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Has anyone heard of any escort services or strip clubs in Rio De Janero : Brazil?

What? Rio? Well, I've got some great news for you. Go to *any* night club in town... when you see a girl you like (I'm talking about the other patrons here), approach her and offer her $50.00 US.

The majority of them will take you to nice little hotel and treat you to a wonderful evening. No kidding. It's my favorite place on the planet!!

Have a blast!! :-)

Date: 03-02-1995    Subject: Rio de Janeiro Nostalgia

I thank sincerely the audience for their very useful replies. In return, to express my gratitude, I must say that among the best fucks I ever had, happened in Rio almost 10 years ago. It was at the Lido Hotel (a tourist room) not far from Mabe's Restaurant on Copacabana Beach. I actually picked up this girl in her early twenties on the beach but I had to hide my $59US equivalent in a second sole of my shoe. The restaurant is also full of local prostitutes of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. There seems to be so many everywhere. That stretch of the beach and its boardwalk is a real paradise. I fucked Yvonne (her name) 3 times before my plane flight back home and she sucked me even in the shower. We did it in all positions. That was day time but you can pick any of these girls at night too in the multitude of bars and showclubs that these part of the city has to offer. It is a tragedy that it is too dangerous to visit nowadays with thugs armed with machineguns robbing tourists on the beach even during daylight. I think I remember reading about all the sewage being emptied into the beach so that by now the sea water must be pretty polluted. Anyway anyone with enough guts to surmount those obstacles should visit this city be it for only one week.

Date: Jan 1996

The "Vila Mimosa", a red-light district near Rio consisting of 67 brick and board shacks, housing some 1500 prostitutes and dating back to the 1700's, has been bulldozed on January 4th. It stood in the way of an expansion of the complex "Cidade Nova". The prostitutes were given short notice and could not save their belongings.

Date: 02-09-1996

An update to your Rio de Janeiro information:

There definitely are hundreds of ads in the local newspapers, like Globo, Jornal do Brasil, O Dia. It is called "Termas" or "Massagens".

Good source to find higher level girls, different girls, cheaper girls, everything.

Date: 04-04-1996

Hi, congratulations and true thanks for your wonderful service. I find your information accurate (and I also travel a lot and seek the best fucks wherever I go). Please go on with your excellent work for the sake of free sex and liberty. I wish to contribute to your country directory with a few informations that will be useful to anyone venturing into sex in the following places:

BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro). I do confirm your information. Rio is a sex paradise where almost any sweet young girl will fuck for a few bucks and sometimes even for a watch or a skirt. By day you can pick them up on the beaches (the ones in Ipanema are normally more expensive and not necessarily nicer than the ones in Copacabana, where it's also easier to get them). By night I suggest a visit to the discos near the Copacabana Palace Hotel, at the end of the beach. There you can just approach any of them dancing and she will be yours for some 100 dollars (1994 prices). I fucked a beautiful 19 year old mulata called Rosana. She can be reached at Leopoldo Miguez 110, apartment 501, very near Copacabana beach. Her phone number at the time was 2563255. She then costed some 120 dollars for a couple of hours and you can take her to your hotel. Unlike most whores anywhere she is always wet and seems to enjoy fucking wildly. She wanted me to come on her face and to my surprise she then ate my cum as she masturbated. I take this as an exception and, unfortunately, not all Rio fuckers are as wild as this one. I also suggest to visit the erotic theaters at the beginning of your evening, you'll get a nice hard-on before you go and pick up your fuck.

Date: 04-2323-1996

Rio, it can be a grand place. From a geographical perspective, it is magnificent. Sugar Loaf and Corcadova overlooking vast sweeping beaches,a dark blue ocean and tranquill beautiful bays. From up on top of Pao de Azucar, it is truly spectacular. As one gets closer to the ground, though you begin to see the Rio that is less than spectacular. A crumbling infrastructure, terrible poverty,old undistinguished buildings and a feeling of torpor that permeates the atmosphere. The stories you have heard about crime are completely warranted. I have been robbed once and there have been three other attempted muggings. And yet I keep going back. Why you might ask. It is simple. The beer, the beaches and the beautiful women. Except for the rare times when someone is trying to mug you, the Rio experience is enthralling and very relaxing. Days are spent in the sidewalk cafes sipping Brahmas or on the beaches watching the women in their very small bikinis. Nights are spent going to clubs or to discos and watching the women in their sexy attire.

There are many garotas (girls ) in Rio who again find it a necessity to support themselves by renting their body. There is nowhere near the availability of women as there is in Bangkok, either in terms of places to go or the number of women. But there are plenty to satisfy any man on a 1-2 week vacation and the quality is extraordinary.

