage to slip through. I was able to put some recent advice to good use on a TJ trip from June 26th to the 28th.


Previously, since I visit TJ for several days at a time, I have stayed at several different hotels. Each has its good and bad points. This time, I stayed at one recently recommended in the newsgroup, which is La Villa de Zaragoza Hotel. It is at Av. Madero #1120, which is the block behind the Jai Alai fonton on Revolucion, between Calle 7 and 8. The room I stayed in cost $34. It was air conditioned, carpeted, and had TV & phone. There was a half gallon sealed bottle of pure water, free ice, shampoo, tissue paper, and a guarded parking lot. There is a $5 key deposit. Also on the premises is a bar (no big whoop), and a restaurant.

The restaurant has two daily lunch specials, which cost, and I am not kidding, $2.55 complete. I had a fish fillet, fabulous rice, shredded carrots with pineapple & raisins, soup, sourdough bread, (juice, coffee, or cola), and tortillas. You can eat inside or out. It is a clean and friendly place, with excellent service. Telephone in TJ is 85-18-32 while from the USA it's (011) 526-685-1832. The downside? While the TV was supposed to have HBO, the channel turned out to actually be Showtime (pickey, pickey). There's usually a taxi parked right out front. If not, the front desk will call for one, and it'll be there in 2 to 3 minutes.


Besides the restaurant at the hotel, Dr. O'Toole recommended El Taurino. It's on the south side of Calle 6, between Av. Ninos Heros and Av. Miguel Martinez. That's 2.5 blocks west of Av. Revolucion. The specialty of the house is a marinated steak called La Cabreria. Now, what the playful Sir Brockton "forgot" to mention was that this damn steak is HUGE! It is enough for three people! It comes with an appetizer, a salad (or soup--the soup I had was an incredibly delicious bean soup), chips, dips, and all the usual great side dishes. You also get a dish of fried onions (absolutely great on the steak), plus some incredibly hot peppers.

No problem getting a doggy bag, as you are guaranteed not to finish everything on your plate. The friendly & professional waiters speak enough English to serve you, they have menus in English, and they'll take your dollars at a very fair exchange rate. The price? $12.50 (I am not kidding). The very clean El Taurino gets Five Stars from Sir Brockton. It also gets the Arturo Seal of Approval. If you insist on only going to Chicago, and it doesn't get busy until 8:30 or 9, why not have a great meal here first? Want more good news? You can get a lobster dinner for the same price. Baja California is famous for its lobsters.

[The food at El Taurino is reason enough to make an excursion to TJ. Your Faithful Scribe has sampled his fair share of steaks the world over, and you can rest assured, the fare at El Taurino is truly world class. And if you factor in the absurdly low price, this place is second to none.]


The San Diego airport has always been one of the worst in the USA. Small, crowded, and not nearly enough toilets. Now, after inconveniencing us with years of construction, and spending millions of dollars, the result is one of the worst airports in the USA, being small, crowded, and with not nearly enough toilets. And, because of outside construction, you can currently get killed because of absolutely NO sidewalks, stoplights, or protection whatsoever, for pedestrians trying to get rental car shuttles or taxis. The idiot in charge of this nightmare deserves severe punishment.

[On the rare occasions when I have flown commercial, I too have been annoyed by the poor facilities at Lindbergh Field (which, indeed, appears to date to Lindbergh's era). Fortunately, the acommodations at the FBO are much better and the folks are much nicer when the "Spirit of O'Toole" taxis up to the ramp.]


Recently, a flaming jerk has posted several messages recommending arming yourself before venturing into Mexico. Well, if you want to be a total asshole, then go ahead. Just don't expect the "American Embassy" to bail you out of jail. For one thing, it's the Consulate that handles such matters, and you'll quickly find out there's nothing they will do for you, either. For another thing there is absolutely NO repeat NO reason to bring a weapon into Mexico. Besides being highly illegal, you'll find it either useless, or, more likely, used against you (by the bandidos or the police in order to make your charges more serious). [note the proper spelling of bandido, as opposed to the gringo misspelling of bandito].

It is highly unlikely that you'll find yourself in real physical danger. Yeah, some asshole might piss you off, and insult you, or threaten you, or even mug you, but words, and maybe the loss of a few dollars, are about as far as it goes. In fact, you can avoid virtually any danger simply by taking taxis for $5 a ride.

[A hearty O'Toole "Here Here!" for this comment.]

Besides, TJ in general probably being safer to walk around than San Diego, contrary to some childish reports in the newsgroup, the Mexican government does not exist solely to toss Americans into jail. In fact, the Mexican State Secretary of Tourism (a woman, which is unusual in such a high government position), has established tourist assistance hotlines in all major Mexican cities. In TJ the number is 88-05-05. You can call if you are arrested, or for any other reason. The Secretary does not spend millions of dollars trying to get tourists into Mexico only to hassle them. Besides, under the Mexican Constitution, tourists have virtually all legal protection that citizens have. The main things to remember are no weapons, no drugs, no drinking in public, and no public disturbances (yelling, loud auto radios, and public drinking can get you arrested). If you insist on driving into Mexico, make sure you get Mexican insurance before you cross the border.

[Note the strict attitude toward drinking in public. Unlike bars in the the United States, the bars in the Zona Norte are sometimes lax about keeping an eye out for patrons who absent-mindedly wander out with a beer in their hand. And the liquor store on the corner just east of the Adelita Bar does sell single beers. All of this might lead you to conclude that TJ is like New Orleans in that the authorities tolerate consumption of alcoholic beverages on the street. You would be wrong. So take Arturo's advice and confine your drinking to the bars.]

You will be safe if you take taxis after dark, and only walk between Adelita Bar and Chicago Club. If you insist on walking, stick to the west side IN THE STREET on Constitution between the Zona Norte and Calle 1. Revolution is not a particularly pleasant place to be at night, because of the annoying taxi guys, and bar hawkers (think about it, if a place has to pay yahoos to stand outside yelling you won't get ripped off inside, well, just figure the odds). Believe me, stick to Adelita & Chicago. Period. If you can't find what you like there, then go home.

[Yet more excellent advice. You'll notice that the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club survive without barkers. Avoid like the plague any place that employees these loathsome fellows.]

Here's a very important safety note: ANY smiling "sexy" woman who comes up and blocks your way is almost assuredly a transvestite mugger. Don't believe me? Go ahead, make his day. While you are being "polite" and trying to explain that you have already had enough sex, he will be roughly grabbing your dick with one hand, and cleaning out your pockets with the other.

[This is the oldest trick in the book, also known as the "honk and grab." These thieves prey upon gents who are drunk and horny and distracted. Beware.]

You can expect this to happen ANYWHERE in the Zona Norte, except between Adelita & Chicago. It can even happen on Revolution later in the evening. It happened to me at the corner of Constitution & Calle 1 a few years ago (I lost $12), I saved a buddy from getting mugged on the way to New York New York last year (pushing the TV's hand out of my buddy's pants' pocket), and I saved myself other times on Constitution and last week on Revolution. I found the best way to handle the situation is when they come up to block your way, you yell at the top of your lungs, "NO!" and quickly walk around them. Real women sex workers will NOT block your way.

[Quite right about the behaviour of the genuine article. Occasionally, you'll pass the girls of the Zona Norte out on the sidewalk. They'll give you the eye, they may even call out to you. But they will always let you pass unmolested. Anybody who gets in your "personal space" is up to no good. Thankfully, this behaviour is quite rare and in between the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club, it NEVER happens.]

Finally, what do you do if an asshole starts hassling you for no reason? The answer is you just ignore him and walk away. Keep on walking. Reacting in any other way will probably make things worse. I had some scumbag worm start hassling me as I was walking last week on Constitution between 1st & 2nd (usually a relatively "safe" area). The more I ignored him, the worse he got (you are actually scoring points, though it's hard to believe at the time). I finally crossed the street in the middle of the block, and he drifted off looking for another victim. You can pretty much expect that words are the only weapons of poor people. This frustrated asshole was taking out his personal problems on the wrong guy.

[This is another very rare problem. Your Faithful Scribe is a very frequent visitor to the Zona Norte, yet he gets this kind of treatment no more than once per year. Always, the person doing the yelling is muy barracho (drunk) and seeking a handout. As Arturo notes, the pro move is to ignore them and move on.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report by Minuteman (fwd) Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 21:41:09 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Here is a TJ report from a correspondent who goes by the name of Minuteman. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

About two years ago, after considerable reading of the news group, and the section on Tijuana in the World Wide Sex Guide, I got my courage/motivation up and ventured to TJ. I've since made about eight trips to TJ, one to Tecate and one to Mexacali. I thought I'd share some of my TJ observations and experiences.

General: The information in the news group is invaluable. Another good source is the book titled "Red Lights of Baja California", although it is getting quite out of date.

