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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     Going to Paris in search of street sex is like dying and going to
heaven!  There are so many hookers in Paris (one estimate says 50,000 working
in the city!!) that you trip over them wherever you go.  I have been told
that Pigalle is a good area, and some girls cruise the Champs Elysses in
fancy cars, but my experience is with Rue de St. Denis.  If you walk down
this street, beginning around the Pompidou Center you will see hundreds
(not an exaggeration) of women, even in the middle of the afternoon.  One
shouted at me from across the street, "Je suis le meilleure en Paris pour
seulement 200 francs" ("I'm the best in Paris for only 200 francs.")  Many
girls are overweight, some are downright ugly, but there are also lots of 9's
and 10's to pick from.  In the mid to late 1980's, prices held at about 200
francs ($30-40 depending on current exchange rates) for straight sex.  My
French is pretty rusty (and they never taught me how to say "I want you to
suck my cock" when I took it in high school!), so after some babbling, I gave
up trying to find out what else the girls will do.  One time, I had a 9+
brunette who spoke no English, she led me to a room in an old house (about 4
flights up), I gave her 200 francs and she stripped, put a condom on me, and
we had pretty good sex.  She was very pleasant, trying to chat a bit with me
afterwards with my poor French and her 10 words of English.  This is pretty
typical of the other experiences I have had.  Definitely worth checking
out...but it helps if you know a little French, because I found many girls
don't speak English.

Date: 3 Jul 1995 17:03:08 GMT I concur with all of the recomendations, especially the Rue St. Denis. However, you should exercise extreme caution before venturing into the Bois de Boulogne at night. Extreme caution!
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 09:15:20 UTC Didn't find any action on the Champs E. (maybe didn't know what to look for) Rue St. Denis was another story. I got tremendous humor in seeing the girls decked out in slinky evening wear at 9 AM! I almost lost it when I saw a girl working with her dog. (Parisiens love dogs. You see dogs in the finest restaurants, in cabs, on the bus. I'm a cat person, but I love the concept.) Most of the girls are gravitationally enhanced and chronologically gifted (old & fat for you non-PC types). But, there were a couple of OK lookers, but they get BIG points for turning themselves out the best they can - and for having a great attitude. No hassle, no hustle, always ladies. A big contrast to US girls. For FF300 ($58) for full service & a room, you can't beat it. I don't haggle with girls over jollies - I either pass or play - but people here say the going rate is FF200, so YMMV with your language and negotiating skills. The only other players I saw were African & Middle Eastern, so I guess this is the bargain basement of Paris jollies. You must speak French (or something like it - my Patois Oubachois made the grade) to play, but if you parlez well enough to buy bread, you can buy cookies.
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 07:27:39 UTC A recent trip note from Paris, France. I was only able to explore for a few hours one day, but the report may prove of some use to someone though it is very limited in its breadth. The only place I had time to visit was the Rue St. Denis. For those unfamiliar with this street, it is a street where, for several blocks, what may be the western world's most dense congregation of prostitutes loiters. From late afternoon until quite late, there are literally hundreds of prostitutes lining the streets. If you have time and want to get a feel for the surrounding neighborhoods, I suggest that if you are not familiar with the area that you take the Metro to either the Centre Pompidou (Metro Rambuteau) or Chatelet Les Halles. In either event, you will walk up the Rue Rambuteau (East from Les Halles, West across the Boulevard de Sebastopol from the Centre Pompidou) and turn North on the Rue St. Denis. As you walk north, the street turns increasingly seedy -- first with adult theaters. Then as the street nears the Rue Reaumur, the hookers appear. One the street crosses the Rue Reaumur, until it approaches the Porte St. Denis -- the course of easily less than a quarter of a mile, there are prostitutes everywhere. Incidentally, if you can't wait to get to the center of the action, you should take the metro to Reaumur Sebastopol, take sortie (exit) Boulevard de Sebastopol and turn north. In about half a block, you will see a small street, the Rue du Ponceau on your left. Follow it down one block to the Rue St. Denis. This route is more direct but perhaps less is to be learned of the surrounding neighborhoods and the transition of the street from hip, young and busy, to seedy, to prostitute dominated. Or perhaps I should say prostitute dominated after business hours. The area where the prostitutes hang out is actually a garment district during the day. (Perhaps one of the most interesting times of day to visit is around 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. when the transition from day time garment district to night time prostitution occurs.) The prostitutes simply loiter on the sidewalks or in doorways. They make no pretense that they are there for any purpose other than business. They range in looks from quite acceptable