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I can also tell about an experience I
had recently in London. I found some
very explicit tickets in a call-box
( there are plenty in some places),
and I tried to call that number. A nice
girl came soon to my place, and we
had a very good time. But this was
very expensive : 300 pounds  for an hour!

Subject: Escort Services in London Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 00:10:20 UTC Please anonymise this.... :-) I can highly recommend one escort service operating in London. It is called Heart's Escorts on 0181-841-7773 or 0181-845-1151. It is run by an ex-taxi driver called George and he takes his time to find out exactly what sort of girl you want. One of the girls, Charlie, is a tall blonde who does escorting because it turns her on. Fees are about GBP150 for an hour to an hour and a half and they visit you.
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 1995 10:42:16 GMT First of all, I was rather disappointed of the general quality of service of the escort bureaus in London. I phoned about 50 agencies for information and the way most of the agencies reacted to a potential new client was very unprofessional. Some of them even got unpolite or even rude on the phone, although I was not asking for anything very special or kinky. Descriptions of the girls were very superficial, and some of the negotations on prices were really absurd (one agency started off with a price of 350 for a one hour service, only to drop immediately to 150 after some of my negative remarks). In the end I made use of two agencies (these are certainly not the best, they just happened to have the kind of girl I was looking for): 18-21 Girls (tel. 0171-2253244): girl called Sara (about 20-21years old, with short blonde hair, nice perky titties, pierced ring on left nipple and beautiful, tight shaven pussy, no real beauty but nice and sweet). I paid 270 for two hours and got some good sex games playing, great deep-throating and two good fucks. All in all OK quality but no more than that. Worth a try. Wild Swan (tel. 0171-3712206): This agency (?) says it is specialised in Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian students. I had asked for a very young Japanese schoolgirl-like type and after some searching the agency phoned me back to tell me they had this really young (17?) girl. I had her over to my hotel. The girl's name was Yoki, short black hair, nice petite body, sweet girl, but certainly not 17 or even 18. When I asked her to be honest about her age, she told me to be 25years old. The sex I had with her was not too bad, although her cocksucking abilities were not that great. If you are into sex fantasy games (making her tell dirty stories e.g.), she was quite good. I paid 150 for 1 hour, although she stayed a bit longer.
Subject: Escorts Agencies in London Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 03:46:40 UTC I would recommend "The Gallery". It is based in South Kensington and advertises in Whats On magazine. There are several photo albums to choose the girls. Many of them are quite attractive. Fees range from #250. Watch out though, if you are staying in a plush hotel, the fees go up to #500, so haggle at first!! Try Theresa, based in Knightsbridge, a blonde, 5ft 3in tall with a nice figure and apartment. Overall verdict - 6/10.
Subject: an experience in LONDON ( UK ) Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 22:49:44 UTC First of all big thank you for the great site full of useful information. I thought i would tell you about an experience i had in London ( all prices quoted are in pounds sterling). I have a taste for oriental women and one day i saw an advert in the personal section of my local paper which said "Beautiful Young Japanese Student offers Relaxing Massage ring ***" seeing i was horny as hell i rang her up and made the arrangements to see her at her flat in an hour. On the phone she sounded like she was young and definitely oriental but was very vague about i would get for my hard earned money but she sounded so good and i willing to risk the money. When i got to her flat i was not dissapointed with what i saw so i handed over the cash for a massage which was UK 150.00 at which point i thought either i am going to have fun or a BLOODY expensive massage. I have not giving her real name or phone number until i check with her that it is alright so until then i will call her Kitty, well she was 5.2 tall, slender build but not skiny with small tits and long hair down to her waist and a very bubbly personality. She led me to the bedroom and asked me to undress and lie face down on the bed while i was doing this she was undressing down to her white lace knickers she then straddled my back and started to give a very good message and then she asked if i wanted her to walk on my back which i had not had done before but what the hell i thought and said yes. What can i say if you every have the chance for a gorgeous young woman to walk on your back just say YES, YES,YES it is wonderful. After the back walk it was time to turn over have some fun. Kitty started to rub her self all over me and once she got me good and hard quickly slipped a condom on me before giving me a beautiful blow