Crossing/Returning: Just follow the directions in the World Wide Sex Guide. During the daylight hours I prefer to walk across (just turn to the right just before the second turnstile and you'll save a few yards). After a good time in Zona Norte I prefer a cab back to la lina. No way would I attempt the walk over the bridge after dark.

Language: My Spanish is miserable. I pick up what I can, when I have a chance, from a book I bought when I started my adventures. Most useful have been the numbers (so far I haven't had to use the ones above sixty nine). Also useful are a few simple calendar terms (the days of the week, the months, etc.) and what ever phrases you can pick up for some rudimentary conversation. A useful book I recently picked up in Book Star is "Mierda, The Real Spanish You Were Never Taught in School." The Spanish tips in some of the recent posts have also been useful.

[If Chamuco can't teach you the words, you don't need to say it.]

The Zona Norte Clubs: Adelatas and Chicago are just as described. My preference is Adelatas because of the casual, stroll around and chat atmosphere. True, some of the girls are short and chunky, but there are plenty that are quite attractive. True to the words of Sir Brockton, the 7's and 8's usually are more fun than the 10's. I've never had problems with change in either Adelatas or Chicago, although I take plenty of $5 and $1 dollar bills. If I run low on small bills I've found New York to be a good reliable source of change for a $20 - for the price of a beer.

[No need to leave the Adelita Bar or the Chicago Club for change. Both places can easily break a $20 bill. Given the amount of cash that flows through both places, I have a hunch they'd easily change a $100 bill. Once, of course, they were convinced it was genuine.]

Since I can usually only get to Zona Norte on week nights and week afternoons, Adelatas fits my needs to a T. I've found a good selection of girls there as early as 11:00 a.m. on a weekday. True, there are not 50 or 60 girls, but then there are not 80 to 90 guys. As one of the other posters noted, there is a nice relaxed atmosphere during the day.

[Agreed. The Adelita Bar is the best "off hours" location in the Zona Norte.]

I've found some other clubs worth a visit, although English is at a premium and with my practically non-existent Spanish I've never had much success at scoring in them. My favorite is La Perla Negra, located one block to the West of Adelatas and on the opposite side of the street. It used to have a real old west atmosphere, cockroaches and all. However, the people are friendly and they had some good strip shows on a stage that you could be seated virtually on top of. It has recently been completely re-done (except for the rest room) and now is very clean and neat. However, the close up seating is still there and the shows are still entertaining (by my standards - which are based more on the girls enthusiasm and personality than pure looks).

They also have an interesting touch - a shower near the back of the bar. The girls finishing stripping and then take a shower under a spotlight. The last time I was there (6/3/97) I bought one of the strippers a few drinks (only $3.50 in La Perla Negra) and she was hustling me for something involving the shower for $20. The waiter tried to help translate, saying something about being able to do everything but fuck. I think the deal was that for the $20 I could have joined her in the shower but I held since I couldn't understand what the deal was (damn my poor Spanish) and waited to see if another guy would take the bait - no one did while I was there.

Another interesting club is Las Chevelas(?), located just down the street from Adelatas, on the same side. Again, English is at a premium, but they have some gorgeous strippers.

[If you are interested in going to a club that is more "Mexican" than the Adelita Bar, Las Chavelas is a good place to start. It has the advantage of being very close to the Adelita Bar, so you'll be safe walking over there. The Miami Club is also fun, but the journey from the Adelita Bar to the Miami Club is slightly more dangerous. Brush up on your high school Spanish before attempting to patronize either club.]

Revolution: I've never bothered with trying to score with the girls there, but I find it entertaining to visit some of the clubs while recharging my battery. I like Isis, on Seventh, just off Revolution. They have some pretty girls there and generally some interesting strippers.

[I respectfully disagree that any of the Av. Rev. clip joints are relaxing. There is just too much hassle, too much pressure. I prefer to wander into the clubs that the college kids patronize. I find their antics mildly amusing. And I enjoy leering at the Socal sweeties.]

Massage: Some recent posts have inquired about massage in TJ. Azteca, on Second, just off Revolution has an excellent 45 minute massage for $20. I've tried it once - no sex. They have a sign that says "massage is non-sexual, please respect the technician." However, the girls are cute and not shy about giving a pretty thorough massage. Maybe if I were more direct something more would have happened. For an erotic massage (at least a hand job) there's a place at Revolution and Ninth, behind Banco Union that advertises in the San Diego Reader for "Massage in Tijuana $25."

[IMHO, paying $25 for a handjob is not a good value when you can get laid for $50 in the Zona Norte. But Your Faithful Scribe understands variety is the spice of life.]

Safety: I try and follow the advice in the news group, although I like to roam a bit to some of the other Zona Norte clubs while recharging. Walking on the street side of the parked cars at night definitely seems safer. I've only had two incidents, both in mid-afternoon. Once some guy began walking beside me on the sidewalk acting as an un-solicited "tour guide." Then he asked for three dollars and started threatening to call the cops if I didn't pay. I threw him $2 and darted into the friendly confines of La Perla Negra. He was gone when I left.

On another occasion I foolishly decided to take a look at a club down the alley beside Club Inferno. Two guys began following me so I reversed course and made a bee line for the street and Adeletas. Again, I never saw them again.

[On my most recent trip to the Zona Norte, I was crossing the street at the corner of Calle Primera and Av. Constitucion, when a teenaged chap sidled up next to me and asked "Hey man, you want to see the donkey show?" After I stopped chuckling, I realized that there must be some fellows gullible enough to go with him. At the very least, this is a con game. And it might be worse. The teaching point here is to avoid street touts and barkers, no matter what they're hawking. Remember, they make their living telling you what you want to hear. Don't belive a word of it. Stick to the tried-and-true method in the FAQ and you'll have a great time without getting ripped off.]

Girls: Some so-so, some OK and some great. All but one (more on that later) have been from Adeletas. I've had the pleasure of being with Tayna before her name was spread all over the news group and Angela before Jayhawk revealed she did anal. One of my favorite was a tall stripper with short dirty blond hair named Sandra. She did a wild strip and was just as wild in bed. I haven't seen her for a while. The strippers vary considerably in quality. Some are great and some just shuffle around the stage. One observation: seems like the best strip shows are between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

[Sandra always looks good, I can assure you of that.]

My last visit (6/4/97) I was kind of down after an un-enthusiastic session with an ice queen from Adeletas. I strolled over to Chicago - not too crowded. I noticed a slightly overweight girl with short reddish hair and a big smile dancing with another girl. Ah - the value of the news group. Heidi I said to myself, remembering the recent posts about her. Why not, I said to my self as I received confirmation from a friendly waiter that she was indeed Heidi. I was glad I did. She was everything previous posters have represented and everything that my earlier ice queen was not. Actually, I didn't find her too bad looking either.

[Would have like more details here, but I can respect this gentleman's discretion.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Yet More TJ Information from Arturo (fwd) Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 08:31:54 -0400 (EDT)

Gentlemen: Stand back! Arturo is on a roll! Here is his latest missive. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Damn, I am so wired after my last TJ trip that I gotta write some more, even though I already just wrote a couple hours worth of stuff. There are some good threads going, and I wanna jump in.

First, thanks are in order to those posting great TJ info, not limited to Sir Brockton, TJMan, Amochichis, MuleLip8 (thanks for the Zaragoza Hotel info), and OZP. These guys know their stuff about TJ.

But I see some complaints that guys get into the room with the women and find they can't get a BJ. As Sir B says, make sure you settle everything prior to going upstairs. Over a drink is a great way to gently handle these details. After a few sips, name exchange, etc, and you decide to do it, make sure you settle the price first. If you are concerned about the BJ, here's the trick. It's a bit silly and awkward, but it works for me. You ask the simple question, "SuckyFucky?" I have never had anyone turn me down for this, while I have had a no BJ experience without having confirmed it prior to going to the hotel. An alternative is to ask the woman what she will do for you in the room (and don't pay too much attention to any promise of massage). Her answer just might be SuckyFucky anyhow. This is also the best time to negotiate for a condomless BJ. Once you give her the money, or even go to the room without working out the details, you lose a lot of control. Keep in mind that you are the customer, and there's plenty more where she came from. So if things don't look right, bail out before you get committed.

[In my experience, Arturo's "BJ verification" technique is more needed at the Adelita Bar than at the Chicago Club. But YMMV. As I've noted in the past, if a BJ is important to you, work that out with the girl in advance. I have mixed feelings about asking the girl to dispense with the condom. Everything I've read tells me that the health risks of a BJ sin condom are almost entirely on the girl's side. Granted, there is considerable debate over the level of risk faced by the girl. But I think it's fair to say there is at least *some* additional risk compared to a vulcanized BJ. My practice is to let the girls take the lead in this area. If they offer this service unbidden, I cheerfully accept. (And I follow up with a tip.) But I'm a little uncomfortable asking the girls to do this. Anybody else have an opinion on this point?] As for lesbians & girls dancing with each other, I've had two of them put on a girl-girl show for me more than once. Some of them really get into it, with full serious muff diving. Make sure you negotiate all the details first. I figure the main reasons so many girls dance with each other are that they are simply bored out of their skulls, they like music & dancing, and they want to show off their wares. The latter is the least likely reason in my opinion, as few of the women seem to have the grasp they should on marketing themselves (says Arturo, consultant to the stars).

