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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 07:58:44 PDT

Hi folks!

I went to Paris this week and took a printout of Paris WSG with me. I
visited the following places: Pigalle - St. Denis - Cours de Vincennes -
Bois de Vincennes - Swinger club la Cheminee

No hookers observed. Lots of strip shows and sex shops.

St. Denis
Some hookers (I passed at 8 pm) maximum 6 looking. Going rate 300FF can
go down to 200FF if bad looking. Average age around 35. You will go in a
romm in a backstreet. Dirty and dangerous. I took a black pussy and she
leed me into the sixth floor of an very old house with stairs I did not
really trus and a room smaller than a van. No good experience.

Cours de Vincennes
Some hookres at place de Nation. Unfortunately only looking for men with
a car. No hookers on cours de Vincennes.

Bois de Vincennes
It took me about one and a half hour to find the hookers. Actually they
are at Avenue de Gravelle in their Vans. Caution do not try to make the
fool. There is always a pimp near the van. 200FF for straight suck and
fuck, 100Ff for suck. You can find 4's as well as 7 to 8's. If You are
especially into young girls a 8 becomes a 9. If You have no car (as I
did) you may go by Metro 8 to "porte de chareton" or "liberte"). Best
place if You need to fuck.

Swinger club la Cheminee
I went once in the afternoon and once on WED evening (threesome). In the
afternoon ther were some ladies (40-50 years) sucking and fucking any
dick they could find. However you have to wait for Your turn and the
lady may just have enough if it is yours. There are also some girls
looking for tenderness and suck. I encountered one who wanted to kiss,
suck and be sucked. It's actually what You will not get from a
prostitute. So I went for it. If You go for the gang-bang ladies, just
go for it. If it is a girl sitting there and doing nothing, so start
conversation (this means not: "Hey baby, wanna fuck"). price FF200
Of the threesome evening I was rather disappointed. They let in more men
than couples (they pretend to let in one man per couple). The buffet was
excellent and You can drink as much as You want for FF600.

Over all Paris is nice for Swingerclubs but streetprostituion is allmost
as well in Geneva (Switzerland) wehre I live. (only a bit more

Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 08:16:48 EST Subject: paris went to paris. took metro to pigalle. walked up and down streets. lit up like las vegas but in this case peep shows. went into one approx 2 in the morn. for 200ff i was shown a girl. asked me if i wanted more. said yes. said for 1000ff could have penetration, blow job and carress.gave her 1000ff. took me to different room which was similar to first. she and i were separated by a rope. told me to undress. she then took out a fake cock. put it into mouth, then her pussy. told me to rub myself. i then asked to have sex. said no. i said but what about deal? she said promised carress ( i had massaged myself), promised you blow job (she had put fake cock in mouth) and promised you penetration ( she had put fake cock in pussy). she said for another 500ff we could have anal and for 1000ff be intimate in another room. didnt want to be ripped off more. left unsatisfied.

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