job. I managed to get her in a 69 posoition and started to rub her through the material of her knickers, she suddenly stop sucking and told me to get her knickers off and finger her pussy which i did without being asked twice. Her pussy was so tight just with my finger in there but soon she had other ideas she shifted round and then straddled my waist and started to slowly lower herself onto my dick i was in heaven we did the business which ended up with me doing her doggie style to a finish. I slipped out of her and quickly disposed of the condom and cleaned me up, i asked if could just cuddle her for a while which was OK by her we ended up chatting she said she did the work because she enjoys sex and enjoys spending money, she works on her own had only been doing this for 3 months. I had been there for about a hour and a half and was expecting to be encouraged to leave in a few minutes so i was surprised when she started massaging my cock as we lay on the bed and she said i had along enough rest and she wanted to show me something she had bought earlier and she quickly left the room. After a few minutes Kitty returned in a school girls uniform and her hair in pig tails the uniform looked great not to the tack nylon things you see advertised in adult mags but a proper school uniform and she looked really young sweet and innocent because like a lot of oriental women she looks younger than she is. Kitty said she had bought because a few people had asked her to dress up and she had nothing and wanted to see what i thought but she did not need me to answer but she just looked as my dick got very hard very quickly, kitty asked if she should try to get that down pointing to my dick slowly walking to the bed and then she quickly popped me into her mouthwhich was surprising because she had not put a condom on it. She continued to give me a blow job untill i came in her mouth and swallowed which to be honest surpried the shit out of me because none of the girls i have been with girlfriends or pros have ever swallowed. Once we had cleaned up i asked if she normally did the blow job with out a condom and swallowed because she was putting herself at risk and she said No but would only do it to people who she felt safe with and did not treat her as a piece of meat, So i guess i was lucky and should take it as a complement. As we lay on the bed my hands started to roam and soon we were kissing and i was slowly fingering her pussy while she was still wearing the school girl uniform she was very wet so i slipped a second finger in and speeded soon kitty was squirming and forceing herself hard onto my fingers her pussy muscles were tightening around my fingers. After several minutes she gently removed my fingers and asked if i was still horny which i was but i did not think my dick could stand it. So i started to get dressed and she made sure i had her phone number and told me to see her again which i have done on several occassions. Kitty is not like a seasoned pro everytime i have seen her i have never been hurried in fact each time i have ended up staying about 2 - 3 hours and having sex at least twice and she likes to make sure you are happy and is always asking about my fantasies. I told her i would love a three-some with her and another oriental girl which she is going to arrange nwo that i am a regular client. I will let you know how that goes. Sorry if you think this is to long a post but this is the first time i have post one of my experiences. Next time i will try to include some information on phone box card orientals and there phone numbers. If anyone in london knows of any very good oriental ladies please post the details and phone nubers if possible Cheers
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 03:34:23 +0000 Subject: Report on Angels Escorts, Heathrow, UK I contacted the number given on the Angels Webpage early one morning, when I was feeling particularly horny and stressed, after a bad day. I had read a few pages of Escort Agencies in the Heathrow Area, (Alta Vista search Escorts and Heathrow) and Angels was the only one which displayed costs and had descriptions of their ladies. I realized that I would have to take pot luck, because of the hour that I was calling, but I was delighted to find that one of the ladies available was Lorraine, the very one that I would have asked for, going by my (sceptical) reading of their descriptions. Lorraine rang me back within a few minutes, and we arranged that she would call in about a half hour. She arrived promptly, and was I pleasantly surprised, as not only did she fit her description perfectly, she was beautiful as well. We chatted for a while, (more to set me at ease than for any other reason) during which time I was also impressed by her wit, charm and humour, and then Lorraine suggested a massage. After giving me a very soothing neck- and backrub, she asked if I would like to massage her - I did, as I get off more on doing, than being done to. During this, I started to stroke her pussy, and kiss her bum, and she rolled over, giving me access to her exquisite, moist pussy, which I began to kiss, lick and suck. She seemed to enjoy this, so we continued for some time, and then asked if she could masturbate to 'finish herself off' while I watched. She then paid some more attention to me. She was willing to mount me, or give me a blow-job, but the day had taken its toll by now, and I had no energy, and couldn't get hard enough for a condom, so I settled for a fantastic hand-job. Total cost was UKP 130 (although I forgot to give her a tip, which I will rectify next time) for one hour, and in that time, I could have had a blow job, full intercourse or both, had I wished. This is low-average for outcalls in the London area. I will definitely be using Angels again, as they seem to be a rarity in this business - a company that delivers exactly what it advertises at an acceptable price Their website is