[IMHO, the vast majority of girls who dance with each other at the Chicago Club do so strictly to advertise themselves. (Perhaps they realize how lousy the lights are in there and they know that unless they get out on the dance floor no guys will ever see them.)]

As to whether they hate men or not, it doesn't bother me one way or the other. I don't even mind the ice queens. I mean, if they want to participate and have a swell time, that's great. If they just want to lie there and be "humiliated," I can get off on that, too. Remember, get them to agree to SuckyFucky first, no matter what.

[Geez, Arturo. I know the Supreme Court says free speech is alive and well on the Net. But misogynist verbiage about "humiliating" women is a little harsh, don't you think? When it comes to gorgeous (but listless) women, Your Faithful Scribe prefers instead to concentrate on appreciating their great beauty.]

Being shut down on the 4th of July (or whatever, during elections) reminds me of the Philippines. Only there, foreigners were allowed into bars to drink, but the locals couldn't. I never could figure out why. Is the government afraid you'd get drunk and not vote, or is it afraid you would get drunk and would vote? And do they think you are too dumb not to have a bottle at home? My take on the matter is that anything that interferes with my fun is bad.

Want a great souvenir to take back home? Coffee is dirt cheap in stores. There is a Calimax open 24 hours at the corner of Constitution and 2nd. They take American money, and supermarkets are great places to change large denomination bills (as I imagine the hotel desk upstairs is, too).

[Again, there is plenty of change available in the Adelita Bar and the Chicago Club. I am confident they can change larger bills of American currency.]

You'd of all gotten a kick out of the guy that sat next to me last Friday in Adelita Bar. He was Peter from Edinburgh, Scotland, and his pals told him this was a treat not to be missed (they were right). He was like a kid in a candy store (as was Arturo, for that matter). He kept asking me questions. He was there for several hours.

[Ah, a visitor from the Old Sod. Capital! Sir Brockton is always pleased to welcome chaps from Her Majesty's Realm to the delights of TJ!]

I was glad to see some mention about my (our) sweetheart Sandra, the fabulous dancer of the short dirty blond hair and slender yet stacked body. She's a great example of a very attractive woman who hasn't let it go to her head. I checked some old messages, and the teenage looking honey in the white bra, jeans, and pony tail could very well be Sir B's sweetheart Esmerelda. She was really wrapping some old guy (not me, a different one) around her finger with absolutely no effort at all. It was a pleasure to watch.

[Actually, Your Faithful Scribe is enamoured of Esperanza. For all the reports about the "attitude" of certain girls, I am consistently amazed that so many of them remain perfectly wonderful. The legendary Rosie is a perfect example of this. She is so tremendously hot that she could easily get away with being less than pleasant. Yet she is always charming.]

Finally, a last reminder about my pal Yennifer (Jennifer? It's her new name) at Chicago Club. She's new there, though I knew her for a long time from my many visits to Ensenada, and she just moved back to the area from Cancun. Great, real body, with long hair in a sophisticated ponytail, with each hair straight & separate. Ask her for some stories about Arturo.

[Another excellent report by Arturo. I know he's not the only chap hanging out in the Zona Norte these days. So if you've been recently (or even not so recently) e-mail me you report. I'll strip off your identity (and add a snappy pen name if you want) and forward it on to the group.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Latest TJ Report (fwd) Date: 1997/07/01

Gentlemen: Here is a TJ report I recently received from a correspondent who I believe is new to the group. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

As someone who enjoyed TJ on the occasional business trip, I have found your FAQ and this newsgroup to be invaluable. It is safe to say that I never would have ventured into the Zona Norte without your able guidance. Thanks!

[The FAQ is written with the TJ novice in mind. If you take its guidance to heart, you'll have a great time -- even if you don't speak Spanish, even if you're alone and even if it's your first time.]

The good news is that I recently relocated to San Diego! It is certainly convenient being just 30 minutes from the cabs!

There has been some recent local publicity about a change in the border crossing procedure that may be useful to your readers. In response to the increasing number of weapons coming across the border, US Customs and Immigration is now using an airport-style metal detector and x-ray unit. As you approach the lines to pass through US Customs, you will pass through the detector. Weapons will be confiscated. This may put a new twist on the recent thread from a few souls who prefer a different kind of "protection" when they cross the border. Although local newspaper accounts didn't mention it, this new procedure must only be in effect on a random basis.....I have been through with and without the detector. Anyway...this is a new wrinkle in the process and I thought it might be of interest to your readers.

I am a staunch supporter of the theory that all of the delights that any man could want can be found in either the Chicago Club or the Adelita Club. Lately, however, I have found myself enjoying the Adelita Club a great deal more. I get a much more "friendly" feel from the place...more smiles, more conversation, etc. The cold, no smiles routine at Chicago doesn't do much to warm me up.

On several recent visits (Sunday evenings are turning into my favorite time) I spent some time with Felina. About 5'4", medium length blonde straight hair, good figure, artificially enhanced, but not over-done. She's pretty good with English. To put it bluntly, this young lady has caused me to worry about the health of my heart for the first time in my life! She is extraordinary with her mouth....seems to know exactly how far to go/when to stop to leave you on that excruciating edge....enjoys seeing how many positions can be tried in the allotted time.....never rushes....always a full, relaxing time. She absolutely fits your theory that the best sex is often had with the 7-8s rather than the 10s. Not to mention that she is great to talk to....she loves to dance if you are so inclined....and she has enough of a command of the English language that even those of us who are Spanish-impaired can have an enjoyable conversation. I heartily recommend her to anyone who is confident of their cardiac fitness!

[Hmmm. Your Faithful Scribe does not know her. But she sounds pretty hot.]

As with many of the girls, she hails from elswhere (Acupulco is her home). When I saw her a week of so ago, she was headed home for a rest for 4-6 weeks. However, she will be back by the first of August.

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ trip report 7/2-7/3 Part 1/2 (fwd) Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 04:31:44 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is the first installment of a rather detailed TJ report from a new correspondent. Please welcome him to the fold. Also, please note my new e-mail address. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Travelled to San Diego on 7/2 for a long holiday weekend to enjoy the south of the border specialties. (Bad timing you are thinking now? More on the elections later). Arrived at the Motel 6 in Chula Vista about 11:30 Wednesday night, promptly changed out of the business attire and made a beeline for the border.

[The Motel-6 in Chula Vista is an excellent base of operations for the budget-minded traveler. The rooms are small, but clean and comfortable. And the rack rate for a single is about $39 once you add on the tax. Recommended.]

Parking Nirvana, as Mr. O'Toole would say, then a quick taxi ride to the Adelita Bar. BTW, the border crossing has really been spiffed up since my last visit 18 months ago. Adelita Bar was packed - must have been 60+ girls and 100+ guys in there. Some cuties but none of the drop dead beauties I've seen at Chicago, so after a beer I mosied on over to the Chicago Club.

[Actually, that's parking *karma*. But Your Faithful Scribe is in Nirvana whenever he finds a free space.]

The Chicago bar was full of beautiful women. I was looking for Heidi, due to recent posts about her endearing personality and enthusiasm, but no luck. A couple of cute redheads with short hair were present, but both were very skinny and my waiter assured me Heidi was not working tonight.

After settling in with a beer next to the ladies room - a bit too close as the smell was not so wonderful (too bad Chicago can't keep the place as sparkling clean as they do at Adelita Bar) - a good looking gal came over to hawk her wares. This was in line with recent posts but a surprise to me as I had NEVER observed this in years past at Chicago. She rubbed her ta-ta's against my face, then pulled the neck of her low-cut dress down so I could peer into her cleavage. A very pleasing sight indeed, but she was a bit older than the kind of coed lookalike I prefer to act my fantasies out with, so I gave her the polite but firm brushoff.

About 1:00 A.M. the DJ announced a floor show. The first girl, who really had not earned a second glance from me earlier with her dress on, came out sans dress in a bikini. Wow! Short black hair held in back of her head by a comb, very nice breasts, and - my favorite - skinny waist followed by flaring hips. You other guys can have those slim-hipped boyish looking gals. She gave a very sexy dance, followed by losing the bikini top to display wonderful natural breasts above a flawless tummy. I had to have this girl!

[It seems that the folks at the Chicago Club have decided to cut back on the number of floor shows. These days, the first performance is often delayed until well after midnight.]

Then the second girl came out, a cute short-haired redhead, and gave a decent show. While looking for the first dancer, I got confused - there were 2 girls with combs holding their hair back - so I waited for the 3rd girl to dance while trying to figure out which girl was the girl of my dreams. Holy Cow! The 3rd dancer was a tallish (5'6") blond with a body to kill for. Hair down to her shoulders, California girl body - a 10 for sure - with a decent if not perfect face. I forgot about the black-haired beauty and now set my sights on this blond - the joys of a target-rich environment!

