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Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 13:59:32 UTC

                  Paris Swinger Clubs V1.7b

                  By Frederic, a nice guy in Paris.


    The information hereafter is subject to change at any time.
    All prices are in French Francs unless otherwise stated.
	  This article is provided as is without any express or implied
	  warranties.  While every effort has been taken to ensure the
	  accuracy of the information contained in this article, the
	  author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions,
	  or for damages resulting from the use of the informations
	  contained herein.

Hi from Paris everybody (it means: be indulgent with my
poor English! :-)

As I know that the members of this newsgroup
are interested in various sexual behaviors, I have to share
with you my recent experiences, & tips too...

Yes, a trip to Paris have to be prepared and a lot of nice
"places to go" are not listed in the various official touristic
In saying "places to go" I mean this kind of clubs where
people of the both sex are welcome to do the things they do
not dare to do elsewhere. In French we say "club
echangiste" or "club de rencontre", or "club a partouze"
which I translated by SWINGER CLUBS .

The principle is quite simple: you come & you are
free to share (& to be shared by) your boyfriend, girlfriend,
husband, wife etc... with the other attendees .You are also
free to look only. As soon as you respect the few basic
rules of politness, safe sex & "do not put your shoes on the
couch!" you will be able to spend a marvelous  afternoons or evenings.
I use to visit them since few years & I met nice people
of both sex (just one detail: I am definitively heterosexual,
unfortunately maybe!) and I spent marvelous moments with free
minded persons.

After this too long introduction here are the address and
my comments. Just 1 comment : all of these clubs are
heterosexual & all the price I give are for single males
in the afternoon, unless otherwise stated.
The prices are reduced for couples & women (about 1/2).
Call them directly if you need additional informations.

You will find at the end of this guide the extract of
a posting about a swinger club in Las Vegas.
The author of this article describes in a very clever way
the way you have to act in this kind of club. He gave these
rules for the club he visited but I think they apply
in every swinger clubs. I chose to copy it as I think
his remarks are wise  and because his language is better
than mine (I am not really English fluent)

*Le Dany's Club:
One of my favourites.
Open from 3pm to 9pm & to 11pm to the sunrise.
Single males allowed in the afternoon & in the evening .
Price: FF 180 the 1st drink, free condoms. Call for prices at night.
Address:9 rue Truffaut,75017, Paris,

*Le Prelude:
near the OPERA & Palais Royal.
Single males allowed in the afternoon from Tuesday to
Saturday, and in the evening from Sunday to
Thursday. Closed on Sunday and Monday afternoon.
Open from 16h to 20h & 23/24h to  sunrise.
FF 180 the 1st drink, free condoms.
Address: 1 rue Richelieu,75001, Paris,

*Le Triangle:
Near le Prelude
Open to single males in the afternoon , very "hot" in the
evening. Price FF 180 the 1st drink, free condoms.
From 15h to 20h, from 23H to sunrise.
Address: 13 rue d'Argenteuil,75001, Paris,

*Le 46:
In Argenteuil, a suburb of Paris: A
very interesting club, sauna & hammam (Turkish baths).
Males allowed in the afternoon.Open from 14h to 19h & in the night.
Price is FF 180 the 1st drink, free condoms.
Address: 46 rue de la Marjolaine,95100, Argenteuil,

*La Cheminee:
One of the most famous with the X-Bis and Chris & Manu .
Open to single males in the afternoon. Price FF 170 the 1st drink,
free condoms. From 16h to 20h, from 22h30 to sunrise.Very
hot every afternoon. Special times for single men and
couples on Wednesday and Friday nights (545 FF)
when they have about 20 couples, and allow in
20 men, but the men must make a reservation or
they will not be welcome.
Address: 11 rue des Fosses Saint Marcel, 75005, Paris,

*L'Adam's Club:
Near Les Champs Elysees. from 14h to 20h in the
afternoon & from 24h to the sunrise, this club is
also a restaurant where it is possible to get
dinner every evening and lunch Monday and Thursday.
Price: FF 180 the 1st drink, FF 20 for 1 condom.
Address: 19 rue Brey, 75017, Paris .

*Le Pluriel Club:
I was questioned at the entry & I did not like
that. Males allowed in the afternoon. The price is FF 180 &
you have to pay FF 10 for a condom. I do not like it but it
was a bad day maybe (just 1 female!).
Address:13 rue Francois Miron, 75004, Paris,

*Le X-Bis:
Well-known club, friendly welcome. Single males allowed
in the afternoon but when there are enough couples here. If not, you
will have to wait. It is maybe a good thing as the price is expensive:
FF 400.
Address: 10 bis rue du Debarcadere, 75017, Paris (near
Porte Maillot).
Phone: 33 1 45 74 12 32

*Le 114:
Open to single males in the
afternoon. Free condoms. As there is a sauna
and collective showers you have to take your clothes off.
Free condoms.
Located in Boulogne, a near suburb of Paris. Phone before you go.
Address: 114 av Andri Morizet, 92100, Boulogne.
Phone: 33 1 46 99 02 06

*Le 2+2:
This club is one of the most famous in Paris. Open since 20 years.
Unfortunately it is open to couples only.
Open from noon to sunrise. This place is both a regular
club and a restaurant too. You can have a lunch from noon
to 3pm and a dinner from 8pm to 11pm.  Needless to say
that you can enjoy very exciting situations in the restaurant!
Maybe the restaurant is a little bit expensive (around FF 700 for two
The price for the club is around FF 120 for a couple.
The welcome is very friendly and the 2 maids are very cute.
Address: 70 rue Lhomond, 75005, Paris.
Phone: 33 1 47 07 25 81

