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Date: 06-24-2001

I've been going to Rio since 1983, longer than anyone I've met. They didn't even have a Help disco when I first went, and I didn't miss it. I've sen some of the prettiest women in Rio, all shapes and colors. Guys talk about Thailand, but what if you wanted a blond, or a dark woman, green or blue eyes, a bubble ass, after nights of asians, see what I mean? No comparison. I'm not going to repeat what everyone said, but ladies in Barbarella's charge about $150 now, and I keep, the girls for the rest of the night. The girls in Helps want $100. Yes, there are times you can keep a girl, which you might consider free; just paying for the food, drinks, entertainment, a few clothes, etc. But after a day or so, not that she isn't great, you ALWAYS see something else you want, if you don't close your mind. If you do decide to turn her loose, she might ask for payment. So best bet, pay them, and keep going. I was somewhat disappointed, because my favorites of last year, were not found, and I had alot. This year, I stuck with pretty much the same one. Nothing wrong with what I had, I just want to do, most of the women down there; and as the men say on the beach, "So many women, too little time". You'll never have enough time, even if you move down there, everyday more turn 18, and head on down to the beach and Helps'.

If you want to see photos of Rio and some of the women, just visit my website at:

As a girl startled me on my first visit, she told me; "If I don't like her girlfriend, that anything I see, I can have". And since then I been having, and having. No minors, and no Termas; the beaches, and resturants, are way to big, to get stuck in one place. And even though Barbarellas is expensive, the girl, plus $40, for two drinks each; for her to go. I think, if you don't, sit down to drink with her, you pay $20 or $30 to get her out of there. (all the prices quoted are in U.S.). The girls we met in there, are usually top shelf, but don't go in there with less than $100, not that you'll spend it all, but don't be afraid, especially there, to ask the cost up front, for the drinks, and keep $150 home for the girl, but a few will accept $100 on rare occasions. Also, the drinks in Helps' (top shelf liquor) only go for $3-$4 U.S., but beware, all those other places. Another thing we noticed, if a women doesn't score at Barbarellas', you can usually find her in Helps' after 3am. Rio is a great place for guys, who usually never get enough. It's now June, and I'm still recooperating slowly, for 3 weeks in Feb-March. And we all are going back. I've see where one guy posted here, the tourism is getting smaller. It was a few years ago, but it is picking back up. The planes are full, and we had to go a day earlier, than we usually do, because the flight was full in October, and I usually wait until after December 25, to book our flights.

Date: 06-20-2001    Subject: Rio

So all in all a place for a short visit then move on to RIO DE JANERIO LIKE I DID.-----------RIO worked out deals with me on my room not like argentina which was high at first then came down some after my 3rd day there. Argentina calls to the states from hotel 8.00 usa---------rio 2.50 usa.

YOU figure it out the guy that stated on a prior report that woman could not be picked up on the street for fifty is full of crap.I stayed at the OCEANA COPACABANA HOTEL 70.00 US A NIGHT and picked up around two woman a day one from DISCO HELP and the other of the street on the way back from help. The price in Help can be steep there are some woman that just steped out of the playboy channel and are asking 200.00 usa and i see why i messed with a gorgeous oriental latin mix lady who has a blonde friend and they are connected at the hip all night dancing together and drink alot of champane the little bottle about 2 whole dollars a low price to play the game with these woman.

JACKSON'S NOTES: I already deleted the report that this contributor is referring to in the preceeding paragraph. The report was poorly written, and the writer's opinion that anyone who though he could get laid for $50.00 was a complete "fule" was, by my own experience, innaccurate.

Alot of the beauties will ask a high price but its up to you to except or say ill think about it theres alot of other woman cheaper with the same build. Im not DON JUAN by any means an average guy from the midwest that has good manners and i tried to dress very well which really helps on the image the woman wants. So many approached me i was shocked winked ,grabbed my hand , some even while trying to bet by were filling me up and down and id look at them as they passed by and they woukld blow me a kiss i was in paridise. I did pay the first night 100.00 us to a tall 5'10 lady that had her hair slicked back and carried about 38dd's to show me i made a good choice i beleive she pressed on me enough to prove that they were real and put her hands where i beleive i had no other choice but to sample the goods at least one night.-----I took the advice of many readers and went to a cheap????? fuck and suck hotel-------copa linda ------15-20 usa very clean showers and tv playing erotic movies. WHAT A BARGIN.

All in all i met about 4 girls of the street 50 dollars usa no girl asked for more and i never bargained to go lower felt that was more than fair i always gave them a little extra for a cab or job well down. One girl i met of the street a tal malato??? hair to her but and built solid 38 + i wa shocked when we went back to the hotel she told me she was twenty one and her body was solid hawaiian tropic tan smooth as silk and no body fat. Her breast were like rocket ships a physical masterpeice of woman she could be a fitness model on any magazine ive ever seen.

RIGHT next to my hotel oceana copacobana------theres a spa??????? enter get a robe and number shower and then go to the disco and watch about 30 girls shake and bake your mind. I one interest you call her over and ther super friendly i was shocked i picked a blonde that was so sweet i felt i wanted to marry her green cat eyes 36+ beautiful legs tan and fit. SHE LOOKED better up close she told me she had a boyfriend of 5 yrs and one child to support. Her bf did not live with here and did not know what she was doing especially this to get money. Id say this lady was 10+ to be real about 15+ a smile of a baywatch beauty and innocence to match and the language portugese is attractive when while in the act she speaking to you i was in love -----or lust or just full of testostrone???? whatever the case i turned into a porn star and gave her more than she thought i could she would ask you no cum yet id say roll over -----lol. SO ALL IN ALL to get a peice in this spa is 20 to enter 40 to screw beer tab room------i did two girls 150.00 usa not bad for all the time i spent in there about 3-4 hours.

Theres so many woman in help two night i took two home 50.00 each and saw one of them a few days later in my hotel room she asked for 40 usa and stayed in my room for about 3pm to 10pm and then we went to eat. SO theres alot of woman that will go deep into your pocket but the odds are with you so many woman and not all are going home with a man everynight i saw many leave for home by themselves because ther was enough women n to go around so its a mans world and you dont have to take any offer thats crazy to you. Some woman came up to me saying you like me ,you like the way i dress will you take me home just that blunt i thought it was going to be alot harder than that. Some i said yes and discusse a price out the door others i asked first thing and got alot to drop to 75. GOT TO REMEMBER THE AVERAGE SALARY IS 200 A MONTH these woman some still live with there families some have apts close to the beach to keep this life and image,clothes, and dont think there behind the times practically all these woman have cell phones they live two lives and try to keep this life away from there family.

ALL IN ALL RIO DE JANEIRO IS A MANS DREAM FOR ULTIMATE SEX DAY NIGHT WHENEVER. Im already planning a new trip back for carnival, planning on buying a time share and maybe moving there thats how much i liked it. Im making plans to ship my motorcycle down there. Im crazy about brazil and go to a dance show just a basic tourist attraction, then a helicopter ride over the mountains, the cable car, walk to the christ figure it has an awesome view.------take care and visit RIO at least once in your life.

Date: 06-11-2001

Thanks to WSG, I have been visiting Brasil, Rio de Janeiro in particular, since '97. However, beginning in '99, I notice an appreciable decline in quality and attitude of the girls whereas at the same time there was a major increase in pricing. I attribute this to the popularity of Brasil as a destination such that we have bidded up the price and create a general decline in quality of the women and attitude. The situation is getting so bad that some girls begin asking for US$200- per visit and many of them don't spend the night. This is unheard of in '97 and '98. This creates a catch 22 scenario for me. As much as I want to share the ins and outs of Brasil, I am intimidated that as more and more gringos head south, the quality will definitely continue to decline. This is difficult since I have been benefitted by WSG and would like to make a contribution. I wonder if some of the "old timer" from WSG has the same dilemna.

Date: 05-22-2001

Day 1 Arrived midday with great anticipation and hormones raging. Dropped bags at DeBret hotel, superior room, oceanview. Went to Monte Carlo about 5PM met and had 2 excellent programs with Roberta, a 24 y/o beautiful morena (picture taken in room). I will outline this report, post pictures and provide details upon request.

Day 2: All day city sightseeing tour.

Day 3: Beach scene intersection of Princess Isabella and Atlantica across from Mabes. Chair and umbrella from FLAVIO. Highly recommended. He can provide information and introductions.(pictures available) Took beautiful young thing back to hotel.

Day 4: Obtained tickets for Black and Red Ball at Scala and Carniva Parade. Walked over to Copacabana ave., visited shops and met other ladies for future reference. Very easy to make contact.

Day 5: Visited Meia Pataca, the place was a zoo. Went to HELP and it was unreal. Met Ana Paula and had her come to the hotel the next day. Excellent 4 hour session.

Day 6: Getting a little tired. Visited Centro for ball costumes. Met more young things.

Day 7: Arranged for driver Luiz P. da Silva, honest, reliable and reasonable. e-mail To maximize your enjoyment you must contact expat. John Thompson Please believe me he is a must. Cel 11 5521 9 971-8479. E-mail Just say the Doctor from Washington recommended you.

Day 8: Town filling up the noise and parades on Ave. Atlantica almost unbearable. Made another visit to Roberta. Same results. Strength fading.

Day 9: Now the fun really begins. Up all night two in a row. Debret Hotel calls a halt to guests in room. Will resume 2/28. Took Solonge to Red and Black Ball. Took Ana Paula to Carnival Parade. Now using short term motels. Cannot detail next few days. Shacked up on the beach early one morning. I think it was with Maria. During Carnival the girls were out in force. At Meia Patica they looked like the Indians encircling a wagon train. The price started at $100.00R. Some idiots paid more. I sort of settled in with Solonge and we spent a lot of time together. She is from northern Brazil and only a part timer. I will not post her picture and Solonge is an AKA. She went to the airport with me when I left. We had a real GFE, dinner and everything. Most of the girls use aliases so look at her ID when you check into the hotel.

I recommend trying to find a regular as soon as possible. The field is still out there when ever you like. The blue pill is available without a prescription in 50 mg. only. Price 4 for less than $60.00 Reals. Had my own. Still thinking about whose pictures I should post. I will e-mail Roberta because she broke the house rules for me. I try to give as much respect to these girls as possible. I will not do anything to hurt them if it serves no useful purpose. They provide us with pleasure and , in my opinion more than a fair price in Rio. I hope you guys agree.

Date: 17 Jan 1997    Subject: Rio!

It's everything it's reported to be. I've just returned from a week of sun, sand, sea, samba, and SEX. I found the reports in the World Sex Guide to be extremely helpful in planning my trip, and I hope this report will add to the information already contained in that wonderful source.

Where to start? With the women, of course. I have never seen a country with so many stunningly beatiful women, and I do a fair amount of traveling. Brazil has been shaped by many waves of immigrants (Portuguese, Italian, German, African, Carribean, etc) which have combined in ways to create a very diverse population. You will see every size and shade imaginable. The combinations are entrancing, and I found myself constantly staring at the beauties walking by on the beach.

I made Copacabana my home base for the week. If you're there to spend time with the women, that's the place to be, and I recommend staying towards the south end of the beach strip. There are many hotels in this area. The Rio Roiss does not offer a beach view, but they do not charge for lady guests. They run around $80-$100 per night. The Debret offers ocean view rooms (somewhat shabby, but livable) but charges $15 each time a lady visits. They run around $50-$60/night.

HELP DISCOTERIA is ground zero for the real action. The action here starts late, no earlier than midnight. Prices in Jan. 1997 were R$9 (R=Brazillian Real, which in Jan. was trading at 1.05 per US$) for men and R$8 for women. The crowd starts gathering around 10:30 at the tables out front of the Terrazo Atlantico, a restaurant next door to Help. Many of the women come here hoping to find a guy who will either (1) head out for a $50 quickie before things get rolling, (2) buy them dinner and drinks and maybe pay their fee into the disco, or (3) agree to spend the night with them (after dancing for awhile, of course). I recommend that you lay low and not make any deals until you get inside and see all your choices.

At about midnight folks start heading into Help, but it doesn't really get rocking until 1:30 or later. On the main level there is a large dance floor, usually packed, two bars, and two booths at which one buys tickets for the drinks. Drinks are reasonable ($2 for beer, $3-$5 for mixed drinks, $1 for soft drinks). No expensive "lady drinks" like the ripoff bars at the north end of Copacabana. You can also buy bottles of champagne, wine, or whatever if you want to play big spender (and it will impress the girls),

There is a second level that has seating overlooking the dance floor. The women only head up here once they've hooked up with someone and want to drink and talk. You should do your searching on the main level.

There are several things that blew me away about Help. First, I couldn't believe the number of women there. On Fri. and Sat. nights there were at least 250-300 of them, and only slightly fewer on other nights. Second, I couldn't believe the high percentage that were stunningly beautiful. Brazillian women know how to dress and how to dance (among other things). The crowd here makes the women at the Chicago Club in TJ look like dog meat. The best looking woman I ever saw at the Chicago Club would rate no higher than a 7 at Help, and Help is packed with 8s, 9s, and 10s! The toughest part is being paralyzed by indecision. So many choices, so few nights.

Generally, it will be up to you to approach the women. That seems to be most true with the best of the group. I found them to be very approachable and friendly. It will help a great deal if you know Portuguese or some Spanish. Very few speak much English; a few speak a little Italian or German. If you're language-challenged, don't despair: they know why you're there and you can communicate the basics (want a drink, dance, etc.). And all of them know enough to negotiate a price. But don't just rush in, grab someone, and split. These women love to dance, so show 'em a good time and they'll show their appreciation later. Buy her a drink or two and treat her nice. You'll be repaid ten-fold.