[Funny how a gent in the Chicago Club can be absolutely, positively convinced he's found the girl of his dreams -- and then change his mind in five minutes. Such is the pleasant challenge that awaits there.]

After she danced I had Pedro (actually, waiter no. 1 - but a name sounds better) call her over. She only asked for $50 - surprising me as that is the low end for the Chicago girls - and I said yes without bargaining.

[Note use of waiter to arrange meeting with superhot Chicago Club girl. Very wise move.]

Up to the room and I helped her undress after giving her the $50 and $10 extra. She seemed a bit shy - maybe a new girl or at least a good actor - and up close her body was without flaw. Two of the finest natural, large breasts I have ever had the good luck to nuzzle, slim waist, and soft golden colored skin. Despite my preference to fool around a bit, she proceeded directly to an unenthusiastic and not overly long vulcanized BJ, then climbed on top. Delightful view of her titties bouncing up and down, , though once again not long enough, followed by missionary and finally doggy. Rather average performance in the bedroom, unfortunately. Not much personality and very little movement on her part. Keeping in mind my duty as a reporter, I asked her name again as we left the room.

Hah! Shows how your perspective changes south of the border. Fifty bucks for a goddess and I'm complaining! Down to the bar for another beer, when I realized I had forgotten the golden beauty's name - Sorry! Still no Heidi - so back to the border, as it was 3:00 A.M. PT and about 5:00 according to my body clock. The border crossing is much improved going back as well - the taxi now drops you right at the pedestrian bridge. No more hike through the dark and dreary vendors stalls to get to the bridge. That hike at 3:00 A.M. used to scare the crapola out of me.

[Actually, Sir Brockton didn't mind the former dropoff point. It was a shorter walk to the pedestrian inspection entrance. And perfectly safe.]

More on my next night to follow.

[Gentlemen: Please note my new e-mail address.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ report - 7/2 - 7/3 Part 2/2 (fwd) Date: Sat, 5 Jul 1997 04:31:45 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is the second installment of the latest TJ report. Also, please note my new e-mail address. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Woke up hungover and tired on Thursday. Too much work lately, the fun last night, and too little sleep. Read the latest posts to ASP about TJ and - to my horror - discovered that the bars would be closed for the Mexican elections this weekend. Arrggh! Of all the cursed luck, for my flight back is not until Monday. Well, rest assured, I will be letting you all know how things are down in TJ when the bars are closed. BTW, an article in the San Diego newspaper says that most of the bars will be open but cannot serve alcohol. My sincerest hopes that Adelita and Chicago will be open. The ban on alcohol starts at midnight Friday and runs until 10:00 A.M Monday.

[There is a lesson to be learned here. A TJ trip is an excellent break from the rigors of your work. But your first night in the Zona Norte, you will be excited (in more ways than one!) So you'll be tempted to drink to excess and stay out too late. Be patient and save some energy for successive nights. You'll have a better time.]

Anyway, decided to check out the daytime scene at Adelita Bar as recent posts have indicated it is pretty good. They are correct. Arrived about 3:00 PM, and the place had about 40 girls and as many guys. Most of the girls were the norm - short and chubby with the native look - but there were enough cuter girls to maintain my interest. And it was alot easier to spot the girls today than it was last night with 100 or more guys in the way.

It was about 90 degrees F outside, but very tolerable due to a cool ocean breeze. Not so inside Adelita's - the heat was stifling, especially with about half a dozen couples sweating it up on the dance floor. Thought a couple of times I was gonna keel over from the heat. Walked around the club several times - what fun having the girls grab your butt as you go by - until I couldn't take the heat any more. A floor show had started about 3:30 or so, and after the third girl (usually they dance in threes) I had to get outside so I meandered over to Chicago to see what the afternoon crowd looks like, and to get some fresh air. As I expected, it was dead. There were half a dozen girls or so, no customers, so I spun on my heel and walked right back out to get more of the cool breeze.

Overheard a funny conversation at the door however. An American was interviewing the doorman - and as I walked by the second time, he asked 'Why don't any American girls work at Club Chicago', to which the doorman replied 'Because they do not like the Mexican men.' Gawd, thought I was gonna bust a gut right there. Fortunately managed to maintain my composure and not ruin international relations single-handedly. Back to Adelita bar for some serious fun.

Finally found a cool spot in Adelita - at the bar directly to the left of the entrance, where you get a cool breeze every time someone comes through the doorway. The floor show was still going on - at least 6 girls must have danced one after the other. After about 15 minutes, a semi-cute brunette comes up to me and perches in my lap. I had been watching her dance with another guy earlier, and she seemed to have a really delightful personality, so this was not an unwelcome turn of events. Her name was Monica and, aside from the buck teeth, she was pretty good looking. Large breasts, shoulder length black hair, not skinny but not really chubby either. She started massaging my crotch while leaning back and giving me a nice view of her ample cleavage. She then rubbed my cold beer on her chest and back to cool down some. After a little more crotch massage, I agreed to go next door for $40.

Surprisingly, she looked better in the sunlight than in the dark bar. Up to the room where she was very talkative - my lack of Spanish did not keep her from babbling on about whatever - and we undressed each other. She was very playful and fun to be with, smiling the whole time. A vulcanized BJ followed by the usual positions. All in all, a nice siesta. My fondest memories of paid encounters are with average looking girls who were fun to be with, rather than with the goddesses who act like blow-up dolls. Hope I can find more like that on this trip.

As it was still early, another Tecate in the bar to facilitate my fantasies about college coeds. A real cutie in the back right hand corner of the bar was being very aloof. She was tiny - no more than 5 ft tall - blondish hair with small breasts, a perfect face, but her demeanor was off-putting. I looked her way several times but she did not come over, so I decided to settle for another girl.

Must have been in the mood for a petite girl, for I summoned another petite cutie over to me. She was a brunette with shoulder length brown hair tied back into a short pony tail. Name Melissa, slightly Asian look to her. Very cute, great bod, young looking. She said $50 to go to the hotel. I offered $40, she said no. I said OK, see ya later. And she walked off! Usually at that point the girls will drop the price. This convinced me she must be a really hot tamale, so I grabbed her hand and said, 'let's go'.

Man, watching this girl sway up the stairs was driving me nuts. Talk about fulfilling fantasies! Like Sir Brockton and others have said, it's like going to a college party, except you can walk up to any of the girls, say 'Go to the hotel with me', and they say yes! Anyway, I was in for a major disappointment. Got to the room and helped her off with the bra. Tits sagged down like she was 50 years old. Stretch marks all over the place.

Man, between having had a girl an hour earlier, the heat, and being tired, I began having serious doubts about whether my faithful companion would even perform. Fortunately, she got right down to a bareback BJ which was well above average. After a bit of that I put her doggy style - no desire to look at those saggy tits or stretch marks - and finished off as quickly as possible.

Whoever invented push-up bras should be taken into a field and summarily executed.

More reports to follow, including a report on TJ under the alcohol ban. Wish me luck!

[All in all, an excellent report. Note that the Adelita Bar is the only game in the Zona Norte during "off peak" hours.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: Eope od TJ from The Minuteman (fwd) Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 02:31:58 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is the latest TJ report from The Minuteman. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

TJ, Friday, 6/20 and Monday, 6/23.

Arrived in Zona Norte at about 11:00 p.m. on Friday, 6/20. First time on a Friday evening. Got out of the Cab near Chicago and was immediately accosted by Heidi who was headed for the restaurant next door. I told her I'd be back later and headed for Adelitas. First thing I saw as I approached the door to Adelitas was an attractive, large breasted blonde, headed for the hotel, wearing a see-through top. Great way to set the tone for the evening.

[It's always nice when they look just as hot in the light of the stairway to the hotel as they do in the club.]

Inside Adelitas was packed wall to wall. I thought I'd wander around for a while, then come back. Chicago also packed. Good crowds in most of the other clubs I checked out. I went in for a beer at the bar next to Miami (La Chipuca or something like that). The busty stripper I had seen and bought a few drinks for a few weeks before in La Perla Negra was working there. She recognized me and smiled and waived. Strangely, although she had approached me to buy her a drink in La Perla Negra, she didn't approach me this time. Maybe different protocols in different bars. I stayed for her very inspiring strip and then headed back to Adelitas.

[Note how crowded the bars were on a Friday night. That's why I recommend that you experience the Zona Norte on a Friday or Saturday night, if at all possible.]

The crowd had thinned some what at Adelitas but was still substantial. I received a pleasant surprise when I saw one of my favorites, Sandra. It was nice to see some recent posters also recognize Sandra's talents. A few more words about her are warranted. Sandra is a tall blonde from Monterey, appearing late 20's to early 30's with a body most 18 year olds would be proud to display. Long legs, slim waist and nice (although I think enhanced) tits. While many of the Mexican strippers in both Zona Norte and on Av. Revolucion just shuffle around the stage, Sandra performs more like the ones you would see in American clubs. She goes full nude, lots of pole action, lots of crowd contact and usually a floor show.

