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London, Shepherd Market

Date: Wednesday, 07 May, 1997 16:00 PM

Shepherd Market has long been an area of prostitution. If you walk
east down Picadilly from Hyde Park Corner, it will be off to your left
(perhaps the first or second possible left) in about a block.  It is a
fairly small area and can be completely inspected in a fairly short
time.  You basically walk around the square looking for open doors.
You will find about a dozen or so (including those to be found in
Market Mews as well -- it is the road that leads west out of the
market and eventually back to HPC).

I tried two different ladies there and probably would have tried
another (Charlotte, 20 Market Mews - her pictures on the phone booth
cards look pretty good) if she had not been busy.

Chrystale, 36 Shepherd Market, 0171 629-0436 is a beautiful, sexy and
seductive, slim and busty young lady with a lovely chocolate
complexion and long black hair.  Her fees are pretty much the standard
for Shepherd Market: 30 for hand release, 40 for oral, 50 for sex,
plus other rates for more time, etc.  She is very sexy and erotic and
greets you in the most delightful way playing with you and inviting
you to play with her as she undresses.  Her large lovely nipples are
delight to kiss and suck. Her oral technique is very good and we had
an absolutely delightful time in wild abandon.  Well worth repeated
visits - sexy as hell!

Madelaine, 20 Shepherd St, 2nd floor, is a mature French lady who is a
bargain.  She is mature, but attractive with medium breasts and a nice
figure, and very, very French.  She also gives very good french for 30
pounds.  Experience does count for something and I was very glad I
stayed.  She first washed me and then took off her bra and panties,
leaving a garter belt and silk stockings and we adjourned to the bed.
She enjoys what she does and does it very well and enjoys mutual
french as well (very responsive - an lovely pleasuring and pleasure).
A true bargain in the middle of London for those willing to accept
maturity and the experience that it brings.

Tell the them The Stevedore sent you via the internet.  Treat them
well and with care and kindness.

Subject: Update on Shepherd's Market (London, UK) Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 19:31:44 +0100 8 April 1998 Went out there there Tuesday night for a look around. Not many doors opened... 3 models working, pretty much continuously, on Market Mews. Keeley was available, but seemed a bit too business like for a visit. However, she was very impressively endowed... E cup or better, and offered GBP45 for oral and sex. The most amusing feature of the evening was while I was walking around, 3 different women pulled up to me from their cars and asked if I was looking for a "date". None looked particularly "top of the line", so I passed, but it seemed a bit of a reverse to have the girl pull up to me (one was in a BMW!) and ask me off the street! They stopped several other fellows, too, mostly older gentlemen. Some got in and drove around for a bit, I saw a couple of the fellows get out a few minutes later, apparently unable to strike a deal. Apparently the idea for the "rovers" is to pick up the guys on the street between their hotels on Park Lane and the "business district" in Shepherd's Market.

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