Speaking of prices, there's two kinds of deals: an hour or all night. I had no interest in an hour, so I always indicated that I wanted them to spend the night. Some only do all-nighters. The bargaining started at between $150 and $100 and, depending on the girl, ended at between $70 and $110. You'll pay a bit more for the really hot ones, especially earlier in the evening. As it gets on towards 3:30 or 4:00, prices start dropping. Generally, my goal was to split by 2:30 or 3:00 so I'd have the energy left for a couple rounds in bed.

Another thing that amazed me about the Brazillian women was how warm and affectionate they are. I'm used to hookers being somewhat distant (not kissing or really cuddling, rushing things, etc.), but these women were really different. They truly seemed to enjoy being with you, completely. I didn't have a single bad experience. You really have to tell yourself that she's not really falling in love with you, because they certainly act more like a lover than any hooker I've ever seen. Kissing on the lips is automatic, as is oral sex without a condom. And it's clear they want to get off as well as get you off. I had a couple instruct me on exactly what to do to get them to cum over and over. Condoms are always used for vaginal sex, and if she doesn't suggest you use one, don't be an idiot.....use one! Protect her and yourself.

Spending the night with these women was a true pleasure. My first night was spend with Adriana, and after making love twice she cuddled up with me and we slept for about 7 hours. We both woke up together and she slipped under the covers and started licking my balls, and so on. Finally at noon we took a cab to her apartment where she changed into her bikini (nothing more than a few pieces of string) and we headed to the beach. Once there, she took off her top and spend much of the time sucking on my earlobes and giving me a permanent hard on.

Many of the women who work out of Help head to the beach in the afternoon. They congregate directly in front of the Rio Othon Hotel. At around 5-7 some come back to the bar/restaurant next door to the Rio Othon (Meiea Pataca, or something like that) and hunt for customers interested in a quickie. Then they head home, sleep a few hours, and change into their dancing attire.

If you go and are at a loss for something to do in the early evening or late afternoon, I recommend the termas (spa) named L'Oumo at Rua Siquerra Campos 143 (on the first level--upstairs--of a small shopping center). Entry is $25 and allows you to use the showers, sauna and steambaths and hang out at the bar. For additional $85 ($65 on Mon. and Wed.) you can head off to a room with one of the beauties of your choice for 40 minutes. The bar has music playing and the girls will come by and dance for you, kiss you, rub various parts of your anatomy, and make it clear that they want you to spend time with them. Between 6:30 and 7:00 they have a little strip show where 3-4 of the girls will come out and do choreographed numbers. They, like all the other women I met in Rio, are terrific dancers and terrific lovers. In the room they hold nothing back. They are really into their work. I always felt that that wanted to be doing nothing more than be with me right then and there, a feeling I've never had with even the best NY, LA or SF hookers. Contrary to the info in another post in the WSG, you do have to pay the $25 each time you enter. But it is absolutely worth it.

Just before heading to the airport for my evening flight back to the US, I stopped by L'Oumo and spent time with Melissa. She is such a sweetheart, and she has an ass to die for. I had sweet dreams all the way to Miami!!!

How good was it? Good enough that I'll never go back to TJ. I'm already plotting a return trip. I went to Costa Rica last year and had a great time, but in retrospect, Costa Rica is a distant second to Rio. I have never seen so many beautiful women in one place willing and anxious to spend the night with me, and it was all quite reasonable, especially by NY or LA standards.

If you're going, do spend some time learning the language. These women love to have fun, and you'll have more fun if you can communicate.

That's all for now!

Date: 02-12-1997    Subject: Rio de Janeiro Trip Report: Part II

Earlier I provided information on my experiences at the Help Disco on Copacabana Beach in Rio. Ohhhh, I get hard just thinking about it.

Here I'd like to talk about options for the earlier hours, recalling that things don't getting jumping at Help until well after midnight.

There are many "Termas" in Rio; these are essentially spas with sex as the main form of exercise. I only visited one as I'd heard good things about it and it was quite convenient.

L'Ouma is located on Rua Siquerra Campos, about 5 blocks from Avenida Atlantico. It is located one the second floor (first above ground level) of a shopping complex, and is found by entering its door on the balcony above the street.

An earlier post indicated that there is a one-time fee of $25 to become a member, after which one enters free and only pays for the girls and the cabina. That is no longer the case if it ever was. There is a $25 (in reais) entry fee, which gets you a locker, robe and sandals, and access to the sauna, steambath and showers.

Upon paying your fee you enter a small non-private dressing room where the lockers are. After changing into the robe and sandals, you head through a door into the lounge/bar area where all the girls are. You can make a stop or haed through the door to the right to the shower room and take a nice shower followed by a sauna or steambath. The facilities are quite nice; the bathroom even has razors and shaving cream, tooth brushes and paste, etc.

After you're all neat and clean, had back to the lounge. You can sit at the bar or on bench seating along the walls. The room is fairly dark and there's a dj playing disco and rock. Drinks are reasonable, about $3 for a beer, and are put on your tab.

It won't take long before one or more of the girls will stop by to visit with you. They are for the most part very attractive and very affectionate. More than one stuck her tongue in my ear, reached under my robe and grabbed my cock, and asked me if I was enjoying myself.

Like most places in Rio, English is generally not spoken by the women. so takes some time and learn some basic Portuguese.

There's no rush to head back to one of the cabinas. Enjoy yourself. The women seem to really enjoy treating you nice and will sit with you and be very affectionate for as long as you like.

When you decide you've found the one you want to head back with, you have a choice. You can use the "standard cabina" for 40 minutes or the deluxe cabina for an hour (or more, for more $$). The standard cabina has a massage table; I never went the deluxe route as there was a healthy increase in cost.

The standard cabina for 40 minutes runs $85 except on Mondays and Wednesdays, when it's only $65. What do you get? Pretty much anything you want. I went there three times (on Mondays and Wednesdays, no fool am I) and had three great experiences. Blow jobs are without condom; everything else includes condoms. You can get off as many times as you're able in 40 minutes, and I'm sure the same holds true for longer sessions.

My favorite was Melissa. She is 26 and is very sweet and affectionate. She loved to play and experiment. After I'd cum twice and our 40 minutes were about up, she told me she was so good she could get me to cum again. I bet her $10 she couldn't and, happily, I had to pay her another $10. We had so much fun that we arranged to get together that evening and she spent the night with me. I paid her for the evening but she never asked for $$.

Around 6:30 or so a few of the women will come out and do a brief strip show, dancing to music. They were terrific, so I'd advise you to check it out.

The clientle was exclusively Brazillian businessmen with the exception of myself, but that was no problem for anyone.

If your looking for a quickie earlier in the day. there are a couple of places to look. Most of the Help prostitutes hang out on the beach directly in front of the Rio Othon Palace hotel. There are several guys with chair/umbrella rental business who sell beer and soft drinks in this area. They know all the women and can make introductions.

Around 3 or 4 some of the women head over to the Meaia Pataca (sp?) restaurant and bar next to the Rio Othon. Sit down and look around. The hookers will amke eye contact with all men, and if you're interested, just wave them over.

Well, I hope this little recollection will help you out. As I said in Part I, I had so much fun I've already booked a return trip. There isn't a day I don't think fondly of the women of Rio!

Date: 08 Mar 1997    Subject: [ASP] Brazil Trip Report

I can summarize my recent trip to Brazil in two words: HOLY SHIT! I am convinced that Brazilian women are undoubtedly the most beautiful women on this planet. Thanks to the previous posters to the WSG, your reports helped a fellow a great deal. Hopefully I can extend some additional tips to the next crew.

Rio de Janiero - Copacabana

I could not wait to get my feet on the sand at Copacabana and my dick wet in some Brazilian goddess. I was quite concerned, however, since I did not speak a lick of Portuguese. Although I really didn't expect them to, not that many people speak English. I was travelling alone so I wasn't sure how I would pull this off. I did manage to learn a few basic words and sentences, but would definitely recommend that before you go, try to learn at least some Portuguese.

I arrived in Rio on a hot Sunday morning (about 11:00) at the end of Feb. (the end of summer in Brazil). I made a reservation to stay at the Hotel Rio Rioss. I tried the Hotel Debret, but I could never get through on the phone. When the taxi first pulled up to the Rio Rioss, I thought I made a big mistake. It looked like little more than a store-front on a narrow dingy street. The room itself was adequate - 2 twin beds in a std. single for $70/night. It was clean and functional with A/C and a mini-bar. The best part of staying here, however, is that it is one block from the beach, right behind the Othon Palace, two blocks from the action at the Help disco, and they don't charge extra for girls in the room.

The sand was scorching, but the beach was full of volleyball games, and must have been packed with over 10,000 people. Given that it was a 90-degree weekend day at the end of summer, there were so many beautiful women - I could honestly not tell which were just gorgeous and which were gorgeous and for sale. After about 2 hours, I saw about 4 obvious hookers, but none to my liking, so I just enjoyed the beach, the view, and a brew or two. About 4:30, I followed the action which began to trickle over to the outdoor cafe next to the Othon Palace known as Meia Pataca. After sitting at a table for 10 minutes having a Chopp (draft), it became crystal clear which of the patrons were "on the program" - just about every one. Meia Pataca is on Avenida Atlantica, just across the street from the beach, so you can get a good view of the action without having to look like you are hawking. I was soon joined by a couple of gents that happened to be American, and they quickly filled me in on the protocol, and the reputation of each of the girls they recognized. It is quite interesting that there is a cadre of foreigners that actually come to Rio/Copa for weeks, sometimes up to a few months a year, and have become known amongst the locals. They gave me the perspective from the "regulars" that short-timers like myself come in and drive up the price of pussy because we don't know any better, end up taking the women out to eat and treating them like queens. That made it harder for them to maintain their profile.

The women at Meia Pataca this afternoon ranged from 5-7 in looks, with an occasional 8 or 9. I noticed one woman in a red dress talking to some of the other patrons - she was beautiful. She was light skinned, had a stylish short curly hair style, a tasteful red dress, and an incredible smile. I later left Meia Pataca to go back to my hotel to change and drop my beach stuff off when I passed this lovely lady on the street. I said hello, she said something in Portuguese and gave me a smile that made my knees buckle. For some reason, I kept going into my hotel and up to my room. After realizing what an opportunity just passed, I returned to the street to find her, which I did, about 4 blocks away. After stumbling through some Portuguese, and she through some English, she asked me if I wanted to make love to her. HEAVEN YES!

We got to my hotel, Janiny handed the desk clerk her ID, and we went up to my room. No sooner did the elevator doors close than she began to rub up against me, kissing my chest. She was about 5'3", I'm almost a foot taller so she was about chest high to begin with. Although we had a bit of trouble understanding each other, we did manage to communicate a bit, and just by her manner and her tone, I thought she was a delightful lady to be with. We had walked so long that I knew she was tired, and her feet obviously hurt. I gave her some water and massaged her feet. I couldn't help but feel incredibly attracted to this lady. When I finished, she decided to return the favor, kissing my toes as she massaged them. She undressed and led me to the shower. We showered separately, but when I came out, she greeted me with a warm hug and a kiss. We soon found ourselves on the bed, with me on my back, and her exploring my body with her tongue. I was getting very aroused by the way she kissed my chest, biting my nipples, and flicking her tongue all around the inside of my thighs. No sooner did I open my eyes, Janiny took my cock in her mouth. She began to lick and suck my cock (sans condom) in a way that really made me feel like we were making love. We both got into an exchange of oral pleasures. It seemed like the more she sucked my cock, the more I wanted to eat her pussy. I would eat her pussy and lick and finger her asshole until she couldn't take it any more and she would lay me on my back and start sucking my cock and rimming me as if she were trying to let me know that she would not be outdone. We fucked in several positions before I came, and we both fell asleep with her in my arms. I couldn't ask for any better. Janiny was a beautiful lady. I'd easily give her a 10 on looks except for one complaint. I did notice that most women I saw in Rio had generally unattractive feet, and while they have sexy legs, most don't shave. This is not gruesome, but as a technicality, for my taste it's a mandatory 0.5 deduction, so she ends up with a 9.5. However, her looks are just the beginning - Janiny is an extremely sweet and fun lady, and is incredible in bed. What a way to start a trip. We had negotiated a price of 70 Reals (1R = $1). This is probably a bit more than you might otherwise pay, but there was no way I was going to let 20 reals come between me and her, and she was more than worth it. She asked me if she would see me tomorrow - I told her yes and she asked what time. Not anticipating that I would actually see her, I told her 5 - she said how about 4 - I said fine, she kissed me and left.

That night, I went to the Help disco - cost 9 Reals to get in and drinks cost 1R for soft drinks, 2R for beer, and 3R for liquor. The women in the Help are unbelievable. I have not seen a collection of women this beautiful, this promiscous ever in my life. I saw several 10s, and I'd say the average was about an 8 - nothing lower than 6. This took me a while to adjust to, but ignoring the fact that there were over 100 beautiful hookers inthis club, it was a nice club - good music, cheap drinks, etc.

Sitting next to a speaker, I was approached by a dark girl with braids. She asked me in English if I would dance with her friend. I couldn't see her too well, but I said yes. When she came over, I saw the outline of her hips, which I thought were deadly. She had a very nice shape, and as she got closer, she had a pretty face also - brown skin with soft eyes. We danced for a while, talked for a while (she spoke English pretty well and she helped me with my steadily improving Portuguese), then found ourselves upstairs in the Help kissing. About 4am we agreed to go back to my hotel.