There is a wide range of physical types. Brazil was colonized by Portugal, of course, but over the years waves of immigrants from Italy, Germany and Japan (mainly in Sao Paolo) have come to Brazil. Mixed in with these are the blacks brought from Africa and the native Indians. There has been a lot of racial mixing and the result is a female specimen that is wonderous. I don't think the percentage of Brazilian women that are attractive is nearly as high as in Thailand, but the beautiful ones are breathtaking and many of these are in the biz.

Sexually speaking, there is no comparison. I have been with a lot of women from around the world, but none compare to the Brazilian women. It is almost as if they are breeded to be sexual animals. They just seem to love the act. No hold bars. From the moment you enter your hotel room, they are all over you. They will give you head (without a condom) for as long as you like. Only once has a garota refused to give me head . The whole thing from beginning to end is almost always a fabulous experience. If you can get it up again they will go at it again. Until you have been with a Brazilian women, I think I can say you have not experienced the sexual act as it should be. I have never been with 2 at the same time. I am afraid it might kill me.

From a personality perspective, again a generalization, but I have found most of them to be very warm,affectionate,friendly and outgoing. Most of them don't speak English - the preferred foreign languages are Italian and German as most of the male tourists are from these 2 countries. I don't speak any portuguese, but I speak some Spanish and can usually use this to talk a bit and do some negotiating.

Where to find the Garotas:

On the beaches - in front of the Rio Othon and to a lesser extent the Meridian in Copacabana and the Caesar Park in Ipanema. You may ask how will I know which are available and which are just women on the beach. Just observe for a bit and you will know.

In the cafes - along Copacabana beach is one outdoor cafe after another. If you see a garota at a table by herself or with another girl the chances are they are in the biz. There are 2 cafes that seem to attract most of the girls. One is Meia-Paticia or something like that. It is next to the Rio Othon. The other whose name I have forgotten is across Princess Isabel Ave. from the Meridian Hotel. Normally, the girls start showing up around 1 in the afternoon. We are not talking huge numbers here. On a good day, maybe 15-20 at any one time, but the girls keep coming and going.

This is pretty much it for daytime activity. For the most part the girls will not approach you, so it is up to you to go sit by them in the cafe or the beach or make eye contact. Much easier doing this with a Brazilian woman than a Thai.

Now at night most of the cafe activity moves to the one in front of the Help Disco. Things start late in Brazil. Noone will be there much before 11pm, but by 12pm the cafe can be packed with women.

There are a number of somewhat seedy strip bars around Princess Isabel Ave. At first I was quite nervous about going in, but everything is very above board. These bars can be filled with up to 20-30 women. Most of them dance in their clothes, while a few are hired by the bar to dance nude. There is a basic lack of energy in these places. One of these managers should go to Thailand or the USA to see what makes a good fun strip bar of this kind. I think a bar along the lines of ones in Thailand would do great in Rio. These places also have a door charge of about $20 that entitles you to 3 drinks. The women are available to go with you. If they do there is another charge of about $20 by the bar to take her out. The girls in these places pretty much demand $100. Some can be negotiated down, others can not. So the price tag can come up to $140, which is a bit rich for my blood; especially after Thailand. So I have rarely taken a girl from one of these places. I have weakened a few times because the girl was just so unbelievably beautiful. These places primarily attract a Brazilian and Japanese clientel. They again start up late - around 12am.

Most of the western tourists end up at the Help Disco before the night is done. This is a large disco with an upstairs and downstairs and on many nights will be crammed full of georgous women of all shapes and colors. It can be quite a spectacle as many of these women are dressed in a very provocative manner and watching them dance (the other thing that Brazilian women do without peer is dance) is an erotic experience. Often the girls will get up on these platforms and dance solo - showing lots of leg. If you want to get a taste of Help, rent one of the Buttman Carnival Party videos. It is a video of women dancing. Most of the scenes take place at Help. During the non-Carnival times though you will not see the nudity that you do in these videos. That is apparently only allowed during Carnival, but the girls that you see are the girls of Help. I recognized many of them. As the night goes on the women tend to become more and more aggressive until on occassion they have come over and played with my privates or put my hand up their blouse. It is amazing how persuasive this can often be.

I am sure there are many other places in Rio, but I make due with these. I know there are saunas all over, but I prefer doing my thing in my hotel room.

Along Ave Atlantico, this is where all the cafes and Help is , there are many street walkers. My advice is to basically stay away from these. A lot of them are transvestites and all of them do a lot of car business in one night as compared to the girls at Help who at most have 1-2 clients a day. Many nights I have stayed to closing and watched many very attractive girls go home alone.

