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Las Vegas Brothel

I just wanted to share my experience at a couple Las Vegas brothels
to help inform/educate those of you who have been curious but have
not yet taken the plunge.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised,
as I was.  I also hope I can help you not get "taken" by cheap trash
or limo drivers, as I was.

The first thing I did, thanks to the suggestion of a fellow netter,
was buy a copy of a book which explains locations/etiquette/etc.
for Nevada brothels.  This was pretty easy, since I just mentioned
I was looking for it at an Adult Book Store in Las Vegas, and the
gentleman told me where to find a guy who sells them.  The book was
very good, but did not explain a lot of the potential pitfalls of
this type of activity, which I hope to describe here.

If anyone would like the 160+ page book (The 1993 Guide to Nevada
Brothels), I would be willing to sell it since I no longer have any
use for it.  I paid $10 for it, and feel it was well worth it,
especially for the maps of all Nevada locations.  It seems a bit
one-sided however, but not too badly.

Now on to the excursion....

After reading every page of the book, mainly for etiquette
tips, I decided I'd venture out into the desert on the second day
of my 5-day visit.  There aren't any cathouses in Las Vegas, which
I was aware of, but I didn't think I would have to travel so far!
The one I visited that night was Cherry Patch II, and it is 86
miles north of Las Vegas.  So this is my first hint....if you visit
Sin City, and plan on venturing out to one of the brothels, stay in
a motel on the north side of Las Vegas to save yourself extra driving.

Next hint....don't take one of the "free" limo services to a brothel!
You will be told on the phone that the drivers work strictly on a tip
basis, but I have been informed that this is simply not true.  I should
have been suspicious right off the bat when I was asked "how much do
you intend to spend" on the phone.  I had no idea, so just made up a
figure.  Later I was told that this is because the driver gets 30% of
the money you spend!!  Now, it may be a personal opinion of mine, but
if you "party" with a nice girl and are treated well, the girl should
get a majority of the money, and maybe some smaller portion should go
to the house.  That isn't the case at all.  These girls work hard for
their money, and aren't treated all that well by the house, so I
personally feel that they deserve every penny they earn.

If you don't take a limo, I was informed that the girl and the house
split the total take (including the tip, which must be reported to the
hostess as well!).

If you do take a limo, you are expected to tip (driver explained that
$75 was average).  And what is worse, if you by chance call when someone
else is requesting a ride (apparently, not that many people request this
service), I don't think the driver should get $75 per person!  But
believe me when I say the driver will expect it!  Maybe I'm just cheap...

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked....  Cherry Patch II is the easiest to
get to, so that is why I chose it.  ...and was I glad I did (explained
later).  Just hop on North U.S. Highway 95 and 86 miles later you will
see a red flashing light.  There is nothing for miles before you reach
it, so when I say you can't miss it, I really mean you can't miss it!
If you really need help, there is a very pricey gas station next to it,
and a restaurant/shop.  But fill up before you leave Las Vegas, since
it was $1.79 per gallon for regular unleaded when I was there in June.

Once there, you will approach a fenced-in building in which you must
ring a buzzer.  A minute or so later, the gate will buzz and you will
be able to push it open.  A "hostess" will then meet you at the door.

You will then be asked to be seated on a plush couch, at which time
you can request someone (if you know of someone in particular).
Otherwise, the hostess will have the available girls come out and
"line-up" for you.  Each girl will state her name, and just stand
there in their revealing attire until you decide who you would like
to party with.  Try to remember their names, since it is embarrassing
(or at least it was for me) when you forget and just point.  I'll
have to work on the memory thing......sorry, but I happen to have
had other things on my mind at the time!

If you decide that none of the girls are your type, there is no
obligation, and you are free to leave.  Be kind and thank the girls
and the hostess anyway......they may have just gotten up from a nap
for the line-up.  One of the nice things I found is that there is
no heavy pressure to stay and party....if you leave, that is
really ok.  Also, I should mention that even if you pick a girl, and
then find out prices are too high, or her personality isn't just
right, you are free to leave or speak to any of the other girls at
no obligation.

Anyway, back to the line-up.  Once you pick (I picked Star), that
girl will escort you to her (bed)room and explain the "menu" options
and prices.  You can negotiate, and should, unless you know exactly
what you want and how much you want to spend.  Personally, I have
a hard time saying "I would like a suck and fuck for $100" (as I
was told one rude customer did) to a beautiful girl, so I let Star
do most of the talking.  She was an attractive blonde with a really
nice personality.

Note;  there is no kissing on the mouth, and oral sex and intercourse
MUST be done with a condom.  This is, of course, for the sake of safety.
You are not supposed to be able to go down on a girl, either.  If you
did, it would probably be ok, since these girls are inspected by a
state-certified doctor twice per week (samples taken and
everything!).  Most girls won't allow it anyway.....but it doesn't
hurt to ask.

