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On Revolution there are lots of good clubs, but you need to watch for
transvestites.  I like the club Bambi and the one directly above it.  A buck
will get you a good feel.  And $45 will get you a fuck of even the best
looking dancer in the place.

On first street ( a really nasty neighborhood, DON'T GO THERE ALONE)
there is the club Inferno (Club hell).  In this club you will find probably 30
plus ladies, some pretty ugly and some pretty good looking.  Here they
don't do much stage dancing, but you can dance with the lady for $1 and
you usually get a feel along the way.  And for $30 you can get a fuck with
the lady of your choice.

Last time I was at the club Inferno I paid $50 and got two hours with one
of the best looking young lady I have seen in any club.  She was 20 years
old, very slim, with large tits.  She gave me a great blow job, licked my
balls, and even French kissed my ass hole.  Then I fucked her, including a
great time of fucking her in the ass.  To end the session she took off the
condom and let me cream in her mouth.  To say the least I was a happy

I'd like to suggest to those who are interested in making a trip to Tijuana
that the adult video "Dick and Jane go to Mexico" has a good
representation of the club action in Tijuana, lots of the clubs that I've been
in are on this video.

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 1995 06:29:34 UTC Subject: Mexico Prices & Peso's Fa > Anybody have any recent experiences in Mexico? With the slip of the Pe > against the Dollar $US is worth about three times what it was just 4 > months ago. Have the prices in Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cancun etc. reflect > the change? I was in Tijuana in the second week of January, Specifically, I was in the Zona Roja at the always-fun Chicago Club. All the bars there accept dollars, so their prices in dollars have remained the same. Basically, a beer will set you back $2. If you are smart, you'll leave $3 and the waiter will help you score with the popular girls. The bars will also accept pesos. You might be tempted to change your dollars into pesos to take advantage of the weak peso. I would not recommend this for four reasons. First, it's a hassle. Second, you *always* end up going home with a wad of Mexican money that you're too lazy to change and it sits in a drawer. Third, the bars have jacked up the peso prices of drinks such that you don't save enough to make it worth it. And fourth, when you pay with dollars, they like you better. Did I mention it's a hassle? BTW, the super-hot hookers at the Chicago Club still charge between $40-60 for full service. The hotel still charges $10. And three tacos de puerco from the street vendors still cost $2. All those prices haven't changed in years.
Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 06:56:56 UTC I've been with many hookers in TJ during the last 6 months but I only see the ones in front of the hotel waiting to rent a room. My experiences with the hookers in TJ have been limited to this. In the hotels you only stay until your orgasm. Mexican hookers are the greatest. You are right about them being from the south. Actually, prostitution is illegal in Mexico when sex is solicited on the street. It has to be inside. Most of my experiences have been good ones in TJ although I do not like having sex with the hookers that are mothers. Also some do not take their tops off. Its important to tell them what you want before going inside. TJ hookers by the hotel are really cheap especially since the devaluation. I usually have sex with another girl about 30 minutes after since the prices are so cheap and to make the trip worthwhile. They usually cost 10-15 dollars and about 3 dollars for the room. Some of the women are really pretty. These hotels are by the streets Constitucion and Articulos 123. There are about 10 hotels and I would say about 80 girls waiting outside. The hotels are kind of scattered but there all in the same area. All the girls seem to charge the same no matter how pretty or ugly they are. In pesos they charge 40-50 pesos which is like 8 dollars with the recent peso devaluation. I usually tell them 10 dollars and they will go for it although sometimes if they know you're American they will ask for 20. The room costs 3-5 dollars depending on which hotel and which currency you pay with. Some of the girls are really nice. Where exactly is this brothel Chicago Club at? I'm interested in going even though it sounds more expensive? I live close to the border and lately it seems I can't get enough of these Mexican girls. You should try these girls in front of the hotels. Every big Mexican city has them so I'm sure Juarez does.
Date: 10 Jun 1995 18:21 PST >THE ADELITA BAR I went... >CHICAGO CLUB I went... >Have fun and be sure to post your experience in ALT.SEX.SERVICES On my trip I first visited as many bars and clubs as possible. I got a pretty good idea of what exists and what doesn't. If you read the FAQ provided - you get the impression that the Chicago Club is the superior of the two. I beg to differ. The Chicago Club was barren when I went. I did not see too many girls there. I walked in a few times between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. and all those times it was pretty empty. Not a good spot. The Adelita Bar on the other hand was busy all night. It was difficult to walk at times and there were scores of women. Some girls had those body-types prefered by Mexican men - big, plump ass's and wide hips. Not my cup of tea - but oh well... Some girls were gorgeous!! Young - mid 20's or even younger. Since I have a foot fetish I choose a girl that was wearing open-toed high heels. She had nice feet - and a nice body - and a nice face. Being my first time - I did not know how to approach her. I had never done this in Tijuana. I hesitated but finally asked her if she "was busy." We sat down to talk and I asked her how much to go to a hotel. The price was $40 and $10 to the room. It is that easy to ask - they know that is what you want so you should not hesitate like I did. She clearly expains the rules - no anal sex and condom at all times. You get half an hour or until you climax. In spanish this is called a "palo." We went up to the hotel which by the way is immaculate -- very clean! She had me undress and she undressed and we both laid on the bed. She put a condom on my penis and began to suck me off. She then decided to mount me - she was on top - and began to fuck me. We tried different positions - she was good - GOOD! I did try to suck on her toes but she was ticklish =( Her pussy felt so warm and juicy - she really knows how to fuck... Believe me - this was the best fuck I have ever had...
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 23:15:18 UTC Tijuana: Overpriced, dangerous, and hostile towards gringos- not recommended imo. The clubs charge more, you get less and they're less flexible in their dealings with you. The cops have a rep. for liking to pick up drunk Americans. The drug use is greater here (crime, aids, violence, etc). The women stand outside the bars and don`t seem very friendly. I have never paid for sex in TJ cuz I didn`t like the deals; nor the women. If you're a big spender, you can make out ok, as they do have some pretty women in some of the clubs, but, imo, they're not worth it. The clubs are in town mostly. Prices are from $40 on up. Drinks and cover charges are higher than the other towns; imo opinion this town is good for suckers looking to get ripped off, but that`s just my opinion.
Subject: tijuana-chicago club-best picks Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 10:46:14 UTC 2 stunning one's are Rosanna (tall , asian look, perfect body, black hair) & Rosie (smaller, brunette, excellent service)
Subject: A recent Tijuana Experience Date: 19 Aug 1995 21:40:58 GMT I just got back from TJ (8/20/95) and want to let you guys in on what I found!!! I went down on Friday night and started prowling at around 8:30pm. The adelta bar was crowded and Hot/stuffy so I was escorted around by the taxi driver (Yes I did go by myself and yes I'm glad I paid him $10 to SHOW me around). We went into every bar around that area and saw alot of giirls BUT I found the ultimate girl in a bar named Nuevo Rio Rosas around the corner from the Adelita Bar. She's 20 but looks 17 and has the most beautiful baby fat cheeks and had the hottest body there!!! She's VERY tiny and TOO tight. I'm a normal sized guy and I had to stop and start 4 times to fight off the (s)urge if you know what I mean. She's also a great french kisser. I DON'T think she does this type of thing full time. She doesn't speak very good english but I think she said she maiinly dances/etc. Anyway it cost me $50 for the best fuck I've had in a LONG time!!! She doesn't do felatio though :( The room'l cost you $8 and her name is Veronica. I told her that i'd be telling my friends about her so if you want to take her back to a room tell her you're a amigo de jeff and I'm sure she'll understand. Like I said she does't do this very much, usually dances.
Subject: TJ RULES!!!! Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 08:12:32 MST Take a cab for $5 to the strip... the cabbie will let you off in front of the Hard Rock Cafe (GREAT FOOD) or have him drive you around so you can get oriented and then take you to the RED ZONE... I met this guy across from the hard rock that, for two bucks, gave me a 10 minute walking tour of the hottest hooker bars and tips for having a good time... I recommend you don't plan on drinking... you will need to keep your head clear because you always run the risk of getting mugged when the bars close or a possible run in with the tactical police who are mucho dudes that ride around in big pick-ups and wear black (traffic cops wear brown)... if you walk down any of the side streets in the red zone i found walking on the street side of parked cars very comforting and i saw plenty of locals doing it also... fri and sat nite after 8:30, up 'til 1am, is really the best time to go 'cause the rest of the week I hear is so-so. I found about 400 women in ALL shapes, sizes, ages (yes quite a few under 18)... the best club for chicks is most likely the Chicago Club... Girls in clubs want about $50 but i'm sure you can talk it down to $40 plus the room charge of $7-10... I highly recommend Adelita, Miami Bar (plenty of young looking girls), and New York Club because of the VERY cool floor show and $1 topless lap dances... The girls on the street are about $20, plus $5 for the hotel and i presume that anal or what ever could be more, and are kind of ugly however i did see some lookers!
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 14:05:40 UTC I've been going to TJ more frequently; the reports are pretty much accurate, but I've been pretty lucky with the cabbies. I pick an older one and speak spanish with him. Stay off Revoluccion; Zona Rosa is preferred. Although there's been mucho diologue about the merits of Chicaco/Adelita's, etc., there are other bars around, and you never know what you might find. In any event, you're not going to get too many dirty looks from the clientele. On the other hand, my Asian friends seem to like Chicago Club a lot; since paid fucking isn't such a big deal to them as it is to the average American, I follow their advice. I see all Asian nationalities represented in Chicago.
Subject: Re: Tijuana Trip: Chicago Club Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 07:32:22 GMT >I was in San Diego recently (Thur. 1/18) and decided to take a trip to >Tijuana to take advantage of the knowledge gained from Brockton O'Toole's >Tijuana FAQ. I had never been there so was not sure what to expect. > >Following the advice of the FAQ I decided to check out the Chicago Club. >The place was pretty much as advertised: very nice looking women and >techno-type music. I sat in the back corner which was probably a mistake >as there was not much milling around. I checked out the women while I had >a couple of beers. There were a couple who were attractive, but no one >really caught my fancy. > >I then walked over to the Adelita bar which is kitty-corner from the >Chicago Club. I went in and the place was packed with no place to sit >down. I walked around and have to admit was kind of overwelmed as there >were so many people. The women were more "buxom" then at the Chicago Club >with their distinguishing feature being the volume of the hair (I mean >REALLY big). Since I couldn't sit down I went back to the Chicago Club. >Can't really give an Adelita report since I didn't give it a fair shake. > >When I went back to the Chicago Club I grabbed a better seat where I could >see more of what was going on. When I did I noticed a girl by the door >who really caught my eye: She had short dark curly hair and was dressed >really stylishly - not the 'hooker' look which I tend to find more >alienating than alluring. I had the waitress bring her over and she sat >down (The waitress was more than happy to help as I had been tipping her >as described in the FAQ). > >When she came over I noticed that she was even prettier up close: she had >light color eyes and was made up really nice (not the clown look favored >by some). She looked like she was about 20 or so (maybe less). I bought >her a drink and she introduced herself as Maria. We didn't talk much >because the music was so loud and she did not seem too talkative. After >we finished the drinks we went next door to the hotel. > >The hotel was as described: functional and pretty clean. Some negatives >though: 1) You can hear a lot of people going by in the hall outside. It >was kind of distracting. 2) The music from the club next door is really >loud. 3) It was cold. Maybe I am just used to performing sex acts in >relative quiet. She chose a room by the entrance too so I am sure that >contributed. > >We agreed on $60 and got undressed. She immediately put a condom on me and >got right down to business sucking me off. It was kind of rushing for my >tastes, when I had hired a girl before in the states there was no kissing >but at least there was some intimacy before I had to get started. The >rushing combined with the above distractions made it take longer for me to >get hard than normal - talk about pressure when $60 bucks is on the line. >We finished up with some straight sex. She didn't seem to want to get too >close to me and seemed uncomfortable when there was too much skin-on-skin >contact - for example, when she was on top of me she leaned back rather >than lay on me. I didn't like that at all - maybe I expected too much >intimacy. (note: I am not disgusting or smelly for those who wondered) > >All-in-all I had fun and it was an interesting experience. Maria was very >nice and beautiful but seemed like she wanted to distance herself from the >whole act. Is this common with other girls? I understand no kissing but >some holding would have been nice to get started. I think I would go back >again as long I could get a little more tenderness and a little less >'matter-of-fact ness'. > >Some overall observations not in the FAQ: > >1) Take a lot of single bills. You will have ample opportunity to use >them as many people will have their hand out (My philosophy is to pay the >dollar to the kids who open your Taxi door as it is worth way more to them >to me and it is better to avoid trouble when ever possible). >2) It gets pretty cold at night (especially in an unheated room) > >If you are going to go be sure to check out the FAQ: you can find it at > > >Any comments or questions welcomed. > I find the women at the Adelita Bar more warm and friendly than at the Chicago Club. At the Adelita, rent the room for the night ($22), you can come and go as you please, and the women tend not to rush you as much (this may depend on the woman). The Chicago Club women seem to be too money hungry for me. The women at the Adelita range from $35-45.
Subject: ladies in TJ/Adelita & Chicago club Date: Sat, 23 Dec 1995 07:07:26 UTC Yesterday, 12/21, went to TJ to check out the info received through these previous pages...some info very accurate, other so so... My friend is mexican and I speak communic. was not a problem....Adelita's was crowded by 7:45 p.m. on a thursday...ladies mostly short, and not too pretty...more men than women...rough crowd.. .we weren't too impressed by scene...and went over to Chicago... nothing happening until 8:30 pm....made the mistake to pick a good looking big boobs brunette who was very very good sucking, fucking and even allowed to take condom off -my luck her first night, her first customer at this club, just come up from SanQuintin- didn't even ask for money -she was very satisfied with 40 bucks- and 10 for hotel...she was going to work there for a few days only...when back from the screwing, plenty of young better looking ones... beers $2, girls drinks $4... they do push for drinks (mine consumed 2 beers in 10 minutes before fucking.. Needed to leave early...found out from taxi driver that best women... p/t whores who work in offices/banks during day, is Mexico Lindo...but expensive...ladies can go for up to $100...will check it next time... taxis still $5....
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 14:46:43 UTC I was in San Diego recently (Thur. 1/18) and decided to take a trip to Tijuana to take advantage of the knowledge gained from Brockton O'Toole's Tijuana FAQ. I had never been there so was not sure what to expect. Some overall observations not in the FAQ: 1) Take a lot of single bills. You will have ample opportunity to use them as many people will have their hand out (My philosophy is to pay the dollar to the kids who open your Taxi door as it is worth way more to them to me and it is better to avoid trouble when ever possible). 2) It gets pretty cold at night (especially in an unheated room) Following the advice of the FAQ I decided to check out the Chicago Club. The place was pretty much as advertised: very nice looking women and techno-type music. I sat in the back corner which was probably a mistake as there was not much milling around. I checked out the women while I had a couple of beers. There were a couple who were attractive, but no one really caught my fancy. I then walked over to the Adelita bar which is kitty-corner from the Chicago Club. I went in and the place was packed with no place to sit down. I walked around and have to admit was kind of overwelmed as there were so many people. The women were more "buxom" then at the Chicago Club with their distinguishing feature being the volume of the hair (I mean REALLY big). Since I couldn't sit down I went back to the Chicago Club. Can't really give an Adelita report since I didn't give it a fair shake. When I went back to the Chicago Club I grabbed a better seat where I could see more of what was going on. When I did I noticed a girl by the door who really caught my eye: She had short dark curly hair and was dressed really stylishly - not the 'hooker' look which I tend to find more alienating than alluring. I had the waitress bring her over and she sat down (The waitress was more than happy to help as I had been tipping her as described in the FAQ). When she came over I noticed that she was even prettier up close: she had light color eyes and was made up really nice (not the clown look favored by some). She looked like she was about 20 or so (maybe less). I bought her a drink and she introduced herself as Maria. We didn't talk much because the music was so loud and she did not seem too talkative. After we finished the drinks we went next door to the hotel. The hotel was as described: functional and pretty clean. Some negatives though: 1) You can hear a lot of people going by in the hall outside. It was kind of distracting. 2) The music from the club next door is really loud. 3) It was cold. Maybe I am just used to performing sex acts in relative quiet. She chose a room by the entrance too so I am sure that contributed. We agreed on $60 and got undressed. She immediately put a condom on me and got right down to business sucking me off. It was kind of rushing for my tastes, when I had hired a girl before in the states there was no kissing but at least there was some intimacy before I had to get started. The rushing combined with the above distractions made it take longer for me to get hard than normal - talk about pressure when $60 bucks is on the line. We finished up with some straight sex. She didn't seem to want to get too close to me and seemed uncomfortable when there was too much skin-on-skin contact - for example, when she was on top of me she leaned back rather than lay on me. I didn't like that at all - maybe I expected too much intimacy. (note: I am not disgusting or smelly for those who wondered) All-in-all I had fun and it was an interesting experience. Maria was very nice and beautiful but seemed like she wanted to distance herself from the whole act. Is this common with other girls? I understand no kissing but some holding would have been nice to get started. I think I would go back again as long I could get a little more tenderness and a little less 'matter-of-fact ness'.