Talking about hotels - the policy of most hotels except for the very best - is to allow girls in your room, but they must be registered and you will be charged extra - about $10-15. If you are staying for a week or two, it is a good idea to look into renting an apartment. The ones I have rented are much larger than the hotel rooms, with kitchen, living room and bedroom. They are usually cheaper than the hotels, esp. when you calculate not having to pay to take a girl to your room. I have usually paid about $35-40 a day for some very nice apartments about a block back from the beach. To get an apartment, just wait for someone to come over to you and ask if you are interested. This should happen within a day or two of arriving. These guys will show you lots of apartments or direct you to someone else who will. My favorite hotel is the Debret. It is located about 2 blocks from Help - and you can get a room that overlooks the beach. The price last time I was there was about $50 a day.

I have not really talked about the pricing structure of the girls except for the clubs. For an afternooner at the beach or at the cafe, you can normally get a price of $40-$50. Sometimes even cheaper. At night in the cafe or at Help, the girl will often start off at $100. Just roll your eyes and offer $40 or $50. Often depending on how the night is going they will accept. You should never have to go above $70 and that should be a rare occassion or a rare woman. One thing no matter what price is agreed on the woman will give it all she has. And like Thailand do not pay until afterwards. There have been a few times, when a girl demanded payment upfront. I just refused and told them that they could leave. They have always stayed. I just feel a woman has more motivation if she has not been paid. The Brazilian women may not need it, but why take a chance. I would never cheat them and often give them excellent tips; though they do not expect them.

One thing that I have noticed on recent trips was that there seem to be a lot fewer women than previously. I am not sure if it was the off season or that many of these women are going to work for a lot more money in Europe or because of an improving economy not as many women are going into the biz. But there has definitely been a drop off in numbers, but still plenty to choose from believe me.

So I could not choose which I prefer - Thailand or Rio. I certainly like Rio as a city better. The woman are for the most part better sexually. Rio is much easier to get to from North America. The pricing is a little higher than in Thailand. Thailand has lot more girls and locations to choose from and the Thai women. . . it is difficult to explain, but there really is something magical about them. So I will hopefully continue to go to both for the forseeable future.

If you have any information regarding availability of women in resort areas either in Venezuela or Costa Rica, I would be greatly appreciative. Its too cold in Brazil right now and I don't feel like flying to Thailand. You had some good info on San Jose, but I don't want to spend too much time there. As for Caracas, I remember reading some spy novel that started "Caracas has the ugliest whores in the world" so I have never gone out of my way to go there.

Anyways, I don't know what you can do with this, but I hope it will be helpful to someone out there planning their next vacation.

Date: 04-26-1996

L'HOUMO Rua Siquiera Campos 143 Rio de Janeiro Tel. (021) 257 4113 Opening hours: call

Finding the place was like looking for needle in a hay-stack. The address of this Therma, the Brazilian name for a sauna/massage parlour type place, belongs to a large three-storey shopping mall in the Copacabana district. In the name of bro therhood, here is a shortcut: go up to the first floor (i.e. second floor if you=92re No rth American) and look for the orientation map which you=92ll find on a pillar. The entranc e of the therma is located on the balcony facing a street.

A full service 40-minute session at L'houmo will set you back almost US $ 100. The price structure is as follows:

1. One-time membership fee: R$ 20 (US$ 22) 2. a. 40 minutes with girl in Standard room: R$ 70 (US$ 76), or b. 60 minutes with girl in Deluxe room: R$ 110 (US$ 119). 3. Drinks are extra but inexpensive.

Note: 1 R$ (Real) =3D US$0.93 (December 1995)

Your first contact with L'houmo is the small lobby where you enroll by registering your (or any) name. You will receive a personalised membership card and your l ocker key. You are then beckoned to the changing room where your money will be perfectly safe in a locker, which is of importance, since you actually pay on leaving the clu b. In this respect a Rio therma is similar to a German nudist club (FKK-Party). Don the dressing gown and head for the showers to get into the spirit. Here I chatted with an American businessman who was not a first-time visitor. He said it was probably the best brothel in town. Not a bad for a start, I thought.

Afterward the shower, your body all clean and your fantasy dirty, head for the bar-cum-disco. Girls clad in tight dresses will dance or sit on black sofas. Beer is R$ 1.50 a can. I was very quickly chatted up, nay grabbed, by a beautiful girl who took me aside. There was obviously much competition among the girls. I doubt whether you will have the opportunity to take a seat and sip your beer in quiet checking out the chicks, especially during slow business in the afternoon when I was there. It must have been my lucky day, as she happened to be the most gorgeous in the joint. She was medium built and weight, had a very curvy figure and shapely breasts. Even against these high odds, her temperament and attitude would prove to be her greatest assets!