I was particularly interested in giving Star a massage, and it wasn't
on her menu, so I asked (nothing was in the book about this!).  I don't
know how in the world I managed to get up the nerve to ask any
questions, or even speak, for that matter!  I'm basically a very shy
person, especially when it comes to talking to a beautiful half-dressed

Anyway, it was apparent that they don't get that request often,
since the reply was a surprised "sure!".  I guess most men like to
receive the massage, which is nice, but you don't have to pay that
kind of money for a massage since that is available in massage parlors.
Cathouses will go farther than what should occur in a massage parlor,
of course.  So after negotiating a price of $150, the party started.

A note about the money situation....I would strongly recommend that you
bring cash (nothing is in the book about this either) if you
want to remain anonymous.  They do accept Visa and Mastercard (is that
a kick or what!!) and the charge will appear as "C Patch II" on your
statement, I was told.

They also accept travelers checks (no personal checks), but require a
drivers license or some other proof of identification.  So cash is the
only real way to remain totally you really should
tip with cash anyway.

Star, and another girl which I will get to later, were particularly
personable.....I have since found out and heard that this is not a
trait you will find very often in this profession.  It seems most are
there to get you up, off, and out as quickly as possible, which makes
sense since their time is valuable (time is money, remember?).
Finding someone who is very easy to talk to made it all that much
more relaxing for my first time.  For me, that made all the
difference in the world.

So I gave Star a lengthy body massage with hand lotion she provided.
This was very erotic for me.  She then asked if she could return
the favor, to which I then said "sure!".  After giving me a body massage,
she asked if she could put a condom on me, and then proceeded to perform
deep throat oral sex.  After I climaxed, I decided to "extend" my stay.
We had intercourse, after which she layed next to me an just held me
for quite awhile.  I was quite sweaty after this, so she asked me if
I wanted to take a shower (which I thought meant with her), but it
was not to be ....this time anyway.

To stay on the topic of Star, I will jump to the third visit to a brothel
in which I saw her again.  During this visit, I fulfilled a fantasy which
I never ever expected to be able to fill.  After spending a fair amount
of time relaxing her, I was able to put my entire fist inside her.  Now
you may not believe this, but I have no reason to lie.....this is all
being done anonymously anyway.  She was quite shocked when it occurred,
actually, and had never heard the term before.  This was her first time,
for this activity, and I have good reason to believe it.  DO NOT EXPECT
every girl would say that is not allowed.  Because I was a "repeat"
customer, I think I was allowed a little extra leniency with Star.
I was very gentle with her the first time, and I think she knew that I
was not there to harm her....that I cared about her as a person, even
if I was paying for a service.  She also actually seemed to be enjoying
it, which I could tell from her moans (which were NOT from pain)....I
asked her frequently if I was hurting her in any way, and she always
said no.  She was very easy to talk to.....I never expected to find
anyone like that in one of these establishments.

I also didn't expect to be able to fulfill a fantasy involving golden
showers, but she was willing to help me with this also (after advising her
to drink lots of liquids).  After that episode, we both showered, but this
time, together!

In leaving both times, since I had a very enjoyable stay, I tipped her
well (20% is recommended, but more if you have a good time).  You will
be gratefully thanked for your tip, believe me!

Now to jump back to my second visit to a brothel.  I took a "limo" to
Cherry Patch I, since I didn't think I could find it without a ride.
Since I called when someone else requested a ride, there were two of us
in the car for the ride (they don't use limos anymore.....I was driven
in an older Cadillac).....that was a bit uncomfortable (not the ride,
but being in a car with another john).  The driver was personable,
but the fact that they bill this as a "free" service still gets to me.

So we get there after the 70 minute drive and I'm wondering about
how we get back, since there was two of us.  The other guy suggested
that we stay no longer than an hour, since it was late in the evening
already, so I agreed.  Good thing he spoke up (and Damn good thing this
wasn't a trip to see Jennifer at below), cuz I sure as hell
wasn't about to suggest anything!

So during the line-up of 6 girls, he suggested that I pick first
(I have to say, he was a really nice john).  There
was a tall short-haired blonde with a killer body that I chose (name
withheld, since I want to continue living should she find out somehow
who I am and send one of her huge Harley-riding boyfriends after me).  Man,
was that a mistake!  And I'm only revealing this so that YOU think
twice before letting your little head make your decision instead of your
big head!!  A great body DOES NOT always come with a nice personality, as
I was quick to find out.  Maybe I'm not like all guys, but I don't like
being with someone without a personality, and I find it hard to get
aroused also.  So her prices were higher, and I couldn't climax, and I
felt miserable afterwards.  That was when I realized how special Star
was, since she made me feel like I was at home, and very relaxed.  Oh,
almost forgot....this girl also claimed she was PMS'ing so she was
tender and I could hardly touch her.  THAT made the massage real

So now you know why I saw Star a second time.  But since I wanted to
experience at least one other girl, I asked Star for a recommendation
after our second visit.  She recommended her friend, Jennifer.

Had Jennifer not been "busy" for the first line-up in which I picked Star,
I'm sure I would never have met Star.  Jennifer was even more
comfortable to be with, and to me, she didn't even seem like she
belonged there.  Turns out she "said" she had been doing this for only
a short period of time, and was only planning on staying there til the
end of the year to get up some money so she could go back home.  She
seemed very sincere, and I tend to believe her.  She was almost "too"
nice, but not in a fake sort of way.  From her, it really seemed genuine.

