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>I'm going to be studying in Paris this spring, and am interested in
>studying more than just astronomy and french...can anyone give me some
>ideas of where I could find services in Paris?  Thanks!

Cheap and dirty: Pigalle. Do not go to the main strip (rip-off), but in
the lateral streets there are dozens of "bars" whit upstair rooms. If
you search you can find good looking girls.

Medium-top: night clubs. I love to go to "Le Baron". There are some
women there "unbelievable" but expensive (>= 300 USD)

I had a fun experience in a small club close to "Ecole Militaire" next
door to the "Hotel Beaugeancy": it is called "Bilitis". It looks
anonymous from outside, but inside you find good looking girls and you
can have sex in public. prices are also acceptable (~150 USD)

Good luck

Subject: Paris Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 15:28:47 UTC I did run into a little action at an after-hours nightclub, but it was rife for a rip-off. I didn't care to invest in a lesson, which was shaping up in the $500 range. Anyhow, the place, Le Baron, was one block from the Crazy Horse Saloon (which I highly recommend if you just want to watch about twenty perfectly matched bodies in the best exotic cabaret show in the world.) The club is at number 6 Avenue Marceau. It is a very classy establishment with a lot of local clientele, so something good must be happening. The women were all nines and tens, and there were plenty to choose. The way it works is you first go to the bar for a $20 drink and do a little window-shopping. They are all very friendly and not pushy at all. I got the same basic offer from three women: take her to a table and buy a $320 glass of champagne while getting to know each other. The implied promise is that if you like her (and she likes you?) that she can leave with you. I never got around to what Part II costs. I imagine that you are prepaying for some of it, with the house getting the rest. Maybe $150 for the house and $150 for her. Then I also assume that it would take another $150 to get the basic job done. With taxi and room -- voila -- $500, easy.
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 1996 18:37:44 +0100 You all know about rue st.Denis the bois Pigalle etc. But what no one has mentioned is that a lot of areas have what is called in Parisien terms a "Bar Americain" or "Piano Bar" where you enter, the girls will be all friendly and when one you like approaches you you buy her a drink or a bottle of champagne.There is a pecking order depending on who has already had clients that day or evening. Then they will sugest that you accompany them to the private salon where you can discuss the price with the girl but you must buy 1 bottle of champagne for the rigt to go with the girl to the private salon. Prices champagne generally from 600ff to 900ff and for the extras with the girl it is wide open but generally 700-1000ff and that includes the works kissing sucking fucking, and generally the girls that work in these "Bar Americain" are all glamours and love their job. Being an Aussi living in paris for the last 8 years I have frequented numerous streets and bars. The best bars in my books are the "First" rue Francois 1er 75008 paris just off avenue George V. "DIAMS" at the end of rue Collusee which is the street corner just of the Champs Elysee near Virgin Mega Store the bar is at the other end of the street. The all time favourite for me is "LA ROUE" 30 RUE LAUGIER 75017 TEL: (from 18 october you need to put 01 in front of the number) open from 11.30am-Dawn change of shift at about 6.00pm. This is a street that cuts between Boulavard Perierre and Avenue Niel Down the road from FNAC at Place du Terne. good luck its worth the visit. Beautiful girls, charming hostess, called Sylvie who speaks good english and works behind the bar. Very friendly atmosphere, they will even make you lunch or dinner if you are hungry.
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 12:03:07 +0100 PARIS I was there at Christmas, and the Rue St. Denis was almost deserted. Maybe it's the season. The main street at Pigalle was infested by touts, but I met two very nice girls in the American Bars just to the south. It's FF 600 for a half-bottle of champagne (I pointed out that I was abstemious with alchohol: 1050 gets you a full bottle and the right to take the girl back to your place), FF 600 for the girl. Full service, no hurry. But if you have a privacy thing, forget it: we're talking curtained alcoves here.