to noticeably unattractive. Likewise, their ages vary dramatically from late teens, early twenties to -- how to put this diplomatically -- rather mature and very well past their prime. You will get a greeting from one if your gaze hesitates on one for long, but there is not high pressure. The more French that you speak the more you can enjoy the repartee between courtesan and customer, but know no French is no barrier to business. The going rate with the younger and more attractive girls seem to be 300FF -- about $60 - $62 given recent exchange rates. For this you will be taken to nearby rooms -- usually up quite a few flights of stairs -- and the girl will give you oral, straight sex or a combination thereof. Also be sure to check out some of the side streets, which also have their share of working girls -- particuarly the Rue du Ponceau and the Rue Blondel. I personally patronized two girls over the course of a few hours and would characterize both as reasonable attractive. One was rather rushed, but both got the job done, so to speak. The price is quite a bargain by most U.S. standards. The neighborhood seems perfectly safe and even if you have no plans to secure the services of a girl, it is one of the many interesting sights of Paris that you will never forget. Hope these prove useful to you.
Subject: Paris Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 18:51:13 UTC Here are some keyfacts about the well-known Bois de Boulogne, in Paris, France. Updated the 10/14/95 I am from Paris and I know the place for more or less 15 years. If you like travestites, you will like the Bois de Boulogne. Despite of continuous police action, the Bois continues to be the scene for queens by night in Paris. How to manage the best experience ? Rent a car. If not, you would be forced to get a quick (very-quick) blow job under the trees. It could be pleasant if you like to be watched by half dozen of "voyeurs". ; if not, a private car is the best. Go to the Porte d'Auteuil. The bois de Boulogne stays in a fine, very chic part of Paris. By day, you would see plenty of families, fans of bycicles, pets and kids. After 9 pm, the scene changes. Once at the Porte d'Auteul, follow the sign "Porte de Boulogne, 600 meters after. You'll arrive to a small round-turn. Take on the right (actually, just follow the trafic stream). Here you are. The Allie de la Reine Margerite is nowadays the only good scene here. From 9 pm to 3:00 am you can find dozens of travestites working there. Along the road there are some 10 or 20, half nude or more. You will easily notice their beautiful breasts ! Go up the road until the signal, then back, then up again, etc. The good portion of the road shoul be 800 meters long. What to do : just stop along a girl/boy, and ask her how much he/she wants. Now it costs 200 FF (say, US$ 40) for a blow job or an anal fuck in your car, sometimes FF300. Try to let her speak a little. They are very often south-american, so if you speak spanish, it could help for sympathy. No matter to discuss what to do : they usually are pretty good professionals. He/she is generally un-operated, and still got a cock. Once arrived in a quieter place ("un coin tranquille"), zipp-off your pants. they will suck you with a condom with different methods. Very often they know how to apply a condom to a guy with the mouth. You could hardly notice she is wearing you. But it is not very delicious to be sucked through a condom, indeed. The whore has to be firm to let you feel something, and if you prefer a sweet work, it is not the right place. You generally can ask to fuck her. In a car it is not that comfortable, so rent a large one ! If she is excited, she will put her buddy out of the string. If you are not interested, don't touch ! When finished, she gives you a paper towel, and let's go. It won't usually take more than 15 mn. If you want to go to a hotel, or to her studio if she has one, it will cost you more or less FF 1000 (200 US$) for one hour. It is really better to know already the creature to test the value. The Bois de Boulogne is the only place in Paris where you can have an anal fuck for a decent price. If anyone knows another place, tell me! But they are MEN!!! As the girls don't stay here for a long time (except the oldest and the worst very down the road), I can't give you a good trick about one or another. Say I have been disappointed only 1 time out of 4. If you wish to walk around a little, you would see many more trans. But the most beautiful prefer to stay near the road. the others stay in the shadow to hide some defect. Ripp-off : in your car, hide your wallet. Only prepare the right sum. I am used to put 1 note of FF200 in my right pocket, and to hide a FF100 somewhere in the car. Same trick to stay outside. The danger follows : the new technique of french police consist in coming like a commando, with special trucks, and to pick up the cars which are parked along the road (it has been recently forbidden only to avoid this kind of action !). So let your lamps on so you can keep an eye on your car when you walk. If the police arrive, go quickly to your car. If they have picked your car, ask to the next commando to take you there. Or wait for the next taxi. Strangely enough, the usual customers of travestites are not gays. The place is not a place to encounter other guys. Everyone behaves as they were real good girls, with a nice and welcoming ass having a little (or big, it depends) thing more ! Have fun.