We went off to a cubicle (Standard room) which contained a hard elevated bed, mirrors and a dimmer ceiling lamp. She was red-hot in a manner one seldom encounters in the Old World. After 40 minutes of fun a bell rang in our room, signalling the end of the session. My female partner asked if I wanted to continue for another 40 minutes. At this stage I decided to 'pull out'.

After a session, or indeed anytime, you may exit the club -- perhaps to grab something to eat and 'refuel' -- and enter again the same day. Or any day -- you're a now member, remember.

Since the introduction of the new, overvalued Real in 1994, prices are high to sky-high in Brazil, at least in terms of value for money. Foreigners who I met during my stay pointed out that some goods and services had risen by up to 5 times in dollars terms. Price rises equally applies to thermas. Taking into account the low wage level in Brazil, one would assume therma prices to be about half or a third of what they actually are. So if you reside in Europe you need not venture across the Atlantic, if you know where to go -- which you as a World Sex Guide reader should do :-)

Date: 03-1996

The most spectacular shows in Rio appear at three establishments:

* Scala-Rio * Oba-Oba * Plataforma

Scala is the biggest nightclub in Rio, where, beginning at 11:00 PM, you see all the fancy costumes and topless mulattas. Oba-Oba, in Botafogo, has more of a strip-show atmosphere in a private house. Plataforma offers a lot of samba and a history lesson about African culture through colorful displays.

Another choice are the boites, which are basically small nightclubs with a wide range of activities: from simple strip-tease to scantily clad disco-samba dancers; and from quiet drinking bars to pick-up bars, some with live sex shows. The names border on the ridiculous: Pussy Cat Bar, Las Vegas, Erotika, Munich, Night and Day.

Actually they can be real fun (probably the most in Rio for the single male). Most are located in Copacabana's red-light district. My downtown favorite is Assyrius, very large and elegant, where you'll find roving bar girls and many couples watching the acts. The best system is to walk in and ask what time the show is. The door man will let you in to look around without pressuring you to sit down and have a drink.

Date: 06-19-1996    Subject: Re: Brasil info needed

> I would like some info concerning prostitution in Brasil, > especially Rio, but other cities also welcome.

Prostitution in Brazil is not legal but is very accepted within certain limits by the local authorities. Rio de Janeiro has a lot of action, the most beautiful girls in the world and prices that range from US$40 to $100 usually. A good idea is to look on the local newspapers ("O Globo" or "Jornal do Brasil") for some ads. You will find them under "Relax" of "Massagistas". They provide phone numbers, describe in details the girls but sometimes you have some disapointments because the girl may not be exactly the way she describes herself. Just upscale escort girls ($200 and up) speak English. Be careful with the gays and travestides. Usually their ads are in the very beginning. You can see a lot of action on some streets during the night, along the beach (close to hotels and restaurants). Be careful, because this may be unsafe. There are some Motels you can use. Motels in Brazil has a different meaning. They mean "hotels for you have some sex for some hours". No registration is needed, the rooms are very good (jaccuzzi, mirrors, sauna, etc. are very common) and procis range from $50 to ? depending on the day of the week, hour and period you will stay (4, 6 and 12 hours are the most common). You will find women of every race, size, age and sexual drive. If you are looking for anal intercourse, look for the ads that say "completa" (complete) or ask the girl. Do not pay upfront (she will complain but accept) and an invitation to share a breakfast or a dinner can make a difference on the service you will get. Usually they are very friendly, warm and do an excellent job. I would suggest you to avoid teenagers, as the legal risk is very high (this and drug involvement are basically the only situations when the police can be a problem).

Date: 12-28-1996    Subject: Rio Update

Based on information provided in the WSG I recently visited the Terma L'uomo while on a short trip to Rio De Janeiro in November. There have been several posts praising this Copacabana sauna cum whorehouse. I found the reports to be quite accurate in terms of what can be expected and the range of services offered.

As previously reported this establishment is located in a large shopping center approximately four blocks from the beach. It is on the second floor (balcony level) overlooking the street. There are no signs and the place is indistinguishable except for the darkly tinted glass door. Enter and you find yourself in a vestibule size reception area at which time you are greeted and provided with a menu of prices. There is a one time "membership fee" of $25 to enter. A 40 minute session is $85 and $125 for the hour. These rate are all inclusive except for drinks. Beers are $3.