So when I arrived the next day, knowing that I was going to request
Jennifer, I asked the hostess if Jennifer was available.  She was, but
because I did not really know what she looked like, I requested a line-up
anyway.  Star lined-up first, Jennifer was next, but once I laid my eyes on
Jennifer, I didn't even hear the introductions from the other girls....I
just said "Jennifer please" and that was the start of my road to paradise.

Jennifer is a white woman that has beautiful green eyes and
is about 5' 5" tall, with soft brunette hair that runs a little
bit past her shoulders.  After I got to know her, which you will find out
about in a bit, I asked her what her measurements were, knowing
full well that I'd be posting something about her on internet.....
34-26-36.  She has very soft, beautiful breasts whose nipples erect
very easily.  But for me, the great body was nothing compared to her
personality.  She genuinely seemed to care about the customer, something
that a lot of businesses around this great country could take a little
notice of.  She took my hand since she could tell I was a bit uncomfortable.
She made me feel as if I were her best friend, and she just wanted to
satisfy me.  That may seem hard to believe, but that is really
what it felt like to be with her.

I also started by requesting that I give her a massage.....and rather
than just lying on her back like Star did, she asked if I would like her
on her back or her stomach!  That is what I mean about the caring about
the customer.....she wanted to do what I wanted, not what she wanted.
I enjoy giving frontal massages more (I wonder why??) so of course I had
her lie on her back.  This was nice, since I didn't then have to pipe up
later and say, "would you mind rolling over?" as I did with Star.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about my time with Jennifer,
since much of it was the same as with Star, except for one special
event.  She allowed me to insert 4 fingers from one hand deep inside
of her, palm up, and then guided my other hand on top of her tummy.
She then pressed the outside hand down to make contact with the fingers
inside her.  I had never even fantasied about that, and let me tell you,
this was erotic (for me, anyway).  But the way she guided me through the
whole event was what was so special.  It was like she really wanted me
to experience this.  She also gave me an anatomy lessen by describing
what I was feeling inside of her, which was good since I really hadn't
really ever taken the time to learn the female anatomy.

Jennifer is more petite than Star, so fisting could not be performed....
I don't think it would have been possible, and being the shy person I
am, I didn't even ask.  Believe me, the thought crossed my mind, but
since she was so nice, I just didn't want to hurt her.

Needless to say, I found myself "extending" my stay numerous times with
her......and ended up visiting again just to request her.  Believe me,
a few hours with Jennifer is an experience that you will never forget.
I may have left Las Vegas a poor man (and I didn't even gamble at all!),
but also I left a lot happier having spent some (a lot of?) time with her.
She is not like the
typical girl you will find at a brothel....and from talking to other
people, this is VERY true.  Many of the girls, I am told, are working
just to maintain a drug habit.  Jennifer stated she was not into that.
I cannot say enough nice things about her, but that is just because she
made the whole stay so enjoyable.  Just talking to her was worth the
money, if you can believe that.  Call me a sucker, but a girl with a
really caring personality and a nice body aren't a dime a dozen.  So
spending a few dollars (alright, you got me was A LOT of
dollars) was well worth it in the case of Jennifer.

So to sum it up, if you find yourself in Las Vegas in the near future,
and plan on visiting one or more of these establishments, stay on
the north side of the city.  Don't take a limo (unless you don't get a that case, the limo might be worth it) and let the brain in
the head on top of your body make the decision of who to pick.  I would
recommend you go to CPII first, and request Jennifer.
If she is "busy", you can go to the shop/restaurant next door, and they
will call you when she is available.  This usually only would be a
wait of a maximum of 45 minutes (parties are usually less than that,
though).  Then, if time or money permits, try someone else to see if
you can find anyone else that even comes close to being as nice.
But if you're like me, you'll come back to one will compare.

Remember, she will only be there (supposedly) til the end of the year
though.  You can call CPII (702-372-5551 or 702-372-5678) and find out
if she is working, and this is highly recommended since these girls
work for 3 weeks and then take off 2 weeks, as a general rule.
Jennifer's next "trip" starts on July 22nd, I believe, and lasts
for 3 weeks.  Call after 8PM, though, Pacific time (that is 11 PM
on the East Coast, for you non-time wizards).

....and if you visit, tell her Justin from Milwaukee recommended her.
She probably won't remember me, but if you tell her that I was the
fool who spent his life savings (well, almost!) just to be with her,
that just may jog loose a memory cell or two.  But I have to say,
if I had the money, I would do it all over again (minus the CPI
experience, of course).

(I didn't mention that Jennifer is a well-educated girl, did I?  Well
there, now I did!  She almost has a bachelors degree, but wouldn't
tell me in what field.  It is readily apparent in the way she speaks,
acts and thinks.)

Good luck!  I hope the info in this post can make someone's trip more
enjoyable......sure wish someone had told me about some of the things
I had to learn the hard way!  If you do by chance visit Las Vegas,
be sure to post something so the rest of us can benefit from your
experience.  I know I will never ever forget mine.

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