When we got to Rio Rioss, we went through a similar ritual, showered, and made love. Her name was Cleo, and she was also a very nice lady. Cleo was about an 8, and she was not as erotic as Janiny, but I enjoyed making love to her because we just seemed to connect. I was intent on making her cum and she let me, and I finally came while fucking her from behind. We fell asleep, again with her in my arms. I can't describe for you how nice it felt to wake up and see her laying next to me. As I watched her sleep, my desire increased to not only make love to her again, but just to be close to her. We fucked again that morning. She showered, changed, and said she might see me later at Meia Pataca, kissed me and then left. I liked Cleo, and the fact that she spoke pretty good English helped us grow closer.

Later that day, after walking back from the other end of the beach, I returned to my hotel about 4:20 to find Janiny leaving me a message at the front desk. I had forgotten she told me she was going to see me that day. What a pleasant surprise. That afternoon, we made love even more passionately than the day before - something I didn't think was possible. She gave me the best blow job of my life, and I sucked her pussy like a ripe piece of fruit. After fucking for a while in several positions, she began to get dry, and decided to suck me off until I came in her mouth (condom on). She seemed to appreciate my showing her how to gently work the vein at the base of my penis with her finger as she was sucking my cock. I desperately wished I could speak Portuguese more fluently because at this point, I really wanted to spend more time with Janiny. Nevertheless, we said some sorrowful goodbyes (I was leaving the next day). She gave me her address and phone number - just thinking about her now, I'm considering getting a translation dictionary and sending her a letter.

I was completely exhausted and jet lagged after making love to her that I fell asleep. I received a call about 7:00, which caught me completely by surprise since no one I knew had this number. It was Cleo. She called me because she didn't see me at Meia Pataca. I told her I had fallen asleep and she said maybe she would see me at the Help. I realized how easy it was for people to get very attached. In talking to the regulars, it's pretty common that a guy will hook up with one or two girls and stick to them like boyfriend-girlfriend. I had hoped to fuck another one of the girls in Help that night, but I did want to say good bye to Cleo.

I went to Help that night about 2:30am after waking up - still groggy. Shortly after I got there, I was approached twice by 2 very aggressive ladies, neither of whom I wanted to take home. Plus, I still wanted to find Cleo to say good bye. I ran into Cleo, and when I did, something strange happened - I suddenly realized that I missed her. I had no intention of doing it, but I took Cleo back to my hotel that night, and we just talked and got to know each other better. I realized that being in a foreign country alone, not speaking the native language, that I wanted her companionship more than her body. We fell asleep in each others arms that night and it was just what I wanted. In the morning, we both felt sad that I was leaving. We had anal sex and Cleo let me conclude in her ass. What a finish to my two day trip to Rio.

I honestly say now that I miss Cleo, and I often fantasize about Janiny. These ladies were more than just beautiful hookers, they were charming, delightful, fun and passionate. I doubt that I will ever have this kind of experience with anyone in this profession, and probably just set myself up for disappointment for the rest of my life.

Just a couple more observations and tips: 1. Meia Pataca seemed to be much more of a hot spot than any other cafe on Avenida Atlantica, but the women can be found in almost any along that stretch (Mabs is the other hot spot). 2. Changing money: got a rate of $1 = 0.99R at the airport; $1 =1R at the Cambio in Copacabana; $1 = 1.03R at Meia Pataca; $1 = 1.07R at Help. Seeing how official FX rates on Wall St. were $1 = 1.05, it literally pays to spend your $$ at the pussy spots. 3. I hear from the regulars that the boites like Don Juan, Pussycat and Munich, including the bars where you can get your dick sucked while drinking a beer at the bar are still alive and well. 4. Crime: no machine guns, but I did encounter an unusual pickpocket attempt. Had it not been for my street sense, I would have been a victim. Walking down Avenida Atlantica about 10:00 pm, with many people on the street, a woman walked up to me from the opposite direction with her arms open to give me a big hug. I took this to be a hooker looking for a date. She looked attractive, and as we talked, we began to walk with my left arm around her shoulder, her right arm around my waist - her name was Carina. She then began to grab my dick with her left hand as she told me she wanted me to fuck her. Just then one of her friends approached, who also gave me a hug, took my right hand and began to rub it against her D-cup breasts. A third walked over, pulled up her shirt to reveal some slightly underage or underdeveloped breasts. As Carina and her big breasted friend were giving me all this attention (particularly my dick), a voice went off in my head that said "put your hands in your pockets". Maybe it was paranoia. However, the next night, I saw Carina again, with different friends, but the same routine. Now leery, I noticed that as these women were engaging my hands, and my attention by playing with my dick, one of their hands made its way toward my front pockets (I didn't carry a wallet and had my cash in my front pocket). I quickly removed her hand, freed myself, and went on about my business without further struggle. I later shared this experience with Cleo, who advised me that they were probably TVs. Other than being surprised and appalled, I was glad I saw it coming - BEWARE!

Sorry this was so long, but I hope this helps the next unexperienced traveler to Rio as the previous posts helped me. Happy trails!

Date: 14 Jul 1997

I absolutely have to share this wonderful experience of mine I had a couple of weeks ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I really wish that as many sex seekers as possible may enjoy the same paradise I found, especially anal fiends like me.

In Rio on a business call, friday night I decided to go for some action. I was staying at Meridien Copacabana Hotel in Avenida Princesa Isabel, right where Copacabana beach starts. I questioned a friendly boy at the reception, suggested me not to bother with outdoor beach bars, only ugly and jaded females, nor to go infamous Help disco (same reason). He told me to check out a disco bar (the best ones in Rio are right across the street) suggesting one named Frankie or something like that. I took his answer for an honest one, since I had tipped him in advance.

From the Meridien Hotel it is only one minute walk. A friendly guy welcome me at the door, not pushy. He said "take a look inside" if you don't like it you don't pay. Which I did, I felt a little disappointed since only a couple of girls were inside, music on but no nude dancing (no dancing at all for all that matters). So I left with the doorman telling me come back in an hour or so, you'll see (it was only 9PM)

Took a walk along the beach avenue, trying to see thru dimlight outdoor bars if I could find a decent slut. Picked one (I mean one bar), sit down and ordered a caipiroska (delicious drink, tropical lemon and vodka). Pretty soon I casually strike eye contact with a lady sitting with two others at a table next to mine. She asked if she could come over and have a drink with me. Yeah, why not. She ordered a beer (regular price, no lady drink) and we started talking a bit. She knew some broken english, I sort of understand portuguese, so there was no communication problem. After some silly chatting, she asked me if I was looking for company. She wasn't my type but I didn't want to be unpolite so I made up some excuses to decline the offer. In reply, she sticked her tongue into my ear and then started to french kissing me passionately. Obviously my cock started to harden, she felt it, slipped a hand inside my pants and did some groping. Didn't think I could resist long, plus there were two policemen nearby and I thought I could get in trouble. So I stopped her, but a minute or so later she grabbed my hand and put it below her miniskirt : she had no panties, and god was she wet. She even inserted two of my fingers into her pussy and started moaning. I was really worried about the two cops, but she said dont' t worry "amor" I let'em both bang my ass last week so they won't bother me ...! I asked her how much she would charge for letting me have the same chance, she said 70Reais (approx. 68 US$) plus the room (Meridien Hotel bars overnight guests).

I went for it and it was fantastic. Not a beautiful body, nice little tits and a great big firm ass though. She kept her promise and let me sodomize her (condom, condom, condom !!) after giving me an OK blow job. I could't believe I was there, inserting my rock hard cock into this tight asshole, not even half hour after meeting her. She finished me off with her hands and let me explode into her mouth. What a great start!

We parted about half hour later, it was now almost 10:30 PM so I went back to Frankie. Ordered a Jack Daniel (very expensive, better stick to national liquors which are fine) and tried to enjoy the view. Started chatting and joking with a girl, when I spotted a gorgeous creature dancing up stage in her g string. I tried to catch her attention, which I got when I slipped a 10 US$ bill into her string (her shaved pussy making me hard ..!). She finished dancing, walked to my table, she spoke reasonable english and was much happy to see I could understand her language. Her name was Aline, about 5-4 blondish, beautiful body with large shoulders (with small nice tattoo), medium size tits (if a little jaded) and truly inviting buns. After a while I asked if she enjoyed anal sex, she replied yes with enthusiasm, said she wouldn't charge extra for it. She stated she had performed in a couple of brazilian porno flicks, including one of the Buttman's series with Stagliano/Rocco. We negotiated a 100US$ price (time duration was not specified) and she went to change. I asked her to bring her sexiest outfit. I was about to pay the tab (you pay a bar fine of 22R$ if you leave with the girl) when she approached me with her girlfriend, a hot sluttish look brunette, her name Andreia. She said you pay 50 more and we'll go the three of us. Yeah, couldn't refuse.

Went back to the same hotel I had been earlier in the night, and there ... man I tell ya, had the greatest horniest fuck *ever* in my life !!! The brunette (shaved pussy too) turned out to be the most depraved. For being short, I will just mention the "actions" we went thru (about 2 hours in all, blond=#1, brunette=#2)

1) fucked #1 in her mouth (condomless) while #2 was either licking #1's crotch or sticking her tongue into my asshole (plain heaven!!)

2) standard fucked both of them, while having one the other kept herself busy with me or the other girl.

3) most of the time though we enjoyed anal, they were absolutely fantastic at that, especially Andreia the brunette. I ass fucked them several times and they really seemed to love it. Andreia managed to take in my hard cock full length.

4) At one point, Aline tied Andreia's wrists (belly up) to the headboard using towels, and a soft bondage session began. Aline inserted fingers into Andreia's ass, asked me to do the same.

5) I was ready to die, so I put my cock back into Andreia's asshole and started punding her furiously. I managed to pull out just in time to explode ( I was crying) into Aline's eager throat. Aline was smiling, she turned her head, poured every drop into the brunette's mouth and they started french kissing each other playing bubbles !! Andreia was still tied, and I urinated onto her face and in her mouth.

I wonder how long Aline and Andreia will stay at Frankie, can't wait to go back !!

Date: 18 Jul 1997    Subject: Brazil report II: Rio

After four disappointing days in Sao Paulo I was delighted to catch the plane to Rio. Based on net info I decided to stay at the Rio Roiss Hotel, which is located a block off of Copacabana Beach, directly behind the Rio Othon Palace. The advantage of the Rio Roiss is that unlike other hotels in the area, there is no charge for bringing a guest or two in for a few hours or the night. It proved to be a much nicer hotel than the Debret, and cost only R$15 more per night. The desk clerks all spoke reasonable English and were friendly.

Upon arriving I unpacked and headed to L'Houma, the sauna that I and others have described in earlier posts (see the WSG for more info). At 4 pm the place was jumping, probably 15 women, most of them very attractive. After a shower and steam bath, I settled into the bar area and checked out the action. I declined all company until I decided which girl I most likely wanted to spend time with. I finally settled on Rosemarie, a darling brunette who could not keep her hands from roaming under my robe and fondling my balls. After get to know one another and having a few drinks (drinks are reasonable), we retired to the cabina for the standard 40 minute session. She was as hot as her earlier behavior suggested. Oral sex has alway been without condom at L'Houma and this was no exception. The girls there never hurry you and are very, very affectionate. The cost is: R$30 to enter the sauna and to use the facilities, and R$90 for a 40 minute session in a standard cabina. I think the price is R$120 for an hour in a better room. When our time was up, Rosemarie escorted me back to the showers and gave me her home phone number, telling me that she'd be glad to come to my hotel after her shift ended at 1:30 am. I've had several of the girls do this, and think it's pretty much standard practice.

That evening I headed over to the Terraco Atlantico restuarant next door to the Help Disco on Avenida Atlantico at around 11. This is the staging area where all the prostitutes come to check out the men and vice versa. Folks start heading into Help at around 12 and on most nights the place jumps until 3:30 or so. The last time I was in Rio and at Help was in the middle of their summer (January). This trip took place in July, the middle of their winter. The place was still active, but not nearly so as in the summer. I'd say there were only half as many women there, but then there were only a quarter as many men, so it was actually a buyers market. Some of the Americans I met who hang out in Rio tell me that the place is pretty dead on Monday-Wed. nights in the winter, but there was plenty of action while I was there. In fact, I enjoyed being able to see all the women for a change. That night I took Mara back to my hotel. Mara is a drop-dead gorgeous 21-year-old from Amazonia, and has a really beautiful, exotic look about her. She has a perfect 10 body and her dancing was enough to get me hard. Turns out that she works several nights a week at a strip club in Copa called "Erotica." Her dancing name is "The Cobra" and she wears a snakeskin-look outfit. She was incredibly playful and energetic in bed, and performed a private striptease for me that was worth the R$100 I paid to have her stay with me. She could contort her body in ways that I'd never thought possible, and taught me a few new positions. We had sex twice before falling asleep, once upon waking, once in the shower, and once after breakfast in the hotel (I had to pay R$5 for her breakfast, but otherwise the hotel folks were cool). All for R$100!!!!! And she was an absolute sweetheart!