Subject: [ASP] London Escort Information Date: 7 Jan 1997 20:15:25 GMT I go to London on business about once a month, and have been searching for a good fuck on a regular basis. I hate the phone booth cards, because I usually have been disappointed. I have used a number of escort agencies (none of which I remember), but end up paying too much for a "wham bam thank you ma'am". Thanks to WSG, I have become addicted to one particular agency. I was reading through the pages upon pages of London information, and remembered seeing one sentence referring to Hearts of London on the Web. I looked them up, and the ads were quite boring, but I was going on recommendation. So, about 6 months ago, I called them up, and a very friendly gentleman answered, and we talked about what I prefer. He seemed very honest with me, telling me one woman was gorgeous, but had a crappy personality. He told me another wouldn't give head except with a condom. He told me about another who wouldn't do head period (let's just say she was immediately eliminated). I told him if I enjoyed who he sent over, he would have a customer for life. Since my tastes vary depending on the phases of the moon and other strange things, I said I was looking that evening for a younger brunette. He sent over Lisa. Of course, after about 20 years of whoremongering, I have become very cynical about these things. Well, Lisa shows up at my hotel, wearing a longish slit skirt, a sexy black silk blouse, and nice heels. She had long brunette hair, looked to be about 19/20, 34B boobs, 5'7" or so, 115 lbs, perfect (I am a leg man not a breast man, so tall gorgeous legs win out over round breasts any day of the year). I'd rate her about an 8, maybe a 9. She called the office, took the cash (150 UKP, with another 20 UKP for "taxi"), and lifted up her skirt and rubbed her hard ass against my dick. Needless to say, I got turned on. She turned around and started taking my clothes off while kissing me with tongue and all. After about 10 minutes of kissing, and my pawing every square inch of her lucious body, she got down on her knees and started sucking me for all that it was worth. Even as I write this, I think that my brain is going to bust. We then proceeded to fuck every which way (I prefer doggie style, but also love playing with the ass when a woman is on top). She used a condom, but I barely recall her putting it on my dick. After I was done, I ranked it in my top 5 whore fucks, and right in the top 10 overall fucks in my life. At this point, I considered it an evening, feeling that the 170 UKP was well spent. After about another 20 or 30 minutes of talking and occasional kissing, she got up to get dressed as I lay on the bed nice and comfy. She noticed I was staring at her after she was fully dressed, and asked if I wanted to "fuck her hard again". Who am I to turn down a woman in need. She pulled down her panties, lifted up her skirt, and starting to suck me as she fingered herself. She then layed on the bed, expertly placed a new condom on my throbbing dick, and I proceeded to fuck her harder again. It was heaven again, as she pulled my hand into her blouse to feel her hard nipples. Needless to say, I was exhausted. She was the best I had ever had as an escort. I would say she spent a total of 90 minutes with me, without ever rushing me, having calls from the agency, or anything. Lisa has apparently left that agency (because I had the opportunity to meet with her two more times in other trips, and she was excellent other times). So three months ago, I called Hearts of London looking for someone new. The guy on the phone (same one, and I can't for the life of me remember his name). This time he sent me Bianca, who is a fit blonde. She was 5-9 or 10, weighed about 115-120, had 34C boobs, long amazing legs, and excellent "come fuck me" ass. Although she was neither as agressive or as perfect a fuck as Lisa, she still rates about an 8 in looks and about a 7 in fucking skills. I have had her twice, and can recommend her highly. She gives you head without a condom, but definitely does not want you to come in her mouth. She uses a condom for fucking (she used this new ultra thin polyurethane condom that felt like nothing). Since I still prefer brunettes, I called back about two months ago, and had the pleasure of meeting Laura, a true babe. Again, she was a 8-9 inlooks and about an 8 in fucking skills. Again, she was tall, thin, bigger boobs, but legs up to her neck. She came into my room in my west end hotel, called into the agency, and proceeded to