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Something that should be included in the Nevada Brothels FAQ. It's a minor
detail but could enhance your visit.

Several years ago I visited one of the brothels around Las Vegas. As
has been written, they are all at least an hour away from the city by
car. A couple of times I found that, after the journey, I had been
holding a huge desire to urinate. If this occurs to you, you should
take care of it before entering the brothel. Once you're inside with a
lady, she must accompany you wherever you go. I found it very
difficult to take a leak with a friendly lady watching me after
holding it in for so long on the road. It is probably best to take
care of nature's call at a bar, service station or even in the desert
before going inside to party. It's a small thing, but it could put a
damper on a pleasurable time.

Subject: If it SWELLS go to WELLS!!! ---Hacienda Wells Nevada--just got back. Had a fantastic time!! Ask for Sandi and tell her Carl from Saskatchewan Canada sent you and she will treat you VERY!!! good. She is VERY!! talented and beautiful and her price is worth every penny and then some!
Subject: Re: Chicken Ranch Report Date: 27 Aug 1995 07:51:34 GMT : I recently returned from a trip out to Vegas and had an opportunity to : visit the famed Chicken Ranch. After seeing the line-up of eight : girls,(ranged from six-eight) I chose one of the eights and went back : to her room. After looking at the "menu", complete with prices, I : said "I really don't have that much." i.e. $700 for "half-n-half", : whereupon she asked how much was I planning on spending? : When I replied that $200 was all I had planned to spend she looked : agast. "Well, that would barely get you a Wham-bam-thankyoumamm." : Needless to say, what I got for my $200 dollars was not up to my : expectations. I wished I had goten one of the girls next door, : they may not have been as stuck up as this one was. I guess next time : I'll chose one of the better "sixes" over an eight. : Outcalls here in OKC go for about $100 per hour without the attitude. : I think next time I'll save my money for when I get home. But I love : the line-up and being able to choose your provider before ordering. : Kind of like a desert cart as opposed to a menu with no pictures. I'd suggest trying one of the other houses that is not so well known. There is a book with reviews and everything. From my experiences, a lesser known house does not inflate their prices in this manner. I had a good time for about 60$ + tips. $200 would have been something else. Depending on the house you can even stay the night. There is a book called, I believe, "The guide to the best little whore houses in Nevada" or something like that. Pick it up. There are something like fourty houses in Nevada, all with different prices and attitudes. I went to PJ's lucky strike late one night. There was no lineup that late, but the lady of the house was very attractive and pleasant to be with. Good luck.
Date: 22 Dec 1995 08:56:44 GMT Amtrak distributes a little brochure in the "California Zephyr", the train that goes daily from San Francisco via Reno to Chicago. It explains all the sights along the way; among other things: 15 minutes after Sparks: The red-tiled Mustang Ranch, on the right, is a famous institution unique to Nevada. Never forget that Jesse can block all the Amtrak funding! :-)
Subject: Re: Reno/Tahoe area Date: 14 Feb 1996 23:03:44 -0500 Strange I was at Old Bridge New Years eve myself. I found the girls there pretty stuck up. The girl I partied with at the Mustang was named Molly and real nice. $400.00 for two hours and we talked in the bar for another hour after ward. The other brothels in the area are very over priced. In North Eastern Nevada the Lucky Strike in Elko is the best. Sues looks nicer on the outside and sometimes has nicer looking girls but they are often very stuck up and the management there is often unfriendly.
Subject: Nevada Brothels Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 02:46:08 GMT > Any experiences from the Cherry Patch Ranch, 45 minutes out of Vegas? I had a very bad one. Girl didn't seem to want to do very much. Talked me into a 2 hour session, with bath and videos. It turned out that the videos was cable TV HBO movie, and the bath was alone. She kept leaving the room every so often. And the 2 hours was about 1 1/3 hour actually.
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 00:43:56 UTC First of all $300 is pretty outrageous. There aren't many females I would shell out that kind of cash for. These absurd prices are only made possible by the repressive nature of our society. That notwithstanding, $300 is simply not very competitive. In other parts of the country you can have a full hour with a very attractive girl for $200-$260. I'm at a point now where I'm not even going to brothels any more while in Vegas. If you want to pay for sex you might as well get it downtown. Yes, it's illegal, but your money actually goes further. The economics of going to the Chicken Ranch simply do not make sense anymore. Three months ago I was at the Chicken Ranch and was quoted a price of $300 for half-and-half by a girl with braces and a barely passable body (and she was the best in the line-up!), not to mention she had a horseshit attitude. So lets see, I can spend 2 hours traveling and less than an hour with a girl I wouldn't screw for free all for a mere $350 (limo tip included), or I can spend $400 in the comfort of my hotel room for an hour with an absolute knock-out. Not to mention that some agencies let you pre-screen the girls or send for another if you're not happy with the one they sent (I've never heard of anyone needing to do this at this price range). Anyway, coming up with a plan when faced with these options isn't rocket science. I should point out that I used to regularly visit the Chicken Ranch, but have noted that it appears to be in a state of decline. The really high quality girls that made past visits memorable are not to be found anymore (they're probably working Vegas). Girls are getting skanky and the prices are getting out of line, not an optimal combination. As for haggling for $200 that has been true in the past as I've done it on several occasions, but I wouldn't want to see the girl that accept this price nowadays. Just for the record, neither my driver, the two girls I talked to, nor the Chicken Ranch madam have ever heard of Blake Wilfong. Furthermore, Blake's statements contradict the experiences I've had on my last three visits. Now I suppose it's possible that the Chicken Ranch could be completely different from month-to-month or even week-to-week, but other comments from visitors tend to corroborate my experiences and not Blake's. If you absolutely have to have the novel experience of going to a brothel, I can at least say that the Chicken Ranch is superior to the Cherry Patch Ranch. Never ever go to the Cherry Patch Ranch! Anyway, I'll not be visiting the Chicken Ranch again. If I do well at the tables I might pop for an in-town babe, but otherwise I'll save my money for another part of the country where it'll go much further.
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 13:23:06 -0400 (EDT) Subject: new book Just thought I would let you know of a new book out called The Brothel Bible, The Cathouse Experience, by Sisters of the Heart. It has been out only a few weeks. The writters are former workers of the NV Brothels. It talks about the ladies, why they work there, what's it like, and what type of people cum to the brothel. If you are looking for just where to go don't get the book. It does not give out names or places of the brothels. But if you are like me and want to take a peek behind the scenes then this is a good book to pick up. If you would like more info in the book they give this address: isters of the Heart P.O. Box 94534 Las Vegas NV 89193 I do not know If they will answers any mail. I hope that you can use this info.

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