That afternoon I went to the beach out in front of the Rio Othon Palace. This is the area where the prostitutes hang out and make deals. There are several black Brazilian men who run little businesses there, renting beach chairs and umbrellas, selling drinks and food, and arranging liaisons. Jose and Edsu (I can't vouch for the spelling on the latter name) are two guys you can ask for. There are some beautiful women there, many wearing next to nothing. You can usually negotiate two hours back at your hotel for R$50-R$60. At about 4:30 in the winter (later in the summer) many of the women head over to Meia Pataca, a bistro next to the Rio Othon Palace. Here, again you can negotiate for a few hours or all night. There are usually only (!!) 15-20 girls working Meia Pataca. They will make eye caontact with you and flirt with you. If your interested, just wave them over and buy them a drink. I met Janelle at Meia Pataca and she turned out to be the most sexually voracious woman I've ever met. For R$60 she came back to my hotel for two hours, which stretched to 4 hours, because she couldn't get enough! She was on me like white on rice as soon as we hit the hotel elevator and she didn't let me come up for air. At times I wasn't sure who was working for whom. She told me she was going to make me cum eight times, and damned if she didn't. I was so exhausted afterwards I skipped Help that night.

I won't bore you with the details of all the interactions. Suffice it to say, I love Rio. The last night I spent with Janelle and never got to sleep. I stopped at L'Houma on the way to the airport and had one last romp with a Amazon Indian named Cleopatra. I left Rio with a smile that still hasn't faded.

Guys, save your money and make the trip. I've found nothing that compares with the sexual prowess and energy of the Brazillian women. I'm already planning my third trip, this time to Rio and Recife, which I've heard good things about.

Date: 28 Jul 1997    Subject: Brazil sex guide(Rio De Janeiro)

Dear World Sex Guide,

I would like to first thank you for all the wonderful information contined in your web page. I am an airline employee so I travel quite frequently because I basically fly for free. So I know a lot about the best places to find the women. This is my first letter but I hope you will post it because I feel it would help a lot of my fellow friends in their travel presuits.

I traveled to Rio for the first time, because I have long been curious about the situation there. Your web page said alot of good things so I decided to go there on my recent trip. I have been to Bangkok many times and I still feel nothing will ever compare to Thailand!!

Brazil is too expensive and I found the selection of women to not be at all plentiful. I do not know if it was because I traveled during the week or because it was not the so-called "turist" season.

But I hit all the spots mentioned in your web page. The copacabana beach (especially in front of the Rio Othon Palace) did hardly have any women at all. there were a few but not many I say about 3 to 4 tops!

Forget about the outdoor cafes along Ave Atlantica(Mabs & Meia Pataca) I walked there many times at all hours of the day and night but found nothing worth mentioning. Now Before I finish putting the place down completely, I have to give some credit to one place the HELP Discotheca. Go there late(after 1 am). I went there for the first time after a day of having no luck finding women. it was about 11:30pm, the place was a ghost town! But I stayed after paying the 9$ cover and drank a few beers(each 2$). The women starting coming in after 1 am. I found the selection good, but absolutely NO comparison to Thailand!

I found one women in particular, when I first approached her she said all night would be $200 and the lowest she would go was $150. So I went away feeling helpless. But I sat and waited patiently, and the choice was hard to make. There were several girls dancing on platforms showing all you could imagine. Their asses are the best in the world, I have to say that!

I finally met up with the first girl and we agreed on all night costing me $100(plus $10 for her taxi ride in the morning). I took her back to my hotel(Hotel Luxor Copacabana-$63 per night with NO extra charge for bringing a guest- I say that because caution must be used in Rio because many hotels forbid guests-so be careful). I took a shower with her, and she was not shy like many of the Thai women in Bangkok. After the shower, she sucked me off(without a condom), and I proceeded to eat her perfect Pussy, and I fucked her ass with my tounge. I eventually fucked her, but only once because she would only allow me that. Then to my disappointment, she did not let me fuck her again in the morning. So a good but not so good night. The rest of my time there was similar. Overall I was disappointed. If you have any reasons why it was like this(maybe the time of year July, or beacuse it was a during the week) please let me know. Like I said I work for the airlines and I travel to fuck women all over the world on my days off. I love my job!!

But to all you guys go to Thailand if you really want the best. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see this letter on your web page because I am sure it will help many others!!

Date: 12 Oct 1997    Subject: Rio Trip

Early this month I made a trip to Rio De Janeiro after reading the WSG and would like to share my experiences with you. I'd like to begin by saying that never in my life have I seen so many beautiful women in one city. And so many beautiful women who are willing to spend a night with any man for money.

Almost every woman, whether they are "on the program" or not dresses up in tight pants and revealing clothes, from 10 year old girls and up. If they walked around like that in a major city in America, they would look like prostitutes and get propositioned by Johns immediately. The moral standard in Rio is non-existent. I actually witnessed a boy, that looked no more than 13 years old, pick up a beautiful blonde babe in her bikinis at the beach, and saw both of them head toward the hotels.

The WSG stories about how the women make love in Rio is pretty accurate. All the women will french kiss, and give oral without condom, and they are all very passionate and enjoy sex.

I'm in my mid-30's and have become very picky about women as I've gotten older. Going to Rio has sure increased my standard. Before I give you my one-week journal in Rio, here's a few tips for future Rio-mongers :

1) Be carefull with your money, pick-pockets everywhere. Keep your money in your shoes!;

2) If you're an english speaking, non-portugese speaking person--almost everyone from restaurants, taxis, stores, bars...will try to rip you off;

3) On a rainy day, watch your eyes...unless you want your eyes gouged out by the umbrellas;

4) On one sunny day, make a trip to Barra da Tijuca beach. You will not believe the women there.;

5) Have some "Guarana" drink. Pretty good...only in Brazil.

6) To make a phone call from the "street" phones to the U.S., dial 000-111 until you get an operator.

7) When crossing streets, look both ways...I was told (but didn't verify it myself) that the one-way directions change at certain times of the day on some streets. Also the drivers are crazy. It's not unusual to see buses travelling 80-100 mph in the downtown areas. In other words, law enforcement does not exist!!

8) Get an American Express Card. There's an office right on the main drag near Copacabana Hotel if you need extra cash or happen to lose your card (like me).


Day 1, Wednesday:

After checking into my apartment, walked around the beach since it was a beautiful sunny day. Then decided to head downtown after getting enough sun. First impression was how run down the city of Rio is. Kept $200 in my front pocket . Sad to say, I got pickpocketed immediately. Already put a damper on my vacation. Tried not to think about it too much, so I decided to go to one of the thermas I read in WSG. Went to L'houma. Met a short brunette whom I didn't care too much because she didn't smell too good downstairs. Also found out she had too much hair on her legs. My fault because I didn't search around long enough because I saw many attractive ladies as I left the premises. Met an english/portugese speaking guy at Meia Pataca who wanted to be my tour guide to help me get around. He said he could set me up with any of the ladies that I want. We ended up going to Help Discoteque that night. Roger introduced me to a pretty blonde girl named Camille. Camille said she would spend the night with me for $100. Since it was still early, we went to the 2nd floor to make out for a while and also had a couple bottles of wine. On the way out, Camille was pretty drunk, and now wanted $200 for the night. This really pissed Roger and me up so we dumped her. Roger said we shouldn't have gotten her drunk...that was a big mistake. We went back into Help but then decided to leave because I had a long day. Gave Roger a $50 tip.

Day 2, Thursday:

Cloudy day, slower day at the beach. Needed some exercise so I decided to walk to Ipanema. Probably a good 10 mile hike, there and back, since I was staying at the opposite end of Copacabana. Also hadn't learned how to use the bus yet. Something I have to ask Roger about later. Met up with Roger again that evening. We took the bus to the shopping center mall off Princess Isabella. This place was swarming with beautiful women. Roger said that maybe 10-20% of the ladies would go to bed with you for a price. We then headed toward Praca Maua to one of the "Boites" called the "Florida Bar". A couple of nice looking blondes but decided to pass since the night was still young. Good thing because after the Florida Bar we made our way to "Barbarellas". When we walked in my eyes nearly popped out. I have never in my life seen such a collection of beautiful women. "Help" the previous night was pretty outstanding, but Barbarella had to be the best. The fun part was that all these beautiful women would jump into bed with you just for money. The worst part was that the drinks cost an arm and a leg. My tab (which I had Roger approve) was $99.00 ($30 me, $30 Roger, $30 my date + 10% tip). Took home a beautiful blonde (I like blondes, if you haven't guest by now) and had a great time.

Day 3, Thursday:

Rainy day, beaches empty. Spent much of the day riding the bus around Rio. At night, I decided to go to Centaurus per WSG's good recomendations. When I went in there, I absolutely could not believe my eyes. I did not think anything could top the quality of girls at Barbarellas. In my mind, I'd rate Centauras equal or better in quality but I think the girls have better class there than Barbarellas. I hooked up with a beautiful blonde named Ana who spoke very good english. She was an absolute sweetheart. She gave me the best 40 minutes of my life. She was so chearful and sweet that I could have easily falled in love with her if the circumstances were different. Even though the cost was high (R$190 total), I decided that I must see her again.

Day 4, Saturday:

Cloudy day but no rain. Couldn't stop thinking about the wonderful time I had with Ana. Spent the day riding the bus and visiting sites around Rio. First took the #474 bus. Pretty frightening at times because it went into the "frevalla" skums. Didn't dare get out of the bus after remembering comments I read about the murder rate in one WSG article. Tonight I went to Help Discoteque. Met a young petite beautiful blonde girl named Andria. Took her home for the night...geez was she horney. I must've continually eaten her out for at least an hour.. twice. I really enjoyed it but my neck got a little sore. We fucked all night long.

Day 5, Sunday:

Woke up with Andria near noon. We made love one more time before Andria left. Beautiful sunny day. Took the Taxi to Barra De Tejida beach ($30) because Ana said she liked going there on sunny days. Geez was I in for a surprise... Finding Ana was like finding a needle in a haystack. The beach was at least a mile long and jammed packed with people. Thousands of people and more than half of them were the most beautiful and sexiest women I have ever seen. Being that I just had sex with Andria and was a little low on cash, I decided not to try and pick up a girl. It was very hard to resist because many of the women sat on their beach chair all alone in their tiny string bikinis as it to say "come and get me". Many of them seemed to be "on the program." Took the bus back to Copacabana ($0.60) since I needed to start saving my cash. Met Andria for dinner & had a wonderful night with her.

Day 6, Monday:

Beautiful sunny day. Lost my American Express card so had to make a call to the U.S. to report it missing. Cost me $17 for one phone call at one of the local phone places. Didn't know how to use the pay phone on the streets at the time. Finally got a new American Express card and some much needed cash after finding the American Express office off Avenida Atlantica. This took most of the morning. In the afternoon, walked on the beach from one end of Copacabana to the other. Very nice walk with great views. Stopped at Hotel Rio Roiss because of previous comments in the WSG. Found it very nice. Went to Centaurus to see Ana. Gees, is she a good lover. On a scale of 1-10...Ana would rate a 9.0 for her looks and body and a 10+ for her personality and her ability in bed. She was absolutely the best lover I have ever been with. I got her address and cell phone number.

Day 7, Tuesday:

My last day in Rio. Cloudy day. Couldn't help but think about all the beautiful women I met in the past week. Called Andria to tell her goodbye. Told her that I would write. Tried calling Ana also but could not get through. Thought about going back to Centaurus later that evening but decided against it because I didn't want to rush to the airport after. Instead I went to the thermas, Aeroporto in Gloria. Found the facility very nice and the women average. Did find one beautiful blonde girl Brenda with a fabulous body. ...we did it in several positions.

Date: 12-18-1997    Subject: Brazil Report

It's only been four weeks since my last visit, but I was eagerly anticipating my arrival in Brazil. The flight from Miami was a fast 9 hours and we touched down to a beautiful late spring day in Rio. The weather throughout my visit was warm (85-90 degrees) and dry. Quite a contrast to the El Nino influenced cold and rain in California.

After clearing customs I changed $300 at the airport and caught a taxi to my hotel in Copacabana. If you need to change money at the airport, the best rate is provided by the taxi drivers. Yes, the guys in brown uniforms that almost accost you as you leave customs. The exchange rate was R$1.12 - $1.00, which is very competitive.

This trip I choose the Abiza Copacabana hotel at the north end of Copacabana as a base of operations. It's a three star hotel near the Meridian and within two short blocks of several nightclubs, including Barbarella's and Erotica. The nightclubs are expensive and verge on rip-off, but I'll discuss that later. The Abiza is on Rua Belford Roxe, a quiet street two blocks form the beach. Rooms are modern, clean and spacious. I paid R$60.00 ($53.00) for a single. The hotel permits overnight quests but charges an additional R$25 for the privilege. All things considered I wouldn't stay at this place again, simply because most of the activities that are of interest to me are at the other end of Copacabana near Help disco. I recommend either the Rio Roiss or the Biarritz, with the Biarritz as a first choice. A nice alternative to the Copacabana hotels is the Ipanema Inn. It is located about 20 yards from the beachfront and very deluxe Caesar Park Hotel in Ipanema. Daily rate for a single is R$55.00 before January 1, and then jumps to R$62.00. Ipanema is a very upscale section of Rio with great shopping, restaurants, discos and a lovely white sand beach. The hotel has a web site at

After getting settled, I made my way back to the Monte Carlo 19 sauna a.k.a. sexclub. I arrived at about 4pm, said Hi (oi) to Simone in reception and went upstairs for a long sauna and shower before entering the nightclub. Facilities here are excellent and very clean. As soon as I entered the nightclub/lounge, my friend Rosemarie recognizes me and we sit down to have drinks and chat. The place was relatively empty except for approximately 15 very sultry ladies in black lace body suits. It was quite hard (so to speak) to focus on Rosemarie. Eventually I agreed to meet Rosemarie later that evening at my hotel for a night out on the town. At that point Angela strolls by and after a few moments of conversation we vamos upstairs to a cabana room. If any of you guys make it to Monte Carlo, be sure to seek out Angela. She has the most incredible ass and legs, and makes love with abandon. BTW, there has been a recent discussion in this NG addressing the issue of kissing by sex workers. Not to worry in Brazil. I have yet to come across a Brasilleira who doesn't kiss, and kiss passionately.