*L'Escapade Club.
Open since 6 months. Located in the Ile Saint Louis.
Very nice and friendly welcome, sympathetic people.
Free condoms.
Price FF 150 for single male.
Closed on Tuesday
Open from 4pm to 8pm to couples and single males.
Open from 9pm to sunrise for couple only
Special 3some evening on Wenesday evening: in this
instance single males have to do a reservation by phone (price FF 300
single males)
Address: 8, rue Le Regrattier, 75004, Paris.
Phone: 33 1 43 25 76 93

*Chris & Manu.
Open to  couples only, near Hotel de Ville
Lot of hot people, specially on Friday and Saturday nights.
The club opens at 10:30pm.
Price for the club: FF 380 for a couple (with 2 drinks included)
There is also a restaurant, open from  8:30pm. I did not test the
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Address: 5, rue Saint Bon, 75004, Paris
Phone: 33 1 42 72 52 18

For sure, in all these clubs there are more males than females in the
afternoon but 3 men for a woman is exciting too... I will
continue to give you other address in a near future as soon
as I will visit these other "places to go".
Please,let me know if this kind of places does exists in
the other countries, near France if possible!!!!

  __,              |,
 .\ \       __/ ^~|~ ||___
_| ' '^~^~^~   .|~    |  '~|,
~|^~^~^~^~^~^~`       |_    \
 |                     |      |
 |,                   MW .    |
  |                   ^~| \ , |
  \            .___|    |   ^~
   |__     ./ ` /       |
    | MW   '^~^~    ,   |
    |_  |   __     .` | |
     |, |   _|^~~|` | |_`
       '` _|__/ /   \ |~
        ~|__ ./ /   /
           '|_/ `  .`
             '__/ `

Il n'est de pires exces que dans la vertue.

Additional literature:




Try not to act like a horny creep that hasn't been laid in a year, or
so.  Be casual, friendly, and not overtly sexual with people you
haven't chatted with.  My advice is to sit by the pool table, or at
the bar, and do some people watching for awhile.  If you see a couple
you think you might be interested in, watch them casually for awhile
to see if they are scanning for other couples, or if they might be
interested in a single guy.

I've found that the best way to approach people is to do it pretty
much the way you would at any other party.  Be friendly, casual,
chatty.  Try to remember a golden rule of swinging: You BETTER make
friends with the husband as well as the wife.  A lot of guys don't do
this, and don't score as a result.  Remember> If the hubby likes you,
he's much more likely to let you fuck his wife!  And for god's sake,
DON'T just walk up to a couple and ask them if they want to swing with
you, or if they are looking for single guys!!!  BE COOL!

Take your cue from the couple, and act accordingly.  If the husband
starts to fondle his wife, it's a good indication that you are welcome
to do the same.  Sometimes, the wife will take the lead, touching you
leg, or something, and then you know the coast is clear.  Generally
speaking, it's up to the couple to suggest going to a room.  Best way
to get there is to indulge in a little discreet (or, indiscreet,
depending on the couple) foreplay, etc.  By the way, it is always a
good idea to discreetly discuss the matter of condom use.  If you
don't have any, and the couple wants them used, there is a condom
dispenser in the bathroom beside the bar.


Good question, and the more you understand about this the better your
of scoring...

Based on my experience, I would put couples who like to have sex with
single men in the following general categories, and I would encourage
you to try and determine which category the couple you are interested
in, is in, and decide if that is what you are seeking.

1.  Couples where the male is a voyeur.  A lot of men get off watching
their wife having sex with other men.  These guys usually just watch,
or direct the action so they can see what they want to see.  Sometimes
they will have sex with their wives after you have finished.

2.  Couples where the male is bisexual.  Allot of married men are
bisexual, and enjoy having sex with both their wives and another man
at the same time.

3.  Couples with an oversexed wife.  Some wives simply need more sex
than what one man can give them, and see threesomes as a way of
getting what they need.

4.  Couples where there is a difference in ages or sexual drives, and
who are seeking "help".  Some couples have a significant age
difference (young wife, older husband), or significant differences in
sexual drives (wife needs more sex than hubby).  Often, these couples
will see swinging with a single male as a workable solution to the

Nothing is ever black and white, and allot of couples will actually
fall into more then one of these general categories, but figuring out
where they are coming from can help you succeed with them.

Finally, let me say that it seems to me that a lot of guys come to the
Rooster because they have some fantasy about what a swing club must be
like.  But then, when confronted with reality, they CAN'T handle it.
For all you "swinger" wannabes, let me just say: STAY HOME!  Your
presence in a real swing club does nothing but screw it up for the
rest of us.  If you just are curious, or whatever, stick to your
fantasies, read PLAYBOY, but don't give those of us swinging singles a
bad rap with swinging couples because of your inability to cope with
OPEN sexuality.


Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 08:50:39 -0800 Subject: Swing Clubs in Paris In March 98 I visited two of the swing clubs mentioned in earlier posts. I visited as a single male on weekday afternoons (5 to 8 pm). I was very disappointed in "Le Prelude". The staff seems to have an unfriendly attitude. Also, the beds in the alcoves are surrounded by huge plate-glass barriers . . . no fun there. Finally, the place was so dark that neither the watchers not the watchees could see anything at all. There was only one couple when I was there. Le Triangle was a different story. Three couples, all very . .well um . . enthusiatic, let's say! They were doing everything I ever imagined including double insertions. The lighting was good enough to see by. The staff were friendly. I liked the scene so much that I went back for a second night . . . same story.

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