Date: 7 Apr 1996 01:23:11 -0500 Well...I know I promised this a long time ago and I'm sorry it has been delayed. Let me begin by saying that I'm just going to tell you what my friend and I did and not load it with a lot of "travelogue" crap. Transportation choices, mileage, hotel selections, restaurant choices, etc. are just that...choices. Also, my friend and I both believe that if you're going to "vacation", you can't worry about pinching pennies. Also...our trip would not have been as effective if it was not for all of the other TJ postings here and on the "World Wide Sex Guide" at Thank you to all of the travelers before me! We flew down from San Jose on a late Friday morning and arrived in San Diego 1 1/2 hours later. We were going to find the trolley that I've read about on these postings, but then decided just to take a taxi ($30.00) to the border. After arriving at the border and walking over, we grabbed another taxi ($5.00) to the hotel. We were staying at the new "Holiday Inn Express" on the outskirts of TJ. I tried making reservations at a number of other hotels but being spring break...everything was full. The HIE was great though. It just opened so no one had slept in my room before me. The place was beautiful and only $51.00/night. **A quick note...I will list everything in American $'s only because that is what we mainly used except for the pesos I had to get from the ATM.** After a quick nap, we took another taxi ($6.00) into downtown. It was early by their standards (5:00 - 6:00) but things were already starting to happen. We appeased many merchants by looking at their wares but feigned away from purchasing anything that night by explaining that we were going to party that night and shop the next day. We took a quick lap around the main street (Av. Revolucion) and then decided to start drinking. We came upon "Tecate Joe's" and learned our first lesson. EVERY bar and restaurant has a number of people out front beckoning you into their establishment. These individuals need to get you in so they can wait on you. I tipped the guy who gave us a table on the balcony before realizing that he was sticking around until we were done. We ordered a margarita each before realizing that it was 2 for 1 with a free shot of tequila. What this means is that we each got 2 margaritas and 2 shots of tequila (for $5.00). I tipped the guy another $2.00 and we were gods. The dance floor was full of young natives and I mean young. They were mostly couples so my friend and I did not begin our "scavenging" yet. A man was also walking around the restaurant blowing a whistle and pouring Cuervo into people's mouths and then covering their mouths until it's consumed. It was still light outside and we were already feeling no pain. Before leaving, we asked our waiter about the various clubs (Chicago, New York, etc.) and he pointed us in the right direction and "suggested" that we not walk but take a taxi. He also offered to take us himself, but we declined. We left and decided to get something to eat before doing anymore drinking. We went into "Iguanas" and got a table away from the dance floor. Our waitress was an American which was nice so we could have conversation. We ordered some beers and some food. Needless to say...the food was great. Lesson #2...all of the bars must have special arrangements with their distributors because you will be limited to your choices when selecting a beer. You can guess what the only beer you can get at "Tecate' Joe's" and you may only be allowed to get Coronas in another bar and Dos XX in another. We had a few more beers and shots and left. We attempted to check out some of the strip joints on Av. Revolucion but in my opinion...they were mostly dives. Most of them you have to walk up 3+ flights of stairs and then you can't see a thing. We knew we were heading to the Zona Rosa so we saved our $$. We grabbed a taxi (about 3-4 on each corner) and headed to Adelitas. We chose Adelitas as our starting point per the descriptions in this group. When the taxi dropped us off...we knew we weren't in Kansas anymore. This was the Mexico of the movies...steamy streets, food vendors everywhere, ladies more then everywhere...I loved it. We walked into Adelitas and took a minute or two to adjust. Dark, smoky, loud and full of women and the men who wanted them. I need to step back for a minute and describe myself because I know I stuck out here in the Zona Rosa. I am 6'4" tall and weigh 275 pounds. I'm not fat but I could lose a few pounds around the waist. Up here in the US, I'm always mistaken for a cop (couldn't be farther from the truth!!!) and I'm sure those same thoughts were running through some of the native's minds. I have short brown hair, a goatee, and also smoke cigars which I'm sure adds to the scary picture. We ordered a couple of beers and checked out the place. Per previous postings, the women tended to be towards the stocky side with a few slender ones. It was really hard to tell because of the lack of light and the abundance of smoke. One lady approached my friend (about half my size with very blonde hair...they loved him) and grabbed him and whispered something about how big he was. He told her that we would probably be back and then we walked over to the Chicago Club. The place was empty...which didn't prevent them from trying to keep us there. We walked over to the New York Club which was a little better. There was about 10 women sitting at the bar. We sat at the bar and ordered a couple of beers. A girl was dancing (poorly) on the large stage and the place was pretty nice. I noticed an attractive girl at the end of the bar which will be significant later. Some other ladies walked up and started talking to us. It wasn't a strong push but they were working us. We bought them beers ($6.00 each for a small beer) and talked a little. We told them we were going to check out the other club but we would be back. We walked down to the Manhattan Club (new...owned by the same people who own the New York Club) and sat and had a beer there. There was another girl dancing (yes...poorly also) on the stage and only about 6-8 girls there. **A was still early...about 9:00 - 9:30** We walked back to the New York Club and sat at a table in the back. As we walked in I noticed my "end-of-the-bar" girl walking out alone. I was hooked. She was tall (5'7"), slender, with long brown hair. She had a great body with very-great legs. I felt like Mike Hammer and his elusive leg-lady. After we sat down, a few girls would walk by and give us the eye. I think we were the only gringos in the place so we were noticeable. Also, we were tipping the waiter every round which was VERY appreciated. One of the girls from earlier came over and sat with my friend. We were both pretty drunk and our defenses were down so she hooked him. By now my leg-lady came back in with 2 older businessmen. I was devastated. Our waiter came over and told me that a lady wanted to sit with me. I couldn't see who he was talking about so I declined. A few minutes later he approached me again and asked, "Don't you like ladies?". I pointed to a very young girl at the bar and said "Yes, I like her". Before I knew it, there was another chair at our table and this extremely young girl was smiling at me. She didn't speak a lick of English but I managed with my pig-Spanish to find out that she was (said) 19 and had only been there 3 days. I bought her a $6.00 beer and looked over at my friend...he was in the spider's web. I then looked over at my leg-lady and she looked bored. I noticed she was drinking tequila (it just kept getting better) and when she smiled...she was wearing braces. I started talking to my little friend and discovered that she was not allowed to leave because of her newness. To be honest...I wasn't disappointed. I looked over at my leg-lady and caught her eye. I placed my hand over my heart and feigned affection and was rewarded with a big smile. My friend leaned over and said he was going next door to the hotel. I told him I would either be in the bar or standing out front. I bought my lady friend one more beer and then said adios. I stood out front and about a half an hour later my friend appeared. He said that 1) the room was very clean, 2) the girl was great...showered beforehand and was not shy about anything, and 3) the cost was only $70.00 ($60.00 for the girl and $10.00 for the room). He was broke after that and I noticed his red cap on her head when they walked down...the tip. Whew...I will follow with part 2 in a day or two.. Highlights: My friend and I gamble at Jai alai (a must if you are there on the weekend), I "meet" my leg-lady, and a great breakfast. [Haven't seen part 2 --Atta]
Subject: Tijuana's Mexico Lindo Date: 17 Apr 1996 16:26:30 -0400 >I'll be off to TJ in a week and was wondering if anyone could give me a >first-person account of Mexico Lindo or any place besides the Adekita >and Chicago Clubs (been there, done that). The Mexico Lindo is a converted restaurant. When you enter, you'll be in the bar area, which features a bar that seats about 15 and some tables that seat about 10 more. The bar area is clean and neat and well-lighted. Bartenders speak English and a beer is about $2. The next room is the former dining room. It is vastly darker and furnished like a lounge. Usually they have a small band that plays in there. The girls aren't as numerous as at the Adelita Bar or the Chicago Club. But they are pretty attractive. Almost all speak excellent English, since the clientele is almost totally Norteamericanos. I've heard rumors that some of these girls come down from San Diego or Chula Vista, but I cannot confirm that. Since the Mexico Lindo caters to the tourista crowd, the girls will quote whatever price they think you can afford. Often, they start at $80-100 if they think you have the cash. This puts you in the uncomfortable position of bargaining with them. You'll also pay $10 for the hotel room. IMHO, Mexico Lindo is less fun than the Zona Norte bars because it's more antiseptic. But the girls are hot and they do speak English. I would recommend it as a good hooker bar for somebody who doesn't want to leave the main tourista drag.
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 1996 16:21:59 UTC TJ Experience May 29,30 I went to the border and went right threw the gates. Once I got into TJ I went straight for the cab's which there was quite a few to choose from ranging from 3-5 dollars. I asked the cab driver where the good spots were and he told me Adelita bar or Chicago club. As i went into downtown TJ I went to restaurant to have a few beers. As i started to catch a buzz i went walken up and down the streets of revelucion and some buy apprached me and asked if i wanted a girl. Me and my friend said ok and he brought us to some hole in the wall place which was kinda dark inside. As we entered we saw 2 girls sitting down consuming beers. The guy who called me inside asked me if i wanted a beer and i said yes. Then the girl came up and sat down beside us and strating rubbing our crotch. Since i havent had sex in awhile i enjoyed it. :) She asked if we wanted to go upstairs. They were kinda pushy (which i didnt like) but i said yes anways. I asked her how much and she said (Fucky Sucky 20 Dollars).The room we went in was not private was like a upstairs bar and was very dark with no one else around. She went in like a closet like room and took her clothes off and so did I. She put on my condom and just before fucking the bartender came upstairs and wanted to charge me for privacy so it costed 12 bux more then they took 8 bux for who knows what. I have to say i got swindeled but it was my first time and had my clothes down so what could i say. Anways I sat down and she jumped on top of me and it was over quickly. She was kinda quick about it so after that i went back downstairs to my friend and had another beer before i left. After that i guess I was still happy that I got some, but wanted more from another spot. I went to Chicago Club which was way better than the place i went. The seen was different and as we approached we saw around 10 girls inside and not too many customers. It was around 7PM at night and me and my friend started consuming more beers and was starting to get drunk. The girls approached and one of them sat beside me . I was stunned by her appearence. To me she was gorgeous. She didnt speak very much english so i had to start remembering some spanish, that i had learned awhile ago. We communicated pretty well and i guess she understood a little bit. I found out she was a working mom and had kids. She said the room would cost me 40 and then I said 30 and she agreed and took me next door upstairs. There i had to pay 10 more for the room and we went in. She started to take off her clothes and she looked good. We screwed for like 35 to 40 minutes and she let me do a little for play which was cool. After around 30 minutes of constant sex. She kept stopping to see if i was finished which was odd and asked me for 10 more dollars and i said ok. After we were finished (around 60 minutes of the whole episode) I left and partied some more with my friend. It was a nice experience and since it was so good i came back again the next day.She had a very nice smile and she (of course remembered me) and i picked her again for the same price.
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 23:31:53 UTC TIJUANA Ok folks, Thanks to all who posted info about Tijuana. I went to Tijuana 2 nights in row..and it was fun! I didn't take my car over the border, I parked at the last U.S. exit. It's about a mile walk over the border, but it's good exercise. There are taxi's all over the place, and it's 5 bucks to go to the Zona Roja. There is terrific information on Tijuana on, so I won't post specifics about the places. First, I went to the Chicago Club. It was small and hot. There ARE alot of orientals there. I was there first at 6 there were only 5 chicks there...all kind of heavy. Then, I went to the Adelita Club, which is less than a block away. It was packed with Americans and Mexicans. I'd say 70 percent of the women were "heavy" or ugly. 20 percent were attractive. 10 percent were good looking. The good looking ones were dancing with guys on stage, or taken. I finally found one named Valeria. She was gorgeous. I speak a little spanish..and she was very personable. (Some whores are bitches, believe me.) She was 24...and 36C-24-36. She has C Cups..but totally firm. They totally stood straight out.. and they were all natural. She was in great shape. I looked for some younger women, but I didn't see any or they were taken. There weren't any that I saw under 18. The hotel is right next door, and I was expecting a dump. We walked upstairs and there were 5 guys... who I assume were security. We went to the desk, and it's 10 dollars for the room. We went to the room, and it was VERY Clean... I was surprised. Even the bathroom was clean, just like a hotel in America. Valeria washed up in the shower, and man...was she beautiful. She was the latin woman I always dreamed of. She even kissed! I felt very comfortable with her. We got undressed, and she gave me a full body massage with Baby Oil. The foot massage was great, especially after the mile walk to the border. (You can take a taxi if you want.) She started to give me head about 20 minutes later, and of course, she put a condom on me. Although she did lick my balls and my SPABBA. (SPace between balls and Ass.) After 10 minutes of great head, we started fucking, etc. You can figure out the rest. All of my worries were gone after we got into the room. The room locked, and it was totally clean. The girl didn't even look at my wallet. (By the way, the price was 50 dollars, with a 10 dollar tip.) If Tijuana was known as an unsafe place, or a rip off joint, no one would go there. They go an extra mile (at least by mexican standards.) to make it clean and safe. The 10 dollar tip I gave her was much appreciated. Rememer, the average worker in Tijuana makes the American equivalent of 1.55 an hour.. (that's alot by mexican standards!) So a dollar tip her or there for a waitress or bus boy really makes a difference. However, don't tip more than a dollar, as it won't get you any better service. No one really cares if you're a big spender. (Trust me, they won't remember you for the 5 buck tip.) As you leave the room, you pretty much have to tip the cleaning boy. Only give him 1 dollar... that's all he really wants anyway. For more information on Tijuana, check out If you have the time, check out the Manhattan Club, New York Club, and Mexico Lindo. All those places have really improved! That's it for now. Hope this information helps! Good luck and stay safe.
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 12:53:32 UTC I managed to locate Mexico Lindo. It's west of Revolucion, not east. It has a large sign, but it's blocked by other signs and hard to see. Interior was as described. Beers were $2.25. There were 10-15 women when I was there, at about midnight on a Saturday.
Subject: Re: Requesting Info on Tijuana Clubs Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 11:08:38 -0700 > I've read several reviews on the Adelita and Chicago Clubs in Tijuana but > there is never any info on exactly where they are located. Can anyone > help me with an address or street location? The Faq does give the location (corner of Calle Uno and Constitucion), and any cab driver will take you there, but the Faq does not have precise walking directions from the border to the Zona Roja. Remember this walk can be dangerous, especially late at night. I generally walk to the bars, if it's early enough and there are lots of other American pedestrians, but I always take a cab back to the border after drinking and other activities... From the turnstile, head towards the right, past all the taxi drivers. Cross over a street and you will be looking down a long, modern-looking, open air mall. During the day, this is probably filled with street vendors, but I've only seen it at night. Head all the way down. Up ahead you will see the pedestrian bridge over the Tijuana "river". At the end on the right are the stairs up. Most of the muggings occur in these stair wells late at night. If it's early and there are lots of people around, cross over the bridge. At the other side, continue straight. Cross over a street and head uphill. Follow the signs saying "centro urbano" and "downtown". Continue uphill, past taco stands and street vendors. Two or three blocks up you will pass under an arch that declares "Tijuana: The most visited city in the world". You are now standing at the corner of Revolucion and Articulos 123. To the left are the touristy bars and clubs, plus the jai alai arena way up on 7th street. The red light district is staight ahead. The next major street past Revolucion is Constitucion. If you're standing at the corner of Constitucion and Articulos, you should be seeing street walkers (well, standers), no matter what the time of day. Head right, down Constitucion to get to the bars. Hookers line both sides of the street. The first narrow street on the left has more street walkers and small clubs that mostly cater to the locals. The splashier clubs are on Calle Uno, the first major street you will hit. You should see the large Molino Rojo sign, and the Chicago club up on the right. Head left down Calle Uno to go to the Adelita Bar, the first club on the left. Enjoy!