Rosemarie arrived at my hotel as scheduled at 10pm. She was required to register and I was charged R$25 before she could come up to the room. Rosemarie was elegantly attired for the evening with a skin tight camisole, spandex minidress and 4" heels. The clothing was quickly gone as we showered and then got down to business. Rosemarie gives a notable BJ sans condom and likes it up the ass (with condom). I don't particularly care for anal, but who am I to refuse a lady in need!!

After showering and freshening up, we caught a Taxi to the Carinhoso Club in Ipanema (Rua Visconde de Piraja, 22). This a very nice bar and dance club offering live music in addition to disco. There is a R$10 per person cover. Drinks added another R$30 to the tab. Since Rosemarie also works as a stripper at the Boite Erotica, we decided to hang out there for a while. I was not impressed with this place. The entertainment is more cabaret in nature with magicians, pantomime, and intermittent strip tease. This goes on till about 2:30am when all the strippers converge on stage and nonstop dancing for customers begins. At this point you can negotiate to bring the girls back to the hotel. Figure on R$100 for the night. As mentioned in previous posts, the Boites are very expensive and you could be in for a big surprise at the end of the night unless costs are confirmed up front. Even with Rosemarie at my side, my bill came to R$70 for two beers and two mixed drinks. On top of this the waiter attempted to solicit an extra R$20 for the staffs "Christmas fund". Not being in the Christmas spirit yet I declined. This didn't deter our industrious waiter who then made a pitch for an extra R$10 for himself. Clearly, these places don't rely on repeat business.

Woke up late the next day but made it back to Ipanema to meet Brazilian friends for lunch. Former neighbors in California who moved back to Rio de Janeiro. My friends in Brazil are a great resource and have added to my understanding of Brazil and its culture. They have also helped me improve my Portuguese. I am not fluent in the language but know enough to get around. A passing knowledge of Portuguese becomes important as most of the girls speak little English, but all can negotiate a price for services in English. Nevertheless, the ability to communicate in their language will add greatly to your enjoyment and understanding of this wonderful country.

During my trip I checked out a couple of other Termas. The first is a place called Oasis 123 in Botofugo. It's about a R$5 taxi ride from Copa, but don't bother making the effort. I got there around 7pm and found about a half dozen average looking women and even less customers. The place has no energy or pizzazz, and in fact is a little worn around the edges. Charge for entry, room and 40 minutes with a girl is R$125. You can do much better at L'oumo or Monte Carlo 19. I then took a cab to Centaurus in Ipanema. I heard a lot of good comments about this place but didn't have the opportunity to visit on past trips. Centaurus is perhaps the most exclusive termas in Rio and likely the most costly. Basic fee for a 40 minute session is R$190 (R$50 entry, R$40 room & R$100 girl). Despite the premium in cost I found the place to be a good value and I spent the next four nights here. The place is a full service spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, shower facilities, professional massage, TV room, restaurant .You never have to leave this place.

I got there around 8pm, and the place was packed. There are at least 50 women and an equal number of men, all in white robes and sandals. This place must be seen to be believed! The women are all 8-10's in appearance, and they all wear these sexy outfits very similar to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. It was a little embarrassing at times when my perpetual hard-on popped through the robe.

Just off the reception area are several women awaiting arriving clients. They will escort you to the locker room and assist in changing into the proper garb. The two women assisting me that night were Elizabeth and Eva. Both late 20's, brunettes, 5O 7", nicely articulated 34B busts and hard round asses to die for. They escorted me up to the nightclub/lounge where I ordered a beer and we then parked ourselves in a dark alcove in the rear. Before I know it both of their tongues were deep in my mouth, with one girl stroking my cock and the other placing my fingers in her pussy (which was already wet). I hadn't planned on a session right away and certainly not a double, but these women were just too hot. We went up to the room and what transpired will be forever etched in my memory. Of the two, Eva was the steamier in bed. While I'm eating out Elizabeths sweet pussy, Eva is reaming my asshole with her tongue and eventually her forefinger. I ended up fucking them both in several positions before climaxing and them collapsing in exhaustion. I wish at this point to thank the makers of Stud Spray 100 for making this feat possible.

After telling the ladies Obrigado and at'e Ja, I started milling around the lounge area looking for a tall blonde named Anna. This was based on a recent post (Oct 10/97) in the WSG praising her lovemaking talent. I thought I found my mark after spotting a very attractive blonde. I approached her and inquired if she was indeed Anna. She replied her name is Carmen and we started chatting for a while. Sometime during this conversation I sensed I had hit the jackpot with this girl. Carmen is late 20's (maybe 30), nearly 6O tall, wavy blonde hair and a very beautiful face and features. She has one of those smiles that can light up a room to use a worn clich?. I was immediately attracted to this woman and spent most of the next four nights in her company. If any of you are in Rio in the next month and see Carmen, let her know her friend from San Francisco says Hi and will give her a call in March. She will know who you are referring to.

I had three wonderful encounters with Carmen. She is a very gentle and skilled lover and a sympathetic human being. Now if your tastes run a little on the raunchy side, hook up with Teresa. She is another one who introduces herself by sticking her tongue deep in your throat. Teresa is a 20 year old hard body, tanned all over except for a small patch around her pussy, which is nicely trimmed. She is really hot in bed and made it clear she wanted my fingers in her asshole while I'm eating her pussy. We then go to doggy style and she wants me to slap her ass while fucking her. This was all too much for me and a climaxed rather quickly (even with a heavy dose of stud spray 100). Teresa hadn't come yet, so back I go to eating her pussy. She is a really wild fuck!! Then there is Stephanie. She is a 20 year old student with aspirations of becoming a professional singer. I met Stephanie very late on Friday night (2am closing) and she tells me she's been wanting to meet me for three days but I've been occupied with Carmen. I found Stephanie, like Carmen, to be very intelligent and articulate as well as fluent in three languages. She wants to go to the room tonight but I'm exhausted and promise to hook up with her the following evening which was my last in Rio. I flew back to the states at Midnight. To make this long story short, I returned on Saturday evening and was met by stephanie in the reception area. After changing I asked her to wait while I took a sauna. When I found her later in the lounge she expressed surprise that I would seek her out. She said several of the girls had told her I was Carmen's friend and wouldn't be back to see her. Anyway, we went up to the room and had a very nice hard banging session. The most unusual aspect (almost comical) occurred at the beginning. Stephanie starts with a sexy strip tease and then begins singing "Don't cry for me Argentina" from Evita. She does have a nice voice.

I would highly recommend Centaurus (Rua canning, 44)

A couple of thoughts on personal safety in Rio. Personally, I donOt find Rio a threatening city. Yes, it is possible to be at the wrong place at the wrong time but for the most part I feel quite secure in Rio. In fact I felt more at risk crossing the street in Rio than being victimized by crime. Red lights donOt necessarily stop traffic in Rio! A final thought about TaxiOs. I have taken several dozen cab during my trips to Rio and only one time has the driver failed to turn the meter on. I find cabbyOs to be on balance above board and honest, although most donOt speak English, but most cabbyOs in New York donOt speak English either!!

Date: 12-21-1997    Subject: Rio trip post

From my Nov. trip...

Just got back from RIO. Interesting place. Let's start w/ some basics and important facts. If you're American, you'll need a visa - don't just book a flight! I went on my British passport, and the airline almost screwed me up (Brits don't need a visa)- I didn't get a visa but I swear it would have made things much easier. You'll get a departure/arrival card when you enter the country - KEEP IT! - it will help when returning home at the RIO airport. Apparently, the departure tax is going up from about 20 Reals (18 US$) to around $90 US starting Dec. 1 - cutting their own throats as I see it. If you're a green card holder, take it with you - you'll need it to prove yourself, and to the idiots at the Rio airport that you don't need a ticket out of the US to get on the plane to go back home.

Make copies of BOTH sides of your credit cards, bank card, passport, driver's license, etc..... If I were to do it all again, I would probably want to have an American Express credit card too - just in case. I had no trouble w/ my Visa and MC, but If I had lost those, it would have been an interesting situation... I took both traveller's cheques and cash. The friendly people at the HELP disco will give you the best rates - don't change more than you'll need for one day at the airport. There's usually guys around who offered 1.1 R per US$. Help gave me 1.13 as Gladrap said. They will change traveller's cheques at Help up to 100 per night IF you bring your PASSPORT. I suggest bringing it, changing $, then go back home and ditch it.

Many places to stay - some say apartments are better in Copa cause you can come in w/ guests noproblem. One problem - NO PHONE in MOST apartments - you could ring up several thousands of dollars in no time, and they don't have our sophisticated blocking technology apparently. Also, many don't have AC - I went in relatively "cool" November and it was starting to get HOT. I can't imagine one of these apartments without AC IN THE SUMMER -Dec. THRU March. Make sure to check that everything works - toilet, shower. Try to stay away from construction - NOISY place COPA, and some tin-foil on the windows and those cheap moldable plastic ear plugs (like silly putty) can make your trip more restful. As it was, I was too burnt out from the flight, hassling at the hotel the first two days, getting drunk the third night, to fully enjoy my trip. NOTE: possibly NO HOT water in apartment as well - this will be OK in the warmer months, and it certainly is a good waker- upper w/ only "cool" water. I tried hotel Toledo - avoid it if you can find a better place. If you get a room you don't like, complain - get a better one.

One person had a question about the language - Portuguese - I guess you can get along well w/ Spanish. I speak English only - did OK, but it is definitely isolating, and it made not having a phone not so bad anyway, but it would have been nice to talk w/ some of the cuties on the other end of the line when calling a local massage or incall place that are listed in the classifieds - O DIA was the best paper to get, and you can get a map of Rio at a local newsstand for 6 R. I rented a car at MEGA for a good price of about 360 R for a week - great for cruisin the girls (and TVs/TSs on Atlantica in Copa at night, and for exploring. However, a bit nerve wracking - many buses in Rio, snarled traffic (very bad and I mean bad) and even though the price included insurance, I was informed that if anything should happen to the car I would likely have to fork out another 1500 R minimum - not a great anxiety buster, especially after travelling 11 hours to a place where you feel like you're stepping in a holodeck where nobody speaks your language, you haven't had much sleep, etc... I was stupid - the plane was relatively empty and I should have taken a middle row with noone in it (3 seats) and stretched out for a sleep on the way down. HINT: Take a xanax (Rx - just tell your doctor you have a bit of anxiety and need some sleep) and a Benadryl before the plane leaves the ground for the last leg. If you're going in Carnival, things are even more crowded, and expensive I hear, and the planes won't be so empty. I flew on TransBrazil - out of Orlando and Miami - good price 730 US as I remember. Locks on your checked baggage is a good idea. Carry copies of your papers on yourself and in your luggage.

Anyway, I left hotel Toledo after two days, rented a bicycle for 100 R for the week - it came in handy getting around COPA. However, it may be cheaper to just buy a K-MART or newspaper cheapy, take it with you on the plane, and leave it in Rio - there's a guy named ROGERI who you will be able to find at Mia Pataca - an honest, down to earth young man about 31 years old - safe to deal with. Tell him John from Tampa sent you. Maybe you can leave him your bicycle to help him out for some of the help he will gladly offer you. He can also be hired for guide purposes - he's well worth it, and a truly good guy. I would caution against using any of the other "guides" around, even if they're ligit w/ their documents, etc.. Rogeri is just a hard working guy you can TRUST. Avoid smooth talking people, like one I ran into on the way to HELP one night - very charming, ended up buying him a few drinks and entry to help - while waiting for him to "change some money" - mistake.

A guy I met down there told me of a hotel that had everything you needed at a good price - Copa Praia on R. Francisco Otaviano 30 Ph 521 2727 - tell Geraldo there you are a friend of Thomas #1. Apparently they remember names by adding numbers to the end! This is toward the South end of Copa. Learning some of the language would be great, but really impossible unless you have someone to talk with. Thomas #1 apparently took lessons two nights a week for 3 hours each night for about a year and said:"it changed my life here in Rio" - and I don't doubt him. Yet, there is something to be said a bout a friendly cutey trying to teach you the language and vice-versa.

I had more than I could handle in the sex category - had 3 straight blows w/ masturbation (I love that), one session at L'oumo with an absolute little angel with a perfect body for 100 R total on Wednesday (30 entry, 70 for 40 minutes), 2 sessions in my hotel with one really beautifully-bodied 18 year old girl that sort of looks like a younger version of I dream of Jeannie, with not-so good teeth, but cute anyway, took home two girls from Help for free later on at night - "I just want to sleep - no sex, no dineros, if you want to come along, you can..." and ended up playing with them some the next morning. One of them was a taller fake blonde, sweet girl, didn't like being in the "program" - you could tell it hurt her more obviously than others, she wouldn't admit to being a hooker at first....(this is when we got up in the am) - I think she was looking for true love, even though she swore it didn't exist. Finger-fucked a girl in Help for about 1/2 hour, and had another long night of "romance" - kissing, dancing, etc. with a girl from the town of Salvador - pretty blonde named Camila or something like that - took her to her home at 6 am and said our goodbyes- she was colder the next day and apparently interested in some Hells Angels who were in from Quebec. She's a very affectionate girl - I saw her w/ other guys on other nights at Help - nice "white" girl w/ great legs and ass, speaks a little English. Little means Very Little.