kiss me with tongue. She was slightly passive, allowing me to take off all her clothing, slowly, at my speed (which I love, because being rushed makes for a giant turn off). She then gave me excellent head, and then let me fuck her any way I chose (though I am not an anal kind of guy, so I did not inquire as to her acceptance of that). After the first fuck, she took off my condom, cleaned me up, and proceeded to lay in my arms. She kept kissing me, and giving me these bedroom eyes. Let's just say, I was hard really fast, and we had another full energy fuck. So there you have it, my personal experience with particular agency. I was motivated to write because of all my years of trying to find a good agency in London, I think I have found it. I am almost wary to tell any of you about it because there prices may go up, or I might come to London and not find any of my favorite women available. Below are the key details: Price: 150UKP + 10-20 UKP (transportation???) Location: Apparently everywhere in the London boroughs, including Heathrow Phone: 0181-845-3336 Web address: I have no idea Suggestion: You are asking for a service from someone who is offering it. If you are a jerk, guess what? You are going to get crappy service. Be nice to guy who answers the phone, and he will be helpful to you. It works. Certainly works for me My regards to all of you horn dogs out there. Random one
Subject: [ASP] New London Information Date: 5 Feb 1997 15:56:42 GMT I recently went to London again on business, and I would like to update some information that I had left on this newsgroup. My all time favourite agency, Heart's Escorts, was not answering the phone for the 2 weeks that I was in London. I am not sure whether they have closed down, are on holiday, or my posting on the ASP caused so many crank phone calls, that they took a brief hiatus. Whatever the case may be, I was pretty upset and depressed. However, since I'm the resilient type, I decided that other alternatives were required and I don't mean a date with my right hand. Using Yahoo, I pulled down an interesting site (searching Escorts London), called London Escort Agencies (how creative). They had several listings, and I ended up trying two, based on no particular criteria. The first one I called was Connaisseur. A lady named Sabrina (with an oh so sexy accent) answered the phone. After talking with her, I determined that she had a truly top notch agency (with top notch prices). She sent over a woman who was drop dead gorgeous. She is blonde, 36c breasts, flat stomach, 5'6" (or so), nice shaped legs, and a pretty east european accent (I think she said she was Lithuanian, but I can't remember. I had other things on my brain.) She was well dressed when she showed up at my hotel (I stay in an exclusive hotel, and I cannot bear having a slutty dressed woman show up). (Based on past experience, I will refrain from using her name. If I see that you post a lot on this group, and you are going to London, I will give you all the information that you will require.) Sex was great. She gave a blow job without a condom, although I am pretty sure she would not have let me cum in her mouth. I gave her some oral, and I think she enjoyed it (although I am not delusional and believe that prostitutes probably are not exactly sexually attracted to most clients). Because of her nice body and beautiful face, I wanted her on top during fucking. It was outstanding, as she let me grab all parts of her body. One bonus: when I was cumming, she had this great control of her vaginal muscles, and squeezed real hard. It was heaven. She then laid in bed with me for 20 or 30 minutes, just talking about things. She then grabbed my cock once again, started sucking away, and then we fucked once more. Excellent. All sex (other than a preliminary blow job) required a condom. Looks: 8 (I had to detract a bit, because her hair was a bit short for my taste, and she had a fake tan. I know, I'm a picky SOB) Skills: 8-9 (I reserve a 10 for perfection) Personality: 8 (she seemed very intelligent and conversive on a number of topics) Price: 300 UKP (about $480, so it's expensive) Time: About 90 minutes She told me that the agency hired only top notch women with model type features. Also, Sabrina (who apparently owns it) prefers clients who are repeat customers and will set them up with a woman of their choice. During the second week, I again decided my horniness was at an extreme level, so finding Heart's Escorts again closed down, I went back to London Escort Agencies and tried another agency. This time, I called Exclusively. The phone was answered by a very sexy Canadian girl (who also does calls). She set me up with an Italian girl who had the sexiest, waif-sounding voice on the phone. The girl is very fluent in English, but her accent makes communication somewhat difficult, but anyways, I invited her over. When she arrived, she was wearing a very nice black miniskirted suit (very Italian cut). She wasn't extremely attractive in the face, but certainly well above average. Her body however was outstanding. She was short (maybe 5-1), but had a nice breasts (36c) which seemed much larger on her small body. They were natural, but perfectly round. After taking my money, she and