Subject: Re: Action in Tijuana? Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 20:42:52 -0700 > >Well, you'll never find an 18 year old at the Chicago Club, which is a > >total rip-off > >joint anyways. It has maybe a dozen women on a busy night, maybe a > >couple of drop-dead > >gorgous ones, but the rest are average looking. And the waiters are > >complete assholes. > > TOTALLY, TOTALLY DISAGREE. The chicago club is a GREAT deal and has MANY > beautiful women. The waiters are very cooperative and always try to > accomdate you despite the fact that you don't speak their language. The selection of women is virtually the same at the two clubs. In fact, there are women that I've seen at both places. Sure, they dress a little classier at the Chicago Club (short, tight, black cocktail dresses versus short, tight, black minidresses), but the Adelita bar will have twice as many women on any given night. I once walked into the Chicago club on a Saturday night at 10:30. There was only one plain looking girl, two or three other customers, and about a dozen waiters. Meanwhile, the Adelita bar was packed. The waiters (and waitresses, too) deserve special mention. The Chicago club was described as "low-pressure" in the FAQ, but this clearly doesn't apply to the waiters! There are 10-20 working, depending on the night of the week. They quite often outnumber the patrons. They will direct you to a table immediately upon entering. They ask if you want another drink when you are half done with your current one. If you are sitting alone they will ask you if you want a girl. If you decline, some will point out nearby girls and say things like "she likes you" or "she wants you to buy her a drink". What's more, the competition among both waiters and customers is brutal. All of the waiters work the entire room, so every single one will hit you up. But if they get a bigger order while going to get yours, they will blow you off completely. This has happened to me often. I am usually a generous tipper, but there's no point in it here, because you'll probably never see the same waiter twice. Level of english varies, but most don't speak any. I don't expect them too, but this bar is supposed to cater to Americans. The DJ says everything in english first. The bathroom attendent will yell at you if you're in a stall for more than a minute, and then yell at you again if you don't tip him. As to the claim that many of the woman are transexuals (in another message), I can't confirm or deny, but I don't think that it's true. I've been with women from the Chicago club and everything looked and felt natural. I've never seen anyone in the bar that I thought might have once been a man. > >Adelita Bar is a totally different story. On a good night the there > >will be 40+ women of > >all ages and types. Also, they usually ask for less ($50-60 at chicago, > >$40-50 at Adelita), > >they don't expect you to buy them a drink, they have a marginally better > >floor show, the > >neighboring hotel is slightly nicer, and the general atmosphere and > > The adelita bar is digusting. It's full of loud bad mexican music, MANY > overweight unacctractive women who are practically GIVING it away. > That's why so cheap mi amigo. It's like walking into a brothel in some > old western. NOT a pleasant experience. Like I said above, the selection of women is virtually the same. Sure, there are some fat, ugly hags at the Adelita, but there's always a couple at the Chicago club too. There are some in every bar. Mexican tastes are different. They're not giving it away, they just go with fat, ugly Mexican men. The music is a personal preference, but I like the Tejano music a hell of a lot better than the techno/industrial crap that they play at the Chicago club. The place next door to the Adelita bar, Las Chevales, has an excellent live band. > The Chicago club is everything the hype says about it. Go, enjoy.... The Chicago Club is highly overated. Go and enjoy the Adelita bar instead. Just one man's opinion...
Subject: Tijuana Nightlife Date: 28 May 1996 04:39:03 GMT I will have a 7 part series on Tijuana. It will include reviews of 4 major bars, the street scene, and look at some of the debates often discuused about TJ such as worthwhileness, safety, etc. I welcome any question or commentaries. If you have more toadd to the issue, plese do as I am not knowledgeable on all of TJ. I grew up going to TJ and I go regularly to the Zona Roja. I go often to the clubs I review and If you have ben there on Friday and/or Saturday night, there is a good chance you may have seen me. Well I hope you enjoy my summaries and find them informative. My first part will be on the Miami Club. Saludos, El Sinaloense Subject: Tijuana- Club Scene Part I The Miami Club Bar is in the heart of the Zona Roja. Outside there are dozens of hookers who stand outside the different hotels waiting for customers. Very seamy. These girls are TJs free agents. When one enters Miami, one gets the feeling that one is in the deep parts of Mexico. The waiters quote you prices in pesos, the musci is all Mexican, and there are very few norteamericanos if any. This bar is very mexicano. You will not like this bar if you do not like to dance and/or hear mexican music. The music plays all he time and there are no floor shows. Between songs, there is about abot a 30 second pause. Girls usually charge a dollar to dance, although sometimes less. The girls at Miami bar tend to be different than those in Chicago and La Adelita. When one goes to Adelita and Chicago, one can tell immediately that the girls are prostitutes. Here at Miami the girls are younger and many do not dress like hookers. They dress attractively but still not like hookers. Also, there is no pressuring. When I dance with a girl that turns me on, I sometimes ask how much they charge to go up to the room. Each time, they just reply with a price and keep on dancing. They do not press on like many in La Adelita or Chicago do who would immediately take the initiave by telling you how wonderful they are or start to feel you. They make no effort to go up to the room. I think in someways they enjoy to dance more. I don't know. I haven't figured them out yet. But I think this is what separates these girls from Chicago and La Adelita: the girls in Miami are not hard core hookers. They are still young and in some ways not real enveloped into the role of a hooker. There is one girl in there who LOVES to dance and she really presses on tight to you. She has beautiful black hair, a very tight body, and loves to conversate and laugh. She is typical of the girls in there. A nice hooker bar but can be tame if you want the real hard core hooker scene. After all if you want to dance to mexican music, there are other places you can go and not have to pay a dollar. Subject: Tijuana Club Scene -Part II "Lets go to room honey", she said. "Not right now" "Pero te quiero", she said, rubbing her body against mine. "Vamos." "No gracias" "A beer. Andale" "I'm not thirsty." "Pero me si." "No." A scene like this this is not uncommon in La Adelita. Pressuring is often done by the girls who speak English and feel they can use their bilingualism to get more clients. Personally , it turns me off. Not so much the pressuring, but more so the English. Some of these girls that do this pressuring can be the biggest hustlers. The girls at Adelita dress to impress. You enter this place knowing you are with prostitutes. In some of the other bars you are left wondering, but here at Adelita there is no doubt. The average price is $40, including room. Some will charge $50. I got one girl down to $30 once. But didn't even enter with her. The rooms are very clean. The music from the bar resonates in the room. I don't know if it is a Adelita thing or not, but the girls always perform well in the bedroom. The music varies and dances are $1. Negotiations are often done on the dance floor. Many of the girls seem to enjoy the dancing. Others don't even dance. I have seen several say "NO bailo." This is what distinguishes La Adelita From some of the other bars and puts it in the same league as Chicago. Both bars are known for hard core prostitution. While other bars have girls who dance and entertain but don't go up to the bedrrom, Chicago and La Adelita have girls who ONLY go up to the room. The girls vary. Some come from the south while others are from the northern part. Some are mothers, others are single and unattached. Some can be very friendly while others look like they would be in a million other places.(In fact, this is how some of them probably feel). Some are in their teens, while others are in their early thirties. There is one girl with some of the hugest breasts. And she flaunts them with a loose fitting tank top. She wears a mini skirt, looks to be past 30, has blond hair, and likes to socialize. She does not dance; instead she prefers to go up to the room. If you've been to Adelita, you probably know who I am talking about. She has a way of standing out. She is over 30 but there are a lot of girls under 24 there who could be described the same way. I don't think there is too much more about La Adelita to add as other scribes in this newsgroup have done a wonderful job of describing it. It is no wonder that La Adelita is so often mentioned. In my opinion, I think Adelita deserves 5 stars. It is a great bar and a nice place to spend a few hours [Note: only two parts of this report were posted]
Subject: sex in tijuana Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 20:37:42 UTC Somebody asked (06/18/1996) about the sex scene in Tijuana. I strongly recommend to spend the night in a *** hotel. I use La Villa Zaragoza on Ave. Madero, right behind Jai Alai. A single room is less than $30, it's clean and no questions asked. The whorehouses on Ave. Revolution are dirty, noisy, over-priced and full of transvestites. However, some of the "real" girls are very nice. The prices range from $40 and up. They are negotiable, in particular Sun - Thu. "Mexico Lindo", just off Revolution has a very attractive ambience. However, the majority of the girls are rather old (30+ even 40+) and still imagine they can get $100 for a straight screw. It's far better to go to Zona del Norte. 1st Street (Calle Uno) has a lot of places worth visiting. At night, in particular if you are alone, take a taxi from Revolution, the fare is $5. "Manhattan Bar" and the adjacent "New York" have terrific floor shows. There is no cover, drinks are $2-$3. There are lots of pretty girls, prices range from $50 to over $100 (the dancers are the most expensive, but what bodies!). Nevertheless, as we all know, beauty does not guarantee good sex. "Adelita" and "Chicago Bar", both within walking distance, also have a very attractive selection of young girls. The price for a quickie is about $40 + $10 for the hotel next door. If you take the girl back to your own hotel (recommended!) you must indemnify the bar $10 for the loss of the sale of a hotel room. - At least the first time, once you get a girls phone number this does not apply any more. Also add $10 for the taxi R/T. If you speak Spanish, there are some attractive alternatives. Try the "Coronet" opposite "Mexico Lindo". In the weekends, after 11 p.m. the bar is frequented by working girls looking for a supplement to the salary. Drinks are about $1, and you pay the girl about $50 (negotiable). A similar place is "El Tiburon" (the shark) close by. There are several other places, the Mexican patrons will advise you. Stay away from the taxi drivers, who will harass you at every street corner. Surely, if you can find your way to Tijuana, you can shoot fish in a barrel without assistance. Tell them that! (No es necessario ayudarme tirar pescado en el barril!) Lastly, if you come by car, BUY MEXICAN INSURANCE. It's cheapest on the US side of the border, about $7 per day. However, it's better to park the car on the US side and take Mexicoach to Tijuana ($2 R/T). You can not use a car anyway, you will not find parking. - One more advise, if you stay over the week-end, book your hotel in advance. The Mexican Ministery of Tourism maintains a web site giving the address and telephone numbers of all Hotels in Mexico. Enjoy
Subject: Re: Tijuana Massage Parlors? From: (Cachondo) Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 17:08:28 UTC >Does TJ have any quality massage parlors? > >Chicago & Adelita are fine for what they are, but I would like to find >something with a more relaxed atmosphere, and ready for business a bit >earlier in the day. > >Thanks. Don't know about massage parlors, but if you're looking for a place to go during daylight hours, go to Adelitas. I've been there as early as 11:30 AM and there were a fair number of women already working. If you're just after a more relaxed, layed-back atmosphere, go to Mexico Lindo (just ask a cab driver to take you there). They try to charge a lot more there, but you can talk them down if you try. The woman that I spoke to there started by offering her services for $100 but I had her down to $50 pretty quickly (I still didn't want it though). I'd pay no more than $60 for the most attractive woman there ($50 for the more average) otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it to me because I know I can have a woman just as attractive for no more than $50 (and maybe $40) at Adelitas. There are some women that will give massages. Ask for Tania in Adelitas, or Adriana at the Chicago Club. You may have to ask for the massage, but both of them will give them. And now for my question (again)- Has anybody found hooker bars in Ensenada ? Any other places in Mexico that aren't boiling hot this time of year that have lots of hookers ? I'm tired of the TJ scene and want to try somewhere new over the Labor day weekend. Someplace that's not more than a two hour flight out of TJ or it wouldn't be worth it for a three day weekend. Gracias, El Pendejo Sabio
Subject: Tijuana no-tell motel Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 21:49:19 UTC I had a rather interesting evening in TJ tonight and found a place some of the regular Tijuana gang might enjoy. Occasionally I like to go out with a hooker after we do our thing in the hotel. Tonight, I went out to dinner with one of my regulars from Adelitas. After dinner and a couple of drinks, my gonads were recharged and wanting more relief. We started looking for a nearby hotel and finally found a place called Motel Los Pinos. I thought it was a little strange that they had carports with curtains at each room so you could completely hide your car. When we got inside the room I found out why. There were three strategically placed mirrors around a round shaped bed, special lighting, air conditioning, remote control TV, and room service with a full bar. The place was pretty nice even by US. standards and it was only $23 (I think it was $40 if you got a room with jacuzzi). I was a little bit perturbed when my "date" turned on the TV because I wanted to do the nasty. When I saw what was on TV though, I changed my mind. At least two of the channels were hardcore porn. So I ended up boinking her while watching in a mirror and occasionally glancing over at Ron Jeremy boffing some blond bimbo on TV. It was great and more than worth the $23. The lady that took my money didn't mention when checkout time was, but I would assume its not for all night at that price (it really was pretty nice). If they are all-night then its a hell of a deal. At that price, I'd recommend staying there to anyone planning a trip to TJ. Its only about a 5-10 minute drive from the bars. Here's the directions and phone number if anyone's interested (this isn't a spam by the way). Blvd. Fundadores No. 5536 Telephone number 011 52 66 84-54-96 (just 84-54-96 from TJ) From Adelitas, take Revoluccion past the shitty bars (Bambis, etc.). At the end go right on Blvd Fundadores (its the leftmost of the possible right turns there). Its about 2.5-3.0 miles from Adelitas, on the right side on Blvd. Fundadores. There's a portal in a large cement and cinder block wall with a yellow "motel" sign across the street from a Friskies dog food sign. El Pendejo Sabio
Subject: Tijuana, Labor Day weekend threesome Date: 31 Oct 1996 07:50:12 -0500 I know there's been a million TJ stories in this newsgroup, but since there seems to be little but phone sex spam and the "Anything in city X ?" idiot postings, I thought I'd post a story about an adventure I had over the Labor Day weekend. Another of my fantasies has been fulfilled. I was sitting in Adelitas with one of my favorites and I mentioned that I had heard about another woman there being lesbian. She said it was fairly common and that she liked both men and women herself. Said she had done a few tricks for women before. I thought it would be difficult to find two that would work together, but apparently its very common. So common in fact that we went "shopping" for a second arm-in-arm around the bar. She pointed out some women to me and extolled their virtues. "That one has really nice tits", "she's very good in bed", etc. Finally, I saw the one I'd done Thursday and said I wanted her. This place is like a sexual playground where almost anything goes. So we took her up to the hotel room. It felt great walking out of the bar with a hooker on each arm. Kind of a power trip thing I guess. They started out by giving me a tag team blow. Then Ms T mounted me facing away from me while Ms G stuck her tits in my face. Both of them gave very good service. It was great. I was the center of attention and it was almost as if they were competing to show who could fuck the best. All kinds of moaning from both of them. Just enough to be a turn-on, but not too much to seem believable. I had my fingers and thumbs shoved into all available pussies and asses while one was on top and also had one helping me fuck the other and massaging my balls from behind. At the end, I was doing one doggie style with the other one shoving her tongue into my throat. Ended by pulling out and stripping the condom off just in time to have Ms T jerk me off onto her tits. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. One thing I hadn't considered was the condom situation. They changed my condom every time I switched from fucking one to the other so I ended up with 6 condoms on the floor at the end. They were very good at changing them quickly, so it wasn't even a bother. One other note of interest was that the hotel charged $20 since I was with two women (its normally $10). Maybe next time I'll take a couple of women to that motel I mentioned in an earlier post. Although it was an incredible experience and something I recommend everyone try, I was a little disappointed that they didn't get into each other as well as me. I'd like to fuck a woman doggie style while she's in the 69 position with another woman sometime. Unforetunatly, the second one I picked wasn't into women. Ms T (my favorite) told me that one of my other favorites, Ms A (they know each other) is also into women, but we couldn't find her. Later in the bar, I saw two women that looked like identical twins. I asked them if they were sisters (don't know how to say twins in Spanish) and they said yes. If only I had seen them earlier ! I ended up taking Ms C up to the hotel for a cool down fuck then took a taxi back to the border to return to the land of the normal. Perhaps I'll take the sisters some other time. The next time I find both of my favorites in the bar at the same time, its going to be a very interesting experience. Cachondo
Subject: [ASP] Tijuana, Adelitas, 11-14-96 Date: 16 Nov 1996 00:46:35 -0500 For those of you who remember my Labor Day weekend threesome posting, you may remember my expression of regret that the women didn't get into each other as well as me. Well, I found Ms. T (Tania) again last night and she told me she had a "friend" that wanted to "touch" her. Thirty minutes later, the three of us were in the hotel banging away. I won't go into details other than to say I finally got to do a woman doggie style while she was in the 69 position with another woman. I guess I'll have to think up some new fantasies now, because I've done everything I have aver fantasized about now. Total cost $120 ($50 per woman, $20 for the hotel). Tania's one of those rare women that seem to enjoy their work and seems to be extremely open minded about sex. She gives about the best head in TJ and she also enjoys women. At times, its hard to get your dick out of her mouth. Enjoy and be good to her ! Adios Amigos, Cachondo "El Pendejo Sabio"
Subject: Attack in Tijuana Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 19:13:17 -0800 I had a rather unfortunate experience in the Zona Roja area in Tijuana, Mexico recently which I would like to share with you and your readers. It happened on a Saturday evening about 7:15 pm while walking down the hill on the east side of Avendida Constitucion in the Zona Roja area heading towards the Adelita Bar. I was observing the many prostitutes who were lined up standing on the street when all of a sudden I felt an arm around my neck. One guy was choking me from behind while some other guys were grabbing my wallet and my wrist watch. I was totally helpless. They were choking me and I could not breath. For a moment I was thinking "Could this be the end of my life?" Luckily, once they had my wallet and watch they let go of me and quickly disappeared. I never saw any of their faces and have no idea how many guys were involved in attacking me. I luckily was not injured accept that I had a sore neck and pulled a muscle in my rib area. They tore my pants in order to get my wallet as quickly as possible. In order to cover up the tear so it wasn't too noticable, I had to pull out my shirt and hold up the torn side of my pants with my hands while walking. My wallet which they had stolen contained $53. Luckily, I had hidden the rest of my money in my sock in my shoes. Thank god they didn't take my keys to my car and home! Needless to say I lost any urge to get laid that night. Since, I didn't see any of their faces and wanted to get the hell out of their as soon as possible, I didn't bother to report the incident to the police. So I walked to the US border, got in my car and drove home. What I found so ironic about this incident is that I had read a story in your World Prostitution Sex guide, recently, from a guy who was attacked exactly the same way while crossing the bridge over the Tijuana River on the way into town. I therefore was very cautious when I crossed over this bridge where he was attacked. I never would have imagined that I would be mugged walking down Avenida Constitucion. This is a very busy street and I'm sure quit a few people must have witnessed my attack. After the attack several people including a couple of the prostitutes ran up to me to make sure I was OK. One of the prostitutes even offered to give me some spare change- which was very nice of her try to help me! I have been to the Zona Roja area in Tijuana 8 or 9 times in the past year and nothing like this ever happened to me before. I'm sure I will return there sometime, but next time I'll be much more cautious when waking in the Zona Roja area. Americans and other foreigners are prime targets. I"m not trying to discourage you guys from going there. Where else can you find a prostitute who will do it for $10 to $15? But I urge you to be cautious.