Also spent 40 minutes with a girl at a local massage place 43 Siguera Campos - or something like that - room 811/812 for 31 R - good price, nice young girl - not anything like the facilities at L'oumo, or quality of girls in the looks department, but I was quite pleased with the looks and performance of the one I chose. In the same building as L'Oumo in block E floor 11, 1112 as I rmember, I visited w a girl - blow and passionate fuck - $40 - she slipped a condom on me halfway thru the oral part - next time I'll be more aggressive in my show of dissappointment, but my money had already changed hands too, and if I let myself get pissed off I don't enjoy the sex, or it puts an end to it. Ended up spending less than 400 R total for 8 to 12 sexual experiences depending on what you consider "experiences" (8 orgasms) - ALL of which rated better than most I have had here in the US. I wish I were 18 and/or could get it up enough to fuck all the girls I was with. I get soft with condoms usually unless I'm really excited - the Brazilian condoms for some reason seemed a bit small and very unsensitive - I took my own Sheik ultrathins and they are much better- buy a 24 pack in the US. Some guys down there say that Yohimbe is great for the erection - and you can get it at health food stores, but I found out you can also get it by prescription - the real stuff - and for a cheaper price - I can get 100 tabs of 5.4 mg at a local drug store for 17.33 US, and it costs more for the health food store equivalent ( you can divide what they list as mg by at least 100 - that's IF you get the good stuff). This guy says take it for about a month at least before coming down. A friend of mine also knows a guy who turned him on to MUSE - its a drug called Alprostadil in pellet form that has an applicator to put this pellet (very small) in your urethra (in the end of you weenie) that gives you a hard on for 30 minutes, even an hour or more for some people. He says "It turns you into superman". Get a Rx from your doctor. I should have taken some with me - it would have been the Ideal place, and even with the expense (over 15 US per pellet), since I was only there for sex, it would have been well worth it since I couldn't keep hard enough to fuck my fake blondie from help and the beauty at L'oumo with a condom on (the girl from Help said she'd let me do it without a condom, but I had already fought with the condom and was soft by then, and I didn't want to risk it anyway....).

One thing you must be careful about with these girls- they're known (by me... now) to be quite defensive about their income and "boyfriend". They can be a bit nasty if you hit on, or are approached by, another girl while they think they are "with you". Also, some can be subtly "pushy" - I met this one at Mia Pataca who spoke more than a little English, and she pressured me into agreeing to meet her at help that night at 11 pm to take her in. I said "Sure, OK" - mistake. I didn't, and the next day, she told my friend Camila that I was a Liar, etc... you never know what they are saying..... Another time in Help I was talking with this one girl who hangs around at the rear bar who is NOT a prostitute (probably the ONLY one in there) - she just likes the music, etc..., and I was also smiling at a couple of other girls who were together.... They motioned for me to come over, more and more aggressively, and I played coy and just shook my head - mistake. One of them came over a few minutes later, and just stared at me and the girl I was talking to. The girl I was talking to said "When you take care of your "problem" we can talk some more." My "problem" was this aggressive girl (who I would later in my trip see near Barbarella's on the street) who just stared at me with a not so nice look on her face from about 2 feet away. I didn't say anything, just smiled at her - mistake. She burst out "Fuck you, and fuck you!!" pointing at me and the girl I was talking to, creating a nasty scene. Also, the night before, another girl, who I don't remember talking to once (and I was NOT drunk), started calling me an asshole from about 10 feet away, I don't have the slightest idea what was going on, but I was with Camila at the time and it made things uncomfortable for us, since Camila wanted an explanation - which I didn't have other than "I don't know...".

The girl I was finger fucking one night in Help wanted me to take her home but there was something about her fake blue contacts that made me feel queazy, and I declined, plus she was a bit rough - too physical if you know what I mean - I like my women gentle and more passive than she was. Anyway, I was supposed to call her, after she tried to hit me up for 40 R before I left Help then 30, then 20 , then 10, then just a drink, which I ended up buying about three for her - not bad for an hour of entertainment. Anyway, I called her, but couldn't get her on the line once, didn't call again, saw her several times at Mia P., but avoided eye contact - something that didn't escape her. On my second last day there she was sitting with some guys, came over to my table and started saying something about the guys sitting with her giving her a hard time and that you "Wouldn't get any Shit from Me", etc.. I could hear the tension in her voice and told her to leave when she let loose with a tirade about me only liking blondes, and she saw me looking at the blondes in Help, avoiding eye contact w/ her, and that I was crazy, etc... Another not-so-pleasant scene.

Saw 3 fights while I was there - all cat fights - one with glasses being thrown at each other at Mia P. - very entertaining but unnerving as well. I met a crazy, fun Danish guy there too and he was with this girl who apparently gave great blow jobs, and seemed to want him all to herself. Another girl in Help told him that her friend would like to talk w/ him, and he told his partner that he would be back in a "couple" of minutes. Well, after he hadn't returned in 5 minutes (I was there) she had a hissy-fit. She was very possessive. Another time, I was smoking a cigarrette and accidently brushed up against a girl in Help. Even though I apologised, she seemed on the very extreme of angry about the situation and I actually thought she was going to hit me. Shit, if you can't handle an accidental cigarette in a bar, then you simply better not go to a bar as I see it. Some of the girls there like to pinch your ass as you pass by.... I gently patted one girl's ass as she passed by - mistake. She gave me a full-powered punch to the shoulder - no damage of course, but I wish I could have kicked her in the cunt remember - these girls are WHORES - do NOT forget it.

So, there are just a few things to let you know what kinds of situations you can get into with these girls without even trying or knowing. They can be like a cross between a girlfriend and hooker - its a very interesting and unique situation for me. It can be good - they are very affectionate - French kissing passionately and warmly, blow without condom, no teeth felt on any I had (HOLY SHIT!), but you get the "pressure" from the "girlfriend" side of it too in some cases.

A similar situation can happen in the Termas. When I went to L'oumo, while I was getting into my robe, the door to the dance area opened and a dark little cutey was there and she smiled at me, and vice-versa. She ended up leading me to the shower, and waited for me when I came out. I felt a little pressured since I didn't want this scene - I just wanted to relax, kick back and enjoy the dancing beauties, and end up picking one myself - HELL - I'm PAYING for it! I had to ask her to leave me alone.....Por Favor.... She gave me some frequent cross-between-nasty-and-seductive looks the rest of my two or so hours at L'oumo. I would like to take her on next time.... Then this tall (lovely body but not nice nose) girl hooked onto me and wouldn't let go, she was very friendly, and I ended up feeling her, and her me for 1/2 hour or so. One of her friends (a taller dark girl who pierced her chin below her lip in the middle - big mistake - really detracted from her face- and I told her friend to tell her so) hit me up for a drink too and I declined - I don't like being hit up for drinks by girls I'm not even with - be prepared for that at help too - a girl will smile ear to ear, say a few words, get you to say a few words, still smiling, and hit you up for a drink or two, and then she'll add her girlfriend or "friendS" to the list.... Not so much of a big deal, just remember - they ARE Prostitutes, and they DO know how to take NO for an answer. I treat the ones nice who treat me nice. Anyway, this one hung around for a while and I think she could tell I was losing interest as I was eying the little dark one and the other whiter one I ended up with (Louisa as I remember).

Another thing in Rio - NEVER pay up front. Don't spoil the culture and the sex - sex is MUCH better when not paid for up front - the girl has an incentive - that's why professional sex in the US is so terrible and such a rip-off - guys haven't stood their ground and demanded service before payment, and that's why we're writing here and travelling the world looking for some decent sex. Another No No - NEVER and I Mean NEVER Please! Never give the girl her asking price (this is different of course in the Termas or massage parlors) at Help or on the street - At least always try to bargain, be firm, and they will follow if you're nice to them and smile, tell them they are Bonita (beautiful), etc... Offer a drink, beer, whatever. Don't let your drink go unattended - Have heard of stories of things being slipped in to drinks. The guys with experience and those that live in apartments there lock the apartment door ( the ones I saw all have "security" locks which need a key to lock from the inside (and therefore a key to get out from the inside too) when the girl comes in, then hide the key so the girl can't make an escape after drugging them. I had not heard of such an event while I was down there. Please also feel free to let the girls know that shaving their pussy is desirable to most men, and rarely a turn-off for any, while hairy pussy/asses ARE definitely a turn-off - some of them seem to be getting the message- keep letting them know....

I did have a "classic" "theft" while coming home from Help one night after changing some travellers cheques. I was going down Atlantica heading North. A tall beautiful girl approached me, started talking to me, put one hand between my legs, grabbed my left hand and put it between her legs, and started French necking me. My head was spinning, and she was telling me she could be mine for 40R. Then, another of her friends started approaching us, and the first one said, This one is MINE. I opted to leave at that point, and 2 blocks later, noticed my watch was gone (a 60.00 US$ watch). Not so much of a big deal but I was pissed off..... There were some cops up ahead and I told them (through a translator at a local hotel) my situation, and one of them drove with me in the back seat down Atlantica slowly (with his lights on the idiot). All the "girls" could see me. Anyway, no sight of the one who did it.

Later on, my rental car came in handy again - I cruised around several times looking for the spot.... I was going slow when an ugly blonde approached my car and said something about a "helage" and pointed to her wrist. I knew something was going on.... She couldn't speak English, but let me know it would cost 180 R to get my watch back... I said it was worth 40 Max.., and sqeeled the tires, catching her shoulder in my open widow, spinning her around - must have been painful. Cruised some more, and saw the one.... slowed down and there was the blonde - I said I'd give 80 R for the watch and she retrieved it from under a wheel well of a car there... I told her to get in the car and show it to me... I had the idea of driving her right up to the next set of cops - which brings up another point - if you're fucked over - CALL the POLICE - don't let these two bit hookers fuck you over just because you're embarrassed. Anyway, right then the one who took it off my wrist came over, took the watch and gave it to me with profuse apologies. I later found the band was broken, went back, and told the girl to get in my car - she did and I went off for fifteen minutes of free french-necking and feeling her beautiful c-cup breasts, while she kept trying to get into my pants to give me a blow job - I just kept saying NO, and had to be repetitive and forceful about it - I also had three 50 R bills in my underwear......It gets funnier..... Turns out this fantastic looker/French necker is a TS with equipment still in place... I said, Wwwwehehehelllllllllll !!!, I think I'll drop you off now, and told "her" that if she and her friends didn't pull that two-bit bullshit that they would have lots of tourists and business. Some of the best looking "girls" on Atlantica are the TSs - some of them have bodies to just DIE for - long, slender, perfect legs and breasts..... I have absolutely no interest in men, but you may find out these "girls" are more than just tempting....

I met a guy who apparently owns a bank down there - his name is John I believe, and he said I should get out and see the "real" Rio - I should go to club Helenica on Friday night - and so I did - It's on R. Itaperu sort of in-between copa and centro (centro aka downtown). So, I finally find this place, to get to it if you look on your map you go through this tunnel, but there's no left onto Itaperu, so you have to get off to the right after the tunnel, and take a "return" and then get off right onto Itaperu. Anyway, I was told this place is about half the size of Help - Wrong - it is at least 2 times the size of Help including the patio outside the old theater-like area where there is a dance floor, tables, raised area, more tables, walking area, more tables balcony overhead, and a band playing the local music, more traditional stuff. Its in a kind of Athletic club/ Social club - large total grounds - you have to park somewhere on the street I guess (I did), pay 5 R entry then walk up this "street" and up some stairs to the theater/patio/bar area. There is about 1200 people in this place, half of them girls, most people below age 23. If I could speak Spanish or Portuguese, and was looking for a fun place to go on Friday night and "normal" girls, this would have been a great place. As it was, I was much older than most, though I look young and healthy, and a 17 year old girl and I ended up making eye contact several times - ended up buying her a Pepsi - found out she was there with her parents - nice body and nice disposition, attractive face - some real cute girls in the place, and they dance that sexy samba stuff that makes you feel like you're watching a stripper..... I couldn't believe it... Quite an experience, but I felt like a fish out of water and left about 1:00 am and headed for more familiar grounds - Help. One night I was driving toward help and a taxi pulled up beside me and a girl in the passenger side started waving at me, pulled over and asked me to come to a disco with her in Ipanema - I should have, but didn't, gave me her number, but I couldn't catch her.... Saw her a few nights later At Help I think.... I still don't know if she's on the program, but the bets are that if she's ever in Help---- she IS!.

My Danish friend and I had heard of another good club (non-professionals) in town called "Rock in Rio" (in Barra). Went there and it was a nice place, many young very attractive ladies ("normal"), two-storied club with extremely high glass ceiling about 80 feet above the dance floor, great lights, but they allow people to just hang around the dance floor which packs the dance floor and makes it not so enjoyable to dance, like many poorly-managed clubs here in the US. At least in Help there's LOTS of room to dance and the girls DANCE and people don't normally hang around on the dance floor. Rock in Rio was a very nice club, but a bit expensive as far as discos are concerned -12 R entrance with 16 R minimum drink but we used it up anyway - strong drinks too. Apparently, "Special" people can get in faster by taking the right hand lineup at the club - I didn't know how we ended up in that line, but I had dropped my friend off for me to park the car and I don't know what happened. Anyway, he calls to me after I parked, and I walked up to the empty lineup on the right and these two big guys look at me, then just part like the red sea. I think it may have been more expensive this way, but never found out... The other line on the left looked SIGNIFICANT, and they were buying tickets or something at these windows that looked like ticket windows at a dog track or football stadium, etc.. You have to be a bit aggressive to get drinks later on - the girls wave their tickets at the bartenders and get much more attention than a "polite" person like was very busy - several hundred people in the club at any one time. Drove back to Help at about 2 am - it is about 40 minutes from Help - Can't miss it, in a big shopping center on the right of the main road, there's a big lit up metal Christmas tree there now - huge. You have to enter on the back side of the shopping mall and drive around to the front where the entrance to Rock in Rio is.