Although she speaks good English, and definitely is not shy, she doesn't seem to approach guys - when I have been there she sits back and waits for an approach. Her standard pitch is "fucky, sucky, massage - $40. She gives long, leisurely, condomless head, followed by a great fuck in a variety of positions and a pretty decent, though brief, massage.

[Good looks AND good in bed? Your Faithful Scribe is intrigued!]

How could I resist? I gave her my standard approach - "I want to eat your pussy." Up in the room we started the usual routine but she seemed hurried. It turned out she was due to dance down stairs. They were announcing the show while we were in the room. After a rather hurried BJ and fuck she rushed out of the room before offering a massage and didn't even wait for me to walk her downstairs. Not quite what I expected. However, a rush session with Sandra is better than a routine session with a lot of Zona Norte girls.

Downstairs I went back into Adelitas to watch the show. Sandra was up next. She came on and gave it her usual great effort. Life does have its compensations - I really got a charge out of watching a nude girl turn on a room full of screaming guys knowing I'd had my dick in her mouth just a few minutes before.

[The joys of the Zona Norte are many. This is certainly one of them.]

After the show I wandered around a few other clubs. Most had good crowds and nude shows. Even the grungy little hole in the wall on the corner on the way from Adelitas to Chicago. I went in there for a beer. There were a few nice looking girls there, including the nude one on the stage. However, with my poor Spanish I didn't stand a chance. Since it was getting late I headed for home. Heidi would have to wait.

On Monday, 6/23 I arrived in Zona Norte at about 8:00 p.m. This was more my speed. Both Adelitas and Chicago had good crowds but much more manageable that Friday. I've now been there on every night except for Sunday. I actually prefer the slower, weekday pace.

[Of course, The Minuteman is entitled to his opinion. But IMO, a gentleman seeking the best possible selection of girls should avoid the slower, weekday evenings.]

Went to La Perla Negra for a beer. Not much going on. One girl was drinking with some guys at a table and kept raising her skirt and lowering her top. With no bra and no panties it was entertaining. Bought a couple of beers for one of the girls and tried to improve my Spanish with minimal success. Then headed for Adelitas.

Nice crowd in Adelitas (almost always is). After wandering around for a while I noticed a girl sitting by the bar in the corner by the mens room door. Following our leaders' advice I often look for the slightly shy types who dress conservatively and kind of hang back. I forgot her name, but she was a small, slender beauty. Long dark hair and a nice body. The clincher was her thin nose with a little hump near the bridge, reminding me of one of my secret loves in high school.

[Isn't it strange how there always seems to be at least one girl in the Zona Norte who reminds you of somebody from your past?]

She wanted $50. I didn't haggle. We went upstairs and got down to business. Undressed her body was a little soft, but still nice. She said she had two kids which probably explained it. Nice condomless BJ and enthusiastic fuck in a variety of positions. All in all a worthwhile experience.

>From the hotel I went to Second and Revolution to Aztec Massage. Had a very good, relaxing massage for $20 (no sex). Grabbed a taco from the place just past Peanuts and Beers and headed for Isis. Nothing going on there so grabbed a cab back to Zona Norte. Batteries still recharging so wandered around checking out a few more clubs. Bought a couple of beers for a cute stripper in El Beckoner but didn't have enough Spanish to negotiate anything. No one there spoke enough English to help.

[Dios Mio! The Minuteman appears to have chosen a monicker that is most inapt. He just keeps going, and going, and going . . .]

Finally went to Chicago. Fairly nice crowd for a Monday night. As soon as I went in, at the bar by the entrance, was Heidi. Since I'd had such a great time with her a few weeks before I thought - "why not?" She remembered me. I bought her a drink and she was all over me in the booth. Up in the hotel it was a repeat of the first time. Lots of licking, body rubbing and a nice condomless BJ. Then a very enthusiastic fuck. She asked for $50 and I gave it to her. I like variety, but I won't hesitate to go with Heidi again.

About 2:00 a.m. ready for bed. Headed for home. Can't wait for the next time.

[An excellent report, with information about some of the lesser known clubs. As you can see, even those these places are often basic, if you're polite they'll be happy to sell you a beer. Of course, the folks in these second-tier clubs often don't speak any English at all. So brush up on your Spanish or be prepared to communicate in pointy talky.]

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report: Definitely NOT a let down (fwd) Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 14:03:42 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is a TJ report from a correspondent who is reporting for the first time. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

O'Greatest One: I would like to submit information regarding my most recent travels south of the border.

Returning from a recent trip to Cancun/Havana, Cuba (I will pass along some information on these 2 locals - what is currently out there sucks) I landed in TJ at 7:00pm and took a taxi immediately to Palacio Azteca. I usually bypass staying on the US side instead favoring this hotel for several reasons. First, it is every bit as nice as the hotels near the border on the US side. Second, the price of the hotel $35 (includes breakfast). Third, and foremost, you can bring women back to the hotel.

[Sounds OK to me. Anybody know where this hotel is located?]

I arrived to the ZN at 9:30pm, and as usually, stopped by Chicago first. There were about 10+ women and about that many guys. After a recon of the area, a half a beer, and some small talk a couple women, that did not motivate me, I strolled over to the Adelita. This place is always rock'n.

I usually like to head to the bar on the left as you enter. I like this area cause its height provides a great vantage point to scope area. As I grabbed an open stool and a cold one I again began my recon work. Should I search out a woman that I was familiar with? or, one that has been highly recommended in ASPT? or, to just play it by ear? As I was looking left of field a petite girl in a bright-green, flowered halter and matching spandex pants brushed my legs with her hand as she was heading to the restroom. Watching that tight ass in green spandex was like a lure and I was a horny fuckin fish. On her way back I caught her eye and she just looked down with that knowing smile that says, "Yeah, I know you want this."

She squeezed in between my legs and she introduced herself. Her english was typical (horrendous), but I let her work at for it a little before speaking to her in Spanish. When most of the women find out that you can speak spanish (especially if they are not expecting you to) it puts a lot of them at ease, which is more times than not a benefit for you. So guys make a little effort and I am sure you will see it pay off. After buying her a drink and talking for a while I found out that she's 23, from Sonora, 0 ninos, has been working in TJ for less than a month and plans on returning to work in either GDL or Cancun.

[Speaking Spanish is definitely a plus. But having a polite attitude counts for a lot also. If you don't speak Spanish, the least you can do is be nice. Nobody likes an obnoxious visitor.]

I finally cut to the chase and told her that I was looking for woman to accompany me back to my hotel for the night. She said no because it was too early and she didn't know me well enough, instead, offering the hotel next door. But this is a woman who claims to work in GDL where it is the norm for women to go back to your hotel room, so what's her problem? Well, luck was on my side, Vanessa, a girl that my buddy *always* brings back to the hotel came by looking for my him. Although Vanessa is almost the exact opposite of Liz, lot of wavy hair, lot a meat on dem bon'z, huge natural tits, and an ass for balance, my palate can be easily swayed. Plus, she'll suck your dick and fuck you till you wave the white flag. It is amazing how inspired some women get when the sense the encroachment of another. We were out of there in no time.

[I've said it before, and I'll reiterate here. The girls in the Zona Norte prefer to stay in the familiar and safe confines of the bar/hotel complex. That way, if you turn out to be some weirdo, help is close at hand. The girls are *most* reluctant to go off to a hotel outside the Zona Norte. This is especially true if they have not been with you before. Granted, as this chap discovered, it can be negotiated. But recall that he speaks Spanish and he finally convinced the girl to do it by threatening to go with somebody else. So, IMHO, this experience is atypical.]

When we arrived at the hotel the clerk looked at us, said good evening, and we kept on going. As long as the girl changes or is wearing something decent they will rarely hassle you. If he does, just register her or give him the mordida (this works 99% of the time). Once upstairs we put the beer (Mr. NiceTaxiMan stopped off at the liquor store) in the sink, threw in some ice, she drew the bath and threw in some bubblesoap. No, i normally don't carry bubblesoap with me...i threw it in my suitcase from the Westin...but, this may be a practice that I will continue in the future. I was relaxing in the tub as she was taking off her clothes. Boys, what a body...flawless creamy white skin, nicely trimmed bush. She climbed in and was soon suck'n away.

After about 10 minutes we climbed out and jumped soaking wet onto one of the queens. I had to have a taste of that pussy...and what a pussy it was. I'm telling you this girl is perfect. I'm not going to get into a lot of details, but this girl likes to have more than her pussy licked. She literally grabbed both ears and slammed my head into her pussy. I shit you not, I saw flashes of the news run showing Holyfield's ear (the fight was the night before). During the 2 releases that night I think we tried every position imaginable and then tried to invent some. She was still ready to go, but I was fuckin SHOT.

