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Las Vegas Advice

Last night, I got a chance to talk with a friend of mine who is a
(recently former) worker at the Sagebrush II brothel in Carson City,
Nevada.  I asked her, "So, what would you recommend to someone who
wanted to go to a Nevada brothel for the first time?" Her advice:

1. Don't choose a girl out of the lineup; take your time.  Pick the
girl with the best attitude, not necessarily the one who is the best
looking ... the overall experience will be *much* more satisfactory.

2. Don't argue about the rules she or the brothel lays down.  She can't
change them, the brothel won't, and it will just turn the whole
situation into an attitude contest.

3. You can back out of the transaction right up until you hand over the
money.  If she is giving you too much attitude, it's probably a good
idea to cancel and back out ... the chance of you getting what you want
is probably pretty small.

4. Be prepared to spend more than you would for an illegal rendezvous.
The girl only gets about 1/2 what you pay her, after taxes and the
brothel's cut, and sets her prices appropriately.  Her advice was, if
you aren't prepared to spend at least $500, either find an illegal
sexworker elsewhere or skip the whole idea.

(Her last piece of advice was, "Invest the $500 and buy a porno video
instead," but that seemed a bit less directly relevant ... :-)

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