I engaged in some significant French kissing and petting. As I slowly took off her clothes, she took off mine and then gave me an outstanding, top ten rated blow job. It was so good, that I couldn't control myself and came in her mouth. She couldn't take all of it, so she spit some out, but she did not complain or anything. Basically she smiled and asked me if I enjoyed it. Again, she took her time, and laid next to me while we talked about a lot of things. I found out that she was multi-lingual and was working on an MBA from the London School of Economics (since I am in Finance, I basically can figure out if someone is BSing me about business, and it did not appear that she was). Actually, if I go back, I will be contacting her again. At any rate, we again got back to sex, and she went down on me once again. We proceeded to fuck in all my favourite positions (with a condom). The sex was really good, especially since she seemed to enjoy it a lot. Looks: 7 (but a body of a 9) Skills: 9 (really, no complaints whatsoever) Personality: 8 (although her accent was difficult to understand. She was very intelligent and knowledgeable) Cost: 250UKP Time: Around 2 hours Note: both experiences were outstanding. I am not sure whether London has great Escort agencies in general, or I am just very damn lucky. I also have some information for those of you who lack resources for the type of sex that I have been finding. My hotel is very near Shepard's Market (which is a very beautiful set of alleys and streets in Mayfair). Shepard's Market has ancient tradition of being the location for all of the food selling and trading for the Western part of London. More recently, it is known for great restaurants and expensive homes. At any rate, being a trading area, it was known for prostitutes since the 1600's, and, in fact, the May Faire took place here, which was a time of orgies and general debauchery. Well, the tradition has continued for some 400 years. Today, there are a number (greater than 10) of prostitutes that ply their trade. Just walk along any of the streets, alleys or mews, and you will see an open door, with a giant poster on the wall pointing the way to great sex. Walk in, if you don't like what you see, move on to another. Also, ocassionally you might see girls working the streets, but in general they stay in their flats. I have had several women there over the past 10 years, and the price these days seems to be in the 75-100 UKP range. The quality range is quite high, but I think you can afford to be patient and picky. Shepard's Market is just off Curzon Street going south toward Picadilly. It has very good signage, so you can tell that you are there. It is in Mayfair, so it is near some very pricy hotels (so you can tell where I stay). It is MUCH safer, cleaner and nicer than Soho, so if you have a limited budget, I'd do this area. Random One
Subject: [ASP] London review, Blore House Date: 16 Feb 1997 11:13:11 GMT A couple of weeks ago I was in London and, among the many cards in phone boxes, I found one for Blore House. This is a co-operative of working girls who work (usually) 2 days a week at an apartment in Soho, a few minutes' walk from Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road underground stations. I phoned for an appointment and spent an hour with Angel. She is a tall blonde girl who looked after me extremely well. My interests are being caned and straight sex. Angel would also have offered many other services, eg uniforms, had I wanted. The cost was UKL 110 for an hour, which was good value. Afterwards there was a shower available at no extra cost. Blore House has a web site. HTTP://WWW.USERS.DIRCON.CO.UK/~LESGIRLS/ It's well worth a look. Enjoy London!
Subject: London Escort Info <Camila> Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 09:53:28 -0500 Just back from a recent London trip and had the opportunity to engage a GREAT escort. Camila is a Czech student in her early 20's. She is 5"5", slim, 34C-24-32, extremely attractive, with killer green eyes. Her fee is a little steep, 200UK for 1.5 hours service. She gives a great bareback blowjob, and will swallow. Requires condom for intercourse, but won't do anal. She only does outcall and can be reached on her cell phone at 0421-988-590. Highly recommended for a relaxing encounter that feels like you are with a date. Tell her you heard about her on the net, enjoy!
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 12:35:29 -0500 London: Just back from London in mid-May. I called Hearts Escorts 0181-845-3336, which was highly recommended on the World Sex Guide. for Hearts on the Web see: The last posting in Feb questioned weather Hearts had closed. Great news, no, they were on holiday! The bad news is the new rate is 250UKP for 1.5 hours. George answers the phone. He is very patient in making sure you get what you ask for. I asked for someone young, tall, and slender. He sent Anna, a Czech babe in her early 20's. She is 5"5",slim, 34C-24-32, extremely attractive, with killer green eyes. She gives a great bareback blowjob, and gladly swallowed. She waited till I recovered and let me try several positions, with condem. Highly recommended for a relaxing encounter that feels like you are with a date.