You are then given a locker key and ushered into a small locker room where you undress and change into provided white robe and sandals. Clothes, valuables, etc are quite safe in the locker as you carry the key on your wrist throughout the stay.

Next onto the lounge room where you will find sofas lining the walls, a bar and 15 or so of the most incredible women I have ever seen. They are all in their early 20's and ranged from 8-10's in attractiveness. I arrived at 4:30pm (doors open at 3pm) and was the only patron there. After ordering a beer from the bar, I sat back and relaxed, enjoying the atmosphere. Most of the women were passive and didn't approach me, which is what I prefer. Although a couple of ladies came over and tried to make casual conversation. At this point it became clear that none of the woman spoke English. In fact, I found that very few sex workers in Rio speak English. At L'uomo this did not develop into a major handicap as sign language was more than sufficient to get our points across. Finally I choose a young knockout named Jessica.

After indicating I wanted to play for an hour, Jessica shuttled me off to a standard room which included mirrored walls monogrammed bed sheets and a single bed. The standard rooms are basic but comfortable and impeccably clean. The deluxe rooms are more luxurious with a large round water bed and other amenities. Once in the room we both undressed and proceeded to the shower. Things got really hot in the shower and I could have had her right there but choose to limit it to intense foreplay. Back in the bedroom, Jessica was still white hot and began giving head sans condom while I returned the favor in a 69 position. This went on for several minutes until we changed position and I lodged my cock between her tits while she continued to give me head. Finally, I shot a large load over her tits and face. It was a mind-blowing experience which was heightened further as Jessica began licking the wet cum off my cock.

We than showered again and went back into the bedroom. After some additional foreplay Jessica placed a condom on and we went at it in several positions and I finally came again doggy style. At this point the hour was up, but there was no reason to leave so I went back into the bar to have another beer. Upon returning to the lounge I noticed a couple of other patrons had arrived. They appear to be regulars and were chatting with several girls in Portuguese.

I was drinking my beer and enjoying the scene when Jessica popped next to me. Although we couldn't communicate verbally she was very friendly and we soon were tongue kissing and fondling on the couch. I became aroused again and noticed my hard-on bulging through the robe. At this time I was attracted to Jessica's friend Lorraine. Another knockout at 5' 6" and an incredible Brazilian body, really well toned and an awesome ass. I had thoughts of having them both in a threesome but was low on cash and didn't want to use plastic. So I opted for a 40 minute session with Lorraine. I won't go into the details but she was also very good in bed but not quite as hot as Jessica.

At this point I'm there over two hours and have cum three times. Naturally I feel quite spent and adjoin to the locker to dress. As I finish dressing Jessica enters and gives me a big goodbye hug and kiss. This is definitely a place to be experienced and I look forward to returning again.

Charges are paid at the door upon leaving. My bill came to $244 ($25 membership; $125 hour session; $85 40 minute session and three beers)

L'uomo is located at 143 Rue Siqueira Campos (Copacabana Shopping Center). Another place that looked quite promising but I didn't get to visit is Terma Oasis 123. From pictures it is larger and more luxurious than Luomo. Please post a report if you have been there.

Date: 02-10-1997    Subject: Rio

The main place to meet girls is the discotheque Help at the Avenida Atlantica. You still find some very beautiful girls, but not as much as a few years ago. All the stunningly beautiful girls seem to be in Europe, either with a man who invited them, or as dancers or prostitutes. And if you see one, she might just be visiting and ready to go back to Europe.

Before the new currency, the Real, 100$, the going rate at Help, was very muchmoney for the girls. At that time, a high class terma charged about 20 dollars for a girl, and the minumum wage was US$ 30. Now, the same terma charges $120, and the minumum wage is $120. The girls at Help could not increase their rate as much as in other places, because no one would pay $500. So, the going rate is $100-$200. This is still decent money, but only one minimum wage instead of three.

You may want to sit from 10 pm to midnight at the entrance of Help at the Sobre das Ondas restaurant. Many girls stay there for a while, especially if they do not have the admission charge. If you are a cheapskate, try Help or Help exit at 5 am, you might get someone for R$ 40 or 50, but the better ones usually are not left until this hour.

Try Termas 19 (Hilario de Gouveia 19, Tel 255 4489), very friendly management, many of the girls do a free strip show for you if you ask the manager. Total price is R$ 120, in the beginning of the week you might get some discount. Girls are pretty, 6-9 and the place is very clean, you can take a Sauna, etc.