Subject: [ASP] Tijuana: Savvy A.S.P. Reader Avoids TJ Hoodlum Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 11:07:00 -0500 (EST) IMHO, the moral of this story is that you should NEVER (EVER!) walk from the Zona Norte to the border at night. Fortunately, this bloke knew from reading A.S.P. to be on guard and he was smart enough to run rather than trying to stand and fight. Again, when you're had enough fun in the Zona Norte, TAKE A CAB TO THE BORDER! Five bucks is a small price to pay to avoid getting mugged. Brockton ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Last October, I was caught up in a dangerous situation that parallels some of the other's I've heard about. This occurred while returning to the U.S.(after midnight) from a late-night excursion to Adelita's, and after having just finishing a rip-roaring session bouncing with my favorite amiga off the bed, floors and walls. I was semi-borracho, and blew my return cab fare - so I decided to hike accross the bridge. While approaching the main intersection at Revolucion(where all the mariachis hang out), I saw a 6ft., 220 lb. white guy in his mid-40's getting attacked by a 5'-8", 145lb. 18-yr-old Mexican. The white guy was saying something like; "Get the fuck away from me". The white guy was retreating past me, and I asked him if he needed any help - he didn't say a word, and jumped in a cab. I didn't think much of it at the time, and kept walking towards the pedestrian bridge. [I have received *several* reports that the intersection of Calle Uno and Av. Rev. es muy peligroso (very dangerous), especially in the wee hours of the morning. There's nothing worth going to down there, so stay away from it.] When I got to the pedestrian bridge, I remembered reading about the guy who got jumped in the plaza below the bridge, and as it was quite dark, my adreneline started flowing. So, when I got to the bridge, I sprinted up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, and 25 ft. onto the bridge, I heard a noise behind me. I turned around, and it was the same Mexicano who attacked the guy in the Zona Norte - he had been following me for the last mile! I'm 37, 6'-0", 185lbs., and try to run 3 miles a day, so I thought what the hell, I'll teach this S.O.B. a lesson. I began appoaching him, and at 10ft., he takes something out of his waistband. I'm thinking; Oh, shit! If it's a gun, I'm screwed, if it's a knife, I'll just try to get the hell out of here. I began to turn, and the dude launches the item at me underhanded-like. I was putting up my arms up to protect my face, and I feel the thing hit me hard in the elbow. It hits the ground, and crash - it's a broken Coke bottle! I think about picking up the top and using it on the guy(by this time I'm 3ft. from it, and he is 7ft. from it). It turns out we are both thinking the same thing, and if we get into it, one of us is gonna wind up in the riverbed below. I figure I'm better off calling this thing a draw - so I sprinted across the bridge, past some more potential hoods, and when I got to a more well-lit area 3/4 mile away, I see that I bleeding pretty good from the cut on my elbow. On the bridge going over the return lanes from the taxi drop-off in Mexico, I run into a couple of American lesbians going back also. I start telling them the story, and afterwords get into a conversation with them. Well, the prettier of the two starts talking to me too much - and this gets the other one pretty steamed... kind'a different, I'm thinking. Once back in the good 'ol U.S.A., I decide that I will stick to taxicrabs for the return trips to the U.S. from now on. Adios, "Diego"
Subject: Re: [ASP] Hot Times IN TJ Date: 10 Jan 1997 17:20:37 -0500 Welcome to Señor Eso. A few comments [IN= CAPS, EXCUSE THE SHOUTING] from a guy that's been there way too many times... Back to the "Chicago Club"...I don't have the good luck there that I often hear about. I think you can get a good "business fuck" there...but make no mistake. that may be it.=20 YES, I'VE DEFINITELY NOTICED THE SAME THING. I GUESS ITS A MATTER OF PERSONAL TASTE. SOME SWEAR BY THE CHICAGO CLUB, OTHER'S LIKE MYSELF AND YOU PREFER A FRIENDLIER ATMOSHPERE. I LIKE AFFECTION ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LIKE THE FUCKING AND YOU DON'T GET MUCH OF THAT AT THE CHICAGO CLUB. I took a very young girl from their "floor show" upstairs and she looked good on the floor but was just a bit aloof in bed. It was $70...and I didn't bother to bargain...sometimes the girls are too expensive by their own quotes and often worth much more that what they ask! My friend did a 23 year girl that he talked to and teased a number of times and he claims that they really made love. She was a great kisser and it was even better and sexier than most of the girlfriends that he has had. She gave him her personal phone number. Of course he is a tall white hunk...and a "slut magnet" if I may say so. SEEMS STRANGE, BUT EVEN PROSITUTES HAVE A LOVE LIFE. I'VE KNOWN SEVERAL THAT HAVE MARRIED CUSTOMERS. YOU'LL NEED AN EXTREMELY LIBERAL ATTITUDE TO HOOK UP WITH ONE OF THEM THOUGH. Adelita is my dream Bar...Shit....nail my cowboy hat to the wall...I could die there... ESTOY DE ACUERDO MI AMIGO. FRIENDLIER, MORE DOWN TO EARTH, MANY MORE WOMEN, OPENS AT 11:00 am (YES, THAT'S 11:00 AM) AND YOU CAN GO IN AND RELAX FEELING UNPRESSURED TO CONTINUOUSLY BUY DRINKS. I took a very young smiling girl off to the corner just a couple weeks back...remember...all the shit I am talking about is just a month old...not 2 years buddy is younger and better looking and often gets into the real "fuck machines"...rightfully so...I like a couple drinks, a dance, a smile or two, a little warmup...and maybe an hour upstairs.....she was very sexy when I took off her clothes...aparently she was lactating...I treated her like I loved her...a slow gentle hand and a slow feeling fuck...her kagel muscles were wonderful...and when she came, little sprinkles of milk went all over...she was a beauty and I wanted to take her home......($40) and I gave her a $10 tip...I saw her again a week later and then a week later...this time I noticed what a beautiful pussy she had and ate her to a climax before I did her. This took an hour and $100 but I was physically and psychologically elated ....yummy...yummy...yummy.. I look for her again...maybe she will go on a real date.... TAKE HER OUT TO DINNER AND TO A MOTEL CALLED MOTEL DE LAS PINAS (SEE THE WORLD SEX GUIDE BITS AND PIECES FOR THE ADDRESS. THEY'VE GOT THE FULL-ON SEXUAL TRYST ROOMS WITH ROUND BEDS, MIRRORS EVERYWHERE, FULL BAR ROOM SERVICE, PORN CHANNELS ON THE TV, AND JACCUZZIS AVAILABLE. LAST TIME I WAS THERE, THE ROOMS WITHOUT JACCUZZIS WERE $23. THEY'RE NICE ROOMS EVEN BY US STANDARDS. About two weeks ago I met a very spiritual girl who was about 40 but looked quite nice and had a peaceful way about her. (This was at Adelita Bar) HMMMM, SOUNDS LIKE TANIA, BUT I DIDN'T THINK SHE WAS THAT OLD. I'D HAVE GUESSED 30. I watched her for awhile before I approached her for a drink...her touch was nice, she could speak a fair amount of English, she was very affectionate... YEA, STILL SOUNDS LIKE TANIA it was easy to go up stairs with her...she never asked for the money..she gave great head and I am not much into getting head...but it was nice... GOTTA BE TANIA. I AFFECTIONATELY THINK OF HER AS MY LITTLE HOOVER GIRL. SHE GIVES THE BEST HEAD IN TJ (WITHOUT A CONDOM IF YOU PREFER) AND YOU PRACTICALLY HAVE TO PRY HER HEAD UP OFF YOUR DICK TO FUCK HER. we massaged each other...she kissed nice...nothing like contact... HMMMM, I THOUGHT SHE KISSED LOUSY, KIND OF JUST OPENED HER MOUTH AND PRESSED HER LIPS AGAINST MINE. NOW I'M JEALOUS, SHE KISSED YOU BETTER. time went by...sometimes during the weekdays they don't bother to knock after 30 minutes...I gave her $100...she probably only expected $50...but I appreciated the good service and I wanted her to know it...she said that "Capricorns" are better producers...well maybe...I came down Christmas eve and stayed overnight with her. She likes meditation music and it was almost a repeat of the previous night. She was soon to leave to be with a client in another country.... SURE SOUNDS LIKE TANIA. WAS SHE VEGETARIAN ALSO ? WHAT COUNTRY WAS SHE GOING TO ? And if you have a little heart! may find a little heart...if you just want to fuck some can get that too...I can see how some of the guys can become addicted to these girls... TELL ME ABOUT IT. I'VE BEEN THERE PROBABLY 150 TIMES OVER THE LAST 3+ YEARS. IF I HAD A DOLLAR FOR EVERY HUNDRED DOLLARS I'VE SPENT THERE, I'D BE ABLE TO SPEND THE ADDITIONAL MONEY ON EVEN MORE PROSTITUTES! it would take more than pussy for me to fall in love...but TJ is a good training ground to figure out what really turns you on in a woman. I have had some so-so experiences also, and what I do is don't push it if it is not that may not be the girls why make them feel bad..I always saw thankyou...and if I didn't come...don't worry...and go on to the next experience...and $40 or $50 a pop you can go through 3 or 4 in a night without really going broke.... IF YOU'VE EVER HAD A THOUGHT ABOUT DOING A THREESOME, GO FIND TANIA AND ASK HER TO FIND HER FRIEND THAT LIKES TO "TOUCH HER". I DID A THREESOME WITH HER AND ANOTHER WOMAN AND IT WAS AWESOME. THERE'S ALSO TWO WOMEN THAT LOOK LIKE, AND CLAIM TO BE, IDENTICAL TWINS. WOULDN'T THAT BE AN EXPERIENCE! DON'T HESITATE TO PICK UP TWO IF YOU'RE INTERESTED. I WAS SHY ABOUT IT AND THOUGHT MOST WOMEN PROBABLY WOULDN'T DO IT. WAS I EVER WRONG. AFTER I TOLD TANIA WHAT I WANTED, WE WENT SHOPPING FOR A THIRD WOMAN ARM IN ARM. There are some clubs on a street directly behind Adelitas and there are some possibilities there also. Not all the girls will go to hotel. My friend got solicited by one with a nice body for $30. I dance with a very cute young one, but she wasn't a prostitute ...or I didn't give her a good offer...who knows..It was fun and part of the game....I...We...walked into Mexico Lindo a couple of times but nothing there seemed too is probably too close to the commercial district... MEXICO LINDO'S IS A WASTE OF TIME. SMALL SELECTION, THE WOMEN ASK OUTRAGOUS FEES, AND I HAVE YET TO SEE THE "MOVIE STAR QUALITY" WOMEN SOME PEOPLE CLAIM FREQUENT THIS BAR. IT BEATS THE TRANSSEXUAL HANG-OUTS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER (BAMBI, SANS SOUCHI) BUT IT DOESN'T COMPARE TO THE ZONA ROJA. I SAW SOME ADS FOR MASSAGE PARLORS IN EL MEXICANO (the local TJ newspaper) A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. HAS ANYBODY BEEN TO THESE PLACES AND HAVE SOMETHING TO REPORT ? ONE THING I'VE NEVER SEEN DISCUSSED MUCH IN THIS GROUP IS PROTECTION FROM DISEASE. HOW MANY OF YOU REGULARS HAVE GOTTEN HEPATITIS B VACCINATIONS ? AIDS ISN'T THE ONLY DANGER, HEPATITUS IS EASIER TO CATCH, AND OFTEN FATAL. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE A REGULAR, GET VACCINATED. Cogiendo como no hay mañana, Cachondo, El Pendejo Sabio
Date: 1/13/1997 23:32 Subject: Tijuana I have read what you have to say about the action in Tijuana. Alot of it is right on the money, but the only thing is why do girls from Adelitas and Chicago club are the only ones who will go to your hotelroom, and the ones who are out on the street will not. I have asked the girls who are out on the street why and they say they cannot leave the area so you have to go to their hotel,and some of them only will give you only 30 minutes. And like reported some of them do not take their tops off. The girls on the street charge alot less than the girls in the clubs,10 dollars and 10 for the room,and usually the rooms aren't very nice. Some of the girls are O.K. and some of them are outright nasty the ones in the clubs seem to be alot better, but sometimes you see some old and worn out ones that have no buisness in there all they are doing is scaring people away. On the Revolucion the main clubs are not as good as the zona roja, waiters are pushy for tips, and if you don't buy right away they will hound you around the place until you buy a drink, or they will ask you to leave. One of these clubs Regines has some nice girls, but also it has some Transexuals but it is easy to spot them. One night I was in there and one of the transexuals fell on the floor and some guy helped it up and was rewarded with a big fat kiss when the guy realized what it was he promply socked it in the nose and sent it back on the floor where he found it. Another time a rather nice looking girl was coming on to me and I invited her to a drink, she looked a little tired but she invited me to go the hotel,but as we were sitting she had her arm around me and tried to lift my wallet and as I looked at her she pulled away and said she needed to go to the restroom and she did not come back. Not all the girls are as bad as this one some of them are very nice, I even had one of the girls invite me to her house she had 4 kids to support so thats why she does what she does. The area of the zona roja is alot rougher than that of downtown T.J. there are a lot more fights on the street and drunks everywhere, onetime there was a drunk guy passed out in the middle of the sidewalk and everyone just stepped over him and went about their buisness. A couple of hours later I passed by again and some one had stolen his shoes right off his feet. Lots of police in this area just driving around and staring at people, so best advice don't get drunk and don't start any fights or you might end up in jail. I have been in the Miami bar the girls in there just sit on along bench and wait for someone to ask them to dance then maybe a drink,the hotel is next door, once I was quoted 30$ for service but that was a couple of years ago. The girls in her are beautiful for the most part and dont really dress like the tipical hooker, no super tight and short skirts in here. They all dress nicely and look like they work in offices and banks during the week. The Adelitas bar was full, lots of oriental men were here this night,and lots of girls the place was really hot and smokey not much room to move around let alone sit. The next time I go I will try to go to the Chigago bar and see what that is like. I have told some of my friends about this site and we plan to go real soon and try some of this advice I have seen here. One other thing about staying in Chula Vista if you stay on E street ther is a Best Western, a Motel 6, and the All Seasons all within one block of the freeway with the Best Western being the best it has more T.V. stations that the others,also if you want to take the trolley to and from the border the trolley station is next to the Best western and on weekends it runs all night so you won't have to park at the border and dont have to worry about driving if you had too much to drink, because the police are waiting at the exit of the customs office and thats right next to the trolley stop, and at the freeway entrance the Highway Patrol has a officer watching the cars as they get on the freeway. If you want to stay in T.J. the Hotel Cesar is close to the Zona Roja, like 1 block away on the Blvd Revolucion. The Hotel La Villa De Zaragoza is nice also its behind the Jai Alai. There is also the Super 8 thats right next to the swap meet between 9th and 10th ave. all these places are close to downtown and to the discos also if you feel like going dancing.