We ended up sleeping until 10:00am took a shower, at breakfast, and I gave her some cab money to go home. I did inquire about where she works in GDL (I know damn near every place down there) and she did not name anyone of them. I don't think she even knew what state GDL was in. She did, on the other hand, name a couple places that I was familiar with in Cancun. Who knows? You can't believe half the shit these women tell you...ah, who can blame them.

I gave her $160+10 for the cab home....yeah, i know i could have gone with 3 different women for less. But, 1) I can't stand the rooms next to the clubs (no matter what part of Mexico) and the hotel offers a more relaxed and cleaner environment, 2) Be very selective with the women, talk with them, treat them with respect, they will reciprocate, 3) if she is a dog-rocket in the sack I cut my losses, do the deed once, and kick her out (1/2pay+taxi), 4) usually my friend and I are there so we each have a woman. We pay them the same amount, but guess what? a little tag team action and you have your second woman of the night. We do tell the women that we have 1 room and we will be partying all together before hand.

I thought this pitstop here in TJ was going to be a let down. Not even close. As a separate post...I will give some updated information on Cancun...and a place that rivals or betters TJ - Havana, Cuba.

[An excellent report from a chap who obviously likes to get off the beaten path. Clearly, if you can speak Spanish more options are open to you.]

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Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report from Senor T. Jota (fwd) Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 14:09:09 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is a nice TJ report from a chap who goes by the name of Senor T. Jota. [Cute] Note that even though he did several things wrong, he still managed to have a nice time. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

July 8, 1997

Sir Brockton O'Toole,

Would you please post the following with your comments to the ASP & ASPT newsgroups in my behalf? Much of my interest in the messages you post are your even-minded editorial comments. You may edit and comment at will.

After lurking in the ASPT newsgroups for several months, I decided to take the plunge into Zona Norte this week. I live in Southern California and visit Tijuana and Baja about six times a year to vacation, take guests shopping and the like.

I always drive, so I would like to give a few suggestions to those who may chose to drive into Mexico. 1) You are NOT in America, so you should learn their ways. Most Mexicans are very relaxed in their driving. It is common to see vehicles parked in or near traffic lanes, even on busy highways. Expect this and very slowly moving cars. Pedestrians on highways are also common. (Tragically, a couple of dozen Mexican pedestrians are killed on Southern California freeways each year because they come north and obey the only traffic rules they know.) I have found that I actually enjoy driving in Mexico! 2) Watch out for cars with California plates. They drive fast because they do not understand #1.

3) To get to Avenida Revolution you must negotiate the maze of offramps on the south side of the border. Get left before the border and STAY LEFT! After crossing the river/canal you will loop around and end up driving west on Calle 3A. Revolution is the fourth street. 4) To get to my favorite parking lot, turn left on the third street which is one way to the south (Avenida Madero.) About four blocks up on the right is a big, lighted 24 hour lot behind the Jai Lai Palace. $5 to park and $5 more will get your car washed. 5) Try eating at Sanborn's, a high class Mexican chain of department stores & restaurants, across from the Jai Lai Palace. Excellent, safe food. You can get a meal, soda and pastelles (desert) for $7.

[Again, I do not recommend driving into TJ under any circumstances. As this fellow has cogently noted, the Mexican approach to transport by car is quite different than the approach of most Norteamericanos. Moreover, your auto insurance is no good in Mexico. (The same goes for rental cars.) And, frankly, there is zero gain in convenience if you're headed for the Zona Norte. That's because only a real bonehead would park a car anywhere NEAR the Chicago Club or the Adelita Bar. That means you'll have to park downtown someplace. Senor T.J.'s favorite parking lot is only a couple of dollars less expensive than the 5-Star lot at the border. And it's still far enough away from the Zona Norte that you'll need to take a cab. So I'm not sure why he prefers to drive.]

On Saturday I went on a scouting trip to Zona Norte, driving. I have never done anything like visiting a prostitute. I have been in strip bars, but have never even had a lap dance. The bars were closed due to elections, but there were plenty of people in the streets at 10 PM. I grabbed a free parking place on the street four doors down from the Chicago Club. Many girls were on the sidewalks. I looked, but could not get the courage up to talk to any of them, though one cute, petite morena tempted me. I also wanted to save up money and courage for later in the week.

[All Your Faithful Scribe can say is YIKES! As I noted above, it is most foolish to park anywhere in the Zona Norte. Careful readers will recall my recent conversation with a forlorn chap whose car had been stolen from its parking place just steps from the Adelita Bar. I guess this fellow got lucky. But please, do NOT follow his example.]

My adventure began Monday night at 10PM. I parked at 5-Star, walked across the border and took a $5 taxi ride to Zona Norte. My first stop was at Chicago Club where I followed in a group of eight gentlemen from China. The place looked empty, but I actually counted 30 men and about the same number of women. I sipped a beer and watched. Definitely some cuties. I am attracted to short, dark women, but not the indigenous Indian type. Still nervous (about the girls) and wanting to see more of Zona Norte, I left after about half an hour to cruise.

[Well, at least he got the parking problem straightened out. But frankly, Your Faithful Scribe is puzzled by why Senor T.J. would only do a drop by visit to the Chicago Club on a Saturday night, and instead prefer to return for a more extended visit on a Monday night. As I have written numerous times before, Monday night is the worst possible night to visit the Zona Norte. The best selection of girls is found on Fridays and Saturdays, between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m.]

I lived for several years as student in Baltimore. I was one of five honkys on my inner city block. I learned to walk very aware, but not in fear. My theory is that fear is telepathically broadcast and makes you a more likely target for harassment and mugging. So, I looked in about 20 bars within three block of the main intersection saving Adelita's for last. The typical one was what has been described - a dozen staring borrachos, a couple of roundish girls in their 30's and Ranchero music. Perla Negra was empty; no luck watching girls shower. I accepted a street hawker's invitation to Something Pollo to see "girls, all 16, 17, the most beautiful..." The first dancer was 20'ish flabby and danced without passion. For the third song she stripped totally nude, and was visibly uncomfortable with that. The next girl was 5'7" and very skinny. After another song's worth of uninspired dancing I slipped on out. My Spanish was not good enough to follow the DJ. I think he may have been poking fun at me some of the time.

[As I note in my FAQ, most of the bars in the Zona Norte as charitably described as "basic." It appears that most of them cater to Mexican guys who don't have much money to spend and in the Zona Norte hooker trade, like in virtually every other business, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. (Profound, huh?) So as Senor T.J. learned, most of these bars are not very exciting. And as he also divined, speaking Spanish is far more important in the second-tier bars than it is in the Chicago Club or the Adelita Bar.]

The Tejano Bar next to Adelita's was fairly crowded with a reasonable number of girls, some promising. It might be worth checking out later.

The much anticipated Adelita's was full, but not crowded. It was actually larger than I thought it would be based on ASPT reports. Lots of girls. The clientele was a mixture of Latinos and Americanos. I grabbed a beer and watched. There were definitely a few of my type. I talked briefly with one and politely declined an invitation upstairs. (My Spanish is barely passable, but I am working on it.) I decided after another slow stroll around the bar that this place had promise, but I wanted to check Chicago one more time before coming back.

[This is a good technique for a slow night. On a Monday, for example, the number of "A-List" girls is dramatically reduced. So you'll have to work a little harder to find one. Going back and forth between the Chicago Club and the Adelita Bar is one way to see every single hot girl that's working in the Zona Norte on a slow night. On the weekend, this would be impossible. But on a slow Monday or Tuesday, it's a useful technique. And the short walk is a nice break from the inside of the clubs.]

As I crossed the street to Chicago a short girl with a huge smile met me out on the sidewalk. Heidi. Some stirrings started in my brain. She immediately propositioned me while I was walking through the foyer into the club. I declined saying "estoy mirando, solamente." Just looking for now. She persisted in the sweetest possible way with a huge smile. She said $40. Still no positive response from me. Her gentle persistence got me!

Gentlemen, if you are looking for sex with a cute body and do not care about personality avoid Heidi. If you are like me and see sex as part of a romance, a relationship, she is your girl. My nervousness and guilt vanished (for over an hour.) Her body has some extra flesh on it, but not too bad. Her enthusiasm and responsiveness MORE than made up for it. Bareback BJ. I blew early and surprised her. She giggled and I was not offended; I giggled along. For $20 more, willingly offered, we continued through different positions and finished slowly in the missionary position. Heaven! A dream! My sweat dripped all over her and we both laughed some more. Afterwards, we started chatting 40% in my broken Spanish and 60% in her fairly good English. Her two children, her hometown of Veracruz (no jobs there,) Tijuana, low paying maquiladora factories, and 11 months at Chicago. I tipped her $10 and she tipped the room boy.

[Another positive report on Heidi. It seems she is attracting a bit of a following. And it appears as if she knows it. Read on.]

