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     I thought that I would relate my experiences from a couple of years ago
when I was caught in a police sting using an escort service.  This happened
when I was living in Ontario, Canada (sorry I don't want to get more
specific than that).  I had been using escorts for a while there, both out
of the telephone directory and newspaper classifieds.  I had notice that
some of the services located in the yellow pages were no longer operating,
which should have given me a hint that something was up.

     Anyway, I used a new service (another mistake) that was listed in the
classifieds.  They sent a very attractive and enthusiastic girl named
Brandy, and I had one of the best times ever (she taught me the "spoon"

    She left & I thought everything was fine, until I received a very loud
knock on my door very early the next morning.  Normally, I would have
ignored it and fallen back to sleep but the caller was very persistent.  It
turned out to be a uniformed police officer.  He asked me if I am who I am,
and also if I had a visitor the night before.  I told him yes so he
instructed me to call some detective at the local department.

    By now I was beginning to figure out what was going on, and began to
worry how much trouble I was in.  I called the detective and he "invited" me
to come down to the department to chat or he could arrange for a summons.  I
decided to pay a visit to the police department.

    At the police department I met two detectives in a closed room, which
was very intimidating.  They got right to the point and informed me that
they had me on tape talking to the escort service, and they had observed the
escort arriving at my place.  They even read from a transcript of my
conversation with the escort service (I am thankful I didn't get too
explicit on the phone).  They had me dead to rights, but all they wanted
from me was a signed statement that I had sex with the escort and that I
paid her money.  They were not going to charge me with anything if I
cooperated (which they didn't).  I ask what was going to happen to Brandy,
and they said they really were not interested in charging her, but they were
really after the owner of the escort service.  I felt like a heel, but I
signed a written statement.  They then told me that I would later be called
to testify at a trial.  They gave me a warning about VD (this was the
pre-AIDS era) and then sent me on my way.

    I was off the hook, sort of, but I had about 4 months to stew before the
trial came up.  I was particularly worried if my involvement became public,
that my reputation would be ruined, and my career with it.  I agonized every
time there was a news report on the case, which was drawing a lot of public
attention.  During this time I was also contacted by Brandy, who said she
was now freelancing if I wanted to avail myself of her private services.  I
passed, since I thought it would be pushing my luck before the trial, and I
also was suspicious that she might want to influence my testimony.

   The trial came and I approached it very seriously.  I dressed formally,
to at least show respect for the court (I didn't want to give them any
reason to single me out in the trial and get my name in the newspaper).  I
was flabbergasted when I appeared at the court.  There was over 100 men who
were called as witnesses for the same trial.  I was even surprised that a
couple of men came with their wives (or girlfriends?).  One man seemed to
have an invalid wife, so I felt some sympathy for them that they had been
caught in this general dragnet.  The men were from every walk of life
(unemployed to professionals), and every age etc.  Some were angry to be
there, some thought it was a joke, but most were like me worrying about the
repercussions.  There was also a half-dozen very attractive women, including
Brandy, so I assumed the others were also escorts.  I was pleased they were
dressed very dignified, but maybe that was because they had more at stake
than the men.

    I must say they had a good system, in that they had a court officer
approach each of us to check us in, and explain the process.  He explain to
me that they had an overwhelming number of witnesses to intimidate the
escort service owner into making a plea bargin.  Most of us, if not all, may
not even have to testify.  For the first time since this experience began, I
felt that I might get through it unscathed.  As it turned out this it what
happened, none of us had to testify.  The escort service pleaded guilty to
living off of the avails of prostitution, paid a hefty fine, and had to
close up shop (at least in this town).  I particularly felt good that none
of the girls were charged.  I would have felt terribly guilty being
responsible for someone else being convicted of a crime, simply because they
had given me a good time (I honestly felt like a coward signing that written
statement).  It even ended up that all the witnesses were paid a small
amount as a court fee, which I promptly donated to the nearest charity box
(I figured some higher body had been looking out for my interests that day).

    As a post-script, Brandy called me a couple of days after the trial and
this time I did not turn down her offer.  I figured there was little risk if
she was working on her own, and after all she was very good at what she
does.  She was as good as the first time.

Leesons to be learned from this story:

1.  Cross-check an escort service with both the yellow pages and newspaper
classifieds. If they are in both, they probably have been operating a while
and are not bothered by the police.  The escort service that I got caught
with, had been new in town, and ruffled a few feathers by attracting a lot
of business and hiring a lot of girls.

2.  NEVER, NEVER be explicit on the telephone.  I could have been charged
with communicating for the purposes of prostitution, if I had gotten too

3.  Be respectful of the police and the courts.  This worked for me.  They
are just doing their jobs and don't make the laws.  Some men didn't appear
for their summons, and they had a lot more problems than those of us who
went along with the system.

4.  Having a regular escort (mistress?) might not be a bad idea.


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