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Prostitution Status: unknown.
The age of consent: 18.

It's a serious offense to stay with a muslim girl in the same room behind a closed door. Foreigners will be deported, but it is rarely enforced.

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  • Date: 7-14-2001

    I am one who at times would go to helath centers in Kuala Lumpur as well as Kuching in East Malaysia (Borneo).

    Kuala Lumpur--- Most hotel health centers also provide sex. That is extra charge and between the man and the massage girl. Sometimes the girl may get angry if you prefer just a massage. Usually RM50. for a hand job and up to RM150 for a screw.

    Kuching, Sarawak Most leading hotels have a health spa. Extra services possible for extra costs. Depends on the girl attending to you.

    There are two massage places I know of that i used to frequent when i worked there.

    One is Sarawak Guide Agencies . This is near Grand Continental Hotel, Bang Hock Road. -- appears to be an Escort Service in the local yellow pages but does mainly massage, incall and outcall. Place a bit dinghy but girls are local and sweet. I used to ask for Beebee and if she was not available, Maya. Rm 40 for 45 min ans RM50 for 1 hour. The girl may remove her clothes and massage you naked if you ask her. Just remember to give her a small tip for this. For a handjob, RM20-30. For a fuck expect to pay RM100.00 more. Outcall costs a bit more but they would only go to the more upscale riverfront hotels. They may ask a bit more to cover their taxi fare, RM10-20. Be nice to them and they'll treat you great. Even if you want a massage without even hand job, she may remove her clothes at your request, and you can findle her, kiss her, suck here tits while she massages you. Just be nice and gentle and give a small tip for this little extra.

    The other I cannot remember the name but is across City View Hotel, Padungan Road. This place appears to be a hair salon which it actually is with foot reflexology. Also it has its girls who can massage you upstairs. They have big and small rooms. Big rooms with attached shower and TV. Rates vary by size of room. Once again you treat then well, they'll like you. Most girls are local indigenous lasses from the villages, some of them single mums or divorcees. Rooms by the hour. Usually i go for 2 hours with Margaret. Give then small tips beyong the room use price, RM 10 is normal. They may remove their clothes for you upon you request and like above, you can findle them while they do their work. For the big room, they shower you down and after all is over, you can shower together. As for hand job, etc.... ask the girl after you get in the room. If she is not comfortable, just enjoy the massage and their companionship... it is still worth it. If a girl gives you her mobile phone number and says that she can do private sessions outside work, be careful....this may be a rip off. Best to ask the mamasan or papasan on duty onthe cost of the rooms by hour. Outcalls possible for a bit more.

    Street prostitutes India Street near the old Courthouse..There is an old hotel on India Street with a Chinese name and this is one of the few 3 storey buildings on this street filled with cloth merchants. RM50 for short time and RM 150 all night. Girls are average. Becareful about the 'Pondan" or TVs hanging around the old Courthouse after dusk till dawn. They do their business in the shadows or may be bought for the night if you have a car or a hotel room. Soemtimes i just go there to chat with them. On a slow night they can be chatty and socialble. Another TV hangout is the Sarawak Musuem at night and nerby areas. Blowjobs are RM20, a screw uo their ass is RM40.00 Most of them are pre-operation Tvs, soem with nicely developed busts. They can be friendly to talk to, but arevery daring. As they talk to you , their hand also wander around.

    Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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