For cheaper fun, try Siqueira Campos 43/811 and 812 and 620, you can sit and have a beer and be totally unhurried. Once you go to the room, the girl costs R$ 30.- for 30 minutes (They may first want to sell you an hour for R$50). Girls are 4-7, but once in a while you find a beauty queen who got lost in this place. Cleanliness is not so exciting, you may want to bring one towel to dry yourself off and another one to lie on. Safe place for foreigners, though you would rarely meet one and no-one speaks English.

The bottom end, the low end red light zone is near praca da Bandeira. It replaces the old closed Vila Mimosa. Ask a nearby taxi driver for the Zona. Or, if you want to try, cross next to a hotel from the beginning (closest to downtown) of praca da Bandeira on a very long pedestrian bridge towards the railway/subway line, at the end of the bridge turn left on the main street, first street Y right under the railway bridge, right again, two blocks to the end of the street T, half a block to the left. Security on the way looks dubious to me, better take a taxi. Once you are at the zona you are probably safe, I am sure the owners want to preserve their business. I guess you will be the only gringo there.

Starting at noon to well after midnight hours, you find 50 to several hundred girls. They are in 4-5 bars on one side of the street, or in a dozen bars in what looks like a industrial warehouse on the right side of the street.. Price: R$ 15 for the girl for a hurried 15 minutes, plus R$ 5 for a very bad to reasonably bad shack (ask to see it first, some are disgusting and over 100 F hot). Least bad room at the last and nicest looking of the small one story bars, across from the big industrial warehouse style place. Almost all have no showers, yuck, negotiate that you can at least wash your weenie, you must bring a towel). R$ 10 for a nearby simple Motel, but the girl goes up to 30 to 50. You can talk to the girls, drink a cheap R$ 1 soft drink. Most girls are over the hill, 3-5, some decent ones, with occasional 8-10. Some of the girls recently worked at luxurious R$ 150 a shot termas, but prefer the free uncontrolled working hours and the garanteed flow of income from frequent short time sex at the zona. Remember, this is the bottom end. And make sure to ask if they do oral without preservativo, if you want to be sucked without condom. Offering to wash your dick might help to convince the poor girl to try without.

You get better deals downtown, for R$ 20 - 30 you get a 20 minute fuck at Trav Ouvidor 37/601, a few floors below in the same building there is another such place. You can walk there with no special danger. There are more such places, you find them in the section relax, termas, or massagens in O Dia, O Globo, or Jornal do Brasil. Most are a bit sleazy and dirty, but usually not dangerous.

A few more addresses, collected from the paper, not tested:

Pres Vargas 534 1908 Promoc=E7=E3o 10R 2a 6a 9-20 13 Maio 47 708 9-20h promocao 2013 maio 47-909 Rio Branco 37/605 Miguel Couto 134 sala 406Pres Vargas 446 sl 1707

in Copacabana:B Ribeiro 194 912 R$ 20, there are a few more brothels in this building

The following one is more expensive (70 or more) and seems to be nice Buenos Aires 44 2 3 4 promocao sauna boate 283 1009

A very nice place is the beach in front of the Othon Hotel at daytime. To a lesser extent in front of Meridien.

Beware of minors, you risk being jailed and have to bribe your way out with a few thousands. You might even be set up for this. Make sure she has at least a fake ID that shows she is over 18. This could happen on the street, not much danger of this happening in a terma.

Also, beware of people who slip something in your drink and then take you to your appartment to clean it out.

Date: 03-21-1997    Subject: Brazil,Rio de Janeiro etc.

Rio de Janeiro

Street walkers can be found on the Avenida Atlantica, a blow job in the car is $20, a quick 1 h visit to a hotel or apartment is $ 50. Some girls are pretty cute.

Careful: some girls are men, and especially those men might mug you.

During daytime, almost all girls on the beach in front of Rio Othon Palace Hotel are prostitutes. Also, at Meia Pataca, the restaurant next door to the Othon Palace, especially late afternoon. Prices: 100 and up for a few hours, 50 if you are very lucky.

On Av. Princesa Isabel you find the Bar Cicciolina. Next to it, on the side street, 2 restaurants where the girls go after hours, until 6 or 7 am. You can get good deals there. Also on the street right in front, and around the corner, on Av. Prado Junior, right on that corner. Sometimes nice girls. Typical price $ 50 or $ 60 for an hour or longer. Some girls go nowhere but to the nearby hotels, for about $ 20 a room.

Also on this corner is the boate Barbarella. The prettiest girls in town, some are 9's or even 10's, some do shows, so you can see what you get. A bit overpriced and a bit too professional atmosphere. $ 200 or more for an hour or two, not included the hotel. But, if you want the best, and have the money, ...