Date: 30 Jan 1997 14:02:28 -0500 There's a couple of quite attractive white exotic dancers working in Altiz in Tijuana that I think do more than dance on the side, but they quote some outrageous prices ($500). Altiz is a South of the border version of Pure Platinum with a mix of mostly caucasion (American) women and a few Mexican women. All the women are very attractive (comparable to the Pure Platinum near Balboa and 163). The format is exactly like in the States except that you can (and are expected to) touch the women. Couch dances are $30 (topless) and you get "roaming" privleges for your hands and mouth. Ask a taxi driver to take you there. It's near the top of the concrete parking garage above a Caliente's sports betting place just off Revolucion (I think on 5th or 6th). There is no overt prostitution in this club, though I believe you could make arrangements with some of the ladies if you're willing to pay the price. Of course, you can get the same thing for $40-60 in the better prostitution clubs in TJ, so it's basically a waste of time and money unless you have an aversion to Mexican women. Cachondo, El Pendejo Sabio
Subject: Tijuana Sex Club Report Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 12:24:21 -0600 Ya all, The Chicago Club is a mixed bag of girls at the moment. The range is very wide. Some girls are true zero's and a few are 8's. IMO there are no 10's at the Chicago Club. The dance show is still OK, but the dancer with the bleached blonde hair is not doing herself any favors with THAT hair color. The tall brunette that sometimes wears the yellow vinyl outfit is fairly hot. In a very unusual twist I found an insanely beautiful girl at the Miami Bar. But, she was only in town for two days and went away. That is part of the sex club scene in TJ. Do the girls when you can because you never know if you will ever see them again. As everyone knows the Miami Bar is NOT the best place to find tight bodies. Ratings as of 2/8/97: Chicago Club: Rosie 8+, Veronica 7+ Adelita's: Tania 8+ Miami Bar: Elda 6+, Sonja 5 New York Club: Cindy 7+ That's all for now!
Subject: [ASP] Adelita Bar Monday, President's Day, Feb. 17 3:45 PM Date: 17 Feb 1997 22:50:09 -0500 I found another day shift honey that I could easilly fall in love with and get my heart ripped out by today. She goes by the name of Karen and is from Guadalajara (sp?). About 30 years old, nice body, permed blond hair and a really cute smile. She kept calling me Cachondo (horny) while we were doing the nasty so I told her I often write about my experiences on the internet using that name. She's fairly new (6 weeks in the business) and perhaps this accounts for her friendliness. If you like decent looking women that are friendly and good in bed, then I'd recommend her, but you'll have to go early because she works the day shift. She also mentioned a story about a woman I've written about a bit in the past. Patricia the tit queen in Adelita. She says that many of the women there think Patricia's a little crazy and has been working as a prostitute for 15 years. I've often thought the same thing. I do like her tits occasionally stuck in my face though. !Vivan las prostitutas! Cachondo, El Pendejo Sabio
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 22:23:42 +0000 Subject: Tijuana Hullo Atta, I thought that I would let you know that there are a couple of girls at "Bambi" who are really hot. Janine is about 20 and tall with a very slim body. I asked her how much and she said $45 for full service. We went around the corner to a hotel - $10 for the room. She stripped and had a piss then washed herself. She got me nice and hard with her hands before putting a condom on me and giving me great head. When I was ready to fuck she told me that it was her "time of month". I thought that I'd been had until she got down on all fours doggy-style and pulled my dick up to her ass. She really wanted that ass-fucking and was in no hurry, changing tempos and motion a lot. When I couldn't hold back anymore she turned around and removed the condom so she could jerk me off all over her small firm tits. I paid her an extra $20 and I plan to see her again soon. Later on, back in Bambi, she brought over another mexican girl and told me to give the girl $20 for "very good blowjob". The new girl was younger - I didn't get her name but she has short black hair and small tits - probably 5' 1". Whilst Janine talked to me, the other girl gave me some of the best head I've ever had (this includes Bangkok, Hong Kong, Cuba and most of Europe). When I came, she swallowed every drop and came up smiling. I was in heaven. A word of warning. Whilst I was in there a couple of good ole boys from Missisippee got rolled. They had been drinking heavily and were with a couple of old, ugly, hookers. They had their hands in the hookers snatches and were getting a lot of hand work. Eventually, the slags were gone and the boys realised that so were both their wallets, a watch and a gold bracelet. The management and the cops weren't interested. Stick to the girls who look like they're in it for more than just the money!
Subject: Re: [ASP] TJ Report by El Diablo [fwd] Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 00:59:31 -0800 > > Did get to park close to > >the attendant, though. It was the standard mentioned in the FAQ for > >weekends, $7., and I tipped the guy $5. "Para tu ojos on mi carro" to keep > >an eye on my car. First of all the correct way to say it is "Echale un ojo a mi carro" or "ojo al carro." Both of these expressions mean the same thing: "keep an eye on my car." "para tu ojo en mi carro" is wrong, but the guys who watch them will get the message. However you should be aware that telling a guy the word PARA (which means "get up," but which is commonly understood as "GET IT UP") is something I would NOT want to do. "Para" also means "for", by the way, so gringo was right in pointing that out. The problem is you overlooked the fact that one word can mean different things, dude! > > After a bit, I asked her, "ok a la perro?" Which > >was the best way I know how of saying doggy stlye. First of all this is irrelevant. the girl will KNOW what you're talking about just by hearing the word "perro" (dog). Second, it is more fun, more familiar, more comfortable, and far less offensive if you say "ahora de perrito." (now like doggie) "perrito" means doggie or little dog, and it's more cute than just plain ol' "dog." Now, this is somewhat irrelevant but it happened to me once so i'll throw in the note for general knowledge: I was with this girl once and all of the sudden she said "ahora el cuatro" (now the four). I speak spanish, but still I was completely baffled by this. "el cuatro?" I asked. "yeah, de perrito" she said. Ah, that I do know! I thought the expression was perhaps some sort hooker slang or maybe the way they called it in the place where the girl was from (she said she was from the state of Sinaloa). Since the expression DID make sense--basically it means "all fours"--I forgot about it. The next day when I was bragging with my buds (all of them mexican) I told them about the "el cuatro" expression, only to see their equally baffled faces. Nobody knew the expression. They DID know "de perrito", but not "el cuatro." So if you hear "el cuatro" it means doggie style, but DO NOT ask her for 'el cuatro' because, as my experience seems to indicate, not many people know that "el cuatro" means "doggie style." Just say good ol' "de perrito." > > I thought about it some, and asked > >about "Par boca," which I had to clarify by adding, "Para mi boca esta > >bien con tigo?" (By my mouth is ok by you??) > Actually what you said was "For my mouth is allright with you" but she > seems to have understood. I'll leave it to someone else to come up > with the correct Spanish ahem... that would be me. Ok, of you want to fuck her mouth, get a blow job, she sucking on you, or however you want to call oral sex you say: "Por la boca." (by the mouth) or, if you want to be polite--and I would suggest you SHOULD be--you say: "te parece bien por la boca?" (it's ok with you by the mouth?" That's it. She'll understand. You don't need to specify whose mouth you're talking about. If your spanish is just plain pathetic you could--or if you want to make it even more clear--just grab your dick and tell point at it saying 'por la boca.' i think that's not necessary, but hey! and image is worth a thousand words. > >After the shower, she got pretty nasty. Practically ordered me out of the > >room, saying, "You go now, go back to club, go hotel" I got the picture, > >and left. I ducked back into the Adelita bar for a quick last glance, and > >then grabbed a taxi right out front. > > > >[Hmm. . . this is *most* unusual. Perhaps she was mad you used the shower. > >Maybe she was just cranky.] > > I have a different theory. I don't think most of the girls appreciate > you going down on them. They put up with it and will even moan > because they know it is expected. The fact that she took a shower is > pretty unusual and she may have been resentful that she felt obligated > to do so Actually, I have a more sound theory: They want you out of the room bacause that way the hotel can charge another guy for it. It makes sense: It's obvious that those rooms are just for fucking, so the more rooms available the more money the hotel makes. I think the girls get a tip for every customer they bring in (just as they get a commission for every drink you buy them at the bar. hey, I know how things work down there; I'm Mexican). In fact one girl tried to get me out of a room once, but with a more subtle techinque: since the hotel where we were was at a reasonable distance from the bar, she argued that she had forgotten some clothes and asked me to go with her. I said no, of course; I had arranged for my pals to pick me up at the hotel later on (I NEVER go without a bud to get some ass. That's my rule. Security reasons. believe me: it's better if you DO NOT go alone). In my case the guy at the reception didn't even give us a key; he just told us where the room was--it was open, but it had a lock, of course. Now, the deal at the hotel was to pay 18 dollars and I could stay there till 12pm the next day (and they can't get you out before that time because otherwise they're breaking the law). So it's up to the girl to get you out of the room. If she is successful you can't go back: you have no key, no contract, fuck! you don't even sign anything! there's no way you can prove that is your room if you leave--but the hotel profits from this, since they can chrage another 18 bucks to another costumer. So if they get you out is not out of having an attitude nor because of hard feelings (they only care about the money; they don't give a shit if you do, say, or feel whatever you want as long as you don't abuse them. It's not that they are bitches (they are NOT); they are just making business. A final note: Things work out differently on other hotels, but if you are in the ones near the bars and you are told to leave after you're done, don't even think twice: GO. It's better not to make trouble (believe me; it's not worth it). And besides, you got what you wanted--and you can get some more if you have the money.
Subject: [ASP] Tijuana Safey Advisory! Date: 15 Apr 1997 06:49:24 -0400 JAYHAWK'S TJ SAFETY ADVISORY!! WARNING! I was nearly mugged in Zona Roja. It was about 10:45 pm on a Monday night. I had simply walked around the corner from Adelita Bar to check out Miami Bar and was walking back to Adelita. I was about 50 feet from the corner where Adelita is when I felt someone grabbing me around my neck with a choke hold. I'm not particularly strong or beefy, but I can take care of myself, and this stupid shit had to be about 6" shorter than me. I just shot my elbow back, caught him hard in the chest, and dropped my head and rotated into him (an old self-defense trick). He couldn't possibly hang on so he fell off me and ran. I had my wallet buttoned into my back pocket, and most of my money was in my shirt pocket anyway, so he didn't get anything. I was thinking about going after him and beating the shit out of him, but I didn't know if he had a knife, or if other friends were nearby, so I let it go since I wasn't hurt and he didn't get anything. This really raises my concern level for Zona Roja. I have heard about problems down the street from the main area a bit, but this was literally half a block from Adelita Bar, right in the middle of the street vendors. There were no alleys, so he must have just come up behind me. I am usually *very* alert, walk close to the street, stay away from alleys, and I stay in areas where there are lots of people, but this was really a shock. I settled down with a beer and a fuck at Adelita Bar (that experience posted separately), but this confirms what others have said about this area becoming much more dangerous. Next time I am going to limit my travels to the 100 feet between Adelita and Chicago Club. JayHawk
Subject: [ASP] Tijuana Mini-Review Date: 15 Apr 1997 06:49:25 -0400 JAYHAWK'S TJ MINI-REVIEW I hit the border at about 10 pm on a Monday evening. It was a slow night and there was lots of free parking. Chicago Club had about 15-20 girls, many 7-8's but no standouts. Miriam and Rosie were nowhere to be found. The street had the usual 50-100 girls ranging from 2's to a few 7's, but most were around 4-6. I had never tried an Adelita Bar girl so decided to select from that group. Adelita Bar had about 40 to choose from. The place was crowded, but not packed. I was almost immediately approached by Angela, who spoke excellent English. She was nice (more on her later), but I wanted to check out the rest. There was one positively gorgeous honey there...schoolgirl look, maybe 18-19, long curly hair, and not dressed even slightly slutty...she was wearing jeans and a blouse that was fairly modest, but she was talking with an obvious hooker so I assumed she was working. I worked my way over to her; she looked at me and smiled, I said Hi, she said Hi, then she looked the other way. I hung around her for about 10 min, she kept talking to her friend, then she and the friend up and moved to another spot. I don't know if she was working or not, but she showed little interest in me. In contrast, half a dozen or so other girls approached me, winked, or did something to get my attention. Angela kept coming by, and was being somewhat pushy, but in a nice sort of way. I decided to try some of my new Spanish (Note: many thanks to El Chamuco for his handy "Lo haces por el ano") and asked first in English (she didn't get it) then in Spanish (she got it) if she did anal. She said that it costs more and quoted me $100. I said it was too much and turned away, but she came after me and said $80. I said I wanted to get a beer and think about it. I looked around and there were several other nice girls, but except for my unapproachable schoolgirl, no one better than a 7. When I finished my beer, Angela came over again and we agreed on $70. Angela is tall, not a great beauty, but fairly nice looking with a very nice attitude. She told me I was her first customer of the night and I was only the third guy she had ever done anal with, but she took it like a pro. I know these girls are masters at faking it, but while humping her rump I was gently rubbing her clit and she literally got soaking wet and was moaning, so I don't know how you would fake that physiologic response. In summary (for those who like to clip these and put in their scrapbook): ANGELA About 28 5'7", 130 lbs, 36C-26-37 (all my guesses) Face: 6 Body: 7 Attitude/Personality: 8 Performance: 8 Total cost: $10 for roundtrip cab, $70 for Angela, I tipped her $5, $10 for the room, $1 for the towel boy, $1 because she didn't have a condom (they sell them at the desk at the hotel!), and $2 for a beer, for a total of $99. The only downer of the evening is that I was nearly mugged not 100 feet from Adelita Bar! I will post separately on this experience. JayHawk
Subject: [ASPT] Another weapons search at Adelita's Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 20:36:16 -0600 Last Friday at Adelita's, the customers were subjected to another weapons/drug search(a fallout from the U.S. pressure for Mexico to step up the "war on drugs"). I understand this is becoming commonplace throughout Mexico, and the citizenry are supportive of it(at least for the time being). For now, I will also have to say this is a good thing, and if it keeps the places I frequent safer, then I'm all for it. However, I can't imagine giving the police in the U.S.A. that kind of power. This is the second weapons search I've been through there. The first search was about three weeks ago, and lasted 20 minutes, and I remember it petrified my usually tough-acting female acquantance that night. I remember that when they came to search me - she was torn between holding on to me, and trying to get away from me. It was really weird, because she had been with me 20 times before, and should have known I don't carry weapons/drugs - but she kept asking me; "Tienes armas?, Tienes armas?", and kinda half-ass patted me down. I believe they did find people with drugs and/or weapons that night(at least that was the scuttlebutt). The second search lasted about 45 minutes and the modus operendi was quite different. This time they sent the girls to one side of the room, and the guys to the other side. I guess there is no sense in scaring the girls, they don't have anyplace to hide a gun(well, actually, some of the girls I've been with down there probably could hide a gun in their pussies). You know when there is going to be a search, because everyone starts clamoring like there is a fight, and then they turn the house lights on(some of these girls look a whole lot better with the lights low!). My female acquaintance that night didn't know what was going on, and was getting up on her tiptoes and the chair to see what was going on - I told her to keep her head down, because it was a search, and if gunfire was going to erupt, it would probably be then(I think she just thought it was a fight). Anyway, back to the search, they start breaking the guys into groups of 5-10, which can each be watched by one cop(they put me in with a group of other gringos and japanese). Then they parade each group of ten past the searcher. Having been through this before, I tried to make the best of my time and was telling jokes(I figure it is just like going thru the airport x-ray, it is okay to be telling jokes, as long as it isn't about guns, bombs, or drugs). I heard some clamoring going on by the dance floor, and they led some dude out of the place, so I figure he must have done something wrong. After about 35 minutes of this shit, the natives were getting restless, the girls and guys are still separate and the bar is closed, so nobody's getting drunk or laid, and nobody's making any money. Shit, the group of drunk mexicanos which I had fallen in with that night wanted more beer, and so did I. Then I thought, why the hell am I hanging out with you guys, when there is a ton of pussy on the other side of the room, with nobody paying any attention to it - what a field day! So, I mosey on over there, and lo and behold, the same girl I had been with quickly finds me, and we strike up where we left off. 5 minutes later the lights go back down - and it's party time again! We end up sitting under that beautiful picture of Adelita on the back wall(there are booths there now), and I'm making like I'm licking Adelita's pussy(have you ever noticed that people have drawn some pussy hairs on her?).