Other than that, the beaches at Copa and Ipanema are dirty, but OK, only a couple of girls without their tops - they were some of the Help hookers. There are supposed to be some beautiful beaches and islands within about 1/2 to 1 hour from Rio, so check them out if you have the time/energy/money.

I would like to put together a list of phrases in Portuguese in alphabetical order for those of you who could use it (I know I could have), but will have to wait for a future post. Please send me corrections, additions to the list so that it can be perfected before it gets entered into the WSG, and it can keep getting better with each of their updates. I only have a few right now, and am not sure of there precision, but it may help you anyway. Let's get a list (would be nice to have one in Spanish too for the WSG) that has both English- Portuguese and Portuguese-English translations of sentences in alphabetical order. BTW, get a little phrase book and Portuguese/English dictionary too - it will at least come in handy while reading some of the very provocative ads in the newspapers too- some of them offer "deep throat", "anal", "very long sensuous oral", etc... the ads themselves are very entertaining. The dictionary will also be needed for the pronunciation of words in these lists of sentences. Someone could also help by adding proper pronunciation for updates.

I would definitely do it again, someday...... A friend of mine and I are planning a trip soon to Costa Rica - Will post from there.... Bye for now.

Date: 02-19-1998    Subject: New info on Rio!

Hi guys! Got some new info on the Rio sex scene. First of all, the info from WSG and from many writers here on this NG are OUTDATED or INACCURATE and I would read them with a huge grain of salt. Only GLADWRAP and BWANA DIK know what they are talking about. Thanks for being accurate you two!

PREFACE: What I am about to write is sexist/racist/etc and if this offends you, log-off immediately! Otherwise, read on for some revealing info on the Rio Sex Scene!

ARRIVAL: As I was debarking from the plane, I already noticed the beautiful women on the plane and in the airport! Wow! once you get your luggage (i carried on only) you follow the arrows to the customs/entry section. When its your turn, you push a button on the wall and if it lites red, you get interrogated and have your luggage checked. If you get a green lite, you pass on thru with no checks. (Pushing that button on the wall is like gambling.) I got a green lite and went on thru with no checking. Once past the customs, I was met by some taxi hawkers. I avoided them and walked straight to Transcootour Taxi Desk and was offer a straight ride to Copacabana for $30 Real. I changed money at that desk for 1.10 Real to 1 USD. This is a ripoff. (help disco offers 1.18!) Instead, change money from the "other" taxi hawkers in brown jumpsuits who will probably offer 1.15. I was stupid. Its good to change between USD $50-$100 right away at the airport. The taxi ride to Copacabana was about 35 min. I didnt tip him and he didnt expect one.

HOTEL: I stayed at the Rio Roiss Hotel. THE STAFF THERE IS SLEAZY!! They're constantly trying to trick and cheat you. You have to always be on your toes with them when dealing with $$$. (more later on this). Previously over the phone, they offered $99 USD/nite but I asked for discount so they quoted me $80 Real/nite +5% hotel tax. Rio Roiss is managed by a female who looks like an ex-whore herself.(about 40, nice legs, statuesque and knows how to make $$ off "Johns" but in a different way) Her name is Maria Soares and speaks good English. She manages the place and tells all the other male drones what to do. Rio Roiss Hotel is basically a FUCK hotel. 99% of the guests are single males who bring back whores. I only saw 2 families there and absolutely no children on the premises. The hotel room was clean and had a real queen size bed. The bathroom was nice (marble) and relatively clean for a 3rd world country. The shower did not drain too well so there was standing water. Water pressure & hotwater were excellent! Towels were clean and made of real cotton. Caveat: they do not change the sheets! Everday, the maid just makes your bed with the same ole thin sheets for entire week! Noise was insulated from other rooms but you could hear street noise thru the A/C. Bring foam earplugs!

Biarritz Hotel: Cheaper ($50) but very depressing and shitty shower with cots as beds. Debret Hotel: Japanese man who speaks good English but I didnt care to see the rooms. Aparthotels: All over the place. IF you can find a good one, it would be better than staying at Rio Roiss because you wouldnt have to be defending yourself from getting gyped for bringing in whores.

HOTEL OPERATIONS: When you go out and bring back a "female guest" (hooker), the staff has her fill-out a form and checks her green-colored I.D. card. She jots down her address, full name, and signature. Then YOU sign it to confirm that you are bringing in a guest. $11 Real is charged to your final hotel bill. Rio Roiss now charges $11/guest! I tried to be nice and negotiate this new "charge" beforehand but wasnt successful. When the girl leaves your room, you don't have to walk her down.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: Since the Taxis seemed so sleazy, I never used them (didnt have to either!). Instead, I used the local buses that the locals use. They are fine! Cost is .60 cents Real for each ride unless its real late at nite which it then becomes $1 Real. I don't think they are dangerous at all despite what all the guidebooks say. I never saw a crime and the majority of riders are mom/pop/students. If you want to be safe, sit on the rightside, the very last seat. That way, no one is behind you. I like to sit next to some girl and talk to her. Buses are honest, cheap, numerous, and they wont try to rip you off. The main bus lines are on Copacabana Ave. (one way going north) and Ribeiro Ave. (one way going south).

DINING OUT/BEER: Many choice to choose from which I will list here--

1. Churrascos: ALL YOU CAN EAT MEAT. Cost: $12.90+drinks+tax. No tip. (I observed several other locals and none ever gave a tip) Sitdown restaurant whereby waiters come around with hot skewers of meat and dump off as much as you want on your plate (ask for just a little bit! "por favor, pequeno"). Skewers of chicken (good), beef (tough!), pork (tender!), sausage, tongue, etc are offered. Salad bar is included thank heavens! Drinks are extra ($2-3Real). Desert extra ($4-5 real and a ripoff!).

2. Galetos (ga-yeah-toes): Eateries where meats are cooked over an open flame. Very local casual atmosphere. Crack Dos Galetos on Rua Ferreira charges $14 for too much tough meat that you cant eat! (1-2 lbs). Across the street is recommended "Braseiro Galetos" on Rua Domingos Ferreira 214. They offer "Galeto" $3.50 which is one plate of lots of roasted chicken pieces! Excellent value and taste!

3. Boteco Bars: Basically a dive bar where you stand up, drink, and eat. You see them on every corner and on every block. Sometimes they have stools to sit on and are open very late. Best food: Those pastry looking things. They look like giant deep-fried/baked dim sum. Try Kibe (deep fried meat ball-ahab food?), Coxina de Frange (deep fried with tender chicken inside). Cost is $1 each and is a decent filling snack. Eat them before 2pm.

4. Buffet Restaurants: Self serve buffet whereby they charge you for the exact amount of food you pile onto your plate. You are offered 20-30 different items including Sashimi (excellent and cheap!!) from all around the world. Once you fill your plate, you go to the scale and they wiegh your plate. Cost is usually 1.20-2.00 / kilo. My plate was $5.70 real. Drinks are extra. This new trend is by far the best idea in Rio. You pay for only the amount you put on your plate and you are offered an excellent selection! In the USA, this would cost double for lower quality food. "Porkilo" is the best in Copa at $2 real/kilo. Only bring your best "guests" here! "Churrasco Grill" down the block charges $1.40/kilo and I highly recommend it. You see locals (and local whores!) eating at these places!

5. African slave food at the stand in the Hippie Fair: EXCELLENT!! Cost is 2.50 for "Acaraje" which is a deep fried ball, cut in half, smothered with seafood gumbo. It may give you the runs if you are sensitive. I still highly recommend at least taking one bite!

6. Corn-on-the-Cob vendors: Dont eat these!! They are boiled in "sea water" which is full of toxic chemicals and way too salty. I was wondering why the vendor had to "rinse" off the cob before handing it to me! It was so salty i had to drink 3 glasses of water afterwards!! STAY AWAY!

7. Beer: Choppe is basically their beer on tap. All Brazilian beers taste watered down and contain 1/3 less alcohol.

8. Sucos bars: Fruit drink bars where they charge you $1.50-$2.00 for half-assed fruit drinks. NOT RECOMMENDED. I saw how they make it...they grab a prepackaged frozen bag from the freezer and then mix it with ice and sometimes they add sugar. This is pretty lame for a tropical country! Where did the frozen fruitpak come from? USA? Now there are some Suco bars that actually make real fruit pulp from fresh fruits but they are rare. Hopefully you can find one of these!

HOOKERS: You can find them at Help Disco, outdoor cafes, streetwalking, or at Termas (I guess this means Thermals..basically a spa with sauna, steam room, massage (cost extra), bar, hooker).

1. Outdoor Cafes: 2 most popular are Meia Pataca & Teracca which are both within 1 block of Help Disco (and within eyesite of one another) but you can find whores at others too along Atlantica BLVD. The whores and whores who dont want call themselves whores hang out here to meet new customers. During the day (1pm-6pm) I saw some ugly-average ones and would not pay for any of them. During the nite (7pm-12pm) it gets better. About 5pm-8pm you see a surge of "girls" walking pass Meia Pataca in order to snag a "john" who can then take them to dinner. Then about 10pm on there is another surge of well-dressed hookers who look for "johns" for the nite. IF the hookers cant find one by 1am, then they are ready to enter HELP disco.

2. Streewalkers: Daytime 2-5pm...they walk along Atlantica Blvd. Not many though. 5pm-8pm...they walk past the outdoor cafes to look for customers and a free dinner.'ll see them standing next to parked cars in the street on Atlantica Blvd waiting for car dates. About 3-6/block. The quality is not the best. Also, many TRANSVESTITE HOOKERS stand around in this area too so be careful because most are Robbers and Theieves!! This is no joke!!

3. HELP DISCO- Admission is $10. Hooker: $80-$150 for 2 hours-all nite. This place is advertised as the largest disco in Latin America but I highly doubt it! Its kinda small by L.A. standards and probably even smaller by NYC standards. This certainly is the largest disco in Rio! This is the central meeting place where all the hookers from Meia Pataca, Taraco, and the Termas end up late at nite when they didnt catch a customer yet. The place is has about 50-100 hookers! Most of the hookers (90-95%) are Black or Black with some white blood mixed in. Most look very good! The whitegirls and whitegirls with a little bit black blood are highly sought after and snapped up real fast by the older wealthier "johns". On Friday-Sunday nites the male:female ratio sucks!! Those nites there are way too many men per hooker and I found myself forcing my way thru crowds of men looking for a so-so looking whore. Its best to go on an off nite where there are actually more girls than guys. I spoke with many "oldtimers" who come to Rio every year and they admit things have changed for the worse. The girls now are more "professional" business-oriented and there are more Blacks from the Favelas. Many of the whores have bad attitudes and act as if you are not good enough for them. I think they are waiting for that 60 year old Sugar Daddy to come along and save them but he never comes so they get depressed. Overall, this is the central meeting point where all hookers in Rio eventually come to. Note: Help has the best exchange rates!! 1.18R to 1 USD!, maximum amount is $100. Beer is 2.50. Help's theme is to play excellent Tehcno/Euro/House, then funk, then (about 3am) Brazilian samba music. Then about 4am+ they play some American oldies. This is the theme every nite and I didnt need a watch because it was like clockwork! Al the girls know that when a certain type of music is being played, they have to hurry up and find a "date". BTW, transvestites are not allowed in Help, hehe!

4. Termas: roughly $120. "Terma Luomo" is located on Rua Siquera Campos 143, 2nd floor of a fucked up shopping center, along the terrace that overlooks the street. (Crossstreet is R. Toneleiro). I paid $30 for admission and drank 4 beers at $3 a pop. ITs an extra $30 for a room and $60 for a 40 min. fuck. When I arrived, the place was much smaller than I had imagined but the set-up is better than Monte Carlo 19. I did not get a girl because 7 out of 8 were jaded blacks and the one white lady was about 40 yrs old. They had a "BIRTHDAY PARTY" which i suspect is just a way to liven up the atmosphere. You see, when i visited Monte Carlo 19 they also had a Birthday Party! Coicidence? Hardly. Its a tactic that livens up the place and it works because everyone is festive and free cake and food are served. I ended up making out with 3 different girls before leaving the place without sex. When you first enter, you are attacked by the uglier more hard up girls who want to claim you first. You should make out with them, then say you have to go to the restroom. When you come back, you look at different girls and strike up a new love connection. I stayed for 4 hours and left with a bill of $41 Real-30 for admission, 11 for drinks (i think they added wrong). Luomo is located in a messed up shopping center. Go up the escalator and ask the security guards where Luomo is. They are real cool. Monte Carlo 19 is located on R. Hilario de Gouveia, 19 which is 1/2 block from Atlantica. Its a Gray with a "club" symbol in front of it with a big bouncer guarding the entrance. Admission is $30, payable immediately. Then shower (shittier showers than Luomo) & change and go upstairs to where the girls hang out at the bar. I saw 6 girls, mostly black with one fatass lardo whitechick!! She was fucking gross! She kept dancing and shaking her blubber around. Where's jenny craig when you need her? I was getting so grossed out that i decided to wander around and found the place to be very small, despite WSG reports. Monte 19 is actually smaller than Luomo. I found a nice portuguese girl was young and had a nice body so i talked to her and started to kiss her. Needless to say, she was a winner and I went to a cabina with her. Shit i forgot her name! She was excellent and sucked without a condom. After the good deed, she was very loving and playful and didnt rush me. When I left, i paid $60 to the intermediate cashier for the girl and $30+3 for drinks and cabina rental at the door. Their payment system is pretty stupid! Also, they do not speak English.