Subject: [ASP] London Review-amended Barbara Date: 23 Jun 1997 22:36:00 GMT I visited Barbara in London in mid June. She is Afro Caribbean, not stunningly beautiful but quite pretty, has a fabulous arse, good legs, and a nice friendly personality. Her services include;- Adult baby service, mild domination, spanking, body to body massage, and of course, sex. While I waited a few minutes to see her, I was given a drink. Afterwards there was a shower available at no extra cost - a nice touch. I paid 120 UK pounds for an hour during which Barbara gave me a new experience with a vibrator, caned & whipped my arse & dressed up in PVC. I caressed her, sucked her tits, fingered her pussy & rubbed her back before she climbed on top for the grand finale. I had a great time. Barbara clearly enjoys her work, she has a good sense of fun & made me very welcome. I'll be seeing her again when I'm back in London. She is usually available from midday to eleven pm. You can phone her on 0171 580 8650 or 0171 436 9938. Right now her flat is five minutes' walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station though she may be moving soon. If she moves, the phone numbers will still reach her. Try her, you won't regret it!
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 20:30:59 +0100 Subject: Excellent escort in London I live in London. I recenlty was feeling very horny and decided to surf the web for an escort. I can across this site called Five Star with a URL of I rang them and was assisted by this very nice fellow called George who asked me what type of girl I was looking for. Having a bent for sexy tall blondes this is what I asked for. He said he had this really excellent and outrageous girl called Charlie (who you have meantioned before in your site) who was available. I decided to have Charlie visit me. She arrived at my home about an hour later dressed in a short overcoat, stockings and high heals. She was 19 years old, tall blonde, green eyes and a body you would die for. After some small talk and some wine she took her overcoat off to reveal an extremely skimpy ultra mini and a top with her tits showing. She was sitting on the opposite lounge to me and started to play with herself, whilst telling me how she loves to suck cock and lick pussy. She pulled her panties from her crutch, put two fiungers inside herself and asked me if I would eat her. Naturaly I couldnt refuse such an offer and proceeded to feast on her wet pussy. She came twice, and they were geneuine if I can judge by the amount of liquid she produced. She stopped me after a while saying she wanted to suck my cock. She took my jeans off and proceeded to suck all of me, lick my balls and give me the best deep throat I have had in a long whilst, all without a condom. She then siad she wanted to fuck me and man was she wild. This girl just went for it in multiple positions, until I blew my load. It was the best 90 minutes I've had in a long time. Not cheap at #250 but worth it. I thoroughly recommend Five Star.
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 17:01:25 -0700 To address a previous post, the Hearts agency has not closed. From what I understand, George, the aforementioned infamous owner of Hearts, occasionally goes on holiday during which time getting a hold of someone might be more difficult. You can get their current phone number from their website at A word about George... as recognized in other reviews, he is a master of his craft. On the evening I rang up Hearts, George asked what I was looking for. Following a detailed description he told me that I was perfectly describing Abbey, a pretty, 19 year old student who happened to be available that evening. Within minutes, Abbey phoned me, we talked for a short time and I asked her to visit my hotel room. George's match-up was perfect. Now if all you're looking for is a blow-job and a fuck I'm sure anyone would do. But if you're looking for something more, Abbey's your girl. I found her to be a truly special girl. I have had "professional" experiences from LA and Las Vegas, to Amsterdam but I have never been with anyone like Abbey. I gave her the 150 pounds as quoted by George, another 30 for cab fare, and then an extra 20 just to round it out. I've paid much more for much less. Handing over the money is about the only thing "average" that I experienced that night. When speaking on the phone, Abbey said that people have said she looks a little like Liz Hurley. She was all that and more. She was extremely sexy, but not cheap. She's petite, brunette shoulder-length hair, and very, very intelligent. I don't really like to reduce a woman down to her body parts but I will mention that I have a decided preference for smaller, firm breasts with pert nipples, a bill which Abbey fit perfectly. I do have one favor to ask at this point. If you are looking for someone with large breasts don't ask for Abbey. She has been considering getting her's done and I will be pissed at anyone who encourages her to do so. In our phone conversation I mentioned that heels and hose are a turn-on. When she arrived, Abbey was wearing a very sexy pair of heels, very high-quality hose, and a very sweet bra, panty, and garter set. I'm not talking about the typical cheap throw-away stuff with holes in the stockings. You could tell that she appreciated quality and was in no way cheap. I could give a blow-by-blow (no pun intended) description of the evening's activities but most of the more typical activities have been addressed in previous messages regarding girls from the Hearts agency. I want to call attention to what I felt set the experience apart. Again, this is to appeal to guys who have similar interests to my own rather than those just looking for a fuck and suck. What made it special was the level of intimacy that Abbey gave up. She was completely un-rushed. Her intelligence facilitated abundant interesting conversation. She kissed and cuddled more than some women I've dated. It felt more like meeting someone down at the hotel pub and enjoying an hour and a half of spontaneous carnal adventure, rather than hiring a "professional". Most enjoyable was the fact that when we were "done", there was even more kissing and cuddling, a stark contrast from the "get-up-and-run" that I've seen in other experiences. In conclusion... Hearts-- Thumbs up. George-- Thumbs up. Abbey-- BIG Thumbs up. Just to make sure I wasn't dreaming I asked her back the next night and it was even more fun than the first. Remember, if you see Abbey, tell her to keep those perfectly beautiful breasts away from the knife.