Subject: [ASPT] Re: Looking for info on N.Y. Club and Peanuts Date: Wed, 07 May 1997 20:41:10 -0600 > Peanuts is a very interesting place. It is a VERY high pressure bar with > only a few cute girls. About 30-40% of the "girls" working there are > real women. Many are TV's. > > Lot's of drugs at Peanuts and some of the girls are very skinny and > those same girls do alot of METH. I went with a girl from there once and > she did a shitload of METH before we fucked. Thanks for your report TJMan. I have a couple of additional comments and a couple of more questions about your experience at Peanuts. First, I gotta tell you that there weren't nuthin but girls working at the place during my three visits. Most of the girls danced and allowed views and gropes below the belt if you tipped. There was nothing in their panties but pussy (barring the possibility that expert surgery was already performed)! The nights that I was there, most of the girls were good looking and did not appear to be drugged-out skinny. Many were quite healthy looking in fact. The barkers outside tried to sell me drugs and fix me up with a girl before even entering the place. One of them tried to shake me down for money when I left saying, "I seated you and brought you your beer when you came in and you didn't even tip". Me - "Bullshit - someone else took care of me and he got a tip". Anyhow, the guy starts walking behind me as I start strolling down toward the zona norte on Constitution. I stop at a busy intersection to see if he'd keep walking - he did. I suspect if I wasn't a brawny guy, this would have gone to the next level. However, despite all this garbage, and also as you alluded to, the high pressure to buy lap dances inside, I enjoyed myself here and would have been happy to leave with a number of the dancers. But considering the Bambi-type atmosphere and the dirtbags hanging out outside, I didn't feel safe leaving with anyone.
Subject: Re: [ASPT] Re: Looking for info on N.Y. Club and Peanuts Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 08:05:59 GMT Well, guys, I gotta say that I enjoyed the Peanut place very much. I've been there only once, but thought that it is a superb place to warm up before going to the Adelita Bar and get laid. I was there on a saturday night fairly early (and did notice that, when I came back around 11pm, it wasn't that great anymore) and there were a lot of old, ugly and possibly TS women around, but the dancers were beautiful and nice, some of them speaking quite well English making the conversation easy. One of the dancers - Adriana - was really beautiful, medium sized, very firm, natural breasts (she "slapped" my face when I asked if they were real: of course they are!). She gave me a *VERY* steamy lap dance with nothing but panties on and even let me suck her tits and kiss her mouth. She really got me going. I agree that the surrounding guys aren't the highest class, but the waitresses were friendly (and cute!) and didn't push too hard for lap dances as long as you had a drink in front of you and tipped them. One of them actually sat down with me and chatted for a while (unfortunately, she did just wait and nothing else). It might really depend on the time when you go there, but I'm sure that I'll try this place again to "warm up" before mozing down to Adelita....
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 12:00:42 -0700 Subject: day trip to t.j. I found a little place called "MEXICO LINDOS" i think this means linda in spanish. the prices were higher then normal but, so was the quality and service. the mexican lady i spent time with was the wife of a mexican doctor. i'm telling you i have ejoyed day trips down there for years, nothing i have found comes close to this place. they try hard to get 100 bucks for the trip to the hotel, while it may be twice the going price, it was worth it on my trip. any cab driver can find the place, my next trip i'll get the address. i dont want to post this, but wanted to share it with you as you may with a select few. nothing starts at this place until around 9pm weekdays are best, my last trip i was the only gringo there. mostly wealthy business men. hope i havent wasted my time, this place is worth a visit. happy hunting, bajamike..
Subject: Re: [ASPT] weekend girlfriends in Tijuana? (fwd) Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 13:01:59 -0600 Brockton provides a really good assesment of this activity, but I'll throw in some details from actual case histories. > Gentlemen: Recently I received the following query, with a request for > a posted reply. Regards, Brockton. > > <<a while ago, I found a mentioning of full-day/weekend girlfriends in > Tj and was wondering if you could post a message on the finer details > about pricing, negotiation and quality of such willing escorts. Do > most of the girls in Adelita or Chicago go for this or where would you > be most successful in finding what you search for? First, most girls at Adelitas do not speak english, so you better speak spanish well enough, or it would get boring really quick. Second, most girls will not do this; I've developed a penchant for figuring out which ones will do it - basically the girl will do it if she knows you well enough, and if she thinks she can make some decent money by going with you; and, believe it or not, they need to find you at least somewhat attractive(otherwise they won't be able to keep their pussies wet all weekend, and they wouldn't want to be seen in public with you). Third, I only take ones that will let me fuck my brains out for hours on end; that means I would have had to try them out with an all-nighter first. I've taken out three girls from Adelitas, and I've also got this "girlfriend" that is a bartender at one of the Zona Norte bars, who lets me fuck her for free during the day, as long as I keep her drunk enough after she gets off from work. I ran into her at Infierno(Hell) bar a few nights ago. > Assuming that even > the horniest guy needs some rest between acts: what are the girls > willing to do "inbetween"? The usual thing that human beings do; eat, shit, sleep, dance... I've even taken them to movies, and to Papas and Beer. > Can you treat them as if they were your > girlsfriend and are they willing to go along with it, in other words: > is it really fun to do this?>> It's a nice change of pace, but I wouldn't do it more than once every 2-3 months. Although, I have to admit that there was one that I started hanging around with twice a week for awhile(she was a lot of fun to fuck, and hang around with) - but she went back to Southern Mexico for awhile. <Start of Brockton's reply> > There are several problems with this kind of long term arrangement. > First, the girls are worried about their security. When they go with > you to the hotel, they are in a familiar and safe environment. If a > customer gets out of line, help is never far away. Going away with a > customer for the night or the weekend would usually entail leaving the > security of the club/hotel complex. She doesn't know who you are or > where you are going. IMHO, a prudent girl would refuse to do this, > especially with somebody unknown to her. The second problem is > economic. The truly hot girls are going with several customers per > night. Plus they are getting commissions on the drinks they get the > guys to buy for them. You would have to shell out some pretty serious > bucks to make it worth her while. > > I'm not saying a night or a weekend is impossible. I think the best > approach would be to become a regular of a girl who is NOT one of the > superstars. After several sessions, she would get to the point where > she trusts you. At this time, you might suggest an all-nighter at one > of the hotels in the Zona Norte. Or perhaps she might agree to an > all-nighter at a place of HER choosing. Excellent assessment of the technique. >The downside with this > approach is that you run of the risk of the girl getting to think of > you as her novio (sweetie). At that point, you're getting out of a > business relationship and into a personal relationship. Most of these Zona Norte chicks have the hardest hearts in the world. I think some would let YOU think that they were your novia, IF they thought they could make a lot of money off you(i.e., play you for a sucker). >That has > risks, not the least of which is the tongue lashing you'll get from > Chamuco for being an idiot.
Subject: [ASP] Tijuana BC misc observations... Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 05:39:35 -0700 Checked out Adelita and Chicago Club other (weekday) night. True the selection does change, but some of the regulars were around. Remember though that quite a few of these women are from the interior of Mexico, and some of them are supporting families, so they may disappear one or two times a year for a week at a time. Christmas is obviously the first choice for "vacation" time, but remember that Easter (more in particular, Good Friday) is an important time of year as well in this Catholic country. Sampled a regular at the Chicago Club who used to work at the Adelita; I am embarrassed in that I have forgotten her name, but she is a taller curly brunette with very European features and skin. I gave her $50 including a tip (+$10 for the room and $2 for the bellboy/janitor for giving us a little extra time); the most I have EVER paid for a single girl (including the 19 Y/O knockout I had at the Chicago Club a couple of years back), but this was partially as a favor, as she used to cut me slack when I was a student (the girls would only charge me $30 bucks because I had explained that I was a poor student in Engineering school. When I told them I had no place to live at the time, they felt sorry for me!). The MOST I have EVER paid for sex in TJ was $60 for a threesome, which occured when two of the "regular" ladies asked who I liked better. I told them that I had always dreamed of going to the hotel with either one of them ,but I could not make up my mind! Needless to say, it turned out to be a wonderful night (I came 3 times with those two alone before they let me out of the room!). I slept for 18 hours when that night was finally over..... I don't mean to sound like I'm gloating, but I think I'm getting a good value for my sex dollar in TJ when I compare notes with others. I may have an advantage in that I speak Spanish fairly well, and that I'm so handsome and well endowed (have a sense of humor, guys; I'm no macho stud! Im 36 Y/O and and my hairline resembles that of Carlos Salinas de Gortari) but I just would like to make a point and reinforce what El Chamuco, O'Toole and the rest of guys who don't always think with the little head are trying to get across, and that is..... MANNERS ARE EVERYTHING when it comes down to it!!!! First of all, I NEVER come across with a macho attitude; if anything, I go out of my way not to even TOUCH them without invitation. I always wave or greet the girls by introducing myself and shaking hands. This may sound somewhat formal and corny, but it works for me! I will talk with them a minute or two, and ask if they would like to dance (Banda or Cumbias are pretty easy stuff); and if they won't dance with me, I just don't talk to them anymore! I never push them; and let them take the initiative... The way I figure it, if they can't dance with me in the Bar, they probably wouldn't want to dance with me in the hotel room. One curvaceous knockout at the Adelita refused to dance with me; and I told her just that (albeit very politely and diplomatically!). She had a shocked expression on her face, but said nothing. She then started following me around the bar with her eyes, and started to get a bit miffed when I talked to her friend and (politely) ignored her, then when I went to ask her friend to dance, she promptly got up and announced that SHE would dance with me instead. She turned out to be very enthusiastic and fun (and willing); although I did eventually wind up jumping someone else... I always bargain for the price, but in a very gentle way; if the quoted price is too much, I tell them in a disappointed tone that I had thought about what it would be like to go to the hotel room with them, but that I'll have to come back next time when I can afford them, and thank them anyway. I then smile and turn around to walk away like the 16 year old kid whose high school heartthrob turned him down for the prom; 70-80% of the time they grab me (sometimes by different parts of the body) and offer their best price (usually $30, sometimes $35-40). I then ask it it's OK (I wouldn't want the to "get in trouble", as I tell them) and of course they never say no (BTW, I have NEVER had to buy any girl a drink to get her out of the bar, although I may buy her one afterwards while talking to her back in the club, but that's my own choice). I also joke with them to let them know I'm not super-sensitive about my masculinity; when they remove my shorts (I always "forget" to remove my underwear in my "nervousness" so they have to do the work) and apologize to them about it being so "small". This typically gets a good laugh and reassurances that it will do the job. The funniest incident (and a great time to boot) however was at the Chicago Club was with the afforementioned teen who was all of 4'10" and 95 lbs (and didn't look a day past 16, though I'm sure she was perfectly legal). She had apparently only been with the Asian guys due to the fact that she thought all Americans were rude and pushy, and literally dropped her jaw with astonishment after examining what I figured was pretty much standard American size equipment. She was so shocked she wanted to show her best friend (who was down the hallway with some Japanese guy) and ask for advice on how to handle it! Needless to say, this was a HUGE turn on that manifested itself by making me even harder than I had ever recalled (think I grew another 1/2 inch") and the fact that she nervously referred to it as "Papa" only got me worked up even more. In all honesty, I prefer bigger, bustier woman, and don't care at all for grown adults who feel the need to chase around underage girls to pursue their sexual satisfaction, but actually bedding this "teenage" doll was an ABSOLUTE TURN-ON! I was as gentle as possible and treated her like a little princess, but she turned into a screamer (and gave me the first hickey I have had in years; good thing I'm still a single guy) and I swear you could hear her down the halls! I nearly started screaming myself; I never came harder (or longer) in my life!!! We both had brilliant red faces when we noticed we had an audience besides the cleaning boy waiting for his dollar tip; I have to admit that I was somewhat embarassed by all the attention given to me when we walked down the stairs and back into the club. One of the more voluptuous women (not many at the Chicage Club) started teasing me, figuring I had just lost my virginity and that was what the whole fuss was about! I then realized that not only was I still hard, but had not properly affixed the front buttons on my 501 jeans, and was "flying the colors". I was about ready to pick her up and carry her up the stairs and toss her on the bed as well, except I realized that she was not offering a freebie, and I din't even have my usual $30 left. I went home that night prepared for more but not disappointed, wondering if any of those porn studios up there in L.A. needed my services (felt pretty good, needless to say; with the two drinks, I only spent $65 that whole evening!!!). Am I rambling? Sorry!!! Anyhow, after the fun, I always thank the girls profusely, and talk with them about ANYTHING they want to talk about, except sex! I always get compliments about how well mannered I am (and talk behind my back about how innocent I am by the ones who don't know me) compared the the OTHER customers, and gets me a few specials, like extra time, and on occasions, invitations for threesomes (more than once), being invited to their homes for some extra fun "on the house" and even a visit to my room from one of the "stars" who wanted to know why SHE wasn't good enough for me! Sound nutty, but it works! Maybe they think I'm some weird curiosity for my "innocent behavior", but I'm not complaining. However, I am sure that if I were rude and treated them like common whores, they would treat me like a common john. In contrast, I've seen gaggles of loudmouths and bozos (military and civilian alike) who shoot their mouths off and push around the locals, then bitch about having to pay $100 for a "bitch" that was cold or wouldn't "put out". I gather this is the same bunch that El Chamuco was talking about in his posts. He's right, anyone stupid enough to bring weapons down here or start a fight deserves to get their asses kicked, or spend a night at the Graybar Inn, or perhaps both. I treat everyone I deal with (male and female) with respect; I have only had two occasions in 8-9 years where it looked like I might get into a physical scrape, and in both cases, the locals who knew me intervened on my behalf. My point? ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!! I don't drink excessively, I don't start problems, and I have a BLAST when I come down here; I have had a lot better sex than with some previous girlfriends (and have spent less money down here to boot). I just treat people with courtesy and respect; to paraphrase the old expression "Screw others as you would like them to screw you" - with kindness. (P.S. I have never had a problem with the first taco stand to the right as you leave the Adelita. The al pastor is excellent; and I've heard some locals joking about eating tacos to improve one's performance. Maybe they're on to something...) Stealth
Subject: [ASP]-[ASPT] San Diego Pros in Tijuana Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 00:48:34 -0700 Here's my contribution to the San Diego and Tijuana FAQ in The World Sex Guide. For those of us lucky enough to venture into Tijuana via San Diego, we now have a few more options. There are now a few bars in TJ that feature American Women. One of those previously mentioned on A.S.P. and in the W.S.G. is a club by the name "Altiz". This club has several caucasian women, but is a little on the pricey side. There is a newer club on the main strip (Revolution) called "Anna Banana". It is located on the same block as the Jai Alai Palace and Tia Juana Tilly's, directly across the street. This club also has San Diego working girls among there employees. Their price range is slightly lower than Altiz, but still priced according to San Diego standards. If you want a bargain, stick with Adelita's or Chicago Club. If you're looking for someone to hook up with on the San Diego side of the border, you can make arrangements with the girls at Altiz and Anna Bananas. These girls are also available for "full service" bachelor parties. I'll be trying some of these women for my next party.