5. Brothels: both are on Rua siqueira Campos 43 (as opposed to Luomo which is on 143) 1 block away from Atlatica Blvd. Its a medical bldg/mall on #620 6th floor and #812 on the 8th floor. #812 had about 6 black girls and one mean bouncer. I walked out. At #620, 3 friendly mullato girls offered massage/sex for $40. Not bad if you are on a budget.

6. Beach: I saw only 2 ugly black hookers. Its easy to spot them since they are the topless ones and make eye contact with you and try to woo you over.

LEAVING RIO ROISS HOTEL: THOSE FUCKERS TRIED TO GYP ME! They tried to charge an extra $11 for a girl I never had. When I confronted them to show me the filled out form, they said that the same girl came by twice and was written so by the clerk on the back of the form. I said thats incorrect and asked why didnt she fill out the form and SIGN IT a second time?? They knew they were caught in a lie. They said its probably a mistake and I wont get charged. Then, the staff said I used the "Frigo Bar" (mini bar inside your room with drinks already there that if expended, are charged on your bill with sky high prices!) 3 time which i promptly said, "no Way!". I argued that I brought my own drinks in (which i did) and never touched their stash. He knew he was caught in another lie! After the whole thing, they said they would hail me a cab and the cost would be $30 to the airport. What finally arrived was a non-cab car with a civilian driver. He seemed nice and wanted the business so I accepted and stated if $30 was correct and he said yes. I got in the car and saw the freelance cabbie slip the bellboy a $5 bill. The cabbie took me to the airport and said that the trip took longer than normal so he wanted to charge me $35 instead of our agreed $30. I gave him a dirty look and said in English, "no way!" and proceeded to offer him $33 (3 of which i was going to tip him anyway for getting stuck in traffic and using more gas) he accepted it and both he and I knew that if he didnt give me my luggage (which was in his trunk and under his control) that I would yell for a policeman and he would be caught and charged with 1)working as a cabbie illegally and 2)attempting to cheat a tourist. Who do you think a cop would believe at the airport? A tourist here to spend $$ or a cabbie at the airport??

GENERAL SAFETY: Overall, Rio is a safe place if you are not stupid. Pretend you are on a NYC street and you should be okay. Rio is a big city with a large poor Black population just like NYC and LA. In Brazil, the poor black projects are called Favelas. Do not drive or walk into the Favelas. Contrary to many misinformed guidebooks written by uneducated liberals, there is more than one type of Favela. Caution: You cannot hear footsteps sneaking up on you because the traffic noise is so loud! The majority of those who will rip you off are young black kids about 12 years old or TRANSVESTITES!! They seem to be everywhere and have no fear like the older guys. If a Rio cop catches a bad guy, they beat the fuck out of him to punish him. Many kids think they can get away with petty crimes since they are so young so beware. These teenage kids work in teams so if you see one trying to con you, hold onto your valuables and look for his accomplice. They always have an accomplice even if he is hiding. Never look tempting to a thief. .."Dont walk around with your camera swinging around while looking at postcards".... If this statement sounds like common sense to you, then you will be okay and I dont need to go into this any further. If this didnt sound like common sense to you, then you are either stupid or just lack common sense and must read on.

SAFETY TIPS FOR DUMB PEOPLE: Never put valuables in your back pockets. Put $$/CCards in front pocket only. Wear shorts/pants with deep pockets or buttoned pockets. When buying anything, never pull out your entire wallet showing all your credit cards and how much money you have. Instead, dont carry a wallet. Carry raw cash folded in your pocket just like drug dealers do and learn how to "feel" how many bills you have. Then, you can only pull out just alittle bit without pulling out a wad. Dont tuck in your shirt. Instead, wear it outside hanging over your pockets so it makes it harder to get pickpocketed. Dont wear a good watch or just take it off and leave it in your pocket. While walking at nite, walk away from the buildings near the cars. IF you are worried about a bunch of guys hanging out, walk in the middle of the street or better yet, turn around and take another longer (but safer path!) While riding the buses, sit on the right side, last seat in back. Thisway, there is no one behind you. Sometimes its good to sit on the rightside way up in front too, next to the driver. When confronted by a street hawker trying to sell you something, beware that there can be a kid ready to pickpocket you. Instead, say NAO and keep walking straight ahead. If you fail to do this and look at his products, all the other street hawkers will pick up on you as a gullible American and all mob you and invite opportunity for a pickpocket. So, say a firm NAO and walk ahead.

A SPECIAL NOTE ON CRIMINAL (TV) TRANSVESTITES!!!: Transvestites ( gay men who dress like women, take female hormones and install fake tits) are well known as criminals!! While a regular hetero hooker gets 99% of her income from "johns", a TV gets 98% of his income from stealing. Thus, you are there bread and butter of they can rob you. Its hard for a TV to get a "john" because johns prefer women so they have no choice but to resort to crime to support themselves. IF a girl comes up to you and says the word "PROGRAMA", then you know he is a TV and is out to steal from you. What they do is they feel your dick, then want you to feel them up. They even grab your hands and place them on their fake tits and ass, inoder to keep your hands away from your money. This is done for a reason: It gives them clear free reign to feel your pockets for wallets and cash. IF they feel something, they sit you down and make you feel them up while they pickpocket you. Also, they work with accomplices which are other TVs and little teen boys (probably gay too) who come out of the bushes and look for an opportunity to pick you. I saw 2 tv's go up to a car with 2 males. One tv sticks her hand into the passenger side and puts a knife to his belly. The 2nd tv goes to the driver's side and forces him to handover the wallet. Then the TV (i saw this!) pulls all the money out of the wallet (leaving the credit cards) and throws it back onto the lap of the driver. The 2 tv's quicky walk away and have committed a robbery!! All in 1 min!! IT is no wonder why you always see cops stopping TVs and making them dump their purses onto the sidewalk. TVs are CRIMINALS!! TV's hang out around Atlantica Ave.

RACIAL OVERTONES: Rio is populated by Portuguese, Italians, and Blacks. Many people are a mixture and get along fine as if in a perfect color-blind society. This is true to a certain extent. But if you go take a bus trip to Barra Shopping, you will pass right thru the foot of a Favela which is all Black. Then when you get to Barra Shopping, you will see that the shoppers are 95% middle class whites. I've never seen a Black work in a jewelry store, anywhere in Rio. Although the liberal world media portrays Brazil as a colorblind perfect society where everyone is a mixture, you will see that the bums on the street, service personnel, prostitutes at HELP, street hawkers are all overwhelming black while the bankers, high class clothing stores, civilian shoppers are overwhelmingly white. RECOMMENDATIONS:

Dont fuck on the first day, save your sperm for when you are strong and not jet-lagged. Immediately go to Rio Othon Hotel (or some other major one) and grab as many brochures and free maps as you can find. They let Americans hang around so dont worry about getting kicked out by security. Survey the area. Go to HELP before 1am since it peaks out at 1:30am and too many guys come in and the good girls are gone. Have $36 USD or $41 Real when you leave Rio at the airport for departure tax. Bring earplugs. Learn some Portuguese! I spoke very little. Try to meet regular girls since they are very nice. Fly UAL or AA as your airline since they take care of you if things go wrong. Varig has all these wierd rules (like carryon luggage wt requirements, smaller size requirements, etc). Non-US airlines are rarely on schedule. BRING AN UMBRELLA!!

Good Luck!

Date: 03-21-1998    Subject: Brazil Report

Just recently got back from a five day (March, 1998) visit to Rio. I have been fortunate that circumstances have permitted me to visit Brazil four times during the past five months. I have become very familiar with Rio and certainly many of the activities which are of interest to us in this NG.

I chose the Hotel Rio Roiss for this visit. It is a very nice property and centrally located close to Help disco, the hooker outdoor cafes, and the beach. It's also within easy walking distance of L'uome and several other excellent Termas (brothel/sex club). The rack rate is R$99.00 but ask for a discount and it immediately falls to R$88.00 including a buffet breakfast. As has been reported, there is now a R$11.00 extra charge for overnight guests (plus 5% tax). Ladies must register at reception and the charge is added to you bill.

Rooms at the Rio Roiss are quite large with comfortable queen size beds and triple mirrored closets. Bathrooms are all marble and modern. All rooms are equipped with satellite TV (CNN, BBC, etc.).My room (1102) has a very nice view of Copacabana beach and the hills to the north and east. I found the staff to be very helpful and friendly. I would recommend this hotel if your main focus of activity is Meia Pataka caf?, Help disco and the Copa beach action in front of the Othon Palace. I didn't do any overnight entertaining this trip but I observed several of the Help girls having breakfast with other guests in the morning. BTW, the 12th floor restaurant has a fabulous unobstructed view of Copacabana.

This trip I concentrated exclusively on entertainment at the Termas. These are essentially nightclub/brothels to sit, relax, have a few drinks and enjoy the company of very lovely women. The Termas are basically very similar with little variation, with the exception of Termas Aeroporto, which is unbelievable. More on that place later.

My first day I stopped by L'uomo in Copacabana. It's located in a shopping center (Rua Siqueira Campos, 143) and is about a 15 minute walk from the Rio Roiss. L'uomo has been reviewed extensively in this NG and the WSG. The only change has been a recent increase in cost to R$140.00. Entrance has been raised to R$40, up from R$30 last rip. The girl and room for 40 minute session are R$70 and R$30 respectively. Drinks are extra but very reasonable. L'uomo has also cut back on midweek discounts. Entrance is discounted to R$20 on Wednesday's. I arrived on a Monday and was told they no longer offer discounts on Mondays but I was able to negotiate the entrance discount nonetheless. I selected Sarita for a 40 minute session. She is blonde, early 20's with a very hard body and great ass. My selection was also influenced by her tongue action during french kissing in the bar/nightclub. I knew this lady would give incredible oral and I was not disappointed. She gave a mind-blowing BJ sans condon and I ended up exploding in her face. In addition to her lovemaking skills and swimsuit model body, she has a great attitude and provides excellent service. She quickly got me hard again and we fucked passionately in several positions before the session ended. I needed all my willpower not to Cum again because I wanted to save something for the ladies at CentaurisEmy next stop.

Centauris is located in Ipanema (Rua Canning,44) but is only a 10-15 minute walk from the Rio Roiss in the other direction. Centauris is also the most expensive Termas in Rio at R$190 for a 40 minute session. The total climbs to R$200 if you pay by credit card. Breakdown is Entrance- R$50, room- R$40 and girl-R$100. Centauris is a large club and has a selection of 30 to 40 very attractive women on any given night. Despite the higher cost it remains quite popular. I have personally been to this place at least a dozen times and feel comfortable with the facilities. I have used Centauris as a springboard to meet several women who have become friends and to spend time with outside of the club. Another benefit for language challenged gringos is a higher percentage of the girls here speak English. English speaking ladies are virtually non existent at some of the other clubs. I would recommend this place for "well heeled" traveler's, but there are certainly better values for commercial sex at other clubs in Rio.

This trip I discovered two new clubs and found both to be outstanding. The first is Termas Solarium. It's located in the Jardim Botanico (Botanical garden) section of Rio. The club is on Rua J.J. Seabra, 21 (Tel- 294-6599)Its a very upscale and safe neighborhood on the other side of the lagoon from Ipanema, or about a R$7-10 cab ride from Copacabana depending on traffic. Solarium is worth the cab fare! They have an incredible array of very attractive and hot women working there. Many blondes and a few redheads, unusual for Brazil. Set-up and services very similar to the other clubs. Total cost is R$140 for 40 minute session. Cost equation changes depending on the day of week due to various promotions but the total is R$140. My first night entrance was R$40, girl and room R$100 with five free beers. The following night breakdown was entrance-R$70 and girl/room-R$70 = R$140. It was also ladies night where wives and girlfriends are welcomeNyea right, but some did show up!!

The final night I checked out Termas Aeroporto. It's in Centro near the Santas Dumont airport. Address is Avenue Beira Mar, 216 (Tel- 220-6267). Cost is again R$140 for 40 minutes session. IMHO this is the best club in Rio by a wide margin, but only if desire tall, gorgeous women with hard bodies to die for!!! I have never seen such a collection of 10's concentrated in a single club before. One caveat, most don't speak English so bone up on some Portuguese. Since this was my last night I decided to go out in luxury. I had a double with two sisters (or so they claim) ages 19 and 24, in a suite with mirrored walls and jacuzzi. The girls were very enthusiastic, going down on each other whilst I'm banging them and the 24 year old was a screamer. It was a very memorable experience. Total cost for the evening including approximately 6 drinks was R$323, or roughly U.S. $275. This included about two hours of kissing and foreplay before going to the suite. It's about a R$10 cab ride each way but well worth it.

I hope this information is helpful to those planning a trip to Rio or those fantasizing such a trip.

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