We washed up. Actually, she washed both of us up. Downstairs, feeling very dreamily in a great mood I retired to a booth on the far wall for another beer. Heidi talked to some of the girls, danced a couple of songs with one, then came over. I bought her a beer even though she protested sincerely that $8 was too much for her beer (4 oz? I don't think they want the girls drunk.) We sat side-by-side and chatted more: elections, Americans, her 5PM floor show. She occasionally gave my crotch a very light stroke and would turn and give me "un besito," a little kiss. She shyly asked me if I had a computer. "Yes." "Did you read my name in it?" "Yes." She seemed somewhat embarrassed and unbelieving that she was "muy famosa." Gentlemen have often come in asking for her. I can not imagine her greeting them with any less enthusiasm than with which she met me. "Todo el mundo esta alla, pero yo estoy aqui con Heidi de Internet!" Here I am with Heidi! After another 40 minutes or so I took a very gentle hint, "You must be tired?" I left at 1AM while she had two more hours of "work" ahead of her.

I doubt that this was the normal Zona Norte encounter. (Comment Sir O'Toole?)

[Actually, it's more common than you would think -- especially on a slow Monday night. I frequently receive reports from correspondents who describe lingering encounters. Granted, it appears as if the Adelita Bar girls are more likely to spend extra time with you. And if you visit on a Friday or a Saturday night, you'll see a rapid, uh, "turnover." But if you find the right girl and the right time, your experience just might be rather languid. How very Mexican.]

I took a vigorous walk back to the border celebrating inside. Safe enough for me. I turned a drunk American around and told him to follow me to the old EEUU (the universal abbreviation for the USA in Latin America.) I met up with one of our newsgroup posters "The Seeker" and cheered three college men propping up a very drunk coed as they crossed "la linea."

[Again, please do NOT follow this fellow's example. Walking from the Zona Norte to the border is, IMHO, quite dangerous. As we have seen from other posts, there are bandidos along the route who prey upon people who come past. Perhaps this gent got lucky because he was not alone. I don't know. But please, take a cab. It's the best $5 insurance policy you'll ever buy.]

A great evening. Thoughts of it kept me hard all day at work. I sat very close to my desk.

I do not know when, if ever, I will get over my lingering guilt about my visit to a prostitute, but it will be very hard to feel regret.

Senor T. Jota

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: The Seeker in TJ (fwd) Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 03:32:17 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is the latest TJ report from The Seeker. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

The Seeker makes his Second Trip to TJ First things first, I must complain to the local Southern California (ASP'ers) on the late posting of the lack of Mexican drink during the 4th. of July weekend. Us out-of -towners need adequate notice on these events to reschedual flights to San Diego. It ended up costing me money and effort to reschedule the trip! Please keep us posted on these local events! :-)!!!!!! Thanxs!

I was able to reschedual my trip to cover the nights of 4/7 and 4/8.

[Unless The Seeker has mastered time travel, I don't think he rescheduled a Fourth of July trip for April 7 & 8. I'll assume this is a typo and he is reporting about a trip that took place JULY 7 & 8.]

4/7 trip report [This should probably be July 7]

I arrived at the Mexican border at approx. 5:00 P.M and followed the normal proceedure of parking at 5 Star ($6), and taking a taxi to Chicago Club. ($5). As expected, the Chicago Club was absolutely dead. 5-6 women who appeared to be bored out of their skulls. My strategy now at Chicago is to walk in and head straight for the bathroom. If I do not see anything I like, I fake a piss and walk back out the entrance without paying for a $2 beer. It seems to work so far.

[Monday nights are always slow at the Chicago Club.]

I then headed straight for Adelita's, and found about 40 Men and 30 Girls in the place. Quality was limited, I only saw about 3-4 girls that would get the Seeker stamp of approval as being a "8" or higher. I settled on a bar stool and proceeded to drink 4 beers while watching the girls work the "hustle". It appeared a light day, and the local Mexican men appeared to be must more interested in watching the girls and drinking beer than "going to the Hotel".

After my 4th beer, I decided it was time to make my move. (I had been approached by no less than 8 girls while drinking) My first thought was to hit on Maria, who I have had good results with in the past. I ended up not choosing her, because I decided to "expand my horizons" with some of the other ladies.

I finally settled on a cutie named Melissa. I had remembered someone posting about her in the past, but I could not remember if it was good or bad. Melissa is about 5' 4" with Auburn hair done up in a short pony-tail. She has a fantastic ass, small tits, and a good (but not great) face. She wore a white halter top, and white shorts. A real hard body that is approx 110 lbs. She has a "C" section scar which is only visable after she is nude. I had no complaints, she still looked great in the raw. She claims to be 25 from Alcupolco. She has minimal English skills, but we were quickly able to hammer out a deal after negoitiating over a ladies drink ($5). She asked for $50, I got her to settle for $40 for Sucky/Fucky. Business was slow, and we both Knew it.

After a $10 deposit to the ajoining hotel, we quickly stripped and went into action. I gave her quick a 3-4 min. massage which put her at ease, and then I proceeded to eat her for another 5-7 min. She gave me a very weak B.J. I the climbed on top and gave her the "baloney poney" with her legs over my shoulders. She was into this, and provided all the proper movements and even cuddled for a few min. after conclusion.

All-in-all she did a good job except for the very poor BJ.

(This is now the 4th TJ girl I have "dated", and all have been major BJ disappointments. I always negotiate this up front. Does anyone have any comments on why these girls don't suck good dick? Is it some cultural thing that I am unaware of?)

[As I've noted before, many of the girls at the Adelita Bar are not very enthusiastic about oral sex. IMHO, the Chicago Club girls (like the wonderful Sophie & Iris!) are *far* superior in this regard.]

I then headed back to my overpriced hotel $79 at the Holiday Inn in National City.

[Dios Mio! Muy caro! For a better value, try the Motel-6 in Chula Vista or the Day's Inn. This is banditry!]

At about 10:30 P.M. I headed back down to TJ again. I stopped at Chicago Club first for about an hour, and saw about 20 girls and about 20 men in the place. As has been reported by others in the past, the Chicago Club seems to maintain a higher quality of girls, but the atmosphere is not to my liking as well as Adelita's. I prefer cheaper beer, cheaper women, women who will come up to you and flirt, and a larger selection. Despite Chicago Clubs higher standard, I can always find girls to my liking at Adelita's.

I headed over to Adelita's in hopes of finding Maria for round two, but it appears that she does not work the evening shift. I sucked down a couple more beers and bought a tiny young thing called Alisa a drink. She is about 5' 2" and all of about 100lbs. A great ass/leg combination, with small (but proportional) tits. her face was good except for a slight dental flaw (a 1/32 inch gap in front teeth) I would give her a strong "8". She is from Guadala Jara (sp?), and has been in TJ for 6 months.

She is very sexy, and likes to emhasize her availabilty with a shake of her flawless ass, and a beckoning twist of her tongue. We quicky settled on the standard $40 for her and $10 for the room, and headed upstairs.

We took a mutual shower, and she did a little erotic dance for me before climbing in bed. I sucked her tits for approx 5 min, and ate her puss for about 2 min (she kinda resisted this), and then she also gave me a disappointing attempt at a BJ. We finally got down to some serious sex, and we did it "flag-pole", and I finshed off doggey.

We both showered at the end again, and I went back down to Adelita's and bought her another drink so we could talk for a bit more.

Once again I would reccomend her, as long as you are not the ultimate BJ lover.

Interesting note on my way back. As I was going through the border check I ran into another (ASP'er) who spent his evening at the Chicago Club. He claims to have hooked up with Heidi, who he told me was great in and out of the sack. He told me he talked to her for an hour B4 the main event, and she sat with him for a long while after they were done. He told me she was flattered that Americans would come to look for her by name from posting in this newsgroup!

[This gent e-mailed a report to me, which I forwarded to this group. Glad to see that the a.s.p. readers are starting to reach critical mass.]

The gentleman told me she did not have the greatest bod at Chicago Club, but that she was more than acceptable. He really like her attitude and hospitality. (I guess the Seeker needs to give Chicago Club another try......Maybe 4/8? :-)

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report from new correspondent (fwd) Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 13:38:32 +0000 (GMT)

Gentlemen: Here is the latest TJ report to find its way into the Communications Centre here at the World Headquarters of the O'Toole Empire. Read and enjoy. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Went to TJ Wed night (7-9-97), I live in San Diego and am very used to driving into TJ ( I know Sir Brockton, you don't agree with this, but for me too, it so easy to do).

Anyway, I arrived about 7pm and went straight to Club Carribbean on Revolution for a strip show, beer, and the fun lap dances you can get there. ( a great warm up for the night) :) . My main interest for the night is to check out the semi-famous Club Altiz. The Club Altiz is at the top of the parking structure next to Peanuts n Beer, above Caliente Race and SportsBook. I've heard it is the best stripclub in TJ and let me tell you guys, the girls there are very hot. There are some Americanas and all are relatively young and classy. Not like what you get at the other Revolution clubs.