Subject: [ASP] TJ-not just the zona norte Date: Tue, 08 Jul 1997 20:51:15 -0700 In response to Arturo and Brockton's "paranoia" regarding my post to this newsgroup: Yes there are white women working in TJ. I posted this info for the benefit of ASP readers in San Diego who want some white pussy, but don't want to risk being busted by SDPD Vice. Most of the SD girls working in TJ charge SD prices. If you had done your homework, you also should have known about the white girls who used to work at Regines (or maybe you just didn't want to share this info with the newsgroup) . I myself prefer the prices in the zona norte and enjoy leaving my mark at CC and Adelita's just as much as any of you. Although we've never met, you no doubt have seen me before at CC and Adelitas. For all you regulars at the CC that have a regular honey there, instead of Jalos (motel above Chicago), try the Leyvas motel nextdoor. It cost slightly more, but the room is yours for the night and you won't have some pendejo knocking on your door telling you to hurry up. If you want to see mud wrestling in TJ, try Jalapeno's. Ask any cabbie. That's it for now. If you have any criticism to post instead of info to share, please put the following in your header--->[asp critic] . Although I might not choose to spend SD prices for pussy, I appreciate having the option and access to other types of pussy none the less. [aspt] is ALL of TJ, not just the zona norte. Mr. V
Subject: [ASP] Angela in Adelita Bar in TJ Date: 9 Jul 1997 18:00:01 -0700 >I too have been with Angela. My experience was >very similar to Arturo's. I would add however, that she is a very sweet >girl...I really think she hates BJs and tries to lessen your enthusiasm by >putting those Dave Letterman front teeth into play while sucking...And alas, >she is phobic of bodily fluids <<< I too have been with Angela, but had a somewhat different experience. I would say she gave a pretty good BJ, and very willingingly did anal, which is not something that a fluidphobe would readily engage in. I agree that she is very sweet, her English is quite good for an Adelita girl, and her performance was better than what others have described for the ice queens in the place. Overall, I would give her a fairly good recommendation. JayHawk
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 11:34:54 -0700 Subject: Muggings in Tijuana - more details I have read about them...and now, I witnessed one! LOCATION: Ave di Constitution, just around the corner from Adelaide's. TIME: Saturday afternoon, broad daylight, many people walking on both sidewalks of the the street. I had just stepped off the sidewalk, between the parked cars, to cross the street, when I noticed a minor commotion on the sidewalk, about 10 yards away: One male Mexican was standing behind another male Mexican and had his arm around his neck. He was steadily holding him like this, while the other seemed to put up a minor struggle. Since they were both Mexican of about the same age, and since it was in the middle of the afternoon, and since a few pedestrians had stopped to watch, I assumed it was a playful wrestle amongst friends. It did not occur to me that this could be a mugging...until about 15 seconds later, when the victim's eyes closed, and his body became limp. At that moment, all the postings I had read about the many tourists who had been choked from behind, flashed accross my mind, and I suddenly realized that I was probably looking at the same guy who was responsible for the other attacks. I felt the need to help, and for a moment the logical side of my brain said "don't get involved...that's a Mexican robbing a Mexican...if you hurt that guy, you probably wind up in a Mexican jail", but then the other side of the brain kicked in, and I started to sprint toward the scene, with the serious intention of inflicting pain on the attacker. But it was too late. He had just dropped the victim to the ground and took off. I then noticed another man running with him. He had been hidden from my view, and I assumed he was the one that went throught the victim's pockets, while the choking took place. There was no sense to pursue and I saw a woman attending to the victim. The victim regained consciousness in about 30 seconds, and he obviously did not quite know what had happened. What can be learned? a) You are not safe in TJ at ANY time! b) it is a myth that crowded streets are safer then empty streets. Maybe just the opposite: If you walk on a deserted street and you hear foot steps, you will probably turn around and check things out. On a crowded sidewalk, with other people all around you, you will probably not pay attention to who is behind you. c) the mugger knows that no one will stop him from committing his crime. d) the muggers do not have much time to search you carefully. Money in your socks is safe. Put some decoy small bills into your pockets. Put a decoy empty wallet where it's noticeable. How about DEFENSE? Assuming it's the same guy doing these muggings, this is what will happen to you: It will happen suddenly. He is right-handed. He will swing his right arm over your right shoulder. His biceps will be on the right side of your neck, his forearm will be on the left side of your neck, his elbow will rest on your chest. By squeezing, he will stop the blood supply to your brain, and you will black out in 15 to 30 seconds. He may also use his left hand to pin your left arm (did not notice this in this case). Your right arm will be free, since he is using his right to choke you. Your defense options are as follows: By instinct, you will probably move your free right arm up, in an attempt to pull his arm off your neck. This is futile, it will not work. Use your arm, and the few seconds you have available, wisely: a) you can try to attempt a judo throw. Do not turn to your left, since he is holding you with his right arm. You must turn to the right! Turn and drop down slightly to lower your hip. Your free right arm should be able to go around his waist. Once in place, stand up rapidly while twisting your body back to the left. If your left arm is free, use it to keep his arm pinned to your chest. This will send him flying through the air. By pinning his arm to your chest, he will rotate and land on the pavement on his back. At that point, you can obviously do many things to him, with your foot being the preferred weapon. If you still have control over his arm at that point, you can break it at the elbow by using your shin or knee as a leverage point. b) you can try to hit him as follows: Your right arm is free. Don't try to pull his arm off your neck! Rotate slightly to the right, and and slam your elbow back. You will hit his stomack. As soon as done, you may also swing your forearm down to hit him in the groin with your fist. c) You can try to stomp your right heel on top of his foot. This is very painful and can break a bone in his foot. The problem is, where is his foot? He will be cradling your head on his right chest, but he also probably use a wide stance to give him solid footing. This should place his right foot either straigt to the back of your right foot, or slightly to the right. It is easy to talk about such things, but you will not remember these points when you need to remember them. The only way you can cope with the suddenness of the attack is to expect it at all times (while your are in TJ), to be mentally ready for it at all times, and to frequently visualize your defense movements in your mind. Then you have a real good chance. But most important is this: You will have about 15 to 30 seconds before you pass out, but you do NOT have that much time to defend. Why? As soon as the attacker throws his arm around your neck, he will pull you backwards to get you off balance (as he did in the case I witnessed). You will then be hanging from his arm, with your legs way out front. You can not do any of the above defenses in that position. By that time it is too late. You must make YOUR move the instant you feel an arm around your shoulder. Don't wait even a second! I know, back home, when we feel an arm around our shoulder, we first assume it is a friend, and we take our time to look who it might be. You can not do that in TJ, your are NOT amongst friends, you are in hostile territory! One more incident: Back at the border, I saw the guy in front of me had bloody scratches on his arm and I asked what happened. He had walked down the ramps off the main-bridge, in the middle of the afternoon, and amongst hundreds of other tourists, when a 15-year old bumped into him and slammed him against the wall, while another boy quickly went into his pocket. They immediately took off, and he tried to jump across the wall to the other ramp to intercept them, but to no avail.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 15:26:16 -0700 Subject: [ASP] Tijuana, Mexico, An Adelita Angel Visited Adelitas in TJ on Sat. July 12. 1997 at 2pm and the place was totally hoppin! There must have been 25 women in there, maybe 4 gringos and 20 locals. I went straight to the bar for a $1.50 Modelo Especial and took a walk around the spacious bar. The women were lookin pretty good compared to the street girls. Most of the women were what I call "three tequila girls". I think this term is self defined. There were however about four exceptions. One, the first girl I approached, looked to be about 19 yrs old. She was about 5' 1" in high heels with long curly mixed blond hair right down to her ass. She had a short flower print dress on, two buttons undone on the open scoop neck with a push-up bra revealing just a taste of her tiny bosom. She was standing to the side of one of the booths next to the bar on her right, facing the entrance. Leaning over the booth just slightly, just enough to reveal a small peek at her right cheek, then her left cheek as she unconsciouly shifted weight from left to right. Thinking I'd better not wait on this one I made a "v" line over there. I must-a scared her when I came up behind her cause she jumped a little when I said hello. After a short lame attempt at espaniol I asked her if she'd dance with me and she said no. No? Hmmm, this is funny.. oh well , picked up my beer and walked back to my booth a little puzzeled. She moved over to the bar and started to talk to one of the other girls. Sometimes the first one I want is the only one I want and if I'm put off by her I'll not make another attempt. This was not the case today. I next stood behind a booth over by the men's room where I had a great view of the entire place. There was a woman near me that looked pretty good and after several minutes of eye contact she nodded to me and I very slightly motioned her over with a, to me, almost indecernable head wave. She hopped off her chair at the bar and I was feelin her hot breath quicker than you could say andele! "Do you want to go to room?" she said right after hello how are ya. This girl was tall, about 5' 8" in heels, shoulder length straight black hair dressed in a shiny black pleather mini-skirt. She looked real good from a dark ten feet away but when she got close it was all over for me. Large facial features scare me in these places and I did'nt wanna have any suprises when she dropped her drawers. I stood in this same place for about 10 more mins and contemplated heading back to the border but decided to take one last tour around the bar. Well my goodness was I glad I did. I walked around toward the smaller dance area in the back and saw a vision of beauty the likes of which I've never seen before in any Mexican bar. I'm not going to use this girls name because I did'nt ask her if I could post it but let me just describe her for you. Leaning against the corner of a wall right next to the rear dance floor was an absolute angel. 5' 5" tall in the requisite heels, a dark blue pin stripe pantsuit fit like a glove, with chesnut brown hair tied back to a crown and falling all the way down past a tight bundle some would refer to as a butt, tho I would only revere it to be two playful spheres of heavenly joy. To say that I was enchanted by this walk on water princess would be to demean the very existence of beauty in our world. Cute, charming, sweet, demure, gentle, classy, am I nuts! We went up to the $10 room, I gave her the $50 she requested( 50 bucks! ..I love this town! ) We took off our clothes, my jaw was limp at the site of my little angel in the half lit tidy little room. She said "lay down" with a slight giggle in her sweet voice and knelt down next to me on the bed and began to lightly stroke my cock... lovingly, slowly, WHERE AM I?... crimminy sakes alive this girl was on! She says "You like sucky sucky?" I musta mumbled something close to yes cause she slipped a condom on and began slowly suckin it. This little girl was creating some wonderful vacumus pressure on my rod. She was workin me real gentle yet there was this total sensesurround joyful pump action that was surely gonna make me go off and just when the impending feeling was cummin on she stopped and said "me andele or you?" Once again I managed to make some kind of sound indicating ---> "you" and angel was on top of me pumpin away. Well I hate to admit it but under the existing conditions my usual stand-off could not hold. I blasted pretty much right away. In the act of her copulation angel did'nt even notice and as I remained hard she soon asked if I wanted to be on top for a go. Heck yea. So I happily bounced away for a while longer and had a great time doin it! Every three or four strokes angel would let out a little tiny moan that would keep me on track and I gotta tell ya I don't think I've ever had a more beautiful girl anywhere and I've been to quite a few ports if ya know what I mean. So visit the Adelita and maybe you'll find an angel like I did. Good luck, Bobo
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 16:40:43 -0500 Subject: WSG - Tijuana comments Armed with Brockton O'Toole's reports (which I printed out and read on the plane to San Diego), I paid my first two visits to Zona Roja. My first experience was somewhat disappointing - through no fault except my own, - and the second one was great! Thank you, Brockton. My first sight of Adelita was exactly as advertised - noisy, crowded, and full of enticing female flesh. I ordered "aqua minerale" - I NEVER get drunk in Third World dives, at least not when I am alone, - and tried to approach one or another girl. Approaching turned out to be easy, but communicating was not. I like to talk to whoever I take into bed, not just screw. I speak several languages, but Spanish is not one of them yet, and the girls knew hardly more English - beyond "fucky-sucky ?", that is. Without much hope, I tried my ungrammatical French - surprisingly, one of the girls understood, but our vocabularies did not overlap much - "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ?" was about the extent of it, but she could easily ask the same question with no words at all! I did not even bother trying Russian or any other Slavic language. They all understood "how much ?", and all asked for $40. When asked "por ano ?", they all refused. Fifth or sixth girl I approached was older than others and spoke a little more English. I made a mistake of getting impatient and picking her then - I figured I would not get any better conversation, and probably no anal sex either. Wrong on both counts, as I learned the next day, but live and learn. She had a cute face and wore what amounted to a miniskirted business suit, unlike "whore costumes" that seemed to be the fashion of the day. She asked for only $30, and that should have been a warning signal. Again, impatience is not a virtue. When we got "upstairs" and she undressed, I understood why she was so cheap. Skinny, blemishes, and tiny tits like sacks - a 4 at best, and that's taking the cute face into account. I value skill and enthusiasm more than youth and beauty, but I would not have picked her. Oh well - I was not going to back down at that point. We did the deed - I don't even remember in which position, it was so unexciting, - had a brief chat (she taught me a few useful Spanish words), and went back downstairs. I hung out at Adelita for another hour or two - bought drinks for a couple girls, danced with one, checked the prices. All were $30 or $40, and only one said she would go "por ano" - for $100. Not very encouraging if you are into that sort of thing. One girl spoke very decent English and we chatted for a while over drinks, but all in all it was a letdown. I was doing all the things one is supposed to do BEFORE sex, not after. Next day I returned to Adelita determined not to repeat the same mistakes. After several unsuccessful "Habla Inglesi ?" a girl shook her head "no" and pointed me to her friend. Bingo. Her name is Leticia (nicknamed Letti), she is 26, and she wore a kind of loose bathing suit. She is quite pretty, but has a huge scar running down her entire side and down her thigh - from a motorcycle accident, she explained. Best of all, she speaks English well enough to converse. Letti immediately noticed my own accent, and asked me where I am from. Upon learning that I am from Eastern Europe, she got very interested and peppered me with questions. I wanted not to hurry and to enjoy myself the best I could. I offered Letti a backrub, and she was up for a surprise! I give very good massages, and did my best to work her back, neck, arms, etc. She almost came from massage alone - obviously most customers do not give her such attention! I am sure that helped when, without much hope, I asked whether she does anal sex (had to explain word "anal"). "In my ass ? Okay, if you are not too big." Bingo again. At some point I asked her about US Marines, and her reaction was very negative. "I never go with them. They don't want to talk to you or get to know you. Just `how much ?', and go through three or four girls a night." Before we went upstairs I explained that I wanted a long play, not a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am". That was fine with Letti, but she warned me we only get the room for 45 minutes. Which turned out to be plenty for another massage, a mutual ass licking, love bites all over, and a spanking. Letti got confused when I tried to put her over my lap, but figured it out quickly enough with my left hand on her clit and my right hand placing healthy whacks on her butt. She came two or three times just from the foreplay. Finally, I put Letti into sideways position and started in her pussy. When she came again, I handed her KY jelly and she knew just what to do with it. I slowly entered her anus still on my side, then rolled her ass-up. More moans and gasps as I exploded in her rear end. Not to brag, but my cock is bigger than average, yet she did not object. I guess, moral of the story, which applies elsewher in life - be nice to people and they will be nice to you. Brockton, if you know "Leticia with a scar", tell her that the "Russian guy" says hello.
Subject: [ASP] Alexandra - Chicago Club Date: 1998/02/05 Finally made it back to TJ. Went with Alexandra. Definitely a pretty girl. Very sweet. Did everything, including brief oral (with condom). But, definitely not into it.
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:17:20 -0800 The women in T.J are great!! Here's a tip, as an alternative to Adelita and Chicago, which are great places to find pussy: try the New York Club and Manhattan Club, further down past Adelita's, there are a few diamonds in the rough, not your co-ed dream type, more like the mid to late 20s type, but some are great in the sack. The Manhattan Club had a great woman there that I had fantastic sex with: Suzeth. She may have moved on to greener pastures, though.