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 1995 17:40:06 UTC About prostitution in Paris - I've to mention for you a new way of prostitution in the Vincennes' wood - many young women, in little vans, work from early in the morning to midnight. For about 200 FF you can have straight sex. Another place of high prostitution is "le cours de vincennes", a large street going from nation Place to Vincennes. At night, you can also meet young prostitutes on "les boulevards des marechaux ", it's the name of the belt of paris'doors. for about the same price you can meet plenty of young girls from porte de Clichy to porte de Vincennes - but be very prudent - safe sex is mandatory - excuse my English, but I hope those informations can be useful .
Subject: Paris Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 15:28:47 UTC Just got back from Paris, and I have to say that World Sex Guide really let me down this trip. According to previous reports, the Rue St. Denis seemed to be the hot spot for "thousands" of working girls. Well, I went out and walked that street two nights in a row and was very disappointed in both the numbers and quality. I saw only a dozen or so women, and they were really pigs. There were a lot of guys hanging around as if waiting for a party to start, so it's possible I was there during a shift change or something. Or maybe I didn't go far enough north. There is an upper section of the street above the St. Denis arch/gate, but it looked pretty lonely up there to me, so I turned back toward Les Halles after reaching the broad boulevard by the gate. One fairly cute bundle appeared and a half dozen guys descended on her. Seemed like a seller's market to me.
Subject: [ASP] Paris Streetwalker Information Date: 14 Jan 1997 18:11:20 GMT In December, I was in Paris on business for several days, and, after reading Mr. Jayhawk's and WSG's fine review of the Paris area, I decided that my fluency in French and knowledge of the Paris would be put to good use. First, I went to Rue St. Denis for a visit. The action on the street lasts for about 5-6 blocks. Unfortunately, though I visited various times from 12 noon until 11 PM, I was singularly unimpressed. Although there were 2 or 3 women that might rank into the 6 or 7 range, almost all of them were in the 1-4 range. In general, most of the women appeared to be 40-60 years old (now, when I was younger, I did have the Mrs. Robinson fantasy, and would have made arrangements with a nice looking 40 year old). Unfortunately, the 2 or 3 nice looking ones had lines of men negotiating with them. When some of the women smiled at me (they WERE aggressive), I noted most were missing teeth, etc. Now I must admit, I was there in December, when the weather truly sucks, and the babes may have fled to places south, but there were no guarantees. All-in-all, I give a qualified thumbs down on Rue St. Denis. However, this story has a happy and horny ending. I usually stay at a hotel on Avenue Georges V, which connects to the Champs Elysees. One evening after dinner, I was walking with a business associate more or less examining the rather expensive shopping that can be done. Then I remembered a report from Jayhawk or the WSG that that there were rumors that there were hookers on Champs Elysees. Well, as I looked up and down the Avenue, I saw maybe 5 to 10 women alone or in pairs that just got my hooker radar smokin'. After dumping my business associate, I walked west maybe 5 blocks and east 6 blocks (these are guesses, since Paris is certainly not laid out in a grid format). Well, I saw mostly 7's, and a few 8's and 9's. And let me tell you Parisian women know how to dress sexy and not slutty. I found one 9 looker and tried to speak with her in English. She seemed educated and was able to communicate well in my native tongue (pun intended). With my highly accented French (which she thought was cute) and her highly accented English, I asked her to my room in the hotel. Remember, the French have no hangups about sex and affairs, so no one shot me even one glance that I was bringing this