Alternatively, you should try the better modeling/ escort agencies in the Globo or Jornal do Brasil Newspaper, like Rita's, Roberta, Isis (S=F3 loiras= ) etc. There you get higher class girls for the same amount of money, but you cannot see a big selection and make your choice from there, you have to trust what they send you.

CAREFUL: Morality has arrived in Brazil. Laws against prostitution of minors are often rigorously enforced. Some tourists might get set up with a minor girl to get busted by police. Then you will have to pay hefty bribes to get released.

Date 05-14-1997    Subject: Rio - Brazil

I just returned from Rio after a few days, and I must concurr with all of the reports I read in the World Sex Guide. This must be the easiest place in the world to get laid, and by any one of number of beautiful women. I won't repeat all of the info in the WSG, but certainly the Help disco, or any of the number of outdoor bars up and down the street by Help is "stocked" with beautiful and available women. There must have been 15 to 20 of them at each one of those little restaurants or bars. They won't approach you, but a simple wink or gesture will have them running over. I found language to be the biggest barrier. I would recommend you brush up on your Portuguese a little before making your run. Makes it much easier to communicate and much more enjoyable after you have found your Brazilian angel. One thing that does differ drastically from the US, is that you can negotiate around $100 for an "all-nighter", not just an hour or two. Most of the girls seem to be perfectly content to have only one customer per night and they like staying with you, kind of like a date. Make your deal, and they are your's for the evening. But it's kind of hard to spend the whole evening with someone if you can't speak to each other.

One other update, the Termas (or bath houses, massage parlours) were also very good. LHumos (I think) was very nice. $120 / hr complete. Several beautiful girls to choose from. Once again, communications can be a problem if you only speak English.

All in all, I loved it and can't wait for a chance to go back. I've never seen so many gorgeous, sexy women packed into such a small area, and they were all available!

Enjoy... Doc

Date: 02-02-1998    Subject: Rio Trip Report

Just back from another trip to Rio. Each one is better than the last. I'm now proficient enough with Portuguese that I have a great time talking with the girls.

Most of the useful information already appears in the WSG, so rather than giving a blow-by-blow (sorry) account of my adventures, I'll try to fill in some gaps and offer some corrections.

Jan.-Feb. is definitely the time to go. There are so many beautiful women in Rio then that you'll think you've died an gone to Hedonists' Heaven. The weather was hot but otherwise perfect during my week-long stay.

As in the past, I stayed at the Rio Roiss Hotel. The bad news is they now charge for guests. The good news is that it's only about $10 per night. I worked out a deal where they just added a R$11 charge to my daily bill and I brought in as many women as I cared to. Why do they charge? Because they can, and given their very convenient location, most patrons are willing to pay.

The routine remains the same on Copacabana. I've tried both the night clubs (boites) near Leme and the cafes and Help Disco, and much prefer the cafes and Help. The boites, such as Franks, Erotica, Barbarela's, etc., charge a $20-$25 cover (includes two cheap drinks) and then try to set you up with a girl. The girls in the clubs are no prettier than the prettiest at Help, but they charge more on average and their attitudes are not as good. So, my recommendation is, from 3-8 p.m. check out the women at Meia Pataca nect to the Othon Palace. Later in the evening the action moves to the restaurant next to Help (Terracco Restaurante) and, at about 1:00 a.m., to Help. Check out Help on a Friday night in January. It's absolute fantasyland!

I've described the terma L'uomo in previous postings now archived in the World Sex Guide. The place is fantastic, and I offer just one update. The price is now $R30 to enter and $R90 for 40 minutes with one of the girls. On Mondays and Wednesdays the entrance fee is only $R15. L'oumo is at Rua Siqueira Campos, 143, 2nd floor on the street side, and is open every day except Sunday, M-F from 3 p.m.-2 a.m. and Sat. 3 p.m.-12 a.m. Check it out. You can hang out for hours with the girls before you head back to the cabina.

One hint: there are a million street hustlers in Rio who will gladly take your money if you're stupid enough to give it to them. I watched a couple of businessmen get taken for $300 because they didn't agree on prices in advance when dealing with one of the beach vendors. They paid $15 for cheap cigars and $100 each for the company of two women who would have sat with them for free if it meant the possibility of some action later. I paid $3 for my beach chair; they paid $10. The point is: negotiate and agree on prices in advance. Know exactly what you're getting and what you're paying. If someone says "don't worry" you should worry.

I've already booked my next trip, but this time I'm taking an incredibly sexy, sweet and beautiful young women, Ana Marie, with me to Bahia for a week. She's just too good to be true.