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 22:17:17 EDT Subject: Chicago Club - Tijuana, Mexico A buddy of mine and I decided to check out the Chicago Club after reading the rave reports on this web page. We parked in downtown San Diego near the Gas Lamp District and took the Blue Line trolley down ($4.00 for a round trip ticket). The trolley runs all night, every half hour from the border between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. and then hourly after that. It's a lot safer than trying to drive back to San Diego after a few drinks, especially since the Highway Patrol is now always on the lookout for drunk drivers along I-5. We got to the Chicago Club at about 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. The place was packed, almost all Gringos, some Asians, lot's of engineers (I can tell since I work in Silicon Valley), and a lot of Internet browsers. I don't particularly find Hispanic women attractive since the majority of them are short and round, but the women in the Chicago Club were gorgeous! There were a few 10's and some 9's and 8's, about 35 women in total. Only two 'hogs' in the place! Amassing! A booth happened to open up near the women's bath room, which was great since you could watch all of the women come in and out. The place was smoky, the music was way too loud, and the beers now cost $2.50, inflation! My buddy, DK, hooked up with a 10 right way. She was 21 and had a perfect figure (nice breasts, face, legs and a tight ass). Contrary to the other reports, he just had to wave at her and she came right over. She cut right through the small talk and wanted to go to the room, even though he offered to buy her a drink. She took him up to a motel room upstairs ($10 for the room and $60 for a quick blow job and a missionary screw). She would not do any other positions. I stayed back in the club and checked out the talent. I noticed that you have to move quick with the 9's and 10's. They are in big demand. They will try to get you up to the room as quickly as possible and then get you off as quickly as possible so they can return to the club to make some more money. My buddy came back down after about 15-20 minutes and the woman who he got together with was back upstairs with another guy within less than 5 minutes. It goes that quick! Now it was my turn. I wanted to screw one of the 9's or 10's, since I can generally get the average looking stuff back in the US without having to pay for it. A 9 finally returned from the motel, so I quickly walked up to her and told her I was ready to go to the room. We went into a room directly above the club, the floor was vibrating from the loud music below. I had to pay her the $60 up front. We both striped down and she asked me to lay down on the bed. She had large breasts (probably fake) and a gorgeous body. The perfume she had on also smelled very nice. She proceeded to give me a quick blow job and then jumped on top and began moaning. I was having problems getting off, probably due to the lack of foreplay and intimacy and large quantity of beer that I consumed early that day at the Lahina Beach House in Pacific Beach, so I suggested the doggie position. Just as I started to get into it, someone began knocking on the door (I guess I must have been in there for about 15 minutes). She told me that my time was up and that I needed to pay her an additional $60 if I wanted more time. I knew that I had gotten scammed, but since I hadn't shot by load I decided to pay her the money. I tried a few more positions, sideways and then missionary before I finally came. In summary, if you want to screw a hot looking chick, then this is the place. Don't expect any foreplay or intimacy and try to get off before the guy knocks on the door. The hot looking women at the Chicago Club treat the experience as purely business. WorldST
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 04:40:15 -0700 Subject: TJ report Hello, I just wanted to send a current report on the scene in TJ... April 16, 1998 ADELITAS: Too crowded.... if you enjoy breathing, go to the Chicago club instead. If you dont drink (I don't), order a coke.... if you dont want to order anything, dont stand near the entrance or in front of the DJ booth, as the waiters will approach you there. Very friendly club.... girls range from 2 to 8.... most are about 6... hotel is very clean... and when you go there with a girl you will see where the pretty girls are.... they aren't hanging out downstairs much, they are working.... once I went upstairs and saw prettier girls there with customers.... Chila: Body: 8 Outfit: 9 Age: 22? Size: 5'6" 34B-24-34 yum Sex: 8 Description: Long legs, long curly black hair, beautiful smile.....always in very tight shorts (white, blue), enjoys getting licked.... CHICAGO: More relaxed....lots of asians.....gorgeous girls.... they range from 7-9.... the main difference is that at Adelitas the challenge is to find a pretty girl.... at Chicago the challenge is to choose which pretty girl you want. Clothes at Adelitas are sleazier... at Chicago more.....elegant? but still very sexy.... Nellie: Body: 8 Outfit: 8 Age: 25? Size: 5'2" 32B-22-32.... Sex: 6 Description: Petite, very thin brunette w/short hair... once you get her she will approach you again and again.... if you are looking for variety, she may inhibit your hunting.... tho she is nice, if slightly insistent....she once offered to do me twice in an hour for the regular price of $60.... Kathy or Katerina?: Body: 9 Outfit: 7-9 Age: 26? Size: 5'6: 36C-24-34 Sex: 7 Description: Very pretty brunette (one of the best), shoulder length brown hair, thin waist, gorgeous legs, beautiful face.... dresses in tight jeans or a sexy dress.... she takes charge, I didn't get to lick her but enjoyed her attentions..... she is beautiful..... Medium?: Body: 8 Outfit: 9 Age: 21? Size: 5'4" 34D-24-34 Sex: 7 Description: Dresses in long sexy tight dresses that actentuate her beautiful breasts. We didn't have much time but what time we spent together was very fun.... gives great head... but she wanted to leave too soon... CRIME: Recently, two girls from the Chicago club were MURDERED..... tied hands, throat slit..... (I heard their names were Niele and Estrella). I heard they went off with someone that offered them lots of money....(thats what Nellie [above] told me). THE POLICIA ARE INVESTIGATING..... be careful who you talk to etc..... the club may be a bit slow for awhile.... NOTE: Be nice to the girls, they work in a very dangerous place.... be polite and respectful..... they appreciate a nice person.... These murders are the reason I am writing this report.... I liked Niele (though I hope the girl I knew was a different person, I haven't seen her lately)....she was a gorgeous blonde who was very good at her job.... she made a stupid mistake and was careless.... Niele? or Katerina: Body: 8 Outfit: 8 Age: 21 Size: 5'4" 34C-24-34 Sex: 9!!! Description: Dressed in tight shorts or a tight dress.... was very nice and friendly..... was great in bed..... If I made a mistake and her name is Katerina (I'm not sure what her name was), then she is alive and is available.... check her out..... If her name was Niele, well I hope people will appreciate the remaining girls more..... Anyway, hope the info is useful....
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 02:49:47 -0700 Subject: TJ Report Hello, I would like to send you a report of a recent incident that occured at the Chigaco club.... THE BEST SEX I'VE HAD IN TEN YEARS!!! After hanging out at the chicago club for 3 hours, I was getting discouraged..... I had recently visited Adelitas and it was too crowded and the girls weren't too pretty as usual....I was trying to get a young beauty that I had seen working at the chicago club.... she had long black hair, a perfect body, and usually dressed in very sexy short dresses.... but she often turns down many people and I would not prefer to be one of them.... often I see her hiding in the entrance to the ladies room.... still this doesn't stop many men who try to talk to her while she hides there.... she often simply ignores men who try to talk to her.... very unuaual behavior for a prostitute... Anyway, since I was having trouble getting this girl's attention, I was standing by the bar and I noticed a gorgeous girl dancing..... this girl, "Alma" is one of the most attractive women at the chicago club... here is a description: Alma Body: 9 Clothes: 9 Size: 5'2" 36C-22-32 110# Sex: 10!! Description: Med. lngth reddish brown hair, very thin tight body, wears a tight small green dress that is slightly see through... and a small pair of black panties underneath.... loves to get licked and loves to have her bottom squeezed..... Alma is a very sexy dancer, and since she is gorgeous, I had to say hello.... well she doesn't speak english, and I speak poor spanish but we tried to communicate and succeeded in doing so fairly well.... she is very friendly and enjoys talking..... I could have stared at her luscious body all nite but I wanted to play with her too.... and when she took off her tiny dress I noticed that she was a very petite girl... but she didn't have a flat chest like so many other petite women... she had very nicely shaped breasts.... I thought she wouldn't want to get licked at first, but I soon found out that she enjoyed it immensely!! She started writhing all over the bed and moaning softly..... she loved getting licked all over!!! after licking her to 2 shuddering orgasms, she climbed on top of me and started jumping up and down..... she then went wild!!! and had another orgasm..... I then rolled her over and pumped her for another 10 minutes or so until I had a long orgasm!!! this girl is a must to check out if you go to the chicago club.... altogether we spent 60 minutes in the room!! I had to pay an extra $10 for the extra time but it was well worth it!!
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 08:38:55 -0700 Subject: latest report on Tijuana scene. April 27 1998/ Report on tijuana club Chicago. I was at the chicago club in Tijuana, Mexico, last Sunday april 27 1998, between 30 and 40 girls from 5's to 8's ages between 18 to 30. maybe one or two 17's. i picked up one named Angela (notice that sometimes girls change their names) she was 20 or maybe younger, body was a 9 face an 8. I am a 50 yo old man, who likes young girls, any way she quoted me $60 for one hour, but she went down to $50, and mentioned she could not go any lower, any way she was a pretty nice girl, with a good attitude. and so we went to the room upstairs. very good Bj without rubber and then we used one for intercourse, very good fuck. safe place. I'll recommend the Chicago club. better if you go on a week day or Sunday, plenty of girls to choose from, just make your choice. Just don't go by yourself, or if you do, take a cab from the border and back. have a happy fuck in Tj
Subject: (ASP) Tijuana last Saturday Night..... Date: 1998/04/27 Well all you TJ lovers - I thought you may like a little accounting of the experiences me and about 8 friends had during our business trip to San Diego last week... I had been to TJ before but I wanted to review some of the WSG hot-spots for myself. I found myself walking VERY briskly from Revolucion to Adelitas - not a good area AT ALL..... We must have passed 50 hookers on our way there. Once we got there (Saturday night around 8pm Local time) (early I know) We were greated by an oppresively hot dank Adelitas filled with local poon knockers and a few select gringos. UNFORTUNATELY - the setting grossed out my buddies and they dragged me out of there after only a single cerveza.... Hey guys - lets go to MEXICO LINDO...... So we did..... Small, dark, not overly stocked with concha, chocha, bocetta, pussy - whatever you call it in your home town.... ALSO - some of the "bells" there looked like they might be packing a set of nuts themselves..... So over the top as to be "tranny" looking.... So - off to a dive called San Souci - decent lap dances - but no BUSHKY being shown off..... We went to 3 places like this and I BARELY caught a glimpse about 2 times..... Whats the deal there ???? Morals ???? All in All...... I was a bit deflated - although 1 of our group did go out and get laid....... What happened to the MEXICAN looking girls - they were all "blondes" etc..... Oh well........ Enjoy!
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 12:26:06 EDT Subject: prices in Tijuana Dear sirs, I think the prices have gone up a little since your last postings. I was at the Chicago club last Friday night, and paid $70.00 for my date. I was there a month ago as well, and paid $80.00. Inflation? I think the girls know times are good right now, so they are asking for as much as they can. This last visit seemed to be a slow night for the Chicago club. There were about 40 women at by 11:00, but the selection was not as good as the last time I was there. I got there around 9:30, and thought I would sit and check out the tallent. I chose a booth by the bar, and sat facing the door, so I could see the girls as they entered. I was approached immediately by a girl named "Monica". She spoke in Spanish ( I speak pretty good Spanish), and told me I was "handsome", and would I like her to sit down. She had a great body, large breasts, small waist, tight butt, with a short skirt that showed off great legs. But she had an average face, and I had just arrived, and wanted to check out all the ladys. I told her as politely as I could, that I just got there, and that I wanted a little more time. She went back to her position at the bar, and I sat back and started looking. I saw a couple of knockouts in the alcove by the door, but before I could go talk to them, they left. An older woman came over, and asked in English, if I would buy her a drink. I said I was still looking, but maybe later. She returned to the bar, but kept making gestures at me, to keep my attention. I finally saw a tall beauty come in, and thought "This is more like it!" She headed straight for the bathroom, and didn't come out for about 10 minutes. When she did come out, some guys with a table next to the bathroom asked her to sit down, and that was that. I was thinking it was going to be a long night, but noticed a cute little girl standing in the alcove by the door, talking to another girl. I walked over to her, and asked if she would like to join me at my table. She agreed, and followed me back. Her name was Claudia (Pronounced "cloud-e-a"). She was short, shoulder length black hair, small waist, medium sized breasts, and pretty nice legs. She had on a mini dress, and high heels, but still only came up to my chest ( I'm 6'3"). She declined a drink, but we talked for a few minutes ( in Spanish), and then she asked if I wanted to have "sex" with her. I said of course, and she said it would be $70.00. I hesitated for a moment, then asked if that included a blow job, and she said of course. We went to the hotel, and she lit up a cigarette as soon as we walked in. I went to use the toilet, and when I came out I told her I dont smoke. She flicked the cigarette into the corner, and put a mint into her mouth (nice touch!) We then undressed, except she still had her panties on, and we got on the bed. She laid down on her side, and I laid down next to her and started kissing and caressing. Very nice! Unlike the last trip, where the first girl I had would barely let me touch her. Then she slid down between my legs, and gave me a great BJ, without a condum. She then slid a condum on, and slid back up beside me. I wasent ready though, I wanted to taste that little dolls charms. I slid down between her legs, and started to work on her. She started panting, and moaning, and squeezing my head. What a doll! I dont know if it was show, or if she was really that turned on, but I loved it! I then mounted her, and rode her for all I was worth! When I was finally done, she opened her eyes and said "Fantastico!" I grinned, and said "Thank you, I'm glad you liked it, so did I". The only thing that bothered me, was she did not take a shower, she only did a quick towel off. I got up, and took a quick shower, and dressed. We talked a few minutes, I asked where she was from, and how old she was. She said she was from Mazatlan, and was 25 yrs old. I think she has had childern, as her breasts are not as firm as they should be for a 25 yr old. We then went back to the club. She quickily found another "date", and sat down with him, and I left. I would highly recommend this girl, as she showed great passion, and made me feel it was worth the money. I hope I can find her again, I'll let you know. Thanks
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 14:38:09 EDT Subject: Fwd: Adelita bar dissapointment Dear Brock, Just had my first experience at the Adelita bar this past Saturday night. I am a newcomer to the TJ hooker scene, although I have lived in San Diego for 21yrs. I'm married, so I don't get too many nights out alone. My wife was gone this past weekend, so I decided to have a weekend of my desire (besides, it was my 40th birthday last week). Friday night I went to the Chicago Club, and had a great time with a girl named Claudia. Saturday night I thought I would try something different, so I went to the Adelita Bar. The first thing I noticed, was the place was PACKED! There must have been 100 women there. Unfortunatly, most of them were not that great looking. I saw one or two that were of my standards (my wife is a blond bombshell), but thay were with guys already. I saw a tall attractive girl, with light brown hair, talking with two other girls. Although to me, they didn't look like they were hookers. She was wearing blue jeans, and a sweater, and had large breasts and a nice butt. I was standing right behind her, and saw her brush off several guys. I got her attention once, made a joke in English, she and one of her friends kinda laughed and turned away. I noticed a "surfer dude" walking toward her, and checking her out. He came up along side her, and was looking her up and down. I was thinking to myself "What a bozo"! He said something to her, she turned to her friends, and one of them moved closer to him and questioned him. I saw her nod to the girl, and off they went. Who was the bozo? Porbably me for not asking first. I wandered around for a while, and had thoughts of going across the street to the Chicago Club. I kept saying to myself, "Stick it out. Try something different". The tallent was looking worse by the minute. I finally saw a cute girl at the bar, talking to a Mexican guy. She was slim, with beautiful eyes, but still not more than a 6. She kept making eye contact with me, and finally she got up, and walked over by another girl. I walked over to them, and said "Hola". My Spanish is ok, not great, but I can get my message across. I asked her if she wanted a drink, she mumbled something, and walked off. This is getting bad! I then turned to her friend and started talking to her. She was ok, looked slim in compaired to most of the others in the place. How could there be so many women, but no choices! I asked her name, told her mine, asked her if she wanted a drink, and thought she said "Rum". I called the waiter over, and told her to bring her what she wanted. After she got her drink, once again she said "Rum"? Durr! Room dummy, ROOM! She would have been better off if she had said "Cama", at least I would have understood that! I said ok, asked how much, and she said $50.00 + $10.00 rum (room!). She wasne't the best looking, but I thought, "What the hell!". We went next door, I paid her $60.00 (I thought the $10.00 extra might be inspiring), and we got undressed. She asked me to stand in front of her, while she sat on the edge of the bed. Humm, this might be nice? Wrong! She slipped a condom on my simi hard soilder, put it in her mouth for one stroke, then turned and spit on the floor! Charming! Then she laid back, and told me to mount her. I climbed over her, but decided I needed a little foreplay first. I started licking, and kissing her breasts. At first she started going, Ohh, Ahh, but then pushed my head back and said "ok". She reached between my legs, and pushed me into her. I started slowly, but she started trying to pick up the pace. I told her "Tranquillo, mas lento", meaning "relax, slow down". She didn't want to hear that, and kept trying to speed things up. I asked her to change positions, and we tried doggy for a while. No good on my part, so I asked her if she would get on top of me. She refused, said "no good". I rolled her over again, and tried pounding her again. She looked at her watch, and said "Hurry please". At that point I lost it. I was sweating from all the work I was doing, and this seemed to upset her. She asked me to stop, and not to make contact with her body as I got off, because of all the sweat. Thanks alot bitch! I got off, took the condom off, and waited for her to clean up, so I could get in the shower. She waited for me to get out, and said goodbye, leaving me to dress alone. I went back to the bar, and milled around for a while. I did see a nice looking girl, with a great body, next to the dance floor, and she was looking at me. But at this point, I was hot, tired, and discouraged, so I left. I think next time, I will go back to the Chicago Club. At least the girls there are much better looking!

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