gorgeous babe up to my room. Here's the up shot: Cost: 1000 FF (about $200) Looks: Brunette, about 5'4", 105 lbs, 34c-22-34 (a guess, I left my tape measure back in the states). She was dressed in a black mini-skirt, a pink blouse, and a black fur coat. She wore silk stockings with a garter belt (yum). I would rank her a nine, but you breast afficianados would probably deduct 2 points for her small boobs. Not I. (Note: there were several women on the avenue that appeared to be working, who had larger boobs and good looks. I gave them 7's, but you boob men may give them increased points.) Sex: She stayed in my room for two hours! Now that's service. She was full service, kissed with tongue (hence, French Kissing, though I could have done without her garlic breath, but of course, mine was as bad). She gave me a blow job without a condom and let me come in her mouth. It was wonderful! She licked every square inch from testicles to tip, put my whole dick in her mouth, and then repeated. She could have asked me for 1 million FF at this time, and I might have complied. At any rate, I couldn't hold back and came in her mouth. Amazingly, she did not complain, she just smiled. (Unfortunately, she walked slowly to the bathroom and spit it out, but what the hell, you don't get much more than this any more.) She came back to bed, and laid down with me, just snuggling without much talking. Without any prompting from me, she was back giving me another outstanding blow job. Then, without my knowing, she had slipped a condom on me and was fucking me in no time whatsoever. I played with her breasts, turned her over and fucked her from behind, etc. Outstanding. After I came this second time, she continued to lay next to me. Within about 30 minutes, she was sucking my dick once again. And once again, I came in her mouth. (I used to be able to this regularly when I was 20. This was the first time in years that I have come 3 times in probably 90 minutes.) She then asked me if I wanted her to stay the evening (how tempting), and I said no. She then asked if I wanted one more time (not tempting, I was ready to die). She went to the bathroom cleaned up and came back out. She then asked me if I would dress her. Now, at first I was taken aback, but without a doubt, it was very sexy, and I was hard once again. She then got down on her knees and sucked me one more time. But despite her skills, and my high hormone level, it was not to be as #4. Look, this woman was heaven. I walked her back to her "corner" of the avenue (you should offer to do this, it is only polite, and acceptable in Paris). I gave her another tip of 500 FF (look, $400 was worth it). Her name is Flore. Good luck when in Paris. It is outstanding. Random one
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 21:12:23 -0400 (EDT) Subject: PROSTITUTION IN PARIS (FRANCE) In my opinion, the best place is : Cours de Vincennes and Place de la Nation. You can meet young girls 24/24. Most of them are young and junkies. If you don't want to use condoms : ask them, they usually agree (but be careful...) [fucking junkies without condom has always been my favorite suicide method --Atta]. Price : blow-job in your car = 100 FF (20$)."L'amour" in your car = 200 FF (40$). In your hotel, it's about 1000 FF (200$) per hour (negociation is possible). Each time I go to Paris, I go there and I have been never disappointed since 1992. You can also try Les Boulevard Exterieurs (North of Paris) : Boulevard McDonald, Boulevard Ney... some girls are acceptable. Don't go to Rue Saint-Denis or Pigalle : it's "up-to-date" : Old and ugly women. In rue Saint-Denis, try (if you have money, about 2000 FF) the Peep-Shows after midnight (just before closure) : you can have fellation or sexual intercourse with very pretty girls but it's very expensive (For the same price, you can take a girl of the Cours de Vincennes for the whole night). At the Champs-Elysees, you have girls in the night-clubs (but expensive). And not far from the Champs-Elysees : Go to the "Contre-Allees" of Avenue Foch. Prostitutes wait for you...