There's been some back and forth on the relative merits of Rio vs. Bangkok. I've been to both, so I'll add my two cents. IMHO, there's no comparison. It's apples and oranges. Prices are much better in Bangkok, and there are many beautiful women there, but the women of Rio make love like they were born to do nothing else. In other words, the quality of the sex is VASTLY superior in Rio. It may cost more, but you get more bang for your buck (sorry again).

One final suggestion. Learn Portuguese. Being able to talk with the women, joke with them. compliment them, etc., improves the quality of the sex...really! Compared to my first visit, when I spoke only broken Spanish, I had a much better time this trip...and I had a great first visit.

Date: 03-04-1998    Subject: Rio vacation

I just spent a week in Rio De Janiero and had a wonderful time. Most of the information in the WSG is pretty accurate. Some new information. Crime is starting up again on Copacabana Beach. Late at night about 230am to 500am, Thugs are lurking around within a block of the Help Discoteca. They wait along the parked cars and jump out and rob tourists. I have not wintessed any muggings but I have seen some undesirables lurking about. I stayed at the Debret and I walked a young lady from the Help Discoteca. I had to pass some undesirable looking characters and I was lucky that I wasn't mugged. Despite the warnings that cabs overcharge people at Help, I strongly suggest making a deal with the cab driver and offering him $10 or 15 to drive you to your hotel with your date. It is not worth being mugged. Another warning, be careful of some of the exotic x rated clubs such as New Munich or Don Juan Boite, the girls try to have sex with you in the corners of the bar and then the bar tries to charge the patron all sorts of charges. If you go to any night club .lstrip club make sure that you pay for each drink one at a time and do not run a tab as they try to run up the bill. Absolutely try to learn some portuguese so that you are not taken advantage of. The girls are fantastic and the best thing to do is try to meet them at the Meia Pataca, an outdoor resturant near the Rio Othon Hotel. If you can speak some Portuguese, it will help. There are plenty of Expatriot Americans and regulars that know the girls. Centaurus Termis is great as is Tourmo.

Date: 03-19-1998    Subject: WSG - UPDATE ON RIO DE JANEIRO

As of March 1998 (exchange rate 1USD=1.12BRR Brazilian Reais) Everything in Brazil is so damn expensive, that's why fewer and fewer tourists are coming.

HOTEL RIO ROISS (behind Othon Palace Hotel) Price was increased to 99BRR for a single room. Still no charge for bringing an overnight guest.

HELP DISCOTEQUE (Close to Othon Palace Hotel) Admission price is 10 BRR for men (9 for women). Lot of ugly girls though, place is good only for gringos who are not used to beautiful girls.

FRANK'S BOATE (Nightclub) on Avenida Princesa Isabel (Hotel Meridien area). Admission price was lowered from 22 to 20BRR, with 2 domestic liquors included. Girls start asking 200, can negotiate to 100 even to 60 on low activity nights (depending on the girl).

CICCIOLINA BOATE (next door to FRANK'S) 16BRR admission price, you can find some girls (between 7's and 8's) willing to give head on premises between the tables. Ask for Rachel (false blond) she'll treat you to full anal intercourse plus will take the load in her mouth.

Date: 03-27-1998    Subject: Rio de Janeiro brothels

I have been reading all your reports of the great times one can have with Rio's many prostitutes. There is no doubt that there is no other place like it as regards the non-avaricious nature of the girls. My idea of heaven is the "termas" where one can have great sex in a very safe, hygienic atmosphere, and know exactly what the bill is going to be at the end of the evening.

Your various contibutors have justly eulogised L'Oumo, Termas 65, Termas Aeroporto and others, but none compare in my opinion to Termas Pedagio. This is at the intersection of Ruas Siqueira Campos and Barata Ribeira in Copacabana. What I like about this termas is the mixed sauna. You can take the girl of your choice in there and grope, suck and be sucked until the heat drives you out, all the time in the company of other like-minded clients! This tolerance spills over into the rest of the establishment, and as (for me at least) part of the joy of frequenting brothels is to be able to ignore all the social conventions except those relating to treating people well Termas Pedagio gets a 10.

My regular girl there is Lucia. Ask for her, she won't disappoint you! And tell her that Peter is "sentindo saudades"!

Date: 06-20-1998

Rio de Janeiro. The sauna on the second level of the shopping center on Rua Siquiero Campos, mentioned in the guide, was as reported. Monday and Wednesday discounts. Recently remodeled place, with maybe 20 garotas, from 5s to 8s. Very nice.

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