>From there I went down to the Zona Norte about 10:30, I know a safe route, I too would NOT recommend doing what I do unless you've been to TJ a few times. If you're visiting for the first time guys, park on the U.S. side as Brockton recommends, pay the cab, be safe! I live in San Diego, know TJ VERY well, and still always watch my back.

[Agreed. Walking from Club Altiz to the Zona Norte is a rather hazardous undertaking. But it can be done if you are experienced and street smart.]

Anyhow, I went directly to Adelita's and as usual, is hopping pretty good. I spot a very cute, and young looking teen dream, man o' man she looked like everything I remembered from H. School. I'm in my late 20's so I still like em somewhat young. Not Bangkok young, don't get me wrong, oh well you know what I mean.... I walked over to where she was, and it appeared she was being mentored by another older lady. So I kind of figured I had to go through "mom" to get to "daughter" ! I smiled, talked some of my pathetic espanol, found her name is lupita, and did my damndest to actually "flirt"!

[Nothing wrong with this approach. IMHO, the girls appreciate a little flattery, especially if its in their native tongue.]

I talked for about 10-15 mins, and finally asked her if she went to the hotel, she actually drew her breath, smiled at her "mentor", turned to me and very sheepishly said yes, $50. I was kind of turned on by this, and accepted readily! After getting to the room, we removed our clothes and honestly I did not get the best for my dollar, but it was a very strange experience. Could I have been her first customer, who knows, but she did seem very "new". The BJ was so slow and methodic, sex was her on top, I didn't know really how to react to maybe what was happening, so I just let it and her "ride". Truly memorable!

[In my experience, you can find this type of young, shy, inexperienced girl at the Adelita Bar. But you'll almost never find such a girl at the Chicago Club. And as this gent learned, the service offered by an inexperienced girl can be uneven. Still, it's a bit of an adventure and a fantasy for many guys.]

After that, I trolled to Aztec Massage and finished my evening there with a 1 hour massage and finished with a handjob and went home for the evening! Going back Friday! (By the way Brockton, I got to meet Heidi at Chicago Club, told her about how famous her and Rosie are, after she recovered from the surprise, she told me to tell you hello and she misses you. She said she hasn't seen you in quite awhile.... Thanks for keeping me anonymous and forwarding my tale of lust)

[It's nice to hear that the Internet reportage in respect of the Zona Norte has come to the attention of some of the girls. IMHO, that's a positive thing. Now if you could only get the club owners to starting reading the group, maybe we could get the lights turned up a little at the Chicago Club.]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

Subject: TJ Report from Mr. T (fwd) Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 14:02:40 +0000 (GMT)

Gentleman: Here is a TJ report from a "Mr. T." I hope you find it elucidating and amusing. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Although I'm a vampire by nature, the upcoming elections and the consequences thereof forced me to take a "day" trip to TJ. Although "day" for me means arriving sometime around 5-7pm, you get the idea.

The drive from LA was okay, lots of CHP out there. Got there in a little over 2 hours. 805 saves you 2.2 miles, thanks for the info.


I prefer to park at "On The Edge" which is across from Joaquin en la Caja. It's a little cheaper than 5 Star, and an easy walk to the buses (which I prefer) and back to your car when returning. At night it's sometimes difficult to get a spot either there or at Wells Fargo, but I think it's not only a better location, but a little cheaper and time saving to boot.

Took a Mexicoach over to Revolucion, it's $1. You can generally get to Zona Norte for $4 if you haggle. I prefer to get warmed up on Revolucion before going to Zona Norte. So for the same price as taking a cab over to ZN, you can check out the strip bars first.


A lot of regulars to ASPT feel that Revolucion is a rip. Yes, I understand about the carnival atmosphere and hustling, but it's not so bad. There was this natural strawberry blonde named Jessica who was a dancer at Bambi, worked the day shift, probably started at 16yo, and was just awesome in every way. This was back in '86. She was perhaps the first girl in TJ manicure her bikini line. Less IS more, you know. She retired a long time ago, but I guarantee you she would compare favorably to the NG's current favorites.

So I strolled into Peanuts & Beer. Lots of young girls, but only one or two lookers, and no shot of doing the cama thing with them, so I split. The night shift is more talented, including the famous Adriana, who used to work at Sans Souci and now just dances.

Carribean was next, and fell into lust with Lupita, an Acapulcorena who was maybe 5' tall, 95 pounds and adorable. Claimed to be 21, but looks 16. Not a beauty but cute, and the body is okay too. She, like some of the others in there will go with you. The best looking girl there, a teen dream prototype named Lucy already knows she's a goddess. Ah, que lastima. We agreed on anal for $65, until....

We get to the room, and she tells me no anal. I don't know about you guys, but nobody yo conozco lo hara de atras! A menos que conmigo! It might have had something to do with my porn-star sized erection. But she definitely enjoyed me in her mouth (no condom) and pussy (condom optional) (I've discovered that if the girl really likes you, you're going to be treated like a boyfriend and not a client). Anyway, I took a few strokes without and decided a condom would be a better idea, at least from a control standpoint. Oh yes, more worried here about herpes and other STDs than HIV.

Anyway a good time was had by all. Lupita asked me when I was coming back, I told her maybe two weeks. She demanded I come back next weekend.

Not too much talent at Sans Souci or Bambi, but it was still early. There's a 19yo named Michelle who strips there who's cute, looks like fun, but the carbohydrate bomb has started to explode. Absolutely microscopic and mostly shaved pussy though. A couple of the remakes are stunning, it's really tragic. Well, I guess I can analize them if I get really desperate!

Having recharged my batteries and tired of looking at chicks with dicks, it was time to head to the ZN.


Chicago had about 30 girls working there. There first girl I saw was a stunner who looks a little like Vivian, but she already decided I wasn't good enough to fuck her. Not that I was planning on it anyway. The usual suspects for early Fri night. Not too much business (wonder why?), mostly Asian, but more Japanese than Vietnamese.

As for the favorites of the regulars, the big news is that Veronica is back. She was working in the DF for awhile, liked the money but hated the city or the job or both, so decided to come back to TJ even though she makes less there. She's a brunette these days. Yes, Sophia looks about 16 to me too. Some of the others are looking trashed out. But still, if all you care about is beauty and not quality of service, you should prefer Chicago over Adelitas.


My search for La Reina de Backdoor, Angela, proved fruitless (perhaps some of you can tell me which of the cuties like to have their butts stuffed. It's not a big deal to me like it is to some of the others, but variety is the spice of life), but I did find Blanca who was not dated up for a change, and immediately grabbed her to the room.

Blanca is 28, prim looking, but likely the best body in the joint, at least by norteamericano standards. she's 5', 90 pounds or so and is a natural, firm, round 34c (huge for a girl her size)-22-34. Well groomed all over (bikini line natural though, but not too much). Oral was with condom, but she likes to receive and boy does she like to fuck. She also likes to take her time. Regular clients likely will receive head w/o condom, if that's important. Even though she has a kid, she is pretty tight, and has a flat stomach. She told me has a lot of regular Asian clients. Another great experience at Adelitas in a series of them.

Met only 5 Sandras there during the Angela search. Think will try out one of the rubias next time. I prefer them young tiny and stacked, but variety is the spice of life....

Adelitas v. Chicago?

At this point in time it seems pretty clear what the choice of the people is right now. Definitely Adelitas hands down. Unlike a couple of years ago, there are some real winners working there now, some Chicago-class babes there. Adelitas was just mobbed and there was a pretty nice selection of ladies for all types. For example, on my "to do" list, maybe 2-3 girls at Chicago and 12-15 at Adelitas. Blanca asked me why I didn't like Chicago and I told her the girls all think they're movie stars. She laughed and nodded at that. The girls at Adelitas are a lot more fun, have a lot more humility and treat you with more respect.

The L.A. Scene

As many of you know, many of the Eastside Korean joints are now staffed in part by Latinas. Some are Mexican, some are Central American, some are Colombian and some are Chicanas. But for the most part, they are young (early 20s) and good looking. you can even check out the talent first before taking a session, something almost unheard of in Korean joints up to a couple of years ago. The quality of the sessions will vary, but some are pretty damm good and a great deal at $100-$120 for 30 min full service. Some will even do anal, but unfortunately not for me or for a big tip, like $200. I should also add here that there are a lot of cute Koreans working on the Eastside right now. They are usually in their mid 30s, but the quality of service is usually higher than you'll receive from the Latinas. For security reasons, prefer not to get into detail with individual girls at this time.

I mention this because it's a good alternative when you don't have the time to take an evening off and drive to TJ.

[All in all, an excellent report. Most thorough and detailed. This is exactly the type of reportage I like to see. Keep 'em coming gentlemen!]

--------------------------- end fwd ----------------------------------

Brockton O'Toole

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