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 03:48:15 -0400 Subject: Prostitution in Paris Hi I'm Pascal, 28 years old and I'm french. I moved from france to U.S a few month ago and I was a good customer to all the hot spots in Paris. Of course in Paris you have la rue Saint Denis and Le bois de Boulogne. But those spots are the most popular in Paris there are some other spots all around the french capitale; It depends if you want to spend a lot of money or not.... The first spot I can talk about is on the "Boulevard Marechaux" those streets are parallel to the "Periferique boulevard" in fact it's the old periferique boulevard, but it is located "intra muros" Paris I mean the "periferique boulevard" is a kind of city limits so enter in the city and at the first main intersection you will find the "Boulevard marechaux" they are making the same journey as the periferique boulevard: they are turning around the city. (I hope my description is clear) So once you're on the "Boulevard marechaux" the north east quarter of the circle those boulevard make, you can look each time you pass under a bridge there some girls working for 30$ to 40$ you can have sex or 20$ a blow job. I've never been there but it seems that most of the girls are junkies and the "quartier" is not very safe. so be carefull The other place you can go is "Le bois de Vincennes". You need to reach the periferique boulevard, exit at "Vincennes" and follow "bois de Vincennes" the when you see the Vincennes castle go where you have a lot of trees and a bunch of little road everywhere, take one of those road and each time you see a kind of van you can be sure there's a girl in, ask her how much is it? (in french : C'est combien ?) She will answer: "100 francs la pipe" : 20$ for a blow job "200 francs l'amour" : 40$ for having sex. You just have to say "ok pour la pipe" if you want a blow job or "ok pour l'amour" if you want to have sex with her. Then she will let you go in her van there's a bed in it and she will do what you pay for. This place is the supermarket of the street walkers or "van walkers" if I can say. Most of the girls are 3 to 6 but if you have enough time to look for a good looking one, you can find some 7 to 8,5 don't expect to go upper. I used to go there a bunch of times, the cool thing is that is like in a Mac Donald's you stop in front of the van, check if the girl is good for you, ask her the question, then go into her van and the deal is done. There are no RIP OFFs, never, if you pay, you have what you've paid for. Usually when you ask for "L'amour" (have sex with her) she will begin by putting a condom on your cock then she will give you a blow job and will ask you if you are ready then you can have the position you want. If you want her to keep on blowing you just ask her to keep on blowing; you pretend that otherwise it's gonna take too much time. In french ask : "Peux tu continuer de me sucer sinon je crois que je vais etre un peu long". If you have a good accent and she understand you she will keep on sucking your dick. No more money will be required for that. The deal is done as soon as you cum. She will give you some towels to remove the condom and let you go for other adventures. The other spot, a really well known is around the "Champs Elysees": Once you have gone up the "Champs Elysees", the most beautiful avenues in the world, and you are at the "Arc de Triomphe", there's a street which is connected with the place of the "Arc de triomphe", the name of the street is "Avenue Foch". This street has 6 lanes in the middle and 2 lanes separated to the other by a kind of garden. Those 2 isolated lanes are just near the houses. This "quartier" (area) is one of the best parts of Paris, there's a lot of 'Millionnaire" who are living here. But in the afternoon (I've never been there at night) go to those 2 lanes on each side of the street, then each time you see a big car like BMW or MERCEDES parked on the wrong side of the street it's a goooooaaaaalll! But this area is the most expensive place for street walker. Anyway just ride near a car a look at the girl in it (most are 7 to 9 don't expect go under) then when she will see you she will open her windows, usually they have some very sexy clothes, and she will tell you her price (usually 100$). She will say: "C'est 500 francs l'amour dans un appartement" meaning: It's 100$ in an private appartement, ask her if the apartement is not too far sometimes it happens and then you are lost when you are done. Then if you find an agreement with her you just have to follow her to the appartement. Once you get there she will ask for her "little present" (petit cadeau the money)and then she will put a condom on your cock, give you a blow job, then you can fuck her as soon as you are ready. Take your time those girls are the most expensive Paris's steet walkers so you can take your time. Sometimes she will ask you for an extra 300 francs to make it "better" I've never tried but what I've got was OK so why ????? No rip off this is definately not the french street walker style, we have some real pro-girls (Not the same as you guys) But once you've cum, the deal is done (don't forget that) This spot is well known at night time for gay prostitution but it's located on the 6 main lanes. The guys are walking on the sidewalk. Some Friday and week-end night too you can have some exibitionnist couple. This is totaly free but for the eyes only. I've got a friend he's been picked up by a couple one saturday night at eleven he came back to his apartment the sunday noon totally bit but he told me that it was the greatest sex party he ever had......