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:14:41 +0100 Paris There are some kind of clubs in Paris now. They change the addresses and phone numbers very often so you buy or "L'actuel du spectacle" or "Pariscope". Both tell you where to eat, drink go to the movies and where to phone or where to go after all these. Some addresses are available via Internet too but the URLs are down very often and keep changing all the time. Watch out for "erotique" "adultes" "clubs intimes", you get the actual results. (Best chances using I visited one club a year ago in Paris, it is called "les deux boules" (which might be translated "the balls"). I am sorry but I went there with friends and I don't remember how we got there, but we had a great time! The entrance fee is kinda high (1000FF/300DM) but the drinks are normal (Paris-level) and the sex is for free. They told me there are no professionals, nothing but horny women... Which basically might be true (I did not investigate for that). KingKong (The name we gave to this huge man that opened the door) explains that you have to be very polite to the women and that it is a must to accept a no (as he insisted that there are no professionals). (Women do not pay the entry). We sat down at the bar and asked for the "specialite de la nuit" (Tonights special). No idea what was in it but it tasted good (50FF gone). I just got my drink when a nice blonde came to ask if she might sit down next to me... her body whispered me what to answer. She told me her name was Anouk and that she was a bank manager with no time for a normal relation etcetc... After a while she asked me to go upstairs to deepen our newfound friendship. (I guess there's no need to tell I was very excited at this time...) We found an empty room on the 2nd floor (charged with 50FF). Anouk told me that she visits the "deux boules" regularly but I stopped her talking in the nicest way I know to stop talking a woman... Ok no details as every story is different.. the women change and I am almost convinced that they are really no pros. As I did not go back to Paris since I did not make the effort to find the "deux boules" back. Maybe someone here knows what happened to it and where to find it... if so feel free to post it here.
Subject: burned in Paris Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 00:20:07 -0500 I recently traveled to Paris on business (1/98) and naturally my business partner and I wandered over to pigalle to check it out. On the corner of blvd de Clichy and Rue Antoine at Clichy Place a friendly French man invited us in to a bar to have a drink a view the girls. My partner was interested so in we went. I didn't catch the name but it was a few doors up the narrow street, the guy said his name was Jean Claude. He rang a door bell and we were admitted. The three girls there went from bad to worse but were friendly. Neither of us had the least intention of having sex with them but politely had a beer and stupidly didn't ask the price. I enjoyed chatting in french and consented to buying 2 of the girls a couple of glasses of wine. When I insisted that we really had to go I was presented with a bar bill for 900 francs, about 180 US $. 20$ for a beer and 40$ for a small glass fo wine for the girls. I realized we had been screwed in Paris with our pants on. We didn't want to fight Jean Claude and kick down the locked door to get out so I paid the bill and we left our complimentary beer full on the bar. Lesson learned- ALWAYS ASK PRICE FIRST IN THESE PLACES. I saw some beautiful women in Paris and there are no doubt many nices ones for hire, but when our work there was done the next day we rented a car, drove to Amsterdam, and had a very good time indeed! Touche' Jean Claude.
Subject: Paris experience Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 16:38:33 PST September 1997, Paris Me and my husband, we were in Paris for buisness and honeymoon. Decide to take a walk up St. Denis on our way to visit the Moulin Rouge. Stop at a bar to have a drink on Fontaine Street. Bought a couple of drinks and then we were in the bar we had talked about possibly having a threesome before leaving Paris. At that moment we were introduced to a woman named Celine by the old lady tending the bar. She sat down with us and we talked about doing business together. She informed us at that point that we had to first buy her a bottle of champagne (1200FF) in order for the old lady behind the bar to let us take her back to our hotel. Having fun, we decided to buy a second bottle before leaving. Great conversation, nice come on, the whole trick. Then all of a sudden she announces that the deal was off. The only thing that she was going to do if we wanted was to take my husband back behind the curtains and "entertain" him for what he had already spent so far. I was (sorry) pissed off when I thought that for that much money for a couple of bottles of champagne (already way over priced for cheap champagne) and the thought that we were going to maybe have a great experience in Paris (she was a good looking lady and smart, obviously). The night turned out to be a fiasco and I would recommend that any one going to Paris NEVER step their foot in that bar under any circumstances. It is too bad that we have to learn these experiences the hard (and $)way. So keep away from LES SIRENES - BAR AMERICAIN on 5, rue Fontaine in Paris.

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