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 19:12:19 EST LONDON ESCORT SERVICES I can recommend Angel Escorts "". The site contains pictures of some of the girls, and from my experience, both the descriptions and photos tend to be accurate. Compared to some agencies, the girls are also relatively cheap at 140 GBP for the first 1.5 hours, and 100 GBP thereafterwards. If you like young girls, I would encourage you to try Dee. She is 18, brunette, very slim, pretty, with great legs, stats of 32-22-34, and extremely friendly. I described my requirements to the guy who answered the phone at the agency, and his match was excellent. Dee phoned me at my hotel within minutes, and asked what I wanted her to wear, etc. One word of warning. If you want a girl longer than the 1.5 hours, make sure that you say this up front, as the agency may book another appointment straight after yours. This does not give you a chance to change your mind. On arriving, Dee was wearing a smart back dress which showed off her shoulders and great legs, all the parts that turn me on. Her legs were also bear, which I find even more attractive. We started off our evening with a Chinese Meal at a local restuarant, which considering I am 38, some of the waiters found it rather "difficult" to handle, ie., me being with such a young gorgeous girl. It was a good time, but if you are using an escort for a good social time as well as sex, then Dee may not be ideal. She is not a great conversationalist, although she does relax after a while. Back at my hotel room, she proved very friendly, and was quite comfortable with me undressing her whilst kissing her smooth creamy skin in as many places as I could find. Her breasts are small, but very attractive. We played around for a couple of hours and Dee never once attempted to get me to stop. I am sure that although it had not been her intention, she actually came as well whilst I licked her wonderful pussy. After sex, Dee and I lay in bed for a while cuddling and talking, which is very different from some girls who just want to get out. This helps to round off the evening as far as I am concerned. Anyway, if her description fits your tastes, try Dee, but you can also trust Angel Escorts to match a girl to your requirements.
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 08:00:17 -0700 Subject: Hearts of London At the time of writing, (6/4/98) I have heard from a woman that used to work for Hearts of London that George and his business partner Roy have been arrested by the police. I know no more than that, although the boys in blue had them under surveillance for the past 18 months apparantly. If I discover any further news about this sad devlopment, I will let you know.
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 11:21:15 -0700 Subject: Re Hearts of London Good news, the agency is still running thanks to a very friendly couple (husband and wife?) who are no less friendly and helpful as George. I was told that he was away 'for a couple of months or so'. I have no idea whether this means he will be back. I do hope so; as correspondents have noted, he is a true master.
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:28:53 -0700 Subject: London Escorts I have been visiting London a lot recently and I have taken the opportunity to utilise some of the escort outfits. I need discretion and I ma very choosy so I have probably paid over the odds but what the hell. Anyway I can recommend High Society which has a web page on I think, anyway it is in the phone book. They also have a web gallery but it is expensive to access, I found the girls to be all very pretty, and extremely pleasant and capable. I especially liked Ella (blonde, there are 2 ellas, why I don't know) and Emma, Avoid Erica she can be snooty and unpleasant, the only one who was. All of them were pretty stunning I also saw one girl whose name I can't remember who had been living in America but she was a lot below the usual standard. Prices vary from 300 to 500, as usual price is no guarantee. Vera who runs it is nice enough they take credit cards. The girls are all actresses and models, and I can believe it. I also used Hearts aka George, I used him because of the reviews, his girls are more of your average tart but very nice, cute and fun, a different price for different but no less enjoyable service.

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