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 14:14:20 -0700 Paris (France): a recent article in the Evenement du Jeudi weekly (No 65, from june 25th 97) gives some sources and maps. A thorough book on the matter (according to them) is "Nouveaux visages de la prostitution" by JB rouet published by Filipacchi. Briefly, the main areas for street action is rue St Denis (already mentionned in these files) and at night around the arc de triomphe (rue Foch and rue Victor Hugo) as well as around the Madelene Church. Massage parlors are apparently thriving all over town. My own eperience of rue St Denis was neither heaven nor hell (FF 400 for a beautifl and bored blonde in a nearby studio). Apparently there has been a markeddownsizing of the prostitute population in this area of town. The article mentions that there has been an increase in walking (as opposed to standing girls in the areas already mentioned.
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 00:28:48 +0100 Paris (France) I took your advice, and went to the Rue St. Denis. The texts were quite right. the ladies were slightly older, but they were GOOD. The general price is around 400 to 500 franks. What pleased me, being from Brussels, was that the rooms, although located in what seemed shabby houses, we very nicely decorated. Lots of pillows, pink wallpaper, clean, etc... Boys you'll find your choice at a more than reasonable price.
Subject: [ASP] Paris, France review/update Date: 1998/03/04 Hopefully this will find its way to the World Sex Guide as well as the ASP newsgroup. This is a combination update and review of the Paris street scene. Most of the information in the WSG seemed to be about the high end escort scene in Paris so this should fill in some gaps. The information dates from the last week of February 1998.. I never used a car so I have nothing to add, confirm, or deny about what was posted about car dates and the bridges along the boulevard Marechaux. All indications are that the information is basically accurate, at least based on what people over there have told me. As far as the St. Denis Street "stroll" that runs roughly from the Les Halles pedestrian area to the Boulevard de Strasbourg and slightly past it, it is still quite active. Prostitution is legal in France, although procuring and/or running an organized brothel ("le pronexetisme" in French legal language) are not. The point is that the street scene is tolerated by local merchants, residents, and the police in a way that must seem surreal to most Americans. Along St. Denis street, hookers dressed in outfits that would make most U.S. streetwalkers blush stand and chat cheerfully with local shopkeepers and negotiate with prospective customers in full view of the police, who ignore them and concentrate on three card monte games, pickpockets, and other petty crimes. Anyway, the going rate is 200 to 250 francs for quickie half and half in tiny one room flats (200 French francs about $36 American dollars). The quality ranges from 3 to no more than 6, with more and more of the occasional 7 as the hour gets later. The 7Os are sprinkled in with what are mostly the old and fat budget-type whores. They all come out just before noon and are there until 2 or 3 a.m., when most of the cafes shut down. Only slightly better, but much cheaper, is the scene at the Porte de Charenton (Metro stops "Porte de Charenton" or "Liberté") Whore park small Winnebago type campers and even some minivans along the Avenue de Gravelle, a street that runs along the eastern edge of the Bois de Vincennes (Vincennes Park). The price is 100F for a blow job or 200F for half and half. The whores sit in the driver's seats of the campers dressed in highly revealing outfits and hooker makeup. The protocol is to go up to the driver or passenger side window and tell them what you want. They then get up from the driver's seat and let you in through a side door. They supply the condoms. Again, all this takes place in full view of the police, who exhibit no interest in it. What may surprise most Americans is that Avenue de Gravelle is neither a red-light district nor a slum neighborhood, but a clean and pleasant upscale street with well kept apartment buildings and houses that overlook the park. There is a small street closer to the Liberté end of the strip in front of a tennis club where a few vans also park at night. The strip is active from the late afternoon until two or three in the morning. The quality of the whores is 5 to 7, with a very rare 8. Selection improves as the hour gets later. Don't expect to have a honeymoon experience. You will not get to take your sweet time and the activity is pretty hectic around the vans but completely safe. The pimps keep it that way so they don't have problems with the police. The park looks like something you avoid walking near in the dark in the States, but you have no worries in this part of Paris. It is safe and, it is one of the very few bargains in the expensive city of Paris. Au revoir!

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